The Sitter (2017) Script

Ah, you must be Charlotte.

Hi, yes I'm so sorry I'm late.

Yes, yes please come in.

Thank you.

Find us alright?

Yes, yeah kind of.

We are a little off the beaten track.

So you're a student.

Yes, psychology.

Ah, the study of the mind.


Well, aren't you a pretty thing.

Isn't she a pretty thing darling?

She certainly is.

So the cat.

Ah, yes.

My wife and I are attending an event this week, and then find ourselves without a cat sitter.

We're looking for the sitter to stay for three nights Friday through Monday.

Would that be any problem for you?

No. no, that would be okay.

Well, it isn't easy for us to entrust our house to a complete stranger.

So we're being vigilante.

We don't want to return to discover that our home has been the scene of a rave or something One does hear stories.

As we want this responsibility to be taken seriously we're prepared to pay generously.

We feel 200 pounds a night is more than reasonable for what we're asking.

Yes, yes that sounds very reasonable.

You understand it's not just a question of looking after our cat.

It's also about looking after our home.

Oh, of course I'd respect your home and everything in it absolutely.

Well, thank you for coming.

We'll let you know.

It was weird.

The people are seriously odd, and the house is as creepy as it gets.


But they're offering 200 pounds a night.

200 that's great.

But they haven't offered it to me so.

Is that Seth?

Ah, come on give the guy a chance.

He's 24.

You're super hot.

What were you expecting?

That he wouldn't be dying to sleep with you.

I was expecting not to be made to feel like a frigid bitch all the time.

Well, in all fairness you guys have been together for what like four months.

Yeah, well I don't care.

I don't care how long it's been.

I don't care that that's what people expect me to do.

I don't care that it's just sex.

I don't want just sex.

I want something real.

I want it to be special.

I don't just wanna do it and have it mean nothing.

I don't just wanna do it and have it mean something.

I wanna do it and have it mean everything.


You are a frigid bitch.


You can't deny the guy is persistent.

It's not him actually.

Hello. Is that Charlotte?

Hi, Mr. Farrow.

Are you still available this weekend?

Yeah. Good.

In that case we'd like to offer you the position.

Oh, that's great. Starting tomorrow.

Oh, cool.

Yeah, thank you very much.

Yeah, of course.

We'll expect you around 11.

Okay, I'll see you tomorrow then.


Okay. Good.

Thanks, bye, bye.

Looks like I got the job.

I don't know if you're much of a drinker, but you're welcome to help yourself to whatever's here.


The wine cellar's down there.

Again feel free to help yourself.

Thank you that's very kind of you.

The lot is in there.

There's tin food, bottled water, cat food cat litter that sort of thing.

She keeps herself to herself.

You possibly won't even see her.

Here's the backdoor.

We usually keep it bolted.

Downstairs toilet.


Bread bin.


The plates are down there.

Cutlery is in here.

Matches in case you need to use the cooker.

I'm sure you'll get the hang of it.

Toilet, bathroom, shower I should warn you that our hot water can be a little temperamental.

It's a beautiful house.

It's been in our family for generations now.

My wife's always been something of a last minute packer I'm afraid.

So your room is upstairs.

We generally just use it for storage.

It was our son's room once.

Oh, I assumed you didn't have children.

There were no pictures or anything.

He died.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

You won't need to go up there.

We've put you in the porch room.

There's plenty of light in here.

I assume this is alright for you?

Yeah, it's great.


The nearest bathroom is opposite in case you have to get up in the night for a pee.

There's no internet I'm afraid.

We're rather old fashioned, and I doubt you'll get much mobile phone reception.

But you're welcome to use the house phone.

The music room.

As I said the heating can be a bit irregular.

You're welcomed to light a fire if you're cold but be sure to use the extractor, or you'll fill the house with smoke.


Well, I think that just about covers it.

Here's the number where we'll be staying in case you need to get hold of us.

Hello dear.

Afternoon, Mrs. Farrow.

Well, I'm just about ready, darling.

Good, I think we all are.

Here, puss, puss.



Pussy cat whose name I don't know.

It's the cat.

Just the cat.



Thank god.

Too expensive.

Way too expensive.


Come on.

Oh, come on.


It's just a dream.

Just a dream.

Take that, you furry terrorist.

Oh, god.

I'm so sorry I just...

I didn't see you I just...


♪ Love me to pieces ♪

♪ Love me to the bone ♪

♪ Love me till it's over ♪

What the fuck?

Are you okay?

Let's get you out of the road just in case some cars come.

Are you okay?

Of course I'm not okay.

It's you.


I'd recognize you anywhere, darling.

Oh, no.

Oh, my god get off me.

He's found you already.

I can smell him on you.

Oh, my god.

He's found you already.

Mind your dreams.

Mind your dreams.

He's found you already.

Fucking freak.

Mind your dreams.


Hey you.


You alright?

I almost just hit a lady with my car.

Oh, my god. I know.

I mean she was mental.

She was like stumbling around in the middle of the road.

I got out to see that she was okay.

But she was just like shouting and ranting at me.

I mean I think she was pissed.

Jesus Christ.

Morning ladies.


Can I get you something?

I'm gonna have a hot chocolate.

Yeah, me too please.

That's a cute accent where are you from?

Um, Paris.

American school when I was a kid.

American school.

Yeah, what about you?

I'm from California.

Amazing I've never been to the West Coast.

It's beautiful.

You have sun, red woods, ocean.

Sounds great.

Yeah, you'd really like it.

Hot chocolates coming up.


Well, that'll be nice for you.

He's cute. You're terrible.


So how's it going?

Well, last night was awful.

I started hearing these noises in middle of the night, so I get up to have a look around and stuff.

I open this door and the cat jumped out at me.

It scared me half to death.

I'm not even joking.

I thought I was having a heart attack.

I liked cats up until last night, and you're gonna laugh.

But, honestly I can't shake this feeling like I'm being watched.

Okay, it's totally haunted.


I'm being serious.

I had the worst nightmare last night.

I can't...

I can't even describe.

You poor thing.

Well, you know it's only a couple more nights.

At least they're paying you properly for it.


Yeah and they have given me free reign in the wine cellar.

Well, there you go.

Every cloud and all that.

Yeah, I guess.

Hot chocolates.

Thank you.

Thanks, handsome.

You're welcome.

Thanks handsome.

Well, I'm French.


I'm dreading going back there.

Right, tell you what.

How about I come out to the house tonight to keep you company for a few hours.

I would love that but they were quite specific about not having people over.


It's just a couple of hours no harm.

Plus, I've never been to a haunted house.

Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha.


Hi. Hey, I was starting to think you'd been eaten by the beast of the house or something.

Whoa, look at this place.

No wonder you've been freaked out.

Hey, I need to get dressed.

So, um I got another call from Seth.

Asked me to talk to you.

He said he was sorry about pressuring you and everything.

Thanks letting me know.

He's so sweet.

Not to mention seriously hot.

I think you're crazy to ditch him.

I haven't ditched him.

I just...

I just need some time to think.

Yeah, thinking's overrated.

If you ask me some times all a girl needs is a good fuck.

Can you imagine living in a place this size just the two of you.

No, but they used to have a son.

Used to?

He died apparently.

No way.

Creepy on fucking creepier.

Did they say how?

No, and I couldn't exactly ask could I?

Maybe the kid was a freak.

Oh, come on.

He's not dead at all.

He's locked up in the cellar somewhere.


Or maybe he's the one you've been hearing roaming the house at night.

I do have to sleep here you know.


Alright let's go I'm freezing my tits off.

Oh, no I don't know what that is.

But if you are planning on driving at any point tonight I would not drink it.

Come on you really gotta lighten up a little bit.

Oh, god.

I swear you could run a car on that.

I did warn you.

Right, my well in size bladder has had enough.

Where's the nearest toilet?

End of the corridor on the left.

Okay, cool.

I'll be right back.





Seriously I'm really not in the mood for this.


Oh, come on.

For fuck's sake.



This really isn't funny anymore.

You fucking bitch.


Sorry I couldn't resist.

Oh, my god are you trying to give me a heart attack?

Well, yeah, kind of.

Come here.

You sure you're okay to drive?

I'm pretty sure you're over the limit.

I'm all right.

Listen sorry about earlier.

I just couldn't help myself.

That's okay I understand.

If it was the other way around I probably would've done the same.

Yeah, we both know that's not true.

Listen you're gonna have to loosen up a bit.

Enjoy yourself.


You know.


Life's too short.


Drive safe okay.

Yeah, see you soon.

What is happening to me?

The number you have dialed has not been recognized.

Please check and try again.

The number you have dialed.

The number you have dialed has not been recognized.

Please check and try again.


I'm having a nightmare.

Honestly I am freaking out.

I swear I'm getting sick.

I don't know what to do.

Ah, hon I'm so sorry.

Listen, fuck the money.

I am not staying here another night by myself. I can't.

The Farrows left me a wrong number.

I can't just leave.

Ah, babe.

Look I'm really sorry to ask.

But would you come over and maybe stay the night this time.


Babe, I'd love to help.

But I'm at my dad's place tonight.

I can't really just piss off.

I mean I haven't seen the old bastard for months and I only just got here.

Yeah, no, of course I understand.

Right look tell you what I'll look into it, okay.

Yeah, I'm definitely gonna sort something out.

Thank you, thanks.

Hey, what are friends for, right?

Hey, you just hang in there, yeah.

Yeah. Okay.

Yeah, will do. I'll see you soon, hon.

Alright cat, one of us should eat something.

Come on.

There you go.

You got to be fucking kidding me.

Puss, puss, puss, puss.





It's me, it's me. Oh, my god.

It's me.

Seth, you scared the hell out of me.

You scared me.

What are you doing here?

I spoke to Kate.

She told me to come and check on you to see if you were all right.

You are alright?


How did it you get in?

The back door was opened.

Of course.

What is this? Are you trying to murder me?

Come here.

You've just tripped it.

All done.

Easy as that.

My hero.

Just happy to help a damsel in distress.

That was beautiful.


I knew you'd like that one.

Thank you for coming over.

You life saver.

I literally was going mental here by myself.

Yeah, I'm not surprised look at this place.


You should wear your hair down more you know.

It really suits you.

Look I wanna apologize for the way I've been acting lately.

I don't wanna make you feel awkward or like I've pressured you into anything especially if you're not ready.

It's just that fucking hell you're beautiful.

You know that right?

I don't know when I'm around you I can't seem to control myself.

You can't blame me.

I know I'm a lucky guy.

Take your clothes off.

You sure you're ready?


What the fuck was that?

It's fine, it's fine.


It's fine.

There's nothing there.




I can't believe you brought her here.

What were you thinking?

It'd be safer here.

Shut up just shut up and leave it to me.

I don't want you going anywhere near that girl you and that big mouth of yours.

You've been lusting after her.


That's crazy.


Crazy is it?

Oh, that's rich.

I know what you're thinking.

The lust is written all over your face.

Ah, you're awake.

Just relax darling.

You're safe here.

Yeah, safe here with us.


You are a pretty thing.

I can see why they chose you.

Those monsters.

I am

sorry about all of this.

But we can't have you screaming down the place now can we.

We don't want that they might here, and we can't have that.

This has to stop here tonight.

We can't have their satanic practices going on for one moment more.


We can't.

We can't.

I'm sorry about this.

My wife could be.

But she...

She's right though.

You'll be safe here with us.

I'm Davis.

Your boyfriend...

that wasn't me.

I had to get you out of there.

I found some clothes in your bedroom.

I didn't see anything we didn't.

I've been watching you just to keep an eye on you.

There's nothing perverse about it.

I mean you're very...

That's why they chose you.

They want to make an offering of your body to that murdering pervert.

He can't stay in the flesh for too long.

That's why he comes to you in your dreams.

You've seen him haven't you?

I know you have.

I can prove it to you.

Stay there I'll get the proof.

I can show you we're good.

A little tickle to steady the nerves.

There's nothing against wine in the bible.

I mean Jesus even turned water into wine didn't he?

You can't imagine what it's like, me a woman of God living in such close proximity to that devil at work in the house next door.

There's no point going to the police.

You know what they'd say.

They don't understand.


This is up to us to do God's work.

Me and my husband we have been chosen for this to do his will.

You understand that don't you dear?


Let us pray.

Our Father who art in Heaven.

Die you bitch.



Get off me. Whore.



Did you sleep well child?

It's time.

This will all be over soon child.

Yes, it'll all be over for you.

Such a pretty thing.

I knew he'd like you.

You're special child.

Not like the others, oh no.

He doesn't just want you.

He wants to be with you.

You're going to be one of the family.

That's it, there we are.

That's right.

Good girl.

Two beautiful creatures.

Two offerings we bring for you.

One willing.

One unwilling.

Do you give yourself willingly?

I do.



Are you ready to meet our boy?

He's here.

Yes, my son, feast.

Feast on what we've brought you.

Take what is yours.

Take her.

Take her.


Come on, come on.

Come on.

Come on.

You're all right.

We did it.

We made it.

You're safe now.

We fucking did it.

You're gonna be safe now.

You're gonna be all right.

We're gonna be all right.