The Southerner (1945) Script

This is a little souvenir... picture of my best pal...

Sam Tucker and his folks Believe me, they don't come no better...

Only, when old Sam gets an idea in that hard head of his... he don't behoove with nothin' else.

This is Nona...

Sam's wife.

And here's Sam's ma... a widow-woman Ma ain't so young... but her heart's still full of fire.

Harmie here ain't no Tucker... just a good friend.

If he looks kinda sheep-eyed, it's because he's all lit up with that flame in Ma's heart.

These are the youngest of the Tucker clan.

Sam's kids... Daisy and Jotty.

And here's Sam's granny.

She didn't like having her picture took, neither.

This one's me... I'm a town man myself.

Only come home for fairs and weddings and stuff.

That's how come I cherish this picture show...

Makes me feel close to my friends, to look at it.

Sam... Sam...

What's the matter, Uncle Pete?

It's all so hot! Hey, Nona!

My hat...

You lie here, Uncle Pete...

Get some water.

It's my darned old heart.

You just lie here, Uncle Pete... I'll finish your row for you.

Much obliged to you, Sam.

I gotta take my cotton back, now, Honey.

I'll take care of Uncle Pete.

Uncle Pete's sick, I'm gonna finish his row.

Where are you going after the crop's over?

I figured I might stay here... I got me a bulldozing job.

Where are you going? I think I'm going north next year.

Can I sit down? Hi fellas.

Hot. Yeah.

How is he, Honey?

He ain't so good.

Look for yourself...

Grow your own crops.

You want some more water, Uncle Pete?

Grow your own crops.

I wish we could raise him a tombstone.

That's for folks that got money.

Come here, "Zoomy".


My eyes hurt!

Oh, does it, Jotty?

Granny!... Granny!

Here, Honey... hold him.

Look at the fast grapes!

Don't you want any fast grapes, Granny?

I don't want to get mixed up with no copperheads!

Already wearin' one crooky toe on o' them scoundrels ruined!

Don't be a hog, Daisy... Leave a few for the next fella!

I thought you was afeard of snakes!

I am... but that ain't no sign I got to starve to death, is it?

You know that little San Pedro place down near the river?

I heard of it... I ain't never seen it.

Well, that belongs to the boss, too.

Old Ike at the commissary was tellin' me it was for rent.

Been layin' out there now for three years...

It should be as rich as mud.

In the old days, old man Corinth used to raise the best crops in the country on it.

If it's been layin' out all that time, it'll take a whole year to clear it off.


Nony... Nony come here!

Behave yourself... Don't you be always teasin' Granny.

I reckon I could ask old man Neward for his mules...

He don't ever hardly use 'em, no how.

Same with the bed of the crop.

As for seeds and fertilizer... I bet I could make a deal with Harmie.

And as for a plough, there's that old one of Pa's... been layin' out in Ma's backyard ever since he died...

Ain't been used for nothin' but roostin' chickens on.

I'm gonna ask the boss about it.

Askin' don't do no harm.

No askin'... or work either... don't harm a man.

After all, the boss is a pretty good guy.

We always been friends.

Jotty, Dis, Granny... come on!

It's OK with me, Tucker... I ain't interested in that piece o' land.

Too far away from my other property.

But just remember this...

If I ain't satisfied with the way you're workin' it...

I aim to break that contract any time I like.

It's alright with me, boss.

I like you, Tucker.

You're a good hard-worker.

And that's why I'm botherin' to warn you...

Now, I'm tellin' you again...

If you're workin' for a big outfit...

Maybe you don't get rich...

But you still get your pay... even if the crops is bad.

But the little guy, who's growin' his own...

If his crop is ruined...

He's got nothin' left.

I see you've made up your mind.

Got some way of movin' your things?

Yessir... Coreo said I could borrow his truck.

OK... Good luck, Tucker!

Thank you, sir.

How far is our house from the river, Papa?

Why, it's almost just right next to the river, Honey!

Goody... goody!

Don't look like no house at all to me.

Looks more like a cow shed!

I'd rather live back there in that dirty old camp than a heap o' junk like that!

Ain't never gonna get me to go into that old tin hole Bringin' their old granny to this scrubby place!

I see they don't love me no more than if I was a yellow dog!

I always hoped we could have a room to ourselves, some day.

We can have... when summer comes.

Let Granny and the kids sleep in here... and move our bed out on the porch.

And have everything real nice.

Oh, Sam...

The house don't seem like nothin' extra!

Seems like extra one thing...

Pretty darn extra bad.

I reckon I was thinkin' too hard about the land...

I plum forgot about the house.

There sure be some patchin' to do.

More 'n a little!

What about the well, Sam?

Let's go look at it.

I was crazy to think we could live in this place.

Why, it'd take me at least 2 weeks to dig this well again.

Without even talkin' about the money the planks and beams w'd cost!

Tain't much of a man that brings his babies and his womenfolks to soak and freeze... in such a hole as this!

Maybe she's right.

Water from that river, for the kids...

'd just be like servin' them up a dish of typhoid.

Tain't much of a man, I say!

Look, Honey... we can still go back to the camp, if you want to.

The boss couldn't have knowed how bad the place is.

I could talk to him again, and still maybe get my bulldozing job for the winter.


How's the ground?

Oh, it's good earth alright...

You know, with dirt like this, a fella could raise the best crop in the country.

Been layin' out all these years.

The earth's kinda like men, you know... It needs a rest every once in a while.

Maybe that's the reason the Lord invented Sunday.

But how about all this brush and Johnson grass?

You'll kill yourself gettin' rid of it before the plantin'.

I ain't all alone Honey... I ain't like Uncle Pete.

Every time i get plum wore out... I think of you and Jotty and Daisy...

And I ain't quite so tired anymore.

Oh, Sam!

I just could never get along without you.

Me too, Honey... I couldn't live without you.

The thing that'd be good about it is we could always work together.

When you did the ploughin' I could lead the mules... and...

When you clean up this brush, I could burn it for you... and...

Summertime we could lie in the grass and watch the kids swimmin' in the river.

Yeah... that'd be fun, Honey!

But what worries me is that busted well.

Oh, Sam... we could surely borrow water from the neighbour, yonder...

Nobody refuses water.

Yeah... I hear he's got a good well.

Sam... I reckon we ought to stay!

You really mean that?

You ain't just sayin' that to make me feel good?

I'm sayin' it because I believe you're as good as any man... and it's right for you to be your own boss.

Hey, you two... You ain't all alone here, you know!

Hey there... we've got enough... we're moving in and it's all ironed... come on.

Come on... give me a hand.

You take the pictures... mind you don't drop 'em.

Come on sweetie... I'll help you down No you don't!

I don't want aim to go no...

Can't even say it... me I'm a lady.

Alright old lady... but you better be down before morning... or you'll go right back to camp with this truck.

Old man Coreo mightn't like it too much, neither.

Sam Tucker! My own grandson gone as crazy as a bedbug!

Total crazy I tell you!

Crazy as a bedbug!

You've gone completely silly!

He's clean outta his mind, I tell ya!

There's so much... You're downright mean!

They gotta take out their cussedness on somebody's old folks!

I done had my share and I ain't takin' no more no how!

I takin' no more!

Ain't exactly a veranda, honey... but to me it's the porch that makes the house a home!

Sam, I think I got the stove working!

We'll all light it together.

Our first fire in our own house.

Yeah... You sure made a good job of that stove, Honey.

Won't be long before we'll have a good hot cup of coffee.

You get some water, Sam.

Jotty, Daisy... get the cups and put 'em on the table.

You reckon Granny's gonna stay out there all night?

I'd say she'll be too coward.

Dis... you go call Granny.

Granny... you want some good hot coffee?

No sir! Nothin' what comes outta that old pot don't tempt me none at all!

Mama, it's raining and Granny won't come in!

Well, we'll have our coffee anyway.

Sit down, Honey... I'll get it.

Oh, Papa... there's a hole in the ceiling!

Granny's changed her mind!

Come on Granny.

Here, I've got your good blanket...

Now put it around you before you catch your death of cold.

Here's some honey, Granny.


They not only let me die of the cold...

But they hide out the goodies on me!

How do you want your bedcover, honey?

With the fire going, it's nice and warm in here.

Goodnight Granny.

Nona, come on over here.

Oh, that's a pretty one, Sam!

Yeah, Honey... that's a mighty fine fish!

It'll make us a good dinner.

Well I figured I'd take this one to Denvers, our neighbour down the road, with a good well.

That little one in the bucket's for us.

Aren't you gonna put on dry clothes?

Oh, I'll dry it off walkin' over... won't be gone long.

You'd better keep Zoomy here.

This one ain't so big, honey.

Well I'll catch us another tomorrow... a big one... we'll keep it

Go along with your mama, Jotty.

Mighty fine place you got around here.

You the owner? You Henry Devers?

No, folks call me Finlay. Howdy!

He's my uncle... He's over yonder in the shed.

Much obliged... Finlay.


What do you want?

I'm your neighbour... my name's Sam Tucker...

I brought you a fish.

Mean do I want to buy it?

No... It's a present.

Well, leave it if you got no use for it.

Where'll I put it?

Any place... on the bench.

Say, that's a mighty queer-lookin' fishhook you picked up.

I ain't no graveller... I fish hook and line.

Aim to use it in this river?

Aim to use it any place I feel like it. Finlay!

Take this here fish, and give it to Becky to cook for dinner.

Are you the new neighbour?... I'm Becky Devers.

Yes'm... we're the Tuckers.

Be nice havin' folks next door... It's lonesome here.

What are you doin' here... I didn't send for you.

Well, I thought, pop...

You don't have to think... Get that fish and go back to the house.

And you get your washin' finished!

My wife be likely over soon to borrow some of your well water.

So that's what you come for!

That's right. My well ain't no good.

I coulda told you that.

So can I, now.

What about that water?

Why don't you get your water at the river.

River water ain't no good for kids to drink.

Alright... As long as there's plenty of water.

You'll have to make other arrangements, though, when summer comes.

Gets pretty weak when the weather's dry.

We'll take turns about replacin' the wore-out rope.

Seems pretty wore-out already.

Well, if you don't like it, next well's 5 miles down the road.

Suits me.

Alright... so long Devers.

Just a minute!

You're likely gonna fix your own well, ain't you?

If you're rentin' you must have some savings put aside.

I got 2 good arms... worth more than savings.

To hear folks talk... you think you can be farmers just like that... with your bare hands.

Got any tools or tractors?

No, I ain't got no tractor.

But I got 2 mules and a good old plough... and a friend o' mine's lendin' the seed.

And Ruston furnishes the fertilizer.

Don't need much for good muddy land like that.

And he gives the poison for the weevils, pays the cotton-pickers... even lets you draw grub from his commissary.

After you get the ground broke.

Yeah... he just furnishes about everything...

With the sweat.

And if you get by the year... he generously lets you take your share of the crop...

Ain't that right?

Why ask me... It seems you know it already.

Oh, but I know Ruston...

Ain't the first time he's gettin' a piece of land cleaned off for nothin'.

Until you get your ploughin' started... how do you aim to eat?

I aim to fish... and hunt varmints and sell a few skins.

Lots of folks like that live around here.

Plenty more done it before.

How about you?

How'd you get started?


First year I lost my whole crop, it was ruined by the hail.

Next year black leg got my cow and pig that I'd spent all my savings for.

My wife caught cold and she died.

Two years later, one of my kids, the boy... He died from spring sickness.

Maybe I lost them both, my woman and my kid... because I didn't have no money for doctoring.

And here I am with a farm... a good one... belongs all to me and worth lots of money.

Only, I can't forget what it cost me.

So when I see young folk like you with their proudness... noses stuck in the air... just makes me laugh!

Well... much obliged for the water, And good luck with your fishhook.

Hey... Finlay...

What's that big old fishhook you uncle's fixing up there?

Is there a whale in this river?

That's for "Lead Pencil".

"Lead Pencil"... what's that?

A catfish... he's got 2 whiskers like lead pencils.

Biggest durned catfish you ever seen in the river.

Hey! get that washing away Finlay!


Must be the wind.

It's more the time.

For days now the moon has been moving closer and closer to the North Star...

The animals don't like that... they hide out.

It's crazy to go against the signs, but what can you do?

We gotta get fresh food.

Daisy, honey... why don't you and Sonny get into bed.

Nice and warm there.

Did you have a nice day at school?

She didn't go, Sam.

Why not?

It's too cold... she ain't got no coat... She'll catch her death of cold.

But they just gotta go to school.

Just because we're having hard times right now doesn't mean we gotta stop nothing.

We gotta keep going.

Once we give up we won't have the courage to get back to the good time.

As I see it... ain't gonna have no dinner again tonight.

Never you mind, Granny.

For breakfast we'll have a nice big bowl of cornmeal mush.

You'll all look down on my cold dead face in that county pine box.

You'll be sorry then.


You keep on promisin', Granny!

You don't never deliver the goods!

Hush your mouth! You can't talk to me like that!

You ain't even a real Tucker!

Well, you ain't either!

Hey... Honey!

Daisy's got to be coated.

They gotta go to school.

Don't you take my blanket, Sam! Don't you touch my blanket!

Sam Tucker... you take one bit of my best blanket, you'll get punished...

Granny, ain't you got no heart...? You want Daisy to catch her death?

There'll be enough blanket to keep you warm.

I like it big!

Curse you, Sam Tucker!

My big blanket! Curse you!


Sam Tucker's the boss here...

He can cut up whatever he likes.

He's the boss!

You hear me?

Oh, Granny!

Now don't take on so!

Look, I think I know where there's a nice swarm of wild bees...

Maybe tomorrow I'll go out and get you some honey!


Why me?

Why me? I don't care for folks comin', and helpin' yourselves, you know.

Now don't you worry! I'll get your honey.


You know I guess you're a right good Tucker after all.

That Sam of yours...

He's 'most as good a man as my Fayette!

My best blanket!

Yessir, that carcase of yours is sure gonna make 4 more Tuckers happy.

C'mon Zoom!

Yes sir, you're hide 'll just about bring the price of a pair of silk stockings for mama.

Nice and shiny!

Reckon we can eat now, folks!

Easy!... You'll all get your share!

Hold on, everybody... there's gonna be a blessing.

Much obliged, Lord...

Looks like the Tuckers are gonna make the grade after all.



Granny gets the first, because she's the eldest.

I'd taken the Lord to be a stranger in this house!

Then comes Jotty, coz he's the littlest.

Then comes Papa coz he caught this possum.

And this one's for Zoomy...

Because he helped him.

And last of all, Daisy and me... coz we're the womenfolk.

At school they say this kinda food's bad for you all the time.

They say you gotta eat vegetables.

Too much meat's bad.

Vegetables in winter?

If you don't... they say you get pellagra.

That must be the 'spring sickness', Sam.

Why, it's vegetables that causes 'spring sickness'.

That's when you get it... 'long about the time you start eating vegetables.

I oughta know... I lost three o' mine from it.

Their Uncle Walter... Aunt Beck and Sue.

And not one was over 6!

Shucks... look at THEM.

And anything a body likes as good as that, couldn't be bad for 'em.

Ain't that true, Nona?

That's right, Sam.

We done all that ourself.

Just kept workin' and pluggin' away...

By gosh, we done good.

Before long now we can start plantin' our cotton roundabout the twentieth.

Then that crop will really get started.

Hold that for me, will you.

You see those little green woolly worms fallin' outta that tree... ten a minute?

They're all drifting down together in the same place.

And some folk might think that they're what "Lead Pencil" is after.

But they'd be wrong.

Coz he's after somethin' else!

He ain't interested in no worms.

Old "Lead" is a pretty smart old guy.

Wouldn't hardly live to be as old as he is, if he wasn't.

I'll bet you old "Lead" waits for his dinner right over yonder at that there drift.

It's like a trap, on the river bottom.

Is "Lead Pencil" older than Granny, Papa?

Yeah... he's older than Granny.

Yessir, it must be yonder, old "Lead Pencil" has got his cubby.

Gimme that, Honey.



You got to come here quick!

What are you sayin', Granny?

Jot's ailin'...

I reckon he's got the Spring Sickness!

Spring Sickness?!

How do you know?

I am sayin' it's Spring Sickness!

Who'd know better 'n me?... Already lost 3 from it.


I'm afraid!

I didn't see no reason to bother you, Doctor...

It was just that little sore.

Sonny ain't ever been sick.

When it grew and grew...

And now it seems like it's just plum gonna possess him...

You see Doctor... it's like some evil crawlin' worm eatin' up my baby!

I can't stand to watch it no longer, Doctor!

You gotta do somethin' to stop it!

You don't have a cow, do you?

No, Sir.

Well, you better tell Sam to get one.

How do we get a cow?

Borrow one!

Let Sam raise a heifer for somebody.

Or borrow some milk, anyway.

A pint a day... or better still, a quart.

Any neighbour with a cow could spare you that.

I'll try Doctor... What medicine?

Undress the boy.

What vegetables you been eatin' lately?

Vegetables?... Couldn't grow vegetables in winter.

You got any money?

Yes, Doctor... I got your $2.

Sam's got $1.35 more...

Keep it.

Take all your money and spend it all for vegetables.

And get some lemons...

Give him a glass of lemonade, twice a day.

And get that milk...! Do you hear?

If you don't give him milk and vegetables... anything that I can do will be just plum wasted.

And with the milk and vegetables?

I think he's got a chance.

Thank you! Call again!

Me... I know what war is.

We was right close to Chateau Thierry and the old colonel...

He brung us all together, and said...

Young man, in civilian life, never brag about you conquests...

Whether they be love or war. Shut up, young fella!

I'm tellin' ya... I know!

And I know I know!

Well, if it ain't Sam Tucker!

Tim... when did you get in town?

How much for these here pipe cleaners? 10 cents, for you.

Has it gone up? Used to be a nickel?

No ma'am... Old Zeke 'll be mighty pleased with 'em, ma'am Tim just came back to show off his city clothes.

Take a look at that fancy tie!

Seems like in the city, dollars grow faster than beans in the field!

Don't bet on it!

Hey, I been lookin' all over for you...

Let's go over to Seamen's and I'll buy you some beer and tell you all about it.

Brother, I'm with you any time you'll buy me a beer.

Well Harmie... Nona and Jotty are over at Doc Whites...

When they come over tell them I'll be back in a minute, will you?

Yeah... I know what a minute means, when you're drinkin' beer with old Timmy there.

How much for this pair of garters?

You said Nona and Jotty's over at Doc White's?


What's wrong, Sam?

Jotty's ailin'.

Ran into this Spring Sickness.

Poor Nona... with a sick kid she don't hardly get a wink of sleep.

That's tough, man.

My ma came out to my place yesterday, to help.

Harmie brought her out in his truck.

That's kind of a relief.

Slow down!

Would you be interested in coming and work in the factory with me?

Are you crazy? What would I do in a factory?

I'm a farmer.

Well, they just opened a new plant and they're just cryin' for men.

Don't even have to be skilled.

I know the foreman... I can get you in a minute.

Pay much?

Seven bucks a day!

Seven bucks a day!?

Howdy gents... what'll it be?

Ain't you new here?

What'll it be?

OK, big-shot... 2 bottles of beer.

Sure is hot in here... what about a beer for me?

I'm mighty thirsty.

Why don't you ask your papa here... He gets it wholesale.

Oh, him! This ain't one of his good days.

Must've got out of bed on the wrong side!

Well I got out on the right side...

Bartender... another beer.

Handsome... ain't I seen you some place before?

Nuh... what'd you say?

I asked you... ain't I ever seen you some place before?

Could be... I don't know.

You in town all alone?

Oh, no ma'am...

Like you see, I'm with my friend here...

And my wife's waitin' for me at Harmie's store.

So you got a wife? Yep... I got a wife.

There's some that got wives and they're still nice and... friendly.

I'm sorry, ma'am, I was studyin' about somethin'.

Let's go down the end of the bar, pal... we can't talk here.

Excuse me, ma'am.

I ain't got no wife waitin' for me, baby... How about a date tonight?

You big pig!

You know what you can do with your date.

OK... OK, baby... We'll talk about it later.

To your kid, Sam!

Seven bucks a day, eh?

So it's "yes"... you'll come?

Don't rightly see how I can, Tim...

I made a deal with Ruston...

I already got some credit from his commissary.

At $7 a day it wouldn't take you long to pay him back.

Yeah, but I'm tellin' you Tim...

This is the first time I been able to farm my own crop...

Just like I always wanted to.

Ain't somethin' I can give up, just like that.

Well, how much can you get on your credit.

Man, with that there ground I got... it'll be the finest crop in the country.

What does that mean... "The finest crop in the country"...?

With any luck at all I can make 2 bales an acre.

How much does that make for you?

More 'n 50 bales.

No, I mean how much money?

Do you know that on that ground that I been workin' on now...

Old man Corinth made a fortune in the last cotton boom... a real fortune.

So that's the idea!

All you farmers is just the same...


That's what you all are... to a man.

Year after year you starve yourself to death... and hope that some fine day...

Well... I think you're loco!

Me, I'd rather be safe, first.

Me... I'd rather work in my field.

I feel better that way... I feel more free.

Free?... Free?

Man, with money in your pocket, you're as free as the wind.

With this... you want a good meal... you go to a restaurant.

Good room... you go to a hotel.

All you gotta do is flash your greenback...

You get anything you want.

You call that free, sweatin' from mornin' 'til night?

In the bakin' hot sun, workin' in them fields!

Oh, I'll allow as how it's sometimes pretty hard.

What I mean is, being able to decide things for myself...

To know I can choose my own time about plantin' and ploughin' and harvestin' the crop.

That I can do it all in my own way... and don't have to answer to nobody.

I mean for me alone being accountable for it.

Whether the weevils strip you clean... or you get the best price.

Instead of all that baloney... that means no?

Afraid so, Tim.

Well, pal... I think you're makin' a big mistake.

Hey, bartender... where's my other $4?

What $4?

I gave you a $5 bill.

Oh, no... Lizzy... you seen that was a $1.

Of course I did.

And the pretty boy who's goin' home to his wife...

He seen it, too.

Well I'll be doggoned! So that's how it is!

Nothing but a hicky old farmer... and yet the girls fall for you like a ton of bricks!

What the heck have you got that I can't buy with my dough?

Give me my $4, you big double-jointed son of a skunk, or I'll tear this joint apart!


OK brother... but I hope it's gonna be worth the $4 to you.

What do you aim to do?

I ain't asking you to help, Sam... you got a family.

I wouldn't start any more trouble, Tim.

Don't stay here, Sam.

This'd have to cost you more than $4.

I'm asking you as a friend not to stay here.

Milk and greens...

That doctor man done said about Jotty.

I'd like to see some of them damn vegetables to grow.

Where he figure we're gonna get that there milk from.

Out of the sky... just like that!

Seems like Sam ain't the only pig-headed one around here.

That ma of his!...

Thinks she can cure the Spring Sickness with fresh air!

A widow-lady her age ought to have better sense.

Me? I say that baby 'll just catch its death in this here wind!

I'm gonna get that milk.

Poor Sam!

Men in this here Tucker family just ain't strong.

No sir... it's just like I told you Tucker...

I don't need no extra help.

I got Finlay and my girl Becky.

Too bad about your boy... I know how what that is...

Sick kid is pretty sorrowful.

Pitch it in Becky!

Like I told you before, it's wrong for a man to get too big for his breeches.

When you got no money, you work for them what's got it...

That there's the rule.

Why don't you go back to Ruston... get your 6 bits a day...

Some milk for your chap... and maybe some doctor, even.

About the milk, like you see, I can't rightly spare a drop.

Me? I got no milk for m'self... It's all for the pigs.

Pour the rest in, Becky.

Finlay... bring the drain.

Your cotton? Coming along? Not too many bugs?

I seen you the other day in field...

You were shavin' the cotton so close to the ground with the plough...

You scared me!

Still that's the best way to get rid of the bugs...

Rolls 'em right out in the sun... The heat kills 'em...

Better than any poison!

But you gotta have a good eye and a steady hand.

You're a good worker alright, Tucker.

If I was you, I wouldn't think twice...

I'd go back to work for Ruston.

If I wanted to give up, I wouldn't have to go back to Ruston.

Got somethin' better?

Yeah... lots better.

But like I already done told you...

I want to grow my own crop... and I aim to do it.

Well, if you're so sure of yourself... why are you always coming around asking your neighbours for help?

I never asked you for anything.

Likely, some old-fashioned idea I had about neighbourliness...

Take good care of them pigs.

That's sure what I'm gonna do.

See that that black hog eats all his dinner, do you hear?

So long, Devers.

Sam! Sam!

Here... take this... It's for Jotty.

Thanks, Becky.

I can get you some more if you want some more.

My daddy won't have to see.

I'm much obliged, Becky... and I'll take it, coz my boy's really bad off.

But I'll pay you for it.

Becky... I seen ya... I seen what ya done!

I feel just like breakin' somebody's neck today.

I'm gonna tell your pa you was stealin' his milk!

I knowed you was hackin' after this fella... I saw you lookin' at him, before.

I'm gonna tell your pa!

What did you do that for?!

I'm never going to speak to you again.

If I see you talkin' to HIM again... you'll be sorry!

Yes, Finlay?

Don't fret, Becky... You're a good gal.

Thanks just the same.




I can't listen to him cry no more!

Oh Lord, how come you put the sky up there and this old mud down here.

Made it so purdy if You didn't want us to work it... to love it...

Do You want me to give all this up?

Move in town with Tim and work with him in a factory...

Under a roof as high as your sky... and puts out your light?

Tell me Lord... help me to know.

How are you lady? Did you have a good trip?

She had a fine trip... She's a wonderful old girl.

Did you have a good trip, Timmy?

You know Harmie, a cow's the only thing I left in the country... that I miss in the city.

Believe me that sweet old gal is a lot gentler than that Lizzy at the saloon.

Harmie, can milk the cow now?

Of course you can.

That Harmie!

He'll come waggin' in here one of these days with a boa constrictor.

I wouldn't be one mite surprised.

I'm gonna call her... "Uncle Walter".

Our vegetable garden!

That's Finlay... and them's Devers cattle!

Oh, Jotty!

You go on back in the house, Honey.

Go on back in the house.

Finlay! What do you know about this?

I don't know nothin'!

I didn't do it!

No... not by yourself... but we both know who did!

C'mon... we're goin' to your place.

Devers... look at me... Why did you do it?

What you mean why did I do it? You can't prove nothin'...

The Law 'd call it an Act of God!

As for your garden... you can plant it again, can't you?

Plant it again!?

Or did you come to borrow some seed?!

I wouldn't borrow...

Wait a minute!

This rope's plumb ruined...

Remember what we agreed on when you first come and asked for water?

Yeah... about replacin' it... It's time for you to do it now...

I don't aim to use this one no more.

And I'm sick and tired of you comin' around askin' for water.

And now Devers, I'm gonna break your neck!

I'm mighty glad you started this, Tucker.

Specially with Finlay here as a witness.

That makes two of us can talk to the law.

Pa... don't!

Shut your mouth... Get back in the house!

You'd like to see me leave here, wouldn't you?


Why? Course I would!

What did I ever do to you?

Like I told you first time you come to ask for water...

Just don't like to see folks tryin' to be better than they are.

This world has got to be them that gives orders and them that takes 'em.

And you figure it's you to give 'em and me to take 'em... That right?


Coz I worked hard... all my life.

I worked hard too... You know that!

Why here, and not someplace else?

Before you come, I was alone in this place...

Everything was mine!

I was figuring on buying your farm... It was cheaper then.

Now, if things goes on like this, everything's going to be yours.

All I ever see is you... everywhere I go!

In the woods... killin' the varmints... at the river, catching the fish.

Even Finlay told me... you set a line for "Lead Pencil".

And my girl Becky... You heard what she said!

Sam!... Sam!


Sam... you better take care of that cut.

Go on back in the house, Becky... you best not bother about me anymore.


Get my gun!

Uncle Henry!

Shut your mouth!

Holy smokes!

It's "Lead Pencil"!

Can I help you?

You can grab hold of that line.

Finlay, you was right... His whiskers is as big as lead pencils.


That's my fish.

So you own the river, too, eh?

Well, maybe the law will call my hook and line an Act of God.

You give me the fish and swear never to say you caught it...

I'll give you a dollar.

I don't want your dollar... My folks likes fish.

Well, alright... let me take it and keep it for a day or two...

..and show it at the store... and...

Then you can have it back.

Folks likes fresh fish, Devers.

Well, let me take it, and...

You can use out of my garden.

Well, you can have the whole garden.

The well rope... How we gonna draw water?

Oh... I got another rope in the barn.

What happened, Sam? Becky told me...

It ain't nothin'...

I was just helpin' Devers pull this big old catfish out of the river.

He done caught "Lead Pencil".

We forgot to tell you.

Yeah... we plum forgot!

You tell 'em, Harmie.

Well... we're gonna get married, Sunday...

I was just thinkin' how blessed the Tuckers is... and I can't help wonderin' why.

I get the man I want...

Here we are... all together...

Jotty's cured and happy once more...

Daisy's so good at her book learnin', she's gonna get a prize at school...

Sam's growed the best crop in the county.

Maybe even gonna buy his own place, that's what he makes off on it.

I keep studyin' why Almighty blessed us Tuckers so generous.

But I reckon I know.

Coz of Sam, and the way he worked that farm o' his... that crop he done growed He must be just where the Lord wanted him to be.

You're sure right!

Only if Sam is like he is, it's because he's got such a good ma!

I can't think of nobody I'd rather have than Harmie for my pa!

He, son! You ain't a baby no more... Leave your ma alone!

She's mine now!

Oh, she's yours is she?

What do you think you are... an Indian chief?

Let me kiss the groom!

These kids don't know anything... they ain't had our experience.

Hey, Harmie... now that you're married...

I suppose you'll be going on the wagon, eh?

I was just thinkin'... I'd start that tomorrow.

But it ain't tomorrow yet!

Say Sam... c'mon!

Come on everybody!

When we get rich...

When our ship comes in...

I want us to get one of them talking machines!

And a lot o' sacred records.

I want sit on the gallery... and drink lemonade with ice in it!

And hear "Beulah Land", you know?

Sweet Beulah Land...

Sweet Beulah Land...

As on thy highest mount I stand, I look away across the sea, Say Harmie...

You sure you didn't catch cold, that night?

Don't you know this is just the stuff to keep you warm?!

Hey Harmie... weren't you afeard of the law?

Are you kiddin'?...

The law is right there, waitin' for the finished product.

Hey Sam... come on... I want to show you somethin'.

Rye whisky, rye whisky, rye whisky I cry...

Don't worry, I've got us a third!

It's real city-stuff, Sam...

Same as they drink in them hot-shot nightclubs.

Lay your nose on that!

Smell it, Sam... smell it!

Ain't that somethin'!

Sure is!

3 bucks a quart!

We're gonna dance now, folks!

Oh, I gotta find a good hidin' place for this!

Oh, there you are, Sam!...

Come on honey... you dance with me.

No, you're very nice, ma'am... but thanks just the same.

After the dance we could go outside, honey...

I got some mighty fine drinkin' whisky in my car.

Thank you ma'am, but I got a partner.

How about dancin' with me, honey-child?

And after the dancin' go out to your car?

Well, I don't know about that!

C'mon now... don't be like that.

Promenade single file...

Ladies in the lead, that Indian style...

Swing that girl behind you...

Promenade single file...

Ladies in the lead, that Indian style...

Swing that girl behind you...

Swing that girl behind you...

First and third lead to the right...

Chase the rabbit, chase the squirrel...

Chase that pretty girl 'round the world...

Chase the possum, chase the coon...

Chase that pretty boy round the moon...

Four hand up and around you go...

Round and round and don't be slow...

Away he's making a docey-doe...

C'mon... get in there, folks.

Granny... mind what you're doin'...

I got my bottle in there.

Serves you right!

Well, it cost me 3 bucks.

Oh, so you think it's a joke, eh?

The winner!

The winner!

Best wedding I was ever at.

It's raining. What's gonna happen to our cotton?

Sure is a bad time for rain to come.

Better get us all back inside.

No good for us to get wet.



Sam... wake up!

We've got to go home!

Oh, Sam!

I ain't gonna stay here a minute longer.

Not even a decent place to sit.

I'm gonna take this old carcase direct to the cemetery and await my Maker!

I never thought you'd treat your old granny like this!

Sam Tucker... You're a criminal!


You stay here!

Times like this, folks got to stick together!

You'll stay here with the rest of us!

Hey, Sam...

Boy, it's good and ruined Tim.

Well... gotta go find Uncle Walter.

Alright... I'll stay...

Coz you're trappin' me like you always do!

You're strong, and you're the boss.

What can an old decrepit granny do agin the likes o' you?

Come on... back to the house... we got work to do.

Where do you reckon she might be?

Ain't no tellin... But I just gotta find her, Tim.

Pasture down there by the river is all under water.

Sure hope she ain't in that river...

Ain't no cow worth gettin' drowned for.

Not asking you to help, Tim.

I'll go with you.

There she is!

I'll go over and get her.

Why don't you wait until the water goes down?

The river'll never stop rising.

OK boy, I'll give you a hand.


OK, boss.

OK... I'm goin' on alone.

Oh no... I'm goin' along with you.

You'll stay here.


The current!... Help!

OK, Tim? OK, boy!

I'm comin' to town with you, Tim.

Gather up my measly belongings that's left... and pack up my whole bunch and get out!

All them fields and trees and the river...

I just can't look at 'em no more!

I give 'em everything I had to give... honest!

And what did they give me back?


Nothing but trouble and misery.

Be crazy to stick any longer...

A fella ought to know when he's beat.

When he ain't wanted on the place ain't nothin' for him to do but to pack up and get out!

Come on... let's go.


I can hardly believe the house is still standin'.

Sam, your gun is safe... and lots of other things, too.

Most of Jotty's vegetable jars are still whole.

Of course, the pictures got kind of broke...

But once I get 'em hangin' straight on the wall, they won't look so bad.

Course, the worst thing of all was the stovepipe...

But I got it back up again, and I think it'll work alright now.

How do you like that, Sam?!

I like it fine, Honey.

Hey, Sam Tucker!...

You know what this 'minds me of?

'Minds me of 43 years ago, with your grandpappy, Fayette.

Same thing happened to us.

Only worse... much worse.

Our roof come clean to the floor, and... our walls just plum caved in.

For a week we crawled in and out on our hands and knees... like prey goin' down their holes.

Oh, my fan!

Old Fayette... he said...

Never mind, Sugar...

It could've been much worse... if the Indians attacked it!


Yeah, what is it, Tim?

You said you was comin' to town with me.

Yeah... yeah, I said it.

You said it, but you ain't comin' now, eh?

I was so plum wore out for a while...

I didn't seem to believe in nothin' no more.

But now my clothes are startin' to dry...

I'm beginnin' to believe again.

I guess that's the way the earth feels, when she's wet.

But the sun'll start dryin' her out...

And she'll start callin' to me again just the way Nona does sometimes.

I knowed it all along, you'd never leave this place.

If there was only one farmer left on this earth...

It'd be you.

Crazy kiddin', Tim!

Them machines o' yourn... they're fine... I realise that.

But you just can't eat 'em.

Once in a while, you gotta have a hunk 'o beef and a few ears o' corn to fill up your belly.

Oh, you city folks are mighty smart...

But I'm afraid without us farmers, you'd get kinda skinny.

And without us workers, I just wonder what'd happen to you all.

You're plough... sure didn't grow on no tree.

And your gun that you feed your bunch with in the winter...

You didn't plant no seeds to get that.

Some day, like I hope you get you a tractor.

Where do you reckon that'll come from?

Believe me, friend... it takes all kinds to make up this whole world.

You love your farm.

That's right. You stay.

I like to work in a factory.

And that's why I come to take you back with me.

Well... you know what I'm talkin' about.

I don't mean no harm... I'd just like to help you.

Yeah... I know, Tim... thanks!

Coffee's all ready!

I want honey! I want honey!

Boy, nothin' could taste better than this!

I think this is the first time you've made anything out of that old pot that was fit to drink, Nony!

Thank you, Granny!

Thank you, Honey.

Tomorrow I guess we'll be through with the ploughin'.

As if we ever get through with the ploughing!

I'm goin' back to the house, and just sit... and wait for my call to glory.

Yeah... spring's gonna come a little early this year, Honey.

Yeah, I reckon we can start our seedin' even before the twentieth.