The Smurfs 2 (2013) Script

Time to smurf some magic.

Let's see.

There you are.

Mimosa pollen.

Yes, tiger lily to make her essence magical and blue.

Unless this spell be all for naught, the final thing, one hopeful thought.

Once upon a time, in Smurf Village, happy Smurfs were going about their happy lives completely unaware that not too far away, the evil wizard Gargamel was concocting a diabolical plan.



Smooth, you're upstaging the narrator.

Yo, take it down a notch, my blues brothers.

All right. All right. Thank you. Anyway...

So Gargamel said, "I am making my own irresistible creation, "the Smurfette, to infiltrate their village and betray the Smurfs."


Not a good look on her.

She's a Frankensmurf? Yes.

And her naughty nature took Smurf Village by storm.

She even flooded our village.

The Smurfs wanted her gone, but even though she was Gargamel's creation, Papa saw the good in her.

With love, kindness, a complete makeover, and a secret magic formula, he turned her into a true-blue Smurf, and that is how our darling Smurfette came to be.

Hi. Holy moly.

Hi, Smurfette.

I wish I had that hair.

Nice dive, Smurfette. That was amazing.

Wow. Show-off.


That was so purty. Nice tuck and roll.

Hi! Like a beautiful mermaid.

Wait, how is her hair still dry?

Oh, no.


Stupid, trusting Smurfs.

You're mine now.

It's alive! Smurf for the hills!

Don't kill the narrator!

The world as we know it is over!

She's got a Dragon Wand.

Don't hurt my cupcake!

Look out!

Yes! My beautiful creation.

You truly are daddy's little girl.


Smurfette, are you okay?

Oh, Papa.

There, there. Everything's going to be fine.

Having that nightmare again?

Papa, every year on my birthday, I have these horrible dreams about where I come from, and it makes me wonder who I really am.

And every year, I remind you, it doesn't matter where you came from.

What matters is who you choose to be.


Don't take this old Smurf's word for it.

Go out there and see for yourself.

This is where you belong.

You belong to Gargamel.

You belong to Gargamel.

"You belong to Gargamel." Say it.

"You belong to Gargamel."

"I, I."

"I, I."

You know what? Never mind, sir. You're a dim-witted toad.

"You're a dim-witted toad, sir?"

No, actually, you are!


Yet another groundbreaking feat of illusion from the most innovative conjurer the world has ever seen.

Gargamania, the magical sensation that has captivated the nation from New York to Las Vegas, is now taking on the City of Light, Paris, France.

This master mysterio has gone from unknown to unstoppable after a surprise discovery in New York.

Yo, get out of the road, freak!

How dare you? How dare you call me "Yo"?

Hey, no, put my car down.

Yo, how do you like it up there?


From New York street performer to the new toast of Europe, the only magician ever to play the famed Paris Opera House.

Stay tuned.

Oh, dear gods, can we please just have one quiet carriage ride without you tormenting me about using up all the Smurf essence?

I extracted all I could from Papa Smurf in the kingdom of New York.

How much essence did you extract?

I'm squandering it?

What are you talking about?

I had to turn that man into a giant toad. It's a magic show, isn't it?

Because without Smurf essence, I can't...

Why am I even discussing this with you? You don't have any magic!

Stick that on your Facebook page and lick it.

Like it. Like it. Whatever.

Besides, I still have plenty enough essence left to carry out my delightfully diabolical plan.

Now, my adoring public desires me.


Hello, my lowly little bootlicks.

Yes, you must all worship me.


Even you, my flea-bitten little fur bag.

All hail the great and powerful...

Azrael... Azrael... Stop it.

Open it! Open it!

Come, Azrael. Hurry up.

Hello, handsome.

Look, a present.

No doubt from a worshipping admirer.

It's for you.

You are not more popular than I am.

A little green dot?

Why do you get all the little green dots?

Get it, get it.

Father's going to love this.

Hackus want to play. Hey!

Let Hackus play with the kitty.

Cover me.

I'm going in.

Hello, kitty.


All right, my little Naughties.


Hackus to the rescue!


Good save, Hackus.

Pull, pull!

Hackus cat-fishing. Caught a big one.

And round 12 goes to the Naughties.

Well said, my dim brother.

Apparently, it wasn't a gift, Azrael.

It was a trap.

Very amusing, my little Naughties. Hey!

Did we please you, Father?

No, no, you didn't.

You know what would please me, Vexy, if you were blue like real Smurfs, then your essence would endow me with real magic like that of a true-blue Smurf.

That would excite me.

Instead, you're both just deeply disappointing experiments.


Like my traitorous Smurfette.

The banner goes over there, please. Thank you, and I love the pinata.

How's that, Gutsy? A little lower, Grouchy.

I want to be able to whack him right in the smurf berries.

Hey, Grouchy. Hey, Gutsy.

What a cake! Smurfette's gonna love this party!

Hey, who smurfed a bite out of Smurfette's birthday cake?

Not me. I don't know.

Greedy? What? Why you all looking at me?

Hey, Brainy, here's my present for Smurfette's surprise party.

Come on, Jokey, do you really think that I, the smartest Smurf in the village, would fall for your sophomoric gag? Yep.

Just give me the card.

Out-smurfed by a simpleton.

She's coming. Smurfette's coming. Oh, no! The surprise will be ruined.

Code blue! Code blue! Repeat, this is not a drill. Code blue.

Undo it, unglue it!

We gotta get her out of here!

Here she is! Act natural!

Hey, guys.

Anyone want to do anything fun on this special day?

Hey, Vanity.

Want to sit by the fountain and look at your reflection?

Kind of tired of looking at myself, Smurfette.

As if.

Nope, not building anything for anybody.

Hey, Party Planner. Hey.

Hey, Social Smurf. Yes, darling?

Anything fun coming up that I should know about?

No, nothing till Smurfapalooza.

It's going to be wild, right, Social Smurf?

Yeah. I've got it all over the Smurf Web. It's got 101 likes on Smurf book.

I will put you on the guest list.

So, no one remembered my birthday?

The surprise is gonna be ruined!

Hush up! Hush up!

You know, Smurfette, occasionally, it's good to have a little alone time.

Yeah, so take a hike. Yeah, we don't need you here, we're good.

Bye. There you go.

See you.

We fooled her pretty good, don't you think, Clueless Smurf?

Yeah! She's got no idea about the surprise party!


Maybe I really don't belong here.

Okay, blow out the candles, Blue.


Okay, I think I've got everyone's issues covered here.

This is an organic, gluten-free, antioxidant-rich acai berry cake made locally by a cruelty-free baker who swears he's never even seen a peanut.

Everybody good? Right?

Are these plates PCB-free? No.

Actually, we're good. Actually, we're good. PCB and BPA-free.

Daddy, can we cut the cake?

Yeah. All right, let's do that.

Cut it.

Boy, who thought parenting could be so complicated?

Yummy. Seriously, guys?

You guys make it look easy.

Yeah, you must have had a great role model.

No, not really.

My dad took off when I was five, so... Am I late?

Did I miss all the presents?


Grandpa Vicster! Hey!

Happy birthday, Blue.

Now it's a party. Hello.

I'm Victor, Patrick's dad.

And you must all be his friends, which makes you my friends.

So let's go.

Arms in the air, you're all getting hugs.

Hey, okay.

I thought you said your father left you.

He did. This is my stepfather.

You'll want him to leave. Just wait.

Hello. Where's my Gracie?

Hey. Victor.

How are you?

You know, ever since Blue was born, I kind of miss you being as big as a house with more of you to hug.


And now, I've saved the biggest hug for last.

Boundaries, please. Boundaries. Let's show them how it's done.

Unhand me.

I don't like this at all.

Thank you.

There's nothing like the embrace of two proud Doyle men.

I am not a Doyle man.

Little Paddy Doyle.

Winslow. Okay, compromise. Winslow.


Hey, isn't he the guy from the Korndog commercials on TV?

Hey, you're right. Well, you got me.

Korndog King. No, no, no.

One moment. Please not this.

Now, in honour of Blue's birthday, I'm going to present each and every one of you with a free Korndog...

Thank you. ...on the house.

Teriaki dog.

That's for you.

Do these have any peanuts?

I would never put peanuts in a Korndog.


Go ahead, big guy, it's okay.

For the simple reason, you see, we deep-fry them in peanut oil.

Peanut oil?

What? Johnny, spit it... Spit it out right away!

Okay, I got the phone, okay.

Spit it out, Johnny! Spit it out right away! Into Mama's hands.

Deep breath for the EpiPen.

It's okay. What's happening to that kid's lips?

Azrael, bring me my plan. Father?

It's in the bathroom. Check my side of the sink.


It's feeding time.

Hackus dizzy.

Yes, I almost forgot.

Apparently, I have to keep you alive.

I hope you both appreciate what a tremendous burden this is upon me.

All right, mind your manners.

Thank you.

If you were real Smurfs, I'd be taking essence from you.

I didn't hear a "thank you."

Close enough. Come, come.

We must review my plan before tonight's raid on Smurf Village.

This is not my writing parchment. Where is my plan?

"Gone digital"?

I don't understand what that means.

Yes, phase one, "Create Naughties." Yes.

Check. Where is phase two?

I am enamoured of that swiping motion.

Yes, get away, get away, get away, get away.

Phase three... Swipe.

I capture my ungrateful daughter and force her to tell me the secret formula that Papa used to turn her blue.


I turn you and hundreds other like you blue.

Hackus blue!

Hackus blue!

I place you into a terrifying machine and extract your essence.

What? And then, the entire world shall bow before me!

Will that extracting thing hurt?

It's excruciatingly painless.

You'll see, it'll be fun, for me.

Anyway, we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Back to phase two, the very reason we came to this cheese-infested metropolis.

The great iron spire.

The only possible way to harness enough energy to create a portal right into the heart of Smurf Village.

How I love portal creation.

Come, come, let us away! To the iron spire!

It worked!

Yes! Just enough essence!

And now I will go down in history!

Nothing can stop me now!

My Gargaberries!

Oh, no!

Now I shall prove my genius!

Head spin!

It appears I lack sufficient essence to create a human-size portal.

Father, I can fit through there. Let me get Smurfette.

Hackus go! Hackus go!

Hey! Hackus go!

Yes, yes. Well, let's see here.

Eeny, meeny, miny... Pick me! Pick me!



Hey, Hackus, listen to this. What?

I win.

Nicely played, Vexy.

Now, I must warn you.

Your destination is a true horror.

A realm filled with the relentless crushing quiet of peace, punctuated by the wretched cacophony of joyousness.

It's horrible. What a nightmare.

Yes, yes, it completely ruined your sister.

It's such a shame when a bad girl turns good.

So true.

But she does know the secret formula, so go get Smurfette!

I just don't get it.

They know how tough my birthday can be, and they didn't even remember.

Maybe Papa was wrong.

Guess I'll never really be one of them.

Oh, no! Help.

Please, wait.

I escaped.


From the evil wizard who made me.

Do you mean Gargamel?

Is Gargamel your father?


But he's...

That means you're just like me.

Gotcha! What are you doing?

Father's going to be very happy.

Smurfette's in trouble!

Crikey! Oh, no!

Come on, Smurfs! Smurfette!


Oh, no, you don't. No!

Let go! Now get in there!

Oh, no!

She's being smurf napped. Unhand her!

So long, Smurfs.

Smurfette! Smurfette!

What are we gonna do now?

My powers of deduction lead me to believe that this is the work of Gargamel.

Oh, no, oh, no!

Yes! Pretty blue.


Smurfette. Welcome home.

You're wasting your time, Gargamel.

Papa and the others are gonna come for me.

I don't think so.

They came for Clumsy.

Yes, but you see, Clumsy was a real Smurf.

Whereas I was the one who created you.

You do remember that, don't you, dear?

You're not my father. Just let me go home.

Of course.

Anything you say, but first, I will need one itsy-bitsy, teeny-tiny little thing first.

Teeny-tiny. What?

Just the secret formula that Papa used to turn you into a real Smurf.

Hackus real Smurf. Hackus blue!

Like you, blondie.

It would benefit us both, don't you see, my dear?

You give me the formula, I turn my little Naughties blue.

Blue. I use their essence to continue with my wonderful magic show here.

That way I never have to bother you or Smurf Village again.

I don't trust you, and I'm not telling you anything.

Well, perhaps you need a little persuasion, eh?

Naughties, attack!

With pleasure.


No, no, no, not each other. Not me!

I got you...


Kitty, kitty, kitty.

Not the cat, not the...

Deeply, deeply disappointing experiments.

We've got to rescue Smurfette.

What's our plan to bring Smurfette home?

All right, Smurfs, listen up.

I saved enough grotto water from the last blue moon for just such an occasion.

I was able to smurf it into smurfportation crystals.

So you don't need a portal. Very clever, Papa.


These will take us directly to Master Winslow's mushroom.

Yeah, Patrick and Grace helped us last time we smurfed through the portal.

Precisely! They'll know what to do!

Sign me up! Sign me up.

At your service, Papa. Pick me!

Did someone say, "Baker should go"? I would rather not.

Me, me, pick me, Papa!

Now, now, Smurfs. I only had water enough for nine crystals.

That's me and three others round trip, plus Smurfette on the way home.

Assuming you can find her, which you won't.

That's not a very smurfy attitude, Grouchy.

Actually, for me, that was pretty good.

I'll need courage, intelligence and strength.

So Gutsy. Aye.

Brainy. Of course.

Hefty. You got it.

You'll smurf with me. Yeah, can I...

Yes, Passive-Aggressive Smurf?

I think Brainy is a really excellent choice.

Good luck with that.

You see what he does?

That's not a compliment. Go figure.

Okay, Hefty, take one. Let's do this.

Go get her, guys! Oops!


Somebody do something!

Stand back! I know the Smurflich manoeuvre.

He doesn't look good.

Oh, dear, he's turning blue-er.

Not good.

Somebody get my hammer!

Nice going, Clumsy.

I got it!


This was supposed to be Hefty!

Sorry! My bad!

I get so puffy when I travel.


Well, sometimes, you got to smurf with the changes.

Travel safe, Papa.

And so Papa and his B team...

I'll be in charge while you're gone!

And so Papa... Go get Smurfette back!

Come on! And bring her home!

I'm glad his throat opened up and his lips are back to normal.

Again, we're so sorry.

If... Hello?

Johnny can breathe again, which makes two of us since both of his parents are lawyers.

Well, that's why they overreacted.

They didn't overreact.

He's dying.

I think it's time for this.

You didn't bring the crown. Don't put the crown on him.

Come on, you used to love this crown.

No, I didn't. Yes, you did.

You wore it everywhere. I did not.

Never did. Never once.

This is the way you do it... Look.

Do you see what is going on out there?

Yeah, they're bonding.

Technically, they're spitting. Come on.

Blue needs to know that family's not just you and me, and it's really good for him to play with his grandfather.

Good job!

Oh, yeah. He's a terrific role model. Come on, Patrick.

Grace, he ruins everything.

He shows up, and he ruins things. That's what he does.

Just like when he first moved into my house.

He sent my parrot away.

Your parrot?

My father's parrot.

When my dad took off, he left Zeus, and I loved that bird.

I was a kid, and Zeus was the only part of my dad I had left.

There you go.


Get Blue. Blue?


Blue! Victor!

Stay there. Victor, do you have Blue?

Victor! We can't get the door open!


Victor, open the door! Victor, we can't open the door!

I can't see! I can't see!

I'm on a dark, lifeless planet that smells like corn dogs!

Oh, the smurfanity.

Sorry, mister. Your face got in the way.

Is that Clumsy? Smurfs? Clumsy?

Help! Look out, Grouchy!

Clumsy, is that you? This way!

I'm blind! No, you're in a corn dog.

I knew it would end this way!

Where am I?

This place is strange and terrifying and so handsome.

Hello, you.

No! '

We're lost in the dark, and it smells like corn dogs!

Watch out!

Master Winslow's gotten old.

Wait, wait, wait. Blue?

Stop, stop, stop. They're friends.

Friends? Yeah.

They're little blue aliens trying to steal our faces.

No, no, they're called Smurfs.

And they are the sweetest little things you ever did see.

Not me.

No, not you, Grouchy.

Papa, Clumsy.

Patrick! Master Winslow.

Hi, Grace. Smurf, Smurf, Smurf!

Is that Blue? He's huge.

I wouldn't want to be the stork that brought that guy.

Well, if Blue likes the Smurfs, then Vicster likes the Smurfs.

What a thrill this must be for all of you.

No pictures, please.

That's Vanity.


What are you guys doing here?

Smurfette's been taken.

Wait, what? Taken? What do you mean "taken"?

Smurf napped by that ghastly Gargamel.

She was off alone because she thought we forgot her birthday.

There was a misunderstanding.

But if we can find him, we'll find her.

Well, that shouldn't be hard. He's a big star now.

He's in Paris. I'll call the dog sitter.

You get Blue's passport.

Yes, a rescue mission. I'll come, too.

You need all the help you can get.

Wait a minute, Blue's passport?

We can't just up and go to Paris.

At least, not all of us.

Okay, so that's one vote no. Who votes yes?

Me. Of course.

Daddy always loses.

Look, this is my Smurfette we're talking about. We have to go.

If we're going to be traveling, let's make sure we do this properly.

Okay, here we are. Victor, can you get Blue?

All right. We're all clear on the plan, right? Yeah.

We'll head over to Gargamel's show and see if Smurfette's there. Yes.

And I'll go to Gargamel's hotel and see if I can find out what room he's in.

And, Victor, you and Blue can just check into the room here.

Well, actually, I was thinking... No. "Actually, I" nothing.

You and Blue, upstairs.

That's the deal. End of story.

L'Opera House, s'il vous plait.

My French is tres sexy, non?

Oui, maybe I'll get you a beret. You cannot handle me in a beret.

Is that what you think? I can't... Hey!

Get a shroom.

Good luck. You, too.


Give him the formula.

Give him the formula.

Give him the formula.

You want to give it to him.

You'll feel better about yourself if you stop being such an annoying little brat and give him the formula.

Make her stop. It burns.

Hackus tell you everything I know.

Hackus doesn't know anything.

What? What?

"Buffering"? What the...

My public awaits.

Once again I must go astound and confound the merry imbeciles.

What do you mean, I'm out of essence?

We can still do the show, all right.

Because we got all the essence we need right here now, don't we?

I'm going to need a little snip.

Oh, no!

Just going to take a little off around the ears.


When my Papa gets here, you're gonna be sorry.

Your Papa is not coming because your real Papa is already here.

Yeah! Now, you can either be a good little girl and give me the formula, or you can spend the rest of your miserable little existence being harvested inside my new superpowered Smurfalator!

Your call entirely. Really.

Up to you.

Father! Father!


Nice work, my dear.

And as for you, nice try.

Yes, Azrael.

You can press the button on the Smurfalator.

Come, come, come!

We'll brew this hair into Smurf essence!

Papa, please hurry.

I'm so scared.

Poor baby's gonna cry.

Hello, pretty lady.

Hackus pretty, too.

Hi. Hello.

I was just wondering if you could be so kind as to tell me what room...

What room Monsieur Gargamel is in?

No. Hotel policy.

Just right over there. Thanks.

Here we are, guys, the Paris Opera House.

Not too shabby. Gargamel's really come up in the world.

I hope Smurfette's here.

I do love a good musical. Guilty!

What did he just say? I have no idea.

Well, wait a minute, wait a minute.

I asked for a shroud of mystery. This is a wisp!


Holy smurf!

Where did that come from? He's never had this much power before.

Well, I am outraged!

Positively outraged.

I'm sorry, who are you?

I am Monsieur Gargamel's manager, Madame Doolittle.

What is this outhouse you call a room?

The Napoleon Suite? Napoleon Suite? Yes.

But, Madame, this is the finest room in all the hotel.

What could possibly...

Well, for starters, darling, it's on the wrong floor.

No one wants to be on the...

The fifth floor. Yes. Yes, that's much too low.

Oh, boy.

Good evening! Good evening!

Okay, guys, we're going in.

No, no, no.


Okay, Papa, sneak out the back of my sweater while I talk to this man who has no idea what I'm saying and go find that dressing room.

This is a great vacation, guys. I can feel the stress melting right off me.

Don't spiral, Grouchy. Yeah. We got this.

Gentlemen, we have a cat problem. Get down, get down.

There! No, no, don't be alarmed.

This is how I treat all the critics.

Hurry, up those ropes.

Is Smurfette really worth all this?

I'm just saying. Let's go.

Not permis. Not permis. What? This is outrageous.

Your families will all pay dearly.

As a result, some of you may die.

No, I'm sorry, you will need your key card.

Yes, of course, darling, my key card!

Oh, dear, I've left it.

Oui, I was having breakfast at Tiffany's.

I'll just go back and get it.

I bet my glutes look great climbing up this rope.

Grouchy, take a look.

I hate my life.

Clumsy! Move it.

...Interrupt my sorcery, at least I should be amused.

Now, you will all kindly hail to the great and exceedingly powerful Gargamel...

What are you doing out here? How dare you?

You smell something suspicious? Well, of course you do!

I've seen where you put your nose.

Now, get out of here.

Hi, Daddy.

Blue? Yeah, yeah, yeah, just listen...

Blue and I decided we can't let you run solo on this.

We can do this together.

Three generations of proud Doyle men standing shoulder to shoulder.

Even though we're all different heights and whatnot.

We are not Doyle men.


You have a bee in your bonnet about the whole name thing.

Why do you chortle?

Usually, in magic, the cats are big, no?

Like tiger or like lions, you know?

Silence, knave! And allow me to oblige you.


Try not to smell delicious!

So far, this is the worst trip of my life!

And I've only taken two!

Look! There's Gargamel's dressing room. Good eye, Vanity.

Please! He's got a star on his door.

Let's go.

Remind me to put a star on my mushroom when we get home.

If we ever want to be blue... Blue.

...we've got to come up with some way to get her talking.

Yeah. Got any ideas?

I got it! Say "please."

Never mind. I forgot you were you.

All right, here's my plan. Okay.

We trick her into acting like us, being naughty.

Naughty, naughty!

We use all her goodness against her.

Once that happens, she'll feel like she's part of our family!

Family! I like family!

I love this plan!

Oh, no! Broken family!

Get her! Catch her! Catch Smurfette!

See you later, Smurfigators!

Father's gonna kill us! Go faster!

Au revoir, trolls! Get her!

Hello? Smurfette?

Where are you? Quick question.

How is it we can't reach a doorknob, but we can get up here?

No, Clumsy, don't! No, no!

You just lost a fight to an empty room.

Nobody wants to come up here and play with the larger kitty that they so annoyingly asked for!

You have to go! Now!

Yeah, soon as we get the Smurfette. Yeah!

He coughs up everything he eats. You!

Magic man, hand over the Smurfette.

What did you just say?

You heard me.

Give me the Smurfette! Now!

How dare you? Alaka...



That was... up.



By great Merlin's beard, I remember you!

We meet again, eh?

Daddy's flying! Daddy's flying!

Well, well, well, it appears we have a volunteer after all!

Enough fooling around, yes? Open wide, Azrael.

Put him down, Gargafella!

Leave my son alone!

I'll teach you to mess with us Doyle ducks!

You again!

What are you doing? Put me down!

Come on, Blue.

Put me down! I could have taken him! I had him!

I'm afraid that's all the show we have time for.

Good bye.

Go on, get out, get out, get out.

Smurfette's hair. She's been here.

Look! I found something.

A portrait of perfection.

Imagine how good you'd look if you were actually helping.

Don't hate the player, hate the game.

Smurfette? Smurfette?

Hey, is that coffee?

Anyone else want a cup o' joe?

Hey, what's that?

It's a mirror, you barbarian.

Snap out of it, Vanity, and push!

Rage before beauty.

Whatever this is, it's making my butt scrunch.

That's a little scary. I mean...


Clumsy! Are you trying to get us smurfed?

It's some sort of magic window.

Maybe it'll show us where Smurfette is.


Gargamel! Quickly, pick it up.

Quickly, to me, to me!

Smurfette? Hello?

Where did you go? Hello?

Move, Smurfs. Here he comes. Hurry.

Let's go! Let's go! Where are you? Are you here?

Children? Smurfette? Back up, back up.

Close the door! Close the door!

Your papa is back.

Her papa?

If this is a joke, I assure you I don't find it funny.

Hello? Hold it!

Are you down there, you little delinquents? Keep still.

They must have retreated back to the hotel.

Of course we're running out of time.

If that Patrick person is here, then Papa cannot be far behind.

Quickly, to the hotel! We must get to her before he does.

My face! My face!

What? It's gorgeous.

We fell, and it wasn't even my fault!

Anyone? Anyone?

Oh, my Smurf.

I'm scrunching again.

Papa, what does this have to do with Smurfette?

Everything, I'm afraid.

Why would he build such a hideous device?

Is that a giant Smurfalator?

To extract our essence.

What are all those containers for?

Ninety-nine bottles of Smurf on the wall.

So if Smurfette gives him the formula...

He can turn as many Naughties into Smurfs as his greedy heart desires.


Oh, dear.

Need a catch, please.

This place really needs to recycle.

Think, Smurfette, think. Oh, no!

Where's Smurfette? Where's Smurfette? There she is!

She's fast! I love this game!

Wait! Let's let her run for a bit. She's got nowhere to go.

This is perfect for my plan! Yeah, yeah.

What are you so cross about? I'm the duck!

You always barge in and ruin everything! You're like a walking disaster!

Hey, look me in the eyes and say that.

I can't. That's right, because it's not true.

No, I can't because your eyes are on the sides of your head!

All the better for me to see your disrespect!

What are you looking at? Hurry up.

It's global warming. Buy a Prius.

Okay. Did I lose them?

Good dog.

No, no... Sorry. Excuse me.

Okay, I got this.

Papa, where are you?

Why am I not surprised the way out of Gargamel's lair is through a sewer?

Master Winslow. Papa!

Patrick, look. What happened?

Gargamel is hatching a terrible, terrible plan.

What's with the duck?

That's Victor. Gargamel turned him into a duck.

Now Gargamel knows we're onto him. I was only trying to help!

Victor, you look fowl.

Yes, I did. Yes, I did.

Focus, everyone. We've got to find Smurfette quickly.

There she is! Got her! Chase over?

Hey, Hackus. See that candy store?

Candy? Candy! I've got an idea.

Go get yourself in trouble. Be naughty! I'll take care of the rest.

I love to make trouble! Naughty, naughty, naughty!

Hey, blondie. Where you going?

Leave me alone.

You mean like your so-called Papa has?

No, he hasn't!

He will come for me.

He won't, because he knows you're where you really belong.

I didn't kidnap you, Smurfette.

I brought you home.

I'm gonna make big trouble.

Yummy candy!

Here comes trouble!


Oh, my gosh! He's gonna be killed! We have to help!

I thought you were supposed to be good.



Oh, smurf.

Okay, come on!

Oh, no. I'm really in trouble now.

Vexy! Oh, no! Hackus!


Help Hackus.

Smurfette, what are we gonna do?

Vexy, give me a lift! Come on, jump!

Bull's-eye! Holy smurf!

Good one, Smurfette! Blend that, candy man!

Come on, Hackus!

Vexy, let's go!

Hold on!

Look out!

Nice move, stealing a cart.

I didn't exactly steal it.

Sorry! Well, it's not yours, is it?

Naughty, naughty, naughty.

See? You're just like us.

How am I going to get Smurfette to give me that formula, Azrael?

This whole thing just makes me want to...

Cry? No. Flush her down the toilet bowl.

There must be something we can do.

I know you only have a tiny little pea-sized brain in there, but think!

Is it her birthday? Really? Who cares?

A present? A cake?

Be nice to her?

Bribery and flattery to soften her stony little heart, eh?

That's counterintuitive, but that just might work.

I'm so glad I thought of this!

Let's see...

All right, all right.

What kind of gift should I get her?

Kitty, kitty, kitty! Hey, fish breath!

Not now, Azrael, I'm trying to think of a genuine and heartfelt gift that I can deceive that Smurfette with!

I said not now!

Not now! Not now! Not now! Not now! Not now! Not now!

You are walking home.


Faster! Faster!

Excuse us! Sorry!

How are we gonna stop this thing?

I don't think that's gonna be a problem!

And she sticks the landing!

Yummy pudding! Hackus, it's mud.

Yummy mud!

Take your best shot, cat!

Watch out!


Nice shot! Let's go! Nice shot! Let's go!

Come on! Move it or lose it, Hackus!

Oh, no! Angry kitty! Angry kitty! Run!

Okay, ladies, act pregnant.

This way, guys! Faster!

It's time to get your wings! Faster!

Quick, get on the storks!

Let's go!

Wait, where's Hackus?

Fly, big stork, fly!

Here comes kitty! Look out!

Come on, Hackus! Let's go!


Hey, look, it's a catfish!

Bye, kitty!

This is amazing!

Stork going backwards! Stork going backwards!

This is so beautiful!

I'm falling! I'm falling!

Smurfette's my hero!

How did it go? Couldn't have gone better.

Except that everything was a complete smurftastrophe.

It's Smurfy's Law.

Well, I have some good news.

I borrowed a waiter's outfit for you, complete with a security card for the elevator.

How did you manage that?

Let's just say that the Plaza Athénée laundry room was paid a little visit by international apparel inspector Mademoiselle Doolittle.

I was like Meryl smurfin' Streep.

Good job, Grace!

Does everyone get a new outfit, or just Patrick?

Bloody window. What was that?

That's Victor.

They wouldn't let him through the lobby, so he flew up.

No depth perception.

Grandpa Vicster is a duck!

Gargamel zapped him.

You can change him back, right?

No, but it's a transformation spell.

It'll wear off eventually.

Everybody relax. It's not a problem.

But if you see me lay an egg, it's just between us.

You don't seem too upset about this.

It's not in a duck's nature to get upset.

We like to let things roll off our backs.

Seriously? You seriously just said that?

I like that. That's very smurfy of you. Very smurfy.

Why, thank you. See?

The little Santa Claus Smurf appreciates me.

Maybe someday, Patrick, you'll learn to appreciate my smurfy qualities, too!

Okay. I've... There's... You know...

I'm not having this conversation with a duck.

Now I'm catching a cold.

I wish I had a cold.

I've had Hefty's crystal shoved down my throat, got attacked as a corn dog, fell down a sewer, and if that wasn't smelly enough, had to travel by armpit just to find out we're all gonna be extinct!

Holy smurf, I'm a downer. You most certainly are.

Grouchy, the only way we'll be extinct is if Smurfette gives Gargamel the secret formula.

But Smurfette would never tell. Of course not.

Never. Absolutely not.

Smurfette could never be tricked into being one of them.

Hey, Smurfette.

Did you do this with your sisters back in Smurf Village?

Lots of flying, but I never had a sister.

Well, you do now.

Want to race? You want to race me?

You're in trouble now!

I'm gonna lose you, Smurfette. Not a chance.

Watch out!

Hold on tight, Hackus.

Not that tight, Hackus. Sorry.

Stork fight!

Coming through!

This is insane!

Smurf, smurf, and away.

Hackus, king of world!

You're playing dirty now!

I'm just getting started.

Go, go!

I call that a Crepe Smurfette.

Snails to go?

Batter up! Come on!

Hit me with your best shot.

Snailed her!

You are naughty, Smurfette. Yeah.

Hey! I've seen that lady before.

She's beautiful.

They've got one of these everywhere.

I'm gonna strangle that duck.

Vic's like a black cloud that follows me around.

Okay, look, I get it.

But you know what, he's here, isn't he?

He shows up.

Yeah, whether you want him to or not.

Okay, I always heard that showing up was 90% of the job.

A lot of fathers don't even do that.

He's not my father.

Well, that's too bad.

'Cause that pretty much leaves you without one.

Patrick. All right, guys.

Game on. Let's do this!

I'm gonna stay with Blue. And Vic.

Okay, Smurfs, off to Gargamel's hotel.

Patrick, there's actually something I'd like to...

No "actuallys."

You're staying here.

That's not what I was even going...

Victor, don't make me pluck you.

Let's go. Let's do it.

We're gonna get Smurfette this time, 100% guaranteed.

What did you just say, Grouchy?

You heard it. I'm tired of being Grouchy. I am changing my tune to a happy one.

From now on, lam...

Ready? Positive Smurf.

I sprained my face.

You'll get used to it. Let's go, Smurfs.

Come on. Come on. A paper bag. First-class.

Hurry... Clumsy!

Good luck, Daddy!

Le chat VIP.

Please, I will take you to your room.

Front desk. Listen well, you slack-jawed knave.

Monsieur Gargamel.

I want ale, curds and blistered meats sent into my room in 10 minutes, or I will turn you into a legless tree sloth.

How was that, Smurfs?

That's not funny, man.

Duck, duck, duck.


The security card for the elevator. Patrick needs my help.

When I show up with this, he'll see this black cloud has got a silver...

A silver lining!

Oh, my...

Master Winslow, please.

You can't get a reservation... Focus.

That smells delish!

Le bingo.

Okay, guys, listen, when you get to the room, if there's any problems...

Snot on a half shell. Delicacy. Sorry, Mr Fish!

You look fried.

Like I said, if there are any problems...

My friend, there are no such thing as problems.

Only smurfitunities.

You're freaking me out, Grouchy. Positive!


Okay, guys, we're in.

Patrick Winslow-Doyle.


What are you doing here? Saving your tail feather. Now come here.

I've got something you need for your mission.

Hurry up. There's no time to argue.

What? It's the security card for the elevator.

I have the security card.

What is this? This is our room key.

Well, now when you come back, you'll be able to get in.

No problem. I can't...

No, no, no, no, no.

You're welcome.

You can thank me later.

How did you get out?

Now, you just put me back down.

Patrick, help!

We need you for our duck a l'orange. You want a piece of me?

No, no, no, no! That's not what I meant.

Yeah, it starts with the ducks, and soon, no one's safe!

Unbelievable. Patrick!

Master Winslow?

Patrick! Where'd he go?

He disappeared. Now we're on our own.

Well... Hide!

Monsieur Gargamel.

We're smurfed. Plan B, anybody?

I'm struggling to remain positive here.

Monsieur Gargamel?

Room service.

Hello, kitty.

Here is your room service.

What do we do? Smurf him with the element of surprise.

Oh, Clumsy!

Oh, dear. Now what do we do?

Just act scary.


I'm a scary ghost!


Why do so many bad things happen to little blue people?

Positive, positive.

Window! Window! Window!

Oh, no!

Are you smurfing kidding me? You nearly killed...

I mean, look at this view.

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and smells like a corn dog...

All right, which one of you is Vic?

What, you don't recognise your own father?

Let's go. What about my brothers?

We can't just leave them here to be eaten.

You just met them.

This is my flock. I can't just leave them behind.

Come on, if you're game, so am I.

I am covered in filth.

I look like something the cat dragged in!

Come on, it's not that bad.

Although, if I don't... The cat!

Not the face. Not the face! Close the lid!

That was awesome! Thank you!

Hackus lives!

Vexy, come and help me close the door.

Thank you, bird. Bye.

That was crazy.

Bye-bye, birds. I had fun.


High fours! High fours!

Hackus, Hackus, Hackus.

It's so nice having another girl around.

What are you doing?

Rm just hugging you.

Haven't you ever been hugged?


Hackus hug. Hackus hug. Hackus.

Hackus squeeze!


I'm positive we should just leave him in here.


Hurry. They're probably doing something mean and horrible to her right now.

Yeah, Smurfette needs us. She's probably scared and...

I love family! What...

What is she doing?

I think they're hugging.


Hackus love to hug.


Smurfette, come on, I got to show you something.

Look at us. Come on, tell me we're not family.


Over here!


I'm sorry Papa Smurf didn't come for you.

But maybe your place is here with us.


Maybe it is.

Why is she being nice to them?

She's just identifying with her captors. It's classic Smurf-holm syndrome.

No, she thinks we don't care anymore, and they do.

She's confused.

Clumsy, Grouchy, get up there, and help me get this door open.

That's my daughter in there! Okay, Papa.

I'll get on top. Okay, Grouchy, you jump, I'll pull.

Come on, we can do this. Children.

Gargamel! Clumsy, don't let go...

Daddy's home.

And consistent with his kind nature, he brought you a present.

Grouchy, get down. He'll see you.

How are we gonna rescue her now? Quiet.

I do believe we got off on the wrong foot earlier.

What's happening?

Would you allow me to wish you a very, very happy birthday?

It seems like only yesterday you were just my little glob of clay and other putrid ingredients.

You remembered my birthday?

Of course I did. We're family.

What? But we're her family.

Families don't forget things like that. Does she think we abandoned her?

Speaking of which, your little blue step-papa never did arrive, now did he?


Why, I am truly sorry, my dear. That must really sting.

I remember when my father threw me down the well for the first time.

The disappointed look on his face when I finally managed to claw my way out.

Anyway, happy birthday, my dear.

Happy birthday, Smurfette! Happy birthday, Smurfette!

I want to open! Let me open! No, no, no.


"Bow. Kneel. Worship me."

Yes, delightful rendition, really.

Keep it up, no-neck, I'll turn you into a cross-eyed newt.

Yes, yes, my dear.

Go ahead, take it.

It's a tiny little magical wand of your very own.

Go ahead. It's your birthday present.


Don't do it.

Do you like it?

Silly me. I've forgotten to turn it on.

Here we are.

Yes, there we go.

Yes, go ahead, try it out. Don't be afraid.

A Dragon Wand. Oh, dear.

After all, it is your birthright.

How do you know I won't use it on you?


Because, Smurfette, I am your father.

Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

She's gonna zap him. Get him, Smurfette.


Sing The La La Song.

Sing it!

This is good, right, Papa?

No! She's becoming one of them!

I have always wanted to do this!

We're losing her.

Yes! Good one, Smurfette. Your first cat zap.

Look at you. Look at you.

You truly are daddy's little girl.

Smurfette! No, Papa! Grouchy, grab him!

No, Papa, he's gonna see you! Get him down!

Clumsy, help, help me get him down! Papa, no!



Take to the skies, lads. Free at last! Free at last!

What are you, Martin Luther Wing? That's it.

Joke it up, funny boy, but I am proud as a peacock to be a freedom flighter.

Oh, no.

What the... is that?

Hang on, Smurfs! Victor's on the way!

Pop your smurf-chutes.

The flying V!


Okay, don't panic.

That is a lot of white meat.

Now panic!

Me no likey!

That was brilliant.

He's naked, right? Everyone okay?

Help me, somebody. Somebody please, let me out!

I have seen unspeakable things down there.

I have been scarred for life.

Where's Smurfette?

She's... Where's Smurfette?

We were too late.

Nice going.

Have fun, children. Just remember, be kind to each other.

Will you get away from me, you bumbling moron?

Where are they? What?

Smurfs were here? In this room? Why didn't you say so?

Right now!

She must not learn of this.

We must spirit her away from here and get that formula now.

Smurfette, my dear, are you ready to go celebrate?

Yeah! Come on, come on. This'll be fun.

We were this close to getting Smurfette back.

I know.

He distracted me at the worst possible moment, Grace.

I would have been in the elevator if it wasn't for him.

Okay, okay, use your indoor voice, and please, Patrick, just breathe.

I want him gone.

He's your dad. No, that's one thing he is not.

He's right, Grace. I'm not his father.

His real father left and started a new family.

He's been chewed up about it ever since.

Excuse me? As well you might.

But I can't take the brunt of it anymore.

Hey, I never asked for you to come barging into my life, okay?

I didn't ask you to marry my mother or take away Zeus.

Zeus? The pigeon?

The parrot.

My parrot.

Taken away because you were allergic.

I was not allergic to that bird, Patrick.

Yes, you were.

No, I wasn't.

You were.


It got so bad, every day, you were wheezing, coughing.

Your mother and I both knew that it would break your heart to think the bird had to go away because of you.

You already blamed yourself for your dad.

So I took the heat.

That's a lie. What are you... I'm not allergic to birds.

Okay, tell you what.

Sniff my feathers.

I'm not going to... Come on, sniff them.

Truth itches, doesn't it?

Listen to me, Patrick.

I loved your mother with all my heart.

I took care of Jeannette, and I made her happy.

I also chose to love you as my own.

Now, I didn't have to do that.

But you were this little kid, no father, no hope in his eyes, a big hole in his heart, so I gave you everything I could.

But I'm done, you know?

You don't want it, that's fine.

My last word of advice to you is this...

Will you grow up?

Stop blaming everyone else for your pain.

And whatever you do, don't teach that beautiful son of yours that love is conditional, because it is not.

Good bye, Grace.

Bye-bye, Blue.

Grandpa Vicster.


Goodbye, Patrick Winslow.

Look at that big wheel.

Come. Come along, my dear.

So this is why they call it the City of Light.

There's a lot of people.

Yes, well...

I prefer to call them "worshippers."



Bow. Kneel.


Shall we? Let's go.

Don't worry. Everyone likes it. He's a celebrity. Come on.


Yes, hello. It's me.

These are my children. Hi.

Who's that? That's my brother.

Hi. I'm Hackus.

Look at that. It's a magical creature.


It's my birthday.

Thank you.


Monsieur Gargamel!

Thank you for keeping our seats warm. Goodbye.


Come along, children. Right this way.

Monsieur Gargamel! Monsieur Gargamel!

Let's go!

Father. Not now.

It's feeding time soon.

Not now! But...

Here we are.

Our fun is just beginning, eh? Yeah.


But isn't this lovely, my dear?

And just think, with your secret formula and my incredible magic, there's absolutely nothing that we cannot do.


Think of all the fun we could have, Smurfette.


Then why are we going so slow?

Look out! Yeah!

Isn't this fun?

Decidedly not!

Best ride ever! Smurfette's fun, huh?


Look out! Coming through!


I must have failed her.

Sorry. I was looking for a place to think.

No, no, no, no. It's okay.

I was doing a little thinking myself.

Master Winslow, it's hard for me, but, well, can I ask you some advice?

I mean, papa to Papa.

It's about Smurfette.

I don't know what to do.

I turned her blue.

I taught her love and kindness.

But the truth is, Gargamel made her.

She's only a Smurf as long as she chooses to be.

But what if she doesn't?

What if she chooses him?

We could lose her.

We may have already.

I haven't done enough.

Are you kidding?

Gargamel just made her, but you, you made her what she is.

You stepped in and loved her as your very own.

No one asked you to, you just did.

Because you knew she needed that.

And that's a...

That's a pretty special kind of love.

She's way too smart not to see that.

You're right.

We didn't believe in her because she changed.

She changed because we believed in her.

Thank you, Master Winslow.

That was exactly what I needed to hear.

Me, too.

Just a few more bubbles.

How's that?

Sweet Smurf in Heaven, what have you eaten?

It's okay. Every time a Smurf toots, someone smiles.

Let's go, Smurfs. Where?

We're getting Smurfette.

But you saw her, Papa.

She's one of them now.

A horse whisperer? No!

A French Socialist? No!

A Flying Wallenda!

No, she's with Gargamel. Keep up.

I don't care what we saw.

You never give up on family.

Yeah, Papa's right.

Who are you, and what have you done with Grouchy?

Hey, I'm Positive, remember?

All right, Smurfs. Let's get smurfing.

Master Winslow, you coming with us?

Is a Smurf's butt blue?

You tell me.


Put it away. Anybody else?

Okay, then. Out of the tub with you.

We've got work to do. Hey.

Let's smurf this mushroom stand. Let's roll.

Yeah, guys, let's do this.

Victor? Hey.

Okay, Master Winslow, we'll split up here.

All right. I'll find the electrical room and cut the power.

And we'll find Smurfette.

And we'll all look fabulous doing it.

Oh, come on.

Team building. Hello!

All right, see you inside. Good luck.

Come on, guys. lnto the belly of the beast.

Why are we coming down here, Father?

Well, we are celebrating your long-lost sister's birthday.


Can't very well end the festivities without a cake.

I made you your favourite, my dear. Blue velvet.


Go ahead. Go ahead. Make a wish, my dear.

Anything your tiny little heart can dream of, and it is yours.


But of course.

Yes, well, within reason.

I'm afraid we're on a bit of an essence budget around here lately.

That's why we need the formula, you see.

There she is.

Is that a birthday cake?

We had a birthday cake for her, too.

She just never saw it.

They look like a happy family.

She's not going to give him the formula, is she, Papa?

If she does, it would mean the end of all Smurf kind.

Wait. Even the handsome ones?

Yeah. Vanity, you come with me.

Clumsy and Grouchy, go meet Master Winslow.

Victor, what are you doing here?

Grace called me.

She said you might need a hand.

No, no. Victor, wait.

As usual, Grace is right.

I could use some help.

Well, for starters, you might try lifting the sewer cover.

Unless you're planning on fixing the phone lines?

Smurfette, the formula?

Take all the time you need, my dear.

As long as it's very, very soon.

Then we can all be blue. Together.

Hackus blue. Hackus blue.

You see? They want to be blue, just like their big sister.

Then we could be a real family.

This is something.

A sacred gift entrusted to me.

I'm sorry.

I just, I...

I can't.

What do you mean, you can't?

I've given you everything.

Kindness, presents, a cake with no poison. It's been horrible!

Now, I have had just about enough of this, young lady.

You are going to give me what I want right now!

The formula! No!


Father? What, what, what?

Hackus dizzy.

What's happening to them?

So dizzy.

Don't tell me you actually care for these pathetic creatures.

How sad for you.

And how absolutely perfect for me.

It looks like the power lines run this way.

Let's go! Let's go! We got to get her out of there!

All right, let's do this!

This way, Vanity. Through this pipe.

We have to save her! This could be my moment!

I'm so sorry, my dear. I thought you knew.

Without essence, they cannot live.

Father. No.


No. Vexy.

So dizzy.

Hackus. Smurfette.

Give them what you have! Take some from me.

Take some!


What's the point? You won't give me the formula, so, well, I might as well just let them go.


You mean you'd let them die?

I can always make others.

Besides, I am not the one letting them die.

You are.

Okay. Okay.

I'll give it to you. Just feed them.

The formula first.

Feed them. Feed them!

Quickly. We have to get in there.

Dead end! It's locked!

The formu-la-la-la-la-la-la.

One hopeful thought.

A dab of royal jelly.

Mimosa pollen.


Smurfette! Yes, good girl.

I can hear them, but I can't see them.

Wait! I know.

Papa, look.

And a drop of mink oil. I knew it.

Is she giving him the formula?

Oh, no. Smurfette.

Help me get this open.

And you must say one loving truth.

Of course. There.

That's the formula Papa used.

Now, feed them! Please!

First, we'll see if this works, huh?


Come on. Here we are.

Let's go! Let's go!

Pull, Patrick. Put your back into it.

Come on! Hey, there's an opening down here.

Come on, Positive. Yeah, let's shut 'em down.

One loving truth.

I hope this works.


Smurfette. Thank you. Vexy!

Oh, my Smurf, it worked.

Hackus! Hackus blue!


Hackus is blue!

We're blue! We're Smurfs!

It worked. All the world is mine!

I can make my own Smurfs! No!

We've been betrayed.

Finally, finally.

You're a real boy.

I'm blue.

Now into the machine with all of you.

Father, no.

No cage for Hackus. No cage for Hackus. All right, all right.

In you go. No cage for Hackus!

Everybody gets their own room. Please!

I failed her, Vanity. Papa, wait.

I think I can reach that pin.

Good idea, Vanity.

Come on, come on.

Father, please.

Now, don't go anywhere.

You face leaking.

Hackus leaking.

Hackus leaking.

You sacrificed everything just to save us.

I had to.

I care about you.

We're family.

No like leaking.

Hackus like blue.

What a sickening scene.

I'd be completely nauseated if this weren't the happiest moment of my life!

Try the lever, the big one. Get on my shoulders.

Hurry, lads.

Which way do I go?

Try negative. That might shut it off.

Negative? Nah. I'm all about positive.


One small step for a wizard, one giant leap for... What?


Too much smurf berry cobbler.


Yes, I said you could press the button, didn't I?


I lied. One giant leap for me!

Just got fried.

Hard to put a positive spin on that.

Son of a Smurf!

Hurry, Vanity.

Narcissism is about to save the day.

Got it! Smurftastic work.

I knew it. Now go.

What? Go!

Come, Azrael!

Apparently, we must harness the power of the skies one final time.

Why does this have to be so Les Misérables?

Let's go. Look at me, all rough-and-tumble.

I'm like Commando Smurf.


You are right. Commandos are quiet and stealthy.


There she is! Smurfette.


Papa? You... You came for me.

Well, of course we came for you. You're my daughter.

Was there ever a question?

No, it's locked. Go on through.

We'll find another way. Okay.

We'll see you in there, Master Winslow. Hurry!


Hold this!


Oh, my dear.

Papa, I gave Gargamel the formula.

But she saved our lives.

Hackus live! Hackus live!

Papa, I let you down.

I betrayed the Smurfs.

I'm so sorry.

Smurfette, life is the most precious thing to protect.

I'm very proud of you.

You... You are?

Seriously? No spanking? No smack to the knuckles?

You forgive her, just like that?

Of course. We rise to the amount of love we're shown, and we sink only when that love stops.

Hackus leaking again. Leaking again!

Hey, you found Smurfette!



Oh, no, we don't have much time.

Let's just get the formula back and get out of here. Hooah!

Wait! What about them?

What about them? They kidnapped you.

Yeah, they're Gargamel's.

So was I, but Papa never gave up on me.

So I'm not about to give up on them.

And you thought you weren't a real Smurf.

Get them out, quickly. Right, Papa.

Free Hackus!

And then there were seven, eh?

Hello, kitty.

Welcome to the party, Papa!

Look at all this essence.

I love your work. Really, all of you.

In particular, your Blue Period.

My whole body is scrunching!

That's enough, Gargamel.

You have enough.

Yes, yes, but you see, Papa, I want more than enough!

After all, I have to be able to power this!

I call her La Wanda.

You get it? Because it's a wand.

So I called it La... It's very funny.

If you weren't in excruciating pain, you'd be laughing hysterically, believe me.

Whatever will I do with all of this power?

That's right.

I'm going to rule the entire world!


And, Papa, I want you to know that as my first official act, I'm going to create a portal all the way from Smurf Village right here to my Smurfalator, so you get to be with all of your little smurfy friends.


I don't think so, Gargamel.

Hit it again.

Give it to me. Hurry.

Hurry, he's going for his wand.

Just break it already! I'm too beautiful to die!

For the love of Smurf, use the pointy end!

Don't just stand there yelling at me! Attack!


Oh, no.


Hackus real boy.

Thrown to the curb again.

Careful, Clumsy!

Every time! Sorry.


High fours!

Is everyone all right?

All smurfy and accounted for.

Patrick! Daddy!

Hey. Hey, Grace!


We did it!



I've missed you.

I was so worried about you.

Grace, this is Vexy, my other sister.

Well, I guess that makes you my sister, too.

Are you okay?

Is this what happy feels like?

Hello, pretty lady! I'm pretty, too!

And this is Hackus, my brother.


Hackus, this is Grace and Patrick.

Hello! And... Your baby?

This is Blue.

You did good, Grace.

He's blue-tiful.

Who this? Who this?

That's Victor.


He's my dad.

And Blue's pretty fantastic grandpa.

Daddy and Vicster!

Okay. I got it.

I'm really proud of you, Patrick Winslow.



Yeah, guys! Smurf pound.

Vanity? Great job! Great job!

Positive? Hey, get that thing out of here!

I'm not pounding anything!

I'm Grouchy, and I got a lot of pent-up anger to vent!

Wow, that feels good.

I'm back!

And so am I!


I think most of you know La Wanda...

Unfortunately. ...which is a hilarious play on words.

Smurfette. Say hello to my enormous friend!

I don't think so, Gargamel!


Wanda! No, La Wanda, no!

Where is the "off" button on this thing?

No, no, no, no.


No, La Wanda! No means no!

This is really, really gonna hurt.

Bravo, Smurfette! Bravo! Good job, Smurfette!

That was amazing!

Well, that takes care of Gargamel.

Let's go home, everybody!

Yeah! Home!

We still have one small problem.

I've only got five crystals.

Well, I say no Smurf left behind.

Wow, Smurfette.

You are pretty good with that wand.

It's kind of in my blood.

Which used to concern me.

But as someone wonderful once told me, it doesn't matter where you came from.

What matters is who you choose to be.

That's my girl.

And you're our papa.

Thanks for giving us a new home.

And a new family.

You're a good Smurf, Papa.

You'll be a good one, too.

I'm gonna miss you, Smurfs.

Maybe you can name a corn dog after them.

Now you're talking. We could use blue corn.

Smurf dogs, yum!


Well, safe travels, guys.

And smurf back soon.

Thank you once again, Master Winslow.

Miss Doolittle.

Little Blue.

Papa Vicster.

Goodbye, Winslow family. Goodbye, Papa.

Bye-bye! Toodles!

Well, let's go, Smurfs. Bye-bye, Winslows.

I can't wait to see the rest of my family.

Bye, Smurfs!

Hey, personal space. Sorry.

Papa, you got Smurfette!

Welcome home, Smurfette!

Well, looky here! Yeah, we're back!

Hi, guys! This is good.

And some new Smurfs for our family.

Everyone, this is Vexy.

Great goobaloo! She's a sassy lassie.


Hi... Hi, I'm Greedy.

Hi, I'm Greedy. You want to share a cupcake?

Crikey! What the hey?

I nearly smurfed myself.


Hackus, these are your new brothers.

I have new brothers!


Hold on a minute.

Technically speaking, according to section six of the Smurf Code of Genealogical Legitimacy...

Hey. Just give him a punt.

This creature cannot... Hackus punt!

Yeah! That kid's got style.

He's one of us.

And so, after waiting patiently to be relevant again, our heroic Narrator steps back into his leading role to point out that when last we met, the entire village was busying itself with preparations for...

Hey, what's with all the decorations?

Happy birthday, Smurfette!

Do you mind? I'm trying to bookend this.

And so... Yo, let's kick it. the music unceremoniously drowns out the narration...

This is for my new family.


Hey, Hackus, I got you a present.




Have a nice trip!

Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no! Stop, stop!

Help me, Wanda! Help, help me, Wanda!

And where do you think you're going? You are coming with me!

How dare you call me that? I have bungled nothing!

Well, Paris is over, my friend.

We're back here in the Dark Ages. I suggest you get used to it.

You want room service? Why don't you yell out the window?

Don't you show your claws to me unless you are prepared to use them, Mr Pussy Foot!

Pussy foot! Pussy foot! Pussy foot!

Stop it! Not the face! Not the face!