The Street Fighter (1974) Script


He's a karate man from Okinawa.

He challenged a karate school and killed seven men.

A bloodthirsty thug.

He refuses to talk to any lawyer or chaplain.

Number 1820. Execution at 3:10pm. Be ready.

No need to be ready.

Alright, you still have some time.

He is a very prominent priest from the Buddhist League.

He travels to pray for men like you.

You have a brother and a sister.

You can leave a message, if any.

Get lost.

Alright, leave us alone.

Five minutes.

You're a karate man, eh?

What is your school?

I'm Shikenbaru, the last genuine Okinawa karate fighter.

Karate nowadays is like a kid's game.

Originally, karate was to kill or to be killed.

I wish I could live long enough to fight someone like you.

There is time still.

Don't move.

I have given you delayed asphyxia.

What do you mean?

You belong to the Daigyoku School!

I belong to nothing.

You are beginning to go numb.

If you want to live to fight me, keep hold of yourself just for another ten minutes.

You can do it.

Come on.

Up on your feet.

Is it heart failure? He has still a feeble pulse.

We can save him.


What is your advice, Counselor? I've never had such a case.

Suspend the execution and take him to the hospital.

Code 43.

An ill prisoner shall be temporarily hospitalized.

Get out of the way.

Hey, it's dangerous.


Excuse me...


Come with me.

We made it, partner.

We made it.

Get in.

FUKUOKA 88 TA 73-53

The police have not traced...

...the abducted prisoner in Fukuoka.

Despite all the police efforts, it still remains a mystery if it was a calculated crime.

Stupid police.

It happened right on this road.

But the witnesses differ, which suggests that there were plural abductors.

The date of execution was not publicized.

Even if the abductors had known it they couldn't have predicted the prisoner being hospitalized.

Carbonized chicken for lunch, partner!

Can't I have a proper food for once?

How dare you complain?

You would have starved without me.

I even wash your underwear for you, don't I?

The oil tycoon Hammett is dead.

He was the president of Berunera, the world's third biggest oil company.

He was also pro-Japanese.

This will be an unfathomable loss for Japan.

His daughter is the only heiress to his billion-dollar legacy.

Miss Sarai Hammett is currently studying in Japan.

Next news...

The mission is completed.

Where is my brother? Is he alive?

Let us talk to him.

Oh, it's impossible.

How can a runaway prisoner stay in Japan?

Where is he, then?

On his way to Hong Kong.

Pay me the rest, three million.

Not till I see him.



We have no money.

The advance was all we could raise.

Please give us some more time.

I need some collateral.

You'll sell.

How dare you!

Give me a break.

We had to save our brother.

You make me sick.

I hate a man who doesn't keep his promises.

Is that karate?

Is that not enough?

Give up. You'll never beat me.



SEIBU-KAN KARATE SCHOOL Hikodachi front punch. Start!

Front block!


Master, Miss Sarai Hammett is here.


Sarai, there's a bad news.

Your father died the day before yesterday.

Oh, no!

He wrote to me only a few days ago.

Poor Father.

Fly home immediately, Sarai. I'll arrange the flight.

No, she'd better wait.


Mr. Jadot will come to take you home.


We talked to Mr. Jadot over the phone.

Your father had a stroke.

Now listen.

You are his only beneficiary.

You are responsible for the third largest oil company in the world.

The vultures will inevitably start to circle.

Tsurugi, you are the meanest guy I ever met.

Trading, eh?

But don't go too far.

A nice girl, though.


Three million yen, as requested.


I'll take care of her.

In fact, I've been trying to reach you.

You kidnapped that prisoner, didn't you?

Let's talk business.

Sure, let's talk over dinner.

No need for haste.

There are people I want to introduce to you.

Meet Miss Yang and Mr. Liang from Hong Kong.

Mr. Tsurugi.

I've heard quite a bit about you.

The man who makes the impossible possible.

Skip the flattery. Let's talk business.

Kidnap her. Although she is well protected.

By Kendo Masaoka, the Master of Seibukan.

This is the right job for you, isn't it?

The fellow karate man.

Five million yen.

50 million. 20 million in advance.

Come on, that's unreasonable.

It's very reasonable. Especially with Masaoka.

50 million cash on delivery.

No advance.

We don't trust you that far. I see.

I don't trust you, either.

No trust, no business.

Good day.


We confided in you.

You can't go just like that.

I see. The Goryu Kai!

The Hong Kong-based assassination company.

A Mafia subsidiary outfit.

So you belong to them, too, Mutaguchi.

But don't worry. There's an evil code of conduct.

I have a very tight mouth.

No, Mutaguchi!

You don't know how dangerous he can be.

Especially when you are exposed.

But not here. Liang!

You get him.

Faster, partner.

Your legs.



Are you alright?


I know too much to live, huh?

How dirty the Mafia are.

The Mafia!

It's getting fun.

Now I know what I'm going to do.

Tell your boss that I'm her enemy now.


How could you take that sort of insult from him?

Why didn't you kill Tsurugi?

I tried. But he was too good for me.

Forgive me.

No, I can't.

The Goryu Kai has never let its clients down, you know.

Did you come all the way to Japan to ruin that reputation?

Forgive me.

Suicide or execution.


Tsurugi is our enemy now.

Let's ask the Hong Kong headquarters for a better assassin.


Kendo Masaoka is the best karate man in Japan.

I'm worried.

Who are you?

Who are you?

You're better looking in person.

Let her go. What do you want?

I'm Tsuchida, assistant to the master.

Bring your boss.


So you are Kendo Masaoka.

I'm Takuma Tsurugi. I want a bout with you.

I know how inefficient your karate "dojo" is.

Let me prove it.

If you refuse...

...I'll kill her.

Follow me.

Are you OK?

How unfair.

I'm Kanzengaku.

I'll get you...

That's it.

Now you fight me, Master Masaoka.



Partner! Partner!

You said your name was Takuma Tsurugi?

I used to know a karate man, Reizan Tsurugi, in China.

He aimed at fusing Japanese karate and Chinese boxing.

Is he your father by any chance?

Wait, Soldier!

Soldier, please!

Listen to me!

Shut up! Daddy isn't a spy.

Let him go. Please.

Brat! You are the son of a dirty traitor!

Get lost.

Daddy! Daddy...


Don't trust anybody.

You can only count on yourself.

Train yourself. body and mind.

Be stronger than anybody else.

Don't let anybody get the better of you.

That's enough.

Alright, I got your point.

You did? Fine.

Well then, I want you to hire me.

Somebody has hired the Goryu Kai to work with the Mafia...

.to take over Miss Hammett's fortune.

Anybody can escort her home.

But your job will be completed only when you get rid of the villains, right?

That's right.

I decided that I was the man for the job.

That's why I'm here.

Sure, we need as many good men as we can get.

Wait. If this is all for my sake, forget it.

I'd rather die than to be protected by this animal.

He makes me sick.

Master Masaoka, what's your decision?

I may in fact be worse than the villains.

But I know the way they think and act.

There is only one question.

What is it?

I feel some blazing anger in your karate.

Is it your father's unfulfilled ambition which lies deep in your mind?

I hope it is.

Because you've got what it takes.

Bullshit. My father was one man, I'm another.

What's your answer? Am I hired or not?

OK. I trust you.

Not only as a fighter, but as a man.

OK. I accept the job.

Takuma Tsurugi, eh?

A cheap Japanese fighter.

How could you, the Goryu Kai, stand for that?

He seems to be tough.

Even Miss Yang is having a hard time with him.

Dingsau, I need some of your men, as usual.


Just a minute. Mr. King...

Your client must be big this time.

You'll be paid enough.

I may go to Japan myself.

It's so rare to hear you do it yourself!

The Tsurugi boy.

I'd like to see him die with my own eyes.

Hello, boss.

Hello, boss.

What happened? He ran away.

Endoshi, what did you do?

I killed a guy who spoke ill of the boss.

Moroko, have you seen Endoshi?

Where has he gone?

Hey, you.

Your name and nationality, Chinese or Japanese?

He's been hanging around for some time.

His nationality is unknown.

Suspicious. Arrest him.


Dingsau, who is this weirdo?

One of your men?

Officer, just leave the man alone, will you?

Dingsau, recently, you haven't been paying much respect to the law.

Now look, Officer.

I am the law in Kowloon.

Remember that.

A new arrival. Take any one you like.





How in the world... What happened to you?

So you are alive.

Gijun didn't die in vain, after all.

You mean he died?

Takuma Tsurugi killed him.



I don't give a damn about myself.

But we have a score to settle.

Avenge Gijun for me.

So you are brother and sister.

Also Tsurugi.. How strange fate is.

Let me redeem my sister, boss.

Do you have money?

Give me a job. Any job.

Can you beat Takuma Tsurugi?

If you kill him, she is yours.

Come to Japan with me.

I promise I will.

I will surely kill Takuma Tsurugi.

Oh, karate. I know karate very well.

I'm sorry, Sarai, I couldn't come sooner.

Vice-president Jadot feels very sorry for you.

I thought he'd come, Mr. Bayan.

He is a very busy man, you know.

He will come to see you in Hong Kong.

I know it's sudden, but we'll fly to Hong Kong tonight.

These two men will accompany her.

Would that be OK?

That isn't necessary.

It is Master Masaoka's responsibility to protect her.

Until she leaves Japan.

Don't worry.

They are her good friends, both of them.

Goodbye, Uncle.


Thank you.

Partner, are we following her home?

Of course. But protection isn't our only job.

I'm also after her money.

We're going.

Why did he stop?

We can't get out!

We've taken off!


Rakuda! Hang on!

Are you alright, Rakuda?

I think so. But they went too far this time.


Partner... where are we going?

To the Mutaguchis.

Partner, the Mafia is too much for the two of us.


Partner, we don't know what comes next.

Are you scared? I am.

What are you doing?

Wait for me in the car. Keep the engine running.



What are you doing here?

I've been waiting for you.

I'll kill you this time.

I've got something going on.

I don't have time for you.

Are you afraid?

Tsurugi, I know who you're looking for.

The girl isn't here.


They took her to Mutaguchi's villa in Izu.

If you want to rescue her, go over my dead body.

No use trying to use her for cover.

She isn't afraid to die to kill you, believe me.

Let's go.

Here we are.

We had to make the detour for you to see somebody.

See him quickly.

We have to catch the plane.

We aren't leaving tonight.


So you lied to us.

Sorry, we had our reasons.

To be frank, we don't want you foreigners to be meddling.

Mr. Bayan, what are you saying?

These gentlemen are my friends.

Oh, yeah?

To me they seem to be a part of a rotten scheme.

I don't believe them, the people of this country.

Mr. Bayan!

Kendo Masaoka is no exception.

He's after you for your money.

Damn you!

Let's go, Kan!

A blind man?

Kan! Onaga!

Kan! No!


Get off! No!

Get your hands off me!

No! Stop! No!

He frightened me.

They are trying to kill you with me as a decoy.

Bayan is a traitor.

Mr. Jadot might be dead by now.

Oh, Tsurugi, I don't know what to do.

Help me, please.

It'll be OK. You can count on me.

But the odds are against us.

Stop acting like a lady and follow me. Understand?

It's OK. I've got you.

Partner! Quick!

This way!

Get on the boat!

Wait for me downstream.

Don't let anything happen to her.


Takuma Tsurugi!

You are good.

I'm Kowloon Dingsau.

Which means 'the cutthroat of Kowloon'.

But I won't use my sword with you.

Everybody stay back.

He helped the girl to escape.

We must make him tell where she is.

Please, we can't afford to have him killed yet.


Hands up.


What's happened to Tsurugi?

I'm worried.

Miss, you stay here.

I'll go take a look.


Tell us.

Where is Sarai?

Damn you...

How can you be so stupid?

What's the good of helping such a baby?

You'll gain a lot from cooperating with us.

Why the haste to die at your age, anyway?


That guy took the girl away.

Leave him alone!

Put that away.

What are you going to do?

Two more bullets.

If you want to save him, tell me where Sarai is.


Come on.


Kill me instead of him.


No, no! I'll tell you!

Rakuda, don't!


We can't give up our task.

We've got to save Sarai!


But, even if you say so...


I'll talk.

She's waiting down the river.





Dingsau, you always have to get involved.

We can't let him live.

Let me do it.


He's alive!

Partner! Partner!

Can you get up?

There are many spas around here, partner.

I'll take you to one. Come on.

Hold on to my shoulder. Come.

You go back to Tokyo... alone.

What are you saying, all of a sudden?

Are you a man or a mouse?

I'll never team up with you again.

But, remember... they could have killed you.

Do you think I would die so easily?

Why did you disobey me?

Please, I'll never be a coward again.

If I'm not your partner anymore, let me be your slave.

Ever since you rescued me in Singapore, I've belonged to you.

Don't leave me.



I don't think you are fit for this kind of job.

You'd better save money and live long.



Try to escape and I'll kill you.



Don't... give up on me.



...may be as cowardly as a mouse.

I keep making mistakes.

Forgive me.

Thank you.


Mr. Jadot! How nice to see you safe!

Read that.

"I, Sarai Hammett, renounce every right to

"Berunera Oil Company and...

"..transfer it to Abdul Jadot."

Get the idea, miss?

Berunera Oil Company will be owned by Mr. Jadot and the Goryu Kai, Hong Kong.

Sign it, please The man who had me kidnapped and who killed my friends...

You left one out.

The man who also sent your old man to Heaven... that was me.

Alright, young lady, sign it.

No! Never!

Dingsau, Tsurugi is still alive.

He followed me.

Moroko got into a fight with him, but I'm not sure...


I was just thinking of my eventual successor.

A strong man like Tsurugi.

But if you get him, I'll give you the Kowloon territory.

Have a good fight.

Lady, you'd better sign it.

Kill me.

If you want my money so badly, just kill me and take it.

He's here! Tsurugi! What?


Tsurugi! Finally.


Wait! What now, Dingsau?

I have a suggestion.

Tsurugi and Shikenbaru are old enemies.

Let them fight.

We don't have time for it.

If he loses, I'll fight Tsurugi myself.


How about that? OK?

OK. If I win, will you give up Sarai?

Yes, I will.

Are you ready, Shikenbaru?


You played dirty!



Stab us!


Tsurugi! Come on!