The Strange Love of Molly Louvain (1932) Script

Please, Molly. Listen to me will you, Molly.

There is nothing to be afraid of.

Please darling, don't cry.

I won't.

I'm not afraid.

I love you so much.

We'd better hurry. Hmm?

It's getting late. Alright.

Oh Molly, quit your crying.

I probably won't see you until tomorrow night.

Mother is giving me a birthday party tomorrow night at home.

Oh, then you can't see me at all?

I probably won't see anything else but you.

What do you mean? I've a surprise for you.

You're coming.

Ralph, you're taking me? Of course, sweet.

You know, I've kept you a secret from my mother long enough.

You're going to be at that dinner table, right between mother and me.


You don't know how happy you've made me.

Your mother must be grand.

I never told you this Ralph, but my mother ran away when I was seven.

No. Haven't you seen her since? Never.

All she left was a note for me to stay with the Bennetts. She owed $50 board.

She said don't let them put starch in my underwear. To use glycerine on my hands.

And never forget to be a lady. Nice, wasn't it.

That wasn't much of a start, was it.

Even before I began to live people said:

"That Louvain girl is just like her mother".

Why didn't you go away?

No. Mother did that. I want to be different, Ralph.

Decent. Everything people think I can't be.

You are, Molly. You're great.

Thanks, darling. I love you.

Oh gee. 4 o'clock. I've got to pick mother up in half an hour. Let's go.

Let's hurry. Come on.

I'll call you for you at the hotel at 8 o'clock.

And don't be the kind of a lady that's always an hour late.

I'll be ready, Ralph. I've been ready a long, long time.

Heads for men and tails for women. Ain't that right?

Let's go.

Come on tails. Come on, heads.

A woman.

Oh man, what a woman.

What a woman.

Are you ready? The same thing.


Heads. It's a man. Yeah.

Lucky, lucky, lucky.

Come on, tails.

It's a woman.

A woman in pants don't count.

Ready to go again or not? Ready to go again or not?

Hold 'em boys. Hold 'em.

All bets are off, boys. I got a personal interest in those gams.

Well, it's about time. You're half an hour late.

I'm sorry, Doris. So was the hangman.

There is your dream girl of the cigar counter.

It's pretty hard to tear yourself away from a thrill for a cigar counter.

Oh, a sparring partner .. was he nice?


Give me his address. I'll keep him from getting lonesome while you're on duty.

Not a chance. Bye.

Bye. See you later.


Hey, you.

Hello, Molly.

Hello, Mr Grant. What can I do for you? Plenty, baby. Plenty.

Cigars, cigarettes?

I just dropped in to let you know I was back in town.

And from now on baby, everything is going to be okay for you.

Things are okay. You should be a mind reader instead of rubber goods peddler.

Ah, that was last season. I've got a new line this season.

You've always got a new line. What is it this time?

Silk stockings.

You should do well. You've had enough experience.

Yeah. There's just one thing that's got me worried. - What?

That I might come back here and find you gone.

I mean it.

You are the only piece of Class A scenery this town has to offer.

You'd better take a good look while you're here.

I'm going to.

That's further than you've got with her in six months.

Well she has to kid her customers along, doesn't she.

That guy isn't kidding.

Listen kid.

I've got 3 swell pairs of silk stockings upstairs that are just crying for you.

They are probably not my size.

I tell you what I'll do .. I'll bring them down when I take to dinner.

And we can check them for size.

By the time you take me to dinner, women will be wearing hip-boots, Mr Grant.

Listen, sweetheart.

Grab anything you can get.

You will still be on the short end.

Maybe I'm in love.

Then you're already on the short end.

What's happened?

One of the local farmers offered to share his crop of hay with you?


Somebody is giving me a chance to get something I've always wanted.

Why don't you try his line? Say, what's that guy's name?

Nick Grant. Going to ask him for lessons?

Somebody ought to punch that guy on the nose.

I thought you were much too smart to fall for any of this small-town stuff.

Paging Mr Grant.

Paging Mr Grant.

Hey boy, what is it?

Long distance telephone call for you sir, in booth number three.

Thanks. So long baby. See you later. It's probably the boss in New York.

So long.



Why that dirty little ..

Jimmy? Yep.

Come in.

Did you get it? Sure.

I had to wait until they sewed some dingus or something on it.

You're a darling. I hope you don't get in trouble with the night crew for this.

Isn't it sweet? It's kinda swell.

Do you like it? Do I?

It's for a big occasion tonight, Jimmy.


Nothing. Put it on a hanger like a good boy for me will you.

That's it. Right over there.

What do I want? Oh, stockings.

Let's see. I must have one pair.

And I have to be ready.

At eight o'clock.

Some guy ought to make a fortune inventing hole-less socks.

Oh, here they are.

I knew I had them.

If you want me for anything, just ..

Give me a ring.

Oh, darnation.

My last pair.

What's the matter?

Now what am I going to do? Oh, that's a shame.

I tell you, I'll go out and get you a new pair.

Will you? Sure will.

You've saved my life. Oh, that's nothing.


Only 95 cents.

I can't get anything decent enough for tonight.

Oh, I've got money. I'll make you a present of it.

Don't be silly, Jimmy. You don't have to do that.

Sure I will. No. No, wait.

I have it. Wait a minute.

Hello? Let me speak to Mr Grant please.

Bur .. but Molly. Shush. Wait, Jimmy.

Oh, hello Mr Grant.

Are you still in the stocking line?

Sure, honey.

And I'm still giving them away to smart little girls.

Good. I'll send for them.

Jimmy, what time do you ..?


Oh no, I can't come down. I'm not dressed.

Okay baby, I'll be right up.

Jimmy. Why the long face? Did you lose your best girl?

Well, I don't like to see you taking presents from a guy like him.

Oh Jimmy, this is my big night. Nothing is going to stop me.

My whole life. Everything depends on tonight.

What do you mean, you're not ..? You're not going to quit on us are you?

I told you that it all depended on tonight.

Oh Jimmy, cross your fingers and hold that thought will you.

What do you mean? I'll explain it later. Now run along.

Mr Grant will be here in seconds. You know he doesn't like you.

That goes double. I don't like him either.

Don't think he won't go on looking at the stockings after he gives 'em to you.


It's a good thing he isn't selling bath salts.

I'd like to punch his nose.

Who is it? It's me.

Oh, just a minute.

I'll be right with you.

Here you are, honey. Three pairs of silk stockings and what goes with them?

Oh, be good. I only asked for stockings.

They'll look much nicer if you let me put them on for you.

I may get nervous and kick you in the chin.

For me it would be a pleasure.

Come on Molly, let me in will you. I feel silly standing here in the hall.

I have it.

You give me one pair and then I'll come to your room and collect the other two.

You wouldn't kid me would you, sister? Won't kid you more than you'd kid me.

Nice of you, Mr Grant.

It will be much nicer in a half hour, honey.

You'll grow a beard waiting. What?

I said you're a dear, waiting.

Here we are, lady.

Ninety cents.

I'm sorry but ninety-five cents is all the change I have.

Why, that's alright.

I like to come up here on the hill.

It's my idea of heaven up here.

Shall I wait? No, never mind.

Watch your step. It's a tough climb. Don't fall.

Oh, I won't.

I'm Miss Louvain. Mr Rogers was to call for me at the hotel at 8 o'clock but ..

Yes, Miss Louvain.

Young Mr Rogers and his mother left for New York quite suddenly tonight.

The party has been cancelled.

Mr Rogers left this note to be delivered to you.

I had intended to send it to your hotel in the morning.

Mr Rogers told me to convey his sincerest regrets.

I'm sorry, Miss. But ..

That's swell honey, that's swell.

Why, I knew you could do something better than peddle that Bull Durham.

[ Singing: ] "We can thank our lucky stars."

"That we're living as we are."

"My little penthouse will be .."

I hate this town.

Why don't we get out of it then?

You know why I hate it here, Nick?

Sure. I know why you hate it.

The gin here is putrid.


Why are you so maudlin? Laugh it off, will you.

"We can thank our lucky stars."

"That we're .."

Oh, I'm fed up and disgusted. That's all.

You should have taken my advice two years ago and got out of this place.

But you wanted a lot of new clothes.

And to go to cabarets and dances and have a lot of fun.

Come on, honey.

Why don't you go away with Nicky and let him show you some of the high spots?

What are you crying about honey? What's the matter?

What are you crying about?

Never mind me.

I'm alright.

Give me that glass.

I'll have a good time.

I'll laugh it off.

Sure you will.

This will make you forget it.

This will make you forget everything.



[ Door knocks ]

Come in, come in.

Hello, Jimmy.

Oh, it's you, huh?

Where have you been? Where have you been?

Molly, what's the matter with you?

Nothing is the matter, Jimmy.

This is my big night.

Everything is swell.


Molly, you've got to get out of here.

What are you supposed to be? Her lifeguard or something?


Why not leave her alone and mind your own business?

She'll be alright. Don't worry about her.

Put the lady's things down will you.

Come on, clean up this mess and scram out of here.




Louder, honey.

Louder than everybody on earth!

I hate this town.

For ladies and gentlemen.

It's funny.

Oh Mama, this is the loveliest toy I've ever had.

You'll be a good girl now, won't you, Anne Marie.

Yes, Mama. Always.

There is the girl.

Take good care of her, won't you Mrs Schiller.

Just as if she were my own.

And I have nine of them. So I know what to do.

I'll give you the money every month in advance.

And if you should need me in a hurry.

You'll find me at this address.

Don't you worry. I'll take good care of her.

Come along now.

Ups a daisy.

Oh, she's a fine child for her age.

She always going to be a fine girl, aren't you Ann Marie?

I want to be like my mother.


You are going to grow up to be a splendid lady.

She loves her mother, doesn't she. And her mother loves her.

Come on now. Let's go to bed.

Goodbye, darling. Goodbye.

Mama, don't go.

No. I want to go with my mama.

Sweetheart, don't cry.

I'll come and see you every day, darling.

Is the father alive, Mrs Louvain?

No. He died before the baby was born.

Now be a good girl, sweet.

Go with the lady.

No, Mummy.

I want to go with my mama.

Now there. Be good now, darling.

[ Police car siren ]


Hello, Molly.

So it was you they were after.

What are you talking about?

What do you mean, it was me they were after?

I promised you I'd give up that racket. You've promised me that for two years.

Oh come on, honey. What ..?

Hey, what's the big idea? Where are you going?

Away from here. Away from you.

I wanted to get out of here before you got back tonight.

I can't stand it any longer living like this.

I can't and I won't.


Giving me the air because I'm broke, huh?

I never know if you have money or not. Oh yes you do.

I give plenty of it to you and that kid of yours, didn't I?

Every penny you spent has a pedigree that could land us both in jail.

I hate this life.

And I'm getting out of it.

Molly, you fool.

We could quit for good if you write the kid's father and give him a shakedown.

I won't and you know it.

As far as I'm concerned, Ann Marie's father is dead.

Well if you're not going to write him, I will.

No you won't.

You don't know who he is or where he is and I'll never tell you.


I want to see that my baby gets a break.

Take her away from a lot of petty thieves.

I've been weak and cheap drifting along like this.

But I'm not going to drift any loner, Nicky.

Oh come on, darling. We'll have dough. Plenty of it.

I tell you I've given up the racket.

I got a date with a guy tonight. It looks like a swell deal.

No, Nick.

Neither of us have done much good these last three years.

It's time I got out. I'm going to work.


A sound spot, isn't it? Looks okay to me.

Let's go in.

Hey, listen you guys, we got anatomy exams tomorrow.

You can study all the anatomy you want right in there.

Come on.



Gee, it's great to see you.

It's good to see you, too.

It's three years since we saw each other.

I'm kinda surprised you remember me.

Oh, I've often wondered what happened to you.

I've been going to the university here.

I was coming home from a night class and a few of the fellows dragged me in.

Let's go over and have a drink and talk, huh?


Oh, boy.

What happened to you?

These dames are ugly enough to be honor students in biology.

I couldn't get biological with the dame I had.

Whatever became of Doris, that girl who worked at the cigar counter with me?

She married one of the local boys and ..

Settled down and had a baby.

She is very happy.

Gee, I stopped in with the folks over Christmas holidays.

After three steady years in the city it was marvelous out there.

I bet it was.

There he is.

Look at the poor innocent lamb. Some dame got him hooked.

Say, we'd better get him out of here.

He's the kind of fellow that calls up some sunny morning ..

And says he's married to one of those dames.

Hey, Jimmy. What?

I thought you wanted to study.

Listen, guys. This girl I used to know back home. I'll see you fellows later.

Alright. If you don't show up for class in the morning ..

We'll tell the professor you're doing research work.

Come on. Oh nix.

Gee, I'm sorry, Molly. I don't even know those fellows.

That's alright, Jimmy.

You know, I've got a job all lined up after vacation.

With the county surveyor, at home.

Say, what's become of little blond Jane that used to work here?

Oh she quit, Sam.

She and another dame got an apartment over on 38th Street.


Yeah, and they're doing alright. Gee, that's great.

Let's get out of here, Jimmy. Can you leave?

Sure. I could any time now. It's after twelve.

Swell. I've got an idea.

Let's go to a quiet place where can talk and have some chop suey or something.

I've got a million things to tell you. And I'm dying to hear them.

Thank you.


Isn't it funny us meeting each other here tonight?

That's right.

Give me sixty-six. 66.


The big boy and myself are going out for a little fun tonight.

Wait a moment, wait a moment.

Nicky. What are you doing here? I want to have a little talk with you.

Just what do you want? Get out of here, will you.

I want to have a little talk with you. Don't make a scene here in the street.

Come on.

I get it. You're giving me the air for the kid. Is that it?

So that's your racket, is it?

He's nothing to do with my leaving you. We met by accident.

As I remember him, he's a bellhop.

The smart Aleck who gave me those phony long distance phone calls, aren't you.

I'd like to smack your ears off too.

Don't start a fight here. You'll draw the Cops.

Alright. Where are you going? We're going to get some food.

Hey, I'm hungry. I'll go with you. Come on, we'll go in my car.

Your car? Yes.

I told you I'd get a car, didn't I. From the guy I have this business deal with.

Molly, I guess I'd better see you later. No Jimmy, please. You've got to come.

Don't stand there and argue about it.

All get in the car. It's okay with me.


Calling all cars.

Calling all cars.

A stolen car.

"An auburn sedan."

"Licence number 1-1-4-8-1-2."

"A stolen car."

"Auburn sedan. Number 1-1-4-8-1-2."

"Driver stole car in full hold up. That is all."

Give me a cigarette, will you? I haven't any.

Hey Kid, give me a cigarette. I'm out of them.

That doesn't surprise me.

I've never known a bellhop yet that had anything you wanted.

We'll pull over and get some.

Slow down, boys.

There's an auburn sedan on the corner. Take a look at the number.

That's it, Sergeant.

Yeah. 1-1-4-8-1-2.

Wait a minute. Hey, wait a minute there!

Beat it.

Beat it!

Go after the other car.

Halt .. halt .. halt!

Jim .. I'm hit.

We didn't have anything to do with it. Let's go and explain the whole thing.

You can't explain a thing like this. Don't be a darned fool.

The first thing we'll do is lose those cops.

We'll drop the car in a vacant lot and beat it.

Let's have a paper, sonny.

[ Alarm clock ]

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to disturb you. Oh, that's alright.

Oh thank you, ma'am.

Good bed, good mattress and clean.

And no varmints.

Now that's one thing I pride myself on, no varmints.

The house next door, you may have looked, is alive with it. But not here.

You can see for yourself.

Not a bit of varmint. Even in the hall outside.

Not one. See for yourself.

Walls, furniture. Everything is as clean as a new pin.

And the dearest little kitchenette. Just the place for a young married couple.

Cute, isn't it, Jimmy. Yeah.

Isn't it. Dishes, stove. Everything complete.

And right across the hall, your bath.

Private, semi-private. But really like your own.

The rest don't use it. You know, just one in a while.

We just want a room for a short while. Short? How short?

Well, I ..

I rent by the month or week. No less.

I find if anybody wants a room for less than a week, there is something wrong.

And not in my house.

A week will be alright. We're only here for a short visit.

Alright. It will be twenty dollars a week.

But you'll have to do your own work.

Now I hope you enjoy your visit in this nice clean little apartment.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Now, no rough stuff.

No drinking. No breaking up the furniture or annoying the other lodgers.

This is a respectable place.

What is it?

She talks her head off. What are you so nervous about?

Wait a minute. What's the matter?

The window. Maybe they followed us.

Don't be silly. We must have lost them by now.

Besides, no-one will know you with your hair dyed.

You're a new woman.

Why, you're trembling, Molly.

Come on now. Snap out of it. Relax.

You don't know what we're up against. All I know is you need some rest.

Here, let me undo your coat. You're shaking like a leaf.

You'll feel better after a while. Sweet.

Oh, forget it.

Now you lie down over here. Give me a cigarette.


Everything okay?

[ Telephone ]

What is it? Telephone.

It isn't possible. They don't know.


Oh hello. How are you?


I can't hear you.

What is it?

You say a gang made a hold-up at Lennox near 7th about 9 o'clock last night?


So what?

The same mob shot Sergeant J.E. Antrim.

At Dearborn .. J. B. Antrim?

I got it. B .. B .. B.

For "Bath". Uhuh.

Near Dearborn and Clark.

The mob beat it in the car with the girl driving. They say she heads the gang.

Collins and Hays of the west side caught the fellow that did the actual shooting.

Did you get his name?

Nick Grant.

Did he talk?

Okay, I'll stick.



If that thing rings again, it's for me. I'll answer it.

They got Nick.

I see it all now. He stole a car, pulled a job and then took us out for a ride.

Tried to shoot his way out when they got him.

It might be murder.

If it is, they'll stop at nothing to get us.

Why don't we go to the cops and explain the whole thing?

Don't make me laugh.

I tell 'em we were out riding in the car and didn't know how it all happened?

We wouldn't have a chance. Has Nick ever done this before?

I guess that's how he gets his money lately.

Were you ever with him? Once.

We were driving and he said pull to the kerb. He had to ask a guy for a light.

The next thing I knew, he jumped on the running board.

And threw a purse in my lap.

It happened so fast I couldn't believe it.

Were you in love with him? No, I'm not in love with anybody.

Then why did you stick ..? Oh, what the ..

It was the easiest way out. I needed money. Lots of it.



I have a baby, Jimmy.

A little girl. You?


I'm crazy about her. Nick's?

No, not his.

I'm a pretty bad egg.

Listen, Molly. Let's you and I get out of here. This isn't any place for us.

Besides, that guy next door looks like a cop.

Be a good kid and go will you. The cops don't know you.

No reason for you to get mixed up. They've nothing on you.

They can't prove anything on you either.

Maybe not. But remember Nick and I have been together for three years.

And you can't play around with a guy like that without getting into trouble.

If that cop dies, they'll find some reason for sending me up too.

Well .. a woman.


Not so good.

Not so bad.


I said .. not so bad.

You worked fast, kid.

How did you get past that eagle-eyed hen downstairs?

Well, I .. we're married.

Uhuh. Just a second, just a second.

I know my types. I earn my living listening to stories like that.

Don't ask me to believe it, that's all.

Who are you?


Introducing Scotty Cornell.

Sob sister on the news. Known to my contemporaries as "Peanuts".

Loud bursts of applause.

That's fame for you, kid. That's fame. You can't lick it. You can't lick it.

Meet Mr James Cook of Pauling, Virginia.

The boys call me "Babe".

I knew that. "Babe" or "Queenie".

I'm a reporter. I read between the sheets.

I used to read in bed myself. I'll bet ..

Looks like you and I are going to get along.

What you doing here?

The man who occupied this apartment before ..

Looked after my phone-calls and I supplied the breakfasts.

Could you do the same? Just for a couple of days. I'm leaving for Europe.

Okay, thanks. What is that phone number?

Franklin. Franklin 4161?

Hello Louis? This is Scotty.

I want a case of ginger gale.

You'll get paid for it. Cash.

A dozen oranges, coffee cake.

Half a pound of butter. Make it a pound of butter.

Some marmalade. Do you like marmalade?

Make it jam.

Make it jam. Blackberry.

No. Raspberry.




Oh, you can't send it up? Alright, I'll be right down after it.

Would you mind going down? I have to stick around for phone calls.

Will you go down after the stuff?

Molly, I thought you were tired. It's alright, Jimmy.

Much better now. Kinda hungry, too. Okay, where is it?

Schulz's. Round the corner. You know, it's a funny thing.

To think I left all my money in my other suit.

Forget it.

Right. Hurry back, son. Your bride will fix us a nice little wedding present.

A nice kid.

Don't you think it's about time to get down to some steady eating?

Better learn to find your way round that kitchen. I can do with plenty of food.

I'll try.

You need it.

Just what do you mean by that? Come on. Show me around this place.

So you're going to Europe? Uhuh, Paris. The left bank.

For I shall write the great American novel.

Hasn't that been done before?

Not by me, sister.

What's it all about? The American scene.

Get those cups. They're on the third shelf there. You'd better dust them.

The American scene. Gangsters.


You know gangsters and gunmen?

Don't know them socially. Only bury the boys.

Look what you did!

I expected that. What a handy person you are around the kitchen.

All you're good for is to answer the telephone or something.

Get out and put something comfortable on.

It looks like the beginning of my lucky day.

Telephone .. telephone?

Where is that number I got?

Number? President?

President? Lincoln, Lincoln, Lincoln.

4-9-2-6 .. 4-9-2-6.

Ah .. Lincoln 4-9-2-6.


A girl I picked up on the elevator yesterday. Went for me like that!

Like what?


Is Jane in?

Sorry, Jane is out, but you can have Prince.

What kind of a place is this?


The Los Indios Riding Academy?

Never mind.

Do you think that double-crossing dame could have given me a phony number?

I thought you said you knew your types.

Sure I did. You're the same class. Just one of the tinsel girls.

What do you mean "tinsel"?

You look swell on a Christmas tree but you can't stand up in the rain.

When did you see me in the rain?

Don't have to. If you been round a while you have the world pretty well classed.

You kid yourself if you think you can guess them that easy.

They print what I guess.

Oh yeah? And you never guess wrong?

If you call them hard, they're hard. If you say they're tough, they're tough.

Sweet, they're sweet. Beautiful, innocent.

You never renege and never retract.

Look at them once and you can't go wrong.

Gee, it must be great to be the guy who knows all about women.

It has its advantages.

[ Telephone ]

What's the matter? You'll have to get used to that.


Yes, I'm on the job.


Give me State 6-0-3-0.


I'm expecting a call from a girl by the name of Jerry.

One of the elevator girls?

No. This is a different one.

Yep? Emergency ward.

Ambulance case. Hold-up.

If this Jerry calls, will you tell ..

Yeah? This is the morning news.

Say, you got a police Sergeant there named Antrim?

Just brought him in?

Fine. Now don't give me any of that "doing nicely" stuff.

Oh, okay.

If this Jerry calls, I want you to tell ..

What time?

Hmm. Notify the family.

Okay, I'll catch him.


That's that.

The copper kicked in. Oh no.

Sure. What about it?

It seems terrible.

It takes practice to live with bullet in your heart.

What you need is a little nip. Come on.

Uhoh. Our landlady has been cleaning up again.

Watch out for her.

I will. Say when.


That's the girl.

Looks like you and I understand each other.


Here's to Jerry. I hope she chokes.

I get it.

I know we understand each other.

All we need now is a little music.

Why not? And another drink.

Help yourself.

Where have you been all my life?

Hey, Steve.

What gives?

How about a good hot number?


[ Music ]


I've a swell friend here. When she wants anything give her the best in the house.

I want you to meet her.

She's bashful.

Don't like to meet strangers.

Come on baby, let's dance. What are you going to do about Antrim?

Interview his family. Stick pins in them to make them cry.

"Are you glad Papa's dead?" Sob.

And when I sob, the farmers stop worrying about the rain.

Come on, let's dance, baby. Wait a minute. Who shot him?

I don't know. Some hoodlum by the name of Grant. Nick Grant.

A big-shot, huh?

One of the gang. Named some girl named Madeleine Louvain.

Police look for her now. Come on, babe. Who is she?

Oh, I don't know. Some police say she's the brains of the mob.

You know her?

No. I don't know here. Before I get through, I will.

I'll have her on every front page in America.

She'll be a national figurehead.

Madeleine Louvain, tiger woman of the underworld.

Read this heart-breaking story ..

In Saturday's feature section by Scott Cornell.

I'm crying already. You will.

Picture it like this. Watch.

Or like this. Oh, not like that.

And I'll probably get a big bonus for it.


And we'll spend that bonus together.

How about Jerry?

If Jerry phones while I'm out you tell her ..

Tell her I've got something better lined up.

Here is the food.

Oh the groceries! And the prisoner ate a hearty breakfast.

Nice kid.

Do as I tell and you'll have her here before night. - Alright, Chief.

I told the Inspector a few things.

"Are your men blind", she says?

"You got a picture of Molly Louvain. Find her."

"Only in a bathing suit", I says.

And an old one at that.

Order the women to walk down the street naked.

My men will pick her out.

I'll bet I could.

Oh, all you're good for is to take care of the flowers.

Yeah? Captain Slade.

We got to spend the rest of our lives out here?

Hey, Chief .. some boys from the press want to see you.

Gentlemen of the press. Yeah, gentlemen of the press.

Send them in.

Hi Captain.

Well boys, what's on your mind? Has Nick regained consciousness yet?

Just for a moment. - Did he talk? Nope. - Not a word?

Well, he asked for water once.

Were you there when he gave the girl's name? - Sure.

Just a name though? That's all?

And then passed out.

After all, you can't expect a man to stay conscious for questioning ..

With three bullets in him, can you?

[ Telephone ]


Yeah? It's for you.

Hey, hey!

Just a minute, just a minute.

Oh, the Inspector? Yes, I'll be right over.

Skeets, Skeets.

Have a cigar? What kind are they?

Put 'em back.

Hello Charlie, how are you?

Here's the guy that knows all about women. Where is Molly?

I haven't the slightest interest in her.

Get a load of this.

"Can get you 3 months picture contract starting September 15th. Stop."

"$150 a week with options for year. Double figures. Stop."

"Wire immediately. Regards. L. Richards."

Who is he? My New York agent.

Agent? A reporter with an agent.

Everybody is writing books and plays and pictures.

There ain't no reporters left.

Hmm. I thought you were all set for Paris.

I was. I said to myself, go to Paris.

Write a novel. Maybe it will be a hit.

Get a big contact. But ..

I got the contract without the novel.

So, why go to Paris?

Sure, that's right.

You'll go to Hollywood, flop hard and come back.

You won't be worth a dime for newspaper work or anything else.

But your decision is probably correct.

You're not worth a dime anyway.

My, my.

It's so hard to get a sex angle into the story.

I wonder if they are living in shame.

Who, Antrim and Nick?

No. Nick and Molly.

If I could only show that she was caught cheating with Antrim.

That's it. That's my idea.

When Nick found out the she had a child ..

I mean .. I don't mean ..

Boys, you gotta be honest.

Don't worry. We know all about the kid.

We'll protect you. Come on, talk.

Well, Nick told us about the kid and we're watching the house now.

I got the idea.

We can catch her now. Spill it. How?

Don't ask me how. Listen, you hacks.

I'll bet every one of you $10 each that I have Molly Louvain here in 48 hours.


How is the baby? Is she alright?

Yes, she's alright.

I've been so nervous. I've been pacing the floor for hours.

Isn't she a darling.

I didn't see her.

What's the matter? Is anything wrong?

Don't be nervous Molly. I couldn't see her. - What?

There are some men in front of the house in a police car. I had to walk right by.

So they found out about the baby?

They'll make it tough now.

I'm sorry, Molly. Oh, you did the best you could.

Why don't you get out of here. Why don't you let me alone.

Why not go and tell the police the whole story.

You have a perfect alibi. Don't be silly.

I couldn't.

You know I love you, Molly. And I'm not going to leave you like this.


I went by the fraternity house and told 'em I'm staying with friends for a week.

They don't suspect a thing.

Have you seen these?

Why should you get mixed up in a thing like that?

Well boys.

We're going to search this block too, with a fine tooth-comb.

I want two of you to take that building there.

Two more take this one, and the rest of you come on with me.

Hello? Who is it?

Open it up. We're police officers.


Where's the landlady of this joint? The landlady? I don't know.

I thought it was the landlady knocking.

That's why I wouldn't answer. Wait a minute.

Any new tenants move in here lately? Tenants?

I don't know. What do I know about tenants?

Don't be in a hurry. What do you do?

What do I do? What can I do? What should I do? What do you think I do?

I'm a chiropodist. You're a what?

A doctor that fixes the feet. A chiropodist.

This guy looks phony to me. Let's look inside. Go on, get inside.

Who's in there?

The wash-room? My wife is in there. Go in and take a look.

Come on, get out of the way.

[ Scream! ]

Well, was it is his wife? I couldn't tell for sure.

She might have taken off her wedding ring before she got into the tub.

Let's look at another apartment.

Yep. We've seen everything here.

I'll say you did.

Your bill. Not my bill?

Don't you know that's against all the rules of this establishment?

Your face is very familiar to me.

P.J. Pratt.

P.J. Pratt?

Not one of the Boston Pratts?


Just an ordinary Pratt?

How about paying this furniture bill? Listen.

On the 2nd of every month I take all the bills I ever see ..

Put them in a waste basket, mix them up thoroughly with a stick.

Then I blindfold myself, pick one out ..

And that's the one I pay.

And do you know I'm going to do if you don't stop annoying me?

I won't even put your bill in the waste basket.

Open it up. We're police officers.


Bless me if it ain't Martin and Baldwin.

What you boys doing here?

Orders from the Inspector. A search of this neighborhood for that Louvain dame.

You'll never find her here. Why not?

My girl lives in here. I live across the hall.

Answer it.

Just one slug, for old time's sake.

The Captain is downstairs. I saw him myself.

Say, I'm working on that Louvain story. If she was round here I'd have seen her.

One little shot?

No Scotty, no. We haven't got time.

One, for old time's sake?

No, no, no.

Once a cop, always a cop. I'll see you boys in the bar tomorrow.

Okay, Scotty. Upstairs, Baldwin.

Hello kid. Hello Molly. Hello.

Do I smell coffee?

And waffles. Melted in butter and covered with honey.

Oh lady, lady.

A double order, please. And a little of that Java right now.

Boy, it's hot in here.

Ah, the National Coffee Hour with the latest theme song, Mother Machree.

Turn off the slush.

That Mother stuff has made better men than you my dear.

Not to mention my living. It's the line that hits em all.

Thank goodness everybody has got a mother.

Mothers? Ha.

Mine walked out of my life twelve years ago.

And ran away with a handsome tenor.

Maybe that's him now. Maybe.

Didn't you ever see her again?

No, and I don't want to. Except where it's good and hot.

She put a note on the door saying: "Stay with the Bennetts. I owe 'em $50 board."

"Don't let them put starch in your underwear."

"Use glycerine on your hands and always remember that your mother was a lady."

And a smart woman ditching such a brat. I'll bet you were a tough little kid.

[ Door knocks ]

Come in. Have a cigar.

What's the matter?

Gas bill for 24N.

4.50. The landlady told me.

You know that's a funny thing. I left all my money in my other clothes.

Pay it will you, Jim? I got to make a phone call.

You always wear that suit?

Why don't you get the coffee and keep still?

Dearborn 0-4-3-2.


Say, when your mother ran away with that tenor ..

Did she get a white or a yellow every time there was a step in the hall? Ha?

Emergency Hospital.

What's the matter, you got a husband or something? Afraid he'll track you down?

Ha? Oh Annie, this is Peanuts Cornell.

Have you got a party there unconscious who may or may not be Molly Louvain?

When she comes to, give me a ring will you. Hyde Park 7-9-0-7.

And if my boss calls you ..

I'm right there holding your hand.


Nice kid.

Where is the waffles? Oh.

Well, how is the case coming?

Oh fair enough. I pulled a trick today that will stand them up when it breaks.

Did you read my stuff? Yes.

Be glad when they catch that dame. Darn quick too. - Why?

I'm going to bury that yarn and set sail for Hollywood.

Hollywood? What about Paris? I thought you were leaving tonight.

No, Paris is out, I stick around here for one more week.

And then on to the coast and the movies.

The movies?

Sure. To write. Get a flash of that.

"Can get you 3 months picture contract starting September."

Gee, that's great.

No. That isn't great. That's suicide.

That's where dead reporters go.

It is our dream of heaven.

And we fall for it.

Just like country boys do for tinsel dames.

Are you still here?

I made a mistake. It ain't 4.50, it's 6.50.

How would you like to have a waffle with me? I've got some maple syrup down here.

Gee, I thought those cops had us for a while.

That guy is alright. He certainly came through when we needed him.

I wonder how much he is being fooled.

I don't know, but I don't like the way that fellow talks to you.

He thinks you are common and you're not.

Well, maybe I am.

But I didn't want to be.

I flopped at practically everything I guess.

But it takes a guy like that to tell me about it.

I thought he was leaving tonight.

He's the kind to notice that I'm jumpy.

I can't stand it another day.

Look, let's get out of here. I've got $150. That will take us home.

Let's not go through all that again. Don't you love me at all, Molly?

Listen Jimmy, you're a sweet kid, you're swell, see.

But I don't love you.

Besides, there is my baby. What about it?

She's a great kid and I want her to stay that way.

I'm sorry for a lot of things. But not for her. She's worth everything to me.

I'm glad too now, because ..

Whatever happens to me .. she's safe.

We can send for her later.

What do you mean?

Why Molly, you haven't changed a bit. You mustn't think about it that way.

You've just had a lot of tough breaks, that's all.

I only think of you just as you were three years ago.

That's the sweetest thing you could have said.

Won't you come away with me? We can be married.

We'll start all over. Won't you, please?

Over again?

If you really believe in me.


I'll try to start over.

Well, you get ready.

I'll get the rest of the things at the fraternity and be back in a half hour.

Here is some money in case you need anything.

I hope that Scotty guy changes his ..

Did I hear my name?

You're not leaving? We're going to be married.

You are going to be ..?

What in the name ..?

Well, it's none of my business. Right.

Any guy who butts in on a case where he ain't wanted is nothing but a darn fool.

You're right. And a sap besides.

Wait a minute.

I want to know, why marry the girl?

You're taking this thing too seriously.

You should have a sense of humor about these things.

She may try to make you marry her.

But she can't you know.

Well, it's nothing like that. We're in love.

Oh, now wait. Don't get sappy with me.

Tell her to take it to court.

And laugh when you say it. Don't smile. Laugh.

She'll get you. Why you dirty ..

It's one of those things?

You're in love with the girl.

I can't believe it.

I've read about such things.

I write about them.

But never ..

Can't you see she's playing you for what you can give her?

That's exactly nothing.

And she'll leave you for any peanut vendor that can give her two bits more.

Why do they always pick on decent kids like you?

And it leads to murder. Murder? Why murder?

Sure. One day you'll come home and find her in the arms of a traveling salesman.

And you'll go off your nut, commit murder, land in jail.

Well anyway, I'll have the inside story.


What is this with you? This guy ..

Wait, Jimmy. Go ahead. Hurry. Getting late.

I'll be glad when I get you out of this place.

I'll settle with this guy who knows all about women.


What's the idea?

Come on, Camille. Give the country cousin a break and send him home.

There's plenty of others for you.

As far as you're concerned, I'm nothing but a tramp.

Hmm. But a very high class little tramp.

And there's no chance you may be wrong? Hardly. A little drink?

Milk? I'm not kidding.

This is on the level with me. I want to get away from all this.

And settle down in a little one-horse town in a vine-clad cottage by the sea.

With the first decent man you've ever known.

And, how long will it last?

Until the first travelling salesman .. This is my chance to be respectable.

And I'm going to take it. Too late.

The kid has got nothing for you.

It looks great now but in a month you'll go daffy.

I can see you now.

Swinging down main street.

With that walk of yours.

What's the matter with my walk? Ah, it's the walk of a tramp.

You heard me. The walk of a tramp.

You little.

Let me go! I'm sick of your insults. You're so almighty smart.

It's none of your business what I am. It's a dirty trick on the kid.

Yeah? You're not worried about him. I know you. You want me for yourself.

And I suppose I couldn't have you? No, but you want me alright.

Oh I do, do I? Well, you're wrong.

But it wouldn't be so hard if I did.

Would it?

Stop. Don't. Stop it.


Don't stand there looking at me like that.


I can't believe it.

Tell me you did this deliberately, just to ..

Just to prove to me to ..

To send me away.

No kid, it wasn't planned.

We felt that way and ..

There you are.

Molly, why?

I know it .. I'm rotten. Do you understand?


I tried to say but you wouldn't listen to me. You would put me on a pedestal.

It's better for you to go away. It's better for both of us.

Someday, I'll hurt you terribly.

And I'd never hurt him.

I'm not going, Jimmy.

She's going with me. To Hollywood.

But .. Two hobos together.

We'll have a small bungalow, 3 master bedrooms, a Filipino boy, two footmen.


Nah, I'm not going to Hollywood.

I want to starve at The Ritz bar.

It's Paris. Tonight. Now.

But remember this.

He's willing to marry you.

I'm not.

He'll give you a home. I won't.

But we'll go places. Hear the band play.

For a while.

Then, maybe ..

I'll give you a dirty deal.

I always do.

He's more of a man than I am.

I know that.

Think it over.

Make it snappy.

I'll throw some things in a bag.

But remember this, lollipop.

He is your chance.

I'm not going, Molly. I can't. Don't do this.

It's no use. Why not make a home with me?

I'll make one here in the city. Any place. Only Molly, please ..

When something takes hold of you and goes right through you ..

You don't care what anybody thinks .. you go.

The first time Scotty walked through that door I knew it was all over.

That's why I wanted to get away.

That's why I wanted him to leave. Paris, Hollywood. Anywhere.

But your baby .. what about her? Oh, she's alright.

The folks are crazy about her.

She is better off without me.


I'm like my mother.

I'm like her.

Now I understand why.

She ran away with her man.

And left me.

I don't hate her.

She couldn't help it.

And neither can ..

Neither can I.


I'm sorry.

Goodbye, kid.

Don't take it so hard.

Ten years from now you'll thank me for doing you a favor.

I don't think so.

I know so.

You are too much like I was when I was your age.

You're okay.


I'm ready.

Hey, do I know my women?

When Napoleon wanted volunteers, did he offer 'em rich rewards, glory, fame? No.

He said: men it's a life of hardship, privation, danger and death itself.

And they answered to a man.

So I offered you nothing and you accepted.


You're sweet, baby. Sweet.


Wouldn't it be awful if we fell in love?

I got to go pull a stunt. Pick up some money. We need some coin. Now listen.

Meet me at the Terminal Restaurant.

Near the cigar counter opposite the Dearborn station at 10:30.

Got that?

Taxi fare.

Here I go.

On my way. Bright and gay.

I'll stick around here until train time.

[ Radio: ]

"The pilot and the six passengers were alive and uninjured."

"Latest police bulletin."

"The police are still searching for Molly Louvain."

"Her baby daughter has been found by the police."

"The child is very, very sick .."

"And a desperate appeal is being made to Molly Louvain by radio."

"In the hope that somehow this word will reach her."

"And she can come to police headquarters in time to save her child's life."

"Molly Louvain."

"Your little girl is very, very ill."

"Very ill."

"She is praying for you, Molly."

"No matter where you hide it's your duty as a mother and a woman to come forth."

If that don't bring her in.

I'm an Eskimo. It was a good stunt.

And if she comes in, it means a big feather in your cap, kid.

It's a swell idea, Scotty.

"Ann Marie is in the police hospital."

"She wants you, Molly."

"She wants you."

Hey Pop, where is the gang?

Across the street, playing pool.

Hello? Hello? It's for you.


Yeah, I'll take it.

It's that no-good guy on the news.

Scotty? Yeah.

What does he say?

Not so fast. Wait a minute.

What does he say? Give me that phone.

Wait a minute. Yeah?

Alright. I'll tell them.

He said for you slugs who borrowed money from him to get it ready darned quick.

As he's on his way up here now to collect it.

He's leaving town tonight on the Broadway Limited.

The little squirt is leaving town, huh? That's great.


Alright, Scotty. Sure.

I'll tell them.

You know, he's really a nice kid. I'd like to see him get along.

Why not go to the boys, Skeets. And get them to pay up the money they owe him.

Oh, he promised you a cut, huh?

Well. Well.

It's alright with me if I'm a partner.

Under your hat, eh.

Not a dime.

[ Telephone ]

There is your phone again.

Don't get nervous. I'm coming, I'm coming.


What's that?

She wants to see the Chief, eh?

What for?


Say .. this is going to be good.

There's a girl outside who says she's Molly Louvain.

Nothing. No. Nuts.

Is she white and under 40? Send her in.

This is good.

Yes. Send her in.

Maybe it's a gag? Some show in town?

Here is she girl, Sergeant.

What do you want, sister?

I am Madeleine Maude Louvain.

I came to give myself up.

Where is my baby? Who are you?

I'm Molly Louvain.

Ah, you're Madeleine, Maude? I mean "Molly"?

Well, well. Isn't that sweet, boys?

Charlie, go and get her a chair. Sure.

You're just in time for tea.

Oh Charlie, is the tea ready?

Oh dear, don't tell me that we're all out of tea, Charlie.

I came to give myself up.

So you feel a little generous and decided to give up, eh?

And you thought of the boys first.

We appreciate that, don't you boys.

Oh, sure. So you're Molly?

The only picture we have of you to go by is in the nude.

Not in the nude, a bathing suit.

Alright, if you shot Antrim .. I didn't! - Where'd it happen?

Dearborn and Clark. - What time? Around 11 o'clock. I don't know.

She's read it in the papers. Sure.

Which way was the car going? Down Clark and west.

You're wrong. Listen to her. West.

You must do better than that, kid.

How many men with you besides, Nick? One.

You're a liar. There was four.

You may not know it, but there is the officer that did it.

Now you see what you're up against?

Go on beat it kid, will you. We're busy.

Sergeant. Operator.

Give me the Chief of Police. You'll not bother the Chief.

I'm bothering the whole darned town.

My baby is sick and I will see her.

Hey, wait a minute.

Wait a minute, Sarge.

Let's give her the show-up. Nick is downstairs.

Take me down. Nick will know me.

Alright, take her down. Come on, Charlie.

Lord help you if you're taking us for a ride.

Just another one of them hoaxers gone daffy from reading the papers.

So, it's all set.

What about the girl's passport? I ..

I got it.

Dexter 6-5-3-1.

Right. I know a girl just back from Europe. She'll let me use hers.

All women look alike on a passport anyway. I know a little redhead that ..

Ann? Oh, Doris?

Well, is Doris there?

When will she be in? Aha.

This is Scotty.

She'll know.

You tell her get her passport out and I'll be by and pick it up about 10:30.

No, not her.

Just the passport.


This little girl had a pug nose but naturally red hair photographed black.


Yeah, he's here. It's for you.

Your paper.

Hello? Yeah, Simmons?

Is this you? I bet you can't guess who this is.

No. You're wrong.

A rising young novelist. En-route to Paris.

Scotty! You win! You win.

It's her. It's Molly.

She gave herself up to see the kid.

I don't know anything yet. They're bringing her to the Captain's office.

He'll give her the works.

Molly Louvain just confessed. I've tried to tell you. They just brought her in.


Yes, they'll quiz her as soon as the Captain washes his hands.

She came to see her baby. It's why she's here.

I'll call you back the minute something happens. Bye.

Alright, you apes. Come on, kick in with that ten smackers.

It was my idea that brought her in. Come on, let's have it.

Come on .. come on. Thank you.

This is going to break my heart.

There you are.

Ah, Jim the pack man.

My personal check. Good as gold.

Alright Skeets, come on baby, don't keep waiting. You know.

Sure, Scotty. That's ten I owe you. I left my dough in my other clothes.

That's .. that's alright.

What's the matter with you?

Oh, I was just thinking what a rotten trick that was to play on some woman.

I thought you were a tough guy that knew women. And left them where they fell.

That's the trouble. How it feels getting pinched through a dirty lie like that.

Ah, that's alright, Scotty.

If there is anything I can do .. you know me.

Sure .. let me have that ten.

Well, anything but that.

What do you know of the shooting of Sergeant Antrim? - Nothing.

No? Well, your memory will improve as the time goes on.

I came to see my baby. Not so fast.

The kid will keep. What I first want from you is a statement.

Take this.

You are making this statement voluntarily, by your own free will.

With the realization that whatever you say may be used against you.

Listen, let me see the kid first. I'll do this afterwards.

Answer my question. This comes first.

Yes, sir.

At the time of the crime last Sunday you drove the car away that Grant was in.

Now, this happened on the corner of Dearborn and Clark.

It's a cinch, boys. Did she own up?

Not yet .. she's tough and she knows all the ropes.

We'll get a signed statement from her before the evening's over.

But how long will it take? Maybe four or five hours.

I got an appointment at 11 o'clock.

Come on, come on, come on. Yes.

Hello. Give me Dearborn 0-7-0-3.


You never know what to feel. You plan something good, then .. hello?

Is the Terminal Restaurant cigar counter?



Well, this is Scott Cornell of The News. Is there a girl there asking for me?

Blond hair, brown eyes, lovely figure.

Well, if she does, tell her I'm on a big story and I've got to see it through.

Tell her to go to a movie. I'll meet her at 11:30.

We'll catch the late train.

July 10th at the drug-store at the corner of Holsen and Grant.

Two weeks later, a gas station on the Roosevelt Road.

August 4th. A delicatessen store at 5423 North Well.

What have you there? A list of all crimes you haven't solved?

Say, that will keep us here until Gabriel comes along.

Did you or didn't you participate in one or more of the aforementioned crimes?

Sure I did. All of 'em. And some others. In fact, if you want the truth ..

I'm the girl who bumped off William Desmond Taylor and Rothstein.

And kidnapped Dorothy Arnold and even stole Charlie Ross.


Don't get fresh, because that won't get you anywhere.

I'm sorry sister, but I can't spare one.

Well, sister?

I came to see my baby. They say she's sick and she needs me.

Sure she does. You'll see her just as soon as we get what we want from you.

You and your gang are responsible for shooting Sergeant Antrim.

We got the man that did the shooting .. and he'll burn.

And I'm going to rid the city of the rest of your gang for a long while.

Putting them where they belong. Behind bars.

I told you, there is no gang. Who was with you during the shooting?

A kid. He doesn't know anything.

All we want are the names of your gang. That's all we want, Molly.

I came to see my baby. Maybe we won't let you see your baby.

Maybe we don't think you're a fit mother for your baby.

She is entitled to a chance in life.

Should she have a mother who is a jailbird?

Now Molly, tell us who that man was.

Tell us the names of your gang and you can walk out of here absolutely free.

And take that nice baby of yours with you.

Don't be a sucker and take a rap ..

Won't you believe me! Can't you understand? I told you there is no gang.

You haven't a thing on me. You can't hold me.

Alright, it that's the way you feel about it.

Then you'll have to take your own punishment.

Why .. we don't need any more from you.

Really. We've got all we want. Nick has told us everything.

He admits that on July 14th committing the hold-up at the corner of 7th.

You drove the car. He threw a purse at you.

And you kept it.

And furthermore, you've been his accomplice for the last three years.

Is that all? Well, he ..

He admits everything.

Get this, Molly .. he said that you were the reason, that you were the brains.

That you incited him. He was nothing but putty in your hands.

Molly, he'll lay this crime on you if you don't come clean.

Alright, alright! Do anything you want with me.

I want to see my baby. Good. Why didn't you say that first?

It's okay, boys.

We've got her signed confession. They'll let her see the kid now.

The captain says you can all come in and talk to her if you like.

My hat fell.

Mama, Mama.

Ann Marie, darling.


Where have you been?

What's the matter, sweetheart? Are you alright?

I'm fine, Mama.

And I'm having such a lovely time.

What's the matter, Mrs Schiller? What's wrong with the baby?

Nothing is the matter. She is perfectly alright.

She was crying for you. That's all.

I couldn't help it. The police made me come.

She's alright.

That was a dirty trick. A cheap, low-down trick.

Don't blame us. The reporter thought up the radio idea.

And darned clever too.

Here is the bright lad, Miss Louvain. Shake hands with a genius.



You brought me in.

You knew all along it was me.

You kept me undercover and then turned me in for a big story.

I didn't think for one minute you were Molly.

You understand that .. don't you?

Oh, don't touch me!

Come on, Scotty.

Now listen, this is a personal matter.

If there is any story you'll all get it. I promise.

Hey Captain, let me talk to her alone.

I brought her in you know. Well, that's alright with me.

John. Take the baby over to the matron.

She'll take care of it until the court decides what we do with her.

Okay, Captain.

Come on. Goodbye, darling.

I don't want to go, Mama.

I want to stay with you.

Oh come on. We'll have a lot of fun playing horsey.

I'll see you later, darling.

Oh, what a dirty trick.

What a cheap trick.

Give me the desk.

Hey, get a load of this. Scotty Cornell.

Scotty Cornell.

You know the guy. The guy in The News.

Yeah. He just double-crossed himself.

He turned in his own sweetheart to win a bet.

Yes. They got the whole signed confession. Murdoch has got it.

I'll call you back after and give you the whole dope.

For the past two hours I've felt ashamed of myself for the trick I have played.

I had no idea it was going to be a terrible boomerang like this.

Well you did your job.

You got a good story. Got a good headline.

That's one story I'd like to bury forever.

You know, a tinsel girl wouldn't have given herself up just for a kid.

Well it's nice to know that the man who knows all about women admits he's wrong.

Look here, you've got to believe me.

Haven't you a little of the feeling that you had for me?


That was the tinsel girl.

She died when I turned around at the depot and came back for my baby.

For the sake of that baby, you'll have to trust me.

I wouldn't trust you again after what you did.

You no-good ..

Go on, say .. say anything you want.

But remember.

How you changed in one second in that depot.

Don't you believe that I can change too?

Before I ever knew who Molly Louvain was I began to hate myself.

Now you've got to give me the real truth.

Not that hooey you gave those cops and I'll use it to free you.

And after that I want to make you love me and respect me in a decent way.

Won't you?


Ah, what a funny world.

We might have been on our way to Paris right now.

Music. The Ritz bar. A month, maybe three, of happiness.

Noise. Glamour.

And then I'd have given you a raw deal. Forgot you. Walked out. Left you flat.

But now it's all different. Now I'll be right here, right by your side.

Fighting for you day and night. Working for you, and I'll never leave you.

Never. Not even after you're free.

Believe me, honey.

You've got to believe me.

Don't you see?

The man who knew all about women.

Has just learned what it's all about.

Hold that, Scotty.

0h, that's great.

Do it again.