The Shape of Water (2017) Script

If I spoke about it...

If I did... what would I tell you?

I wonder.

Would I tell you about the time?

It happened a long time ago, it seems... in the last days of a fair prince's reign.

Or would I tell you about the place?

A small city near the coast... but far from everything else.

Or, I don't know.

Would I tell you about her?

The princess without voice.

Or perhaps I would just warn you about the truth of these facts... and the tale of love and loss... and the monster who tried to destroy it all.

My Lord Hedak.

So, you are troubled. Tell me.


I have sinned. I've offended the god.

I am deep in sin, my Lord Hedak.

Let me judge of that.

I've doubted the ceremony of the sacrifice.

I don't want to go up there.

Why, everybody's got to go upstairs, Miss Lloyd, if they wants to go to bed.

The sirens wake you up? There was a fire.

The chocolate factory.

Do you smell that?

Oh, my!

Toasted cocoa.

Tragedy and delight, hand in hand.

Oh, my dear child.

I would waste away if you weren't here looking after me.

I am the proverbial starving...

Watch this.

It's Bojangles, the stair dance.

Oh, that's so hard. Cagney did it.

Different, but beautiful.

- I wanna do that, too. All right!

- Are you ready? Yup.

Come on.


Say, you catch on quick.

Look out now. Here's your last one!


Next time you come to bring the rent...

I want you to stay and see the Bible movie, huh!

I have... I have two free tickets here.

You bring your neighbor Giles. He's a good boy.

Bible movie and comedy!

Nobody's coming to the theater, huh?

I'll throw in a free popcorn and soda!

Oh, no!

For God's sake, there are two "S's" there!

Come on! Two "S." "Mardi Grass!" "Mardi Grass!"

Two "S."

All new personnel, be advised that sector 12 has now been cleared to level A safety.

Elisa! Come on. I'm here already.

You gotta learn to be on time.

Hey! What are you doing? Don't cut in, dummy!

Leave her alone, woman. I was keeping her place.

I get reported, I come after you and the mute.

You do that, Yolanda. You do that.

My feet are already killing me.

I made Brewster pigs in a blanket tonight before leaving... and boy, he just ate 'em up.

No "thank-yous", no "yum-yums".

Not a peep.

Man is as silent as a grave.

But if farts were flattery... honey, he'd be Shakespeare.

Then I get home and I make him breakfast.

Eggs, bacon, and buttered toast.

I butter the man's toast, Elisa.

Mmm-hmm, both sides.... as if he was a child.

And I don't even get a thank-you.

You'd be grateful because you're an educated woman.

But my Brewster, all he had going for him was animal magnetism back in the day.

Hasn't worked in a while.

What in the Sam Hill? No!

You boys mind putting the trash in the can?

That's what it's there for.

Hard to believe, huh? That's what it's there for.

All right, all right. Sorry, Zelda! Sorry!

I don't know what they're doing.

Making a goddamn mess is what I think.

Zelda! Stop that chatter, please.

Yes, sir.

There's no call for the blasphemy.

Sorry, Mr. Fleming, sir.

A moment of your time!

Today, we are receiving a new team and asset here in T-4.

This is Dr. Robert Hoffstetler from our sister facility in Galveston.

Now, I don't wanna bolster or overstate the matter but this may very well be the most sensitive asset ever to be housed in this facility.

How was your trip? Fine. Who's security here?

Just one moment, please.

Security! Who's security?

Welcome to T-4, sir.

Yes, sir, I am Fleming, head of Security.

And if there are questions you have or concerns... you just come talk to me.

Do you understand? I'll be in charge from now on.

Get them out.

Help me move this cylinder into the compressor.

Bring it here. Bring it here.

Bring it over here. There. Mount the cylinder.

We need to pressurize it immediately.

From there to there. Elisa! Elisa!

Come on!

Lord, what goes on in this place?

Did you see that?

Yes, I'm wearing the hairpiece.

How does it look?

Oh! Be careful of the car.

And it's not a hairpiece.

It's a toupee. It's French.

It's eternal, see?

Tantalus never achieved the escape of death.... because the fruit on the branches was just always out of his reach... and the water in the stream receded every time he stooped down to drink.

And so that's why we say things today like...

"Look at those tantalizing pies."

Thank you! Y'all come back now, you hear?

Yes, pies for breakfast.

Just trust me on this.

Hey, folks! Welcome to Dixie Doug's.

I've seen you in here before, right?


I've been here a couple of times, as a matter of fact.

Partial to key lime pie?

I am, I am. Two to go.

Just go with it, please. Please.

Uh, I, uh, it's a craving that I indulge in.

Can't possibly be good for me, but nothing I like is.

No, no, it's a mighty fine pie, key lime.

You wouldn't happen to be the famous "Dixie Doug" himself, would you?

Oh, heck no.

The pies are trucked throughout the country.

They call it "franchising," see? Oh.

They give us the spinners, the signage.

That there's "Pie Boy," our mascot.

I don't talk like that.

I'm from Ottawa.


I completely bought it.


The... The, uh...

The little... little guy, is he supposed to be Italian?

I guess so.

Well, it's very clever.

Y'all come back now, you hear?

"Y'all come back now."

Do you think he meant it?

He had noticed me. I mean, you... you heard that.

This pie is rather sordid.

But don't spit it out.

Next time we go, we'll just try a different flavor. Hmm?

Save it for later, put it away.

6:00 AM eastern standard time.

The skies are beginning to lighten... as a cool North wind rustles across...

...groups of Negroes have been swarming in front of and behind the advancing police.

Oh, dear God! Change that awfulness.

I do not wanna see that.

I do not wanna see it.

♪ Pretty baby ♪ Oh, that's better, that's better.

Oh, look at Betty.

Oh, God, to be young and beautiful.

If I could go back to when I was 18...

I didn't know anything about anything, I'd give myself a bit of advice.

I would say, "Take better care of your teeth... and fuck a lot more."

Oh no, no, that's very good advice.

♪ Pretty baby of mine ♪

♪ Pretty baby of mine ♪

Will you look at this?


Some of the best minds in the country peeing all over the floor in this here facility.

Mmm, mmm, mmm.

There's pee freckles on the ceiling now.

How'd they get it up there?

Just how big a target do they need, you figure?

They get enough practice, that's for sure.

My Brewster... no one's ever called him a great mind, but even he manages to hit the can

70% of the time.

Excuse us, sir.

No, no, no, that's all right.

Go ahead.

You ladies seem to be chatting enjoyably.

Girl talk, no doubt.

Don't mind me.


Look, don't touch.

That lovely dingus right there is an Alabama Howdy-do.

Molded grip handle... low current, high-voltage, electric shock cattle prod.

Name's Strickland, Security.

Fleming's security.

Oh, no.

No, a man washes his hands before or after tending to his needs.

It tells you a lot about a man.

He does it both times... points to a weakness in character.


It was very pleasant chatting with you both.

Short people are mean.

I never met a short man that stayed nice all the way through.

No, sir.

Mean little backstabbers, all of them.

Maybe it's the air down there, not enough oxygen or something.

Help! He's losing blood!


Come on, come on.

You think the Russians broke in?

I don't think so.

And if they did...

Duane's meatloaf will kill them all, honey.

It was two shots. Did you hear them?

All right, three. And that scream.

Lord, what ever happens in this place?

You two, come with me.

Right now, Mr. Fleming, sir?

Any chance we get to conclude our dinner?


Oh, heavens to Betsy.

We are in a pickle.

We are in such a pickle.

You will have exactly 20 minutes to render this... this lab immaculate, and so on and so forth.

20 minutes.

It's a lot of blood. What went on in here?

I can handle pee.

I can handle poo.

But blood... Ugh.

Blood just does something to me.

Here, hon. Help me mop it up.

The sooner we get outta here the better.

Is that a tater tot?


It's a finger.

There's two fingers.

Okay, okay.

Put them away. And just wait here.

I'm gonna go get Mr. Fleming.

Where are these body parts?

The body parts?

No, I believe you, honey.

But are you sure it was alive?

Because I saw a mermaid once in a carnival tent... and it was a monkey sewn to the tail of a fish.

Looked real to me.

All right, I apologize.

Oh! I have a deadline.

Do you know, corn flakes were invented to prevent masturbation.

Didn't work.

Oh, Alice Faye just started.

She was a huge star, huge.

And one day, she couldn't take the bullshit and the backstabbing anymore.

She just walked away from it all.


That's not bad, is it?

For being shit.

Listen. You eat, you go to bed, you rest.

And when I get paid...

♪ I'm so blue without you ♪ we get pie!

No, we don't get pie. I get pie.

You get whatever you want.

Wish me luck.

♪ Then I have only this to say ♪

♪ You'll never know just how much ♪

♪ I miss you ♪

♪ You'll never know just how much ♪

♪ I care ♪

Green. They want the gelatin to be green now.

I was told red. New concept.

That's the future now. Green.

Oh, and they want them happier, the family.

Happier? Happier? Mmm.

The father looks like he just discovered the missionary position.


Well, what are they supposed to be happy about?

The client wanted photographs, I sold them on this.

It's too bad. This is nice work.

It is nice, isn't it? I think it's one of my best.

How are you holding up? You drinking?

No, not a drop. No.

Are you getting any work since you left Klein and Saunders?

You mean since I was asked to leave by you.

We are not getting into this now.

I wanna come back, Bernie.

We'll see. Now, do this.

I think we're making great progress.

Good work.


What are you doing in there?

Cleaning, huh?

Listen, honey.

Mr. "I pee with my hands on my hips" wants to see us both.

"Zelda D. Fuller."

How long have you two known each other, Zelda?

About 10 years, sir.

No siblings, Zelda?

No, sir.

That's not common, is it? For your people?

My mama died after me.

After I was born.

What does that "D" stand for?

Delilah, sir.

On account of the Bible.

Delilah, she betrayed Samson.

Lulled him to sleep, cut his hair.

Philistines tortured him, humiliated him... burned his eyes out.

Guess my mama didn't read the good book close enough.

And you...

"Elisa Esposito."

Doesn't "Esposito" mean orphan?

"Our Lady of Sorrows Orphanage in Putnam."

They found her by the river in the water.

It was you that found my fingers.



Three hours in surgery.

They rebuilt the first phalanx here... sutured the tendons.

Don't know if it's gonna take or not.

There was mustard on them. A paper bag?

It was all we had, sir.

I answer mostly on account that she can't talk.

She can't? She deaf?

Mute, sir.

She said she can hear you.

All those scars on your neck.

That's what did it. Cut your voice box, right?

She said since she was a baby.

Who would do that to a baby?

The world is sinful.

Wouldn't you say so, Delilah?

Well, let me say this upfront.

You clean that lab, you get out.

The thing we keep in there is an affront.

Do you know what an affront is, Zelda?

Something offensive.

That's right, and I should know.

I dragged that filthy thing... out of the river muck in South America all the way here.

And along the way, we didn't get to like each other much.

Now... you may think that thing looks human.

Stands on two legs, right?

But we're created in the Lord's image.

You don't think that's what the Lord looks like, do you?

I wouldn't know, sir, what the Lord looks like.

Well, it's human, Zelda. He looks like a human, like me.

Or even you.

Maybe a little more like me, I guess.

That's all.

General Hoyt, thank you for calling me back, sir.

- Feeling better? Oh, yes, sir, much better.

Pain pills is all.

Close the door. - You lost two fingers, was it?

Two fingers, yeah. He got two fingers.

But I still got my thumb, my trigger, and my pussy finger.

Sounds to me like you'll do all right then.

Yes, sir, that's right.

Looking forward to your visit, sir.

Decisions need to be made about the asset.

Flavors of fruity pies await you.

Three new locations in downtown Baltimore.

The future is here.

Get some rest.

Pumpkin, banana...

Pick me up at 9:30.

2130 hours. Yes, sir.


I'm home.

I made you an omelet.

Hey, Dad. Guess what? No pancakes?

I've been through half the boxes and I can't find the griddles.

Guess what? I made you a cheese and broccoli omelet.

How are you feeling? Does it hurt?

A little bit. Pills help. Guess what?


We're burying a time capsule at the new school.

I wanted to ask you...

Do you think we'll all have jetpacks in the future?

Believe it, son.

Oh! Bus is here.

This is America.

Bye, Dad!

Finish your omelet, then wash your hands real good... and come upstairs, sweetie.

I kind of like it here. The kids like the lawn.

Plus DC is just half an hour away, isn't it?

It's still Baltimore, Elaine. No one likes Baltimore.

You know what I'm thinking?

I'm thinking I need a new car.

You need a new car, do you?

How about a Cadillac, mister?


Oh, Richard!

Sweetie, Sweetie?

Sweetie, your, um, your hand is bleeding.

Silence. Don't talk.

Don't talk. I want you in silence.

Silent, silent. Yes.


Dr. Levensen to Aeronautics.

Dr. Levensen to Aeronautics.

♪ Why do robins sing in December? ♪

♪ Long before the springtime is due ♪

♪ And even though it's snowing, violets are growing ♪

♪ I know why, and so do you ♪

♪ When you smile at me ♪

♪ I hear gypsy violins ♪

♪ When you dance with me ♪

♪ I'm in heaven when the music begins ♪

♪ I can see the sun when it's raining ♪

♪ Hiding every cloud from my view ♪

♪ And why do I see rainbows when you're in my arms? ♪

♪ I know why And so do you ♪

♪ I know why and so do you ♪


Gotcha. No, you didn't.

"The sparrow nests on the window..."


"The sparrow nests on the window sill!"

"And the eagle takes the prey."


Elisa! Hurry, hurry, come on.

I swear to God, girl.

You're doing it again, Zelda.

Oh, give it a rest, Yolanda.


Hey, Zelda, want a smoke?

That shit ain't good for you, Duane.

Yeah, but it feel good.

It does, doesn't it?

Come on, Elisa. Just one.

Come on, come on, come on.

Don't worry about that camera. We push 'em up at break time.

Mmm-hmm. This here is a blind spot.

Man can't make meatloaf...

It adds a little spice.

Sector Five, must ready energy test starting in two hours.

Fleming, I have to finish some things in here.

Fetch the general, will you?

Aww, you missed me, huh?

I took a candy break.

This is what scares you, huh?

Well, gee, you should be used to it by now.

There you go again, making that god-awful sound.

Is that you crying, huh? Is that what it is?

Are you hurting?

Or maybe you're angry!

Maybe you'd like to get another bite of me.

Go ahead.

I can't tell.

I mean, are you begging?

Because to me, it's just the worst fucking noise I ever heard.

Paging Captain Walters.

Captain Walters, please pick up the courtesy call.



General Hoyt! Welcome, sir!

Everything's ready. Glad to have you, sir.

Good to see you, son. Thank you.

Good God Almighty! Is that it?

Hell of a lot bigger than I thought.

Ugly as sin.

You know, the natives in the Amazon worshiped it like a god.

Doesn't look like much of a god now, does it?

Well, they're primitive, sir.

You know, they would toss offerings into the water.

Flowers, fruits, crap like that.

Then they tried to stop the oil drill with bows and arrows.

That didn't turn out too well.

He's bleeding.

What happened?

It's an animal, Hoffstetler. Just keeping it tame.

"Oxygen osmosis and dioxide exchange."

What the hell have we got here, son?

This creature, sir... it can alternate between two entirely separate breathing mechanisms.

A mudskipper can do that. No.


You want to put a man in space.

He's gonna have to endure conditions the human body just wasn't made for.

This gives us an edge against the Soviets.

How long can it breathe outside the water?

The reality is, sir, we don't know jack shit about this thing.

Well, the Soviets want it. We know that much.

Those cockeyed bastards.

You know, we let 'em send a dog up into space, and we get a good laugh.

Then the next thing you know, they send a human up, a Russki, orbiting the planet, doing God knows what.

Who's laughing then? Khrushchev, that's who.

Let him send a dog up into space, and he laughs.

Then he puts a commie up in space, and he laughs.

And then he puts missiles into Cuba.

Have we learned nothing?

Sir, we need to get him back in the water.

See, these scientists, they're like artists, sir.

They fall in love with their plaything.

Now, right here, see?

Along the middle.

This creature has a thick-jointed cartilage that separates the primary and secondary lungs.

Am I explaining this correctly, Bob?

Yes, but we have...

It makes the X-rays inconclusive.

In principle, sir, yes. But...

Now, I believe if we want to get an edge on the Soviets we need to vivisect this thing.

No, no. Take it apart, learn how it works. No.

No! That would defeat the purpose.

Sir, he's passed out. Please.

Put him in the tank.

Let him pressurize.

General Hoyt, sir?

You cannot, under any circumstance, kill this creature.

Count these stars with me, son.

There are five of them.

Means I can do whatever the hell I want.

Now, you want to plead your case, I'll listen to it.

But at the end of the day, it is my damn decision.

So crack the damn thing open, learn what you can, and close up shop here.

Give yourself a good pat on the back, Strickland.

You've done it.

Thank you, sir.

Now, hurry up and finish the job, son.

Absolutely, sir.

Get him out?

What are you talking about?

No. Absolutely not.

Because it's breaking the law, that's why.

We're probably breaking the law just talking about it.

Oh, he's alone? Oh.

Does this mean that whenever we go to a Chinese restaurant you wanna save every fish in the tank?

So what if he's alone? We're all alone.

The loneliest thing you've ever seen?

Well, you just said it right there. You just said it!

You called it a thing. It's a thing. It's a freak.

I can understand you.

Calm down. God, calm down.

All right, I will repeat it to you.

"What am I?

"I move my mouth, like him.

"I make no sound, like him.

"What does that make me?

"All that I am...

"all that I've ever been...

"brought me here, to him."

See, you're saying "him." It's a "him" now.

You just hit me!

Elisa, let go of me.

I'm looking. I'm looking!

You've never hit me.

"When he looks at me, the way he looks at me...

"He does not know what I lack...

"or how...

"I am incomplete.

"He sees me...

"for what I am...

"as I am.

"He's happy...

"to see me, every time...

"every day.

"And now I can either...

"save him...

or let him die."

Oh, God. I'm leaving.

Elisa, no. I have to leave.

Just... Elisa, please stop.

Listen to me. Just listen to me.

I have to go.

I'm leaving now because, Elisa, this is very important to me.

This is a second chance for me.

I'm sorry, but I have to go.

Oh, God.

When I come back, we just will not talk about this ever again.

Elisa, there's...

All right!

What are we? What are you and I?

Do you know what we are? We're nothing!

Nothing! We can do nothing!

I'm sorry, but this... this is just...

Oh, God, it's not even human. God!



I've been waiting. I know. Sorry.

It's okay.

We going in?

You should have just mailed the art.


I want to show it to you and the team in person.

I think it's some of my best work.

And it's green as can be.

It's, uh, it's not a good time. Maybe later.

Oh. Well, sure.

No problem.

What would be a good time for you, Bernie?

You painted that?



You're good.

Apparently, not as good as a photograph.

But it is good, isn't it?

I couldn't paint anything like that.

Here. On me.

For me?

Well, we don't get many like you in here.

You seem very educated, and I like talking to you.

The thing is that's... the only reason that I come in here is...

The conversation. And?

The pie is mighty fine, too, isn't it?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

It's no key lime, but it's good.

You know, I work alone... and my best friend's not much of a conversationalist.

You see, that's part of doing the job here.

It's like being a bartender.

You serve people pie. You listen to their problems.

You get to know them.

I'd like to get to know you better.

What the hell are you doing, old man?

Let's sit down. Oh. Oh, oh, oh.

Hey, no, no, no.

Not the counter. Takeout only.

You can't sit there.

If you want something, you order, you take it out.

But it's empty. The... the counter's empty.

All reserved, all day. You don't sit down.

Y'all come back now, you hear?

You don't need to talk to them like that.

You should go, too.

And don't come back. This is a family restaurant.

♪ So come back to my arms ♪

♪ And show me how wrong I can be ♪ I have no one.

And you are the only person that I can talk to.

Now, whatever this thing is... you need it.

So... you just tell me what to do.

♪ So come back to my arms ♪

♪ And show me ♪

♪ How wrong I can be ♪

"All hope fades." "As the spring recedes."

Let's go.

♪ There's a summer place ♪

♪ Where it may rain or storm ♪

♪ Yet I'm safe and warm ♪ Cadillac DeVille. Best car ever made.

V8, 390 CID, clean and crisp like a fresh dollar bill.

I'm just idling around.

And I'm just talking.

AM radio, air conditioner, power windows, power brakes, power steering, power seats.

All deluxe interior appointment choices, 143 options.

Now, this... is the Taj Mahal on wheels. Hmm.

I'm not sure about the green.

It's not green, my friend. Teal.

Well, teal looks green to me. But it isn't, see?

It's a limited edition, 12 coats of paint... polished by hand, all authentic chrome detailing.

Four out of five successful men in America drive a Cadillac.

That a fact?

This here is the future.

And you strike me as a man who is headed there.

Where? Why, the future.

You're the man of the future. You belong in this car.


Sir, that is a... that is a beautiful car!

What can I say?

You gotta feel good driving that, huh?

And what a wonderful shade of green, huh?



Tomorrow, I'll make a mean meatloaf.


Just for you, extra raisins.

So, at 5:00 AM, I drive my car down the loading ramp.

And the shifts are changing, and I have...

How much time do I have?

Five minutes? I'll remember.

5:00 AM, five minutes. Five-five, five-five.

So, you're going to move the cameras, right?

And I'm gonna be synchronizing our watches just like they do in the movies.

Oh, God! I'm so proud of you.

God! You're not afraid!

You are? Very?

Don't tell me that. I'm terrified.

I think this is some of my best work.

"Michael Parker." I think it's a good, trustworthy name.

It's a little butch.

Yes, age 51.


You don't have to be rude.


If I put the hair on, I can pull it off. I can wear this... or I have...

Thor, go. Off, off, off! Go!

Or I have this.

Now this, I think it says "working man."

But this, now this says... this says with the butterscotch tie...

This says "casual, but still stylish."

So, you like this? I agree, I agree.

I think we're ready.

Mr. Strickland!

Sally, could you call Miss Esposito to clean up a spill?

You know, I can't figure it out myself.

You're not much to look at... but go figure.

I keep thinking about you.

When you say you're mute, are you entirely silent... or do you squawk a little?

Some mutes squawk. Not pretty, but...


I just want you to know...

I don't mind those scars.

I don't mind that you can't speak, either.

When you come right down to it...

I like it.

A lot.

It kind of gets me going.

I bet I can make you squawk a little.

Hey, honey. You okay?

Hurry up. I wanna be home early.

My feet are killing me.

We need to delay the procedure.

Knock before you enter my office.

This is urgent!

Go back out, knock, then I'll let you in and we'll talk.

That's the protocol. Follow the protocol.

Come in.

Would you get the door for me, please?

See? That's the way. Now, we talk.

I need more time.

Don't let the fact that you feel like a loser now that you've let your competitive tendencies...

I'm not competitive! I don't want an intricate, beautiful thing destroyed!

This thing dies... you learn, I leave, out of here.

I settle down.

My family settles down somewhere nice.

A real city.

This creature is intelligent... capable of language... of understanding emotions.

So are the Soviets, the Gooks.

And we still kill them, don't we?

The bottom line is, this isn't a petting zoo and I don't wanna be in this shit hole any longer than need be.

Do you?

Bob. Do you?

No, I don't.

Hey, what are you waiting for?

Have you seen Elisa?

Come on, Zelda!

Did you move the camera on the loading dock?

Is that where you're taking him?

Through the service tunnels?

That's very smart.

Who do you work for?

His water must be kept at 5 to 8% salinity.

Table salt will do.

Mix one of these in his water every three days.

Raw protein diet is a must.

In five minutes...

I'll meet you at the loading dock.

The lights will go out... so be prepared.

Mr. Strickland, sir?

Twelve hours to the vivisection of the asset.

And I need your signature here, please.

...this sudden, clandestine decision to station strategic weapons for the first time outside of Soviet soil...

Hold it right there. unjustified change in the status quo...

"Michael Parker." Is that you?

My whole life.

Are you out of your mind?

Don't do this, Elisa. Don't do this!

What's that? What's that vehicle?

Gosh, sir, I'm not sure. It's a laundry van?

But it's not scheduled.

And finally, I call upon Chairman Khrushchev to halt and eliminate... this clandestine, reckless, and provocative threat to world peace and to stable relations between our two nations.


Meet me at the loading dock. Sir!

Sir, what do you need me to do? Get backup.

Step out of the vehicle, sir.

Oh, God. I'm not good at this.

Out of the vehicle now. I will not say it again.

Oh, God. Please don't shoot me! Get out!

Oh, God. Don't shoot me. Please.

What are you waiting for? We're out of time!

Get out now!

You have to go. Hurry!

Oh, woman, we're gonna burn in hell.

Come on, push.


I swear, I'm not doing this on purpose!

Mechanical objects and I just don't get along!

What the...

She's waiting for you at the dock. Go! Now!

Who's that man? I think he just killed someone.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Are we ready, are we ready?

He's so beautiful.

Did I do that?

I'm just not good at this.

Move! Move!

Come on. No.


Salt? What are you talking about, salt?



Israeli Popper.

You can smell the magnesium.

Russians hate the Jews, but they can't get enough of their gadgets.

How'd they get in here?

Forged ID, painted plates, and so on and so forth.

And they moved the main video camera on the dock, sir.

Well, no one has to know.

We got 24 hours before I bounce it up.

No, I called it in.

You called it in?

The moment it happened, I...

Mr. Strickland, sir.

What is it, Sally?

Sir, General Hoyt is on the phone.

That thing was our space dog, Strickland.

You know that.

Sir, I'm getting it back.

I can't be in a negative frame of mind, sir.

So, you're feeling good?

Feeling strong. Getting it back.

You can get it done. You're gonna get it done.

For me, son. For me.

That's when you're planning on releasing him?

On the 10th?

So, what if the rains are late?

What happens with the canal?

All right.

What's that?

Let me see it. Is that for me?

Yeah, that's good. Keep that up.

Looking like you don't know anything.

Lord help me, if they ask me if I do.

I'm not a good liar.

Except to Brewster.

It takes a lot of lies to keep a marriage going.

All personnel, prepare to present your identity and clearance cards.

Lord! What in the...

Attention. All personnel, prepare to present your identity and clearance cards.

You done got us in a world of trouble.

My opinion, we're looking at a highly-trained group, sir.

I'm thinking, conceivably, sir, like special forces or so on and so forth.

Red Army Special Forces?


And they're highly trained.

They were well-financed, an elite group.

Highly efficient, ruthless, clockwork precision.

Infiltration took less than five minutes, sir.

My conservative estimate is that this was a strike force of at least 10 men.

My master sends this dress.

Have you always been alone?

Did you ever have someone?

Do you know what happened to you? Do you?

Because I don't. I don't know what happened to me.

I don't know.

I look in the mirror and the only thing that I recognize are these eyes... in this old man's face.

You know, sometimes I think I was either born too early or too late for my life.

Maybe we're both just relics.

Security measures have been increased to maximum levels.

Prepare to present your identity and clearance cards.


Security measures have been increased to maximum levels.

Sir, I've got them.

Zelda, Elisa. All right.

Here we go.


Looks like you two punched out before the incident.


If you know something about what transpired here it's your obligation... to report any detail, no matter how small or trivial it may seem.

"Trivial" means unimportant.

I didn't see nothing out of the ordinary, no.

Or trivial.

See, my feet were hurting.

What about you?

She didn't see anything.


Hoffstetler, Dr. Hoffstetler.

Did either of you see him coming in or out of the lab?

He works there, doesn't he?

I mean in a different way, doing something different.

Something trivial?

No, sir.

What am I doing, interviewing the fucking help?

The shit cleaners.

The piss wipers.

You two, go ahead. Leave.

All right, you're clear. So, back to work. Go on.

What'd you say to me?

What is she saying?

I didn't catch it.

What is she saying?

She... she is saying thank you.


I didn't see you last night or the night before.

I'm sorry, Ed, but now that I'm spending all day long in the office, Carol feels that I... I should spend my evenings with her.

Well, if you spend the evenings with her, when will I?

There's only one thing left to do.


No! No, no, no, no, no!

I wanna get home early.

Brewster's been in a bad mood lately.

Holy Jesus!

What are you doin' standing in the shadows of the women's locker room?

They may be watching me, and there are no cameras here.

For good reason.

But have you caught us at an inconvenient moment!

I need to know that he's alright.

He is. When will you release him?


When the rain fills the canal that flows to the sea.

If you need anything...

Release him. Soon.

What did she say?

She said you're a good man, Dr. Hoffstetler.

My name is Dimitri.

Honored to meet you.

Hey, dummy! Phone call for you.

It's urgent.

Don't worry about me. I'm fine.

Believe me. I'm fine.

He ate Pandora.

Wasn't his fault. He's a wild creature.

We can't ask him to be anything else.

Elisa, go find him.

Go. Go.


You're lucky.


I stayed awake as long as I could.

You know, I'm not even mad anymore.

Is he all right? You sure?

Where you going?

No, no.

Okay, don't... no, no.

Don't... don't play with the kitties.

No, no.

Don't play with the kitties.

I'm not... I'm not angry.

Oh, my!

You did that. It's okay.

It's... ooh. I don't think that's sanitary.


Oh, God.

Interesting guy.

All personnel prepare to present your identity and clearance cards.

You wanted to see me?

How's it going?

The investigation?

Well, we have a promising lead.


That's good to hear.

You joined us in Galveston, but where were you before, Hoffstetler?

Doctor. Excuse me?

Doctor Hoffstetler.


Wisconsin. Madison.

Oh that's right.

You gave up a tenure track position, didn't you?

Gave it all up for us.

I suppose... you'll be getting ready to leave us now then, huh?

Only if the creature isn't found.

Well, what do you think?

You think we will find it?

Well, you said you had a lead.

I do.

Why you smiling, hon?

Stop looking like that.

What happened?




Does he have a...?




Never trust a man.

Even when he looks flat down there.


You rang?

Oh, hi, Maynard. I just signed up for anthropology.

We're gonna hold class in the Amazon jungle in South America.

South America? Ooh, man, Dob.

You're gonna have to get up awful early in the morning. That's a long hike.

No, Maynard, we're gonna stay down there.

- We are? Oh, no, you're not coming along, too.

This is a gelatin parfait.

You're gonna love it.

Dad, can we watch Bonanza?

Bonanza is much too violent.

You know what I was thinking today?

We get the kids a P-U-P-P-Y.

Let's go. Come on.

Let's get out of here.

What is going on?!

I've got water pouring into my theater!

I have four paying customers! I've got to offer refunds.

It's probably a pipe. I'll take care of it.

You don't fix it, no more rent! I will fix it.


Dear God. Elisa!

I'm toweling my hair!

It's my hair.

Ah, just...

Oh! Look at my arm.

The wound. It's like it was never there.

Look at that.

Now you said that... you know, he was worshiped like a god.

Now, is he a god? I don't know if he's a god.

I mean, he ate a cat, so I don't... I don't know.

I don't know, but, I mean, we have to keep him around awhile.

Little while.


Your water, sir.

And sir, General Hoyt... Mm-mm, mm-mm.

Tell him I'm not here.

Tell him I'll call him back. Don't put him through.

No, sir...

He... he's in your office.

At this point, our only concern is the asset.

Do you have it? Still in the winds, sir.

Well, that won't do.

Yes, sir, I know.

You've known me how long, sir?

Thirteen years. Battle of Pusan.

Yes, sir.

A man is faithful, loyal, efficient all his life.

All of it. And he is... useful.

And he expects...

He has certain expectations in return.

And then, he fails once.

Only once. What does that make him?

That make him a failure?

When is a man done, sir?

Proving himself?

A good man?

A decent man?


A man has the decency not to fuck up.

Now that's one thing.

That's real decent of him.

But the other kind of decency?

It doesn't really matter.

Well sell it, but it's an export.

We sell it, because we don't use it.

36 hours from now... this entire episode will be over.

And so will you.

Our universe will have a hole in it with your outline.

And you will have moved on to an alternate universe.

A universe of shit.

You'll be lost to civilization.

And you will be unborn.


And undone.

So go get some real decency, son.

And unfuck this mess.

36 hours.

36 hours. Well, shit.

You deliver. You deliver, that's what you do.

You deliver! Right? Right?!


♪ You ask me if I'm lonely ♪

♪ Then I have only this ♪

♪ To say ♪ You'll... never know... just how much...

I... love you.

You'll... never know... just how much...

♪ I care ♪

♪ And if I try ♪

♪ I still couldn't hide ♪

♪ My love ♪

♪ For you ♪

♪ You ought to know ♪

♪ For Heaven told me so ♪

♪ You went away ♪

♪ And my heart went with you ♪

♪ I speak your name ♪

♪ In my every prayer ♪

♪ If there is some other way ♪

♪ To prove that I love you ♪

♪ I swear I don't know how ♪ You'll never know... if you don't know now.


What is it, honey?

This isn't good.

I'm gonna call Dr. Hoffstetler.

We gotta release him tonight, honey.

I'll come back and help you.

He's coming out.

Ah, fuck.

Sir, if you don't mind me saying, you... you don't look so well.

Shut up.

Can you smell that? I mean...

I think it's your fingers. They're... they're...

Mmm. black.

There he is.


Oh, there's no cause for cursing, sir.

Get out of the car. I'm taking it.

This is my car.

Get the fuck out.

Out of my car?

Did I stutter?

Strickland! Thank God!

You were speaking Russian...


What's your name?

Hoffstetler. No, no. Don't lie.

You don't need to.

You took a bullet to the gut.

You're dead.

I need the names, ranks and location of the entire strike team.

"Strike team?"

The ones who took the asset!

This candy. It's cheap candy, but I love it.

Ever since I was a kid.

Now some folks favor more sophisticated snacks, nougat center and all that foo-foo shit.

But not me, Bob!

This is it for me.

Now sometimes if I'm feeling anxious, I just bite right into it.

But mostly, I take my time.

I make it last.

Names, ranks, and location of the strike team.

Names! Ranks! Now!

No names.

No ranks.


They just clean.

Alright, Brewster, I'm gonna fix your dinner, and then I'm gonna run out for a little while and help a friend.

Help with what?

Help a friend.

Zelda... the door.

Well, you could help me and answer the door, Brewster.

You're sitting right here just ten feet away from it!

My back's aching me, woman. Now, move!

Your back, your back? Always your back!

Mr. Strickland.

What are you doing here?

Who's that man, Zelda?

Where is it?

What are you talking about? Where did you take it?

What are you talking about? I... I don't... Zelda!

The thing in the lab.

Where is it?

Listen, fella... Sit down!

I'm sorry, sir.

If I knew anything, I would surely tell you.

That story about Samson.

I never told you how it ends.

After the Philistines torture him and blind him...

Samson asks God for the strength he needs.

And at the last minute, he is spared.

And the Lord gives him his strength back... one last time.

And he holds... the columns of the temple... with his powerful arms.

And he crushes them.

And he brings the whole building down on the Philistines.

He dies... but he gets every single one of those motherfuckers.

That is his will!

Now, do you know what that particular story means... for us, Delilah?

It means if you know something you're not telling me you're gonna tell me either before or after I bring this particular temple... down upon our heads.

Gal stole that thing right out the lab, whatever it is.

Mute girl took it.

I heard my wife talking on the phone about it.

Thank you very much, Mr. Fuller, for your assistance.

What have you done?


I gotta warn her.

He's going after her.

You will do no such thing, woman.

Why are you worrying about her?

She broke the law.

Shut up, Brewster! You shut up!

Years, you don't talk... and now you can't shut your mouth!

Damn you, Brewster.

You wouldn't understand.

Couldn't understand, not if you tried your whole life.

- Hello? Giles, is that you?

Yes. Okay. Put Elisa on the phone.

It's Zelda.

Elisa, honey, make a sound on the phone if you can hear.

Okay, good.

He's coming for you.

You gotta go now, and you gotta take that thing with you.

What? Elisa?

Hey! Watch out! Learn how to drive!

Damn it.

We have to go.

Where are you?

Where the fuck are you?

I do not fail.

I deliver.





You are a god.

Look, man on the ground.

Watch him.

You there! Call an ambulance!

If I told you about her, what would I say?

That they lived happily ever after?

I believe they did.

That they were in love, that they remained in love?

I'm sure that's true.

But when I think of her... of Elisa... the only thing that comes to mind is a poem whispered by someone in love, hundreds of years ago.

"Unable to perceive the shape of You

"I find You all around me

"Your presence fills my eyes with Your love

"It humbles my heart For You are everywhere"

♪ You'll never know ♪

♪ Just how much I miss you ♪

♪ You'll never know just how much I care ♪

♪ And if I tried ♪

♪ I still couldn't hide my love for you ♪

♪ You ought to know ♪

♪ For haven't I told you so ♪

♪ A million or more times? ♪

♪ You went away ♪

♪ And my heart went with you ♪

♪ I speak your name in my every prayer ♪

♪ If there is some other way ♪

♪ To prove that I love you ♪

♪ I swear I don't know how ♪

♪ You'll never know if you don't know now ♪

♪ You'll never know just how much ♪

♪ I miss you ♪

♪ You'll never know just how much I care ♪

♪ You said goodbye Now stars in the sky ♪

♪ Refuse to shine ♪

♪ Take it from me ♪

♪ It's no fun to be alone ♪

♪ With moonlight and memories ♪

♪ You went away and my heart ♪

♪ Went with you ♪

♪ I speak your name ♪

♪ In my every prayer ♪

♪ If there is some other way ♪

♪ To prove that I love you ♪

♪ I swear I don't know how ♪

♪ You'll never know if you don't ♪

♪ Know ♪

♪ Now ♪