The Sleeping Beast Within (1960) Script





DIRECTED BY SEIJUN SUZUKI I made it. Last minute, as usual. It's this way.

Not many people here to greet him.

No top executives are here. That's why so few others have come.

That's not very considerate.

He's retiring, so he's out of the loop.

Shotaro, please.

Mr Ueki has never played office politics.

Those who do get the promotions.

I wonder if my father's lost weight.

Welcome home, Papa. It was very tiring.

Welcome home, sir. Thanks for all your help, Shotaro.

Not at all, sir.

Welcome home. Thanks.

Good work, sir.

Just those three bags, sir?

Jade is so beautiful.

Keiko, help me serve dinner. Coming.

Jade's even cheaper than in Beijing.

In Japan, that would sell for over 30,000 yen.

It's less than half that in Hong Kong.

You should've bought more. That's how you make a profit.

Any more than this and Customs would object.

I bet some people sneak it through.

That's what's noble about your father, Keiko.

Isn't that right?

Right, here we are.

I'll get it.

I haven't used a Japanese phone for ages.

I'll get that.


Oh, it's you?

The president said that? I'm honored.

The company's having a farewell party for me tomorrow.

Papa's late.

He has his retirement party.

But that was earlier in the evening. It's nearly 01:00am.

I hope he hasn't had an accident.

Your father's too careful to have a car accident.

Even if he did have one, the police would call.

You never worry, do you, Mama?

What's to worry about?

Don't you think he's been acting strange since he got back?

He pores over the newspaper, he jumps up to answer the telephone or get the post.

He's getting old, after all.

I think he's a bit worried.

He's retiring now so he's on limited duties.

I wonder... That's what it is.

You read far too many mystery novels, Keiko.

Get ready for bed.

You could be right.


The hero of this book reminds me of Papa.

He's a regular salaryman, who gets hit by a baseball and loses his memory.

I'm off to bed. Goodnight, Mom.

Keiko, are you awake?

What is it, Mama?

Haven't you slept at all?

Your father didn't come home.

Don't be so silly! He's not a child.

Can't he stay out for once without you panicking?

I suppose you're right.

He'll come home, full of apologies.

I was tidying his things away...

There was no underwear.

No underwear? None at all.

Don't you think that's strange?

What time did my father leave?

It was around 10:00pm.

He said he was heading to another bar. Is there anything wrong?

No, it's just that he didn't come home last night.

I thought perhaps he'd come straight to work.

To work?

To the new part-time job that you gave him.

That position was withdrawn.

Not very nice of the company, I know.

Yesterday he received his certificate and his retirement pay.

Is that true?

TOYO NEWSPAPER Hi there. It's me, Kasai from Toyo News.

Any unidentified bodies, 54-55, over the past couple of days?

If you wouldn't mind having a look...

It's about what you said earlier.

The 3,000,000-yen retirement allowance was in a check, so we can rule out robbery.

The lack of underwear is strange, but it doesn't mean he's run off.

You checked?

Not there? Only young people?

No, it's not for an article. Thanks, anyway.

Copy boy!

So that's the story What now?.

I've no idea.

Contact friends and relatives.

Report the check as missing.

And fill out a Missing Person's Report for the police.

But I really wouldn't recommend that.

I'd wait for a couple of days.

He's a grown man.

Don't make too much fuss over a few missing days.

You'll only create a scandal.

Try not to embarrass him.

But he's only just got back from Hong Kong.

He's been away for two years, then he disappears.

That's not like him at all.

You're right there.

So what will you do?

I'll start looking for him.

But if he's not back by tonight...

Will you file a Missing Person's Report?

You can do that any time.

Any possible destinations?

Well, we already checked the most likely places.

But there was no sign of him. I see...

So, how would you describe your father's personality?

What sort of man is he?

I'd say he's very passive, a little rigid. A good honest man.

Quite a cheerful fellow.

You know, everyone gives that very same assessment.

I hope you can help us.

Is that you, Kasai? Big story? No.

Don't keep it to yourself! I'm with her I'm not on a story..

Excuse me.


You shouldn't go running off like that!

It's not that I just felt a wave. of sadness come over me.

As if I'll never see my father again.

Don't be silly.

The check hasn't been cashed, and he hasn't had an accident.

As far as we know, he hasn't contacted any relatives or friends.

This all points to one thing.

We don't know if his disappearance is voluntary or forced.

All we know is that he's missing.

Therefore... What do you mean, "voluntary"?

Well, basically...

You mean he's left us and run off with another woman.

That's impossible!


Yes, this is the Ueki residence.

No, my father's not here.

He left something with you? What is it?

It's a ring.

A ring? What does that mean?

I've no idea. I'd like to know myself.

Hello? Would you mind telling me who you are?

In Shibuya?

Akemi there's someone to see you, Excuse me.


Oh, long time no see!

Never met you before. Beg your pardon.

Then why did you ask for me?

You called us, remember?

This is Junpei Ueki's daughter. You telephoned her.

Oh, I see. That's right.

So do you know Mr Ueki well?.

Don't be silly. I only met him that once.

Only once?

When? Was he alone?

There were four or five of them. All newcomers here.

Any clues to their business? Did they talk about their work?

Now you mention it...

They were just like normal businessmen, but unusually quiet.

Mr Ueki looked. absolutely exhausted.

He barely said a word when I poured his beer.

That's right! One of the men had a hideous scar on his right hand.

The younger guy danced with me.

Then when Mr Ueki went to the toilet,. one of the men followed him.

It was like he was guarding him.

I waited outside with a hot towel for him.

And then...

Don't move just listen.

Keep this for me until tomorrow night.

If I don't turn up, call my home.

It's strange, though, that he'd give a perfect stranger a ring.

Well such things aren't unheard of.

But it's odd that the other guys were so quiet.

Can't you remember anything they talked about? Think!

Honestly they didn't say a thing.

It was strange. Weird more like.

I wasn't with them for long anyhow.


You think she's telling the truth?

She gave you the ring, so she's no crook.

Maybe it's a trap.

Whatever it is, this is our only clue.

That man chatting to Hiroko, he was one of them.

I have to go.

He's waiting for someone.

That bar girl I bet.



They're getting on well.

It's disgusting!

They'll probably get a room.

Let's follow them.

Just as I thought.

You get a taxi home. What about you?

I'll stay until I see them leave.

Then I'll stay too. No way! It could take all night.

Then two's better. We can swap over.

It's too cramped. And you'll just fall asleep.

Don't be so rude! I'm really attentive.

Park in the shadows.

This is strange.

Oh, did I doze off?

You were fast asleep.

My arm's gone numb.

Sorry. You should've woken me up.

Are they still inside?

It's late. I'm starting to worry a little.

Surely not?

Hey... I stayed here two or three days ago.

I left my lighter in the room.

Which room was it?

I forget now... The small one upstairs.

Would you mind waiting in the office, sir? We're a little busy at the moment.

I'm in a rush and I need that lighter. I'll go and look for it.

It's not in the room.

That's strange. It's black with... Sir, please.


Not at all. An overdose of sleeping pills.

What drug was it? Brovarin.

A full bottle.

There's a note. Probably a double suicide.

Who left the note? She did.

Is it possible to kill someone with a forced overdose of Brovarin?

And disguise it as suicide?

No, it's too weak a drug. You'd need a massive dose.

It would be impossible to force someone to take so many.

Is that so?

So only the man died, right?

How did it go?

The guy died. But I got his business card.

I see...

Who was that man who just left?

A reporter from the Toyo Newspaper.


You'll not write a story about my stupid husband.

I could understand if the girl had died as well.

How stupid to die alone...

What was his occupation? He was a land broker.

How was business?

He said he was about to land a crazy amount of money.

Not that I ever believed him.

A crazy amount, eh?

Did your husband have any close friends?

Or did he spend much time with anyone recently?

Well, his friends didn't come by much.

But he'd seen a lot of Mr. Wong lately.

Mr. Wong? A Mr. Wong...

Mr. Wong... A Chinese fellow?

Off a boat he said. A boat? What boat?

Blue something... Was it the Blue Clipper?

That's the one.


Still drinking as usual, Horibe?

Keeps me sane but gets me nowhere.

Good to see you again.

Well, look who it is.

What's our dashing reporter doing in Yokohama?

I miss the old place.

Liar! You couldn't wait to leave here.

What are you after?

I need your help to find someone. Who exactly?

A guy called Wong, off the Blue Clipper.

The Blue Clipper? You'll need to send a telegram to Hong Kong.

She left port four days ago.

She does a monthly run, right?

Well-known ship.

Last year, they found gold bars aboard.

Gold bars?

But what if this Wong got off the boat?

Yokohama's full of sailors!

They must hang out somewhere.

Hang outs?


Wong is a very common name. He was on the Blue Clipper.

Not again? I told you I don't know him.


Was somebody else asking? Yeah. Two or three days ago.

He had a scar on his hand.

He's not back yet.

Can I take a message for him?


Copy boy!

He's here now.

Hey, that's the third time today.

Hello, Kasai speaking.

Keiko? I've learned quite a lot.

Thanks, but you might as well stop.

We received a telegram from Papa.

Yes, this morning.

Yes,, I'll read it to you.

"Sorry for not calling. Relaxing at Shima Hot Springs.

"Coming home tomorrow. Junpei. "

Yes, hello?

Sorry, it was on a whim.

I had no idea you'd get so worked up about it.

I got terribly drunk.

It's very unusual to see him this cheerful, Shotaro.

So how is this new job offer looking?

Well, I'm 90% sure. What kind of work is it?

Accountant manager at a small firm.

That's great.

What's the company? A ships' chandlery.

Ships' chandlery? Ah, selling souvenirs to tourists?

In Yokohama? Yes.

Whereabouts? Central Yokohama.

Name of the company?

Shotaro... When did you become a detective?

Not at all I was just asking..

Well, stop questioning me.

Dear, please. Quiet.

This is a private family matter.

It's nothing for you to write a story about.

Why are you so upset that I asked the company name?

It's Koei Trading. Oh, I see.

So that means you'll be doing business with a lot of ships?

I suppose so.

So the Blue Clipper will be one of your clients.

The Blue Clipper... The one you returned on.

Ever come across a sailor by the name of Wong?

Sato's friend. You know him, don't you?

I'm home. Hello there, Shotaro.

What's wrong?

What's wrong, Papa?

I'd better get going. Thank you.


Why are you angry?

I'm not angry.

But you look upset.

I'm just frustrated.

See, you are angry!

It feels like I'm being forced to stop digging deeper.

Hence my frustration.

But my father's back now, so there's nothing to investigate.

You think so? I hope you're right.

Why? What's happened?

Nothing. It's just my frustration kicking in.

But whichever way you look at it, there's something fishy going on.

There's like a shadow behind your father.

Watch for a man with a scar on his hand.

Anything happens, call me immediately. Right?

I'm surprised I thought ships' chandlers. only sold souvenirs. Right, Mama?

No, we supply all a ship's needs.

We stock just about everything. Right, Boss?

Exactly. Please sit down.

One ship ordered 300lbs of beef shoulder.

That was hard to come by.

Others only order straw brooms and such like.

It's a very competitive business. Keeps us very busy.

Excuse me. Oh, Komatsu...

Let me introduce you. This is Mr. Ueki's wife and daughter.

Nice to meet you. I'm Komatsu. Pleased to meet you.

You're looking well, Papa.

Almost like a different man. Isn't that right, Mama?

That's thanks to my new job.

I'm too busy to get old, I reckon.

I'm so pleased, dear...

That man earlier at the office, Mr. Komatsu, does he work with you?

No, he's not.

Did you know him from before? Not till I started here.

Why do you ask? Is there anything wrong?

Just that terrible scar on his hand... It scared me.


Hurry up and eat or we'll be late.

Where are we going?

I wonder... Can you guess, my dear?

No idea.

You, Keiko?

I wonder...

Who's that man with your boss? He looks very important.

He is very important.

That's the Reverend Nagamine, leader of the Sun God Sect.

It's not like you to respect a leader of some religious cult.

There are many kinds of cults. And he's very well regarded.

He supports orphanages and old folk's care homes.

And your boss is a believer?

It's much better than our Tokyo home.

It's 4.5 million, but I have a 3-million retirement allowance.

Didn't you invest that in your new company?

The company will guarantee the loan. Don't you worry about money.

It beats commuting from Tokyo every day.

My boss knows the owner.

It's wonderful, Papa!

City desk.

Oh, it's you!

Where are you?

Of course, it's me. I'm working for once.

Well, I came all the way from Yokohama to see you.

To see me about what?

What? Really?

Yes, it's about Wong. Did you find him?

He's no good to you now. Why not?

He's dead. Dead? Murdered?

Overdosed on sleeping pills, they say.

Suspicious, is it? You got it.

Where? Hama Hall.

When? Five days ago.

That long ago? He was only identified this morning.


ISEZAKl POLICE STATION How do you explain that?

He was forced fed sleeping pills and then smothered?

Perhaps he was worried that the pills wouldn't kill him. Or he was in a rush.

There's a problem with the pills, too.

We found an empty bottle of Brovarin, but he'd taken Luminal.

Luminal? Yes, in powder form.

It's undetectable when mixed with a liquid.

It's a very strong, fast-acting drug.

Once absorbed into the body, it's undetectable.


Wong's wife is a stripper. Full-frontal.


What's that?

The Sun God sect.

You must have them in Tokyo. They're big here.

That suicide, Sato... his wife is a member.

The Sun God sect is the link between Sato and Wong.


There was one photo taken at the sect headquarters.

What's that?

Ah, here it is.

That's Wong there.

And there's Sato.

You know him?

No. Can't say I do.

What about him?

Don't know.

SUN GOD SECT MAIN TEMPLE He never said anything about a photograph.

Because of the girls, I bet.

It was taken down there. I see...

Do you recognize Wong?

Yes, I do. Naturally. And this man?

That's Maki. He's an old friend.

Where does he work? At a dry-cleaners in Yokohama.


Maki, some guy was here asking for you.

He wasn't a cop, but best be careful. You got the dope?

Maki, a visitor for you! I'll go.

But I saw him come in here just now.

He left through the back.

I'm just his boss not his keeper.

Out the back, eh? Right. Thanks.

He followed you here, Maki.

My job is almost over. Be careful anyway.

I'm not afraid of dying.

Your order, sir? Draft beer.

Mr. Maki?

I need to talk to you.

There was no need to knock me out.

You brought it on yourself.

Don't let it upset you.

We were keeping a close eye on the heroin.

So we naturally thought you were with Maki.


Do I look like a heroin dealer?

What about the guy with the bag?

Not yet?

We're still trailing him.

So you're close to arresting him?

If all goes well.

We're charging Maki with your assault.

I thought you'd never get here. Come in.

Where's your father? At work.

Keiko, we need to talk.

Both Sato and Wong are dead.

That guy at the bar with your father, the one with the scar, he's involved.

What do you think is going on, Keiko?

You've seen the guy, haven't you?


Let me guess. Koei Trading!

They're part of the drug ring.

That can't be!

Keiko, your father brought in the heroin from Hong Kong.

That's why Sato and Wong were murdered.

That's a lie!

Papa would never do such a thing.

Naturally, no one would ever suspect him.

Stop it! Stop making my father out to be a criminal!

I'm not accusing him of anything.

But in my line of work, Keiko, I often see that good men are capable of doing terrible things.

Wild beasts sleep in the hearts of all of us.

Sometimes the beast awakens.

And when it does, they turn into completely different people.

Before we knew it, the beast in your father awoke.

You've found out everything, haven't you?

Why couldn't you have left him alone?

I don't know. Because I'm a newspaper reporter.

Please, Shotaro...

No one else knows about this, do they?

No, no one else.

Can you keep it to yourself until I say so?

Is your scoop more important than me?

I'm a reporter. I can't ignore a scoop.

If I don't write the story, someone else will.

The cops are on the case.

They're tailing the man with the scar.

It's only a matter of time.

Listen, Keiko...

I understand how retirement has made your father depressed.

But I can't sanction crime!


Let's talk him into turning himself in.

If he volunteers a confession, they'll go easy on him.

If we don't do it now, it'll be too late.


I'll do it alone.

I want to talk to him myself.

Maybe that would be better.

But tell me what happens. I'll be at my office.

Maki's strong, he won't tell them anything.

The issue is whether he had the heroin on him or not.

About that... Don't worry.

Komatsu would've called if he didn't get it.

But I'm worried they might've tailed Komatsu.

Exactly. You should've informed us earlier!

I'll take that.

Nagamine speaking.

Ah, Mr. Ide.

They've got Maki? I should've guessed.

But that was after the transfer, so no need to worry.

Yes, I was just telling Komatsu. Young people can't hold out.

I guess we're safe, then.

But we can't use Komatsu for a while. They'll be looking for him.

How about we send him to your private island?

That's a good idea.

Yes ,I'll call as soon as I know.

What private island?

It's a small island off the coast of Kure. It belongs to the sect.

The Reverend's family are there now.

He can hide there until this problem with Maki is resolved.

I need the toilet.

Hey, Maki?

Hurry it up!

Why are you sitting in the dark?

Your mother's worried about you.

Is anything wrong?

You've been crying.

Papa, please listen, I need to talk to you.

You look serious. What is it?

Papa, I know everything!

What's wrong, dear?

Stop crying and tell me what's wrong.

Turn yourself in, I beg you.


Be straight with me, Keiko. What are you talking about?

I know everything!

About the dead men, too.

About your company and the drugs that you smuggled.

Did Shotaro tell you this?

Yes ,he found out about everything.

And you believe everything he said, do you?

Without hearing your father's side.

Don't try to fool me, Papa.

You might fool me, but you'll never fool Shotaro and the police.

The police?

Yes. They've already arrested Maki.

And they're tailing Komatsu now.

Is that all Shotaro told you?


Isn't that enough?

Not nearly enough. Papa!

I won't try to fool you. It's just like you said.

So it is true?

It really is true.

Yes, it is.

But why did you get involved? Who forced you into it?

Nobody forced me.

All those years of hard work were in vain.

I always thought that I deserved something.

But, after 55 years, I ended up with nothing.

Forced out by a company that I'd devoted 30 years to.

I couldn't take it anymore.

I got tired of being a hard-working Mr. Nice Guy.

I did smuggle drugs back from Hong Kong.

It wasn't for the money and I wasn't blackmailed.

But I couldn't refuse a man who I'm indebted to.

But someone stole the drugs off the boat.

I didn't know what to do.

I offered my retirement payment as compensation for the drugs.

That was the money I'd set aside for us to live on.

But I had to pay for the drugs that I lost.

One of them started to laugh.

Then they all joined in.

I had no idea why they were laughing.

Then I realized that the 3 million yen that I'd offered them was barely a tenth of the value of the drugs.

I felt so miserable.

The check I valued so highly was really only a scrap ofpaper.

Then I realized that my life was just like that check.

That was how it all began.

Those men, Sato and Wong, had stolen the drugs.

After we got the drugs back, I joined the syndicate.

If I hadn't, then maybe I'd have ended up dead like those two.

Turn yourself in, Papa.

Shotaro said they'll go easy on you if you do.

That won't work.

I joined the syndicate of my own free will, so I intend to see it through.

Who cares what Shotaro says? Yes, but the police...

Your theories aren't sufficient grounds to arrest me.

Besides, Maki's dead and Komatsu's on the run.

No one can prove anything.

I can prove it!

Your word won't be enough. I'll just deny it.

I'm not alone in this!

See, Papa! Mother's a witness.


I didn't hear a thing, Keiko.

How can you say that, Mama?

I have no idea what your father is up to.

A woman has no say in her husband's work.

I think that whatever your father's doing must be right.

I've thought so for twenty years!

And so should you, Keiko.

Do as your father says.

She's right.

Hello? Speaking. Oh, Mr Ueki....

How dare you make up stories without a shred of evidence?

You've made poor Keiko desperate.

Never darken our doorstep again. I forbid you to see Keiko again.


Sounds like she dumped you, Kasai.

He feels safe because Maki killed himself.

That's proof he's in with them.

But you've got no evidence.

I'll have proof once the police get Komatsu.

Look, Kasai, I understand how you feel.

But you've got to look after yourself.

Hello, Toyo Newspaper.


Boss... Bad news?

The officers tailing Komatsu were found dead.

Found what?

Hello again. Hi!

Good to see you. You remember me?

Of course. You brought that lovely young girl.

What happened about her father?

He's back. He wasn't lost at all.

How's Hiroko?

That's right. We were all so shocked.

She quit working here, right? Apparently she's in Yokohama.

Someone saw her at the Blue Moon Bar.

The Blue Moon?

That's propane gas. Unbelievably dangerous stuff.

There was an explosion in Tokyo just the other day.

It's safe as long as you use it properly.

Anyway, it's a problem.

How did it get to this stage?

We have to take action. Let's do it. That's the easiest way.

Not a good idea, Komatsu, to start killing cops or reporters.

They always come back with a vengeance.

And Kasai's not the only one with the story now.

But Boss... Leave them be. That's the best way.

Another story will supersede this by tomorrow.

Given time, his editor will give him another assignment.

The island is our best option.

Definitely. The sooner Komatsu leaves, the better.

I believe your daughter has a thing for that reporter...

I guess so.

That's dangerous. She's a loose cannon.

We'll have to take her along with us.

But that's... It's decided, Ueki.

A business trip where? To Kure City.

How long for? About a week.

I thought I'd take Keiko along.

You won't mind being alone, will you?

Not at all.

Keiko's been stuck in her room. She needs a change of scene.

Why are you going?

Nothing special. I just have to make some purchases.

Keiko, your father would love you to accompany him.

What if I say no?

It's your decision. But I'd like you to come.


Alright, I'll go.

I forgot to give you these!

Ah, we meet again.

Where do I know you from?

I was your customer at the Emerald Bar.

You did well to find me here. The snake knows what the rat thinks.

Can you stay with me tonight?

You're very sure of yourself!

Kayo! Order us a couple of doubles.

Whiskey and water for me.

Same here.

Wong was found dead, and Maki killed himself.

All stories of death. Well, you know why.

And you know you can't escape.

I won't let you escape.

Be quiet, everyone's asleep!

It's hard to believe you came here to keep drinking.

Right. But the night's just beginning.

Yes, it's only just starting.

Is brandy alright?


A toast!

I can see out.

So that means that they can see in.

Don't worry, nobody's watching. No! It simply won't do.

You're very considerate.

Hang on. What now?

You remember Sato? And your suicide pact?

Or have you forgotten all about him?

Don't bring that up. I never liked him anyway.

Never liked him? But you wanted to die together?

Stop it, or you can leave.

Okay, I'll stop.

Let's talk about the guy with the scar on his hand.

Stop it. Is that all you can talk about?

It's just that I'm jealous.

Okay, drink up and I'll tell you.

Really? Okay, then.


Who is it?

Who's there?

Hey, why didn't you open the door for me?

Sorry, wrong room.

What's wrong?

He scared me. It went down the wrong way.

Let me make you another.

Now it's your turn. The guy with the scar...

I know him. We live together.

Your man? Then I'd better get going.

It's okay, he's not here.

Right, let's have another!

I'm beat. I am so tired.

I'm not surprised.

Did you drug me?

Just like Sato.

But I don't plan to die.

Damn you...

This is how you killed Wong, too.

Of course. If you knew that, why did you fall for it, too?

Where's the man with the scar?

You know he killed those cops.

I get it...

He's hiding somewhere here.

You're wrong. Komatsu's in Hakone at the temple.

With the Reverend?

At the Sun God temple?

What a newshound you are!

Looking for a scoop while you die...

You're right. I'd do anything for a scoop.

Your poison went here.


I've recorded everything on this microphone.

Damn you!

I'll get it.

Yes? Ueki speaking.

Not you again?

What? I want you to listen to this tape.

Hiroko has told us everything.

Just like Sato. But I don't plan to die.

Damn you...

This is how you killed Wong, too.

Of course. Ifyou knew that, why did you fall for it, too?

Where's the man with the scar?

You know he killed those cops.

I get it... He's hiding somewhere here.

You're wrong. Komatsu's in Hakone at the temple.

With the Reverend? At the Sun God temple?

Heard enough?

Answer me.

If you don't answer me, I'll take this tape straight to the police.

You've got until tomorrow morning to turn yourself in.

Do you want me to accompany you?

I understand.

Thank you for calling.

Is something wrong?

No, it's nothing.

Just leave me alone.

"After the seeds sprout, keep well-watered. "

You're planting flowers at this hour?

Can't it wait till tomorrow?

The sooner, the better.

This is unusual for you.


I'm going out. Prepare my things.

Going where? To Hakone.


You needn't worry.

I know you trust me, whatever I do.


Whatever happens, deny everything.

You understand?

Hiroko Tajima.

Standard spelling.

Yeah, she's 29 years old.

Yes, right. She's Komatsu's de facto wife.

Now for the charges: on April 3rd, she engaged in a fraudulent suicide pact at a Shibuya inn.

The murder victim was Yasuo Sato, 34 years old.

Then, on April 7th, she killed Wong in a similar manner in Yokohama.

He was killed in her apartment then transported elsewhere.

The drug used in both cases was the sedative Luminal...


In a toilet at Isezaki police station, Maki slashed his own throat with a concealed razor blade.

The Sun God sect is tied in with Koei Trading.

How can I help you?

I need to talk to Shotaro.

Well, he's phoning in his story to the editor.

My father has gone to Hakone. To the Sun God temple?

I think so. But he didn't seem himself.


He's never planted flowers before, or just sat there looking out to sea...

And your mother?

She won't say anything, she just cries.


Has he really gone there to destroy the evidence?

What I said to him has made him desperate.

But I had no choice.

Hit me if you want. I deserve it.

Driver, can you go any faster?

What are you doing here?

Something over and above work.

Call Ide, he handles all work related matters.

He's with Komatsu. Shall I call him?

No, I'll go over there myself.

What is it you have to say, Ueki?

I got another call from Kasai.

The newspaper reporter?

About turning yourself in? Yes.


He says he's got concrete proof. What?

He got Hiroko to tell him everything.

No way. She'd sooner die than confess.

He's got it all on tape. I heard it.

It was definitely her voice. She gave him all the details.

He's lying. He's trying to trap you.

What's on the tape?

Details of Sato's death and Wong's murder, as well as about the temple and Komatsu hiding out here.

You liar!

The police will be here very soon.

I said we should've killed him! Shut up!

You stopped me! It's Hiroko's voice, no mistake?

I'm quite sure.

Even if it is a trick, he knows too much.

Ide, get ready for us to leave.

No! You can't leave this room!

You have to stay here!

Ueki, where's your daughter? You think I'd bring her here?

Why not? Did you rat us out?


Too late!

Quick, call the newspaper! Right.

It's too dangerous!


Keiko, be brave!

None of you will get away .



No, sir.

Keiko, go home.

I've never used a pistol before, you might get hurt.

Don't do anything foolish!

Papa, come home with me.

I can't.

I even failed at being a crook.

I'm out of luck.

I'm too far out of my depth.

Leave now, before the temple collapses.

If you die, then all this will have been for nothing.

Keiko! Keiko!

Look after Keiko.


Oh, no...

I'll say it was an accident.

That's what they'll print.


The beast in his heart has gone back to sleep.

A very troubled sleep.