The Smurfs (2011) Script

There is a place.

A place that knows no sadness.

Where even feeling blue is a happy thing.

A place inhabited by little blue beings three apples high.

It lies deep in an enchanted forest, hidden away beyond a medieval village.

Most people believe this place is made up, only to be found in books or in children's imaginations.

Well, we beg to differ.

Yeah! Come on, Farmer!

I'm going in!

All right, Greedy, I'm gonna race you!


Whoa, golly! Farm boys love to fly!

Oh, yeah! So excited!

Now you see us, now you don't!

Three, two, one. Yeah!

Yeah! I love smurf berries! Hey, hey! The blue ones are mine!

Oh, no! I'm late for rehearsal! I am so late!

In Smurf village, each and every Smurf plays their own special pad.

Whoa, Nellie! Sorry, Handy!

No problem, Clumsy. You keep me employed!

Which gives the Smurfs a sense of harmony.

Hey, Baker! Nice pies! No worries, Clumsy.

And tranquility. Great sign, guys!

Whether it's Handy Smurf the builder I can't stay. Rehearsal time!

Baker Smurf. Hey, Narrator Smurf!

Hello, Clumsy! Just rehearsing the intro for the Blue Moon Festival!

Pizza! Pardon me! Pardon me! Hey, Chef Smurf!

Clumsy! Help!

I just invented frozen pizzas! Genius!

Smurf on the loose!

Hey, Clumsy. Hey, guys!

Hi, Jokey! Hi, Clumsy.

Who's clumsy now, huh?

Hey, what do you get when you cross a Smurf with a cow?

Blue cheese! I got you a present.

No, thanks, Jokey. I'm late for rehearsal!

But, wait! I...

Hey, Grouchy. Hey, Gutsy.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow your roll, sailor.

Hey, wait, wait. Isn't that the rehearsal for the Blue Moon Festival?

What can I say, Clumsy? You're not on the list.

Grouchy, it's right there.

Right. Under "Do not let in Clumsy."

Clearly you two lack the verbal skills required to explain this predicament succinctly. Hey!

Here we go. You see, Clumsy, the other Smurfs don't want to dance with you for fear of what are politely called


How could anybody think that?

That's gonna leave a big blue bruise.

Wonderful! Beautiful! Marvelous.

Watch it, there!

Cut! Cut! Cut! It's a dance, not dominoes.

A worry line! All right, don't get your petals in a twist.

As happy and as perfect as life in Smurf village is, even sunshine and butterflies must have their dark clouds.

And for all Smurfs, that dark cloud has one name.

Gargamel, the evil wizard.

La la la la la la Sing a happy song La la la la la la This is so wrong

"I'm Papa Smurf.

"I'm the head of a small group of blue people

"and live in the forest with 99 sons and one daughter.

"Nothing weird about that, no, no. Totally normal."

"Oh, and I'm Smurfette. And I think I'm so pretty.

"And I betrayed Gargamel, and I don't even care.

"And everything is just sunshine and rainbows."

But all of that is about to change.

I said, "All of that is about to change." Azrael, that's your cue!

That's your cue to pounce on the miserable beasts in some kind of a rage-induced feline frenzy.

Yes, good. Yeah. More rage.

Hey, but don't go crazy. These are the only puppets I have.

I am not obsessed with Smurfs, thank you.

I simply can't stop thinking about the miserable beasts every single minute of every single day.

'Cause I need them!

It is only by capturing the little wretches and extracting their happy blue essence that my magic will finally become...

Not infallible.

Invincible! Yes. Thank you.

I shall become the most powerful wizard in all of the world.

Yeah, but you're milking it. Don't milk it.

"O great one?"

Yes, lying, deceptive, horrible little Smurfette?

"After all your years of Smurf-less searching, how ever do you expect to find us?"

I'm very glad you asked, my dear.

For, you see, I have a magical map that shows me exactly where the smurf root grows!

I shall now use my formidable powers to magically transport us here!

Come, my little fish-breathed friend!



Ye gods, Azrael. You're a boy?

We really need that Smurf essence.


Now tie it off right there!

That blue moon time of year again.

Time to smurf some magic.

Summon a vision and see what our future holds.

I must get the visioning potion just right.

The magic is always strongest during the blue moon.

So far, so good. Lots of smiles and smurf berries.

Clumsy's sitting still. That's always good.

A dragon wand.

I got it! I got it!


Help! Save us! Papa!


Clumsy, what have you done?

Hey, Papa. Clumsy?

Are you okay?

Yes. Fine.

Why aren't you rehearsing for the Blue Moon celebration?

You know. A couple guys got smacked in the face, so I thought I'd make some smurf root mud packs to take down everyone's swelling.

Papa, you're smurf out of smurf root. I'll go pick some.

No! Those fields are too close to Gargamel's castle.

I'll get the smurf root.

You stay in the village and out of trouble. Do you understand?

Okay. If you say so.

A vision's never been wrong. I can't let this happen to my Smurfs.

"Just stay in the village, Clumsy."

Look at all this smurf root. They are gonna be so proud of me.

Let's see, just a few more...

Boo. Gargamel!


Good kitty. Good kitty. Look! Look!

A ball of yarn!

A nice, juicy bird!

So, that's it!

It's invisible.

Those sneaky... Wait, wait, wait, wait.

We don't know if it's safe.


Are you dead?

So, what did you see in your vision, Papa?

Nothing apocalyptic, really.

Everything's going to be just fine.

Perfect. Another year we don't have to worry about that mean, old...

Gargamel! I know who she meant, Clumsy.

No, no! Gargamel!

I Gargamel!, kinda, sorta accidentally led him to the village.


Smurf for your lives!

Everybody skedaddle!

Into the forest, Smurfs! Come on, Clumsy!

Sound the alarm, Crazy.

This is really bad!

Smurfs, that way!

Hey, cat! Azrael, over here! Come on!

There you go, you nasty cat.

This way! This is no joke!

Look out! Papa!

Let go! Cursed nature!

Here comes papa, Papa!

Papa, your primitive little defenses, they're useless against me, sir!

I laugh at them.

How's that for primitive, Gargamel?

Maybe this will all blow over.

I can fix this. I just gotta think.


Follow me, everyone!

Save yourselves!

Clumsy! You're going the wrong way!

He's headed for the Forbidden Falls! With the blue moon coming?

Quickly, Smurfs! Stop him! Unbelievable!

The one time we want him to trip and he's running perfectly!

Clumsy! Oh, this is a predicament.

"Agony ahead"! Anybody reading these signs?

This is a predicament! This guy's killing me!

Looks like we're down to 99 Smurfs!

This is not good at all.



Well, we tried. Let's go.

Hold on, lad! We'll form a Smurf bridge to get you.

Not the Smurf bridge!

There we go. Yeah, pardon me.

This is not a Smurf bridge, it's clearly a chain...

Smurf it, Brainy! Smurf it, Brainy!

The blue moon! Oh, dear.

What's happening, Papa? What the blinking flip is that?

Oh, no!

The vision! Come on, guys!

Pull him up! Hurry!

Don't let go! Help!


Look out for the hole!

No, it's more of a vortex. Of a portal.

Smurf up! It's a hole.

Hold on!

Oh, no!

Looks like you got the short end of the stick, eh, Papa?

Now you belong to me!

Not this time, Gargamel!

What's wrong with you?

That was great! Let's have another go.

Are you smurf ed? We almost died in there!

We're not even wet.

What part of the enchanted forest is this?

My calculations indicate...

That's slimy.

I don't think we're in Smurf village any more.

Oh, my.

Smurfs? You may Want to take a look at this. What is it?

Why are we listening to him? He just got us sucked through a giant hole.

It's not a hole, it's a vortex.

And can't we just go around the rock?

Oh, my smurf.

Where the smurf are we?

Up the smurfing creek without a paddle, that's where.

Well, at least they're not coming after us.

Oh, yeah. Really?

Oh, dear. Azrael!

Run! Not again!

Azrael? Are you dead?

Must have Smurfs!

We'll circle back when it's safe! Run!

Guys, come on! Go!

Coming through! I'm getting hungry!

Hey, how are you? Yeah, nice to see you. Enjoy the party.

Hey, can we get the photographer over there?

There's big arrivals happening. Thanks. Welcome.

Hey, ladies, looking good. A couple quick, quick tips.

If you could not stand directly in front of the display, but over to the sides, it'd be a bit more visible. Hey, look, product.

Also, don't forget to smile.

Remember, you're working for a cosmetics company. That's it.

Smile, relax, everyone will have a good time. Let's go!

Thanks. Thank you so much. Hurry!

Hello, Henri.

On top of everything with the campaign, Patrick?

Well, as much as I can be.

We certainly did our homework. We tested the results.


She's pointing at me. That can't be good.

Odile, it looks fantastic for Thursday's launch.

It's gonna be quite the gala.

There he is. My new vice president of marketing.

So, wait, you fired Ralph? His campaign was rubbish.

He gave me what I asked for, not what I want.

Can you give me what I want?

Is that what you're asking for?

How would I know what I'm asking for when I don't even know what I want?

Well said, Odile. Well said. That's why you need me.

Exacto! I need you to create a new campaign for Jouvenel.

All digital, of course, so it can be ready on time for the launch.

Odile, that's two days.

Sí mi corazón, and it mustn't be delayed. Is that going to be a problem?

No. No, I mean for a whole new campaign, it's kind of tight.

But... No, two days is perfect.

God only needed six days for the whole world, right?

Fail me, and maybe you can go and work for him.

Where are we, Azrael?

What manner of freakish realm is this?

Okay, one more box of research. Hey, would you get a cab for me, please?

Yes, yes, of course.

This day just keeps getting better and better.

So we're just gonna jump in the portal, get back to our village and everybody's happy, right?

Yeah, guys. Let's stay smurftimistic.

You know what? I choose to be pessismurfstic.

We're all gonna die.

Papa Smurf, how do we get home with the portal closed?

I'm sure when the blue moon rises tonight, the portal will open again.

Now, let's take shelter till dark.

All right, let's get smurfing.

Okay, but I'm not happy.

Azrael! Run, Smurfs!

Take that! Guys, come on!

Quick, to the tree! Let's go!

Smurfette! My hair! Get back, cat!

Way to go, Smurfette!

Oh, no! Take one for the team, Clumsy!

Help! Clumsy, look out!


Clumsy! Oh, no!


Clumsy! What a numptie.

Quickly, to the mechanical wagon. Up the tree, Smurfs.

Why don't we just go around the tree?

There you are. By all means, relax here in the fresh air and the sunshine while my missing Smurfs could be anywhere.

What? Where?

Come on! Try and stay with me, Smurfs.

I'm getting too old for this. Slow down!

Be careful, Brainy.

Hey. Hey!

Seventh Street, from First and A, please.

Come on, Smurfs! I don't like these heights.

Don't look down. Come back here, wretched Smurfs!

Hurry! We're way up here!

A jump from this height will Knock the blue out of us!

My hip. Papa!

Gargamel! Oh, dear.

Stop that carriage! Let's go! Let's go!

Wait, wait. I forgot my phone. Come back! Stop there!

Stop that carriage!

Never mind. Here it is.

Knock yourself out, Gargamel!

You've had that coming for about 30 years!


Oh, wow.

Castles and palaces everywhere!

And green goblins! And red trolls.

And look at the giant princess!

This village is amazing, Papa.

Yes, and likely very dangerous.

Until we rescue Clumsy and get back home, I need you all to stay close and do exactly as I say.

Smurf's honor. If you say so.

You can count on us, Papa.

They can see us! Camouflage.

Blend in.

Well, I guess this is our stop. Let's go.

We get to climb another tree.

Watch out, watch out. Hang on, everybody. Hang on!

Brainy. That's it.

Thanks a lot. Have a good night. I hope Clumsy can breathe in that box.

How are we supposed to find Clumsy in there?

I could attempt to smurf the probability... Brainy!

We'll look through every window. I don't do windows.

Now, let's get smurfing. You heard him. Come on.

Every window? Piece of cake.

Grace? Hello?

Guess what? Guess what, guess what?

Okay. They invented a zero-calorie pizza.

No, but that's a good idea. Yes. They found...

Baby kicked.

Hi. Hi.

Please say hello.

Please. Hello, little Sea-Monkey.

This is the sound of my voice.

Hello, son or daughter. Hello.


That is not the sound of your voice. That is the voice of a robot.

Our child is gonna be attached to the toaster.

Or the new VP of marketing.

No. No! Oh, my goodness! Oh, my gosh!

It's... It's provisional.

If I wow Cruella de Odile, then I'll keep the job.

If not, then my head'll be on a pike next to the last guy.

Well, wow you will! You wowed me.

But I have two days.

Yikes. I know.

What if I don't get them done in time?

Oh, HO, you can't come to the ultrasound.


Wait, the backup ads we have did fine in focus groups.

I could retool those. I'd have to work around the clock.

Azrael, we've come so far, yet ever am I haunted by the same familiar riddle.

How to find the Smurfs?

If only I...

I'm sorry, is my thinking interrupting your vile hacking?

If only I had something of theirs. A drop of spittle. A fingernail.

Some hair, even. Then I could make some Smurf magic.

Very nice. Are you done now?

I don't want to look at it.

What? What?

Is that... No. No, it can't be.

It is.

The tawny locks of Smurfette.

Sweet follicular ambrosia! Silky strands of joy.

Mixed with a fair amount of cat vomit.

Yes. Yes, I am a genius!

With my skills, even this small trifle of smurfiness will yield me just enough power to catch them all!

I must find a laboratory with which to tease the magic from these precious little strands.

Yes. It's a bit small, but this should do nicely!

It's even got its own cauldron.

What died in here?

Open. Open. Open. Open. Open!

Somebody's been working a dark and terrible magic in there.

What is that?

On, baby.

Daddy is home.

Come on.

Papa, I'm familiar with 613 shades of blue, and that moon is not one of them. Papa?

Stay calm, everyone. If the portal opened once, it can open again.

How are we gonna open a magical portal when we can't even find Clumsy?

Hey, I think I see something up there.

Oh, no.

Clumsy? Is that you?


Help! Help!

Oh, smurf.


"Berry Boom."


Elway. Elway.

I'm sure this is the box. When I get my hands on him...

Someone's coming! Smurfs!

What is it?

No, no!

No, no, no, no. Come on, come on, come on. Please, please.


Elway. Did you do that?

Come on, put a little smurf into it. Hang on, Clumsy.

I got this side. All together now.

Crikey. Oh, dear.

Now what, lads? What happened to Clumsy?

I bet they ate him. Let's go home. Hide.

GO! Pull the lid!


This is so...

That's Clumsy! Charge, Smurfs! Charge!

Out of the way, big guy. Clumsy, we're coming!

Excuse me. Pardon me.

This is for Clumsy! Wait for me!

Oh, God! Please don't hurt me!

Please, I just want to go home! Are you...

Did you just talk?

I'm not saying till you put down the giant spiky thing.

Clumsy! Clumsy, where are you?

Make yourself known! Smurf us a sign!

Come out, Clumsy! Smurf out, smurf out, wherever you are.

Are you there? Come to my voice, laddie!

Where are you? Can you hear us?

Get out of here! Look out!

Too much aggression! Go back to the sewers!

Kiss my smurf!

You all find clumsy! The giant is mine!

Over here! Get him!

Have you had enough? Tap out?

Okay, so you're like... You're blue, and...

Oh, gosh, are you okay? Quickly!

This way! This way! Follow me, Smurfs!

Clumsy! Where are you? Look out!

Other way! Other way!

Run, Smurfs! Come on!



Smurf for your lives! Clumsy, where the smurf are you?

Stinky breath. Spread out!

Grace! Run!

Stop bleating like a sheep and let me hog-tie you, you wriggly numptie.

Grace, we're being attacked!

Do not be fooled by their cuteness!

It's okay, it's okay.

They're friendly.

You're lucky your lassie stepped in.

I was about to make haggis with your innards.

This is it. This is it, Azrael!

Smurfette's hair goes in here, flows through the Smurf essence extractor, and finally, I have my Smurfilator!

It's the pièce de résistance. The crème de la...

Would you care for a mint when you're done?

Yes, yes, yes!

With this precious elixir, my sorcerous spell shall be powerful beyond all measurable measurement.

This one tiny drop will give me the power to capture them all.

This is great!

La la la la la la Smurf the whole day long Next time you're feeling blue Just let a smile begin Happy things will come to you So Smurf yourself a grin It's so obvious that what you're doing is wrong.

Oh, really? After you.

How crazy is this?

There are little blue people singing in our kitchen!

So you're sticking with your "this is actually happening" theory?


Okay. It says here Smurfs are mythical creatures from Belgium, also known as Schtroumpfs... Yeah.

Documented by Peyo.

Also says that they bring good luck. Like leprechauns to the Irish.

It says they're mythical, Grace.

I'm so sorry, Master Winslow. That was great.

Well, they look pretty real to me.

Come on.

Excuse me. Okay, to review.

You guys come from a magic forest where you live in oversized mushrooms.

Yes. You're being chased by an evil wizard.

Yeah. And you're trapped in New York until there's a blue moon... Very good.

And you like to use the extremely imprecise term "smurf" for just about everything. Smurfxactly.

And you're all named after your personalities?

Do you get your names when you're born, or after you've exhibited certain traits?

Yeah. Yep.

Yeah, whatever.

Master Winslow, there must be something about the blue moon on your magic window machine.

Just what is this magic searching device?

Right now, I'm using Google.

Google. Google.

Okay. "Blue moon. A full moon that occurs twice in one month.

"A figurative construct..."

Much like yourselves. Hey!

"But the moon itself doesn't appear to be blue."

What? Not blue?

Perfect! Now we'll never get home!

No cause for alarm, my little Smurfs. If we're to open the portal home, I'll just have to smurf us a potion to invoke the blue moon.

You hear that, honey?

They're only staying till an actual blue moon rises.

Which could happen if the little blue Santa man makes a magic potion, which, at this point, seems completely plausible.

Want a bite? No, thank you.

Of course, the stars will need to be perfectly aligned.

And when that might be is hard to determine without the proper instrument.

Master Winslow, might I borrow your stargazer?

My what-whatzer?

He doesn't have a Stargazer. Do you?

This is all my fault. We're all gonna die.

We're all gonna die! Smurf out of it, scaredy-brains!

One Panicky Smurf is enough! Hey!

Besides, Papa had a vision, and everything turns out smurf y.

Right, Papa?

Yes, yes. It all turns out just fine.

We must find this Smurf thief. Stop your complaining.

If I were a Smurf, where would I go?

You there, you there. Fancy pants. Have you seen any little blue men?

Absolutely. What price are we talking about? You're selling them?

Have you looked in the drawer, sweetie? Wait, what drawer?

In the kitchen, Lilly. Who is this Lilly?

Are you kidding? She's the hottest girl in my department.

Please, please. Please, young woodsman.

What does the temperature of this Lilly have to do with the finding of Smurfs?

Take your meds, man. What?

Is everyone in this realm completely insane?

Thank the gods, a local wizard. Excellent.

Pardon me, wise sir?

By any chance, have you seen any little blue men?

They're everywhere!

I knew it. I knew it! I told you we were close, Azrael.

I know.

Now, just take one, everybody. We have to make sure our smurf berries last.

Great. We're gonna be here how long?

Not long. First, we have to get a Stargazer.

Next, find a book of spells and then smurf a portal and we're home. Very simple, my little Smurfs.

Bye, Elway.

Someone looks smurfalish!

Why you wearing a leash? It's a tie.

Does it keep your neck warm? No.

Clearly, it functions as an aid in his craft, like a blacksmith's apron.

I wear it because it's what everyone wears at work.

What are you, you pasty giant?

I try to get people to buy things by analyzing market trend predictions.

Predictions! He's a fortune teller.

Look, I would love to explain but I am super late. I gotta go.

I really don't have time for this. What?

You had one outfit on, and now you're wearing something completely different.

Yeah. It... Now, Smurfette, she probably got the other one dirty.

Let's not embarrass her. Sorry.

Thanks for letting us stay in your mushroom, Miss Grace.

It's really nice. Well, thank you. I'm glad you like it.

I like our little mushroom, too. But you know, somebody wants a bigger mushroom.

But, then you'd be further apart.

You said it, sister. Okay, I've gotta go. I've got an appointment.

I've got a baby on the way, so...

Wait, wait. We can't just leave them here alone, without an adult.

I'm 546 years old.

Of course you are.

They'll be fine. They'll be fine. All right.

Love you. Okay.

Bye. Bye. Bye, Grace! Goodbye.

By the way, I wouldn't go anywhere if I were you.

Why not?

Our world doesn't do well with visitors from other places.

I mean, look what happened to E.T.

It's a movie. A moving picture.

Book. Just stay, okay?

Great. He's gone and we still don't have a Stargazer.

Wait a smurf. If he's a fortune teller, he reads stars all the time.

Ergo, it's at his place of business.

Excellent work, Brainy.

What are we waiting for? Let's ride.

Yeah, come on, guys. Hey, stop it.

Come on, Smurfs! Let's go get that Stargazer.

Surprise, surprise. Oh, no.

Clumsy, I think it might be best if you stay here. You know?

Smurf an eye on the mushroom.

Yeah, that's what I was thinking.

This way, Smurfs! Let's follow Mr. Winslow.

Well, I can smurf an eye on the mushroom.

Smurf away!

Let's smurf this joint. Is he down there?

Taxi! Can you see him?

Look, he's getting into the mechanical wagon.

Oh, no. Clearly that distance is too great...

Off you go! No! Gutsy!

Come on, Smurfs! Smurfabunga!

Goodbye, blue world.

Use your hat, you ninny!

Couldn't we just have taken the stairs?

There we go. Not funny, Gutsy.

It was a little funny. Smurfs.

We're stopping. Hold on tight.

Not to me, Grouchy.

Oh, did I do that? Sorry.

Keep the change. Thanks, man.

Master Winslow, we really need your help.

Hey. Right here.

What are you doing here?

What part of "we need a Stargazer" don't you understand, you numptie?

You can't be out in public. Who are you talking to?

If we could just have a quick look around in your predicting parlor...

We really wanna go home. Come on, man, I gotta go.

Fine. Just come here, come here. Please, please.

All of you. Trust me.

Careful. Hey, watch the smurf berries.

I'm not going... Hey!

Be quiet. It's dark in here.

All right, who smurfed?

Hey! Get your hand out of my kilt.

That's not my hand. Hey, ticklish.

Morning. Morning. Good morning, Mr. Winslow.

Congratulations on your promotion. Thank you.

I hope you guys like desk drawers, because that's where...

You're late. Odile!

You were in my office.

It's my building, and we have much work to do.

The launch for Jouvenel is tomorrow night. Is your concept ready?

Close. I had a crazy morning.

What are you doing?

Nothing. I'm excited. I'm excited about all the concept ideas.

And hungry. Sorry. Hungry for its success.

Nervous energy.

Nervous energy's what's going on up in here.

I like it. Yep.

The fear of failure is a fabulous motivator. True that.

Hey! Stop it.

Henri. Make it work.

You have no idea.

What is this? Why did I get the armpit?

Stop pushing me. Go easy on the cologne tomorrow.

Are you crazy?

You're gonna get me fired. My hair!

I couldn't even breathe in there. It smelled like the business end of a sheep.

I don't see a Stargazer. How you doing?

I'm sorry, Master Winslow, but we badly need to borrow your Stargazer.

I don't have a Stargazer, okay?

It's not something people of this century just have, especially here.

Not happy. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to work.

Well, perhaps we could sing to help things along.

And then we'll get the stargazer. Come along, Smurfs.

La la la la la la Sing a happy song La la la la la la Smurf the whole day long Stop.

La la la la la la Stop!

Sing a happy song Come on. None of you find that song just the tiniest bit annoying?

I find it annoying.

Well, what do you sing at work?

I don't sing at work. What?

And you have to wear a leash. Harsh.

I know. How about if we hum?

Please stop humming.

I need to hone my message here.

I've got a message.

"Always chew with your mouth closed." Papa taught us that.

That's good. You should use that.

Or, "Dance and be happy."

How about, "Grab life by the grapes"?

"Turn that frown upside down." "Always bet on blue."

"Have a smurf y day." "I kissed a Smurf and I liked it"?

It's an embarrassment of riches.

They're giving you gold here.

Thank you. Master Winslow, you'll know it's the right message if it comes from the heart.

Right, Smurfs? Yeah.

You said it. Absolutely.

Of course. Welcome to my world.

I love emerging dramatically through the smoke.

It makes... It makes me feel so deliciously mysterious.

Also, it gives the skin a wonderful glow.


Where? Where?


Curses! So close.


Theirs is upside-down.

Idiots. They painted it wrong. Come, Azrael.

Hi. Hello.

What are you doing?

Just greening things up a bit.

That's so sweet. That's very sweet but, you know, I'm not so sure this stuffs gonna grow out here.

We'll see. Smurfs have a very blue thumb.

So where is everybody else?

They went to get a Stargazer so Papa can smurf a blue moon to get us home.

And they went without you?

Yeah. I mean, who knows why?

Hey! Sorry!

Why don't we come inside?

Smurfs, where are you? Make sure to demonstrate that this new anti-aging cream can make any woman look beautiful, young, vibrant. It's almost magical.

Astonishing, really.

I see no transformation.

Your potion has no power. Excuse me?

Well, she's still an eye-offending dogfish, if you ask me.

Sir! This is my mother who you're speaking of.

I'm so sorry. I didn't realize.

How sad for you in 30 years.

Henri, escort this lunatic out.

"Lunatic"? Security!

I am the great and powerful Gargamel!

"Lunatic." Could a lunatic do this?


How did you do that?

Yes, and seriously, me next.

So sorry, but lunatics and great wizards never reveal their secrets.

Come, Azrael! Now, where are my Smurfs?

No, no, no, no, no. Don't go.

I need to know what you just did. Not telling.

Please, señor Can you do that again?

You may attempt to persuade me.

What is it that you desire?




With my help, the whole world will know the name that is Garbagesmell.


Yes. With my help, the whole world will know the genius that is Gargamel.

L.m I'm sorry. Did you just say "genius"?

So, even though I'm what you might call accident-prone, on the bright side, I did land us all here in your little mushroom, and we got to meet you and Patrick.

You're so sweet. And I know how you feel. I'm so clumsy, too.

Well, I used to be.

Really? Yeah.

So how long did it take you to...


Un-fumble your feet?

Well, about as long as it takes to realize that nobody's just one thing.

You can be anything you wanna be.

"Hero Smurf." Yeah.

Probably not.

Hey, Brainy, help me figure this out. Let me show you.

First, you put your...

Works every time.

La la la la la la Sing a happy song This is a fascinating wind machine you have here.

Hi, Patrick. Grace, help. Help!

They are everywhere and they won't stop singing.

I cannot get a thing done. Please come and get these guys.

Señor Gargamel, I'll be frank.

Clinique, Lancôme, MAC. They will kill to get what you have in that ring.

Not if we Kill them first.

Let's see, we're going to need some knights, preferably in shining armor, some bowmen, poison arrows.

I like the way you think.

And some spikes to mount their heads on.

Well, it is all about the presentation.

And, of course, all of our testing would be animal cruelty-free?

What, they pay extra for the animal cruelty? Is that it?

Get out of here.

You have a wicked sense of humor.

We like that, don't we? Hey, out of here!


I said, get out of here.

Señor Gargamel, now you must assure me, darling, that you can recreate whatever it was that you did to my mother, but on a massive scale.

Do that, and the world will worship you.

Did you hear that, Azrael? Yeah.

"Worship." Oh, it rolls off the tongue like flesh from a... Not pilgrim...

Heretic. Yes, thank you.

Thank the gods, a chamber pot.

This swill that you call Dom Pérignon has gone straight to my nether regions.

Here, toss this out the window, yeah? Today, please.

Now, to the matter at hand.

So do we have a deal, señor?

Not quite, my sweet maiden.

You see, first I must have my Smurfs.

You guys just have to understand that Patrick's under a lot of pressure right now.

So if you could just lay low for a little bit...

You have my word of honor, Miss Grace. My Smurfs will not move from this bag.

Okay, good. Stargazer!

What? Stargazer! Let's go!

Everybody out! Come on! No, no, no!

Guys, let's go! No, no, no, no, no!

Full Smurf ahead. No, wait, wait!

Hit the deck!

Hey, I'm walking here! I'm walking!

Save me! Hey, look out, Brainy.

Can't everyone just slow down and enjoy life? Get off me. Get off!

Wait for it.

I gotta get me one of those.

Oh, my gosh!

Hey, lady! Hey! Wait, wait. Hold on!

When we get inside, spread out and find that Stargazer.

Come on, Smurfs!

Hey. Patrick, the Smurfs have gone AWOL.

Grace, are you running?

No, no, I'm totally fine, but they need your help!

Patrick, I'm afraid they're gonna get themselves killed!

Sweetie, they're fine. They can send us a tiny thank-you note when they get back to shroom town. Right after they invent paper.

Patrick, they need you.

Honey... Patrick, I need you.

Oh, my gosh, please hurry!

All right. Where are you?

The man is a lunatic. It's not going to work. I don't know, he needs Smoops.

"Smurfs." Smarps.

No, no, "Smurfs." "Smurfs" with an...

Sorry. I'm so sorry.

You call that groveling, you fool?

Every village has an idiot. What?

You're right. That's him! Stop! Stop! Smurf thief!

Smurf thief!

Come on, guys, the dolls are here!

Stargazer, Stargazer, Stargazer. Stargazer, Stargazer, Stargazer, Stargazer...

So that's where all the unicorns went.

I'm not afraid to go off on my own, I thought you might like the company.

Fine. Then hang on.

A Smurf cannon! The only way to fly.


Time to catch some air! Smurfabunga!

That'll put some air up your skirt!

Gotta be a Stargazer up here somewhere.


Smurf droppings.

These are disgustingly tasty.


Oh, creepy.

I hope they weren't looking for a stargazer, too.

Stargazers, stargazers...


You mean I can have more than one kind of dress?


Papa, I'm telling you, we're never gonna find those...

Stargazers. They're dangerously high.

You're right. We're gonna need something tall.

Don't you think someone will notice us? Just act natural.

I'm a bear. Brainy!

I'm coming. I'm coming, I'm coming, guys.

Hold still, stairs!

Look at the stair-climbing toy!

Hey. What is that?

Let me see it. Careful.

I want one, too, Mommy! Let me see.

I'm just tired of the whole dating game.

Just say who you are and be who you say, right?

I can't seem to get it to scan.

My son wants one of those blue animatronic things.

Can you help me out here? Do they come in pink?

My daughter wants pink. I'm sorry.

What aisle did you find this on?

I'll take the floor model. I was here first.

There's a line. Can I interest you in a Coldy Holdy Ice Bat?

What? Ice Bat?

It comes in pink.

Smurf thief! Stop!

Do I use my grouchiness as a wall because I'm afraid to be vulnerable?

You bet.


But I've got feelings.

No. No, I can't be out already! What was I thinking?

Wasting my only drop of Smurf essence on that old hag?

It's a big problem, sir. We don't seem to have it in stock.

Hey! Keep your smurfs to yourselves!

Don't you people have any boundaries? Grab it!

I'm not a toy!

Where is she? Where'd she go?

There she is! There she is!

Hey, this dress is mine!

Smurfette! Wait, I'm shopping.

Let's shop later. Go! Come on!

Patrick! Patrick, help! Clumsy, come here!

A giant's after me! She's huge!

Hey, that's mine!

Sorry, little girl, this one's not for...

Mommy! Really?

Don't ever forget that one magical moment our two worlds met.

And I wasn't grouchy, I wasn't.

Can you just say one thing, please? I'm dying here.


That's one!

Technically, when loading cargo onto the head of a bear, one should distribute the weight... Brainy, just pull.

Ahoy, mateys! What are ya waiting for? We're drawin' a crowd.

Show-off. Oh, dear. They think we're toys.

Hold onto your knickers, boys, it's about to get grisly.

Don't let me fall! Just hang onto that stargazer, you two!

Hey! Come on, Smurfs! They're getting away!

Let's go, go, go!

I'll have you at ramming speed in no time.

Hold on! I think we lost them.

Again with the head. Oh, dear.

Out of the way or I'll caber toss ya! Where did you learn how to drive?

You think you can do better? Yes, I do believe I can do better.

Two more!

Brainy! Gutsy! Papa!

Grace, that's Gargamel!

Oh, you again! Get your paws off me! No, no, no, no.

Bad kitty!

Oh, I hate that Cat!



More lovely than ever.

Oh, Gargamel, I guess you've outsmarted us again.

Or not!

Azrael. Azrael, what are you doing? Get out of my suckamajig!

Get out! Let me help you with that.

Oh, thank you, kind... You! You...


Patrick. Hey.

Impressive. Thanks.

I'll get the Stargazer. I'll get the Smurfs.

That's him! He took it right off my back! Leaf-blower thief!

Please stand up, sir. You're going downtown.

Do not resist. Do not resist! Unhand me. Unhand me, you heathens!

Or suffer the wrath of the great and powerful...

Let me... Let me see here...

How can you be the only girl in the village?

Well, see, I wasn't brought by a stork like the others.

I was created by Gargamel to trap the other Smurfs.

Wow. And then what happened?

Papa saved me.

He cast a special spell and then helped me become the Smurf I was meant to be.

No. Play it safe.

"Odile, pending your approval, it's ready to go to the billboard agency."

Well, here goes nothing.

Papa should be done by now. Yeah. Enough with the suspense.

I wanna go home. Me, too.

Now that that wily wizard's got our scent, it's a whole new wager.

Without that blue moon, our giblets are gravy.

Well, it's off.

Time to either celebrate or file for unemployment.

Hey, what's wrong?

I'm sure we'll be fine. Oh. It's okay.

That one's hypersmurfilating. Yeah, tell me about it.

It's all this waitin' that's killin' us. Yeah.

I know the feeling.

Better yet...

I know the cure.

You just match the colors with the buttons.

You try.

Hey! Go, Grouchy!

You're good! Nice one!

Hey, look at me, guys! I'm shredding!

Walk this way...

You sing.

Talk this way Just give me a kiss

It's a rock face.

It's Gene Simmons. He's a... Huh?

Never mind.

Like this Like this

Smurfette sweetie is a classy kind of sassy Little skirts climbing way up her knee Not another single girl in the whole smurf in' world And I can't believe she's lookin' at me it's a complete Surrender To the power of her Gender So I close my eyes and make a wish I just want to Savor All her smurf berry Flavor So I smurf ed her just a little kiss Like this

Check out Clumsy. Whoa, Clumsy.

You found your niche. Yeah!

Clumsy, holdin' it down. Look at him go!

Come on, Gutsy! Here we go!

Yay, Gutsy! Get down with your bad smurf!

Go, Gutsy! That's right.

Careful. Get your smurf on!

Gutsy! Nice!

Yeah! Thank you.

That was rare.

Hey, guys. How do you like my new dress?

Whoa! Is there a draught in here?

Oh, okay, that's not what I had in mind.

Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?

Sorry, boys.

Yeah, that cools the giblets.

Nothin' like a cool breeze through my Enchanted Forest.

It's approved. What?

She approved it. She approved the ad! She loved it?

Well, she said "approved," so coming from her, that's love.

Oh, my goodness!

Patrick, yeah! You owned it!

Oh, my goodness! Yay, Patrick!


No jumping, no jumping, no jumping. No jumping, no jumping. Okay.

Should I send it? I'm not going to. Yes! Do it!

Do it this minute. I will do it. All right.

Do it, do it.

Go, go, go!

Tomorrow this'll be on every billboard in New York City.

It's a go, laddie boy!

Well done, Master Winslow. Oh! Hey, guys, Papa's back.

Papa, are your calculations done? Yeah!

I'm nearly out of smurf berries.

It's proving more difficult than I'd hoped.

But we are going home, right?

Of course. Just not tonight.

Now, off to bed.

I was hoping I'd be sleeping in my mushroom tonight.

I miss the other Smurfs.

Me, too.

I've never spent the night away from home before.

Well, there was last night. But who could sleep?

Hush. Hush now, Smurfs.

Everything's going to be just fine.


Do you really believe we're ever gonna get home to the other Smurfs?

Don't worry.

We'll be reunited with the others soon enough.

If only the stars would align.

You know who I miss? Chef Smurf. Hefty Smurf.

Hey, Jokey Smurf. G reedy. Narrator.

Painter. Baker. Harmony.

Oh, I miss Complimentary Smurf. He always has such nice things to say.

I'll tell you who I don't miss, Passive-Aggressive Smurf.

Aye. Yeah.

He's always so nice, but when he leaves you feel bad.

Ah, another wretched Smurf less night.

Oh, hello, little moth.

Perhaps with your help I'll find a way to get them back.

Oh, you and I are kindred spirits, little one.

Both of us meant to soar.

Go now, and bring back an army of mighty eagles to free me.

Fly, tiny eagle. Fly and bring back your brethren.

Fly! Fly!


Okay. Let's see here.


I'm guessing you have a long night ahead of you.

You guys drink coffee? Is a Smurf's butt blue?

So tell me, that weird guy in the ratty bathrobe at the toy store?

Gargamel? He's not really a wizard, is he?

Not the smartest of sorcerers, but dangerous just the same.

Thank you.

Back home, I could hold him at bay with a spell or two.

But here, without my books and potions...

Well, today we got lucky. But next time, who knows?

Well, what are you gonna do?

I'll do anything and everything I can do to get my Smurfs home.

I won't ever give up. They're my family.

And you never give up on family.

Doesn't it freak you out sometimes having all those little guys depending on you?

I mean, what if you screw up?

How'd you know when you were ready?

Here. Come sit on Papa's lap.

Yeah, right. Scratch that.

Probably not the best idea. Yeah, yeah.

Let me ask you something.

Why did you come for us today when your Grace called?

She needed me. I could hear it in her voice.

Well, that's what being a papa is.

When it comes time, you just do.

And knowing what to do doesn't come from up here.

It comes from here, where it matters most.

My spleen?

No, your heart.

I'm trying to have a moment here, you whippersnapper.

You're a good papa, Papa. And you'll be a good one, too.

Come on, what you doing, man? Get that weight off there.

Come on, baby, stop playing.

Come on, you silly moth. Where are my eagles?

You know what happens to people who sit on my bench?

Be gone with you, behemoth, for I have instructed a moth to summon forth a gaggle of noble eagles to free me from this confine.

Get up, Grandpa! Hey.

You see? You see?

The dungeon isn't built that can hold the likes of Gargamel.

Behold my glorious army of... Flies?

Flies? I Said "to fly." "Fly." What is this?

Not "flies," you light-loving moron.

All right, up, up, up, bother it all.

Up! Up, you inglorious devils!

So long, scallywags!

Well, don't do it again. Go around it, go around!

Oh, that's nasty. Go around it. Stupid flies.

Wait, take me with you!

Wait! Wait!

To my castle for more essence!

Here they come, here they come.

Pretty smurf y, if I do say so myself. Yeah.

Come on, Elway, right over here. Good boy. Thank you very much.

Oh, my goodness. Here we go.

There we are. Clumsy.

Blue thumbs. This is unbelievable.

I think there's too much pink.

Just because your name is Grouchy doesn't mean you always have to be grouchy.

Yeah, it does.

Smurfette. Hi.

High five. High four. High four.

Great news! The stars have revealed a perfect time to smurf the blue moon.

We're going home! Yay! I knew you'd do it, Papa!

All right! Smurftastic!

I never doubted it for a second.

It has to be done tonight, between first star and high moon.

That's our only chance.

But we'll need a magic spell that works in this realm to open the portal home.

Master Winslow, a question, please. Yeah, shoot.

Is there a place that sells spells?


Is there a place that proffers potions? Yeah, no.

How about old books?

Wait, there's an antique book shop right near where I work.

Yes. Dr. Wong's. Yeah. Dr. Wong's something.

Perfect. That'll do. Oh, hear that, boys? We're almost home.

Yeah! I love being almost home.

Hey! Smurf hug!

Oh, I love you guys!

Bring it in, big fella.

I wouldn't... Come on, we know you want to.

Yes. Yeah, come on, Patrick.

If I can do it, you can do it. Go on, big fella.

Here he comes! Smurf hug!

We're goin' home! Hey there.

Hey, get up here.

That's it, laddie. Nice one. What's that?

Yeah. All of ya. All of ya!

Oh, look! We don't have to make a blue moon.

We've already got one.

Really? What?

Look, guys, right over there. No, it isn't.

It is. Smurfette's right. Look at the blue moon.

That's the wrong ad.

What happened to my office?

We fixed it for the baby. Another smurf hug!

No. No, no, no. This isn't happening. This isn't happening.

Someone sent this to the ad agency last night.

Who messed with my computer? I dunno.

None of my Smurfs would... Wasn't me.

I Gargamel!, sorta, tripped.

Yeah, well, you Gargamel!, sorta, just got me fired.

You sent the wrong file.

Patrick, it was just an accident. What am I supposed to do, Grace?

You said that they would bring good luck. This is anything but good.

I never should've let this happen. I should've said no.

I never wanted a house full of little people running around!

Blue. Little blue...



What are you doing?

Going to try to save my job.

We never intended to be a burden, Master Winslow.

I'm smurfilly sorry about what I...

Stop saying "smurf" for everything. What does that even mean? Smurf!


There's no call for that kind of language, laddie.


Okay, Patrick, wait.

Hey, hey! Will you...

Wait, Patrick. Maybe I can try to fix it.

Just stop and listen to me for a second, please.

What? Look, I'm really sorry about your job, okay?

And I hope that you can straighten that out.

But you are so not seeing the big picture here.

I mean, look around. Look what's happening right now.

Of all the people on the planet, those magical little creatures came to us.

They chose us.

Don't you see how absolutely amazing that is?

This is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, Patrick.

This is our blue moon.

And if you don't stop for just a second to see that, you're gonna miss it.

Hey, hey. Taxi!

Come on! Come on! Blast. Blast you!

There's got to be some essence in here somewhere!


What? What?

Very, very well done, my little friend.

And to think, I almost ate you that time.

Come, Azrael. We must find this Patrick, the rouge merchant.

He will lead us to our elusive little blue quarry.

Don't you just have a switch or something to shut them off?

Tomorrow? Are you kidding me?

Ron, Ron. If I don't get those ads down now, I don't have a job tomorrow.

Smurf me.

Which way to the bookstore, Brainy?

According to the searching device, we take the F machine two dots past the red circle to Chinaland.

Look out, Brainy. "Chinatown," birdbrain.

Smurftito, smurftato. Here it is.

Come on, everybody. Let's go, let's go.

Mind the gap. Wait? Are we sure about this?

What? Jump!

Oh, my. Not happy.

Come on, Brainy_ Let's poke around this great steel carriage.

Is it safe? Of course it is.

That was great.

I hope we find this place soon. I can't see out of this...

For smurf's sake.

I thought that's why we left Clumsy behind.

Oh, it smells like butter in here.

Where do you suppose this magic bookstore could be?

Wait a minute. There it is.

It's closed. Figures.

We have to find a way in. Come on.

I'm gettin' too old for this.

Brainy. Gutsy.

All right, everybody.

Hey. Wow.

This place looks creepy to me.

It's not creepy, it's different. And I like it.

Let's just get the book and get outta here.

You're right. This book of spells is our ticket home.

I am but a simple wizard with a simple desire, limitless power and world adulation.

Now why does it have to be so hard?

Pardon me. Please, wise sir. Wise sir. Please, please.

Wherever did you hear that ear-damning squall?

It's your little blue men.

I saw them going into the bookstore around the corner.

You know, that song is really annoying.

Cautiously excited.

That's not it. That's not it. Hey! Oh, no, that's not it.

Look at all these amazing books. It's gotta be in here somewhere.

No, this isn't it. You see anything, Smurfette?

Nothin' up here, guys. Look out below!

I've got somethin', lads. Great job, Gutsy.

Oh. Nearly there.

Well done. Just a minute. That's it. There we go.

Ah, yes.

"L'Histoire des Schtroumpfs. ” Peyo.

That's us. Yes, this is the one.

Look at that. Wow.

Well, I'll be smurf ed.

The secret runes are hidden in the drawing.

You see all that in there?

Look here, at the patterns on this page.



You're right, Azrael. This does have "me" written all over it.

Oh, that's just plain naughty.

All that remains now is to return to the waterfall and invoke this spell, tonight.

And we can go home? And we can go home.

Oh, you're going home, all right. No.

To a little place I like to call BellVeedaRay Castle, where your essence shall finally be mine.

The dragon wand. No!


Oh, please, please, allow me.

It's Gargamel! Run, Smurfs!

Come on, Smurfs! Go, go, go!

Wait for me!

To the door! Smurfentine! Smurfentine!

Hurry! Yes, yes, do resist, little Smurfs.

After all, what is the hunt without the thrill!


We gotta go! Move! Run!

Get goin', Smurfs! Faster, faster.

Let's get outta here.

Brainy, take the spell, brew the potion and smurf the moon tonight.

It has to be tonight.

Me? Smurf the moon?

No, no, I'm not ready. You have to be.

Go. And no matter what happens... Papa?

...Do not come back for me. What?

Papa, no! No!

Papa! What are you waiting for, Gargamel?

Come to papa, Papa!

Just go! Papa!

Papa! No!

Keep movin', lass.

Do as Papa said. Papa!

Is that all that you've got, Gargamel?

What's gonna happen to Papa?

Papa told us to smurf the moon, and that's exactly what we're gonna do.

Come on. We don't have much time.

"Come on"? Come on, where?

How are we gonna get back to Clumsy?

We ride. Come on!

Be still, bird. I don't think they're friendly.

Well, neither am I. But they carry disease.

And Smurfs. Let's ride.

Whoa, bird, whoa! Come on!

But I'm not sure I can do this.

You can do it, Brainy. Hold on!

According to my calculations, this is dangerous!

It's getting dark.

Yeah. Yeah, I think we'd better go look for them.



Where are the others? We think they're still at the bookstore.

Listen, Grace, I'm...

Hey, Odile.


Listen, listen. Before you fire me, I know that the ads that ran weren't the ads I sent.

But they're the ads I should have sent.

The ads I almost did send.

But I didn't 'cause...

I second-guessed myself.

I gave you what I thought you wanted, instead of what I thought was right.

But this is right.

It means something to me and... I don't know, I think it's gonna mean something to others, too.

It's not just a moon, Odile, it's a blue moon.

"Once in a blue moon."

That means that there are only a few moments in your life when something truly memorable, truly magical, happens to you.

And, if you hesitate, if you're afraid, you might just miss it.

That's what that image means.

Don't let those blue moon moments pass you by.

I will call you back to tell you if you're fired.

I so smurf in' love you.

Left-left, right! Right-right, bird!

Brace for impact! The window's open, ya ninny.

We're outta control!

Whoa, bird! Watch out for the...

That'll do, pigeon. Thank you, bird.

Look! We got the incantation.

Where's Papa? Gargamel's got him.

What? Oh, no.

He took him to some place called BellVeedaRay Castle.

He's gonna... Don't say it.

BellVeedaRay. What is BellVeedaRay?

Belve... He's taken him to Belvedere Castle in Central Park.

To extract his essence.

What? Well, we have to go get him. Yeah.

No! Gargamel's more powerful than ever.

Papa said no matter what happens we're not to go back for him.

He's trying to protect us.

No! We can't leave Papa behind. It was a Smurf promise.

No, no, no. We can't.

We promised Papa we'd do exactly what he said.

That's right. I didn't.

I never promised him anything.

Neither did I. And there is no way I'm leaving here without Papa.

Patrick, wait. I'm coming with you.

I'm in.

Aye. Me, too.

No Smurf left behind! Not Papa, and not you.

All for one and one for Smurf! All for one and one for Smurf!

I 'll squeeze a few And tweeze a few And steal their essence blue

Very impressive, my dear, sweet little Papa!

Oh, look at this.

Just a tiny little bit of your little tiny beard yields me all of this essence.

Just imagine what I'll be able to harvest from your entire family of Smurfs.


Behold my glorious Smurf magic machine!

No. No! The cages! No! No!

I'll steam the essence from their sweat. I'll tug it from their tears!

I'll snip it from their hair.

You're a fool, Gargamel.

My Smurfs are well on their way home by now.

Oh, yeah. Let's light this candle.

Good luck, Gutsy!

Into the breach! I'll see you there!

We all remember the plan, right? Let's get our smurf on.

Brainy, what's happening?

I've added the ingredients. It's more powerful than anticipated.

I don't think I can do it.

Okay, Brainy, you can do this. Just say the incantation.

I'll be smurf ed!

I did it. I did it, Papa! I did it!

I don't believe it! Wow.

It's the Anjelou moon. How did she do that?

It's beautiful. Oh, Odile.

Oh, wow. That's wonderful.

Now, I don't want you to worry, Papa.

That which doesn't kill you only makes me stronger.

Yo! Huh?

Gargamel! Come out and play!

Oh, I think our tiny little guests have finally arrived.

No! Ah, well.

Enjoy the ride, Papa!

And remember, keep your hands and feet inside the cart at all times. No. No! No!

Smurfs, run!


You have our Papa. Prepare to get smurfed!

Yeah, what he said.


Two little smurfs come to save their beloved Papa.

Hey, Gargamel.

Make that three little smurfs.

And I went home and got a few friends.

MY, my, my!

I think the whole village must be here.

Whatever will I do with all this essence?

On me, boys.


Let's get this hoedown started!

There comes a time when every Smurf must stand up...

Watch it, you little hoodlums!

For what is good and cute and blue in the world.

And on this brisk New York night, that time is now.

Hey! Seriously?

Sorry, it's kind of what I do.

Eat yolk, Gargamel!

Patrick, can you do it?

Go, go, go!

Hurry, they can't hold out for long.

You know, one bad apple can ruin your whole day.

Full smurf ahead!

Come on!

Hey, Gargamel, here's a little souvenir from the Big Apple.

Out of the frying pan... And into the...

Fire. Fire.

I'm too beautiful to die!

Oh, Papa.

No. No, Smurfette.

What did he do to you?

You shouldn't have come back for me.

Papa, I'm getting you out of here right now.


Hang on, Papa, I'll be back.


Get him!

Grab the wand!

Goin' in! Go!

Bombs away!

I'm going for a strike! Alakazam!

Crikey. Look out, Gutsy!

Oh, ya blinkin' flip!

Hang on, Papa.


Get back, cat.

Here, kitty, kitty...


Looking for me?

Play time is over!

Behold the awesome power of me!


Had enough, huh?

You're mine, kitty.

I'm done smurfing around.

You smurf ed with the wrong girl.

I got you, Greedy. Oh, my cupcake!

What's happening, Papa?



Not so fast, goody blue-shoes.

Oh, Papa!

Now, it's time to break their little blue wills.

No. Are you watching closely, Smurfs?

Papa! Your beloved little Papa is about to meet his little blue end.



Oh, no. Papa!


No! No!

You again!


I'm really...

This ends here, this ends now!

Really going to enjoy this.



Son of a smurf!

Come back here!

Go, Gutsy! Yeah!

Come back here right now with my wand!

Oh, no. Crikey.

I... I got it.

Oh, dear. Clumsy.

So this is how it ends. Our goose is cooked.

This is not gonna be good. We're doomed.

I got it! I got it!

The vision's never been wrong.

I got it!

My wand! Give me back my wand!

How dare you!

How dare you defy the great and powerful...

Oh, my God.


Are you dead?

Nice one, Clumsy! Are you kidding me?

Get up here, you! Yeah!

Bravo! Danke schön, Clumsy!

Patrick. Hey.

Clumsy! Clumsy! Clumsy! Clumsy!

Clumsy, you're a hero.

I'm a hero?

Yeah. Yeah.

I'm a hero! I'm so sorry, guys. Definitely killed the moment.

Clumsy, you little mook, you. It's Papa.

I owe you an apology, Clumsy.

I believed more in a vision than I did in you.

I'm so proud of you, Clumsy.

Thanks, Papa.

I promised myself I wouldn't cry.

And now to get rid of this!

To the portal, everyone! There's no time to spare.

Smurf y'all later! Bye.

I'm not one for long goodbyes, but I did smurf together a few words I'd like to say.

Bye. Take care.

I hated this. So much less than I expected.

Bye, Grouchy. Don't get me wrong, I still hated it. Just less.

I'll not soon forget this place. Especially not with these! Tallyho!

I shall be back, Broadway. Tootles!

Hey, girlfriend. Wow.

I've never had a girlfriend before.

I'll never forget you. Smurfette.

High four.

High four, Grace.

Hey, Smurfette. And you.

Hi. You, the little hero, come here.

Hero? Stop.

Well, actually, you mind saying it one more time?

It's kinda got a nice ring to it.

Bye, Grace. Well, Master Winslow, thank you.

You saved me. So long!

You saved my whole family.

Actually I think it was the other way around.

Well, I should get going. I've got a Smurf village to rebuild.

Your village has given me some ideas.

Come here.

Goodbye, Papa.

Goodbye, Papa.

Let's go home.

And so, the Smurfs left the strange city of New York, and I think they left it a little sweeter, a little wiser, a little smurfier.

And as that portal began to close for the last time...

Hey! Seriously, stop!

Bye, New York!

It's Odile. Hey, Odile.

Patrick, I just called to say thank you.

Finally someone has given me what I want.

I think I'm not fired.


Wow. So that's a new job, new baby, some unique new friends...

You know if you really want a bigger place. Bigger?

Are you crazy? Then we'll be further apart.

Oh, Grace...

I smurf you.

Smurfs. Smurfs!

I wish I could quit you. Get out of here.

What are you looking at?