The Stranger (2014) Script


I'm looking for Ana Paole.

No, she doesn't live here anymore. Do you know where I can find her?



I'm home.

Jesus, what's this mess?

Ana, why didn't you clean up?

Ana? Did you hear me?



I can't believe you're still mad, this is stupid.


Are you okay?



I'm here, just leave me alone.

Open the door.

Ana, open the door. Leave me alone, please!

Ana, open the fucking door! Ana!

What... what did you do?

I'm sorry.

I had to.

Who is she?

What do we have here?

Hey, that's my spot.

Move your ass.

What's your problem?

You don't wanna make new friends?

He's higher than you.


I told you to move, motherfucker.

Bro, I think he's deaf.


Or I'm taking your eye.

What's stopping you?

Did you like that, motherfucker? Stop!

Who the fuck are you?

You're gonna kill him.

Just keep moving.

Wait! Officer!

Officer! Stop! Here.

What's the matter, kid? Everything alright?

Fuck. I'm outta here. You handle this. Stop! Nobody move!

What the fuck is going on here?

He attacked me.

It was self-defense.

He attacked you?

I'm telling the truth.

You goddamn liar!

Who is he? I don't know, some drifter.

Jesus, he's not breathing.

Fuck him.

What the hell are you waiting for, dumbass?

Grab him before somebody sees us. Move!

Get the shovel.

Lieutenant, we got a 16-14 on progress on Taylor and Seasons.

We need your assistance.

Send Robinson. He should be in that area.

Negative, lieutenant. Robinson is off duty, sir.

Okay, I'm on my way.


Cover him up. I'll finish it later.

I can take care of it. You can't even wipe your own ass.

Go home, now.

Copy that.

Here, take my jacket.


Wake up, ma! Ma!

Leave me alone, I just got home.

I need you to come. Later.

Mom, it's an emergency!

Who is this man? I don't know.

He came to the house asking about Ana.


Yeah, then he was stabbed at the park.

And you brought him here? You have to take him to the hospital.

I can't treat him here. I can't. There was a cop there.

And he was the one trying to hide his body.

If I take him to the hospital, he's gonna find him.

I don't wanna have anything to do with the police.

Please, Mom, just do what you can and I'll get him out of here soon.

I promise. Oh, God.

Okay, just get me the first-aid kit. Alright.

No, don't... don't touch me.

I'm sick.

Don't touch my blood.

Here, Mom.

Let me die.

Or I'll kill you both.

Mom. Why the hell would you bring him here?

I'm sorry.

You should have left him where you found him.

What where you thinking, you idiot?

You're right. I'll take him to the hospital.

Don't! Not yet.

Wait until it's dark. Otherwise, someone's gonna see you.

Son of a bitch.

Where the fuck am I? It's okay, you're safe.

I don't need your fucking help.

I... brought you something.

Here. Drink. Come on. Drink.


Leave me alone... you deaf motherfucker.


That tagger who saw you last night, do you know him?


Do you know him or not?


What did he do?

He followed us, and he took your friend.

Motherfucker! I'm gonna... You're not doing shit!

You'll only fuck it up worst!

Do you hear me?

What's this?


You keep this shit out of my house.

What's the big deal?

It's not like Mom can say anything anymore.

Wait here until I come back. Goddamn idiot.

Hi, Peter.

Hi, Mom.

You're very lucky. Nobody heard anything at the hospital.

I think we're okay.


Where are you?



What am I gonna do with you?

Next time you're out.

I won't allow you to fuck it all up again!

I just can't.

I thought you were done with this shit!

It was just this once... Save it!

You heard me. Next time you're out!

Morning, Harris! Hey, lieutenant!

How's everything in our humble little town?

Peaceful. Ran a little fender bender over on Fourth and Burwash but nobody got hurt, thank God.

Nothin' else?


Nothing last night?


At least not according to Russell's report.

Why, did you heard something? No, just checkin'. Thank you.

Oh, the chief called from Black River.

He said he's gonna stay out there a couple more days.

Thank God his wife's surgery went so well?

Oh, good, excellent. Give him my best if he calls again.



It's dark, take him out now. Make sure nobody sees you.






What happened? There's someone outside!

Come on out, you little faggot!

What do you want? We want you. Fucking rat!

Get your ass out here, or else we're comin' in for you!

I'm calling the police! Go away!

Go ahead, bitch, do it. And I'll burn your house down.

No, no, no, no, no. You'll only make it worse.

I'll take care of it. If you're not out here in 10...

I'm smoking you out!


9, 8...

I can't let them burn it all down! 7...

No, Peter! 6...

Peter, they're gonna kill you! Don't go! 5...

I'm coming out! Stop! Don't, Peter.


Don't go out there, please. Mom.

Please trust me. 3...

I can take care of it.


What do you want? Come here.


I swear, I'm not gonna tell anyone. I said get over here.

Oh, no.

Oh, no. Peter.


Fucking rat!

No. Stop it! Stop it!

Like to talk? Fucking asshole!

Stop it! Stop, please. Stop it!

Stay inside. I'm not saying it again!

Come on, get up, you piece of shit. Come on over here, you little fucking...

Where is he? I don't know!

Where is he, bitch? Where did you take him?

I don't know. I swear.

He's lying, Caleb. Fucking liar!

Where is he?

Fuck him up, man!


They found us.




No, don't.


Stop! Don't.

Please. I'm pregnant!


No, no. It's... it's impossible. No.

I'm sorry, animals aren't enough.

But we're sick.

Maybe he isn't.

I'm sorry.

It's too dangerous.

It's too dangerous. No! Please, stop it! No!

Martin, stop!

No! Stop.

Open the fucking door, you sick fuck! Open the door, you motherfucker!

You fucking animals, you killed my sister! Open the fucking door, you assholes!

Goddamn door!

Goddamn fucking assholes!

Open the fucking door! Ana! Ana, Stop!


Ana, stop! Ana!

There he is! Get him, Billy!

Is this yours?

What did you do with the body?

Where did you hide him?

He wasn't dead.


I swear I'm telling the truth, sir.

That's why I helped him out.

So where is he now?

I don't know, sir. I swear.

He left last night.

By himself?


I'm busy here. I know. I'm sorry, sir.

We found your son's friend.


He was still alive when they brought him here.

And they severed his jugular and he bled out.

Connor put his time of death about 8 to 10 hours ago.

Did you close route 15?


The team says they're getting upset. They wanna talk to the chief.

The chief is in Black River, I'm in charge now.

But, Lieutenant, even if we set up road blocks we still have no idea who we're looking for. Yeah, we do. Caucasian male, 6 feet tall, 30-35, brown hair with a beard.

Start looking for him.

Yes, sir.

I need your assistance.

De Luca.

Okay. Yeah, okay, I'm on my way.

He had a heart attack.

Probably caused by thrombosis due to the burns.

He's stable for now but... his blood levels dropped dangerously low.

He could have another thrombosis or an embolism.

And this time, it could be fatal.

My son is gonna live longer than you and me.



We have a conversation to finish. Get in.

I can't. What about my bike and my things?

Nobody's gonna steal your shit. Get in the car.

Get in the car.

Come on!

I swear I've told you everything I know!

I'm not protecting him!

Please, sir!

What do you want?

I wanna talk.


Get out of the car.

Okay, cuff yourself to that.

What for?

Do it.

I swear I won't run away, sir.

I'll tell you whatever you want!

Come on.

I told you not to lie to me.

I didn't lie! I swear I was telling the truth!

You told me you didn't know who he was.

I don't! He came by my house. But I've never seen him before!


I'll give you one more shot.

Do you wanna know how my son feels?

Please, sir!

Where is he? I don't know! I swear!

You motherfucker! No!

You thought you were gonna get away, motherfucker?

What happened? Oh, my God!

What are you doing? I have to take him to the hospital!

And look at him! Let me go...

In 5 minutes he will be dead, and I won't be able to help him.

So keep quiet and don't move.

What are you doing?


Oh, my God.

I need an ambulance. My son has been in an accident!

209, 05 Anderson Drive.

He's dying, please send someone right away!

What are you doing? Are you insane? Leave my son alone!

I'm begging you! Please, hurry up! Please!

Please, please.

Sweetie, hold on. The ambulance is on it's...

The ambulance is on it's way.

My love, sweetie, please.

What happened to Ana?

Is he your son?

Get out of my house!

Get out!

Hold on.

I'm really sorry, Monica. But I still don't understand.

How could this happen to him? He probably wasn't looking.

And when he lit the match, the can exploded.

Monica, Peter has burns of different degrees on different parts of his body.

Are you absolutely certain this was an accident?

He's always been so reckless.

Alright. I'll come back later to see how he's doing.

Thank you. Okay.

Is Peter Ana's son?

What are you doing here again?

She was my wife.

I need to know what happened.

If she was your wife, then you should know... she was running away from you.

What happened?

Good morning, Ana.

Would you like me to take him? Yes, please.

Goodbye, my love. Don't worry, she'll take care of you.

Should I close the curtains?

No, I'd like to watch the sunrise.


Nobody knew what happened to her.

Ana wasn't normal, she... she was sick.

I know, but Peter... was born healthy.

He's not a danger to anyone.

How do you know that?

Because he's my son!

The only danger here, is you.

Goddamn kid.

I don't know how you made it out alive or where the fuck you came from.

But your life is gonna end in this fucking cell.

What you did to Caleb is nothing compared to what I'm gonna do to your sorry ass.

You hear me, you piece of shit?

Send my regards to your son.

Motherfucker! I'll kill you right now.

Then what are you waiting for?

Everything okay?


Everything's fine. Friendly little chat, that's all.

Quit breathing down my neck, Harris.




Sweetie... how are you feeling? Better.

Morning, Monica.

Hi, Sonia. Hi.

Looks like we're feeling better today, Peter.

We're gonna change the bandages on your arms, okay?

Can you lift your arm up a little for me?

That's good.

Something's not right here.

It's been less than 12 hours.

No. No. Don't touch it, it can get infected.

It's okay, ma.

It doesn't hurt anymore. Doesn't hurt at all.

Wait, let me help you.

Oh, my God.

Are you ready? No, not really.

Just bring whatever you need right now. We can pick up the rest later.

We can't come back, ma.

We'll have to see about that.

Hurry up, we can still make the 11 o'clock bus, okay?


May I help you, sir?

Yes, what happened to the boy who was in this bed? Did he die?

No, he was discharged. You sure?

Yes. He left this morning. It was a miracle.

Come on.

What's happening?

Sorry. Thank you.

Fuck! Fuck.

Don't stop! Please! He's trying to kill us. Please don't stop the bus.


Hey. I'm looking for two passengers.

How did you heal so fast?

What did they do to you?

I just wanna help my son.


Just tell me.

Please, or he's going to die.

Please tell me. What the fuck did you do?

No! Leave him alone. You stay here!

No! Stop!

Tell me! Stop!

Tell me what you did? Or I'll kill him right here.

No. Don't tell him. He'll kill us anyway. You shut the fuck up.

If you talk... I'll let you go.

No, ma. No.

Swear you'll let us go.

You have my word.

We should take the sample at the hospital.

No, we can't let him out, we gotta do it here.

Lieutenant, you can't take a blood sample without a court order. You know that.

I told you to get off my back, Harris.

I'm sorry sir, but I'm may have to call the chief on this one.

You go over my head on this and you have no idea what's in the store for you.


Alright, boys, go ahead. I got this. Come on.



Go ahead.

Please, don't do... please, don't do this.

Please, don't do this.

Please, don't do this.

Please, don't... Please, don't.

You have no idea of what you're doing.

This is extremely contagious. Please, don't do this.

Go on. No. No!

No, don't touch my blood.

No! No!

The blood needs to be blessed.

No. No. No. No!


Shut him the hell up.

Hang in there, Caleb. Hold on, everything's gonna be alright.

Keep going.

I don't know, man, he's been acting really weird lately.

I understand his kid's hurt and all but he doesn't have to be a jerk to everyone.

No. Wait.

Easy. Take it easy.

Take a deep breath.

And lie down.

I'm calling your father.

He should be here.

What's happening?

What the fuck!

I feel better.

Grey Mountain, second precinct.

Calm... calm down, sir. Where are you? 118...

Okay, we'll send somebody down there right...

Are you sure it was him?

Ben, get the chief down here immediately. Tell him it's urgent.

Okay. Come with me. Okay.

Can you describe him for me?

Yeah, yeah.

Oh, my God. Okay.

Wash up, and get rid of those clothes.

What happened? Where is she?

Let me go!


Caleb? Where you think you're going?

To find the motherfucker that did this to me.

Okay. Calm down.

We have to go before anyone comes looking for you.

I don't care. Listen, Caleb...


Close all the access roads too, okay?

Nobody can get through. Yeah, I just talked to Black River.

They said they're gonna... Where's the stranger?

Let me call you right back.

He can't have any visitors right now.

Listen, I understand what you're going through... but it's probably best if you just go home, okay?

You have to let him go, please.

Sorry, I can't do that.

Please! He's the only one who can help my mom.

You have to let him go. Now!

Sorry about your mom, kid.

There's nothing you can do to help her now. He can! Let him go please.

Hey! Get back here!

Take it easy, man. Calm down! I promise you we're doing everything...

Hey, man. Come on, come on... Let him go. Right now!

Calm down, please.

Calm down, calm down. Think about what you're doing, this is stupid.

Let him go! Come on, man.


Open it.

Dumb move, kid. You just got yourself into a whole lot of trouble...

Open up.

You have to save my mother.

Please, you have to save her. Is she still alive?

Sorry, kid, I can't heal the...

Where is the infected one?

I need to find him. Where is he?

Where is he?

De Luca, open the door right now! That's an order!

Just a minute, sir. I'll be right out.

Go around back. I'll distract them out front.

Okay, De Luca, you stop playing around and open this damn door right now!

Get out of here. Go out the back.

Lieutenant, this is your final warning.

Please, go, now! Get the fuck out of here!

What the fuck are you doing? You're crazy? They're coming in.

Yes? Get out.

Okay, okay.

Stay in the car.

There's a cruiser approaching at high speed on Baywood.

I can't see the plates, but I think they're the suspects.

Copy that.

Just make them stop. Black River's sending backup.

They should be there any minute.


Get out of the vehicle, please.

Get out of the vehicle, now!

Please, sir. Get out of the vehicle!

We gotta gotta go! They're trying to leave...


I'll call an ambulance.

Why didn't you save him?

He was infected.

Head south.

I'll buy you some time.

I'm not going anywhere.


Do it for me.

If not me, then for your mother.

I know, all this has been my fault...

but, please, try not to hurt anyone else.

Can you promise me that?


she was like you.


But she was stronger.

She gave her life for her son.

How many more are out there?

I was the last one... until yesterday.

Why did you want to find her?

Would you have killed your son too?

Why did you have that...


Look me in the eye.

No. No, don't touch me.

Your hands are cut, you'll get infected.

Get out of here. It doesn't matter.

I'm not leaving you here.

If you touch me, I'll have to kill you.

Get away from me. What?

You're gonna let Caleb get away?

Just like that?

Go. No.

I told you to leave me alone, you deaf peace of shit!

Get the hell away from me!

I swear, I'll rip your throat... just like your fucking mother!



What are you doing?

What are you doing? Covering my wounds.

I told you to get the fuck out of here. Shut up. We need to stop Caleb.

Go away.

Get out! Shut up and push!

Come on.

I'm sorry, kid.


We're expanding our search radius, we're waiting for backup from the surrounding areas...

Suspect's patrol car spotted...

7 officers are down. We're authorized to shoot to kill.

Are you alone?

Don't worry.

I just want to rest.

Hey! Stop!


Are you okay?

Who did this to you? Untie me. Untie me, please.

Please. Jesus.

Okay, wait here.

I'm gonna call an ambulance.

Oh, my God! Come with me. I'll take you to a doctor.

Please don't.

Are you okay?




You piece of shit!

Now you're gonna burn.

No! No!

Thank you.

What the fuck?

What are you doing?

So now you know what we are.

We're humanity's death sentence.

There has to be a cure.


There you have it.

I hope you've inherited your mother's strength.

Otherwise hell will be waiting for you out there.

Thank you.

Please leave the curtain open before you leave.