The Spy in Black (1939) Script




starve England Is it true? See for you yourself..


"Following the success our submarines will be decided ... "

CENSORED Now we know, sir.


A room ... A room for my wife and me.

Sorry, is complete.

We just got married. Morning back boarding.


29, but do not know for how long.

Regístrense first.

Captain? Hardt?

You will need a wetsuit. Follow at sea.

The U29 clinched an hour ago. Who wants to be captain?

That when I get up Schneider. All right.

Another manicure for 46. I know.


Call Captain Hardt headquarters.

It has not yet arrived. Does your room?

La 54. Have you seen it?

16 days does not do.

Have you ever seen? No.

Well proven in the Turkish baths.

The hammams ...

You saved my room? The 54 Captain Hardt.

Cigarettes? We're out.

Again? I snuff.

And a pipe six frames.

Let it. Not smoke a pipe.

Aseémonos for dinner. Has sunk supply ships?

Four. Gives me hungry just imagining it.

16 days without smoking.

It is absolutely ... Perfect!

Before the dinner. a cigar tastes better after dinner.

Always right.

He's back, Captain. Congratulations.

Table for two. And dinner for ten.

I put in the booth. Now they go.

Felix, honey. After dinner, Schuster.

We have spent 16 days in a submarine.

That's 48 cans of sardines, ie 768 fish.

I could eat a horse. You sure.

Sorry, no meat today.

Well take roast goose lots of foie gras, Apple pie, plum. So great.

Gentlemen, please.

Here is the menu. Thank you.

Is it a joke? Boiled fish!

Carrots, beets, potatoes. No potatoes.

Bring bread and butter. No butter. Tomorrow maybe.

Sink food World's finest port and give us ...

Boiled fish with carrots! I understand them.

Fifth floor.

Captain? Hardt? Report to headquarters.

Follow this way. Yes, sir.

What an idea! A bike on a submarine!

11:15, sir.

14. We can now open the backpack?

11:15, sir.

11:15, gentlemen.


What does the bike?

What you got there? The map of the mines.

And a picture of the Old Man of Hoy, appears to be a date.

3E 25 '. It's out of my map.

It's in mine. Bring. gentlemen, is a special mission.

We order heading to that point of the Orkney Islands.

It is a hard and dangerous work. I know I can count on you.

Nothing more. Thank you.

Hartman, ahead at all.

3e 2 '0 ". Yes, sir.

Schuster? Yes, sir.

As for the bike, I take Long Hope, on the island of Hoy, basis of the British Grand Fleet.

"Passing the minefield, choose favorable and night landing.

Schuster will take over and wait for his return.

He will go to school Long Hope where it will contact the agent ... Thiel Fraulein. "

A woman? How is it?

Alta, brunette, 21 years old ... My type.

You will need to shave. What's in the backpack?

I still do not see why a motorcycle. Schuster ...

A man coming out of a submarine not travel by motorcycle.

Camouflage! Camouflage.

A tweed suit, perfect for Scotland.

To me it suits me great, she'll look great.

It is mine. I bought it to Hoffman.

"Temple & Conway, Saville Row, London "

"Ernest H-A-R-T"

His name, written in English.

Ingenious. I steal the suit and try to spy me.

Is there a photo Thiel Fraulein that?

How will they get in school? That's up to you.

Miss. Anne, are almost four.

Soon you will get the car. I'm coming!

Watch out!

Floor Varnish ... I broke the handle.

Nothing happens.

Dear Nanny, I've loved the holidays.

How could I know take care of? I have lots of practice.

Do not stand there smiling, pin the label.

I wanted to give you this.

You dropped your passport, clumsy mine.

A photo with John. For me?

I have more. They printed thousands. How lovely!

"The Revd. John Harris, vicar of St. Swithin, his fiancee, Miss. Anne Burnett, a school intended the Orkney Islands. "

We will drive them much. Come to see me when I can.

Car has stopped at the door.

Would hassle serve tea?

You will have to wait for it to go Miss. Maggie, the suitcase.

We expect a car. Take the train to Thursto. You. Apologize.

Are you going north? In the Orkney Islands.

Where the fleet, right? I'm a teacher.

The Four. The train leaves at five.

How strange that Sandy Ross late. It never happened.

Sandy Ross? Have you seen it?

We saw a car with your name. He seemed to have a breakdown Where? About 8 km.

God! Can not catch another train?

No, I miss the boat and arrive a day late.

Tell Mr. McLeod! We'll take the hearse.

No. Wait.

I can take you to the station. It would be very helpful.

What about the tea? It does not matter.

The Providence sent. Come on.

Maggie, up the things in the car!

We took her to Dingwall.

And wrap up. Whenever you catch a cold!

You.'s A saint.

Do not lose your passport. And put on wool.

There's really cold. I'll take care.

No teacher appears. I am.

I graduated from Bristol. Which list.

After the death of my parents, had no money.

What your father did? He was an architect, but no luck.

Its unique project was a tavern in Chester.

He did not like because he did not drink.

He lived in Chester? Yes, on Putnam Street.

Do you have friends in the Orkney Islands? None.

But John will come to me. Who is John?

My fiance. Want to see a picture of him?


He is very handsome.

He believed that civil They could not go to the Orkney Islands.

No. It took me get a passport.

But has it? Yes here it is..

With pictures and everything. Salgo horrible.

These pictures never favored. Are you sure it's around here?

Are we going to Dingwall, Edwards? Yup.

It will be a shortcut.

Are not you cold? No, I love.

Remember what I told her nanny. Give Miss scarf. Burnett.

If I do not need. Not going to catch cold.

- Well? All in order .

Well, hold on tight.

We bring Miss. Burnett.

Did you see a light? Where? No.

I heard a splash. Substitúyame.

A seagull.

Far as we know it.

Miss. Anne Burnett? Yup.

Master? Yup.

This does not favor him. Like any passport photo.

Destination? Long Hope.

Age? 21.

Married or single? Committed.

Assist. Thank you.

Would you like some tea? Yes, please.

How long Long Hope? An hour.

They stop you there and telegraph.. Thank you.

Amarren there.

From Telegraph? You are. do you think?

Six? Six.


Good journey. You are. think, Walter?

For you. It is easy, stays on the bridge. And I?

It is a miracle that even to advance this pileup.

When will we be in dry dock to look at the engine?

I'll look. I hope so.

Is the new teacher? Yup.

Go change. The other called it "the Merciless".

Do you have the pass? Yup.

I'm special agent. See?

"Police Orkney" the duration of the war.

No up or down the dock without me knowing.

Miss. Anne Burnett? Yup.

It can happen.

My name is Bob Bratt. Pastor and his wife have come for her.

Thank you. The'll get it.

Close the door. Roger that.

I am the Reverend. Matthews. My wife.

Thanks for coming. Welcome. probably prefer stay at our house In school. That's very kind, but ...

Thought it would be inappropriate such a young girl living alone.

I can take care of myself. My wife is a good housekeeper.

The price is very reasonable. I do not doubt.

I will discuss another time. Bye Bye.

Bye Bye. I'll show you the way.

Close the door. Roger that.



15 meters. 4 auxiliary flood.

4 auxiliary flood!

Slow down. Easy, sir.

Stop the pump. Shut auxiliary.

Stop the pump, auxiliary close!


25 meters. Flood fifths.

Fifths flood!

Stay 25 meters.

Hot? Fear makes you sweat, huh?

We have touched something, have you heard? No we would be telling.

We have spent.

The one that got the map Iron Cross deserves.

Without it we would not have or wood.

Stop engine.

Stopping engines.

Do you hear something?

No, sir. Nothing.

All right. I go. 10 meters. 10 meters.

Climb the periscope.

Prepare to emerge. Prepare to surface!

Ventilation closed. Empty number ones.

Empty numbers two and three. Empty two and three.

8 m.

7 ...

5 ... Stop empty.Stations!

We review the details? Do you think I'll forget?

To be sure. Ready? On top of the cliff?

Northeast, surrounding rocks. Then?

Follow telegraph poles. Search the road.

At 5 km.? Right.

At the fork, left.

In the cairn? Stop and look for the sign O-NO.

The woman? Fraulein Thiel.

Moto ground. Password?

do not know what spell ...

Why are they smiling? I imagine him saying it to her.

If you are so funny, quédesela. Come on.

We see every day at this time.

Yes, sir.

Do you have everything? Yup.

Glasses? ¿Gun? All.


Who goes there?

Agent Bob Bratt. Assist.

A quiet night.

Hello there!

Turn off the light!

Did you call? What makes this light?

I'm sorry. Turn it off!

Yes I do.

Did not read the rules? No.

Worse.He is a teacher! Are you, Mr. Bratt.? I'm sorry.

It's okay.

I'm alone and the fleet here I have to be vigilant.

A spy would give everything to get here, but I would catch.

Good night. Good night.

do not know what enchantment makes me so sad.

An ancient legend me deceives and will not let me.

- What did the patrol? They saw the light .

- is alone. Of course .

- Where does this door? In the kitchen .

- Does the ladder? A room .

Butter What a shock.

you. Thiel is Fraulein.

Yes, Captain Hardt.

Speak English, please. What I like in English?

Come in. Thank you.

How did you get here? Demure look and fake passport.

Speak English like a native.

I have no choice. I am the teacher.

Master! My name is Anne Burnett.

Call me as well. Anne Burnett.

Are you crazy? In uniform here?

If I die, it will be as an officer, not as a spy.

As a civilian, I have no such defense.

I apologize.

A whole ham, bread and butter.

Butter! Butter.

Long ago the British passed strictures.

I did not know to be a secret agent it was so nice.

Have unpleasant moments.

Speaking of which, School starts the day after tomorrow.

I do not know how I go. Me neither.

In Germany no longer carry silk stockings.

I'll teach her ??room. He's upstairs.

Do not know what I have to do. I'll tell you tomorrow.

Tomorrow, no.Now!

What are your orders?

Excuse me? Your orders, Captain Hardt!

Fraulein introduce Thiel and obey.

Exactly! Pick up your bike and go to bed.

I'm taking her to bed? You can park in the laundry.


Good night.

Why encloses me?

Come clean in the morning. I can close.

It's safer that way.

Can I come in? Come in.

Good Morning. Good Morning.

Have breakfast in my room. The view is nice.

I have more important things to do than admire the view.

It's okay.

Finally. The plan?

Sinking 15 of these ships.


Will tell him.

Who is?

A British officer resentful. He was in command of a destroyer.

I lost in an accident. How?

An incorrect order. He had drunk.

Traitor and drunk the pride of the British navy.

Where did it happen? In Cyprus.

H.M.S. Connaught. February 16. I knew it?

Clear. The commander Ashington. Lieutenant. They withdrew the vessel.

Where did you meet her? In Leith, a month ago.

And she found it valuable. Pretty.

For who? Germany.

Just to Germany?

And for me.

I guess I'll you know.

Down in a minute.

Captain Hardt.

Let's sit down and learn to know.

Give a drink and relax. I'd rather go to work.

Drink when you can is my motto.

Whenever you can concentrate at work.

The Germans are all the same.

Close the curtains and take the maps. See if we started.

Three years ago we were helplessly in Keith.

We face in Jutland. And they have not gone further.

You mean ... Okay, we both win.

With the fleet around the corner, and large fleet that watches them Scapa, It is impossible to get to Ireland ... I know. What is your plan?

Two squadrons of cruisers They will sweep southward.

I know that too. It is routine.

Do not give anything to know what when, where and how?

Do you know? Save time, but get.

Which squad? The 1st and 5th.

The route?

Here it is, in pencil. East of Swona.

If we leave them to step ...

In Sandwick Bay. In Sandwick Bay, Would sink a few. Exactly.

They could change the path, but I would warn.

Who? My brother. He is captain of flags.

And also ...? No. Is fraternal confidence.

When will the operation take place?

Tomorrow. Past. It is not known. But I tell you.

We can not stop the blockade by assumption.

It is not an assumption. Come out of the sea.

The date? I get it.

It would be the greatest defeat of war.

So we agree?

I hope so.

Until the next meeting. Until the next meeting.

Be good.

Mr Ashington, what is your boat? The old Warspite.

Did not go with the squad?

They're fixing it, as always. A shame.

Look children. When looking at this map, that our country is He is the protector of countries and much larger colonies.

I know you do not like, but my age will not be German.

I'm about to become British. And how do I continue?

Talk Empire where the sun never sets.

You have to explain it.

Is it going from east to west or vice versa?

I worry. Sure children know.

Sure you can teach more important things.

How to enter a location as Gibraltar.

How to fool officers English and German.

Things that are not taught in school. that would evening classes for adults.

It's night and I'm an adult.

But it's not my student.

What happened to Miss. Burnett?

You know "Red Riding Hood"? Beat well.

So this is different.

Did you have an accident? Exactly.

Was this? Obey orders in my service.

What a service!

Have you ever sunk decommissioned ship?

It's different! It's the same.

Why do I despise? Obey orders, like you.

We do not choose the missions.

We are parts of a machine destruction. Like it or not.

Where is the key?


Good night.

Thank you, children. Very pretty. Now you may go.

Thank you very much. Good Morning. Good Morning.

Any news? What I have. They start tomorrow.

What time? 7. m.

No change? No.

Tonight is the meet. Be ready for ten.

Today? Clear. Good job.

What's wrong here? Fraulein Thiel's coming with me.

I'm the Reverend. Hector Mathews. Oh yeah? I mean, how are you?

You. Forgive. I'm John Harris. I'm looking for the school.

What's it going? -. Ms. Burnett is my fiancee.

I did not know he had intercourse with the Episcopal Church.

Soon will.

If you are going to stay on the island I could stay at my residence.

It will save good money. Appreciate it.

And bring your fiancee to dinner. Okay ...

If I get your coupons meat will prepare a roast.

I have in my pocket but ... Let me.

At 7:30 o'clock.

-. Want you to stay. What does it matter? Not see that ...

I only see one thing: orders. Where are they?

Here. What do you mean there?

What are those orders?

Once the mission is complete You. Has boarding.

Once completed? That's it.

What has been completed?

Without their submarines find our squad?

He's right. No two ways about it.

I'll pass the message to Schuster. We leave tomorrow night.

That already makes more sense.

Who is it? It is not closed.

I'm so sorry. Guess I will have another room.

Come in.

Thank you. Not expect to see officers staying here.

It is difficult to find a room. Pretty.

We were going to have tea. You're invited.

Thanks but came to find my fiancee, Miss. Burnett.

Are you here? Milk and sugar?

Very friendly. Let me help you.

I appreciate that. It weighs a little.

How are you? Sit.

Thank you. should warn that I have come, right?

Your tea. Thank you.

I'll give it a voice.

Here we do not like the voice is lifted.

As you wish ...

It will surprise be here, right?

Tart? No thanks.

I brought this gramophone and lots of new albums.

Do you know the "March of the Soldier"?

It is big, but it has a lovely sound.

I do not recognize this band of metal.

What is it? The Iron Cross, second class.

¿Second class? Are you. Prisoner of war?

I do not. You. Itself.


They have not arrived!

In times of war, late It is a criminal waste.

The meat will burn. I bring.

I will not wait more.

Rev. disappoint me. Harris.

Bless this food we're going to take. Amen.

Son macaroni. I think you owe me an Expli ...

Wait to come back here. Why?

Stay here! Hurry up.

Who is it? The Rev.. Matthews and his wife.

Excuse me.

Good night. A dreadful night for visitors.

Social obligations go before the time.

It's a compliment. It's not. We waited an hour.

Out? A table.

At the table? Exactly.

He's upset about the meat. There is nothing material.

If you., And Rev.. they could not come, should have sent a message.

Do we expect? Do not you got the invitation?

I'm afraid not. I'm surprised not to tell.

But it's true. Strange.

If her fiance, to see her after so long, I forget everything. Do you have an explanation?

When he arrived, he suffered a stroke. Attack?

Yes, it was suffocating. He could not speak.

Are you sick? What a relief.

We booked a room and not that they did not come.

He's gone to bed an hour ago.

It is the most sensible. An embarrassing situation.

Ms.. Matthews should stay tonight.

It should? There's no need.

As Reverend I say that your position ...

What future wife? People might talk.

In time of war? Do not worry about me.

My conscience calls me talk to the Reverend. Harris.

I will not disturb to satisfy your consciousness.

Good night.

But ... He is challenging?

Not at all. But in my house decide.

We'll see what you think the Education Committee.

Bye Bye. Bye Bye.

I understand, but his consciousness hassled all night. Bye Bye.

Good night. Good night.

¿Sandwick Bay? What a journey!

At 2 h. will be there. I hope so.

We have 15 submarines order not spend a torpedo.

All right. We could sink a few.

Tomorrow will come and pick us up.

Yes, sir. Too bad the battle is lost For that woman. It's not your business.

Good luck! Thank you.

Schuster! Sir?

I almost forgot.

What is it? Butter.

I'm sorry. Come on.

Did you send the message? He's on his way.

Often cold. I'm in bad shape.

I was left sitting among the bushes.

I do not usually entertain British officials however helpful they have been.

How does it feel to make history? I prepare a hot coffee.

It has been an exhausting night, best would you go to rest.

To you. Still has some way, Why not give example?

A little touch, do not you see we want to be together?

Within two hours of the day will be. You're probably wondering where he is.

I'll have another drink. Certainly.

Have all day tomorrow farewell.

Good night.

Do not stop until he gets it. Sleep well.

Much better.

Not given choice. He leaves happy.

Take your whiskey and is convinced of her love for him.

In a minute I'm going to bed.

No, no. I want to talk to you. And make that coffee.

It's 4:00. We'll talk tomorrow.

Tomorrow? we will not have another opportunity like this.

The work is done.

In one hour the submarines will waiting and two attack.

And in one week, You., And I will be in Kiel, celebrating.

Then on to Berlin. I see us eating at the Hotel Adlon.

Will the Iron Cross in your bag and will be the only girl in Berlin silk stockings.

I'm going to bed.

I have served many commanders I do not admire and none to you.

What will you do back home? -. Has told you.

Travel to Berlin, the Adlon Hotel. And after Berlin?

Jobs. Another island. Another Ashington.

And another captain Hardt?

Perhaps. Let me pass.

Commander Thiel, just get a win.

A good commander is to celebrate with his men.

If I'm in charge, I order you to let me pass.



They have been horrible 10 minutes. And for me.

Now it's all over. Yes, dear.

Who would think out without a coat?

Do not run these risks.

Where is he? Upstairs in his room.

You are amazing.


Agent Bob Pratt, sir.

Who I am? Commander Blacklock.

When the patrol arrives to wait for the signal.

Where is your bracelet? I saved it in the pocket for if there were German spies.

Keep your eyes open. Yes, sir.

David, do not arrestarás until I'm gone, right?

Trust us. For now it's all right here.

Let him return to his ship to fight.

Might discover who were Thiel and Ashington's true.

You hear that? What is it?

The flotilla of destroyers.

They have been carrying bombs overnight.

Within hours, they will not be submarines in Sandwick Bay, only a few grease stains adrift.

I'm getting dizzy. Here.

Drink this.

You'll make history.

I know.

Go get your stuff and go directly to St. Magnus, leave in an hour.

Nothing is mine. Everything is Anne Burnett.

Well, come on.

I'll bring the detainee half an hour. Yes, sir.

Do not want we save you the hassle?

No. I have personal reasons to do it.

Take care of her.

I'll be on the bridge. You can use my cabin.

Very friendly. It's small, but cozy.

It's all yours. Thank you.

Okay ...

Walter, hear.

If not give me a day drydock will lose a whole week.

We'll see. I hope so.


Pastor! Stay in school.

Poor. To the Rescue! Bye Bye.

You will be careful, right? Silly.

All present. Thank you.

Go behind. You guys.

Monitor the window but without seeing them.

Two for the Road. The rest, in front of the house.

Stay here. The rest with me.

We will shoot? I dunno.

There is a pastor in school. Let go and wait for me.

He will be angry. Stay here.

Captain Hardt, 'm Commander Blacklock.

If you surrender, we will treat as a prisoner of war.

If not, we will kill him.

No one at school. What?

Release him!


Wait. Comes a passenger. Yes, sir.

Mr. Harris, I will tell the commander it has embarked.

If everything went as planned, Why I have not seen the Rev.. Harris?

We tied in school because it was a nuisance.

He was lucky not suffer the same fate.

Blacklock would not have hesitated. I can not understand.

I will help. the Germans they tried to kill Anne Burnett to put in place a spy. Fortunately, they failed.

The shot of a cliff, but patrol boat rescued.

With your help, the spy arrested in Thurso.

Then we replace with a counter-spy.

A trial, we find a brave volunteer, the you. known Anne Burnett.

The Anne Burnett School is not the teacher, and Anne Burnett German.

It's no Anne Burnett. Correct.

Who is it? That's a military secret.

What, Blacklock? Hardt has escaped.

The German? Harris wears clothes.

Excuse me.

Communication! reminded all patrols of the island.

No escape.

Now loading!


All in single file.

One by one. So no.

They are put there.

Here's all, sir.

Eight German prisoners starving.

Do they come from a submarine?

They ran into one of its mines.

One of his ...?

Do you think you are funny? You can not.

Right, march!

Have not you heard?

I do not understand.

It's like talking to rag dolls.

Well, be quiet, mackerel depressing.

What do I do with them? Distribute them from stem to stern.


Yes, sir. Give them coffee.


Walter! James?

I am not superstitious, but I do not like.

Deal Engine and boat.

No let me take care of the engine.

Six weeks ago I try to fix it.

I do not like those Germans. Unlucky.

They could go in the St. Ninian with the other prisoners.

It goes full. They will not give us problems.

4 in the castle and 4 in the chamber, a sentinel for four. No one can reach them.

Ya. A see.

Too young.

Father, only speak German. Shut up or die.

Captain Hardt. Taking command of the ship.

Take care of the crew. Come

His successor has been delayed.

No sausages. It's what you eat, right?

The Germans! Stop!

The down there!



Give me the gun.

Out of my bridge! Pull the gun.

-. You're my prisoner. Get out of here or I'll shoot!

Do not move.

Your boat is in my hands. Who are you.?

I'm a German officer. With those clothes?

At the moment, yes. Where is the radio?

No. Do not have a radio?

He did not leave the house no German.

The patrol took over, and there were nine.

Is not suspected Shepherd on the dock?

He embarked in the last minute. I gave him your message.

I he said. Thank you, Bob.

Give credit Hardt ... I give you for being so expensive.

You can not escape.

Communication. To Scrabster and Thurso.

"German Arresting Officer disguised as a shepherd. Stop ".

To all the patrols.

"Forcing St. Magnus to turn and wait destructor. "

Drop. Attention.

- I need two men. Very good .

Keep an eye on the crew and passengers.

To monitor crew and passengers! Come with me.

Stay calm. Let's take a look.


How did he escape? Thank you.

Feelings lose women, Fraulein Thiel.

Or Anne Burnett? Mrs. Blacklock!

He kept his secret well. How thoughtful.

What will you do with the boat?

Head for submarines they will Sandwick.

You can not! I'm not under his command.

It is full of mines. We have to take the risk.

It's not just about us. This is the life of my classmates!

There are children and women on board. If you die is up to you.

It is war. Do not forget, like I did.

We are enemies. I prefer.

Me too. This is more simple.

Come on.

- New route: this. Yes .

Now what?

Listen. They are prisoners of war.

I do not want noise and panic.

Whoever disobeys orders will die.

With one exception.

Be quiet! Easy.

A19, A24, A7 have been to St. Magnus. Follow your route.

There are eight Germans.

I should go home. Thank you.

If Hardt join ...

A17 message. They have not seen. Is delayed.

He changed his route between A7 and A17.

Sandwick Bay.

My wife is on board.

Auxiliary. Mr.

I want to see the commander flotilla.

I'm sorry. You will be forgotten personal affairs.


The Germans are directed Sandwick Bay in St. Magnus.

Blacklock will teach possible route.

It goes by Seitha Wound to cut him off.

You have to sink? If you do not give up.



Walter, are you there? What?

We can not continue at this speed.

Kill the bearings.

Much effort for engines. I do not know how to endure.

Where are we going? To the east. soon we will leave British waters.

We depend on providence. Do not, someone who despises your life and theirs.

It is my fault. Forget that we were at war, that kills any human feeling.

Can you go faster? It's the most.

The old man is deaf or dumb. Or pursued by a submarine.



We should see it anymore.

Have they changed course. I think not.

Look, Felix. Not the St. Magnus?

It is. What do you do here?

Suspect. I'd sucked.

We can not spend the torpedoes.

But a pair of shells together.

Prepare to emerge.

On your marks. Objective: steamship.

Remove the English flag.

The U29


Do not shoot!Do not shoot!

I, Hardt

Someone makes us signals.

H - A Fire!

They opened fire after that point.

We should take a look. Change of address.

Lifeguards catch floats.

Stay calm.

A lifeboat!

Stay calm and put on the floats.

Donald, stop what you're doing and up. Hurry.

There it is.

Take out the cannons.

Do not shoot, it's sinking. They go to the boats.

Look, a destroyer!


He bombed a submarine. 's Shoot.

Objective: submarine.

Loading launched deep!


- Scatter. No you do not ..

is an order It's time to go, miss. Take it to the boat, James.

My own submarine sank us.

Come on, lady. Fast.

Why are you here? It should also go.

If you do not mind, I'd rather stay.

As you. Want.

Captain, do you have a cigarette?

No, but a pipe.

Do not smoke a pipe. A little late to learn.