The Steam Engines of Oz (2018) Script

I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.

The land of Oz, its capital - the Emerald City.

Forever long altered by the rule of the Tin Man.

Imagination has brought mankind through the Dark Ages to its present state of civilization.

But how could it have forgotten something so invaluable?

It's up there.

I can see the tension in the joints.

Can you grab me my hex


Quite the weight.


Now, toss it on up.

Are you sure that's such a good idea?

Come on.

Trust me.


Thank you!

Trade you!




Thank you.

It's beautiful, isn't it?

All the parts are working together.

Emerald City can't do without his Majesty Tin Man.

Right after six.

The clocks never stop ticking.

I've got to run back home.

That's alright?


Of course, Victoria.

You need a hand with that?

No, I think I've got it!


You shouldn't try to carry so much.

I know.

I know.

I'm just trying to be efficient.

There's plenty of efficiency to go around.

You want to carry that much again, we'll ask topside to get a mule for you.

A mechanic mustn't become a bother to topside.

You know all this.


Keep it.

Thank you!

You spoil us, Victoria.


You have an important job here keeping us safe.

I'm just thanking you.

I'm back!


Thank goodness.

I'm starving!

When I was brought here you were skin and bones.

What happened, Phadrig?

Victoria keeps bringing that heavenly bread from the ovens.

Who am I to argue?

You're welcome, Mister Digg.

With this your mustache will reach all new heights.

It's perfect.

If the other munchkins could see me now.

Honored guests, please return to your accommodations and rest well under the good care of his Majesty, Tin Man.

My girl, maybe tomorrow you can let us all out of here.

And put our guards out of work?

We all have our places in the great engines, Mister Digg.


I suppose so.



Who are we here?

Ooo, oo, oo!

Take it.

You want it, right?


What are you doing?

Let go!


I am Locasta, the Witch of the North.

You maintain the underground steam engines of Emerald City.

Would you consider yourself a good worker?

I am a good worker.

Keeping the water running, the steam flowing, the clocks ticking.

As you say, the gears never stop.

Running day and night, through the years, ever moving.

The Emerald City never does stop expanding and it will eventually overtake us all.

His Majesty Tin Man grows the city to care for us, not to overtake us.

Victoria, what is the price we might pay for this rapid progress?

Your work is coming to an end.

I fear this overwhelming progress is dangerous.

My magic cannot sway the Tin Man or his mechanized city.

But you, a cog in his machine, you may be able to turn the Tin Man from his path before it's too late.

The lions and Munchkins are furious with the devastation this rapid progress has brought to their homes.

The elements of war are forming.

Have you spoke with his Majesty?

Surely he would--

I've tried.

You cannot remain hidden underground any longer.

But this is my place.

It's where I belong.

Listen to me, Victoria.

Find the heart to face Tin Man or else the people you work so hard for, the people you care for, will perish.




You cannot remain hidden underground any longer.

What is the price we might pay for this rapid progress?

What is the price we might pay for this rapid progress?

You may be able to turn the Tin Man from his path.

The elements of war are forming.

Find the heart to face Tin Man before it's too late.


Mr Digg.

Psst, Mr Digg.


Do you still want to leave?

Am I dreaming?

No, no, no, no.

This is real!

Why such a sudden change of heart?

Last night, I was visited by the Witch of the North.

She told me, oh, so many of things and--

Oh, you must be dreaming, my girl.

I'm serious.

She said the Emerald City could fall into war!

Heh, heh, heh.

If that's true then we'll finally be free from these dungeons!

But then everything will fall out of place.

It'll be chaos!

There was order before his Majesty Tinkle Bucket and Emerald City will return to order after him.

Tin Man has improved Oz.

Worked hard to care for us.

You don't know the first thing about us, Oz, or anything!

You've never even been up topside.

Oh, Victoria.

We're going topside.

I need to see it for myself.

The Munchkins, lions, all of Oz.

We really should not bother those lions.

Besides them and the Munchkins live far outside the Emerald City walls.

I can't stay here, Phadrig.

Not when there could be problems only I can fix.

If you're going to meet the Munchkins, I'll be your escort as an official member of the guild!

Now, why would the Witch decide to call upon you specifically?

If the Witch believes Victoria to hold some sway over the Tin Man, she must.

Let's go.

Her flying monkeys could still be around.

Nevermind that.

I'm surprised the guards haven't barked at us for disturbing their naps.

Just get to it already!

Now hurry.

While the guards are still asleep.

They're unconscious.

I can't see them falling asleep that way naturally.

I didn't hurt them.

Gave them loaves of bread at that.

Never you mind, my girl.

Can you get us out?

These pipes bring water to homes all over the Emerald City.

They'll take us to topside.

Well, we all sure could use a bath.

Are you sure that's such a good--

Come on.

Trust me.

You're taller.

Right, okay.





Quite the weight.


I know a place where we'll be safe.

Let's go quietly.


Hey, aren't you?

Halt, in the name of his Majesty Tin Man!




I can't keep.


In the name of the Tin Man, stop!

Follow it!

Don't let them escape.

They're gone?

It sounds like it.


In the flesh.

What's left of it.

There were so many rumors.

So much gossip.

Some of it was true, I'm sure, Candice.

I dared to speak up and received first class accommodations in the dungeons.

What of Alondra?

It's been decades, Phadrig.

Your wife died ages ago.

When you left, well, she was never the same.

Last I heard, they were off on some grand adventure to find their father.

A good 16 years ago.

Candice, we need your help escaping Emerald City.

I can't help yae.

Tin Man's got eyes everywhere.

May we use your wagon just once again, Candice?

Bein' a revolutionary just gets yae locked up!

Even your brother Oz has gone and left Emerald City!

You never mentioned this.

Yes, yes, yes, I know.

Oz, the Great and Powerful.

Oz, the former Ruler of Emerald City.

Et cetera, et cetera et cetera.

The younger brother's curse, I'm afraid.

To always be lost in your older brother's shadow.


The Wizard would know why the lions and munchkins are upset.

Where could we find him?

Oh, that's easy.

Find the munchkins an' yae'll find Oz.

No one knows.

Oh, I'm playin' with yae, girlie.

They're in the forest to the east.




What is Oscar doing with the munchkins?

Think he realized t'wasn't safe 'ere and 'e was right!

Can you help us to the Munchkins?

Well, I can get yae all past the gates but the fringe of the forest is as far I go.

Can't spend a day in the country without Tin Man pulling your leash.

Thank you, Candice.

Oh, don't thank me yet.

Yae're in for it.


Where are you bound for?

Well, gotta pick up some supplies outta the city, don't I?

Got some crates, an' plenty 'o space to bring back goods, yeah?




Carry on.

Oi, wassat!

I've done nothin' wrong.

Get that beast outta my wagon!


Hey, help me get this beast under control!


What's wrong with the thing?

Go on!

Next time clean your scraps better!

All clear.

Yae alright?

Gromit's a bit unglued.

I didn't think about warning yae about the kalidahs, friend.

They're obsessed with munchkins.

Gobble 'em down, they do.

When did they get kalidahs?

This is progress?

Look up ahead!

The forest!

The leaves.

These are trees?

He's withered up the land, let it age to keep Emerald City running.

We thank you for the help, Candice.

Who's to say what would have happened if you hadn't pulled us off the streets.

My guess, a round trip to an all too familiar cell.


Now, let's go find the munchkins.



Your Majesty!


Yes, Your Majesty.

Prisoners have escaped from the dungeons.

No one in our dungeons is a prisoner.

Everyone is an honored guest below.

Of course, Your Majesty.

I mean to say that our honored guests have pre-maturely ended their stays in the dungeons.


Phadrig Digg, Gromit the munchkin technician and a girl mechanic from beneath, Victoria Wright.

Two hours ago, Your Majesty.

Highly probable our guests have left the safety of the city walls.

But, Your Majesty, the gates are under heavy guard.

No one has---

Silence, Sir Blackburn.

Yes, Your Majesty.

Find these guests and return them to their homes for their safety.

Of course, Your Majesty.

I suspect they traveled eastward.

Bring with you help.

We must ensure no one is neglected from our care.

As you wish.

What's this?

A human?

Does this girl know she is in our forest?

Must not.

What's it wearing?

Not fur.

Smells ripe.

Smells like meat.

Smells good to me.



The Cowardly Lion?

Don't inflate his ego.

That's Magnus.

The Cowardly Lion is his father.

No more talking.


Girl will be good meal for pride.

Pride did not catch girl.

I did.

We hunt for the pack, Lucilia.

We can bring scraps back to pride.

Hunters get the best meat.


Meat is for the pack!


No, Magnus, you yield.

You're lucky, Lucilia.

If you were not my mate, I would not tolerate your lip.

But my lip is why you chose me.

So I did.

Otho, carry girl to the pack.


We go and meet the machines.

But Magnus, I..

Magnus needs me by his side, not carry meat.

There she is!

Uh, hullo.

Keep walking.

Or the pride will eat well tonight.

See here, Mister, ah, Lion.


Remember it.

Quite right.

Well, then, see here Mister Otho, you have our friend there and we must insist you give her back to us.

Little men, you do not insist anything of a lion.

Who are you calling little, lion?

All you Munchkins are alike.

You'll never reach the height of us lions, descendants of the Cowardly Lion, he who has no fear.

Well, then why are you letting the machines just mow down the forest?

I did not run from the fight!

But we must eat.

I see.

Your pride fights the Emerald City, eh?

She is chosen by the Witch of the North to defeat the Tin Man.

Girl was taken so easily.

How is one so small to defeat Tin Man?

With help.

We need to find the Munchkins here in the forest.

Munchkins in the forest smell like girl does.

Grime and smoke.

The Munchkins live in the forest because we allow them to.

No, I must take girl to pride.

We can make it worth your while.

What does man have that I want besides to eat him?

Well, how about we take the girl to the pack and you point us in the direction of the Munchkins?

But girl is important.

Not so important.

We need to find the Munchkins.

Then you can go join the fight against the machines.

Girl brought to pride.

Little men to Munchkins.




Walk that way.

You'll find pride.

Walk further, find Munchkins.

Oh, it's just a matter of determining what he wanted more, food or a fight.

Can I stop playing dead now, Mr Digg?

Of course.

Ha, ha!

Now, let's hightail it before the furry fellow comes back now.

Mr Digg, he pointed this way didn't he?

No, no, no, lions and Munchkins would never live close together.

Quite the opposite.

The exact opposite.

Now, let's go find my people.

Maybe that lion wasn't lying.


Gromit, don't you have any idea where the Munchkins might be?


Not me!

Come on.


Who would build something so barbaric?

We would!


It's been years since I've seen real homes.

They're so small.

I know.

And cramped.

I know.

And ours.

Now, give me one reason why we shouldn't put a few holes in you and then knock you into that ditch.

Please don't have a good reason.

Wait, I'm a Munchkin too.

You can't--

Oh, listen to the little guy, Heflin.

What manner of Munchkins are you to disregard customs, to insult, threaten--

Definitely one of us.


I asked you a question and I'm getting really impatient for an answer here.

We're looking for Oz.

We're in Oz.

Smell that fresh air?

Oz air.

The trees?

Oz trees.

No, no, no, not the land of Oz.

The Wizard, Oscar Digg.

My brother.

Yes he does.

Only to the Tin Man.

Okay, anyone who betrays the Tin Man must be a friend of the Munchkins, right?



Come, come, before the sun sets on us now.

You don't want to see what comes out in the dark.

Wait, what are you...

How far?

Oh, you'll know.

Huh, chow down!

How is it there in Emerald City?

It's great.

Everyone is taken care of.

Everyday the city progresses.

Taken care of.

Huh, that's a way to put it.

Then why don't the Munchkins come join Emerald City?

The Emerald City's got nothing for us.

But you could do so much more with Tin Man's help.

No help of Tinkle Bucket ever amount to anything but broken buttons and bearings.

We're better off without any Witch, Wizard, or Winkie king.

Where is my brother, the great Wizard?

Hasn't gone and disappeared, right?

Ha, ha.

I'm sorry but I don't know nor have any business knowing.

Sure you should know.

Lend an ear to one another.

If you met Tin Man, Emerald City would truly become a home for all.

I'm for certain.

Tin Bucket hung up his ear away with his heart.

No one is listening!




I'm going to help them.

I'm going to help them see that we can all be a part of Emerald City.

What's this help you're thinking of?

I'm going to his Majesty Tin Man.

That's mad!

Maybe the Munchkins don't understand his Majesty's words, but I do.

He'll understand us too and he knows that the Munchkins are needed in Emerald City.

Just go, walk in.

And talk?

Sir Blackburn!

Seize them!


This could be the difference between us and war!

Stand down.

Sir Blackburn.

Why won't his Majesty Tin Man accept the Munchkins into the Emerald City?

His Majesty has long determined that the Munchkins belong outside the walls.

Just as you belong inside them.

Come home, Miss Victoria Wright.

His Majesty Tin Man is much more forgiving than the Munchkins.

If he could speak with them.

They do not change, holding onto their outdated beliefs in magic.

They do not share our Emerald City values.

They do not have a place in Tin Man's final vision.

Have you taken a look around?

You're in the land of Oz!

We have no use for magic.

Soon Tin Man will progress the Emerald City across of all Oz.

Our technological advances have bettered countless lives.

I'll return, if I can speak with Tin Man.

Of course.

I said I will return.

Not them!

Whether they will be as cooperative cannot be ascertained.

Well, then I'm not going!

The munchkins have indoctrinated you with their silly beliefs.

We will not allow the selfishness of the few to inhibit our progress.


Shoot them!


Are you the leader of this pack?

I am.

To attack one of your own.

You are not fit to be a general.

To think the wild woods have actually made you soft.


Kilimanjaro, I need you to contact the Witch of the North!

I need her right away.

Was it you that reached out to Victoria?


That was me.

Are you sure now is the right time?

I'm sure.

How much time do you think we have?

She is much bigger than the last time you saw her.

Still, she is far too young with so much more to learn.

Only the Scarecrow will know how to handle the Tin Man.

I've trusted many wise men over time and that has brought us here.

Even after all this time, you still keep searching?

He must be in Emerald City.

He must.

Neither of us can enter the city safely.

With your flying monkeys I could--

We've been through this.

It will be different this time!

Because of Victoria.

Someone after our time.

The one we have been waiting for.

Phadrig is still with her.

And I sense Victoria has already learnt much about this world, out beyond the small walls of her dungeon.

Does she know of Scarecrow?

If Phadrig has told her.

I must be going.


Farewell, Wizard of Oz.

Well, hear, the noise has stopped.

Help, help!



I have you!

Oscar, is that you?


You've lose weight!

You've lost your hair!



The great Wizard?

We need your help.

Tin Man's soldiers.


Relax, brother.


Let us talk inside.

Your Majesty.


Sir Blackburn sends me, Your Majesty.

We have a problem in the east.

The lions, they're attacking.

The cats have turned feral.

Tell Sir Blackburn I will be joining him on the field.

Ready my allies.

It is time.

By Cheeriobed's beard!

What's going on?

Hello, hairball.

Please excuse our intrusion.

We have come to discuss our dire situation.


Tin Man cannot be tolerated any longer.

We lions have long known that Tin Man's heart did not extend far, but to see him toss aside one of his own, it reeks.

Tin Man must be dealt with, but mindless fighting will only lead to losses on both sides.

We've tried reasoning.

The girl's tried reasoning.

It's no use.

Tin Man believes the more Emerald City grows, the more he controls, the more people, the more resources, the closer he'll get to saving his wife and ensuring nothing like it happens ever again.

He was not always made of tin.

You see, before the Tin Man, there was merely a man.

Well, actually a Munchkin, named Nick Chopper the woodsman.

He fell in love with a servant of the Wicked Witch of the East, a Munchkin girl Nimee Amee.

The Wicked Witch was none too pleased at Nick's advances.

She bewitched his axe and the next day the enchanted axe cut off Nick's leg.

Driven, Nick continued.

But so did the curse.

With every hack, he lost a limb.

With every slash, he lost a piece of himself.

The enchanted axe's final blow was to the only area not replaced by tin.

His own heart.

The tinsmith then replaced every part of Nick until only the Tin Man remained.

But there was no heart and a marriage without heart is one without love and doomed to fail.

Years passed and he was alone, but he did not care.

The strong and heartless machine just kept chopping.

The emptiness in his chest and a sudden storm froze him in time.

Until a young girl found his can of oil and rescued him from his rusted tin prison.

Together, they went on great adventures, and, in time, he even received a new heart.

After the death of the witch, he was even asked to run a kingdom for a time.

The Winkie Kingdom enjoyed a time of peace under his reign.

But the more he spent bettering the Winkie's lives, the more he thought of his other life when he was a Munchkin.

And when he was in love.

When he could no longer live with the unknown, he left, determined to discover her fate.

Near the southern border he found Nimee living out her final days.

The enchantment placed on the land by Lurline, Queen of the Fairies, prevented Ozians from aging, but it was fading.

Under the newfound pain of heartbreak, the Tin Man swore he would save Nimee at any cost.

He turned to magic, but the good witches were unable to reverse time's effect on Nimee.

He turned his sights to the Emerald City.

The Emerald City welcomed the heroic Tin Man with open arms.

He began to build the steam engines of Oz to save his true love.

His work became his obsession.

The Tin Man blindly followed his heart and, with the industrial growth of the Emerald City, everything changed.

As did he.

He blamed the Munchkins for taking Nimee away from the magic.

He blamed the magic for failing Nimee.

And, eventually, he blamed his own heart so he hung it up forever.

But Tin Man wanted a world without suffering.

And he sacrificed his heart to do so.

Soon he will do away with magic and anyone in his way.

We need to take back Emerald City now before all the magic in Oz is completely destroyed.

This is mad!

Tin Man has not sat idle on his throne.

We know the results of a head on confrontation.

Imprisoned in Emerald City is the Scarecrow.

But once freed, I believe he can get through to the Tin Man.

Scarecrow has failed us already.

He lost his head and cost us the city.

It will be different this time.

It will be different!

We can fix this by ourselves.

We can do this without Scarecrow.

Without feeling afraid.

Without waiting any longer.

We can progress on our own.

Then let us progress to the battlefield.

The lions will be the vanguard.

We'll create a diversion to lure him away from the walls.

Take the north and south sides of the forest edge.

When Tin Man splits his forces, the Munchkins will come in the air, cutting straight through their lines.

Tin Man should be commanding from the back.


Too cowardly to fight and too foolish to hide.

There should be seven brigades in total.

Corner each one off.

Not even you can take them all at once.

A Munchkin looking over a lion?

Ha, ha.

Once we break their line go right for Tin Man.

We'll cover you.

Don't get left behind.

Let's go Munchspendables!

I'm right behind you.




I thought Tin Man would listen, but I just got Gromit hurt, and put you in danger.

No one else is going to get hurt.

Oh blast!

Come on!

We don't know how much time we have.

Wait the...



That isn't funny!

Maybe to you!

Ha, ha!

Come on Munchkins.

Time for war!


Form ranks!

March left!





Ah! Ahh!



Come back here!







That there is an electrolaser rifle.

Crank and aim.

Tilt it little above your target.

The electricity will arc down.

Better get a good handle.

Or should I go put on some rubber gloves?

Ha, ha, ha!

You'll be fine.

If anything Noomi's got you covered.

Let's go Munchspendables!

All aircraft report.

We're heading in!

Let's see what you got!

Circle them in.

Blast'em right out!

Signal stage two.




Kemp, move it!

Wait one.

Below you.



Forward, march!


Wait, come on.






Guards, tend to the others.

I will take care of little Maggie here.

What ails you so?

What brings you to threaten our prosperity?

What twisted prosperity demands that your dispose of even one of your own?




Said I'd be looking over ya!

Ho! Uh!

For our hope!


For the faith placed in us!

For the people we love!

So proud to stand as leaders yet you tremble.

Afraid when you fail your people that you will have to face the fact you failed yourself.

So you fight.

So you can hold onto your image.

So you can hide from the fact that you are no leader.

I will rid Oz of magic, of you, of anything that threatens its beauty.

Not for my people, not for me, but for love.

Quite a mess we have here.

We've come to help.

We'll keep the Tin Man's army distracted, but make haste!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Take what you have learned, find the Scarecrow and bring an end to this war.

The Scarecrow is kept in a secret chamber somewhere here.

He did rule the Emerald City before.




Oh, well.



The key lies together with love.

Why's that written there?


That's a new addition.

It's the Great Steam Engines of Oz.

Scarecrow must be in there.

I'm afraid you're probably right.

We can't go in there.

It's blistering!

What else are we suppose to do?

No time for back up.

Well, 18 years in a dungeon didn't prepare me to face this.

Mr Digg, we can do this.

Everyone is trusting in us.

Together we can brave through this.

Where's all that spirit you have when I bring you your bread?

Nothing can stop progress.

Can it?

Heh, heh.



Ah, ah!

We're almost there.

I can feel it thinning out.





Are you alright?

I can handle myself this time.

What is this trickery?

It was bait.

Oh, elaborate bait!

Oh no!

No, Tin Man wouldn't go back on his word.

The key lies together with love.

Tin Man has hurt many people, but he's never betrayed them in his heart.

We have to go back.

We can't stay here.


Catch your breath first.

Oh Alondra.

Why didn't you care for Alondra?

For my sons?

None of that was Oscar's fault.

It's hard to lose people, isn't it Mr Digg.

I'm starting to understand.

It started out with just you and me in the dungeons.

But then Gromit joined us.

We found your brother.

And now all the people of Oz are with us.

Together we can do this.



He was one of Tin Man's advisors.

To think that he would...

I'm so sorry, Scarecrow, we never knew.

We have to get him out.

The key's over there.

To the right.

Don't really have the fingers to point it out.

My body is over there as well.

The key lies together with love.



Heh, heh, ha!



Ha, ha, ha, ho, ho, ho.

Can't give someone brains, but you sure can give them legs.

So how are we going to stop Tin Man?

You've already learnt how.



Hmm, well, back we go I guess.

The engine pressure valve is to your left.

Thank you.

How can a scarecrow live without his head?

Quite boringly.

The matter of my head loss is a short, but simple story, which started after the rebellion in the Emerald City

40 years, seven months, and five days ago.

They rebelled.

Everything I've done for Emerald City.

For all of Oz.

And they question me.

Is this the vision you had for Oz?

For Nimmie?

Is this what you would like her to see when she wakes?

The Emerald City torn by hate?

I have guided you, supported you, all in the hopes of keeping you from forgetting your heart.

What has my heart brought me?

The anger and spite of idiot tra-la-la Munchkins who took my love.

I will not tolerate them or their magic in my Emerald City again.

And what of me?

Will you listen to reason?

I am finished listening to your so-called advice.

You know what he did next.

Back again?

I'm not here to fight.


Your fight has already ended.




Ha, ha, ha, ha.

Sharp as ever I see!

The lions.

Didn't they?

There is much to tell.

What is the meaning of this?

You should. Go up!

Go now.

My name is Victoria Wright.

I know who you are.

Of course you do!

To end it.

This war was to right our wrongs.

I can't believe how wrong I was.

It is required.

To purge for the people, to preserve our prosperity.

Today Oz lost.

Oz needs order.

Each step I have taken has improved the Emerald City, soon all of Oz.

This is just another step.

You know it to be true.

I did walk alongside Emerald City.

I thought of it as myself.

I also wanted its success.

But you can't only accept the success.

You're responsible for the failures of Emerald City.

I'm also responsible for a lot of hurt.

And we're also responsible for making it right.

Ignoring them only makes things worse.

For you, our friends. the ones we love.

I learnt a heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.

The lions.

The Munchkins.

All of Oz.

We mustn't run.

We must stand strong together.

Not attempting to be flawless, impervious to failure, but together be able to mend our mistakes.

With love and the imperfections that comes with it, we must progress.

It's over.

The war is over!

It's over!

The war is over!

Duh, that radio.

That radio.

That radio.

She's all ready to go!

We have lift off!

I could ask you the same thing.

Well, there's still a lot of work to do.

With Tin Man stepping down, Emerald City will need a new leader.

We'll find your sons.

We'll help each other heal and make Emerald City truly the heart of Oz.

♪ Oh there was never time enough

♪ Though we spent years on end

♪ In love

♪ In sheltered moments that we shared

♪ In the home that we made

I'm here for you, Nimmie.

♪ Our lives are strained

♪ There was one thing I will always be here for you

♪ And even when I am far across borders A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.

♪ I'll be floating

♪ Like wind on the ocean

♪ I hear the echoes of your voice

♪ And all the world is spinning fast

♪ And our bricks and mortar never last

♪ And with every half life that we pass

♪ We are further away

♪ But even when our lives are strained

♪ There will be one thing that remains

♪ And even when I am far across borders

♪ You will always be my home

♪ I'll be floating

♪ Like wind on the ocean

♪ I hear the echoes of your voice

♪ Though I may travel far

♪ I will never be gone

♪ You will always be my home

♪ And you will always, you will always

♪ You will always, you will always

♪ Be my home

♪ You will always, you will always

♪ You will always, you will always

♪ Be my home

♪ You will always, you will always

♪ You will always, you will always

♪ Be my home

♪ You will always, you will always

♪ You will always, you will always

♪ Be my home

♪ You will always, you will always

♪ You will always, you will always

♪ Be my home