The Spy (2019) Script

You always believe the war will never reach you

Bill thought so too.

But that is not the nature of war.

It forces you to choose a side.


You've probably never heard of Bill, but that's quite understandable –

– because everything he did was marked "Classified"

But maybe you know "him" as Sonja Wigert. Yes?

It's probably my fault her name has been forgotten.

It's about time "Bill's" story was heard.

Whether true or false others must decide.

In any case, this is my version of it.

Whatever it may be worth.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Sonja Wigert!

Thank you very much for coming this evening. It is a great day.

I hope you can dream, laugh a little, and really celebrate life.

You deserve it. Best wishes for an excellent performance.

Thanks. Why are there so few workers? There's no one from the theater.

I am here.

It's been wonderful to have you here.

I'll speak straightforwardly: Cheers and thanks for good camaraderie.

Hr Reichskommissar

– Don't you think she's good? – Yes, Goebbels will like her.

I didn't know she was such a revelation. Blonde - and the right kind of blonde. Gorgeous.

A true find Sinding.

Goebbels comes for dinner at Skaugum this weekend.

– Make sure she comes. – Naturally You could start my career. Imagine if we could always live together.

– Inspiring each other. – Together? You and me?

It was a great honor, Hr Reichskommissar.

I want to help the process along as much as I can. Many thanks.

We all loved you. All of Norway loves you.

There is one you should meet for dinner.

Our great dream is about to become a reality.

I've gotten positive signals that "Else" will be made into a film.

– With you as the star. – Is it true? Really?

There is dinner at Skaugum on Saturday.

– I play in Stockholm on Friday. – Take the night train after the show.

– What about a visa? – Everything is arranged; visa, tickets...

– Don't worry your pretty head. – Vipsen? Wait-

That is fantastic Leif, many thanks.

Why are you leaving? Shouldn't we celebrate?

Look around. Want to be praised by these people?

– They are the public. – Sonja.

I just want people to have a good time. Is that so bad?

No. You can stay, but I'm going home.

If I'm seen with this pack I'll be unemployed tomorrow.

Report based on Norwegian newspapers.

The day after the German invasion Quisling was proclaimed Prime Minister..

Two weeks later Hitler replaced him with Josef Terboven –

– as Reichskommissar in Norway.

He forbid all other parties and imposed censorship on the press.

He moved into Skaugum, residence of the Crown Prince.

The consequence of this for Swedish security policy –

– I will address in new reports.

Heil Hitler.

We need a skilled informant near Terboven. Lieutenant Akrell.

There are rumors that the Germans will attack us.

I'll write this in a separate report.


– Your bags are ready and the car is here. – Thank you.

This has come for you with orders.

German orders.

– Big case? – No. Thanks for a lovely stay.

It's been a joy Mrs Wigert.

Kielland's "Else"


Statistically, the number of break-ins has doubled in the last year.

We've included that coverage in our new home insurance.

We were known as the C-Bureau; officially an insurance agency –

– but in reality a network of spies who reported to me.

Even if the enemy had not invaded –

– every warring country already had their intelligence operations in place.

Stockholm was teeming with spies, spying on us and each other.

No one trusted anyone.

Hi. Are you on the way to Stockholm?

Yes, but I thought of you so much yesterday. I missed you.

Did you get our message that we would not take part in the German PR show?

– I'll make some food for you. – No, you don't need to.

You've grown thinner. I'll throw something together.




It's pitiful a grown man must hide to have a smoke.

– It's "medicine" father. – Ha ha

See that?

Sonja, the filmmaker Leif Sinding –

– I don't want our name to be connected to him.

He is a cursed traitor.

How can you work with him? You don't understand how serious it is.

Should I set my life and my career on pause, –

– just because all of this is happening?

How many times have you said "Seize the opportunity?"

– Is that what you think you're doing? – I am just an actress.

You can't hide Sonja.

You must choose a side. What you must pause right now doesn't matter.

Sonja? Sigvald?

Of course I don't want to be seen as a Nazi sympathizer, but otherwise it won't become a film.

"Else" is a classic, and Leif is a good friend.


We can't just stop making a movie just because there is a war.

Shall we have dessert?

Sonja Wigert. Born 11. November 1913 in Notodden.

Daughter of Sigvald Hansen and Carmen Kirsebom.

Educated at the National School of Design, But has worked as an actress since her theater debut in 1934 Popular in Norway after many roles in film and theater.

She knows many of the Norwegian cultural elite – Norwegian and German.

There are plans for a film with her in a larger role.

Her father and brother have connections to the Resistance.

But Sonja does not appear to be entirely convinced.

What was your business in Norway? Stand op!

– They don't understand German. – Sit down!

Sit down right now, or I'll throw you off the train!

Hag of a citizen!

Get up! Show me your passport and bag.

Get up!

Married to Torsten Flodén, a Swedish playwright.

But it seems that their marriage is failing.

Laura Jonsson left their apartment after lunch in a hurry. In effect... .

– Laura Jonsson? – Sonja's dressmaker.

That's not so good.

You forgot this!

Not at all.

So now it's my fault? I'm the villain?

Such a shame for Sonja! Have you slept your way to any new roles?

Get out!

– Is she worth the trouble? – I think so.

She speaks German and English, and can get by in French.

Her status, contacts, and talents make Sonja Wigert unique in my eyes.

The goverment has to wake up. Look at what happened in Norway.

An invasion of Sweden is both probable and imminent.

The Foreign Minister and I share your concern.

But it is a politically sensitive case. Do you want us to start a war?

Look around you for goodness sake. There is already war.

Longitudes. Latitudes.

They map our archipelago.

Islands, channels, bridge heights, military installations.

Someone is sending things out of Sweden.

One of our girls, Miss C, thinks that this is a code;

That "Maria" is a spy who reports directly to Berlin

– Any theories? – Someone with German sympathies?

Family in Germany? Military background? A traveler or journalist?

Thus we wait for your girl to come with concrete evidence.

Oh Satan's...

It is the infamous Trojan horse Modernized for the fifth column Major Quisling is a parrot Who imitates as well as he understands.

We appear to be peaceful guys What a mess! You're a disgrace against Sweden! Karl Gerhard!

The Europe which loudly proclaims That power has right has now gotten its symbol

– Who are you? – Don't worry, Mrs Wigert.

I come from the Swedish Military.

– I just want to talk with you. – What do you want with me?

– My apologies if I frightened you. – My goodness... The Swedish Military?

Your great popularity gives you access to a special environment.

That is very valuable in my branch. I'll get right to the point.

I would like you to take the night train to Oslo this evening, –

– And I ask that you go to the dinner.

How do you know about that?

I don't know how you want to manage your popularity, –

– But do you want what happened in Norway to also happen here?

Do you not wish Sweden to remain free?

The Germans are mapping the Swedish coast so they can invade us too.

There are spies working on this right now.

The man steering everything is Josef Terboven.


Were you on the train? Have you been following me?

I ask you – go to the dinner.

– Keep your eyes and ears open. – And break all ties to my family?

This is about an entire nation's future.

What do you think will happen if they march in?

What will happen to the theater?

Don't you think your theater colleagues run a very large risk –

– of being stood up against a wall and executed?

I need you to be at that dinner. Sweden needs you there.

– But I have no use for you. – Travel to Oslo.

Thank you for the flowers.

It's a shame Mrs Wigert. Both for you and for us.

If you should come to think better of it: Café Blom. A table by the window.

You were good this evening. You have a real talent for being another.

Allow me to present the film director.

– I want to meet the actress. – She will be at your table.

This is Leif Sinding, Propaganda Minister.

– It is an honor. – Likewise.

– Where is she? – She comes. No problem.

This way.

– Mrs Wigert. – Patrik!

– You look nice. – Thanks, I just threw something on.

– Where is Flodén? – It will soon be in the tabloids.

– I threw him out this time. – The world is full of better men.

Surely you lie. I'll end up dying alone and forgotten.

I have the negatives from photographing your home.

– Would you like to have them? – Yes. Thanks!

– Come with me for a drink. – I can't.

– Why not? – I'm to photograph this evening.

Oh, come now. We'll just do this. Perfect. Now come, come.

Thank you very much. You are wonderful.

But now the songbird is in need of something to drink. Maybe later.


– Mrs Wigert! – Baron von Gossler!

Well now.

Excellent performance, as always. You should meet Albert Finke.

Our Tourism Manager. Perhaps you've met before?

– No. Sonja Wigert. – Albert Finke. It is an honor.

I am a big admirer of your film –

– and your work in the scene.

– You know much of me. – I am the Tourism Manager.

You should also meet Andor Gellert.

Attaché to the Hungarian Embassy... Mr. Ambassador.

Shall we dance?

Her train is probably late. We must get a handle on the Norwegian traffic situation.

– I'm retiring. – Goodnight.

Get me Fehlis, Chief of the Security Service

Heinrich. It concerns an arrest.

– Sigvald Hansen? – Yes.

– Arrest him. – Tell me why.

– Leave her alone! – Sigvald!



– Sigvald Wigert? – Yes.


– Hi. – Hi. Can I also get one of those?

Do you have a table by the window?

My goodness.

– Mrs Wigert. – My father was taken and is in Grini.

It was dumb not to go to the dinner.

Sit down. I am convinced they aren't after your father.

It is you they want - a star in their propaganda machinery.

My father has bad lungs. Is there anything I can do?

That is what I also hope.

"Maria." It is a code name.

We believe "Maria" is a piece in a game for Sweden, which must not lose.

– I want a name and face for this "Maria" – What does this have to do with my father?

The one who can have your father freed and lead us to "Maria" –

– is Josef Terboven.

But we must start over. We must find a way to resume contact.

– Find an excuse. – How should that be done?

We help each other.

Do we have an agreement?

A party is being held at the Hungarian Embassy Every German in Stockholm is coming, and people from other Axis powers.

A Mr Hartmann will also be there.

He is an old friend of Terboven – they studied together.

Have him give Terboven a trustworthy excuse...

How do I know who he is?

A low man with blue eyes, who is quite popular.

Make sure that he is the one to put you in contact with Terboven.

I was terrified. I was taken to a basement with my eyes covered.

[English] – May I help you? – Good evening.

– Oh, you don't recognize me, do you? – Should I?

We didn't have a chance to meet officially the other night at Berns.

– I didn't realize you had been invited. – Yet I was.

– ... Or I should have been. – Why is that?

This is insane! Have you seriously not heard of Sonja Wigert?

Ah, perhaps you're new to this country. I advise you to brush up on the most elementary...

You have quite the nerve, not to mention audacity.

– So, if you let me in then... – This is a private party.

– Good evening. – I wish I could wish you the same. [/English]

– Mrs Wigert! – Oh my, hello!

– My little nightingale. – My knight.

– Mr Gellert. – Mr Von Gossler.

– Are you on the way out? – There was a misunderstanding.

This man was throwing me out.

Perhaps you could maybe sing for us a little later?


[English] – I'm singing here tonight. [/English] – Are you trying to destroy our evening?

– In no way, Mr Finke. – Shall we go?

Farewell. We shall now have something good to drink.

I was recently invited to dinner with a well-known German in Norway.

– Would you excuse us? – Naturally, Mr Hartmann.

But unfortunately I was unable to attend.

And I wasn't able to send my regrets.

It has made me totally desperate. I think about it constantly.

– I don't know if you understand. – Naturally. Come with me.

Who was this famous German?

You can speak safely.

It was a certain Mr Terboven.

I would so love to find someone who could convey my apologies.

Maybe I could do so. I meet Terboven tomorrow.

You know him? Would you do it?

– Or maybe right away? – Right away?

Would it be possible? Then I would no longer have such a burden.

Come with me.

Excuse my disturbance. A sweet girl would like to speak with you.

Yes. Good.

Mr Terboven? This is Sonja Wigert.

Your invitation was so personal.

I would like to personally apologize that I was unable to come.

I had problems at home.

I will just say that the role as Else...

I understand there are alternatives, but...

I understand. Naturally, Mr Reichskommisar.

Yes. Goodbye.


– Come here! – No. Don't!

– I said no! – Mrs Wigert.

Would you not come and sing for us?

Everyone is waiting for you and your wonderful talent.

[English] Mrs Wigert? I'm sorry. This man; he's not from the Hungarian delegation.

We've sent him to his hotel, so you're more than welcome to stay if you want.

Thank you, but it's late. I need to get back home.

– Your singing was amazing tonight. – Thank you.

– Can I show you something? I think you would like it. – What?

It's a surprise. You won't be disappointed.

Look, I appreciate what you did in there. I'm grateful.

It's just, I'm so tired, and you have a party to host.

Alright. Maybe another time. Goodnight.

What kind of surprise?

Surprise me.

– But they just have beer here. – So surprise beer then.

– Hey. – Hey, Andor.

Hey. Sonja.

Alright. I do it for a beer and one for the lady.

Have you heard of Blue Note? It's a Jazz club in New York.

Small place – no bigger than a living room – but crowded.

– Full of people who love Jazz. – Sounds fantastic.

Well, I've never been there, but I will; when this bloody war is over. [/English]

She's been waiting for the close-up. We're fliming in front of a large waterfall.

– Sinding? – Not now.

– I turn toward the camera man... – It's the telephone.

She throws herself directly in the waterfall, and the camera wasn't running.

– It is the Reichskommisar. – What did you say?

It is the Reichskommisar.

Yes, Mr Reichskommisar.

A sample film?

It can easily be done. No problem.

Fine, thanks.


[English] I have to go to Norway.

To my mother and father. Family matter.

– No. – Andor, I have to go; really I do. [/English]

So be interested. Listen.

Remember everything and write it all down, and then you report.

Write reports and read all of this? I should be practicing a new script...

Your father's lungs are not very well, is that not right?

From now on we'll do precisely as I say. Or we'll forget about it.

What should I do?

I want to find something concrete on "Maria."

What exactly should I do?

I believe you know that much better than I do.

Who is Bill?

It is you.

You should not underestimate him. Terboven is well-read and intelligent.

He can seem charming and even human –

– But don't forget that he is driven by his Nazi ideology.

– Thank you very much. – Then you go up here..

Think of the camera as your opponent, that the camera is your guard.

Quiet for recording! Lights! Camera!

And... begin.

What am I doing here in this comfortless place?

Perhaps I have made many mistakes, but to rot here in prison?

– No Leif, can we... – No... don't stop. Continue to film.

– I feel uncomfortable. – And begin.

What am I doing here in this comfortless place?

Perhaps I have made many mistakes, but to rot here in prison?

When people look at me they see this.

A poor little flea. It has not always been this way.

My family is rich.

My father is powerful.

I won't be here long.

I am here because I am forced to be here!

As with everything else in a flea's life, I was forced!

They dare not go now. I will not allow it.

If you want justice, for the world to be a better place, –

– then you must also treat me well.

I'm not so shabby as I appear.

And you are not so pathetic that you will just let me sit here.

Piece of crap.

There is no justice.

There is no easy answer for what is right and what is false.

Bravo! Kielland would have liked this very much.

– Josef Terboven. – Sonja Wigert.

It is a pleasure. Do you know his other works?

– "Gift" is my favorite. – "Gift?"

Oh yes, "Gift." I am reading it now.

Perhaps we could discuss it over dinner?

– Might I send a car this evening? – Yes.

Goodbye Mr Reichskommisar.

– Hello, Sigrid. – Are you back?

– Mr Gleditsch. – Are you back?

Without telling me? You can sit with us.

Yes, it...

Mr Gleditsch. Congratulations with everything you're doing at Trøndelag Theater.

I've heard very good things about it. Does it go well?

It goes. But what doesn't –

– That you were with the VIP at a Nazi party the other day.

And you don't seem ashamed of it.

You go around with that cursed Sinding.

– Are you here with him? – He's going for the Nazi deal.

It will stick to your name when the wind turns.

If you even have a name when it happens.

– Lovely to see you again, Henry. – What are you doing? – Vibeke.

This is Müller–Scheld. The German cultural attaché in Norway.

– An honor. – It will be a very large production.

– The largest in Norwegian History. – But, Mrs Wigert...

You'll have a huge responsibility if you'll be playing Else.

We're not hiring just any actress.

The one who gets the role must also represent us –

– and stand for cooperation between the Norwegian people and the Third Reich.

She must embody the National Socialist movement.

– Are you just as excited for that part? – Yes, naturally she is.

Do you share our ideology and vision for the future?

Oh, of course.

I would very much like to hear it from Mrs Wigert herself.

Tell me, Mr Müller–Scheld.

– Are you Christian? – Christian? Yes.

– Do you believe in God? – Yes, what does this have to do with it?

Prove your belief in God.

– Um... I can't. – Exactly.

Just like I can't prove what I believe in.

I am on your side. You may believe in my word.

Cheers for that.

– Heil Hitler. – Heil Hitler!

"The Allies complain about the coastline."

"They're always complaining."

"The coast Germany has conquered: France, Spain."

"The Allies are always complaining."

– Mrs Wigert! – Reichskommisar Terboven.

– Have you been here before? – Never.

There was a certain elegance.

– Now it is more cultivated, right? – Indeed.

– Good evening. – Good evening.

– Let us sit, Mrs Wigert. – Might I ask you call me Sonja?

– You may indeed. Sonja. – Josef.

– Here. – Thank you.

– Cheers for Kielland. – Kielland.

Do you think we can get along well with each other?


Maybe not.

Are you hungry? Come.

But the Allies, I mean, complaining all the time.

[English] What to do with France? What to do with Spain? Norway... [/English]

Sonja, might I also ask you something?

This evening should not be about politics. That is my job.

Now I am free.

What should this evening be about?

I am always honest, and we should be honest with each other.

I have nothing against honesty.

Why are you here?

I am here because I didn't have the opportunity last time.

And I would very much like "Else" to come to something.

– And, um, I would like to have the part... – We'll start from the beginning.

Why are you really here?

To get you to free my father.

He is sick and I don't know how long he will survive in prison.

He is an old man.

– It's getting late. – Yes.

A room has been prepared for you.

– Please feel at home. – Thank you.

It is very beautiful.

Oh, yes... that. If you wish.

I believe I can get him to trust me.

Terboven knows there are many German sympathizers in Sweden.

But he did not mention details.

He thought Sweden would defend Norway. Why didn't you do that?

You should not ask that again.

I have heard nothing of an invasion of Sweden, –

– but they do not well tolerate the nearly unlimited anti-German propaganda in the newspapers.

Terboven is upset about how the Germans are portrayed.

Good. We should give him something.

Tell him that Sweden is mobilizing.

– Are you? – I'm putting something together.

False information? Won't that put me in danger?

– Will it get my father out of prison? Don't forget that... – That is an order, Mrs Wigert.

Until next time.

[English] What are you going to do after the war, if it ever ends?

– Move back home? – I don't know.

You're a diplomat. Do you think that you'll be travelling a lot?

– What about yourself? – I asked you first.

Maybe we should go away together.

– Right... – I'm serious.

– Where? – To New York.

– New York? – The greatest city in the world.

The city that never sleeps.

Central Park, the Avenues, all the jazz joints... You would love it.

You can keep making films there –

– and be a star on Broadway. [/English]

S***! No!

Nice shot.

Here it is!

An apple.

We don't know what Berlin thinks.

We appear cowardly if we just wait for Sweden to mobilize.

Sweden's not mobilizing. It's just a rumor.

I am well-informed of the situation there.

– Sweden will not do anything. – Maybe you're right.

My dear, what do you know of this?

A relative in Värmland has been called up.

What did I say? They're mobilizing.

Yes... though the name for it is "Organizing."

But he was given both a helmet and rifle.

– Is that right? – Yes.

So maybe it's not just a rumor.

Did he say that himself to you? When did he get the rifle?

I can only say what he said to me.

– I don't want to start a quarrel. – You have just done so.

Who are we talking about?

The question is how long we can allow it –

– when we know that it happens right under our noses?

What does an actress know of war?

– No one doubts you. – Gentlemen, it's time to go.

Sonja... Your car is waiting outside.

– I am... – Sonja, I didn't mean it like that.

You are of course allowed to have your own opinions.

My apologies.

Forgive me.

Will you stay?


Stop. Get off.

Watch this.

No! You're bleeding! Your skin is all scraped up! Should I get a doctor?

No! No doctor. It's just a scratch.

Oh no.... My goodness!

– That was dumb. – Yes.

T wants to meet more often. He's obtained a visa and wants to see me –

– as soon as I am finished with filming.

Filming goes slowly.

I don't like the changes the Germans force Sinding to make.

But I don't want to worsen his situation.

T visits the studio now and then.

We cannot change Else's fate.

July 24 T has many times expressed his concern that Sweden will not defend herself against England.

He says that it should be discussed with Berlin.

Eight German officers visited.

They boasted of their new conquests and their superiority.

T is convinced that the war will be over within eight months.

T is furious about the sabotage in Trondheim.

He fears the Resistance is spreading and has redoubled police efforts.

He suspects someone stole silverware from the kitchen and sent a housekeeper to the front as punishment.

This is how he behaves when he's furious.

July 31. I believe I can preserve my special relationship to T.

I will take up my father's situation.

It is risky, but something I can no longer wait for –

– because of his poor health and for my own sake.

I have become someone else.

I hope I can find my way back to myself when this is all over.

Still no news on "Maria." Bill.

– Excuse me Josef, do you have a moment? – Yes, sure. Come in.

– I would like to speak with you. – Come, come. Sit down.

I have spoken with Fehlis and the security police.

They are in agreement with me, but I would like to hear your opinion.

It's the cursed saboteurs up in Trøndelag.

I don't want to make them into war heros. They will be if I punish them.

I understand your problem.

Tomorrow the Norwegian people will become acquainted with the required principles.

– What principles? – Executions.

When they spit in our outstretched hand –

– we have no other choice then to force them to their knees.

But is there not also a risk that this would have the opposite effect?

– That the Norwegian Resistance is strengthened? – Yes.

That is exactly the point. Then they become fallen Risistance heroes.

That does nothing for me. I must attack the root of the problem.

The spiritual origin. The intellectuals. The journalists.

The communistic troublemakers. All who blow on the fire.

We must set an example with the leaders.

I will do the following:

I'll put some key people out of the game.

But I will let everyone know what the real reason is. Sabotage.

– You will never be forgiven. – I know.

There must be another way.

No... This case gives me a headache.

I'm sorry. What did you have on your mind?




– What is it? – It was just a dream.

It'll pass.


We're releasing your father.

Will you do me a little favor?


Will you spy for me in Sweden?

My little spy.


They've taken Gleditsch. He is dead.

What on earth are you saying?

They have executed him and nine others in Trondheim.

Innocent people. Totally without reason.

Heinrich Fehlis. Commander of the Security Service in Norway.

– Where is Josef? – He has a war to take care of.

Get dressed and come with me.

It will be a great pleasure for me to work together with you.

The car is waiting. Five minutes.

Not everyone is so lucky as to have influence with the Reichskommisar.

Are you not going to greet him?

If you hurry you can reach him before the train leaves.

Get out so I can see it.

I love "happy endings."

Travel back to Stockholm, Sonja Wigert. Our contact will find you.

He will ask if you would like a walk with your dog.

He will give you the details of the assignment.

You do not need to know anything more.

Dear Mother. I hope father has come –

– and his lungs are on the way to getting better.

I miss you so much.

I wish I could explain more than I can right now –

– believe me that there is an explanation for everything.

Tell father not to take part in the Resistance movement. It is important.

I know how he'll react, but believe me that it is very sensitive right now.

I'm sorry to be so cryptic –

– But things have arisen which affect your security.

The war is entering a new phase.

Reichskommisar Josef Terboven's brutal regime –

– showed its true face some two months ago.

He introduced martial law and ordered a mass execution –

– where 72 men were killed.

The persecution of Jews is even more pronounced.

Norwegian police were forced to apprehend all Jewish men......

– Hello? – Mrs Wigert?

How is your little dog doing? Is it time to get some air?

– Yes, it could use some air. – Outstanding.

I think we should meet in the Hagapark.

Good. Then see you there.

Watch out!

– Mrs Wigert? – Baron von Gossler?

– Good to see you. – And just where is your little dog today?

I am very positive about the work we'll do together.

It is a great honor for me to be able to play this type of game with the best.

– What use do you have for me? – See the big picture in the small cases.

The places you frequent are full of small, nearly unremarkable things –

– which are maybe not so small when you consider them.

But shouldn't I know what unremarkable things I should look for?

What is your opinion of an Allied invasion? Here in Sweden.

An Allied invasion? That'd be a sight.

What do you think? You should know if you are a spy. Are you one?

It was nice to meet, Baron von Gossler.

We'll probably bump into each other, but now I have other things to do.

We have reason to believe that someone in our own ranks is not entirely loyal –

– Leaking information that we didn't want shared to the Allies.

Infiltrate our ranks and find the informant.

I will do my best; that is, watch with the connections I have.

But I don't have very many.

Why not use your Hungarian lover?

Fear not – I won't tell the Reichskommisar about him.

Terboven himself is not pure flour in the bag [ie entirely spotless] –

– But it would not end happily if he know it.

So the Hungarian will be between us. Until we meet again Mrs Wigert.

Come... Come Eva.

I need really juicy informantion, not just idle gossip.

By the way, are you monitoring me? You do, right?

Then you must stop now. If they even suspect that I'm working with you –

– then they'll kill my entire family. Do you understand me?

I can read this in the newspaper. I need something real, like a name.

Would you perhaps like for me to give you up?

I will see what I can do. Maybe we have someone we can dispose of.

Maybe this contact with von Gossler will lead us to "Maria."

– My family needs to go to Sweden. – Not now. We must be cautious.

– We can't do anything that could arouse suspicion. – There is a man standing outside my door.

Help us to find "Maria" and I will get your family to safety. You have my word on that.

– Good. – Andor Gellert.

What is his relation to the Germans?

He leaves Stockholm on a regular basis. Where is he going?

– Travels? Where? – That is what we would like to know.

No! I know him.

Do you? How well?

Perhaps he keeps other secrets than just his travels?

– You should find out more about him. – Of course...

We found one of our girls under a bridge. Drowned.

Her brother gave her up. Close relationship is no guarantee.

[English] How is that Norwegian actress doing who can undergo all types of weather?

– Someone you know? – No... just another islander.

He's also renting a cabin out here.

What is it? Is our relationship a secret?


– So what do you do when you're out here? – It's my sanatorium.

Keeps me sane.

I'd like to show you something.

Don't tell anyone about this.

Just you... and this...

I could live like this forever.


Would you marry me?

I'm sorry. I didn't mean... You don't have to answer... It just came out all wrong, ok?

I have to go. [/English]

Patrik? Patrik?

– Can we talk for a moment? – Not now.

– I have a question. – Not now.

There! What is that?

Oh my goodness. This...

– What is this? What is this? – Just an assignment. Nature pictures.

For who? For the Germans?

Are you stupid? The Germans? Honestly...


They are just some pictures.

Who is paying you?

I don't know.

I have never met anyone.

It was a few days after Berns –

– The first letter came.

I would get double what I was paid when the pictures were taken and delivered.

I just took some pictures of the coast, archipelago, and some harbors.

Calm down. Who did you deliver them to?

– I put them in a trash bin in the Hagapark. – Have you seen anyone?

No, I don't know who they are.

I may have seen someone once, but it could have been anyone.

Are you delivering these?

– When? – This afternoon. Four o'clock.

What do you want them for?

That's a very bad idea.

– Why are you...? Sonja! – Trust me.

– You're late. – When did this begin?

"Maria" will be retrieving this today at 4 o'clock in the Hagapark.

– In exchange for my family. No! For my family. Then you can have your war. – Sonja...

We have discussed this. I will surely get your family out. Give it to me.

This does not have the identity, but if it leads us to "Maria"...

Then your assignment is complete. I'll get your family out as fast as possible.

What more should I say? I promise. Is it that hard?

– Where did you get the pictures? – From a friend.

They'll be placed in a trash bin by Gustav III's pavillon.

– Where did you get the pictures? – Just try to catch him.

5 o'clock at Café Blom.

– Did no one come? – Otherwise I wouldn't have them.

– Someone must have seen me. – Where?

– Patrik! – Sonja? Wait!




Oh... Oh no!

Patrik? Patrik?



Sonja. We can't stay here. I'll use the phone.

We're quite sure. His name is Andor Gellert, Hungarian diplomat.

– She found this photographic proof with him. – Where did you get these pictures?

– They are from a dead photographer. – Yes, but she found the same ones with him.

– I need more than just circumstantial... – Major Petersén, with all respect...

I get along just fine without respect.

Do the work you're being paid for and catch him in the act.

[English] I'm so glad to see you. I thought I had ruined everything with what I said. I lost my head - it was strange I know.

– I was just not prepared, and overwhelmed, and... – Sonja, I...

– ... And touched. It's just that I'm not officially divorced yet. – I know that.

– We're not in a hurry are we? – I can wait.

As long as I know that you... That we...

Then I can wait forever.

I have something I'd like to show you.

I found them in Patrik's apartment.

– I thought maybe they would be useful to you – useful for us. – You shouldn't have these.

They're worth a lot to the Germans.

– Do you know what those pictures are? – Yes.

Who are you working for? Who are you?

Andor, I know that you are "Maria." It's alright. [/English]

He escaped, but we'll surely catch him.

Now the Germans know that I've worked with you.

– Calm down. – Yes, of course you can say that.

But what am I going to do? My family and I; we're are as good as dead now.

I said, we'll catch him.

Give me Akrell.

Hi. I spoke with von Gossler. I said I knew who the informant is.

No, I don't know, but I saw him die.

I said I would reveal him as leading to your "Maria."

Face to face tomorrow, Bellmansro 12 o'clock.

And, Akrell – be ready to send the whole police force if necessary.

– You have something for us? – Not here and not now.

What is it that you can say tomorrow, but you can't say now?

This is an excellent place. We won't be overheard...

Because surely you haven't had any contact with the Swedish Security Service?

Naturally they've been in in contact with me.

They asked me about everything and everybody. They're not idiots.


We're not entirely finished here, Mrs Wigert.

Whatever happened to your young Hungarian lover?

I don't know.

Shoot me. Then I'll take what I know with me to the grave –

– And you can expect a showdown with Reichskommisar Josef Terboven.

Tidholm, the car.

Mrs Wigert!


– Mr Finke? – Mrs Wigert!

Come, come!

– A true pleasure, as always. – Yes.

Let me get right to the point. We have had suspicions that –

– The young pretty Hungarian is our informant.

He has had nearly unrestricted access to our embassy.

And now he's hidden himself in your little lovenest.

I recommend you show us the way.

Mrs Wigert? There is no boat.

He's not here.

Mr Finke! Look at this.

These are our pictures.

– He's copied all of them. – Cursed traitor!


– Maybe he's hidden the boat. – Where?



Agent "Bill" identified "Maria" as Albert Finke.

The German Tourism Manager.

He and Baron von Gossler had carried out extensive espionage.

They were arrested while they tried to shred the evidence.

I kept my promise and smuggled the family over the border –

– To their summerhouse in Falkenberg.

Were "Bill's" efforts crucial to the outcome of the war?

Maybe not.

Her dealings with the Germans hurt her career.

It is not easy to shake off suspicion.

Especially when you've worked as a double-agent.

RETURN TO SENDER It indicates he's gone underground.

No address or tracks or family. Nothing.

If he worked for the Americans he could be in England or USA.

I apologize.

"For service in the King's and the Nation's interests"?

You have made a heroic effort for our land and our freedom.

Unfortunately no one will know of it in the near future –

– So expect no applause. It doesn't exist in our branch.


If you find out where he is, would you give him this?

Sonja, Sonja...

Keep it.

I'll do everything in my power to find out where he is.

Thank you.

Sonja Wigert met Andor Gellert just one more time. It was in New York in 1961.

He rejected her. The Swedish General Staff tried to clear Sonja's name after the war, –

– And the Americans did also, but it was only partially successful.

She died in 1980, and the information about her work as a double-agent –

– Was declassified first in the 2000s by the Swedish authorities.

Translation: Z13