The Stalking Moon (1968) Script

What tribe are you with?

Where are they from?

Where are you from?

Could be up from Mexico. Where are the rest of their men?

Odds are about a day's ride ahead. looking for food and a place to hide.

I'd put one of them on a horse. and have him tell the tribe...

...they'll have to come to San Carlos if they wanna see these people again.

Sergeant Rudabaugh. I wanna move out. Yes. Sir.

You heard the man. Thompson. Bring those horses up here.

Collins. Get these people lined up. Men together. Women and children together.

Let's move it.

Foothills by sundown. Sergeant. Yes. Sir.


For the love of God.

Who are you?

What's your name?

Do you have a name?

Nick. Nick. Come on up here.

Get her name. Some kind of name.

You can talk to me.

Do you speak English?

What is your name?


Sarah. That's fine. Your name is Sarah.

Carver. Sarah Carver.

When were you captured?



Were there any survivors?

All dead.

It's over now.

Do you understand?

It's all over now. Come along.

Buck. Bring that horse up here. Hurry.

Let's go. Come along. Carver party.

Outside Lemmington. About 10 years ago.

They found a man. A woman and three young boys.

I wonder what she went through all those years.

All right. Everybody. Move out.

You sure picked a hell of a way to end 15 years with the Army.

I don't mind getting out alive.

Sergeant Rudabaugh. You take over.


Apaches? Yeah.

How many? Just one.

But there were three men. They were all armed.

One set of tracks and a buffalo rifle.


I thought he was in Mexico.

He was here. Not more than a few hours ago.

Last I heard of Salvaje. he was clear down to Window Rock.

What the hell is he doing here?

He took on 10 troopers down there, killed four of them...

...and not a one of them got a look at him.

Let's bury those people and get moving.

Sergeant Rudabaugh. Form a burial detail.

Collins, Foster. Burial detail. What the hell is going on?

What's happening? Salvaje. That's what. Move.

Hello. Collie.

Look after him. I'm pulling out in the morning.

Open up. Clear the way.

We must go now.

I must go.

My dear woman. just be thankful you're alive.

We cannot stay here.

Of course she'll go. She's not staying here.

You won't be staying here. She wants to go now.


Yes. Please.

I can't give you an escort today.


And if I could. Where would you go? Do you have a place to go?

Where do you come from?


Would you still have people there?


Well. Either way. there's no sense in going today.

You and your boy should rest now. get some food in you.

You're wasting your time.

What do you mean. Wasting my time?

She insisted upon seeing you because she wants to leave...

...not because she wants to be fed. We've been all through that.

Well. She's not leaving.

I'm sorry. I can't give you an escort out of here for another five days.

If I could. I'd have you on your way right now.

The only person who'll be leaving here is Mr. Varner, in the morning.

And if I can. I'll keep Mr. Varner from leaving too.

Now. You go on back to your tent.

We'll give you an escort to Silverton by the end of the week.

You can contact government agencies. They'll take good care of you.

Toomey. Escort this lady and the boy back to the tent.

Yes. Sir.

God only knows what's going on in that poor woman's mind.


Where is she gonna go?

You're not gonna know how to live out there any more than that woman will.

Well. What the hell is so important out there anyway?

After 15 years. One more year. That's all I ask.

That's all you asked last year. That's all I'll ask next year.

I'm short of good men. I need you. Sam. You've got Nick.

No. Nick's a breed.

He's good. He's a breed, Sam.

If he wants to move on, he'll move on. He's here because you took him in.

If he cares about anything. It's not about this Army.

Not this year. Major. I got a place to go to...

...and I'm going.

Thank you for the whiskey.

A place to go to.

Thought you was leaving. Sunrise. You seen Nick?

Not here. Buy you a whiskey? Oh. No. Thanks.

Your breed ain't too happy about you leaving. You know?

Well. He'll get used to it.

It's time he was on his own.

Ante up.

Two bucks.


I'll try to win you a little money.

I figure I'll buy you cow for your farm. Ranch.

Yeah. Ranch.

There goes your cow.

Come on. I'll buy you a drink.

Come on.

I got a drink.

Maybe someday I show up. you teach me grow onions?

You wanna grow onions. you know where to find me.

You teach me everything so good?

I do it again. I gotta draw blood?

It'd be a big waste of 10 years. wouldn't it?


Yes. Ma'am?

You're going to Silverton?

No. Ma'am. I'm not going to Silverton.

You can take us.

I'm not going to Silverton. Ma'am. The major said.

Oh. Well. He said I was leaving in the morning...

...but I'm not going to Silverton.

We have to go.

Well. You'll get an escort to Silverton in five days.

Too late.

Well. I'm sorry. Ma'am.


I'm going to New Mexico.

I don't go by way of Silverton.

The Army will take good care of you.

You don't have to be afraid anymore.

Good night. Ma'am.



Tell the major that the lady and her boy will be needing a transportation voucher.

I'll take you to Hennessey. You can get the stage for Silverton from there.

That's as far as I'll take you.

Silverton stage?

Day after tomorrow.

We can USE some rest.


Well. We're going to Silverton together?

Those of us who's going.

I sent my family back to Wichita. That's where I'm heading.

You know. This man in Hopperville...

...has real strong hope for this territory.

Why. Just the other day. He says:

“Lee. Now. If you wait it through. you can bring your family back.

"Sooner or later, we're gonna run all the Indians out." he says.

He took my knife.

He tried to kill me.

What's the trouble?

My boy... He's gone.

Bring out my horse.

Never seen...

...nothing... him.


He'll come back.

Not here. We should go now. He'll come.

We're not going anywhere.

He's finished here. He did what he came to do.

He is not finished.

He came for his son.

He'll come back for his son.

You pulled us out here knowing all the time he'd come after us?

I thought he would not get to us in time.

Five days.

You couldn't wait for five days?

You could've had an Army escort in five days.

Is that worth five days?

He will come back.

We cannot stop. Well. We've stopped.

Where's your Mex? What's going on?

He's dead.

They're all dead. Salvaje.

Nobody leave the wagon. We're moving out.

These people are going to Silverton.

Government travel papers. All right. All right. Put them on.

Hurry it up.

Just show this to the stationmaster at Silverton.

You riding with us. Mister?

I'd sure feel better if somebody was riding behind us.

I'd appreciate it.


Changing horses. Fifteen minutes.

Thank you. Much obliged.


Train comes in over there.

Come on. We'll get your tickets.


You said you wanted to go to Columbus.

I don't know.

Well. You said you had family in Columbus.

My family is dead.

Well. There must be somebody left there.

Friends. Somebody.

All right.


I'm afraid this won't take them to Columbus.

This voucher can't cross them into Ohio on the Revel Line.

And there'd be a change in Kansas City to the Revel Line.

Get them to Topeka.


What about Topeka? You wanna go to Topeka?

It's far. It's in Kansas.

All right.



The lady and the boy.

Train should be here sometime about 2 or 3.

It'll take them as far as Taspola.

They'll have to change there and wait on for a train to Gallup.

It shouldn't be more than a few hours.

Then they can ride this ticket through to Dodge City.

God willing.

Then just wait till Tuesday...

...and then they can just take the B.ID.R. and O...

...right on through to Topeka.

Could you get along without that shoebox?

Well. I figure I can travel some before sunset.

Much good luck.

Thank you.

He buried them. He can tell you more than I can.

All right. Ollie. Get that team ready and get the passengers on.

We're moving out. Ready to go. Shelby.

You buried them.

We're all out of beer. All out of ice.

We've got some coffee and there's cereal left on the stove if you want.


Ready to go. Shelby.

Giddyup. Yeehaw.

A hell of a way to live, driving a stage.

Can you cook?

Well. I got a parcel of land in New Mexico.

I bought it through the mail. I've only seen it once.

I've been sending money down there... an old man who's supposed to be buying cattle for me.

It's not much of a house. but it's a place to live in.

The old man and me would get more work done...

...if we had somebody to cook for us.

It might be better for the boy than the city.

You might not like it.

I've never lived with anybody in my life.

But I've agreed with myself...

...that you're welcome to come if you wanna.

I have to sell my horse.

There's a pump around the side.

Come on.

I hear you had a bad winter.

We lose many cattle? It was a bad winter.

Near killed them all last winter.

Come on. Boy.

Come on.

Now. I know that we agreed...

...that you'd come down here and do the cooking. And I appreciate it...

...but I can't say I'm real happy about the way you stand around the room.

Now. Come on. Sit down at the table. Both of you. Come on, come on.

With food on your plates.

Now. From now on. we'll be taking our meals together.

I've got nothing against talking.

I don't mind a little talking now and then.

If anybody feels like saying anything. Well. just ought to say it. You know. Anything.

"Pass the peas, pass the meat."

Just whatever you wanna say. you just speak up. Speak up.

"Pass the meat, give me the salt."

Tell that to the boy.

Go on. Tell him if he wants some peas. he ought to say. "Pass the peas."

Let's get this thing settled.

What's the boy's name?

He wasn't given his name yet.

Well. Let's give him one now.

What would you like to call him?

What was your father's name?




You wanna call him Thomas?

He wouldn't understand.

There is already too much...

...for him to understand.


If anybody wants to say anything. well. Just go right ahead and say it.

"Pass the peas."

"Pass the salt."

Whatever you want passed.


It's not easy for me to talk.

It's been along time...

...since I have talked.

But I would like to say this.

That it pleases me to be here...

...and I think it is a beautiful place to be.

Well. It's not much. but better than sand.

Plenty of blankets and more firewood. Just outside.

I want you to know that you're free here. You can come and go as you please.

There's a view from that north ridge.

Sometimes I think you can see all the way back to Arizona.

Good night. Miss Carver.

Good night.

Yeah. I think Sam Varner would make you better scout by now. Boy.

You son of a gun. You picked me up.

I spotted you from the ridge about four miles back.

I'll tell you the truth. Varner. I figured I'd find you dead over some onion patch.

I listen at the fort. I hear from the Indians about the boy.

You know what he is, this boy? Yeah.


Well. I figure maybe you don't know. So I ride Hennessey.

I dig up that grave. Hennessey. I figure maybe you're in it.

Goodbye. Sam.

Then I ride Silverton. Silverton. They're all dead too.

Even your horse dead. Silverton.

Then I hear he stops wagon at Oakley.

Two days later. he's already Columbia Pass.

I figure out.

I come tell you. He's on his way.

I figured good? Real good.

Nick will be here for a while.

Salvaje is on his way.

Have you told him anything?

I think...

...he already knows.

There's a Mexican family down the road.

I'll ride over in the morning. Warn them.

It has nothing to do with you.

It has to do with me.

I didn't have the courage to die.

I knew what I had to do to stay alive.

I chose to be with him.

Tomorrow I'm going to take my boy away.

And Salvaje will find us...

...and maybe that will be enough for him.

It won't be.

It will keep him from here.

What about after here?

I buried his dead at Hennessey.

They're all dead at Silverton.

Dead all the way across Arizona.

I have to think about that.

If I can. I have to stop it.

You and the boy...

...aren't leaving here.

I want you to stay here.

It's right that you're here.

Hey. Old man.

Wanna make a card game?

I teach you poker.

He talk too much, doesn't he?

Hey. Boy. Hey. Come here.

Come here.

Come here.

If you gonna be white. you better learn white man's game.


Pretty good? Sit down.

See this?

That's cards?

See that? That's numbers.

Numbers. All numbers? Say this number. Four.

Four. That's four.

Say that.

Four. Four.

Say this one here.

Say that one. Three.


Three. Three.

Hey. I teach you count. Okay. Say ace.

Ace. Ace.


Deuce. Deuce.


Three. Try again. Four. Four.

Four. Four.


Five. Attaboy.

You gonna make good poker player.

You want cigar?

You take cigar. Attaboy.

Where is she? We didn't see nobody.

She's gone. The breed's looking. Get inside. Bolt the doors and windows.


I lose him.

Some place I lose him. Damn it.

Tell the boy she's not dead.

Tomorrow morning.

You all right?


We have to start before the sun's up.

He's doubled back.

Open up.

I teach him poker.

I teach him take your money.

How come you never give me a chance to beat you, Varner?

Come on. I'll play you stud.

Maybe you make him tough scout.


Maybe this one don't wanna be tough scout.

Maybe not.

You figure you beat the man. you win the breed?

I'll tell you something. Varner.

Maybe the man beats you.

Maybe this half-breed, he'll be Indian.

Feed my dog.

Here. Boy. Here.







I saw something.

You find the old man?


You won't hear him.

I'll hear him.

It doesn't happen that way.

He just comes.

I'll hear him.

I'm going to cross the clearing.

Head for the north side of the corral into the trees.

I'm gonna draw his fire.

If I don't. at least he'll be watching me.

When I get to the middle of the clearing. I want you out the storeroom window.

Our best bet's still having two of us on him.

Keep well behind me.

If I can keep his eye on me...

...he'll still think there's one of us in this house.

Let him know when I'm halfway across.

He's there.


Hey. Sam.


He's hit.