The Silent Storm (2014) Script

Give us this day our daily bread

And forgive us of our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us And lead us...


This'll be farewell, then.

Good luck.

Because ever since news of the mine's closure, he's a changed man, minister.

Well that is of no surprise.

Nothing but drink and talk of the past.

Talk that this is punishment for our sins.

It is your duty to support your husband, Mrs. McKinnon.

He scares the lads.

They don't sleep now.

Your husband gave you two strong sons.

For that you must be grateful.

I am, I truly am.

Jesus died for our sins.

Yes he did. We are sinners.

I know we are.

It is your husband's God given right to instill respect and obedience in his sons.

You must know that.


I'm just so unhappy.

So unhappy.

To expect happiness in this life is a form of arrogance.

You are a married woman.

Don't indulge yourself in this way.

Has he not got a job at the new mainland factory?


And has he not secured you lodgings on the mainland also?

Aye, he has.

Then you should be thankful that the Lord has provided for you.

Now you must fulfill your duty.

Divorce is not a word looked upon lightly in our church.

We have all been protected and blessed here on our island.

The challenge has been set for us all.

Don't let the devil in, Mrs. McKinnon.

Don't let him in.

Aislin, somebody is coming.

Go and put the kettle on, please.

Good morning, Minister.

Morning, Minister.

To what do we owe this visit?

We came to apologize, as we won't make your final sermon.

My final sermon?

Final sermon before we leave.

Do you want tea?


Thank you, yes.

Oh, no. No thank you, Minister.

We have too much to do.

The Galbraiths can take our ewes and lambs with theirs straight to the mainland after the sermon, but they can't take our ram, you see he's...

He's... he's...

Mr. McKinnon?

You're staying on the island Minister, so we hoped you might be able to keep the ram until we can find a way to get him to us or return to collect him.

When the mine reopens. Or... or maybe before.

Yes, yes, we can do that for you.

Good boy. Go on, go on.

I will see you soon.

Aye, we shall see you again soon.

Come on, Anne.


Aislin and I will see you out.

[Balor] "We understand your personal decision to remain on the island in spite of the workforce and their families leaving.

However there remain no plans for the mine to reopen in the future.

The post at the new mainland factory kirk can still be made yours.

I await your hasty response, as the factory opens in two weeks.

Yours, sincerely, J. Dalgleish.


We all...

hang... the thread of God's mercy.

Save me.

O God, for the waters are coming unto my soul.

I sink in deep mire where there is no standing.

I am come into deep waters.

And the floods overflow me.

What are you doing?

The fences came down in the storm and the roof is off the shelter.

I found the geese, but the McKinnon's ram is gone.

I have to work.

Maybe he went to the beach.

I'm going to look further afield.

In less than 24 hours, I am before my flock.

Do you understand? I will take care of it Balor.

Do you hear me?

A whole community is looking to me.

I'll be back shortly. Breakfast will be on time.

You are not dressed.

No one will see me Balor, the mine is shut, there will be nobody for miles.

I'm ordering you back here at once.

Please Balor, the animal may be hurt.

But... Damn him!


Come here! Let go!

Not a chance...

Balor, let go of me!

I will not tolerate your disobedience any longer.

Disobedience, I am nothing but a slave.

Useless, that's what you are.

This life is a lie!

You ungrateful rootless--

It is you being punished Balor.


No... I saved you.

You nearly drowned.

I prayed by your bedside for months, for the color to return to your mysterious cheeks.

I allowed the women to take care of you.

And when I wasn't what they thought I was, you all stopped taking care of me.

I have let you keep your ways, in the face of all the shame.

Keep my ways!

Keep my ways!

I cannot even let my hair down!

I cannot even be myself!

How dare you say that.

How dare you!

I had your child in me.

I had your child.

You forced me to walk to that damned kirk in snow, in the gales, in the rain, all in the name of God.

To be publicly humiliated.

You killed our child, just as you would let that ram die.

How wrong I was!

God has punished you, Aislin, for resisting his Church.

You are a devil's witch and I should have known it.

You are all crazy.

These men, these men are miserable alcoholics, and the cruel women are their slaves.

You are parasites on this island.

God is not amongst you or them.

God is in the land, He is in the sky, He is in the water, He is in the air!

Aye, aye and God is in obedience, structure and respect.

Your own body has spoken louder than your feral tongue.

You are a failed mother.

And a failed woman.

And you will rot in the belly of Hell.

Come on.

Come on!

Hit me! Let it out! Show me what you're--

Don't you dare talk about my mother!

At least I remember my father.

God in heaven.

Minister McNeil and Mrs. McNeil, how wonderful to meet you!

Well then, this is Fionn.

Pleased to meet you.

We at the Glasgow Rehabilitation Mission are very pleased that you signed up to our project last year.

Very pleased indeed.

Now this lad here is a sinner, no doubt about that.

Born into sin, am I right?

Aye, sir.

Mr. Smith?

Mr. Smith, that's right.

My wife and I are very glad to see you, although your arrival is unexpected.


But we dispatched correspondence to you last month, notifying you of the lad's arrival.

Well this is the first we have heard of it.


A lot has been happening on the island, Mr. Smith.

Indeed it has, Mrs. McNeil.

These far flung places are a world of their own.

I only found out on the ferry crossing that your diatomite mine is shutting down this very week.

We are in ongoing discussions with the mining company.

This closure is a temporary measure, Mr. Smith.

Oh it all sounded rather final to me.

My wife and I are to stay on the island.

Let this reassure you of our confidence in the transience of the situation.

I survived the brutalities of the war, Mr. Smith.

I ask that you retain perspective.

Now, Mr. Smith, I think it is time that we took a turn in the fresh air.

I did agree to take part in this scheme, but no such letter arrived.

Aislin will show the lad to his room and arrange things.

The Lord has brought the lad to us now, and should he stray...

You are very welcome.

Shall I get my bags?

Aye, of course.


Mrs. McNeil?

That isn't your room. I'm sorry.

It's... it's that one.

Perhaps you'd better wait downstairs while I make it up.

You must be tired from your journey.

I am used to making my bed, Mrs. McNeil.

Please don't trouble yourself.

Don't speak of it, you're our guest.

Thank you, Mrs. McNeil.

Aye, he insisted that the lad have a chance of rehabilitation through our church.

I must confess, had I been beaten black and blue, as I assure you he was, I may not have extended such charity.

All this for his pocket watch, you say?


I'm afraid it is yet another sign of the Devil's greed festering in the mind of the city child.

Oh, dear.

Well there certainly are not the temptations of the Glasgow docks here.

Quite right, quite right.

I'm sure you know these lads are all the same when the devil has them, lustful, devious...

...with no respect for their elders.

Mr. Smith, since the war, our society has lost its way.


It is good of you to give me the full picture of the lad.

It is unfortunate the picture is as it is, but that, it would appear, is the lad's destiny.

The term that is standard for these placements is three months.

I am aware.

If there are any problems you cannot rectify by your own judgment, then you must call me and we can decide what action to take.

There will be nowhere for the lad to hide from the light here on our island, Mr. Smith.

Well, by the sound of it, there will be no people to distract him either.

For pity's sake, he is a criminal, treat him as such.

Come in.

Thank you.

Is everything okay with you?

Aye, Mrs. McNeil, the room's very nice.

And the trees there are beautiful.

Aye, so very beautiful.

They struck me when I first got here, too.

The minister would like to see you in his study.

A lot is going on at the moment here on the island, and he is under a lot of pressure.

I'm sure that things won't be as daunting as they might first seem.

Shall I go now?

Please, finish your milk.

When I have not given you a direct task...

...I expect you to be going through the tasks that we have discussed.

In order.

And I expect you to see the completion of your every task as a manifestation of your remorse.

The greater the sinner, the harder the work.

And you are a sinner.

Aye, sir.

With this work comes study.

You will make your way to the light.

He will be your father as He has been my father.

The best father.

The devil in you must be broken.

I will never see you lying idle.

This is not a holiday.

The Lord has sent you to my house because it is my way to the light that he has chosen for you.

There is no one to protect you from your sins here, boy.

The time for change is now.

Come in.

I made you some scones.

Is everything all right?

Aye, everything's fine.

Thank you.

The minister won't be joining us for lunch.

He must prepare for his sermon tomorrow, so...

...possibly not dinner, either.

Now you can rest.

Mrs. McNeil.

Aislin. Please.

Mr. Smith...

...only met me to drive me here.

Please don't be afraid of me.

Don't you worry, my boy.

I don't' take everything here as gospel.

[Balor] Together, we are strong.

Stronger than Mr. Dalgleish and his lurid mainland folk, whose devil nature has been sent to drag us into the burning furnace of hell for all eternity.


Have no doubt.

His filthy swine will gather 'round you.

They will do their best to pull apart our family.

We know this, so cast your pearls carefully.


As evangels... my evangels...

...the true test before you is to spread the word of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Trust that I will guard the purity of our island with every drop of my blood for you.

I will be here for you.

Like the cliffs of this island, I will weather this storm for you, God's children.

We shall be together again.


A family.

Now go, fulfill your duty.


The orphan boy from Glasgow, he didn't wash up on the shore, did he?

He arrived by car.

Hello, Minister McNeil, can I please be excused?

I don't feel very well.

Well, you'll have to toughen up to survive on our island, lad.

Yes, minister.

Mainland folk, you had better not all return so weak!

You're all sinners.

Make no mistake, filthy swine will gather 'round you.

[Fionn] Mrs. McNeil!

I mean, Aislin.

You found your way back along the beach then?

[Fionn] I think I found the missing ram.

He's got a head collar. I think he's injured.

I'll get my things, head towards the boat shed.

You really are a natural, Fionn.

I didn't really do anything.

Come on boy, don't be scared.

It's okay to be tied up with a view like this!

The nice lady will help you.

You'll be fit in no time.

Now, put this ointment on his wound.


You're not in Glasgow now, Fionn.

It's okay, just hold him by the horns, and keep him still.

The most straightforward thing I've done all morning.

What's that?

It's a mixture of herbs.


You know, plants.

To heal sprains, breaks, bruises, injuries...

Here, put it on.

Where'd you get it?

I made it.

You made it?

I made it fresh this morning.

That's amazing.

If it works.

Oh, it works.

Lucky for him you had some made up.

Okay, take him back to the yard.

Should you be doing that?

What's that?

Shouldn't you be taking it easy? I can do that for you.

This is what I do lad.

Well... well, I'm here now, so...

Well you can't do anything in those clothes anyway.

Well, then, I'll head in and get changed.

I can do that.

We each have our duties in this life, lad.

[Aislin] Now, press that.

[Fionn] Like that?

[Aislin] Yes, that's right.

I put the breakfast away.

Lunch will be ready soon.

The boy is doing well out there.

Put down what you are doing lad.

I'm almost finished.

Put it down there right now where you are.

The Lord has spoken to me and I have a plan.

[Aislin] Why do you need a boat, Balor?

I am taking the kirk parts to the mainland in it.

Who is going to drive the boat?

I am.

I am going to take that kirk down and bring it to them myself.

God be my judge.

You don't have to do this.

It is my kirk.

I will deliver it however I choose.

Just leave me eat, woman.


How are you getting on?

I don't know.

The Lord's want is mysterious.

Balor isn't here then?

No. He told me to strip the boat out.

Do you want me to bring you some lunch?

I could eat a horse right now.

Do you want to climb in and take a look?

It needs a fair old clean up.

I haven't been on a boat in years.

I'd never been in one till the other day, and...

...look at me now.

She's all tied up.

I'm here, you'll be fine.


You've been laboring today.

I have.

The kirk was always bare.

I'm surprised you remember.

I'm going to have a bath.

Fionn is in the bath right now.

He's in the bath, is he?

He just finished working on the boat ten minutes ago, I told him he could have a bath and read a book!

You come into my manse, and you bring this filth in with you.

No sir, it were not intended to bring disrespect.

Well, that they have done, lad.

They're stories, poetry, there's nothing in them.

I know what they are.

And I know what kind of person you are.

Do you think I was born yesterday?

This scum fuels your dirty, city mind, into acting out its devious desires.

This is the devil's work, and it has no place in my house!

I've been reading the bible as you instructed, these are just recreational.

Do you think you have the right to indulge yourself?

No sir.

These belong in the rubbish.

This proves to me that I will have to deal with you properly when I get back.

Now get to your room.

And make yourself decent.

You indulge this lad.

Like you indulge the devil in everything.

Balor-- Not a word, I say.

Not a word!

Where are you going?

To check on the animals.

Well remembered.



I just wanted to say that...

...everything is going to be all right.

All I know... is that I have to be here.

What's your excuse?

Can I come in? Aye.

Is this your route?

It is a long way.

Two hundred nautical miles round trip.

A very long way.



Ought you to take the lad with you?

It makes the most sense.

You need an extra pair of hands more than I do here.

I manage on my own here, anyway.

I'm not going to leave you as the only soul on the island.

Why would I want a lad, when the task calls for a man?

One man.

Regardless, I am a sailor.

The boy has never even been on the water.

No doubt you are right, Balor.

You will be judged.


There is no time to lose now.

Are you all right?

The lad must work through, all night if he has to.

I'm leaving tomorrow.

I'll need you to place planks from the kirk all the way to the jetty.

I still have a way to go with the boat...

Everything must be finished.

God has spoken to me, and the time is tomorrow.

Can I get me some waterproofs then please?

The water is freezing.

Aislin, get the lad some waterproof.

There is so much to do.

And time is running out.

[glass shattering]

[chanting music]

Did you use extra hooks for these?

No, I just doubled the ropes back, used what was there.

This isn't some sort of casual teenage hobby, lad.

I know.

This is the greatest test that God has set before me.

I've been working all night.

So I thought, of all the things I had to do, I could save time and double the ropes back.

Save time? Now is the time!

[wind blowing]

Did you have a good rest?

Yes, thank you.

I bet you needed it after all the hard work you put in.

I really did.

Would you like some breakfast?

Yes, please.

We both need a good, hot cup of tea I think.

Thank you.

No bother.

For my books.

I got them back for you as soon as I could.

They are... the only things that I own.

They mean a lot to me.

As they should, Fionn.

I've been reading the bible, too.

It's all right.

They look interesting.

They are.

Do you like poetry?


Aye, I do.

This one here's my favorite.

Read it to me.

Now? I think so. Why not?

I... I thought you could just maybe...

We are all alone here. There is nobody...

...on the island. The island is empty.

It's strange.

We are safe and warm here.

We will be all right.

You mustn't take offense.

I am not a child.

"Had I the heavens', embroidered cloths Enwrought with golden and silver light The blue and the dim and the dark cloths Of night and light and the half-light I would spread the cloth under your feet But I, being poor, have only my dreams I have spread my dreams under your feet

Tread softly Because you tread on my dreams"

Why are you so slow?

This view is breathtaking.

I'm still knackered from the boat.

That was a lifetime ago.

You can see for miles.

This is heaven right here on Earth.

Everything working together in harmony.

All the foxgloves are coming out down there, look.

I haven't been here for months.

Why not?

Look down there. Where? I don't see anything.

Because there is emptiness.

No one is there.

No fishing boats.

I can't believe it.

You suit it out here.

Out here?

With nobody here?

Don't you ever get lonely?

Everybody gets lonely.

I've never been somewhere like this before.

Me, neither.

Come on, I'll show you the caves.

But you live here.

[Fionn] Woo-hoo!

It's like being inside the belly of a whale.

Or the mouth of a lion.

[Aislin] They say this cave is where nuns from Iona hid out from the Vikings.

This is where I'd hide out if I had a chance.

Well it feels strange just watching you.

I'm peeling potatoes.

You've fed me since I got here.

Let me do this.

I've some sewing to do.

Sounds like work.

All right.

I'll get my book.

Where are you going?

Just outside.

To the shed?

Have you been looking around in there?

All your wee things in there look grand.

What you fixed the ram with.

I'll be back in a minute.

Aren't you so soft and warm tonight.

So beautiful.

We are alone.

And we will be all right.

They think you are a witch.

Just like they thought I was a saint.

It's always one or the other for a woman.

But I have learnt not to bother with what other people think.

Must be how come you've been so nice to me.

I have been nice to you because you have been nothing but nice to me.

And in a way, they are right.

But there is nothing devilish about using nature to heal.

I wouldn't harm a fly.

I have thought about hurting myself.

I think... what you did for the ram was beautiful.

I've seen so many fights, so much violence.

I never really stopped to think that...

...things can get put back together sometimes, too.

Where did you learn?

I must have known from before.

And now I've had four years here alone with the plants, so...

I just get a feeling.


One day, an old fisherman with a pair of bright green eyes gave me my book.

I cherish that book.

He just gave it to you? Aye.

He must have had a feeling, too.

Your herbs... couldn't help the baby?

No, Fionn, they couldn't help the baby.

Nothing could help the baby.



Mr. Smith told you why I'm here?

He told Balor, aye.

It isn't how he said.

It wasn't about a pocket watch.

You don't have to tell me.

It was dark, late.

Nobody was around.

I told him not to.

Over and over.

I swear, I warned him.

To let me be, that...

I wasn't like that.

He didn't stop, he didn't listen, I swear.

And then...

...I let him have it.

It's all right, it's all right.

It's all right, you did the right thing.

I didn't always do the right thing, though.

I used to... run goods across the Glasgow docks.

For the sailors.

Got up to all sorts.

They liked me. And I could get about and they couldn't.

Was that an education?

Best one I've had so far.

They didn't care I came from the orphanage.

I was useful, and they looked after me.

And I got to understand about women.

What did you understand about women?

All sorts of different stuff.

It's called "A Song for an Able Bastard."

"I wish I loved an honest girl Unseeking and unsought Whose lips were soft as they were shy And not as they'd been taught I wish, but what's the use of that?

The only she in town is not so honest as she's fair She's light as thistle down And that's my luck For I was born when a March moon was mad I wish I loved an honest girl I wish my father had"

[Fionn] This wee flower is of the devil.

Never harbor so much as a thought about it.

This is a very powerful mixture.

Of dried flowers, and mushrooms.

This... powerful mushroom.

And so man must never share in its fruits, they are unnatural!

Imagine if I were to take this, and then I were to come across Mrs. McSwan.

My, you look so beautiful, Mrs. McSwan.

I am healed Mrs. McSwan, and it is you I choose.

It is not a love potion, Fionn.

It is an aid to deep communion with nature.

A healing mixture.

Okay. You've twisted my arm.

I'll try it.


I need a lifetime of healing.

I'm ready. Are you?

The oldest trees on the Earth, come from across the sea.

They grow to be... two hundred feet tall.

They are like giants.

The oldest trees on the Earth...

grow all of their giant height...

...for the first one hundred years.

Then, for two thousand more years...

...they spread their mighty roots.

[goat bleating]

I'll get the fire going.

It's so strange being inside.

It's like... a match box house.

Please, can we have, a giant pot of tea!

I'm starving.

I'm starving, too.

Yesterday's leftovers? Yesterday's leftovers!

There she goes. She'll be roaring in no time.

Christ, you made me jump!

I'm going to go upstairs and get changed now.

If you thought it was strange down here it's even more strange up there.

It's cold out there.

Are those for me?


Thank you for looking after me.

I think we are both taking care of each other.

Sorry. It's all right, I'll light another one.

[door slams open]

You think that God only saves you from the sea?

Fionn. Go to your room.

Balor, you are hurt?

Come here, come here.

Take this off.

Wrap this around you.

Come here.

Get me a drink.

Here you are.

I'll go and make up your room.

For you.

Sit down! Eat something!

Are you all right?

What are you doing here?

Are you all right?

Go to your room, Fionn.

Go to your room!

Go and clean the boat, lad.

Aislin, come here.

What is going on here?



I have been gone almost five days and you have done nothing?

What was the factory like, did you see the new lodgings?

Almost five days and you have done nothing?

Everything is in order, Balor.

I have tended the croft, the lad has done his chores.

This lad is getting a bit too big for his boots isn't he?

He's a good lad. He's helped out with everything.

So you're pleased to have had this time with him?

I am pleased that you are back in one piece, -and that you have satisfied with--


You delivered the pews to the mainland.

While you were cavorting with a criminal like a half-dressed whore.

We were on the beach, collecting clams.

Then the storm came.

We rushed back, we were soaked through.

So are we to have clams for lunch?

We dropped them running back.

It is all over now, Balor.

Please, just get some rest.

You have done what you set out to do.

Things have been peaceful here.

Things can be peaceful here.

You are tired.

And worn out.

Please, get some rest.

Lucky we have had the lad here to keep things ticking over.

He is here through the kirk, Balor.

So I should do as I am told, should I?

I have to finish the lunch.

It's all right, just stay calm.

He's in my room.

Where are your books?

Under the mattress.

The devil in you couldn't resist!

The books are all that he has.

He has worked so hard here--

He has worked hard to repent for his sins, Aislin, his sins!

Now, get out of my sight, I will deal with you later.


Down on your knees boy, down by the fire, open it.

You are going to repent for your sins, boy.

You are going to rip these filthy books,

and you are going to watch them burn,

and then you are going to pray boy, pray for forgiveness!

Please forgive me for what I have done...

Louder! Louder!

Dear Lord, please forgive me for all that I have done.

Will you carry on? I have to go inside and make some--

[Balor] Fionn, come here!

Go on, go on.

You look like you could let off some steam boy.

Fork this peat here.

Then I want it drying in the shelter. Nice and neat.

That should keep you out of the way.

All of it? Aye, all of it.

I am taking my wife to bed.


I'm sorry--

No! No!

He's my husband!

Go! Go!


Get off me!

May I be put through to Mr. Smith please?



I was so worried about you.

You can't come in. He's still... He's asleep.

If he sees you working, it might be okay.

Be sorry Fionn, be sorry.

For our sake.

Good morning.

Here's a nice cup of tea for you.

There has been a lot of confusion lately hasn't there?

We have both slept now.

And today is a new day.

Did the boy come back?

No, he didn't.

Didn't dare.

He is young, Balor.

He was confused.

You remember being young, don't you?

There is a lot to do outside isn't there?

We have to fix the fences and plant the vegetables,

turn the crops, the list is almost endless, I think.

Isn't it?

I want some meat.

I have some in the back, I will get you some.


Sit down, I will make you breakfast.

Balor, where are you going?

Balor, I...


Balor, no!

Come back here!

Come back here!

Get back here, boy!


I thought you were attacking her.

I will not let you kill him!

Back in the house, woman! Or you are next.

You are a swine, boy. You are the devil!

In my house!

I haven't done anything. I promise, please!

This is the end of the road for you, lad.

The end of the road!

Leave him Balor, leave him!

Wife! Leave him!

Give me one good reason why?

Because I love him!

Because I love him!


Go away.


I have been here all along.