The Substitute 2: School's Out (1998) Script

Ok, yo check it out, right... we're heading uptown. Hey, watch yourself!

Oh no.


Leave me alone!

Enough already!

Pull the fucking car right now girl! I said, pull the fucking car right now girl!

I'm not fucking around!

Yo! C'mon, c'mon let's go! Let's do it!

You want to play around fool! Open your fucking door!

Are you listening to me?!

Get the fuck out! C'mon get out!

Yo, yo, check this out!

Ah! Oh, please. Oh my god. Hey!

Yo, look who's here? Randall Thomasson, my lucky day.

Shut the fuck up! Wait a minute.

No one's want to get hurt. Ok, you know that and I know that.

Really? Like you don't see this fucking pointing at you!

You boys from Lenthrop aren't ya?

C'mon listen this now, before you make a mistake that can ruin your lives.

Don't fuck with the brotherhood! I'm not.

Just give me the guns.

I don't want you talking! Get on the fucking ground! Here now!

Think about what you're doing. I'm offering you a way out.

Everybody wins.

What the fuck? What's goin on?

Fuck you, Thomasson!

Are you crazy?

What the fuck you talking about? What the fuck are you doing?

We just saw this on TV, he's out of control! We're just supposed to be stealing the car!

Hey man, he's going down sooner or later!

What are you talking about? Why are you shooting at her?

I don't know. Just grab the car and get the fuck outta here! Alright, alright!

Just give me one second!

So long, Thomasson.

Are you crazy? Who's the one out of control now?

Get out of here! C'mon!

C'mon! C'mon! So long teach!

Yeah, this is Willy.

How you feeling? I'm ok. Thanks Danny.

Listen, if you want to talk or somethin' I'm around.

Maybe tomorrow we can go grab a slice of something.

Just take your mind off on all this stuff. Ok.

I'm really sorry.

Is there anything I can do to help you?

Yeah, you could tell me, why someone would do this.

That would help.


Uncle Karl?

I remembered a kid, it was about this tall. Yeah, but that was a long long time ago.

Kara Lavalle, I want you to meet someone.

This is Karl Thomasson. My uncle.

It's nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.

I work with Anya's father in Lenthrop.

I don't remember Randall ever mentioning he had a brother.

You know Anya's one of the top students in Lenthrop. You must be very proud of her.

Yes. Excuse me.

Not much of a student turnout. Not much of a surprise.

Randall worked on the special students wing.

Kids with disciplinary problems. Violent.

Probably out celebrating. The rest couldn't make bail.

Anya has my number, if you need anything. Feel free.

Dad told me about the code and which newspaper to put it in, if anything ever happened to him.

Look I know you two had your own deal... but he knew that if I ever needed help, he could trust you.

What happened? He was murdered.

He was picking up some groceries at a place near school...

Tough neighbourhood, my dad wasn't afraid of anything.

He used to say, "Negotiate. Don't initiate"

Look where it got him.

Dad always figured, you'd be the one to go first.

Killed in some third world country.

He thought he was never going to see you again.

I guess he was only half right.

I wonder... I wonder, how many fire fights you walked out of?

And he walked into a car jacking, and they shot him.

What do you care?

Did you ever stop to think maybe he's was trying to find you...

Do you know how many other calls he put in the papers?

Did you know he used to teach me karate.

So are you here to help?

Or are you just on your way, passing through?

Hey guys! What's up?

She's all yours.

You ok?

Hey asshole!

You addressing me?

Hey I'm talking to your ass, Beavis? What the fuck are you doing on my block?


What, are you here looking for a lil something something huh?

How lil do you want it?

Don't come looking over here unless you want to get your ass kicked.

You wouldn't be threatening me, would you?

Hey pal, you want to get back in the car!

Later, asshole.

Mr. Six, you're looking fit. You looking good yourself.

Nice rendezvous point.

Can't tell you how happy I was to see your name on the local available.

I thought you were in Miami with Shale? I was. I'm a New Yorker now.

I got myself an expensive apartment, the over-priced clothes, season tickets to the Knicks.

Karl, I'm sorry about your brother, man.


You two ever managed to work things out? No.

So why aren't you with Shale? Why? I tell you why... because she is. Her name is Jane Hetzko. This is Costa Rica.

You normally carry around other people's vacation pictures?

Shale sent it to me from the Peace Corps, the man is teaching there now.

Joey, I got something for you.

I want to be straight with you, there's no money in it.

Your brother? Yeah.

What the cops have to say? They're doing the best they can, it's a big city.

I'm in.

Everything's still fresh, and I want to move on this.

Talk to this guy.

He owns the place where my brother was killed. Ok.

Hey, you need a ride? No, thanks.

Hey, Lieutenant.

It's good to be back in your crew. It's good to have you.

Hi Hi

No thanks.

So, did this pull you away from anything?

No, no. I'm between wars. Yeah, me too.

You must hate this. Having to be concerned about someone.

It's not true. You're my brother's daughter.

I mean it's ok if you're not. I can handle this on my own.

How much longer you want to stay? Until I find out who killed your father.

That works for me.

The guy from the repair shop didn't want to talk at first, he was pretty spooked.

He saw the shooters?

One shooter. Around Lenthrop High School.

Major gangbangers there, call themselves The Brotherhood

...or The Hoods These little scumbags, they wear... sweat shirts turned around, little eye holes cut in the hoods So whenever they make a move, up comes the hood.

The repair shop owner said, that he was sure that the kids are from the high school.

Where do they spend most of their time? Finding that out's not a problem.

Getting you inside the school, that might be a problem.

Got any ideas, who might be able to help us out?

Hey, come on in. Hey, Thanks Is that for me? Yeah It was a nice surprise when you called.

How's Anya holding up? Actually, she's doing very well.

Both parents dead before you turned eighteen.

Who defines fair?

You seem to know a lot about her.

Randall and I were involved for a little while, 4-5 years ago.

Eventually, we became friends, although he was a little tough to get close to.

Hope it's not a family trait.

Listen Kara, who's gonna take over Randall's classes?

I'm sure registry will try to recruit a substitute?


Well, the special students wing is not one of the most popular assignments Although your brother actually thought he could help those kids.

Is there any reason why I couldn't be a substitute?

Well that depends.

What do you normally do for a living? I'm a teacher too, of sorts.

I teach people how to defend themselves. Defend themselves?

Like what? Karate? Oh, it's part of it, but a... on a much larger scale.

Who do you teach? Whoever pays me.

Are we talking countries here?

Kara I'm gonna find out what happened to Randall, whether you help me or not. I'd like you to help me.

You need to get yourself a teaching certificate, But that should only take a couple of days. and we need to get your name into the computer registry.

How you doin' Anya? How are you feelin'?

I'm alright. Hey, what's up?

Thanks for asking. Sorry about what happened.

Yea, word is the Brotherhood was down there. There's no doubt man, no shit. It's always em'

So, who's taking on your dad's class?

You fucking... stupid What? What?

Excuse me, can you tell me where's the registry office is?

It's this way, follow me. Thanks.

You're new. Yeah.

Welcome to Lenthrop. I'm Warren Drummond. Thanks, Frank Perakowski.

How are you doing Frank?

I teach Autoshop, Driver's Ed, coach soccer team.

Are you permanant or substitute? I don't know yet, I'm taking over for Mr. Thomasson.

Taught in some special students wings Yeah, Siberia Registration will give you an ID badge, security won't let you up there without one.

Hey, what's up Mr. D? Danny.

Hey, listen. Thanks for that advice. Yeah, of course.

Everythings working up pretty good. I'm glad.

If that kid hadn't found soccer, he'd be lost.

Here's the office.

You got a whip in that briefcase? Oh, absolutely.

You got a sense of humour. You know, you'll need it.

Well, good luck up there. Thanks.

Excuse me, can you tell me where room 416 is?

Mr. Thomassons' old class. Down the corner to the right.

Better watch your ass up there man.

I know you're feelin' me baby I know you're feelin' me.

Good morning class.

Excuse me, could you turn that down please?

What? I said, would you turn that down please.

Fuck you man. This my favorite song.

Deo turn it down. I wanna hear what that man got to say.

Shit, alright dog man. I still don't care what you got to say.

True. Thank you.

Did you bring enough of that for everyone? I must have left my cooler at home, Bill.

That's not very considerate. Your classmates might be thirsty.

Fuck that, what the fuck I look like? Dr. Pepper?

This ain't goodwill, motherfucker. You better slow that shit down.

My name is Mr. Perakowski. Excuse, excuse me? Mr. Pera-what-ski?

I'll be your new teacher.

Are you going to teach us how to use 4 guys just to screw in a light bulb?

I can't imagine it will take 4 guys to screw anything.

Unless we're talking about 4 cowardly lowlifes.

Is that what are we talking about? Mister?

Hey, I don't know what the fuck you're talking about?

How do you get that? I had it playing basketbal.

Sports can be rough. So can teaching.

Not if you have a strong lesson plan.

Oh yeah? What's this so called great lesson plan you got for us?

I have it right here.

Now, given that this is a history class. History is all about perception.

Yo, what the fuck are you talking about man? Perception.

For example, 30 years ago, the United States perceived the Soviet Union to be its greatest threat.

What we now know, they can barely feed themselves.

Much less conquer us.

Now, let's talk about Vietnam. Vietnam was a totally different perception.

We perceived that they were a small agrarian country

...that militarily, we could easily just roll over.

But as we now know, and it was a very tough lesson to learn.

They just rolled right over us.

So, what do we learn from these two mistaken perceptions?



What am I holding? What the fuck man, it's a yoyo.

Now, define it further. Say what?

What exactly is a yoyo? It's a stupid little toy man.

That's right. Today it's a toy.

But 400 years ago in the Phillipines, it was a weapon.


Now, what've we learned?

Never judge a book by its cover.

Next time, bring enough for everyone.

Yeah, we're goin' to bust his ass. I'm ready.

Don't nobody move on it today. Alright.

Had a word with Little B, says tomorrow somebody's gonna take care that motherfucker real good.

Mind if I sit down? Might as well.

Nobody else will have you, not wearing that ID badge.

You see here in Lenthrop, we wear our 'scarlet letters' with pride.

Mack Weathers. Frank Perakowski.

Meet our esteemed colleagues, Roy Singer, Joseph Karpal... and Captain Salamander himself, Howard Martin.

Well, how are you holding up first day in hell? Pretty good, I'm still here.

How's the kids treating you? Well, they think they're pretty tough...

...but emm.., I'm not so sure.

That's what Randall Thomasson thought. The man you're substituting for... he had some idea that these cretins are worth some kind of an effort... he found out a little differently, didn't he?

Only a fool suffers a fool's folly.

Let me give you some good advice; punch in punch out, and just try to stay alive. In between you'll never be paid enough to do more.

Preaching to the choir again, Weathers? The truth shall set you free, Warren.

The truth is, you couldn't teach a fish how to swim.

Maybe that's why all your students are drowning.

You've got students, Drummond, I've got lab experiments.

Maybe if Mr. Thomasson had smarted up and learned to accept that, he wouldn't be getting a memorial plaque in the entrance hall.

Randall Thomasson was the only teacher who ever tried to make a difference up here Ah... and look what he got for it. Boom!

Frank, right? Yeah.

You got a minute? Sure. Excuse me.

Good luck.

Don't listen to that shit. Randall Thomasson was a good man and a good teacher.

His loss is a tragedy for this school. And he's not like these guys.

Do you get the worst assignment or something?

Why would you want to subject yourself to that kind of abuse?

Warren. Kara.

Are you going to introduce me?

Yeah sure, Frank Perakowski, Kara Lavelle.

Welcome, so nice to meet you. Frank.

What do you think you're doing?

C'mon, I was just having a little fun at Warren's expense.

Oh, could you have it with a little less enthusiasm?

Yes sir. Maybe you should show me how to do it properly, sir.

Shall we say 19: 00 hours?

Hola senorita.

You want to come for a ride in my car?

Dan, what's up with this?

Danny this car is beautiful? Is it yours?


Where you headed? How's a guy like you, afford a ride like this?

Let me guess, an early birthday present. Yeah, that will be for today.

Smart money says, the better action is in the car with the niece.

I think the smart money should shut up.

Shall we? Let's.

Let's go see Willy.

Let me show y'all, what happens when you fuck with the wrong people.

Remember your repair shop guy? That's him.

Shall we? Let's.

Don't fuck up.

That's right boy.

Hey Willy, you don't look so good.

You know we always treated you good. Protected you... but now, you have to tell everyone that we killed that teacher Let me give you the taste of the business.

So you called 'em, didn't you?

Alright, alright. So I called the cops? So what?

Nah, you didn't just call for help. Now I got NYPD Blue all over my ass!

That's shit to move!

Might as well bust a cap on my ass while you at it!

But now, you had to spit it in my face!

Yo, give me that bat. I told you to never fuck with The Brotherhood.

So what you think? Spit in my face and get away with it?

Lower the bat!

Who the fuck... I said, put the bat down!

Boy, you're fucking up! Little B's, gonna have to tenderise that ass!

C'mon Six. Slow it down.

Little B? What does that stand for? Little brain or little balls?

Why don't you help me out here.

I say, you got some balls, and I'm using 'em for batting practice.

Hey, Little Balls, do you know what an infrared laser sight is?

Take a look at your chest.

I'm gonna take this man out of here right now! Do you understand?

Damn man! My leg!

Want to try that yourself?

I don't think so.

Look around you! Everybody here is dead when I say so!

You even think of making a move...

you can end up like your scumbag friends.

It's your move.

Good choice. Now, untie the man.

Let him down.

You stay right where you are. I want you to do it.

Wow, you fucking up now Mr. Man.

Don't mess with my crew. I already did.

Now, everybody stay put, until those little red dots dissapear.

Unless you care to be ventilated.


What are we doing? Expressing our friendship.

C'mon, I've been hoping this would happen for a very long time. Yeah? Me too.

Why don't we just slow down, just a little bit, ok? Cause...

I don't get you. I mean you like me right?

Well..., welcome to the Thomassons' family.

What's wrong with the Thomassons' family?

I'm sorry.

It's alright. I mean... I haven't heard anything... but, there's an old friend of his speaking. Yeah, his old friend a cop or what?

No, he just this guy, kinda strange. Very intense but he's in the right place.

Is there anything I can do? No.

Shit! It's my uncle. Look you gotta go.

Why? I got my clothes on. C'mon, what do you mean...

No, you don't understand. He's a Mormon. What?

He's a Mormon. No, no. I'm serious.

Hi. Hey!

Welcome back from Siberia. Thank you.

How was it? Good.

We discussed the history of the Yoyo Wah, deep.

Hey... nice Mustang.

Here we go, here we go. Right here.

Lets go, get out man! I'm looking, I'm looking.

Let's go!

You ever been married? No.

Ever thought about it? No.

What about a dog? Yeah.

But it didn't worked out.

Ok, ok that's better.

Tell me something about your family. Not much to tell.

Geez, tough.

Nothing scares you, except maybe sharing a little bit about yourself.

Once upon a time, a long time ago...

Randall and I were partners.

In what? Wrestling? Mercenaries.

Randall Thomasson was a mercenary? Yes, he was.

He and I argued together quite a lot.

In September 1986. We took an assignment, 2 months in Ghana.

Something happened, mistakes were made.

A man was killed and the mission went to shit.

Except for couple of Anya's birthdays, I never spoke to him after that.

Why did you decide to teach?

Because he was a great teacher.


So where are you? The same place.

And where is that? Look, do you have something for me or not?

I think I do. Our friends Dontae and Mase have been very very bad boys tonight... planted a car and off they went. And guess where it ended up.

Ok, I'll meet you there in 20 minutes.

I'll call you later, thanks for the dinner.

Hey, inside that truck is what's left of our car.

Any idea why they brought it here? Just sitting here, waiting for you lover boy.

Side door. Back doors.

Tomorrow night, we'll check it out. Big day tomorrow.

Why is that?

Don't nobody move on it today. Alright.

Have a word with Little B, says tomorrow somebody's gonna take care that motherfucker real good.

Sounds interesting.

Good morning class.

Yo, isn't it the man with the lesson plan.

He not feeling well? I guess not.

I like to get started, Mase.

I like to get started!

What? I like to get started!

What's stoping you doing baby?

Now, I'm not sure that everybody can hear me.

You know honestly, I don't think anybody gives a fuck! I know I don't, cracker!

Well class, it appears we have what is called an impasse.

Now throughout history, we been presented with this situation time and time again.

Can anybody tell me what an impasse is? Oh yeah. Ain't that something like a cop ass.


An impasse is a situation that has no apparent solution.

For example, I like to begin my lecture, while Mase wants to listen to his music.

Now, if we both refuse to compromise, what we have is called an impasse.

So in the absence of compromise, how do we resolve a situation of this nature?

Hey, what the fuck you doing with my radio man?


What the fuck! That's my goddamn radio!

That's right.

You refused to compromise, and so in fact did I. However, my position

...was explained to you very clearly.

Would you like me to elaborate further? No, I think I should elaborate on your monkey ass!

I'm gonna cut you real good!

Very good, we can discuss hand to hand combat if you prefer.

Parry away. Always parry away.

Always keep the weapon as far from the body as possible.

Now, everyone see how open he is?

In the absence of compromise, greater force prevails.

Now Mase, you lost your radio, but you learned a lesson.

That lesson could save your life someday.

You know, Keyshawn's been gone a long time.

Mase, you're in charge. I want you to look after the class while I'm gone.

And uh... Mase, don't use that unless you have to.


Keyshawn? You ok?


Yo, we gonna need a substitute for the substitute.

Yo, stop that crap! What's wrong with y'all?

What do you know about Randall Thomasson's murder? Fuck you!

My friend, you are a very dangerous person.

Motherfucker, don't look at me like that! I come over there and kick your ass!

I work in this building!

The janitor, Johnny Bartee.

Yeah, I never seen no teacher use no green beret special forces tactics like that before.

You recognised that?

January 1971 - November 1972, first Battalion, 16th infantry.

Yeah, sent us into VC tunnels.

Some of us never came out. Some of us stayed in too long.

Tunnel rat. Now, I understand the entrance.

What I don't understand is, why these gentlemen meant you such serious hurt?

I mean they are clearly too mature to be students.

And you are clearly no ordinary teacher.

I'm on a secret mission. Goddamn it, I knew it!

You're undercover, ain't you? That's right, but I wanna keep it that way.

I know, just get youself back to class. I'll clean up this mess.

You sure?

I'm the janitor, That's my job.

You know, if you crawl inside these walls long enough, you hear some things.

Just come down, find me in the basement later alright? I'll do that.

Ah... Bartee. Yeah?

Do you have any splatter remover? What brand?

You should have came with me man.

So he was like trying to get out? No, he was like boom boom...


Are you ok? Yeah, I'm cool, I'm chilling...

Cause if you're not ok, I could walk you back to the bathroom myself.

You sure you're ok? I'm cool. I'm chilling.


Now let see, where were we?

Oh yes, I believe we were discussing force versus compromise.

Ok guys listen, tomorrow don't forget, we're gonna be talking about Alaska, the 49th state.

Hey Mase...

Listen, was that radio expensive? No, no. I stole it.

Look man, I was wrong alright. It was a righteous bust.

Wait a minute, hold on.

If you are smart enough to know that, you're smart enough to break loose from those gangbangers.

Oh yeah, right, right. I can be a stock broker right?

Why not?

Man, do you know me? Do you know my life?

My pops is in prison right. My little brother just got shot in a drive by.

I don't know where the fuck my mom is.

Do you know what I'm saying? Do you dig what I'm saying?

What I dig is, you don't have to end up the same way. Not if you don't want to.

There's only one way to live this life! And I'm living it right now!

Mase, there's never just a one way.

What the fuck are you talking about? Oh, you know another way?

You know how I'm gonna get the fuck out of the circle I'm living in?

Eh fuck it man, you ain't gonna understand me.

I let them in myself. I saw that fucking teacher go in!

Who is this guy?

So where's The Hood?

You sure you let them in here? I let them in myself!

So where the fuck they gone?

So, I dragged those 'B' out the bathroom, the way I came.

Couple New York's finest came by, picked 'em up. Watch yourself!

Those pipes can jump out and grab you, when you don't expect it.

Back in Nam, going in them VC tunnels, you had to love it, you know what I mean?

Yep, you take fear and you make it your friends.

Roger that shit! They teach you to love it.

When this over, ain't nobody teach you how to stop loving it.

So fuck it! I stay down here. It's warm, it's comfortable, it's mine.

I don't bother nobody. I like it. I like to feel the earth around me.


Ain't nobody ever come to this part of the sublevel except me, and now you.

Check this out. You gonna like this.

I've been collecting since '69, and it all works, too.

Really? Yeah.

But that's live!

That's bullshit!

Bartee, did you know Randall Thomasson?

Yeah, he was a good one. I didn't like it that he got himself fragged.

He was my brother.

Well, that's one big bite of a shit sandwich. I'm sorry.

You want a pop?

Bartee, you said before you heard a lot of things crawling through this walls.

Yeah, it's usually nothing but last I see... 4 months...

I hear people comin' and goin' at night.

Now I dont' think nobody supposed to be there except for security You never checked it out yourself? Hell yeah! But when I got there no one's around.

Nothin' being stolen and nothin' been reported missing, and I can't figure that.

I have another man working with me.

And we need to know where those sounds are coming from.

Tonight. Now...

You ready for a little recon? Yeah buddy.

I'm the key master. All I ask, that you bring me something for my collection.


Yo, don't fucking move! You stupid huh?

Unless you want to be like your dead ass pop!

So why can't you let your friends up your ass, right! Get that!

This conversation did not happen!

I don't know how they found out, but they know about you and me being connected.

I swear I didn't say anything to anybody.


In the mean time, I want you to stay home a day or two.

Quarantine? What about school?

Don't you have someone to pick up your assignments? Yeah, but...

Look Anya, I need you to do this, Ok?

Alright? I get whatever you need.

While I'm here, in solitary confinement. You can do some shopping... you know, get some sodas and definitely some yogurt. Ok And a couple of videos, you know whatever's new on the shelves.

But no, romantic comedies. Right.

I'll give you a lists, Ok? Thank you.

Joey, this is Johnny Bartee.

Ok, let's get going. Whoa, aren't you forgetting somethin'?

Found this in an Iraqi bunker, Triclosan.

Government won't tell you this but I will, this is what's causing Gulf War Syndrome.


This will be a fine addition in my collection.

Right, tell me. Where are we going this fine evening, huh?

Autoshop, we need to observe without being seen.

Alright, alright. I can arrange that.

Triclosan? They use it in hand soap. Don't ask.

Let 'em know, the substitute is on his way in man.

Mighty busy for an off night, huh?

Get up in this duct here.

Look right in on the party.

Brother ain't no Vietcong waiting for you up there, go and see what's going up.

Yo, B. What's up?

It's a regular assembly line down there.

Not too stupid, running a chop shop out of your local high school.

Yeah? Look we got a problem man!

We got a big fucking problem, man! I know I'm not supposed to call you on this phone but...

Can you shut up and pull yourself together?

You take down what? 3-4 cars a week? Take a little off the actual retail price... they're knocking down a hundred grand a month.

We grab this car right, I don't know, I was driving follow up... but like a LoJack must've kicked in or somethin'. I don't know... but the cops picked up that the cars are hot, man. And there was this chase!

Maybe you think Randall found out, Maybe one of The Hoods took him out?

Nah, I laid back, but that ain't the problem! What happened to the car?

What? What are you talking about the car? Fuck the car! That shit is totalled, man!

They arrested Mase didn't they? What are you talking about arrested Mase?

The brother's dead!

Mase is dead!

First good news of the evening.

Anyone have anything to say?

Mase is dead and no one has anything to say.

What do we suppose to say, man? The brother's dead! That's that.

Is it?

The man took a risk, he fucked up! next page! That's right.

Anyone who has been in combat will tell you, the guy next to you goes down, you don't blink.

You push on. Keep fighting.

Cause if you lose your focus, you lose your concentration even for 1 second... you could be next.

The fact is that, Mase is no soldier... and this is no battlefield. See, that's where you're wrong.

Mr. White-college-graduate-go-to-the-front- substitute-teacher-man.

You live on these streets? Hmm...?

See, me and my homeboys, we got to fight for everything we get... cause ain't nobody gonna give 'em to us, like they gave 'em to you!

So you kill? You take out anybody that gets in your way!

That's your MO, isn't it? What are you trying to say? That I smoked Mase?

Cause I didn't, the cops the ones who smoked Mase!

I'm not talking about Mase.

What the fuck are you talking about?

And how was your day? To be honest, I had better.

Welcome to the world of Lenthrop.

Tell me about Drummond. He's a bright guy.

Students and teachers like him.

But he's different away from work. Cold, regimented.

For a while we were friends, but then he asked me out. I wasn't interested.

He has this very possessive quality about him.

What do you think that's about?

Jealousy. Do you want some more sake?

Yeah. Yeah? A little bit?

I have this story about jealousy. My grandmother told me this long time ago, that... if you take jealousy and put it in the right place, that will create friction.

And that friction creates a spark.

Do you understand that? Not yet, but trying.

So you take...emm... the common firefly.

This little bug, and during the summer time it flies around and around looking into the sky

Go on.

I won't bite, I promise.

Listen, I need something from you. Oh really?

Background information.

I need you to get back to that computer and check on Drummond's career move... before he got here. Can you do that for me?

Yeah, but what's that got to do with your problem?

You got to trust me on this. I need that information.

Alright. Thanks.

That's the new guy who took over for Randall? Wonder if he's gonna last.

Don't worry, it's ok. I'll get it.

Hello, little miss, Hey boss. Hey.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but a... don't prisoners get an hour in the yard for exercise?



It's for you, Commandant.

Yeah? Karl...

I've got it. Some interesting things popped up when I went online.

You stop by later and pick it up?

We're on our way. We?

Don't open the door for anyone, ok? We'll be back soon.

Hey Kara. Warren?

I'm just in the neighboorhood, thought I'd say hi... brought your favorite ice cream chocolate chocolate chip.


Not very hungry. I forgot what a great apartment you have.

You were only here one time. Yeah, what was I thinking, right?

Terrific girl, a great job, and a great apartment.

Warren, this little competition you have going... Tell me about him.

How are you? Good.

What's the matter? Nothing. I like you.

I like you too, you know that. I know.

The thing is... you looking at probably the only remaining virgin of our beloved high school.

Oh yeah? Yeah.

That's ok, you don't have to do this if you don't want.

Alright now, we both are having fun...

Why don't you tell me who he is, huh?

Why don't you tell me who he is, huh?

What the fuck you want?

I'm not playing with you Kara! Who is he?!

He's Randall Thomasson's brother.

That's it?

He wants to know who killed him. And that's it?


He wanted to know your backgroud was, I did't know.

What did you tell him?

What did you tell him?! Nothing


Look, I'm tired of this guy.

I don't care! By tomorrow morning, you and your Hoods find him, you take him out!

Excuse me, can I just skip by here please? Yeah, sure.

Thank you.

You really don't want to do this, do you?

No, I really do want to do this. That's why we gonna have to wait.

You're killing me. This is more torture than practice.

I don't know, it seems like there's maybe something to look forward to.

You want to take a shower? No way.

I'll be right back.

Where is it?


Where are you going?

Where'd you get this?

Danny, where'd you get this? Hey...

Don't even think about it, you shot him didn't you?

You set up The Brotherhood and you killed my father!

I needed the money. For what?

You fucking stupid? How was I gonna pay for the car?

A car?!

What was I gonna do, ask my parents? I don't even know where the fuck they are.

If you ain't got something they want, they won't fucking talk to you!

So fuck them! Fuck those assholes and The Brotherhood.

What did they have to do with this? Such an easy set up, man...

There's where you father comes along, and plays a fucking hero.

So you fucked him?!

Well, that wasn't enough, so you try to fuck me too, huh?

Staff Sergeant Warren K. Drummond, of the United States Marine Corps... granted honorable discharge, with special circumstances.

Charged with suspicion of extra-legal affairs, Honduras, 1986. Son of a bitch is one of us.

Plead no contest in return, for the honorable of 1987.



I know you are a big tough merc. but a phone call wouldn't have hurt.

I'm getting tired of losing people. Anya...

Danny Ransom killed my dad.

He set up the Brotherhood, stole a car and he just shot him.

Nice trade huh? A car for my dad.

He said how, he proved to Mr. Drummond he was something special.

When is this gonna end?

Soon... very soon.

This guy gets to school early. He does seem to keep himself busy.

Karl... that fuck up in Ghana. That's Burgess' fault. He froze. Randall did the right thing.

Clocked two cars though.

You ready? Born ready.

How close? Less than a minute.

I got it.

Whoah! What're you fellas into now? They're not even here yet.

Bad news Johnny, we got trips in pursuit, heavily armed.

Alright, you can follow me.

You ok? Why?

Because you are hit. Fuck!

The guns in the basement, we got to go through the air duct. Dude, lets go.

Where's the opening? We got to get across the hall!

Why the fuck did you bring us in here? Because they were shooting at us!

No shit!

Forget about him, he's gone! No, he was just a kid!

Oh will you come the fuck on!

Let's go.

This way!

How do y'all like that tunnel tour? Hopefully our last, my guess is we got about a minute!

Don't worry, y'all gonna like this! I keep these here for special occasions!

Put a tiger in your tank, sir!

Does it work? Fired it, 2 weeks ago!

Outstanding. Go on, I'm with you!

This is it yo, alright! It's show time now!

We're good, one down.

Two and three!

What the hell y'all waitin' on? I don't know? You!

C'mon, we gotta move! Show us the way.

What do you keep looking at? Knockout gas, damn stuff should have gone off already...

You have a gas mask for that? Fuck that, I want... Down!


We're almost home, let's move!

Let's go Bartee. C'mon sometime today!

I'm with you!

Anytime. Just one more second!

Say goodbye, motherfuckers! And be sure to write!

30 seconds, they'll all be up.

Hey Little Balls, looks like that hurts.

Why did Drummond have Thomasson killed?

Drummond said kill Willy. What about Thomasson?

Didn't like him, too fucking nosy.

It wasn't us, man. Some kid got him first.

Where now?

There's a certain teacher is need of a new lesson.

Yo, Dontae!

What's up?

Look, some shit buzzing around school about Mr. P suppose to be kicking off in a bunch of Hoods' ass.

What the fuck are you talking about, man?

Now, I saw him heading towards shop man, and security are all over the place!

Let's go. Oh shit!

Alright, today we're going to look at the heads.

The heads control the airflow mixture both intake and exhaust.

Open your book on page 40...

Mr. Drummond, did you hear about Ms. Leville? He doesn't have to.

Ain't that right, Drummond?

You don't have to, because you killed her.

That's very entertaining, open your... Kara Leville died because she knew something!

So did my brother.

Now that we know who killed him, everything makes sense.

I feel sorry about Danny Bremson, he seemed like a good kid.

I never mentioned his name.

You also never said that you were a mercenery, right?

Lieutenant Karl M. Thomasson.

You kill people for money, how do we know you didn't kill Ms. Leville?

What I do is a job.

I tried not to like it too much, so this is going to be a new experience for me.

Marla, call security.

I won't do that professor!


Karl! No!

You're ok?

How're you doing? No worse than you.

Tell me, what've you got planned for third period, huh?

Alright y'all kids, back to class. Show's over! Unless you want another demonstration from me.

Calls security and get me an ambulance out here.

Look like you could use a doctor. Yeah and a vacation.

So... So?

Thanks. No problem, I'll send you a bill.

So, what dangerous part of the world, do we have to do now?

Well, I figure you should finish high school, and then we'll talk about dangerous parts of the world.

You know, I'm keeping the house, and there's a spare bedroom.

...and your name is Thomasson.

You know I'm very proud of you.