The Sorcerers (1967) Script

[Intense music]

[Clearing throat]

You'll have to wait a minute.

Where is my advertisement? What advertisement?

The one that should be in the case outside. Where is it?

Who's it for?

My professional services.

Oh, so you're the famous Professor Monserrat.

Where is the advertisement? Took it down.

It didn't seem to interest the public like some of the others.

'Nobody's paid for the last couple of weeks.'

That's five bob owing.

How can I conduct my practice without advertising, tell me.

Like I said, that's five bob's owing.


Okay, grandpa, back it goes. Thank you.

You'd like to go over the spadework On a little dolly I've got lined up tonight, eh, grandpa?

[Male #1 laughing]

[Intense music]


You're late for lunch, Marcus.

I'm sorry, dear.

I got in to an argument with that tobacconist fellow

'About the notice.'

Oh, bother, I forgot to pay him.

Oh, I took care of it.

'Ready to eat now?' Hmm.


Any patients while I was out?

Only a man with a twitch in his cheek.

'He said he'd be back later.'

I wonder if he will.

'What's that?' No, no, nothing, nothing.

[Intense music]

[Dramatic music]

[Music continues]

Come on, Marcus, lunch is ready.

Do you really think it will work, Marcus?

Of course, of course.

When will you be ready to try?

Oh, soon, very soon.

How soon?

By tomorrow, perhaps.

Tomorrow? Why not?

All I have to do is to check the equipment once more.

Then, we can test it?

And then, we can test it.

[Drums rolling]

[Upbeat music]

[Music continues]

[Music continues]

I'm here to serve.

As long as it doesn't make you feel inferior.

Alright, sir.

The man's learning respect.

It's all those years pulling coal carts down the mines.

Shut up, you two. Michael, come on and dance, yes?

Michael, come on and dance, no.

Come on, Mike, let Nicole have some fun for once.

For once? Four nights in a week, I find myself down here In this den of iniquity.

It's only for the purpose of giving her a good time...

Alright, if you won't, I will. Come on, Nicole.

Alright. Sure, sure.

Seduced and abandoned, that's me!

You poor misunderstood lad!

[Upbeat music]

* I know a girl what you gotta do *

* Hey hey girl *

* I think that you matter it's a matter of time *

* I'm telling you *

* I feel the same and everything will work out fine *

* I intend to make you mine *

* I'll wait until the end of time...**

[Music continues]

[Clock ticking]

'Yes.' 'It's ready.'

When can we test it? Now, tonight. If only...

Yes, Marcus, but who can we use?

It must be a stranger. Yes.

Someone who doesn't know us.

A complete stranger.

Who need never know what has happened to him.

Precisely, but...

But he must be someone who's mind is pliable.

Someone who is basically willing.

How can we find someone without explaining to him first?

A drunk, perhaps.

Oh, no. A mind confused by alcohol.

It must be alert, able to respond.

Someone young.

A boy who's bored, out looking for something.

How could we find him?

Oh, all these children out on the streets at night Taking pills to keep themselves awake.

Yes, looking for new experiences.


You could persuade one of them.

Offering something new, exciting.

He'd fall for it, of course.

Of course, then we begin up here, in that room.

He'd know nothing about it afterwards.

It's perfect, Estelle.

And no one will laugh this time.

There will be nothing to laugh at.

Nothing at all.

[Upbeat music]

Had fun? She's a lovely girl.


How long do you think all this can last?

Girls? Fuck you, man.

I mean the trouble they come wrapped up in.

I like the dress. I think it's funny.

You've been brainwashed by that boss of yours.

Ringo's a very nice man and he's been very good to me.

If I hadn't met him, I'd worry about that.

Let's get out of here. Where do you want to go?

I don't where. Doesn't matter. Anywhere. Come on.

I have a feeling it's going to be one of those days.

Are you mumbling about something?

Not me, bwana.

[Music continues]

[Intense music]

[Car horn blaring]

[Music continues]

Where's Nicole? Still titivating.

She's what? In the ladies.

Combing her toe nails or something.

I spent half of my life waiting for her.

Why? Not worth waiting for, eh?

That depends. On what?

State of her toe nails.

Where do you think you're going?

For a walk. Where else?

What about taking Nicole to dinner?

You've just landed yourself a job, mate.

She's your girlfriend, not mine.

Don't worry, I'll pay you back.

That's not the point, Mike. You asked her out, not me.

The point is I'm bored, blue, black and bloody indigo With wandering about from club to club With no more idea to where I'm going Than a blind camel in Oxford Circus, okay?

That's why I'm going for a walk, on my own, by myself. Got it?

I don't know what you're talking about.

You wouldn't.

We'll see you at the club later then?

Bloody artistic temperament.

[Intense music]

[Instrumental music]

Yes? Give us a Wimpy, please.

[Music continues]

You're looking very bored, young man.

Are you talking to me?

As a matter of fact I am.

I've been watching you this evening.

Are you from the FBI or something?


I wonder if I might join you?

Seems you just did.

Perhaps, I can offer you some coffee.

No, thanks. I don't drink.


What is it you do want?

I could offer you an unusual evening.

I doubt it.

Some extraordinary experiences.

What are you selling? Blue movies?

Nothing as dull as that.

Cheap hash?

It's not worth the trouble, mate.

This would be worth the trouble.

Oh, come now, there's nothing you really have to do.

'Is there?'


Lead me to it.

[Piano music]

So, you found someone, Marcus? Well, yes.

Who is this, sir?

This is my wife Estella.

My assistant for good many years.

Good on you.

Perhaps, I should introduce myself.

I'm Professor Marcus Monserrat. You've heard of me?

Not that I recall.

Oh, come on, come on.

Where are all these multicolored miracles of yours?

He's impatient, Estelle.

You're wasting my time. Don't go.

Well, let's get off with it then, whatever it is.

That's right. In here.

Go on. In that room.

[Intense music]

You're kidding?

[Dramatic music]

For 40 years, I've been acclaimed As one of the world's greatest hypnotist.

Bully for you, mate.

'No, not on the stage. Not a cheap theatrical act.'

A medical hypnotist. A practitioner.


'And during those years, I've refined, enriched my powers... '

(Estella) 'Now, Marcus, that's enough.'

If you two wanna start an argument. I don't mind, really.

Till now with the aid of light and the use of sound I brought them to a pitch never dreamed of In the annals of the human mind.


Come and sit down, young man.

On this thing? Yes, sit down.

I'm too young to die.

You said you wanted something new Something you've never done before.

Yeah, but I didn't think that...

No harm will come to you. We guarantee it.

Sit down while I adjust these.

What's this supposed to do then?

A dazzling, indescribable experiences.

Complete abandonment with no thought of remorse.

Intoxication with no hangover.

Ecstasy with no consequence.

Alright then.

See what you can come up with.


Eagle Two to Blue Leader.

Relax now.

Try to clear your mind. Empty your mind of all thought.

[Intense music]

[High pitched frequency]

(Mike) Hey, what's going on?

[High pitched frequency continues]

Everything is alright so far.

Get up out of the chair.

Go in to the next room.


Are you coming then? Yes, you go on.

Close the door.

He did it.

[Dramatic music]

It's working, Marcus.

Yes, we can control him.

Even at a distance through the door.

By directing his mind.

Oh, we've done it, Marcus.

Keep concentrating.

Hold him, hold him.

Have him...

Go in to the kitchen.

It's perfect.

Let me try.

Keep concentrating.

Feel his mind.

What shall I have him do?

Have him pick something up. Yes.

An egg from the fridge.

The third from the left.

Break the egg!

My hand, Estelle, it's as though...

I have egg all over my hand.

Now, water. Tap water.

On mine too.

My God, Estelle, we're feeling all his sensations.

Everything he touches, we touch.

It is as if...

We were him.

Let's send him away and see if it works at a greater distance.

I broke one of your eggs.

That's alright. It's perfectly alright.

Now, my boy, I want you to leave here.

'Once outside this house, you will remember nothing'

'Of what has happened here.'

'You'll be perfectly normal.'

'Except you'll remember nothing of all this.'

From now on, we are going to control your mind.

From time to time, we'll put thoughts in to your head

'And you will obey those thoughts.'


Now, go, my boy, and remember nothing.

Quickly, Estelle, sit here.

We can follow his movements for a while.

Oh, Marcus, this can be wonderful.

Concentrate, concentrate.

We still have him.

I can feel his footsteps on the pavement.

I never dreamed this could happen, even at this distance.

To get inside another's mind so completely To feel transmissions from his very nerve end.

What we need is something more positive.

Prolonged sensation.

Intense heat or the coolness of water.

Water. That's it. Water.

[Upbeat music]

I can hear music.

Even sound is transmitted.

[Music continues]

Hey, Mike. Hi.

Return of the prodigal. Had a good time?

Come on, we'll sit out. Suits me, I'm bushed.

Where'd you been, Michael?

Having an orgy with a hamburger.

All this time?

Special economy sized hamburger.


Ugh! Horrible stuff.

I'll get some reloads. You pay though.

Here you go, Shylock.

Let's get out of here. What about Alan?

He'll have to look after himself for a change.

'Let's go. I wanna take you some place.'

That sounds very dangerous.

Come on.

Well, we can't just leave Alan like that. He'll be hurt.

You didn't mind leaving me a few minutes ago.

That's different. Why?

You wanted to be on your own. I never want to be on my own.

Come on, let's go. We'll leave a note, if you like.

[Music continues]


'He's responding perfectly, Marcus.'

(Marcus) 'I know just where to send them.'

This way, love. What are we doing here?

Going for a swim. Are you crazy. In this cold?

Uh-uh. Indoor pool. Private. How do we get in?

I got my own personal "Open sesame." Come on.


Where did you think of that? I don't know, just came to me.

Right out from the blue? Yeah, Mike Mercury, that's me.

(Mike) 'Et Voila!'

(Mike) 'I'll go and turn on the pool lights. You go down, alright?'

'Alright.' 'Okay.'

[Nicole screaming]

It's transmitting perfectly.

I can feel the water all around me. Oh, it's wonderful.


It's too much. He's exhausting me.

Stop him.

No, no, let the boy enjoy himself, Estelle.

All we have to do is to stop concentrating And our sensations will get less.

We get him back when we want him.

Of course, dear. Now, relax, relax, let go.

We must keep it secret. The process.

Oh, no, it must be used to help people.

To help us, Marcus but only if we handle it right.

But not just us. Other people as well.

Old people like us who don't have what we have.

We haven't been able to afford anything for years.

Not since that reporter with nothing better to do Decided to investigate your practice, you know that.

Now, why are we so different?

Well, we're not locked up in some old people's home.

Don't you see? No, I don't.

Well, they could enjoy the sensations of swimming By proxy of course, just as we did now.

Take long, long holidays.

How do you propose to do that?

Well, find somebody who'd set up a foundation And send just one person.

A transmitter, so to speak...

On a long, long cruise.

All these sensations and experiences Would be relayed back to the old people left at home.

Yes, it sounds wonderful, Marcus.

'Ah, then you do see.' Yes.

You must feel proud.

These sensations and their control.

You've achieved something remarkable.

I'd almost forgotten the control.

But it's there.

That boy, we were making him do things.

He was ours. He is still.

An enormous extension of hypnotic power I grant you.

But we'd stumbled on something greater by far.

I must write up a report.

'If I can convince people that it works'

'And try to find someone to finance it.'

'Make sure it's put to a good use.'

Marcus. 'Yes, dear.'

The report? What about it?

Must we do it yet?

Why not? What do you mean?

These papers with their scornful stories about your work.

Haven't they wrecked our lives for years?

That's all over now.

30 years with no money, no reputation And all because of these lies.

Don't we deserve something for all those years, Marcus?

Nobody else. Just you and me.

We have the boy now.

Let us use him.

'Give ourselves a few things we haven't had for so long.'

Why not?

Those powers were to be used for other people.

Yes, of course...

But just for a while.

Just for a little while, let us use the boy.

Use him for what?

We can choose, Marcus.

Alright, Estelle. Just for a little while.

We can chose anything.

Thanks, Michael.

Can I come up?

Why not?

Go and look for Alan, otherwise he'll go mad.

Okay, you're the boss.

For once, I am.

[Engine revving]

[Instrumental music]


Anything in particular you were after?

Well, I'm looking for a telephone, as a matter of fact.

How's that?

Well, let's face it.

That's not gonna do anything for anybody is it?

Got anything else?

No, that's it.

Oh, well, in that case...

You're not much use to me, are you?

[Instrumental music]

It's so beautiful, Marcus. They'd have it insured.

Well... all things like that are insured.

They wouldn't suffer in the least of they lost it.

If it... Well, got burnt by fire let say.

Now, would they?

Alright, Estelle, just this time.

But please... never again.

[Intense music]

[Door bell buzzing]

Michael, is that you?

The geese are flying tonight.

(Nicole) 'What's that?'

Password love. Now, come on let me in, it's cold.

Okay, come up. I'm nearly ready.

[Upbeat music]

Why do girls always claim to be nearly ready When they're walking around half naked?

Maybe there's an answer to that.

Could well be.

* Gets a bit too much to bear *

* And you need someone to lean on *

* When you look there's no one there *

* You're gonna find me *

* Out in the country **

Alright, Marcus, let us put ourselves in touch.

Concentrate, and we'll get him.

* It belongs to you and I *

* Come on and join me *

* Hey out in the country *

[Clock ticking]

* And a pretty girl has her hand in mine *

[Clock ticking]

* In the country *

[Clock ticking]

* Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba **

[Intense music]

[Music continues]


[Music continues]

[Phone ringing]



Do what?

Oh, yes, hang on. I'll fetch him.

[Engine revving]

Hey, Al. What?

There's some French bird on the phone for ya.

Thanks, Ron.

Oh, I wish I were your age.



He stood you up?


That's a bit sudden, isn't it? Even for the boy wonder.

Sure, sure. I'll be finished in about ten minutes.

Yeah, that's great, love.

Yeah, I'll see you later then. Bye.

Uh, Ron.

Alright lad, you can go.

Thanks, Ron.

Hey. Make sure she's on the pill. Ha ha ha.

You dirty old foreman, Ron.

Down the street. To the right.

[Dramatic music]

[Upbeat music]

* You keep tearing me apart from morning till night *

* And I'm trying to resist but it just ain't right *

* You make me feel like I've never felt before *

* I'll tell you now I can't stand it anymore *

* So please give me what I want *

* Give me what I want your love *

* Please give me what I want give what I want your love *

* I realize how much I needed you *

* Love is a driving force there's nothing I can do *

No, thanks.

* You make me feel like I've never felt before *

* I got your love I can't resist you anymore *

* So please give me what I want *

Don't worry.

You know these moods of his as well as I do.

Better, in fact.

I'm sorry, Alan, really. What for?

You love the idiot not me.

I'm not in love with Mike.

[Music continues]

[Alarm ringing]

[Intense music]

[Music continues]

[Music continues]

[Music continues]

[Music continues]

He did it, Marcus.

Yes, we did it.

You'll have your fur. Wonderful, thank you.

Better wait a bit before he tried to pick it up.

The fur, yeah. Well, that's what you wanted.

Yes, then.

I didn't realize.

What? You didn't realize what?

I didn't realize it would be like this.

I don't understand. What do you mean?

You do, Marcus. I saw you.

'You enjoyed it, didn't you?'

How could've I enjoyed it?

The policeman coming in. It was dangerous.

But that was the most exciting part.

I saw your face. You did enjoy it, I know that.

I did too. It's wrong, Estelle, wrong.

To be human?

We all want to do things deep down inside ourselves.

'Things we can't allow ourselves to do.'

'I'm right, aren't I?'

But now... we have the means to do these things Without the fear of the consequences.

You're right, Estelle. I... I did enjoy it.

[Intense music]

[Door bell buzzing]

Who is that?

It's me, Nicole.

What do you want?

Can I come up?


Okay, come up.

And I couldn't remember a bloody thing.

It was... peculiar. I don't know.

Poor Michael.

Can you remember walking out on me?

I remember leaving here short, but I don't know why.

I felt I had to... do something, go somewhere.

Do what?

That's what I can't work out.

But I obviously did it.

You can bet your bottom dollar It wasn't any whist drive.

Sorry about... waking you up, love But I was a bit... scared, you know.

I bet it's the first time you ever admitted to that.

Yeah, maybe it is.

[Pleasant music]

[Music continues]

Stop brooding over those, Marcus.

It's all the past.

I've just seen a policeman stop a man on a motor bicycle.

Why, what was he doing wrong?

Speeding. Well?

Have you ever experienced speed?

Oh, once in an ambulance after I cracked up my leg.

I mean, real speed.

I never have, and it must be magnificent.

Oh, terrifying. But magnificent.

We'll have it, Marcus. Real speed.

When's your afternoon off, love?

Today. Saturday remember.

So it is. That's two black outs in 24 hours.

You should see a doctor.

I'm healthy enough. Lots of green veg.

Don't talk with your mouth full.

My mouth, my prerogative.

So, you got the afternoon off.

Let's go someplace.

Where, movies?

No. The country. Out of the smoke.

How? Alan's got a bike.

Would he let you use it?

No. But if I just sort of borrow it for a while.

[Engine revving]

Sounds like your bike, Alan.

Okay, love? Okay.

Right. Let's go.

[Engine revving]

The bleeding nerve.

Hello, friend of yours?

That's your word for it.

Who was the bird with him?

Same one I took out last night.




[Engine revving]

[Clock ticking]

[Clock ticking]

[Engine revving]

Mike, slow down. Michael.

[Engine revving]

Mike, slow down.

[Intense music]


[Music continues]

[Engine revving]


[Intense music]

[Music continues]

What the hell have you been up to?

Taking a spin in the country, okay.

No, it's not okay.

Look at Nicole. What've you done to her?

Don't let him talk to you like that.

Don't talk to me like that, Alan.

What are you doing?

You lousy bastard. Get him.



Ronnie, quickly.

Good boy, Mike. Good boy, Mike.

[Dramatic music]

That was the best thing we've had yet, Marcus.

I've never dreamed that you could sink to this.

Oh, Marcus, it was beautiful. Incredible.

By God, Estelle, you must be out of your mind.

The liberation... never before.


I'll stop you, Estelle. How, Marcus?

Just tell me how?

'If nothing else, this has proved one thing.'

What? My will's stronger than yours.

You can't stop me. You tried to then, didn't you?

I could feel your mind working against mine, but I won.

Didn't I, Marcus? You can't win all the time.

Not when you're asleep. I'll bring the boy back here.

De-process him, set him free.

I'll never let you do that, Marcus. Never.

I'll go to the police, tell them everything.


They'll laugh at you.

I'm going to stop you, Estelle.

I promise you. Argh!

[Intense music]

You'll never, de-process him, Marcus.

[Music continues]

No. No, Estelle.

[Intense music]


'No, Estelle, no.'

No, no.

There's no point now, in even getting the boy back, Marcus.

I'll stop you, if it's the last thing I do.

It's no good, Marcus. You can't stop me.

[Phone ringing]

I'm sorry.



Who was it?

I don't know. Nobody there.

Somebody casing the joint, maybe?

I doubt that.

Probably Michael wanted to make peace or something.

That bastard.

What did you see in him, Nicole?

Honestly? I don't know.

Since all that business last night, it seems to have been...

Some kind of trouble.

And I wanted to help.

But after this...

After this, what?

Nothing. Not again.

[Instrumental music]

Who is it? Audrey.

It's me, Mike.

Who? Mike Roscoe, love.

I don't deserve that.

It's alright. I haven't seen you for ages.

Why have you come here? Well, come in.

Thank you.

I just thought, I'd pop around and see how you were.

Want a cup of coffee? Yeah. Thanks.


No, thanks.

I should've remembered that at least.

Mike, why did you come here?

Really, I mean. Is it trouble with, Nicole?

Yeah, sort of.

It's a bit complicated.

Tell me.

I'm sorry, Aud.

I had to talk to somebody.

You can talk to me, can't you?

Yeah, I guess so.

[Clock ticking]

How are you feeling, Marcus?

I'm sorry, I had to do that.

But I couldn't have you getting out of here Just as we were going to have our little... contest.

Now, could I?

(Mike) 'I seem so hazy.'

Like half the time I don't know why I'm doing things.

And there are whole periods when...

I can't remember anything at all, nothing.

Did you explain to Nicole?

[Instrumental music]


What did she say?

(Audrey) 'Did she try and understand?'

[Music continues]

No. No!

Mike? What did Nichole say?

[Music continues]


Mike, what's the matter?

Are you alright?




[Intense music]

Well, Marcus...

It's no good.

You can't hold me back now.

Somehow, some way...

At any cost, Estelle, at any cost.


* Boy you're coming on strong now *

* Turning me on now *

* I feel kind of groovy *

* Oh baby you move me *

* Well you get me to the stage where I feel fine *

* And then you tell me that I gotta draw the line *

* Oh baby nothing *

* I said I miss nothing at all *

* Sweet sweet nothing *

* Well that's all ever get from you *

* Oh, you excite me *

* When you touch my hand *

* So why try to fight me *

* I just don't understand *

* Well you get me to the stage with my feet off the ground *

* And then you turn around and say down girl down *

Well, well, well.

* Nothing *

* I said I'm getting nothing oh no *

* Baby nothing *

* Well that's all I ever get from you *

[Rock 'n' roll music]

* Now all the money I get now *

* I'll give it all to you *

* I even bought your sweater *

* And your hipsters too *

* Well you get me to the stage with my feet of the ground *

[Clocking ticking]

* Down girl down *

* Oh baby nothing *

* Yeah I said I'm getting nothing oh no *

* Baby nothing *

[Clocking ticking]

* Well that's all I ever get from you *

* Oh baby sweet sweet nothing *

* Yeah I said I'm getting nothing *

* Ah ha *

[Clock ticking continues]

* That's all I ever get from you *

* Baby sweet sweet nothing **

[Crowd clapping]

[Indistinctive chattering]

[Rock 'n' roll music]

I suppose that's for our benefit.

Independence, and so on.

Well, he's met that girl before He always said, he couldn't stand her.

You're the one who's been saying how strange he's been recently.

Maybe, he's finally flipped.

[Music continues]

Well, he certainly hasn't lost his charm.

That's if he ever had any.

Leave him alone, Alan, please.

[Music continues]

[Engine revving]

Are you sure you know where we are?

I know where we are.

Where, then?

You'll see.

[Clock ticking]

Look, I don't like this.

Don't be daft. It's just up there. Come on.

I'm going back.

Come on.

[Intense music]

Why have you brought me here?

To sing for us. Us?

Yes, us.

That's why you came, so let's hear you.

But the club.

Where? We'll go to the club, I'll sing.

Where they got a group, a band...

Sing. But I can't.

Not here. Not just like that. Sing.

I wanna hear you again in the right surroundings So come on, sing.

[Intense music]

Come on, get on with it.


Stay away from her. Stay away.

[Intense continues]


[Music continues]


Nothing, nothing you can do at all.

And nothing yet can compare with tonight's achievement.

[Clock ticking]

[Door closes]

[Intense music]

[Music continues]

Can I help you?

Cheese or pickles?

Ham, coleslaw? Something special?

Liver sausage, sauerkraut, and gherkin?

You are not hungry, then?

Want to lose a few inches.

I will lose a few shillings.

Please don't. You look okay to me, baby.

Yes? Cheese and pickles?

Ham? Gherkins? Sauerkraut?

Liver sausage? What can I do you for?

Nothing thanks.

Excuse me, this place is not a bus shelter you know.

(Male #1) 'One espresso, please.'

'Yes, coming.'

What's wrong?

Hey, this is the girl... Shush.

He couldn't have. Oh, no, not, Mike.

He pretty near killed me. Look at this.

Another killing as well, last night...

You can't think that Alan... Can't help what I'm thinking.

Two girls have been killed.

One was with him last night and one near his shop.

What can we do? Go to the fuzz.

But you're guessing. Let's hope I'm guessing wrong.

We still have to call the cops.

Can't we talk to him first? I mean, he might have an alibi.

Yeah, yeah, that's the point. Please, let's go see him.


He won't be at the shop not at this time.

Perhaps in the flat? We'll try there then.

Come with me.

Here, you are tuppence short.

(Estelle) 'Hey, Marcus?'

'You're happy, Marcus?'


Marcus, I'm talking to you.

[Instrumental music]

[Clock ticking]

You hear me?


[Clock ticking continues]

You haven't eaten it.

Eat, Marcus.

You have to eat to keep you strong.

Go away, Estelle.

If you don't keep strong You won't be able to have any...


Any comp-competitions with me.

Keep away from me.

Damn you, eat.

Wotcha, Fred. Hello.

How goes it? Fine. Is that a late one?


I done one in the three o'clock.

Which one was that?

Old Times. Seventh.

Give more to your woman, not so much to the bookmaker.

Yeah, very funny.

Here. This bird that's got done in I picked up in a cab.

Go on, when was this?

Last night from Blazers club with a young fellow.

(Estelle) 'I ain't gonna have my fun without you.'

Damn you.

Not when you're drunk.

What do you mean?

My will is stronger, I've proved it.

'Twice I did.'

Your mind's a fog.

That's what you think. But you're wrong.

[Door bell bussing]

[Door bell buzzing continues]

Try the door.


Try the bedroom. Yeah.

Well, looks like he came back here last night anyway.

I wish he was still there, at least we could talk to him.

Maybe, he's at the shop.

He loves that place if he's got nobody to talk to.

I suppose so.

Let's telephone him. Okay, fine.

[Dial whirring]

[Phone ringing]

(Mike on telephone) 'Hello.'

Hello, Mike, this is Alan. Nichole and I wanna talk to you.

At least he's there. Yeah.

Come on.

[Siren blaring]

(Estelle) 'Alright, Marcus.

Do you think I can't still hold him.'

Alright, I'll show you.

If you try anything, Estelle, using that boy...

I will prevent you.

How will you do that?

In the only way I can.

Ha, just you try.

Hmm, careless bastard.

Nobody here, George.

That mean we're gonna have to check through all this junk.

I cannot waste a tip-off, just because the boys not home.


[Knocking continues]

Mike, let us in. We wanna talk to you.

Michael, unlock the door, please.

What do you want anyway?

I thought we weren't on speaking terms.

To hell with that.

It's about that girl. What girl?

The one you went out with, the singer.

What the hell are you talking about.

You were the last girl I went out with, didn't do me good.

Last night at the club. Who sang with the group.

Laura. That slag?

(Mike) 'You must me joking. I wouldn't look at her.'

I'm very busy, I got a lot to do.

Would you two love birds leave me alone.

Michele we must talk to you. Why?

Laura was killed last night. And another girl too.

He must work somewhere. Try looking for a letter head Something that will give us an idea of where.

But that's not gonna much use, today.

Everything's closed.

Well, it's better than nothing.

We're not gonna get anywhere if we wait Looking for blood stains or something damn stupid.

Well, that's true enough.

[Intense music]

You don't remember coming to the club then, where were you?

I don't know. You must have some idea.

You shut up here, then? Went for a walk Where to? To see a friend.

That's my business.

A girl? So what if I did?

A girl called Audrey Woods. Yeah, we used to out together.

Audrey Woods was killed last night.

And you killed her, didn't you, Mike?

No, I don't remember.

You don't remember much. Some things, yes.

Like blackouts when you kill people.

I don't know what you're talking about. I don't kill anybody.

You were two girls, last night, one you admit to seeing

'The other you remember nothing about.'

Both murdered. If you didn't do it, who did?

I don't know, I keep telling you I can't remember.

Do you remember going swimming with me Yes. Or being on a motor bike?

Or fight me in the garage? Yes.

Or killing two girls? No.

Now, get out. Leave me alone.

Come on, Mike, tell the truth. Get out of here!

Leave me alone, go get out!

They suspect, or they know.


Michael, what's the matter?

Kill. No.


Put it down, Mike. Nichole get help, quick.



[Siren blaring]


[Intense music]


[Tires screeching]

[Siren blaring]

You alright, son?

I'm fine.

You're not hurt?

No, no.

[Tires screeching]

Marcus, what are you doing?

[Siren blaring]

[Tires screeching]

[Siren continues blaring]

[Intense music]

Stop, Marcus, stop.


[Tires screeching]

Oh, no. Yes.

I had to do it, Estelle.


[Estelle groaning]


[Nicole crying]

Take 'em home, sergeant. Yes, sir.

[Instrumental music]

[Intense music]