The Snowman (2017) Script

Mom, Mom! Uncle Jonas is here!

No, it's not Tuesday today.

But he is. He's here.

So, after the Germans surrendered, when did our king return to Norway from exile?


June 7th, 1945.

And on what date did the Norwegian Parliament hold its first election after the war?


July 6... Don't guess.



On what date did the Norwegian Parliament hold its first election since the war?


August... August 12th, 1945.

You have to help him more.

I'm going to tell your wife that he's your son.

And then she can tell the rest of your family.

Then you'll never see me again.

Stop! Please!




No! Jonas! No!




Mom, come on, we've gotta get outta here!

Mom, come on!

Open the door!

Mom, come on! Open the door!




Don't leave me!




Fuck it!

Piece of shit.

Harry Hole?


Dry rot throughout the whole building, and I'm afraid we've found some mold behind the walls.

Aspergillus, toxic, and pathogenic.

Yeah, your landlord let me in to spray the apartment.

I'm gonna have to take all these panels off, and this is above your bed. Jesus Christ.

Is there anywhere else that you could stay?

The air in here is so bad, you're actually killing your house plants.

I'm not disturbing you, am I?

You are familiar with Emanuel Vigeland.

The brothers' work was most likely influenced by their father, who turned to drink, had an illegitimate child with a younger woman.

You can clearly see in each artist's case, the recurring themes of love, perverted and betrayed...

The good news is that with this new version of the EviSync, from version 3.6 to version 4.0, allows you to manually push the data back to the server using the cellular network.

The EviSync will automatically upload all the new data to the central police server here, every 12 hours.

We've also done some work on the fingerprint scanning software.

So, you will notice a significantly faster opening time after scanning your fingerprint.

But please make sure that your fingerprint scans are done cleanly, and clearly from the start.

If you are experiencing a high number of false scans, this is probably because your fingerprints were scanned incorrectly from the start.

That must be nearly a whole week of mail this time.

Did I miss anything while I was away?

My uncle died.

Close, were you?

A leave of absence has to be formally requested, in writing.

Doesn't matter who you are.

Backdate it, but I can't keep covering for you.

I'm dealing with it.

I need a case to work on.

I apologize for Oslo's low murder rate.

Let's, uh, stick to the uncle story.

You scared my clients away.

I didn't forget Oleg's birthday. I got him concert tickets.

What did you do?

We took him for a pizza.

Oleg misses you.

He doesn't get along very well with Mathias.

What about you?

I'm not going to answer that.

He wants to meet his real father.

I don't think he's ready for that.

Thank you for walking me back home.

See you at the game.

Tell Oleg I'm sorry I missed it.


The snowman.



I'll take a picture.

Beautiful, honey.


Hi. Hi.


Can I borrow your scarf?

You want my scarf? Here.

I told you I had to leave by 8:00.

And I told you that I had to help one of my students.

No, thanks.

It's the smoking room.

Yeah, but it's the only place I can concentrate, so...

I'm, um... I'm Katrine Bratt.

Harry Hole.

I know who you are. We, um... We actually studied your cases at the academy.

I didn't know they date back that far.

Yeah' you're up there with the legends, so...

I don't know who you are.

No, I'm new. I, um... I transferred from Bergen.

Actually, they've put me in your office.

Okay. Bye.




Okay, where can I drop you? I'm on a call.

It's okay. I'm in no hurry.

So, why don't you have a car?

I don't have a license.

Missing persons?

Yeah, it's a woman. The call just came in.

So, this machine is called “EviSync and I will record you, so, there's a little camera on the other side. You're aware of it.


Would you like to walk me through what happened?

Well, I saw Josephine in the garden in her pajamas.

And I thought, "What is she doing out in this cold?"

So, I came over to check.

And she said she couldn't find her mother.

I tried calling the father, but apparently, he's away on business.

How long has she been missing?

Two days.

She said she was going to visit a friend, and she never came back.

Why did you come to me? I've been suspended.

Because you're a friend.

And you're a great detective.

But I don't want anyone knowing about this just yet.

Not yet. I don't wanna go to the police.

Can you tell me, was your wife seeing anyone?

I, uh, checked her credit card bills.

She's been to see a pregnancy doctor.

Well, that... That's great news, Frederik.

We haven't shared a bed in three years.

This is Birte Becker. Please leave a message.

This is Bide Becker. Please leave a message.

This is Birte Becker.

Hello, Mr. Donkey.

Can I sit down?

It's a nice place you've got here, Mr. Donkey.

Did you do this by yourself?

My mom helped me.

Was she in a good mood when she got home?


And what about your dad'?

He was grumpy again 'cause Mommy was late.

Did she call to say she'd be late?

My dad doesn't want me to have a phone.

She didn't phone the house?

Is he grumpy often?

Has your mother been upset lately, when your father's been grumpy?

Have you ever seen her cry?

No. But I saw Daddy cry.


A few nights ago. He saw me, too.

What did he do?

Locked himself in the bathroom.

Where was Mommy when he was crying?

She'd gone out.



Yeah, is this Filip Becker? Yeah, I'm gonna have to call you back.

I better go. Thank you.

He cried last week.

Why did you build the snowman facing the house?

I didn't build the snowman.

This is Birte Becker. Please leave a message.

This is Bide Becker. Please leave a message.

Do you want a coffee, or something?


Look, you're not gonna try and sleep with me, are you?


Okay, good.

She'll show up. She's having an affair.

She left her coat and her handbag in the house, and the front door was open.

Even if you're having an affair, you do not leave your child like that.

And, Harry, she's not the only one.

Look, this is Hege Dahl. Missing two weeks.

Similar age, young children. Unhappy marriage.

Talk to the husband.

411 to dispatch- Dispatch, do you receive?

Go ahead, 411.

Up in Mount Ulriken.

It looks like a homicide.

Adult female. It's hard to see from here, but there's a Jot of blood.

A group of school children found her.

I've got a problem. Rafto just showed up.

What the hell's he doing there?

He's been suspended.

Try telling him that.

We'll' send the kids down with their teacher.

Make sure there's a care officer to meet them, and someone to deal with the parents.

One of the children, they heard a noise' and they went to see what it was.

Listen, listen. John, John.

I'm gonna need you to calm down. Calm down.

It's important that you answer my questions and give me the information.

Who's in charge? Svenson.

OFFICER 2; Jesus.

I! Gets worse. Rafto just arrived.

Perfect, the drunk and the halfwit.

Just keep them apart, will you?

I'll see what I can do.

Where are you going?



We're closed. It's all right.

You have something of mine.

It's not yours.

Cold case.

I have clearance to take it out, you don't.

So, what'? You're gonna report me?

Eli Kvale. Tell me.

She was married. She left three children.

The 12th of November, six years ago, she went missing.

And the day she vanished, it was snowing.

Hege Dahl disappeared the 8th of November.

The day she went missing, it was snowing.

Not unusual, it's winter.

Now, Birte Becker.

The night she disappeared...

Snowing. Yeah.

I think it's the falling snow that sets the killer off.

And furthermore, they're all married, they all have children.

Did you talk to Filip Becker?

Nine times out of 10, the husband did it.

He was interviewed and his alibi is solid. He was 100 miles away.

Have you eaten?


No, I haven't. I'm hungry.

"Twenty-eighth, handball."

Josephine's handball match.

"Third, F. Lunch."

That's lunch with her friend, Frida.

I really... I don't see the point in doing this.

I won't keep you much longer.

"Ninth, Vetlesen." He's her doctor.


Do you have any idea why your wife went to see him?


Dr. Vetlesen.


"Tenth, yoga." ls there any reason you can think of why your wife might disappear so suddenly'?

Your marriage, was everything all right?

Were either of you having an affair?


Come on!

I promised her we'd walk around the neighborhood to see if we could find her mother.

I'm just gonna get my jacket, darling!

Come out! Dad!

Step inside.

Mmm. I thought you wouldn't remember.

Is he still giving you a hard time?

If you want, I can talk to him.

Oh! Oh!

Just have fun tonight. He misses you.

Hi, Harry.

Good to see you.

Sorry I'm late, honey.

Have you had anything to eat?

No, I'll grab something later.

No' no, no, but I've got vouchers.

Yeah? Yep.

Hot dog, or hot dog.

Well, hot dog, then.


I'll get something to eat with Oleg after.

So, how are things with you?

All right. Yeah?

A bit tired.

You've been working too hard, haven't you?

I can't sleep.

You should try Valzetai. It's a new one.

It'll help you sleep.

I can give you a prescription right now.

Really? Yeah.

With that?


She won't allow me to try and find my father.

Your mother should be the judge of that.

She won't listen to me.

She's worried about you.

All she cares about is herself.

All she cares about is you.

That's why she dumped me. I'm such a bad influence.

She's concerned.

Concerned about what?

The fact that you run away from home.

The fact that you've been drinking.

So, you're gonna give me a lecture about drinking?

Don't be a prick.

Your mum told me the school's arranged a father-and-son camping trip.

If you want, I can come.

But you're not her boyfriend anymore.


Yeah. Yeah, I want you to come.

You sure?



So, what's the big surprise? Uh...

Let's find out. Someone at work got me the tickets.

You've got a message.

Let me see what it says!

I gotta make a call! You staying here?

Harry, there's another missing woman. In Geilo this time.

That's not our jurisdiction.

I think we should have a look at this.

I'm gonna be with you in two minutes, okay?

Her husband specifically asked for you.

Hello. Hi.

Oh, didn't expect you so early.

Something came up. Oh.

Hi, Harry.

Hi. How was the concert?

Yeah, it was great.

We spoke.

I'm taking him on the father-and-son camping trip thing.

See you.



Take me home. We'll go in the morning.

Who reported her missing?

Her husband, last night, 20:05.

Sylvia Ottersen, 33 years old.

Self-employed. Married twice.

But no children.




Hi. Hi.

Can I help you?

Yeah, well, we're with the Oslo Police.

We got the missing persons call.

Oh. Who's missing?

Sylvia Ottersen.

I'm Sylvia Ottersen.

What, you're Sylvia Ottersen? Why...

Why would your husband report you missing?

No idea. He's not the kind to play practical jokes.

Is he here? No.

He's gone to the station to pick up my sister.

Okay. Well, I guess it must be a prank call.

We didn't know where you were, so, we had a look inside the house.

I turned your music off.

Sorry about that.

Thank you.

Can I just ask you, is it just you and your husband, or do you have any children?

No, it's just us.

Okay, thank you.

What the hell do you think you're doing?

You know damn well what I'm talking about.

Calling the police, telling them I'm missing.

You think that's funny?

Don't you understand? It's over.

I don't want to see you again.

No, it wasn't your child. It was mine.

If you call one more time, I'm going to the police.

HQ to DC Brett.

DC Brett.

Yeah, speaking.

We've had a missing persons report, a woman named Sylvia Ottersen.

No, she's fine. We just left her.

Well, the call came in two minutes ago.

Her husband asked specifically for Inspector Hole.

How could...

Turn the car around.


Sorry we're back, Mrs. Ottersen.

We just wanted to make sure you were all right.

I'm Ane Pedersen.

Sylvia is my sister. We're twins. Who are you?

Is that enough?

Yeah, keep going.

Did you find Hagen?

He's at the dinner at City Hall.

Keep it clear if you can.

She was a free spirit.

And she always liked men, ever since we were teenagers.

She was a good person.

She didn't want to hurt anyone.

It's just the way she was.

I know your sister didn't have any children.

It was just that there was something in her reaction, that when I asked.“ She was pregnant.

She wasn't sure who the father was.

She got rid of the baby a few weeks ago.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing our guest of honor, king of industry, philanthropist, and head of Oslo's Winter Games bid, Arve Stop!

So lovely of you to be here for us.

I'm not on the list, but I know many of these people.

I'm supposed to be on the list.

I'm a close old friend of Arve Stop's, you see.

There's been some kind of misunderstanding.

I have a person named Vetlesen.

Come on up. You can come here.

He says he's a friend of Arve Stop.

No. Wait, wait. No, it's fine, it's fine.

No, just relax, just relax.

I run over a dozen companies.

When people ask me why I've given up so much of my time to lead this bio', I tell them it's because s' never had these opportunities.

When I was a boy, the only winter sports I engaged in were the uphill snow shove! And the 50-meter firewood carry.

Thar is why I believe passionately that this Cup is about much more than just publicity for our fair city.


Just missing persons for now, but the pattern is disturbing.

And I received this.


It isn't just the letter.

He reported her missing before he killed her.

He was watching us the entire time.

What do you need?

A small team.

I'll set up a separate incident room at the mill.

All right, but I don't want a word of this to be leaked...

To the press.

Press. Yeah, not until this fucking bid is over.

You look very pretty tonight. You know that.

And now you're trying t0... You see, now you try to smile.

Smile, smile. That's great.

Does this strike you as the proper time and place for this?



What? Arve?

What? No, don't cry.






Get out.

Get out!


Oi, mate!

Annette Elden, 33, disappeared 12th of December, 2006.

Her head washed ashore near Arendal, rest of the body never found.

Forensic reports indicate saw marks on her neck.

Status, unmarried, two children by different fathers.

Harry, I've got the names and the addresses of Sylvia Ottersen's boyfriends.

Now, she went to the clinic the second of November, but they won't break patient confidentiality.

They do, however, perform abortions.

What is it?

Magnus, get me the list. What list?

The list of doctors at the Gellion.

I'm thinking that he's going after women that he disapproves of.

Here. All the doctors at Gellion from the last five years.

How did he know? How did he know Sylvia Ottersen was pregnant?

"Idar Vetlesen."

Birte Becker had an appointment with the same doctor.

Dr. Idar Vetlesen?

Yes, that's me.

Step in.

Birte Becker and Sylvia Ottersen were both patients of yours?

No, they were both patients at the clinic.

I never met Sylvia Ottersen.

Can you tell me who treated her?

No, I'm bound by patient confidentiality.

She's dead.


Oh, no.

Right. Well, doctor confidentiality.

In theory, would it be possible for you to access her medical files?

Even if you didn't treat her yourself.

Well, in theory, yes.

The doctors at the clinic have access to the files of every patient should they choose to look at them, which I did not.

What did you see Birte Becker about?

Well, that is confidential.

How do you know Awe Stop?


Well, I've known Arve for years.

I do research in premature birth.

We have a small charity, and Arve Stop is one of our biggest supporters.

Huh. Wouldn't have thought that a man who goes on so much about family values would support a clinic that specializes in abortion.

Well, we specialize in many different areas.

And Mr. Stop supports our research in premature birth.

So, do you see each other socially?

Yeah, well, that depends on how you mean...

It is quite simple, actually. Do you have friends in common?

Yes, we mix in the same circles, so...

Why are you...

Have you ever practiced in other parts of the country, Dr. Vetlesen?


I have' in Eidsvoll, in Lillehammer...

I see you have a picture of Mon Plaisir pavilion in Bergen.

Yes. Yes, in Bergen.

Do you live alone?

Yes, I, uh... lam a reluctant bachelor.

Is there anyone in the house right now?

Because I thought I saw someone in the window when I passed.

Well, if you want to take a look around, I will need to see a search warrant.

In fact, if you don't mind, I would like to call my lawyer before I answer any more of your questions.

That won't be necessary, Dr. Vetlesen.

You can bring your lawyer when we see you next time.

Hey. Hey.

What was that?


He isn't a suspect yet. We need his permission to search the house.

I know that.

Why'd you ask him about Arve Stop?

I saw a picture of them both together.


And it was an innocent question.

Jesus. Anyone can see he's trying to hide something.

Like a Netflix type thing. Oh, hey.


If you hadn't told me to look out for it, I'd have assumed she was attached to his security detail.


It's her password.

Does this strike you as the proper time and place for this?

Awe Stop.


She filmed him at rallies, at restaurants, at home.

Hi. Do you want a ride?



The 8:45 train to Bergen is leaving from platform five.

Oh, sorry.

This is the 8:45 service to Bergen, stopping at Gol, Finse, Voss, and Bergen.

The next station is Gol.

Hi, Harry.


Hiding in the playroom, are we?


Don't worry. I'm getting off at the next stop.

Going far? Bergen.

Ah. Rather you than me.

Then again, I am attending a three-day conference on bio-identical hormone restoration.

I thought you were a plastic surgeon.

Well, you know, cosmetic surgery needs to move with the times, too.

We're swapping the scalpel for hormone replacement therapy.

If you can slow down the aging process, there won't be any need for face lifts, will there?

I'll bear that in mind.

So, how's the prescription working?

Sleeping like a baby. Splendid.

So, you canceled the Oleg thing.

The school trip, weren't you supposed to...

Oh, shit.

Oh, shit. I'm sorry, Harry.

Ah... I'm sure he's fine. He knows how busy you are.


Look. Look, you're not his father, Harry.

What does that mean?

Well, uh...

I don't have to be his father to care about him.

I was just trying to say that it's a big enough responsibility for a real father, isn't it?

Let alone you and me.

I'm sorry, Harry. No.

Did you hear from him?

Why can't I go? Can I go with you? Just go.

Hi, Oleg. It's Mathias.

You know what? I forgot to check my messages last night, and Harry called to say that he couldn't make your trip.

No, I know.

No, well, he couldn't get through to you, or your mom apparently, so...

No, it's totally my fault, Oleg.

Yes, yes. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Oleg. Yes.


So, see you in a few days, then, when I'm back from the conference. Yeah.

You didn't have to do that.

Hey, Aasen. Somebody here to speak to you.


My family owned all of these buildings, and that house over there, too.

Arve Stop worked for us back then.

He was bright, ambitious.

My father really believed in him.

The business wasn't going very well, so, we, uh, offered him a stake.

Within a year, he had forced us out.

Sold the land for a fortune.

Have any of my colleagues been in touch with you recently?

A Young lady?

I look at this picture now.

I see Laila staring at him.

No idea at the time.

Family man, eh?

Do you remember the name of your wife's doctor?

Sure. Morton Freiberg.

Did she ever see someone called "Vetlesen"?

Vetlesen? No.

Dr. Idar Vetlesen.


Any idea where I might find the officer who's in charge of the case?


He died.

Yeah, he died around the same time.

Detective Rafto.

Can you connect me to Haukeland Hospital?


What is this'? Am I under arrest?

A cake!

Yeah, I need some information on a patient, Laila Aasen.

No, I don't...

Listen to me. I don't know the admitting doctor.

But perhaps she was there for an abortion.

Happy birthday to you.

Well, then, I'll come down there with a fucking warrant myself.

Happy birthday, dear Svenson.

Happy birthday to you.

Rafto. RAFTO; Idiot.

Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray!

Fucking incompetent sons of bitches.



In, in! Get back!

Get back in! Get back in!

Happy birthday to you.

You idiot!

I heard he was a great detective.

He was a suicidal maniac.

They were gonna suspend him, anyway.

They found stuff in his drawers.

Items he'd stolen from various crime scenes.

Is this him?

Where'd you get this'?

From a colleague.

Yes, that's him.

He had this cabin up on the coast.

Used to go up there to get smashed.

He was probably drunk when he shot himself.

What's this on the floor?

They look like coffee beans.

Maybe he was trying to sober up after all.

You didn't check?

The cabin was locked from the inside, and he looked like that when they found him.

There wasn't anything to check.

Did he have any family?

Wife, who left him a year before he killed himself.

I think there was a daughter.

Do you know where she is now?

Not a clue.

Is the cabin still there?

What are you doing with my fucking gun, you idiot?

Here's the papers you asked for.

Where's Harry?

In Bergen.

Hello? Mr. Hole?

This is Harry Hole's phone.

Can I speak to him?

He's not here right now, but I can take the message for him.

Right, okay.

Uh, this is Rebecca, NRS at Telenor.

We picked up a signal from a missing person's phone.

Case number MP two.

Um... I don't have any files in front of me. Um, who's that?

I'll check. Birte Becker.

What, is it transmitting now?

Yeah, just got it in minutes ago.

Yeah, but wait. Is it moving right now?


I'll send you the coordinates.

No, just... What's the address?

Uh, Parkway 1, 0139, Oslo.

You're sure that's correct?

Yes, Parkway 1.

Hey, are you all right?

This is Birte Becker. Please leave a message.


In his own garage? Yeah.

Ah. The great Harry Hole.

How many bodies?

Birte Becker and Ms. Dahl.

Where's Katrine? Suspended.

She got a call telling her they traced the Becker phone, and didn't think to tell anyone.

I asked you where she was.

That's not my problem right now.

He shot himself straight on.

How do you do that with a shotgun?

It's too long, you'd have to angle it.

The pellet marks should be up there somewhere.

Luckily, we have experts to determine that.

You sure he was alone?

The garage door was closed.

One set of footprints.

We found two bodies in the house, and Birte Becker's phone.

It was a suicide.

Case closed.

Mathias, listen, I have no idea where he's gone.

Yes, I've checked my messages, he hasn't called.

Oh, well, how can you help? You're at your bloody conference!

Can I keep this?


Can I keep this?

Yeah, sure.

She's not picking up.


Get off!


I guess congratulations are in order.

You know it wasn't that creep.

Vetlesen didn't commit suicide.

Someone killed him because we got too close.

Like your father.

My father would never have committed suicide.

He would never have left me like that.

Get off me. Get off me. Get off me!

Get off me!

Get off me, you fucking drunk!

Get off!

Get off.


I'm a drunk.

Like your father.

Laila Aasen and Awe Stop were having an affair, and that's the last thing my father was investigating before he got killed.

You broke into Vetlesen's house because you were afraid I'd find out this was personal and take you off the case.

Vetlesen was his pimp!

And they were both in Bergen when the murders started.

I know how much you want this, but you can't force the pieces to fit.

I called the Gellion Clinic, and Vetlesen wasn't even working the day he was supposed to meet Birte Becker.

They found two dead bodies in his house, and Birte Becker's phone.

Yeah, well, isn't that convenient, then?

So, Hagen has his killer and Arve St0p's safe, and no questions are asked.

Do you actually think he killed them?

I don't know.

I don't think either of us do for sure.

Maybe this will bring your balls back.

I'm gonna need your weapon.

It's right there in front of you.

Why did he call you Cloudberry?

Because I liked Cloudberry jam with ice cream.

Oleg ran away again.

It doesn't really matter if we win or lose this bid tonight.

What matters most is that we celebrate the way this has brought us together, and use that energy to restore the values that make Norway great.

And so, it doesn't matter if, uh, 56 minutes and 33 seconds from now, but who's counting?

If the World Cup goes to Beijing or Denver or Montreal.

Because I believe in my heart, tonight, Oslo has already won.


I tried calling. I thought he might be with you.

Uh... He's okay.

He's at a friend's house.

Just didn't bother calling me.

What did you argue about?

He doesn't want to leave the city.

I thought that change would be good for him.

Well, for me, too.


Um, Mathias has a house, uh, up in Telemark.

And because he consults all over the place, it's not too inconvenient I saw him the other day, he didn't mention anything.

Is that really what you want?

I don't know what I want.

I miss you.

Weir', in my head, I know it's 50-50, but in my heart, 100%.

Thank you for coming. Mr. Stop?

Mr. Stop, I'm sorry. I, um...

I just want to thank you. I really liked your speech.

I found it very, very moving.

You see, I, um...

I was an orphan, myself, so...

Well, it doesn't have to be a disadvantage, young lady.

It can motivate us, too.


On, yes.

I work in Bergen with young people in a care center, and I know how very busy you are, but if you're ever in the city...

I started my career in Bergen.

Write to me. I'll see what I can do.

Yes. I'm so sorry. I know...

I know people are waiting to talk to you. Thank you.

Not at all. Oh.


Mr. Stop wanted me to let you know.

Oh. How much he enjoyed your conversation.

It's, um, room 472.

He'll be free after the announcement, if there's anything else you'd like to ask him.

Thank you.

RAKEL; Mathias.

Where are you?

I just tried calling you on the landline-

I'm at Harry's.


Because I phoned Eric's parents, and Oleg wasn't there, either, so, I...

I know. I found him.

He was with another friend.

Are you okay?

Yes, I'm fine now.


I've got to run to one of those boring dinners, but I'll call you in the morning, when I'm back. Okay?


You couldn't have asked another doctor?


Two minutes, ladies and gentlemen.



And to all our viewers around the world, thank you for joining us here tonight at the Hotel...

No! No!

No! Stop! No!

No! No!

...of Beijing, Denver, Oslo, and Montreal.

No! with every competition, there can only be one winner.

That the 15th Winter Sports World Cup has been awarded to...

...three, two, one!


Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!

Congrats to us all.


That's the last of her files to download.

There's nothing after that.

Get me a list of all the phone calls and appointments she made while I was away.


Yeah, sure.

When was this taken?

Two days ago.

No, no, no! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

I'm late to get her to school! I have to get to work.

I am sorry. I have one quick question I need to ask you.

We have been over this hundreds of times.

I know we have been over this 100 times, but I need to sort something out.

Dr. Vetlesen was not working at the clinic the day your wife was supposed to see him.

He wasn't there.

So, she got the day wrong. I...

How... Josephine, in the car. Daddy!

How the hell am I supposed to remember what day we saw him'?

Sir, I'm just trying to find your wife. Please help me.

How the hell am I supposed to remember what day we saw him'?

Sir, I'm just trying to find your wife. Please help me.

How the hell am I supposed to remember what day we saw him'?

Sir, I'm trying to find your wife.

How the hell am I supposed to remember what day we saw him'?

Sir, I'm trying to find your wife.

...what day we saw him? Sir... what day we saw him? Sir...

Yes, I want all those files.

Give me your car keys.

What? And your phone.


You told me Vetlesen was your wife's doctor when we spoke.

And that you had no idea why she'd gone to see him.


But you told my colleague you both went to see him.

She must have misheard me.

She recorded the interview.

Darling, go back inside. I'll come in in a minute, okay?

Good girl.

She isn't mine.

Birte and I were trying for another child.

We thought it might save our marriage.

We had blood tests done at the clinic for hormone treatment, and it came out that she wasn't mine.

I am infertile.

I've always been infertile.

Can't have children.

But she is mine. Do you understand?

How can I not love her?

But you didn't see Vetlesen the day you found out.

No, we saw some hormone specialist.

A visiting consultant.

Do you know his name?


Just a second.

Damn it.

I said I'm coming!

You never called.

Is Oleg back?

What'? Oleg?

He's at school.

And Harry?

Is Harry here?



How did he convince you to give him those pills?

He didn't.

You didn't have to do it for me'

I didn't do it for you.

It was never about you.

I'm outside his house.

I can't reach Rakel. Send someone to her apartment.


Sorry to keep you waiting.

Why do you have Mum's phone?

Come on.

You and I have more in common than you think.

I didn't know who my father was, either.

Magnus, track Rakel's phone.

Sorry, I just...

All right.

Okay, Harry, we just picked up her signal, heading west towards Telemark.

It is a red Volvo registered to a Mathias Lund-Helgesen, Rjukan, 2421.

The house is pretty remote.

There's an access road, but that's it.

And there's a big lake around it.

Helicopters are grounded because of the weather, but Delta is on their way.

Anything on Mathias' family?

Okay, I've got something here.

Jonas Lund-Helgesen, former police officer, lost his job in '89.

A scandal involving a woman drowning in a car.

Probable suicide.

She had a son.


Father unknown.


He was sent to an orphanage.

Who led the investigation into the woman's disappearance?

Some local talent in the village nearby.

What's his name? Jonas Lund-Helgesen.

Jonas! No, please, stop!


Harry? We've lost him.

Sit down, Harry.

Pass me the gun.

I didn't think you'd find me.

Perhaps the pills helped, after all.

I spoke to Filip Becker.

What's going to happen when Josephine Becker finds out he isn't her father?

She'll still love him.

Wrong answer.

Let's try again.

Was it right for Sylvia Ottersen to kill her unborn child simply because she couldn't keep track of who the father was?

That was her choice.

Too short.

Maybe she was afraid.

What about you, Harry?

You have a woman who loves you.

A boy who's devoted to you.

Why did you abandon them?

They deserve better.

Too easy.

Because I'm selfish.

I'm an addict.

There isn't enough room for them.

You know, when I first saw your picture in the paper

with all those medals, I thought, "That man must have a perfect family."

And here you are.

Last question.

This boy, who doesn't even know who his father is, who's had to put up with so many men like you and me taking his place...

Does his mother deserve to live?

Why don't you ask him?

You all right?

Kill him.

Kill him!

Come on!

I'm ready! I'm here!

Come on!

I know why you blame her.

You've been wrong the whole time.

It wasn't her.

It wasn't your mother who didn't want you.

It was your father.

It would've been better for him

had you not been born.

The pathologist detected traces of the drug, ketanome.

But the direct cause of death was drowning as a result of blood filling her lungs.

Twenty-four stab wounds were found in her mouth, all at regular intervals and at the same depth, seven centimeters.

Pathologist can't determine what kind of weapon was used.

And he's never seen anything like it.

I'll take it.