The Sunday Woman (1975) Script

Having a company like mine, shortens your life.

Each year is worth three.

Today, for example, I must face a tough day.

Two hours of factory council.

The workers will fire their threats because they know we are about to go on vacation.

They don't realize that they risk not reaching the feared "hot autumn", and they increase demands.

Benito, some water, please. Problems always increase.

I will end up having to close.

I admit you're an intelligent man, dear Massimo.

More than my husband who only talks about the company, the economical crisis, and his liver.

But you've become unbearable too, with your mania of giving me lessons.

The Boston matter is much more serious than you think.

By involving architect Garrone, you passed every limit.

Bye. Going for a stroll? Be a good girl.


Bonetto says that Americans eat little.

Boston. No, they are from Detroit.

Maybe I will have dinner with them. Benito!

You must use a tray and gloves, and button your collar!

I can't stand them anymore! Neither him, nor her.

They even broke unbreakable glasses. I'll fire them!

Anna Carla, we tried them all, Philippines, Portuguese...

Now we're back to Sardinians, and they're not as they were.

If I have dinner with them, I'll call you.

With the Sardinians?

With the Americans who want to buy the Bra factory.

What are you doing?

I'll start packing. Very good.



Good morning to all. Good morning, architect.

Hi, beautiful. A token, please.

What a neckline!

Know the difference between you and me, today?

I'm abreast of the wind and you have the wind in your breast!

That one was great!

Good morning. This is architect Garrone.

We had said today. Alright, at 10:30 p.m.

In my office. Perfect. My respects.

Bye, guys.

Architect, shall I thin it out in the back?

What time does "Le Arti" movie theater open?

3:30. They're showing "La sferza", a Third World country film.

It is artistic, but powerful. There are four screws.

If I see it twice, I get out at 7 and the screws are 8!

Shall I thin it out? Thin it out.

Dear Massimo, what separates us, isn't Boston, but architect Garrone.

I can't stand him. Such horrible people must be eliminated.

Good evening.

Just a minute.

It's said to be from the workshop of the great Emilia painter, Correggio.

Believe me, 5 million is a ridiculous amount!

In a proper living room, something like that is a bit "osé".

You have children? They're grown up.

There're the grandchildren. They visit us every Sunday.

Forget it. It's 5 million!

Let's make it 4 million.

Excuse me. I'll go look for a drink.


Maybe we'll be back later.

Garrone is arrogant but I feel sorry for him because he's a loner.

There're many like him in America. Losers, rejects, outcasts.

They find a low level audience.

But with us, they are a race in extinction.

No, that race never dies.

Only if you kill them!

Why are you putting in order if they fired us?

Benito, look what nice cigarette butts.

Cigarettes are costly. I won't leave them as a gift.

A gift? A gift?

There are two here. Look what she did to these.

Maybe the lady was very nervous.

"Dear Massimo"... Is it the Ivrea man?

No, that's Massimiliano. This one is Massimo Campi.

Her husband called saying he was having dinner with the Americans, so she went to him. They are in bed together now.

Read here. He wants to kill Garrone. Who is he?

Must be another lover. And Boston?

Another lover too.

The richer they are, the more they are sluts. This one, even a murderer!

Massimo! Yes, Mom?

You're not having dinner with us? No, not tonight. Bye.

Let's go home. I don't want to see that sign.

The Monnais have decided to sell lots too.

We'll have another condominium with tennis and pool next to us!

Why don't we sell land lots too?

Massimo never comes anyway. Thank you!

I think that American groups that buy Italian industries don't only do it for economical interests...

"Rice, scallops, wine."

Fruit? Banana.

By the way, you have a boyfriend? No.

A lovely girl like you... That's 3,200.

You like movies? Dancing? A vacation in the Bahamas?

As of tomorrow, I can fulfil all your desires.

Don't talk about it. It is our secret, made up of trips, love and bananas!

3,200. Keep the change.

800 Lira tip!

Miss. Yes?

If I were your boyfriend, I'd stop that disgusting guy from telling you such things!

I had gotten to the Po River front, Chief.

It was hot.

I stayed there 15 minutes, walking my dog.

He is intelligent, like all dogs.

Those who don't love animals...

What time did I return home? Must have been 11.

Maybe a few minutes later.

Maybe I wouldn't have noticed that Garrone's door was open, but the dog stuck his face inside. I yelled...

"Oh, Lord!"

What'd you write? "Oh, Lord!"

Copiello, hold back your drama vocation.

Mr. Bauchiero, please try to remember all you noticed going towards the door.

Let's make an effort.

"Born in Cagliari on March 14, 1931."

And herein, resident of Torino.

"Herein"? Don't you say that?

You say it in Cagliari, we are in Turin here.

You don't say "herein" in Turin? No.

We always said "herein" to the Cagliari carabinieri.


The blond woman was coming from the door.

She wasn't particularly beautiful or elegant.

She was wearing a very transparent raincoat.

Like a condom? Yes.

She had an orange shoulder strap purse. She was rather tall.

Copiello, did you write? No.


"When he returned home, the witness Bauchiero remembers..."

A detail. May I? We are greedy for details.

There was a design on the purse. What color? White.

It was am emblem. What type?

You're asking the questions? To be exact.

It was the five-pointed Italian star.

Write. Just a moment.

Don't write. I just thought of something.

That lady had a handkerchief raised to her nose as if to dry the perspiration.

So I can't describe her face or her age.

In her hand she had a tube, a cylinder object.

If you don't put "herein", we'll take the letter away.

What is going on? They are two servants.

They were fired and they came here to report them.

We must show them this. We came here as soon as we found out that poor man had been killed.

What poor man? Read.

Who wrote this letter? Mrs. Anna Carla Dosio.

"Dear Massimo, aside from everything else, Boston or..."

Try with glasses.

"I can't stand architect Garrone anymore.

Let's find a way to eliminate him.

It will be better for both.

A.C. Dosio."

That Dosio? Yes.

Who is this Massimo? Massimo Campi.

That Campi? Yes.

Dosio, Campi... Shit!

Do these domestic helpers have a record?

No, sir.

What should we do? The magistrate...

I'll take care of Mr. Mulas.

One of you make contact with the people mentioned, with caution.

The other, follow other leads, more concrete ones.

Two chiefs are wasted for just one murder.

Since these two people are suspected, it is a very delicate matter.

Who will question Mr. Campi and the lady?

Him! You decide.

Watch out for the journalists. A silk hand in a velvet glove.

Considering the level, you should take care of it because you're always elegant and know Latin proverbs.

I see. We'll flip a coin.

This one. Let me see.

You don't trust me? Will my son go out?

Yes, he will.

How did they kill that Garrone? With this.

A phallic shaped stone, of Pompei inspiration.

It belonged to the dead man or the killer brought it from home?


Develop it right away and make ten copies.

Done. Anything else? Didn't you smoke Nazionali?

I see. When Mrs. Dosio comes, will you offer her champagne?

How nice! This is very bad for me.

What were we saying? Do you know Anna Carla Dosio?

I've seen her in the papers. What is she like?

How do you imagine the wife of a big northern industrialist?

Tall, a good looker. Exact answer!

Massimo Campi, son of another big northern industrialist...

Mr. Campi Massimo.

I'll be going.

Good morning. My pleasure. Santamaria. Sit down.

Forgive me for being late.

I don't have a car and finding taxis has become difficult.

I'd have come to your place, but you preferred here.

You don't have a car? I haven't, for three years.

I used to have an Aston Martin. I'm still ashamed.

It's more practical without a car.

It's hot! Yes, but it's cool at night.

At our home on the hill last night, we couldn't dine on the terrace.

Last night you were on the hill?

You called me for advice. What sort of advice?

Would you like one? You have a Nazionale?

I happen to have them.

Please. Thank you.

It is an intricate situation, where I risk giving a terrible impression.

But I am sure you'll understand.

"Non flere, non indignari, sed intelligere."

Unfortunately, I don't know Latin.

How did you get this letter?

We don't usually listen to fired domestic help, but...

Those two! I didn't know they'd been fired.

This morning they read the papers and brought this, putting us in an unpleasant situation.

What did they read in the papers?

You didn't read them? I never do. Why?

Architect Garrone was killed last night in his office.

"With a strange stone object." What is it?

The second item.

It is worthy of him! Funny...

The funny part, in certain situations, is very precarious.

"Let's find a way to eliminate him."

It is a real coincidence!

Now I understand. But I can explain.

May I have a coffee?

Yes. We have a vending machine.

You give it to suspects too?

Yes, but we put some truth serum inside.

I'm sure there's some in here.

Then I'll tell you everything!

Everything began with the word "Boston". How do you pronounce it?

Mrs. Dosio pronounces it the American way.

I corrected her and we argued. A complete rupture!

No, excuse me. This way.

What's Garrone have to do with it? We barely know him.

We meet him everywhere, and we used him...

In what way? In our private theater.

Charity performances? No, it's just a game where we cite someone to indicate what must not be done.

For example, we say, "a Bonetto style tie".

For... And Boston?

Garrone was the type to pronounce "Boston" the American way to let everyone know he knew English.

I find these linguistic exhibitions silly.

It's true.

Did Mrs. Dosio know Garrone well?

No. He disgusted her. That's why she wrote, "eliminate him", meaning, to exclude him from our games.

I stole too much of your time. Excuse me.

No, I must apologize. Listen...

Who do you think had a real reason to eliminate Garrone?

Real reason? It is something to look into.

Let me think about it.

I will call you soon.

Is my son going out?

Yes, he is.

What sort of type is he? He chuckles over a dead man, and does a scene for the pronunciation of a word.

To be filed under the letter "S". As "suspects"?

"Shitheads"! "Shitheads and suspects"!

What is it?

Hi, Francesca. Hi.

Good morning. Is Mrs. Dosio in? Come.

It was kind of you to come.

Wait before speaking. Why?


I was in a crisis for two days.

I was about to write to you. Then I threw the letter away.

In the waste paper basket? Yes.

I decided to speak to you frankly. Want something to drink?

Coffee, but later. Speak now.

The correct pronunciation is...

So I am right in saying...

It's right, it's logical.

It is natural for me to say...

It is not ostentatious.

Otherwise all the people of Ponza would be ostentatious.

What's Ponza have to do with it?

They are emigrants who returned from America. They all say...

You must stop accusing me of being like that awful Garrone.

Is that why you wrote the moment had come to "eliminate" him?

How do you know?

You'll have to make coffee, since you fired Benito and Maria.

I'm going.

Don't drive me crazy!

What is it?

You know where I just was? No.

At the police station. A very nice chief showed me the letter of a thoughtless woman who writes an instigation to murder.

What? Those two!

Sardinian revenge!

We raised the salaries of policemen so that they listen to the gossip of the domestic help!

If you wrote less and read more, you'd known from the papers that yesterday Garrone was killed.

Who killed him? You and I are the only suspects.

Because of that letter? Yes.

It's wonderful. Why are you laughing?

The situation is serious. What'd you do last night?

An alibi? I don't have one. I walked along the Po.

And I imagined you'd have said it was a Cineclub landscape.

Then what did you do? I went to the movies.

You have witnesses? No. Do you have an alibi?

Don't get off track. Later? I returned home.

Vittorio was at dinner with the Americans, the servants were asleep.

The chief didn't believe the "Boston" thing.

Does he suspect me? When will he question me?

It's the first exciting thing that has happened to me since I got a flat tire four years ago.

Are you tired? A little.

Will you season it yourself?

Massimo, this year we must go to Greece.

A woman colleague of mine was there last year.

The sea is purple.


It looks like a jellyfish.

The islands are amazing!

Everyone is going to Greece this year.

In fact! We have to see it!

Just a minute!

A lot of people I know go there.

Your billionaire friends!

We aren't obliged to go to Greece.

Are the Aeolian Islands okay?

Taste it. No, I trust you.

There is nothing. No electricity, water or gas.

You, me and Nature!

In the morning the fishermen bring you lobsters for breakfast.


What's the matter?

I prefer coffee for breakfast.

You're not interested.

Of course I am. It must be beautiful. But...

I was thinking of a more domestic place.

Like what?

The villa in Monferrato. You never go.

I had it restructured and would like to go there.

Lello... Yes?

The point is... It's all very clear!

You hoped I wouldn't accept the vacation in Monferrato, since I have a 24 day vacation.

Isn't that so?

Okay, still friends!

Will I see you again or will you stay in Monferrato forever?

Let me go! Don't do this!

There's another reason that stops me from going abroad.

I didn't want to tell you... A secret?

Yes! With a woman friend, the police and myself.

Are you kidding? Not at all.

What're you saying? It's the truth.

It deals with a murder. It can't be!

Tell me. You can trust me.

Architect Garrone is dead. He did projects for funeral monuments.

I read it in the paper. What have you got to do with it?

I've nothing to do with it.

Because of a strange misunderstanding, this friend of mine... You know her, Anna Carla.

We are involved.

Massimo, excuse me, excuse me.

After so much searching, I found out where he went.

What? What did you say?

Riviera Lello. What?

What do you know about him?

I asked and asked, and finally found out.

He works at Town Hall.

He is a "gay" guy.

He is "passive".

He's homosexual!

Why are you speaking in Sicilian?

So the people here won't understand.

Townsman, we understood everything!

What are you thinking? Nothing.

No. You're thinking about the Garrone homicide.

You were here last night.

You have an alibi. Why didn't you tell the chief?

You were ashamed of telling him.

It would have served no purpose.

I was here, but I left at 10:30.

Then I took a streetcar.

When I arrived home, nobody saw me. They were sleeping.

I would have had enough time to kill Garrone.

Kill me too. That way I won't suffer.

You are so stupid!

We must show that you are innocent.

Sure! Don't worry.

Chief Santamaria, Anna Carla Dosio.

My pleasure.

Sit down, please.

I was thinking of De Quincey. Who?

The author of "On Murder Considered One of the Fine Arts".

Yes, sure! Want something to drink, Chief?

A drink.

Scotch? Yes.

Who would have an interest in killing Garrone?

A non motivated crime is a seducing hypothesis nowadays.

No! Let's forget seductions and use our heads.

A non motivated crime must really be such.

Instead, many people hated the victim.

Am I right?

I was talking about an aesthetic crime.

Let's come to the point. Right, chief?

And so?

Mr. Campi's theories are very interesting.

Thank you.

You men always support one another. A Mafia!

Are you Sicilian? Excuse me.

No, I'm Roman. Not all chiefs are Sicilian.

And not all Sicilians are Mafia.

How kind of you!

My being polemic was because I wanted to help you.

If you prefer continuing your literary debate, go ahead.

No, madam. Help me in a concrete way, please.

You want to know if Massimo and I have an alibi?

Anna Carla, let the chief say that.

Say it.

Alright. What is your alibi?

Excuse me. Lunch is ready. Yes. Thank you, Teresa.

In the worst theater works, that line closes the scene.

It is a rule for eating serenely.

Chief. I don't have an alibi.

But I know something about Garrone that could help the investigation.

What is that?

I've a girlfriend called Bona. One day she dragged me to a conference on child masturbation.

Garrone was there. He doesn't have children so it was for personal lust.

Bona began talking with him while I waited for my husband.

When Bona left, Garrone stared at me and made a disgusting gesture.

What did you do? What could I do?

Every time I saw him, he made that horrible gesture.

That's who Garrone was, and that's what was between us.

It's a bond, a mysterious complicity between victim and executioner.

The crystal clear lady realizes she has a bond with an shady individual in an obscene relationship, and she kills him.

Imbecile! Even Vittorio laughed about it!

We are trying to help the investigation.

Vittorio Dosio is her husband.

He laughed about it, but maybe was furious. Another suspect.

I am helping the investigation, right, chief?

Did your husband know Garrone?

I don't think so. He heard us talk about him.

Massimo, will you please tell us your alibi?

I don't have one. Those who don't have an alibi are innocent, right?

A murderer always prepares one.

Then I'm innocent too!

Too easy! Anna Carla has half an alibi.

She went to the movies, but nobody saw her.

All murderers go to the movies on the crime evening.

So do the victims!

You want to know which theater? Yes.

The theater "Le Arti". The film was "La sferza".

Garrone went to see that movie too.

Do you think they are lovers?

Then who is the woman? Anna Carla Dosio!

Paolo, what are you saying?

Wake up, Bettina! Are you being Sleeping Beauty?

Your Massimo is 40 years old!

What is it?

I thought of the crime weapon that killed Garrone!

I told you what it is.

"Live by the sword, die by the sword!"

If it belongs to the murderer, that phallic shaped stone is a lead.

Sir, the telephone. Yes. Excuse me.

Thank you.

You know.

You must tell me! Tell me, "I love you".

I am with two office colleagues.

I am working to get you out of trouble.

No. I can't tell you anything else. Tell me you love me.

I already told you.

I love you.

You're not taking your jacket off?

No, thank you.

What are you thinking? And you?

You are implying, "I ask the questions here"?

I was thinking that today is different from other days.

For me too.

You are not suspected. Nor are you.

Don't say that, or I'll go back to my daily gray routine, packing suitcases for our vacation.

By "different" I meant... pleasant.

For me too. You repeat what I say?


I can't imagine... how a chief spends his free time.

I listen to symphonic music, I read...

I will be free next Sunday.

Yes, sugar... Love! My joy!

Excuse me. It was an old, boring aunt.


Did Anna Carla accumulate more evidence against me?

This is an invitation to the Vollero Gallery.

I received one too, but I didn't go.

Garrone always went to eat at exhibition buffets.

Surely he went there. That is a good lead.

Want me to accompany you? Thank you, don't bother.

"Painting and mythology at the Vollero gallery."

I will go.

You've a fixation with that crime! So many things happen today...

It is a mysterious crime.

It's not the usual robbery with road blocks and shootings.

I think the murder is someone from the high class world.

No. It's Bauchiero, the man who called the police.

Why? In half the cases, the murderer is the person who finds the body.

Maybe Bauchiero did projects for funeral monuments too.

Tribetti, will you show me your archive of tombs and burial niches?

Hey, don't bring bad luck! Cerioni!

When are you closing? I don't know.

Nobody wants to leave the city for fear of thieves.

If we've come to the point of having to give up vacation to guard our apartment, to avoid having the Impressionist paintings stolen, than I will move to Switzerland.

Mrs. Tabusso, you can't rest assured either.

There is much crime in your area.

Whoever would've imagined that my home at "Le Buone Pere" it'd become a red light area!

Do couples go there? Couples?

It is full of prostitutes!

Watch out! You're hurting me! There are prostitutes and pimps.

Every morning my sister and I, on the law in front of our home, pick up condoms!

I made out many reports to the police, but nobody cares.

I know a police chief. Talk to him about it.

He's in the Public Morality squad? He's working on the Garrone crime.

We are witnesses of a total degradation of customs.

Everyone complains, but nobody does his duty.

Except for Bauchiero. Who is he?

He found Garrone's body and contacted the police.

Then he strained his memory and remembered the blond.

But they didn't catch the murderer. He put them on the right track.

With the detail of the tube and the bag with the Italian star.

Starfish. What are you saying?

The star. How do you know?

I saw it!

Excuse me.

Everyone, get rid of the jinx!

Find anything? No.

Bauchiero could be here among the poor people who do projects for family tombs, in the hope that someone will buy them!

They don't understand that there is no more room.

Even a burial niche is a waste.

The future is in cremation.

Is he here? Not Bauchiero.

But Garrone is. "Zavattaro Brothers, Inc. Marble Workers."

What's that have to do with it?

Why is there a company name?

The marble worker brought the client. The architect is paid separately.

It was a great pain.

I can still see him in front of this painting, poor, dear Garrone.

He left a great emptiness, with his pleasantness.

Who had any interest in killing him?

I was about to ask the same question.

Nobody! Absolutely nobody. Am I right?

He was there that evening too.

Did he tell you anything that evening that could be useful to us?

No, nothing interesting.

One moment. I am getting an illumination. Details emerge!

The Piovano sisters were there. Yes, they were.

One of them said...

"Tonight we'll all go to the flower shop."

Garrone said, "No, tonight I'm dealing with stones".

He actually said, "Tonight I'm dealing with stones".

At the time, nobody understood what he meant.

Maybe there is a connection with the crime weapon.

It's a hypothesis. Certainly.

Then he said something else.

I opened his arm out and said, "Soon I will be so rich that I'll buy all this junk and throw it in the toilet". Excuse me.

Please. He didn't do it. He did nothing!

Mrs. Dosio, what a pleasure to see you here!

Do you know Mr. Santamaria? I met him today during lunch.

I found a person who saw the murderer a half hour after the crime.

Are you interested?

Is anyone here?

Who are you?

Chief Santamaria.

And his colleague Depalma. Does Mrs. Dosio send you?

Duty sends us! Are you Countess Tabusso?

My ass! She's not a countess!

You should come at night.

They leave their cars down there.

They come here to do disgusting things. Not even Sodom and Gomorrah!

They come all the way down here. We can hear their voices.

The city is advancing, the sluts are advancing!

They ruined this paradise. They screw everywhere!

They go through a hole in the fence. Why don't you close it?

They make another one! You like my jungle?

Stop! Don't step on the strawberries. Want some? You fell?

Look at this nice 17th century wash basin.

I had to close the water. They used it as a bidet!

Madam, we have to ask your sister some questions.

Because of the woman with a tube? Yes.


You go up, you've weak legs. You go up too.

Go on! Are you afraid? I'm getting on it.

Do you like my train?

I had it made for my poor Cicci who became paralyzed.

It was hard to take him up the stairs. He weighed over 100 kilos!

My sister is afraid the blond will return to take revenge.

That is why she hasn't talked since then.

She doesn't leave the house anymore.

Here she is. Good morning.

Can you tell us about the woman with a purse with a star, madam?

Miss! Excuse me.

She hadn't digest well and couldn't sleep.

Let her speak. No. She gets too emotional.

Anyway, I know the story by heart.

We had eaten Brussel sprouts.

You know what they are?

My sister got up and left.

What time was it? Around 11:00.

She crossed the garden and went towards the valley of sluts.

She is a romantic type.

Maybe she was listening to the crickets.

Suddenly, the headlights of a car about to leave, turned on.

There was a strange noise and that ugly beast came out from the bushes.

She began chasing her, yelling and threatening her with the tube.

Did you see her face? She said she was a monster.

My sister ran away.

Then she read the paper and realized she'd killed Garrone.

She got so scared that she didn't speak anymore.

Her block went away when she spoke to Mrs. Dosio at the hairdresser.

Everything is still printed here for her.

A beach bag with a starfish on it.

A starfish?

Will you clean up the valley now?

Does it seem nice that I must live among sluts?

Mr. Bauchiero, does this seem like the star of Italy?

You're right. It's a starfish!

Right after the crime, the blond was in "Le Buone Pere".

Where were Dosio and Campi?

The rich never have an alibi.

Maybe they were together...

Why? Speak up.

Massimo Campi... is homosexual.

I'm rushing off. Bye. See you.

No. They'll see us!

Why do you always lock the car? You don't worry about thieves?

It's a 500!

Massimo, you despise me. You think I'm an idiot, huh?

What are you saying? You are an extraordinary young man!

Really? Certainly.

Swear it. I swear.

I am happy because my insecurity is my worst aspect.

Coming to dinner at my place? I don't know.

My folks left. We'll be alone. Hurrah!

I'll go to Zavattaro tomorrow. Look at how they park!

Zavattaro? I'm doing an investigation.

I've a trace... It's not your business.

What? You're involved. Please, stop it.

Thank you so much! Sorry if I worry about you!

Enough! Massimo!

Excuse me. Massimo!

Let me explain. There's been a misunderstanding!

Massimo, forgive me. Don't do that!

You are ridiculous! Massimo!

Carryouts save men without wives and wives without domestic help.

The chart is updated until today.

Mr. Fontana, will you forgive me if we won't eat very well?

Of course! The food isn't that good in restaurants nowadays.

Like the other evening with the Americans. Right, Vittorio?

He slipped away during the starters!

I don't care what Vittorio did the other evening.

From what time to what time did he leave?

My dear, Fontana is wrong.

He is not wrong! You don't have an alibi either.

An alibi?

You were either with some slut or you killed Garrone.

What're you saying? The lady is joking.

I am not joking. Tell me something.

Of course!

A few months ago you told Vittorio something a bit dirty about an obscene object.

When I got closer you immediately changed the subject.

But I think I heard you say a name. Remember it?

It was nonsense. Tell me, too.

Some Dutch executives, who came to do business with us, told me they had bought...

How can I say it...?

Some stone phallic figures made by a marble worker from Emilia.

What is his name? Zavattaro.

It's what I wanted to know. That's all?

Yes. Enjoy your meal.

It may be chance, but...

Here's the villa of the two lunatics.

This is the Campi one. It's a small world!

Mr. Santamaria, the phone for you.

The lady!

Hello? This is Anna Carla Dosio.

Good evening. Did you speak with Mrs. Tabusso?

Yes. I thank you very much. Was she helpful?

We'll know this evening when we'll do a roundup in the lady's property.

Really? Good. I'm glad.

I've more news. Maybe it's important.

What is it about?

No. The phone could be tapped.

Yours? No, yours!

Can you come here tomorrow? Certainly.

I'll expect you at 10:00. Good luck.

Thank you. Good night.

I said that because I have an idea. I know what idea!

What? Nothing.

I am ready. And you? Very ready!

Enough. I am already tipsy.

What is it? I think...

Maybe we wouldn't argue anymore if we could have a child.

I was kidding!

Want to go to the Balon market on Saturday morning?

We'll find something for the villa. No need, there's everything.

In your room too. My room?

Yes. Why?

Separate bedrooms!

I just hope mine isn't in the basement, as is suited for someone of my low level!

Come on, Lello! Come to the castle, Cinderella.

But at midnight you'll turn into a washerwoman again!

Enough! I can't stand you anymore.

I gave up women because they are a nuisance. But you are worse!

Then go back to your women!

Hello? Anna Carla!

How's it going?

I was in the garden. I ran...

A roundup in Tabusso's valley?

How do you know?

Excuse me a moment, I'll be right back.

Everyone stop! Police!

Let me get my clothes! It's just a roundup.

No mercy! None at all!

Got you! Don't touch me, pig!

Pretend I am with you. Yes. Nicosia!

Pretend she is with you. Come on, doll!

Let me go! I don't want to! Let me go!

I'll tell your wife! Obscene acts in public.

This is a private place. Come with us.

I'm a client. Is it forbidden? Here it is! This is my house!

It's a brothel!

Please, please...

Help the lady.

Please. Come, don't be afraid. Why are you pulling?

Nicosia! Block her on the other side.

Nicosia, Copiello, block the villa entrances.

I had gotten five! You left me alone. Where are you?

They are coming up!


Over there!

Come with us. Can't you see I'm a lady?

Excuse me. You come with us!


A few women, one young man and a... gentleman.

Mr. Depalma, where are you?

Please, you answer. I can't shout.

Nicosia, what is it? We are here.

I found the following evidence.

Keep calm. I'll come alone. Don't worry.

The weather forecast said, "cool winds arriving from the north."

They must have stopped them at customs!

At 4 in the morning I've a sense of humor!

What is your name? Fascetti Ermelinda.

Must I get close to the mirror? No, that's fine.

You go work there every night. It's not a question.

If you answer, it becomes a question. Come on!

It is a fake mirror. They can't see you.

Is it her? Take a good look. Recognize her?

No, it's not her. The other woman was... I can't explain it.

She was taller.

I don't match that woman's traits. I'm not tall or blond.

Who told you who we're looking for?

The town is small and people murmur. May I go?

Yes. Go.

You can go... Fuck off!

Don't be funny!

This one is tall but not blond.

She could be wearing a wig. Should I tell you that?

No, madam, you should not.

Next! Give it to me.

Who knows a tall, blond woman who has these things?

Exact answer!

Can we go fuck off too?

Please, miss. Thank you.

The same to you. Thank you, madam.

We know who caused this great night for us.

Those two old witches! Could you tell them to fuck off, for me?

I certainly will. Thank you.

Hear that? You must defend us. We will take measures.

Hello? Excellency!

The boss called to know about the roundup.

Did you tell him the place of the finding is near Massimo Campi's home? Yes. He hung up furiously.

At times I think I made a mistake in being a policeman.

Sirs! A turn of events!

You are right. I wanted to be a tenor.

Especially at dawn, so many thoughts go through one's mind.

At dawn you bust your balls too.

We can shout out for victory. Look.

It's the homosexual I talked about in the phone call after the stakeout I did yesterday.

Like that! They stopped him on the site of the roundup.

He didn't have his ID.

That raincoat fits him perfectly.

Almost. I don't have my ID because I forgot my bag at a friend's house.

I don't know what they had me wear this raincoat.

Take it off. Thank you.

Where does this friend live?


Well? In the hills.

What is his name?

You don't want to tell us?

I don't want to involve him.

He is a high class person.

Get his data and let him go. Let him go?

I always lose my bag!

Chief! Good morning. Already at work!

I got up early because I had a sleepless night.

Too many thoughts? The heat.

One should leave the city. My gardener has already done so.

Are you here by chance? Of course not!

Did the roundup go well?

How did you find out? Anna Carla told me.

One of her informers told her.

A new character in your theater work?

I must have said something wrong.

Do you also know the results of the roundup?

Why should I?

Seven prostitutes, three pimps, one young man named Lello Riviera.

Why do you tell me? Try to guess!

The exquisite tact of our policemen!

Last night he was here with you. The tact has been abandoned!

Didn't Mr. Riviera already tell you?

There was no declaration. He is a very reserved person.

A real gentleman!

If he didn't tell you, how do you know we are friends?

Why do you get angry? How did you find out?

Did Mrs. Dosio tell you? She has nothing to do with it!

Now you are getting angry. A man has been killed!

Because of a misunderstanding, you suspect me.

I must investigate.

The sadistic mechanism of prying into one's past is triggered!

You scream too much. Then you scream too!

Thank you, I don't need it.

Go to Mrs. Dosio. She doesn't like to wait.

Tell me why Mr. Riviera went away from here last night during the roundup.

It's simple, chief.

He must have gone to one of those sluts.

Or is it forbidden by the Constitution?

By his constitution!

I'll speak clearly at the reunion with the regional branches.

We must go from nine to five.

Certainly... Certainly!

We knew that. We already told them.

Come to your room. Don't bother Daddy.

I am at your disposal. Right on time!

We only arrive late when we have to catch robbers!

Where are we going?

Look in my purse. There is a yellow card.

I told you there's an address.

Why did you tell Massimo Campi about the roundup?

That is why you're so angry!

Massimo is a gossiper!

I told him to show him he doesn't always know everything.

You are right.

Will you forgive me?

"Zavattaro Brothers, marble, stone, granite, artistic works, funeral monuments."

More stones!

One witness says that the evening of the murder, Garrone said, "Tonight I will deal with stones."

Madam, why are we here?

Yesterday I found out where some Dutch people bought those things...

I see!

I smell murderers!

You have a gun? Let's be serious.

Is anyone here?

I won't say who I am. Don't be surprised at what I'll say.

Don't you be surprised either.

Good morning. Are you the owner?

Mr. Zavattaro? Yes.

We come from Holland. You make particular objects.

What articles interest you?

Special objects...

Is it possible to see these special objects?

I'll call my brother. He worked in Germany and speaks German.

There's no need, I am Italian.

Then why are you letting the woman speak?

She wants to exercise.

This is the Fantasy Pavilion.

My brother Osvaldo is an artist.

Do you have a sales network? No.

From the producer to the consumer.

This is the classic format.

Osvaldo tried to make them in a smaller format, but they weren't appreciated.

These look good anywhere.

Here we have the big format.

In Sweden, they put them on the front lawns of homes.

If you're private buyers, and want one or two, there's a certain price.

If you are a group and have our product circulate, we can give percentages and offer discounts.

Are you an interpreter? No, I'm a lawyer.

I represent architect Garrone's family.

The Garrone family?

Is this architect Garrone's friend?

No, she's a relative.

Did you know that Garrone was killed Tuesday night?

We don't care!

We want information on the credit Garrone had with your company.

Credit? The work and capital are mine!

He received a percentage when he sold the articles.

20 percent. But in one year he only sold 20.

There is no credit! Understand?

There isn't credit for anyone. Now get out, you and this slut!

I hadn't understood the last word well.

You are not an attorney.

He's a gorilla. Come.

No, a policeman. I think he's a gorilla.

Are they the murderers? No.

They wouldn't have left that thing at Garrone's, considering they make them.

Now we know the weapon belonged to the victim.

Killed by his own samples!

Leave me at a taxi station. You must return to your family.

My family is scattered. My little one eats at school.

My husband has lunch in the office.

Then if you allow me, I'd like to invite you to lunch.

I know of a place on the hill.

It's discreet and looks like a country house. Alright?

It's fine! Certainly.

It's cool up there. Very well!

Out! Are you crazy? I'll report you!

I'll bust your back. Help!

I don't know any surveyors, or architect Garrone!

I don't know anyone! Leave me alone!

How dare you? Dirty spy!

That slut wasn't enough!

Who are you? Another relative?

You have broken 18 dicks!

I'll kill you, all gorillas, all policemen and all the Dutch!

Today is closing day!

I have never been here.


Maybe? I was saying... maybe it's nicer like this, without anyone.

The poetry of beaches without bathers, classrooms without students.

And rooms for illicit couples without customers.

Excuse me.

Who knows how many wavering alibis would find an explanation here.

There is a void in my husband's alibi. Did you know that?

Yes, I know.

You know that I do. From 8:15 onwards.

There is a void in every alibi that my husband makes up to spend his evenings out.

It happens almost every evening.

There's also a void in Massimo Campi's alibi.

If he were the murderer, he'd have said it.

You don't know Massimo well. Make a bigger effort.

Why are you laughing?

A bigger effort isn't required when the suspect is a poor devil.

Massimo is neurotic, but he is also very humble, generous, sincere and very intelligent.

Don't you and Massimo get tired of having to be so intelligent?

It must be tiring!

A fatigue that you avoid. Yes.

Intelligence just to pass the time is... bullshit.


Let's speak clearly.

Cute! You began offending.

Will you forgive me? What are you doing tomorrow?

My husband is taking our daughter to Geneva.

With all the kidnappings there have been lately, she will be safer in Switzerland. It's like putting her in a bank!

Why do you ask?

To avoid finding another closed restaurant.

My house is open, but I am a terrible cook.

Was I inviting? No. I am inviting!

Do you like filet? With pepper.

I'll buy pepper. Well?

Well then... you take care of the filet.

I'll take care of the cream, the pepper and the rest.

It's... Who?

Do you know him too? Yes. He's my husband's good friend.

It's closed.

She is certainly not his wife!

Why are you hiding? To avoid embarrassing him.

I am on duty.

Where were we? Weren't you on duty?

The Zavattaro lead was wrong. Let's try this one.

You are stubborn!

My respects to the illustrious loafers of the Constraints Office.

We have with us our colleague Riviera of the fourth department.

He needs your help. I'd like to know if there is here, waiting for approval, a project by architect Garrone.

We can look. Thank you.

On what date was it presented? I don't know.

I don't even know if it exists. He's trying to be a detective.

Yes, Excellency, certainly.

With all the kidnappings and shootings around, must we take care of this? Yes, Excellency.

Well? The boss is even angrier.

It's not our fault. Why?

Forced to withdrawal symptoms because the restaurant is closed.

He had no first course or second course!

What did you find?

I questioned the Zavattaros who have an alibi.

They say a young, thin and delicate man went to them asking questions about Garrone.

Lello Riviera.

I will take care of Lello Riviera. You order another coffee.

There he is! It must be a policeman.

It doesn't seem like it. He's suspicious looking.

This is the washerwomen's basin.

For centuries, in the Po River people of Turin washed their clothes.

This area was always full of good pears.

Sit down, or leave. You are disturbing.

Good-day, Chief. I'm glad you're interested in our debates.

Sit down, please.

Po, the father of all Italian rivers, and maybe of the world.

The etymology of its name goes beyond the Mediterranean.

The Greeks called the river "Potamos".

The Indians called "Potomac" the river that crosses Carolina.

Virginia! Yes, in Virginia.

Now we see... No, that is our friend, an archeologist consultant who cooperated on this docu, architect Garrone, who unfortunately ended up badly.

And this ends our screening on historical basins in the Turin countryside. Good evening.

Why did you go to the Zavattaros asking for information on Garrone?

He hit me! Can I report him? Yes.

Why did you go? I'd prefer not answering.

We can obtain a warrant. That way you'll answer to the judge.

If you think you can intimidate me, you are wrong.

Why didn't you tell me that on that evening you were in Massimo Campi's home?

How did you find out? He told me.

Really? Did he admit it spontaneously?

Wasn't he ashamed? Answer!

Is Mr. Massimo Campi a big suspect?

If you told me Mr. Campi isn't a suspect, I would be disappointed.

Not because I have ill feelings towards him... maybe a bit... but most of all because...

He acts very arrogantly with me.


I try not oppressing him because I know love isn't a chain.

Despite that, we have broken up.

It's terrible. I can't live anymore.

The last hope of having him back...

It's better to say, "to have him consider me again"...

It's to be able to show him that I'm capable of getting him out of trouble and helping the police.

I want to hear him say, "You were wonderful. Thank you".

Just that.

Are you from the south? Yes. Try to be strong.

When you dressed me as a woman last night, you were very kind to me. Southerners have a good heart.

And then? Well...

At first I suspected surveyor Bauchiero because I thought he was Garrone's rival.

But I was on the wrong track.

I looked in the real estate office of Town Hall and found...

Enough! Be content with knowing I am on the right track.

Meaning? You must trust me.

I'm waiting for a phone call for a meeting tomorrow morning which I think will be definitive and solve things.

With who? I can't tell you.

But tomorrow, after speaking to a certain person, I'll run to you, and you will thank me!

Riviera! Be careful.

Don't worry. A Sicilian colleague of mine says, "Who looks for what he shouldn't finds what he doesn't want."

There is a suited proverb here too.

"The bad washerwoman never finds a good pear."

I already found it! Goodbye.

Follow him from tomorrow on, see where he goes and who he sees.

They'll think I'm a fag!

They already think that of me.

Great way of parking!

Good thing I watch my weight!

What does he want?

Who? Oh, Riviera!

No, Mr. Santamaria isn't here. You can talk to me.

A car followed you?

No, we didn't have you followed.

We don't have white cars with a dented bumper.

Why didn't you open the door? I was afraid!

First Zavattaro hit me, and now I am hunted down.

Maybe it's still him. I am working for you!

Very kind of you. Thanks. You're welcome.

You must find out who that car belongs to.

Alright. We'll do that.

Who does a white Fiat 1500 with a left dented bumper, belong to?

You don't know? Are you sleeping? What've you got there?

We went to over 100 places between stores, boutiques and supermarkets.

Nobody has ever seen a purse like this.

The police is asking for help. Its hands are tied.

It can't shoot. It never finds a shitty thing!

Look at what a lovely painting, Mr. Vollero.

Don't use my name! I tell you all the time, idiot!

I don't buy here, I buy in London!

Who can we attribute it to? Whoever you think.

Do you have... ?

A record by...

Learn English! Southerner!

Does this grind pepper too? It grinds everything.

Today it's the fashion to grind pepper.

How much does it cost? 5,000. It's a deal!

This one? 6,000.

I'll take it. You're making a good deal.

Thank you. What is it?

An object for a gift.

Nice. What is this?

An object for a gift.

It was made in Faenza in the 18th century. A unique piece.

I need two of them.

We have two unique pieces. Fixed price 40,000, negotiable.

Excuse me, sir. I accidently took both of them.

I don't know where my head is.

Did you get the pestle too?

What pestle? Yeah, sure.

A long bronze pestle worth 10,000 Lira.

Good morning. Good morning, madam.

You're here too! Why?

I've an appointment with a person at the cemetery of used furniture.

Today everyone is here.

Bonetto, my husband, me, you, Massimo...

Did you see Massimo?

I thought... I haven't an appointment with him.

I prefer not meeting him. It is too early.

But I can tell you. I think I know who killed Garrone.

I will soon have confirmation. Goodbye.

Goodbye, Rivera.


Mr. Santamaria, it seems the young man knows important things.

Yes. At Balon, the used items market.

I signal the presence of Mrs. Dosio and her husband, of Mr. Carpi and others.

Don't lose sight of him. I'll be right there.

I knew you were here too! What do you mean?

I just ran into Lello. I didn't see him.

I came to look for something for the Monferrato villa.

But prices here are as high as downtown antique dealers.

He has an appointment at the furniture cemetery.

He seems to be mad. He said he knows who killed Garrone, and soon will have confirmation. What's this all about?

What did Chief Santamaria find out?

Why do you ask me?

Did I make a blunder? I don't see...


I must go. I'll call you tomorrow. Bye.

This isn't something typical. Forget it.

Are you tired? No. I can't find Bonetto.

What a tragedy!

Where were you? I was looking around.

Did something happen? I don't know. Let's go see.

Where were you?

You are a shit...

And so is he!

Massimo! Stay back.

Lello Riviera.

They bashed his head in.

With a bronze pestle. How do you know?

Let's go. Nicosia, advise Depalma.

Mr. Vollero. Don't hide.

Come with us. Make way! Make way!

I don't owe anyone an explanation! I won't answer any question if I'm not explained the reason, and not without my lawyer.

None of you are accused, for the time being.

This is not a questioning.

It's a request for information for the D.A. office.

Is that why you keep us here, guarded, in a basement?

We don't have living rooms!

Each of you should tell me why this morning he went to Balon and where he was exactly at 12:35, when Mr. Lello Riviera was killed.

Bonetto, don't answer! Why not?

I have nothing to hide.

Why should I answer first? You're the first in line.

If they start from there, I'm the last and you're the first.

Let's begin with the ladies. Would you like to answer first?

I was there to buy something. What?

No! Not a bronze pestle.

A pepper grinder. Is it forbidden?

You went all the way there to buy a pepper grinder?

The lady knew Riviera well, and also Garrone.

Be careful! Don't you dare insinuate anything!

The only person who could be there to meet Riviera is Mr. Campi. And everyone knows why!

Be quiet, imbecile! I had no appointment with him.

I didn't know he was there. Anna Carla, speak, by God!

You wrote in that letter to eliminate Garrone!

You were the last to talk to Lello.

You knew where he was going and that he was killed by a pestle!

What do you mean?

Naturally the chief won't question you!

Aren't you ashamed? I demand an explanation. Anna Carla!

Mr. Santamaria, can you come?

Get all their data and send them back home.

They are all suspected, more or less.

Whoever is less, maybe is more! Is this a puzzle?

Too many suspects, no culprit! It is an ancient rule.

I can read the titles in the paper.

"Big names involved in the Balon crime."

I'll be considered the puppet of the northern industrialists.

I already see you as a vile and corrupted executive, bent over by the will of the Right Christian Democrats.

And to think your name is Santamaria!

Send them home. I'm your superior, and it's an order.

You're the investigator. I don't want to interfere.

Remember what I said. No, I didn't say anything.

We didn't see each other. Goodbye!

Chief, they all three could be suspected. Murderers!

Sit down, please. How dare you?

He could be suspected too. I heard him in front of witnesses say that Garrone was to be killed.

Please, sit down. Garrone was your enemy.

No. He cooperated with me on the stone basins investigation.

Silence! Damn it!

Mr. Bonetto, earlier you spoke about stone basins.

Yes. Why? Okay.

You who are from Piedmont can help me solve a problem.

Why doesn't the bad washerwoman find a good "pear"?

What's the washerwoman have to do with a pear?

In the Turin dialect, "pera", a pear, means "stone".

That's it!

The bad washerwoman doesn't find a good stone because she has no intention of doing the washing!

In English one would say... We don't give a darn!

Mr. Bonetto... Yes?

That evening Garrone said, "This evening I'm dealing with stones".

Last night Lello Riviera came to your screening because he is interested in stones. Of course...

Then we'll go deal with stones. We'll be right back.

Let's go. Where?

Didn't you understand? No.

These people are our guests.

I told you we were too many! Let me speak.

Are you accountant Cerioni Giancarlo of the 4th division?

Yes. Why? You must return to the city.

Your mother is ill. I am here!

It's true! You must return to Town Hall.

Come on! We're going! What happened?

I'll explain later. Let's go!

I found it.

You see what the tube in the blond woman's hand was?

A lots division project. Let's go see this Regis.

What are you doing? I forbid you...

What a lovely view, Mr. Regis!

Leave that telescope alone. I won't allow you to...

Come. Look.

Where are you going? Come here.

That's why you and Garrone were friends!

My only real friend!

It's not easy when one loves beauty, like us.

There is strong prejudice against voyeurism.

Peeping Toms. Oh!

It's dangerous to spy on couples at night.

To the station! No, please!

Don't take me with you. The neighbors...

If you speak here, you'll avoid a bad impression, and worse.

Right. We'll be understanding. Let's get back to Garrone.

I swear I helped Garrone without any interest.

I work at Town Hall's Constraints Office. I stamp authorization.

He was looking for revenge to pay back many humiliations.

While working on a documentary, he had found out that on a land for future lots, there were the remains of an antique washing basin.

The project could be blocked.

Who is it? Chief Santamaria.

And his colleague, Depalma. Get in front of the peep-hole.

Your profile, too.


It's nice here at the "Le Buone Pere".

In dialect it means "the good stones".

Yes, the stones of the old washing basin.

Your sister isn't here? No. She went...

To Balon.

No. The cemetery for the 22 anniversary.

May I offer you something?

The 22nd anniversary of what?

The anniversary of the death of her poor husband, Cicci.

After our intervention, things are peaceful here, right?

Yes... No! Unfortunately, yesterday I had such a fright.

I was in the garden and down there I saw... a young man who looked very suspicious.

Then my sister talked to him and found out he was your officer.

Was he blond and thin? Yes.

He didn't look like a police officer.

He wasn't.

Good-day, madam. Good-day.

What do you want?

We must ask you a few questions.

Go help Palmira shell peas.

I offered a liquor to the gentlemen. Good.

Go shell peas, miss. That would be better.

Mrs. Tabusso, shall we have a chat?

Did you know that Mr. Riviera was killed today at Balon?

Yes, you know. We have evidence.

What evidence do you mean?

We know that today you were at Balon before going to the cemetery... if you ever went there!

I went. At least 10 people saw me.

But they saw you at Balon too.

An urban policeman. Depalma, the envelope.

A fine, with time, license...

Is it forbidden to go to the Balon?

It depends on the reason for going.


Will you show me your license?

She doesn't have a license. No, she's without a purse.

Did you forget it in the car?

It must be the Fiat 1500 with a dented bumper. I'll go see.

No! I'll go. Don't bother, madam.

Dear madam...

I see you brought the money.

Very good.

But unfortunately, there is an inconvenience.

The amount isn't enough anymore.

My friends at Town Hall doubled the request.

It was hard to remove the constraint from the antique basin on the land where lots are to be made.

But you will earn enormous amounts.

If you want your license, you'll have to pay double.

Do you want to see the approved project? Here it is.

But first you must give me the money. Look but don't touch.

Is it there? It's here!

Yes. She still had the pestle in her purse.

Lello had caught on to her.

He had realized it. Town Hall, the projects...

And that proverb. Otherwise, I wouldn't have understood.

Mrs. Tabusso confessed. Finally she said...

"Riviera and Garrone were a pig and a homosexual who got what they deserved."

What a mentality!

Are you sleeping?

Poor me! It's late! I have my duties.

No. Just a moment! Listen...

What duties?

Even on Sunday? I must finish packing for vacation.

I didn't pack because of your investigation.

Excuse me!

We're leaving tomorrow. Bye!

When will you return? I don't know.

We're going to Switzerland in September. Bye!


Massimo, are you looking for a taxi?

Yes, but there are none.

Get in. I'll accompany you.

The city is deserted. Everyone has left.

You can't even find a taxi.

How do you pronounce "taxi"? One says "taxi".

I knew it! I say "taxì".

"Taxi" is what they say in London.

Imitating foreign accents is silly and vulgar.

They say "taxì" in Paris. Then we're even.

No, because in Italian...