The Strange Ones (2017) Script

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Come on.

Did you sleep?

Not really.

Where are we?




You all alone up here?

Uh, oh no.

I'm with my brother.

Ah, well.

You two lookin' for something fun to do in the area, huh?

You got plenty to choose from.

Oh no, we're just going camping.

Oh camping.


The black bear campsite and the flying loon campsite.

Now, black bear campsite is closed.

Let's try and rest our eyes for a bit, okay?

Are there gonna be actual beds there?

Yeah, there's beds and a couch and a bathroom.

I mean, it's like a normal house, except it's small.

I think there's a TV, I'm not sure.

Well, how is there cable if it's in the middle of the woods?

I don't know, the antenna?

Is it heated?

I can't remember.

Then what happens in the winter when it gets cold?

Why don't we try and rest for a moment, okay?

You want anything else?


Are you having fun?


I mean, it doesn't look like you're having fun.

I kinda feel weird.

Weird how?

It's like when I try to sleep.

I can't stop thinking, and when I think I'm asleep, turns out that I'm still awake,

and then I kind of can't tell what's like real or a dream,

or whatever.

What are you thinking of?

You know, things.

You wanna know what I think?

If you wanna stop thinking or dreaming about certain things, just stop.

The things inside your head, they're only as real as you want them to be.

So if you want, you can just decide they're not real.

Decide what's not real, though?


Everything from before this trip.

None of it exists, not unless you want it to.

Take this cup.

It doesn't exist.

Here, look at me.

This is stupid.

Trust me.

But it's right there.

What is?

Your cup.

What's going on?

Nothing's going on.

You're just a kid going on a camping trip with your big brother.

Anything else I can get for you two?

Um, coffee to go?

And a check, please.

No problem.

Thank you.

Hey Joe.

Didn't think I'd see you till a little later.

Go pay the lady.

Don't get in there without me.

Is it closed?

Yeah, maybe.

Excuse me.

Hey, come here.

This is Kelly.

She works here.


What's your name?


Oh, that's my cousin's name.

I was just telling Kelly that we, uh, broke down up the road.

Oh yeah.

Something got knocked out of place.

Not too sure.

Well there's a garage not far from here.

I could call you a tow, if you want me to.

Yeah, I can give you a ride down there if you don't mind waiting a little bit.

Well, we'd really appreciate it.

Wouldn't we?

Come on, put your clothes on.

Did you already tell her what your real name is?


You suck.

She wants to do you.

I'm just being polite.

You should go for it.

Would you ever?

Do it.

Use her hole.

I'll be right back.

Across America, starting at...

top story, there's new details tonight about the tragic fire that destroyed a two-story home in new Brighton several nights ago.

Firefighters have discovered the remains of an adult male, the owner of the house, among the ruins.

You awake?

You okay?

Get off me, you're gross.

She says this is their off season.

So basically no one's here for the next few months.



She said we can stay here for free for however long we want.

You know, some people live in these places permanently.

And I was thinking, things aren't really workin' out the way they were supposed to.

Or whatever.

It's okay.

I think what we do is we stay here, figure things out, take our time.

You know?

Oh hi.


Um, is this stuff free?

Yeah, of course, take a much as you want.



Um, od you guys need anything else in your room?

Uh, no thank you.

I should show you where the laundry room is, so you can wash your clothes while you're staying.

No thanks.


Well, we're leaving.

I mean, we're not staying, so it'd be pointless.

Because your brother said you guys might stick around.

He lied.

Why would he lie?

Because he's a liar.

Oh, come on, he's a nice guy.

Not he's not.

Everything he's said since he's got here has been a lie.


For starters, there's the fact that he doesn't even like girls.


He's basically gay.

He doesn't get hard with girls.

That's a really strange thing to say about your brother.

And then, I guess there's the fact that he's taking advantage of you.

I mean honestly, he thinks your an idiot.

You'll do whatever he wants.

Well really, you don't even know who he is.

Actually, I was wondering.

When you work out here, in the middle of nowhere, how can you tell that some random guy that shows up here is actually who he says he is?

Like him, how can you tell that he's not like a kidnapper or a murderer or something?

And how can you tell that isn't gonna like, rape you or kill you or rob you,

or has that never even crossed your mind?

If I were you, it definitely would.

If I were you and I met a guy like him, I'd probably like, run.

Where were you?

What did you say to her?

She's really an idiot.

She's even dumber than you are.

Do you hate me now?


You can just go ahead and kill me.

I don't even care where you bury my body.

Do you wanna hit me?

Would that make you feel better?

I'm serious...

stay behind me, okay?



Hi there.

Hey, how's it going?

Fine, yourself?

Can't complain.

Beautiful day.


It's not the season for that yet, eh.

Squirrels, maybe.

Ah, we're just doing some target practice.

Where'd you come in from?

There's not much daylight left.

Yeah, you're right.

We're gonna head back in a minute.

What's the fastest way back to the road?

Yeah, it's real easy, you just head up this hill... what's your name?


Better be careful out here in those shorts, you will get poison Ivy.

I said you better be careful, or you'll get poison Ivy.

Oh, thanks.

It's just the two of us the trees and the animals.

When was the last time you were here?

Was probably your age.

Maybe uh, maybe a little older.

We used to come out in the summer, and then again in the fall.

I hated it at first, but then.

I guess I started to like it.

Quit staring at me.


That cat's being weird.

I think he's possessed.

I think he's like, a person who's like reincarnated.

Like, a guy.


It's definitely him.

Come here.

Keep your hand off the trigger.

Get it on your shoulder.

Aim with your right eye.

When I say fire, fire.


Hand off the trigger.


When I say fire, fire.


Check this out.


I slept in it overnight once.


I'm telling you the truth.


I was running away from my dad.

It looks really deep.

I don't actually remember anything from when I was in there.

I just remember coming out and feeling different.

Different how?

Kinda like I changed into a new person.

I mean, I was still me.

It was like I traveled in a time where everything was the same except, not.



What is that?

Trust me.

Tastes like honey.

What's that?

Maybe a bear.


There even any left?


Hey, stop for a second.

Put it away.


Who's over there?

Are you new?

Eh, I don't think he's like, one of us.

Look how fucked up he is.

No, they're gonna know that we're up here, and then... um.

Do you have water?



You wanna tell me your name?


You're kidding.

You stole my name.

He's Jeremiah, too.

I'm Gary, this is Luke.

Can you stand?

Hey gang, how's it going?

Yeah, I know it's hot out here.

We'll be done pretty soon.


Don't say anything about when we found you earlier.

If he asks, just,

we were chasing a stray cat, we just found you there, all right?



Whenever you're finished, Jeremiah will show you where you can take a shower.

Get him some clean clothes to put on.

And after you get clean, we'll talk, okay?


Good, right?

To write down three things you've learned while you were here, even if they were little things that you can incorporate into your life back home.

Those might look poisonous.

Those are actually ones that are safe to eat.

These should fit.

Yeah, these are both for you, so just whatever, top or bottom.


All right.

There's a bathroom in here you can change in.

Take that.

This is Max.

You have dogs at home or cats?

A cat.

Just one?

One official one.

I feed a few strays though, too.

You must like animals.

What else can you tell me about yourself?

You know, I can't start to help you unless you talk to me.

Can you tell me where you came from?

The woods.

The woods.

What does that mean?

I was in the woods camping.

With who?

My brother.

And where's your brother now?

I don't know.

Maybe we should talk in the morning after you've had a chance to rest.

Come on Max, let's go home, buddy.

Can I just ask you one other thing?


What's your real name?




Did he ask about where we found you?



What do you think?

I think he's lying.

Why do you think he's lying?

Just my gut.

We have to do weeds today.

It's a rotating thing.

Have you ever done yard work before?


You ever done anything before?

We'll show you.

It's not hard.

We need to finish all this stuff by the end of today.

You guys work in the patch over there, okay?

Stay out of those woods over there.

I hear that's where that escaped killer's hiding.

Shut up.

Well you still gotta work over there until lunch time.

Jeremiah, are you listening?

Yeah, I'm listening.

I thought I told you to stay in the car.

Come on.


Gary wants to talk to you.

He looks like a criminal.

He is a criminal.

He's brought the cops here. He's dangerous.

Guys, what the hell is he?

Is that him there?


Okay gang, let's break it up, move along, move along.

Come on, let's go.

You're pretty fast for a little guy.

After what all you've been through, you're a real brave kid.

You know that?

We've been lookin' hard for you these past days.

Where is he?

He didn't make it.

But we're just glad we found you.



Can I use the bathroom for a second?


So what were you two doing out there in the forest?


I mean, that's what he told me to say.

Sam, um.

This might be uncomfortable, but I need to show you a few things, and I need you to answer honestly, the best you can, okay?

Is this your house?

You and your dad's house?



Is this your dad?

What about your mom?

Um, I don't know where she lives.

How is your relationship with your dad?


Was he strict?

I guess.

But no more than any other parent.



Your friend Sarah told us that you spent a lot of time at Nick's house.

Um, yeah.

That's because my dad worked at night, so Nick would watch me, as like favor to him.

Since he lived across the street.

And how long did you do that for?


Since I moved in.

And that was about two years ago?

I guess.

We spoke to some people who knew your dad.

Looks like he was about to start a new job.

Way at the other end of the state.

Did you know about that?

Yeah, we were about to move.

And how did Nick feel about that?

He didn't like it.

He wanted me to live with him instead.

That's why he did it.

What was that?

That's was why he killed my dad.

What can you tell me about that night?

I don't know, really.

I just remember he didn't want me to look at him, my dad.

Don't look.

Go get your stuff.

Wait, stop!


So Sam, with Nick.

Did he touch you?

Breathe in.

And out.

And in.

And out.

Your knees should be up at your chest, sort of like how a cat sleeps.

You're going to feel some pressure now.

Do you have a pet cat or dog?

A cat.

There's no physical evidence of sexual abuse, but you know, it's rare that there would be.

I look through his statement.

He's been through a lot.

Brief conversation with the pair.

But at least thought their odd behavior was explainable.

That is, until they got home and turned on the news.

I knew there was something weird about them being out there, but we didn't think too much about it, so then when I saw them on the TV, I knew it was him.

I said, that's the kid that you saw out there?

So that's when I called.

Track down the abducted child.

We all signed it, and there was an assembly for the whole school where the police came and talked about it.



Everybody's talking about it.

That's kinda weird.


I don't know.

Do you um, have any questions about anything?

It's just like a normal house.

Come on, Sarah, let's let him get settled in.

Do you think it'd be fun to take care of animals?

Like on a farm?

Yeah, and like planting and growing vegetables and stuff.

I used to think that kind of thing would suck, but the more I think about it, the more it seems awesome.

It might get boring after a while.

This is so weird.

You're in my room, but like, a few days ago, I totally thought you were dead.

Sorry, that's messed up.

It's so crazy to think that you never really know a person, you know?

My mom says she knew someone that dated him once.

I mean, a girl his age.

It's just kind of a shock, I guess, that he turned out to be such a weirdo.


Was it like, mainly him doing things to you?

Or did he make you do things to him?

It was kind of both, I guess.

You know what's funny?

Thinks we're boyfriend and girlfriend.

I didn't say anything, they just, like, assume.

Can I tell you something?


Okay, um, I just wanted to tell you that I didn't say anything to the police about you and your dad.


They read our texts, that's how they found out.

Found out what?

Just about how you didn't wanna move, and how you wished your dad was dead.

I don't think it matters, though.

I told them you were joking.

I mean, every teenager ever says that.

I just didn't want you to think I came out and told them.


I don't, like, know what was going on.

I mean, I would never say anything, no matter what, even if you weren't joking.



Get off.

It's okay.

Seriously, get off.

I was lying before.

About what people said about us.

Nobody really thought that.

I get it.

It's actually so obvious.

What is?

That you were in love with him.



They'll come looking for you eventually.

You're just making them mad.

I don't care.

If he ever gets physical with you again, I want you to stand up for yourself.

If I was there, and I saw him doing anything to you, I'd kill him.

Is this you?

That was my dad's last kill.

I was your age.

Actually, I bet you'd love it there.

I could teach you how to hunt and fish.

Nobody would bother us.

Nobody except the plants and the animals.

I mean.

Wouldn't that be nice?

You wanted to see me?

Come in.

How's the arm?

It's fine.


I just wanted to check in with you, see how you're doing lately.



I heard that you've been having nightmares again.

Is that true?


Care to tell me about 'em?

Remember what we agreed on.

You're going to have to be open with me while you're here, okay?



It's kind of like I'm always just laying there.

Sam, you awake?

I'm home.

Sorry about earlier.

I'm unlocking your door.

If you wanna talk to me, come talk to me.

It's okay, Sam.

What happens next?


Remember, it's all in your head.

It's not real.

But it feels like it is.

Well, I promise you it's not.

It's only as real as you want it to be.

How do I get it to stop?

You control your own mind.

If you want it to stop, make it stop.

What are you doing here?