The Suspect (2013) Script

As the number of defectors rise each year, the total number has reached 20,000.

It was a living hell...

Showbox/Mediaplex Presents

A Greenfish and Showbox/Mediaplex Production

Directed by WON Shin-yun

Please don't kill me...

Please don't kill me!

The dryer is all wet.

It won't last very long.

I never got a chance to tell you last time, when the doc airs, people'll donate, even supplies...

All the bullshit will catch up to you.

Come on, out of the rain!

One should be honest, you hear me?

Shut your hole, and go shoot some nice rain inserts.

I'm a reporter.

Why am I doing this for?

I even smuggled out equipment.

And where's my exclusive?

"Do this, do that..."

It's been 3 months!

Lee Gwang-jo, Seoul Lee Gwang-jo, Gyunggi

Yo, this is all I got.

Take it or leave it!


You're here?

Hyejoo Group's Chairman Park, Visiting Pyongyang Tomorrow

Your resignation is not finalized.

Won't you come back to work?

Thank you for looking after me.

But I really must decline.

Still not a real Southerner yet.

Ain't easy to stand on your own in this country.

I got plenty of work, and it's quite fun.


As a hired driver?

Mr. Chairman, he might choke.

How about letting him finish his meal first?

I know exactly what you're doing on your free time.

Drop this nonsense and come back!

Southerners think buckwheats grow well here.

They're all wrong.

It's much better in the North.

Did you eat a lot of buckwheat rice?

Oh well... You fled the damn place, no point of reminiscing.

Forgive me.

I ate enough to last a lifetime.

Made noodles, and side dishes.

That's right.

It's an amazing thing, it grows so well.

Even without much sun and proper soil too.

During the march, we didn't even have that...

Yeah, it'll be okay now.

Everything will be fine.

The reason why the chairman looked after you... isn't only because you're from his hometown.

You remind him of a son he left behind.

It's his parting gift.

Central district, Samik Mansion #308, Lee Gwang-jo He knew you were looking for this person.

He hesitated for a while...

If you find him, he hopes that you'll forgive him.

And... your severance.

Over the Wall, Towards Unification

Who the fuck is that?

Please... bury... this...


An outgoing call to the police.

Should I intercept?

Are you two the only ones here?

Yes, at night we're the only ones.

Who's that?

That's Ji Dong-chul, he's a defector.

The chairman was very fond of him.

Sir, could I take a look at that?

Let me see that.

Why do you want this?

Personal items of the victim...

What happened?!

He fled, we're searching.

He's hiding here somewhere. Give us some time.

Call it off, you idiot.

Wanna wake the entire town?

He won't be easily captured.

Agent Kim, NSIA, get me Defense Security Command.

Do you have someone you love?

Yes, sir!

I can't hear you! Do you miss them?!

Yes, sir!

This is it.

Call out her name and let's go to hell.


Mother! - Ji-eun!

Let's go!

Pyongyang is out there! Go!

No drop! No drop!

You can't!

Sergeant will fall to his death!

Then will you die for him?



Go rescue your lover!

Wake up!

We're on the ground, asshole.


Colonel Min! You have an emergency call!

From whom?!

No one dares to disrupt the last week of boot camp.

I was instructed to bring you in, there's a target for you.


Who's the lucky SOB?

His name is Ji Dong-chul.

What did you say?

That's nonsense!

We helped them so much...

Why would... the North do this?

Don't expect a thank you card. It's a complicated relations.

I'll go and ask myself!

You're free to do so, but on your return...

you'll be arrested under National Security Law.

Is that a threat?



The chairman was assassinated.

Yes, I know.

Where are you now?

Please just listen.

He left me something.

He asked me to bury it, but I have to do something first.

Okay, where are you?

Sir, where does the defector live?

He's not answering again. You try it.

If boss finds out what I'm doing here, he'll pat me in the back.

I friggin' dare you to ignore me...


Unofficially, at 9 a.m., in order to apprehend the suspect, National Intelligence Service and DSC began coordinating a joint op.

The central command of this op is NSIA HQ situation room 2, and NSIA is heading up the task force.

As you know, Park was deeply involved in the North-South relations, and he was scheduled to visit Pyongyang today.

The suspect is an ex-ops defector, who was under special care.

You may have already realized the gravity of this situation.

We hear you loud and clear.

So, who'll lead the search?

Let me introduce you, the best counter-espionage officer, Colonel Min Se-hun.

The series is called 'Give Hope to the Defectors'.

It's got a good audience base for a cable show.

The donation is considerable.

Especially if your story is... What the heck?

Holy shit! Park Gun-ho is dead!

Hyejoo Group's chairman Park?

You interviewed him recently!

BREAKING NEWS: Homicide Ruled Out Despite ruling out possibility of homicide, the police refuse to comment about the deaths of his housekeepers.

Pyongyang Visit Cancelled Oh yeah. - What?

Didn't you visit the chairman...

Why didn't you tell me about Ji's defection?

You two aren't best buds, didn't think it was necessary.

Drop the sentimentality. Who's the head on this?

The President.

He killed the housekeepers too?

Two shots to the temple each.

If it was him, it'd have been easy to fake it as a natural cause.

Leave that to the investigators.

Your job is to find Ji Dong-chul, that's it.

In need of a hunting dog?

No need for dramatics.

It's not?

A dog that won't bark but still gets the job done.

This is for our nation.

You're the best spy sniffer around.


Conniving SOB...

What the hell is that?

Coming out of the closet?

Well, it's, um... The chute wire scar...

Is that gum or your lunch?

I got him as your deputy.

He did well in the counter-espionage TF.

He's got plenty of data on Ji Dong-chul as well.

Fucking spy.

Plenty of data?

Come on, colonel...

You know I was assigned to that detail.

Full attention!

Let me introduce you to...

Who has heard of Ryonggang Base?

Ryonggang is... a small village to the west of Pyongyang.

A military training facility is located there.

About 10 officers are on deck to train just 1 soldier.

Only the best soldiers from various special forces are accepted, most trainees get injured or die. It's affectionately called 'Hell'.

Less than 3% of the trainees complete the program.

Once they complete it, they're dispersed all over the world.

Interpol claimed that since mid-2000s, arms dealers from China, Kosovo, Montenegro, among others, were kidnapped and killed by these spies, but didn't have any evidences to back up their claims.

$30 million in $100 bills.

They're clean.

Let's see those hands, motherfucker!

You heard him asshole, get those hands up!

I've spent last 2 Christmases away from my family chasing you, motherfucker!

Then in 2009, there was an incident in Hong Kong.

Our agents were dispatched to intercept a deal by the North...

But the Intel was a decoy tactic, and weapons were sold to the Philippines on another ship.

On that mission,

one of our agents was killed, and 5 were critically injured.

Not long after that, the same NK operator defected.

And he verified everything that I just told you.

Yup, that's our target, Ji Dong-chul.

Park was to visit North Korea today, is this related?

Why is National Security Intelligence Agency involved?

We start by creating a dragnet around him.

Prioritize his recent calls and contact them, report anything we can use.

He was a hired driver, so focus on any repeated numbers.

Contact his banks and flag his known accounts.

Colleagues, creditors, fellow defectors, call everyone.

A gun was recovered at his home.

It's likely the murder weapon.

POV cam online.

Patching the feed to the HQ.

German-made Walther P99.

We got him now. - Lift fingerprints.

Analyze the bullet with the one recovered from Park's body.

One bullet in the mag.

What the heck?

Lee Gwang-jo There is a list behind the map.

Lee Gwang-jo?

Another target maybe?

Look into it.

Find out who and where he is.

He made contact with someone an hour ago.


A documentary producer, and a cameraman.

Bring them in!

Dig their connections to Ji and their recent location!

Yes, sir.

Choi Kyung-hee? - Yes, sir.

Fired as a reporter a year ago, she produces documentaries now.

And the connection to Ji? She's working on a doc... about lives of defectors.

But she has not produced anything, so I dug further, and her studio doesn't exist, it's just a front.

No Hope for the Future Defector Suicide Rate 6.3%

She looks prettier in person.

Knock it off.

Digging into defectors' lives after getting fired...

From fake proposal, to ghost company, what's the point?

We know all about it, so fess up.

Why are you after Ji?

Wait... you searched the office?

You sons of bitches! Stop it!

What's your name? Where do you belong to?

Come on, will you stop that?

Is harassing civilians part of your job?

Don't you see what's going on?

This is a murder case! Ji killed a man!

Then... he found him?

Found who?


A man who claims to be Ji just called the police dispatch.

Isn't that...colonel Min?

He was in your research file.

He was pushed out by agent Kim after the Hong Kong mission...

The spy hunter!

Shut up and play dumb. Don't dust up a storm.

I'm scared shitless.

I knew this was a mistake!

Executive Breakdown Chart Chairman Park Gun-ho COO Song Sang-geun

He popped up.

In eastern Seoul.

Who's nearby?

An operator and a handler.

Secure the glasses and kill him.

Do it clean.

The thing is, the handler's name popped up in Ji's room.

Looks like Ji was looking for him for some time now.

Who's the handler?

Lee Gwang-jo, also from Ryonggang, he's with the Order now.

Lee Gwang-jo...

Oh, him!

This is good. We got a proper bait now.

Are you in charge of the chairman Park case?

Been a while, Ji Dong-chul.

Who is this?

Already forgot about me?

Hands up and turn around.

Since it's quiet, you must be alone.

Colonel! Please help!

Walk to the edge.

Defense Security Command Colonel S. H. Min Shoot me.

Or I will kill you.

Buddy... they abandoned you.

Don't you see? They gave you up.

Thanks to you, my life took a bad turn.

Now I'm reduced to... a glorified drill sergeant.

It's none of my business.

Sure, we can settle this in person later.

Central district.

Why did you kill him? - I'm innocent.

I did not kill the chairman.

So don't come after me.

Sorry, my bad then.

Someone else was there.

Holding a syringe. Expect me to believe that?

They killed the chairman and tried to take his glasses.


If you give me some time, I'll die quietly.

No, I'll find you, and I will kill you.

Samik Mansion in central district.

You'll find my body there.

Tact teams are 5 minutes out.

Who else was there? What's this about glasses?

Well...I'm not sure...

You have to stop him!

Why are they still here?!

He's on a suicide mission!

You can't be any more wrong! He's after someone else!

The one who killed his wife and daughter!

He'll kill him and kill himself!

Out! Now! - Let me go!

Lee Gwang-jo, your gun is right here.

A hired gun for an agency?

I gotta make a living, whatever it takes.

You changed your name.

National ID: Lee Young-jo Goes with switching sides.

Fucker... Took me a long time...

How did you find me?

A little bird told a gift.


Tell me her last words, her dying words.

Your wife?

She begged for her life.


That you'll find me...

and kill me.

Any last words?

It's Park's real gift to you.

Come and see.

Should I come to you?

Cover the exits and up the stairs!

Report! - There was a shootout.

He fled the scene.

Support team is approaching.

Support is on-site.

Where did he go?

Check over there!

Patch me to exit 4 cam.

Exit 4 cam coming online.

The fuck's right there.

Pull up the 1st floor mall feed.

Zoom in on the escalators.

Connecting to interior cams. Region 1 online.

Region 2 online.

Regions 3, 4, 5 online.

Target spotted at D Mall!

Moving to west end on the 1st floor!

Mark him and sync with other CCTV feeds.

Marking. Syncing in progress.


If we lose him, it's all over.

On the escalator to the 2nd floor.

Unit B to the east stairs and unit A to the escalator.

A and B maintain position, unit C cover the exits.

He's moving to the 3rd floor! Move your ass!

On the move.

3rd floor! Go!

The hell's he doing?

He's not trying to lose us.

It's like he's chasing someone.

I got visual, umbrella shop!

Where did he go?

Zooming in on the umbrella shop.

Lost visual, we lost him.

No visual at regions 2 and 3. Check CCTV feeds!

Scanning nearby feeds. System okay.

Elevator, the central elevator!

He may've switched jackets.

Exits covered?

C maintain position, A and B get to the basement!


Lee Gwang-jo.

Lee Gwang-jo, where are you?

Who the hell is that?

He looks like one of ours. What?

He has the same tech.

I'm innocent.

I did not kill the chairman.

So don't come after me.

Sorry, my bad then. Someone else was there.

Holding a syringe. Expect me to believe that?

They killed the chairman and tried to take his glasses.

What am I missing?

I don't have the clearance to tell you that.

And the glasses?

Like you, I'm following my orders, I'm sorry.

There's no doubt Ji is the Killer.

He has Intel vital to national security.

You grew some balls over the years.

I'm not the same guy who waxed your boots.

I see that.

We left the academy together, but only you moved up.

You brought me in for that? To grease your ego?

I know you're puppeteering skilled defectors.

The Order, I mean.

I don't care what you do, just don't get caught.

Have a nice meal.

Don't you want your old seat? How long will you drill newbies?

If you lose a battle, you gotta win one.

Grow some balls.

Whose side are you on?

If you're not on his, then follow me.

I'm still a soldier. I know where I stand.

That bastard's playing both sides.

We gotta do the same.

The police officially declared the death of chairman Park as homicide, and are in pursuit of the killer and the motive.

In addition to chairman Park, two elderly housekeepers were found dead at the scene.

According to a source, Park was accompanied by a hired driver,

who has become the primary suspect...

Aside from two open wounds from gunshots, it's clean.

Can't you read my report?

Have you compared the slugs?

The one found in the gun and the one recovered are the same!

And fingerprints on the gun?

Isn't it obvious? Ji's prints are all over it.

My job's done once my report is out.

You should learn to trust us.

Now, listen carefully.

Due to continuing suspicion, the case reopens.

There is a trail of an outside party on the pathologist's call log.

But another autopsy is impossible, since the cortege is underway.

And... what'd the brass think of this?

If there was a backdoor deal, those who made the deal...

would get nervous.

They'd need a scapegoat. What are you insinuating?

Once you compromise, it's over.

Sir, check this out.

This is from Ms. Choi's office. She took efforts to hide Ji's files.

Defection Route Report?

Yes, it's very thorough, and quite a read.

And this.

It's Lee Gwang-jo's top secret dossier.

Look carefully.

After the HK mission, Ji went back home on his own.

Like Choi said, he had a wife and a kid.

Before Kim Jong-il's death, he appointed Kim Jong-un as his successor.

Any potential threats were eliminated.

Ji gave his life to his country but realized this all too late.

Fucking traitor, who is this?

Defector Met in China

As soon as he found his family's whereabouts, he escaped the military prison camp.

Remember the murder case of pastor Kim Johan and his wife?

He worked as a broker for defectors.

Pastor Kim Johan Murdered in China Ji was there? -Yes.

But a step too late.

Lee Gwang-jo? - Right.

Also trained at Ryonggang, Lee carried out the hit.

And Ji's wife and child were there.

What the fuck are you waiting for?!

Please don't kill me...

Soon afterwards, Lee defects to the South.

Psychological trauma...

The guilt was probably too much.

Ji was a close comrade and she recognized him.

Then Ji was after... - Choi was right.

To kill Lee.

So he was chasing...Lee at the mall.


is alive

Ji was with chairman Park prior to his death, and his whereabouts were unknown until yesterday...

What do you think of him as the case's primary suspect?

It's utter nonsense.

Any reason for your statement?

He'd never do this.

It's Ji Dong-chul!

Aren't you supposed to be dead?

I'll give you the glasses in exchange for Lee.

Asshole, I don't negotiate!

I give a fuck about the glasses. Your boss too?

Are you fucking with me?

I will go to the media with this secret soon.

Find Lee before then.

No, no, no. High quality.

It's confirmed.

The resident of Samik is Lee.

He changed his name to Lee Young-jo.

He's also affiliated with the dead agent.

The Order? - Yes, that one.

It's a private corporation headed by agent Kim, it looks shady.

Sniff around some more, and find Lee!

Yes, sir.

And this.

Dongsung Production Choi's file again? Take a closer look.

She was dismissed due to external pressure.

She wrote an expose about corruption within NSIA.

This is pastor Kim?

Found it while digging into top secret NSIA files.

Rather curious.

So the source who leaked info on Kim was the pastor?


So Kim released the location of the pastor to the North.

And Choi was digging into Kim, not Ji...

Why did she go after Ji?

Probably needed more evidence for her article.

He's also a victim, and the Order probably tried to recruit him.

So Ji is both witness and evidence!

Dongsung Production

Mr. Vengeance Took forever to gather the data...


It's Ji Dong-chul.

I know you were a reporter.

I got something to give you, can you help?

Something for me?

Have you found Lee yet?

Dammit, it's not easy locating a former spy!


Hanging up on me?!

Choi Kyung-hee is on the move.

Where is she heading?

West-bound, from sector C.

Where are we on tracking Ji's phone?

He's on Rivershore Express heading east.

It's the opposite way.

Did you put a tail on Choi?

Of course.

Send another team to where Ji is heading.

Where are you going, sir?

For a walk!

Stay close to the mark.

Ji is crossing the Hannam Bridge. He's still on the phone.

Clone Choi's cell phone and monitor it Sir... will you come across Ji while on your walk?

Just find that rat, idiot!

And the next stop is to the plastic surgeon.

What His Highness Kim Jong-il has not provided, plastic surgeon in Gangnam certainly will.

The Order Agent SA2

Go buy me a pack of gum. What?

Bubble gum.

Don't forget the receipt.

We got juniors.. for that...

Just go.

Take your time.

Where are you?

I'm almost there.

Orange cab, heading towards Gangnam station.

Maintain distance.

Is the source verified?

Still on his cell phone, probably a pre-paid phone.

We're moving in.

What's going on?

I only ran one light.

Where are you?

On your 3, there is a staircase.

Find Joy Mart, and don't hang up.

Locate Joy Mart.

2nd floor, #153.

I'm here.

On the next shop wall, there is a note.

Follow the direction.

DVD Heaven has moved to #101

DVD Heaven

I'm here.

You'll see a staircase beside it.

Ji Dong-chul is in Choi's van!

We lost them.

We're clear.

Are you okay sir?

Where is the backup? They're approaching.

Block the district bottleneck.

Move in, move in!

Have them ready!

He's going into the parking structure.

Where does this road lead?

Wonhyo mall alley.

Unit 3, left turn in 50m, head to the back alley.

Unit 3, hit him!

Move the damn car!

It leads to a residential area.

Flank his right.

Where's the backup?

We're approaching sector 8.

I'll cover the front, stay on his tail!

Stay on him!

There's a dead-end!

Stairs, stairs!

No, it's too steep!

Unit 1 has rolled over!

Son of a bitch!

Get me backup!

It'll take time, sir.

What the hell?! He'll shoot!

Colonel, civilians!

I'm shooting the tires!

What's up ahead?

A small intersection and a main road in 100m.

Colonel, you're coming up on a main road!

I'm sorry, I got you involved.

Don't worry.

But the thing you mentioned...


You kept it there?

Nice to meet you, I'm head of NK division, agent Shin.

You tried to capture him yourself.

It's all our fault.

Someone tried to kill him before.

'"Tried to kill'? Watch your tone!

Shouldn't I at least hear why the mission is canned?

Come on...

You really are difficult to talk to in a civil manner.

Care to explain then? Why are you doing this?


This pair of glasses was passed along by chairman Park before his death.

It looks transparent, but a microfiche is presumed to be embedded.

Chemical weapon formula?

It's a research lab, privately funded and built by Park in Uzbekistan a year ago.

This next-gen weapon has the explosive yield of 4 kiloton, which is designed to withstand neutralization.

It's the best gift North can ask for.

So the glasses contain this formula?

Looks like a chemical formula...

Please... bury this...


A microfiche was recovered from the chairman's glasses.

We do not know the nature of its content at this time.

Park was closing his businesses recently.

Naturally, he was planning to move back to the North.

So you eliminated... Don't presume anything.

Your turn, colonel.

Why are you so fixated on Ji Dong-chul?

Perhaps he was liaison to the North.

What are you doing?

Watch it!

Don't you get it already?! Are you really that dense?

Under the pretense of defection, they committed acts of espionage, why are you defending him?

I've had it with you!

Remember the Hong Kong debacle?

People are talking.

Ji Dong-chul came back alive and so did you, without your team.

I was debriefed and cleared...

In any case, you're in the same situation.

Am I right?

So... I'm a spy now?

Your Hong Kong mission is being reinvestigated thoroughly.

We'll push for national security and espionage charges.

You'll be tried at military court soon.

Good luck.

I'll do my best.

I brought you in to catch a spy, not to think.

A thinking soldier don't last long.

It's not over yet, there's still time to reconsider.

So they killed the housekeepers too then.

This is what the chairman wanted to protect till the end.

We have to find out what this is first.

I know someone who may be able to help.

Then, we release your confession with this formula, and clear your name.

I'll be fine.

I got another matter to take care of.

Take care of this on your end.

In return...

What's wrong?

Are you hurt?

Did this happen in the van?

Why did you say his kid is alive?

Did he love her more than his wife?

He has never seen her before.

Indeed, I'm sick of my wife too.

Good work, we're almost there.

Your family's at the Chinese embassy, it's up to you now.

Where's Choi Kyung-hee?

Probably with Ji. That bitch...

I should've taken care of her.

Choi, Ji and the colonel, eliminate them for good.

I can do this, I can do this.

Forgot to buy it again?

The baby is due soon, I wanted to be prepared.

I'm gonna tattle on you when she's born.

Do you know?

They say, talking about you while she's the womb, she will recognize you on her first glance.

But only when she's a child.

I talk to her so much about you.

Can you see?

Daddy's home.

He's home...

Why aren't you answering your phone?

Fucking traitor, what do you want?

I'm sorry, I gotta save my neck too.

I should've let you choke to death.

213. 213.

What the hell are you blabbering on about?

Come on.


Go take a walk. River Terrace is quite nice.

Parking lot 2, keep emergency lights on.

What's your angle?

You said to play both sides, already forgot?

You double spying bastard!

Like you said, I was a reporter.

I was gonna catch the man who got me fired, and become a network reporter.

What'll you do now?

Those involved in this...

I'll kill them all.

I know you'll kill yourself too!

Your daughter might be alive, she could be waiting for you.


It's okay.

He heads anti-redevelopment. He lived here.

Don't you have money to get a room?

Shoulda said you had a man over. It's not like that.

Has the charges been dropped?

Yeah. Let's have a drink, since you're here.

You should keep your phone on if you need Intel.

Based on the needle mark on his sole, fatal amount of adrenaline was injected.

So the real cause is... Arteries were ruptured.

It wasn't the gunshots, he was already dead.

And this.

The fingerprint on the gun is Ji's, but the print on the last bullet is different.

It matches the partial print lifted from the trigger, so the real killer likely inserted the bullets.

I'll take this too.

Yo, what are you doing?

Why toss the car here?

We found the van.

Send backup teams, and alert all local stations.


South Gajwa redevelopment area.

Tact teams are en route.


Get agent Kim's fingerprint and send it to the lab.


Find anything of interest on his call log.

And look into his deleted files too.

I'm not FBI!

It's easier than stealing candy from a baby!

What about the firewall?

You were on the counter-espionage TF.

They don't change passwords afterwards.

It's just an excuse to bump up security.

Shut the hell up! What did you say?!

Just kill me instead! You poked the wrong man!

What the hell did you say?!

I'll fucking snap your legs! I'm hanging up, motherfucker!

Debt collector.

It's Ji Dong-chul.

How was your breakfast?

Who is this?

Are the glasses safe?

Have you found Lee?

Of course.

He'll come get the glasses, so make nice before your demise.

What do I mean? In 10 seconds... he'll snap your neck.

Wake up.

Where's Dong-chul?

Is my daughter still alive?

I told you... she's alive.

I saw her dead body... with my own eyes.

Why would...

a dying man lie?

Your kid...

is alive...

Believe me...

You did the right thing.

South is nice, especially with your family.

Thanks, you'll get a premium.

Kids and girls are always welcome.

Agent Kim Suk-ho...sold your daughter...

and killed the chairman...

It was all him...


I'm sorry...


wanted to live too...

Got it?


Put out a full APB on Ji Dong-chul.

He's dangerous, shoot to kill on sight.


Where's Ji?

I know you were after agent Kim for a year.

What you claim may all be true.

Did Ji take the microfiche?

You people took it!

Kim Suk-ho, that fucker!

Aren't you coming?

Why should I come with you?

Aren't you a reporter?!

I see him!

Sniper unit ready. Target in sight.

That bastard's kid is alive?

I'm told agent Kim sold her off to China.

He's probably after Kim's head.

Do you still think Ji killed the chairman?

I'll ask him in person.

It was agent Kim all along.

Where's the proof?

Park said so himself when I interviewed him.

That he and the North will exchange gifts.

The suspect's on the church roof!


Speak. - I sent the print.

I checked agent Kim's call log, it's definitely fishy.

How fishy?

He regularly spoke with the chairman for a year.

Many of them are outgoing calls.

In return for backing Park's business in the North, agent Kim must've wanted something.

While scanning his recent log, I found a weird number.

Heard of Kim Do-soo? The weapons dealer in Middle East.

It was him!

This is what he was after in return.

The formula.

But it doesn't make sense.

The chairman would've put safety measures in place.

He was probably threatened, because the work was done.

Killed the chairman to eliminate the source.

But Ji ran off with the end result?


Kim faked the chairman's death but Ji got in the middle of it.

Son of a bitch...

Someone's with you? Sounded like a woman.

I should've locked him up a long time ago.

Are you with a girl?

Is that all?

No, there's more.

Agent Kim also called a Hyejoo exec, named Song Sang-geun.

Could've been about the case.

An hour before his death? He called 3 times.

Outta boy, good job.

So who's with you? Can't you go any faster?

A girl, right? Sounds cute!

Pain in the ass You're still alive?

Fetch me 'Mr. Vengeance' DVD from the office.

It's crucial data.

Data? Screw that. No, I can't!

It's all in your head. Like hell!

It's a life and death situation, hurry the hell up!

I wrote the chief a formal apology, I might get fired.

The truth is within reach and you want to ignore it?

You call yourself a reporter? You coward!


I shoulda ignored it!


Block the road! Cover that side!

Find him!

He's in our car! Set up the barricade!

Go kill Ji Dong-chul.

Have a real duel like proper commies.

If you don't, your family dies.

Requesting support!

He crossed the double lane.

Eagle 1, visual on the suspect's vehicle.

He's off the main road.

Block off the road!

Block the road!

Over there!

Catch up to it!

Faster, asshole!

Parking under Han River Express, requesting medics!

Over there! Stop the car!

I'm standing at the bridge, where Ji Dong-chul jumped off.

The suspect's current status is not yet verified.

The police are coordinating with various agencies to apprehend the suspect.

Security check points are being set up around...

around the city...

I was born with a pair of balls...

Still got them...

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!


Is that anthrax? It looks like it.

$30 million. On such short notice.

Korea is the easiest country to launder money.

It's a child's play here.

Colonel Min.

Where did you get this?

Ever heard of 'rutin'? Is it dangerous?

The compound is...

You know buckwheat? It has a good amount of this.

Because of it, buckwheat grows well on barren and shaded soils.

So is it dangerous or not?!

Take a look at this.

This is a compound for weaponized anthrax, and this is microbe that builds resistance to herbicide.

They look so similar that even pros can't tell them apart.

Microbes used on this strengthens the plant's immunity.

Why's it so complicated?

Is it a weapon or not?!

It looks like a chemical weapon but it's a phenomenal new formula.

Rutin was applied to a new chemical weapon formula to create a modified super seed.

This was the gift to the North.

To solve the famine problem.

That's what he meant by 'bury' this.

That's right.

This'd irradicate North Korea's famine.

How did the deal go?

Buckwheat seed?!

Motherfucker! Are you kidding me!

He wasn't making chemical weapons, it was buckwheat!


Didn't Kim Do-soo get a sample? It's confirmed.

Didn't you know he changed the research?!

You expect to take over Hyejoo like this?!

No, it can't be...

Listen carefully!

Do as I say if you want to live!

From now on, this is buckwheat seed.

It was buckwheat all along! I never knew it existed, but you did!


My handling fee just went up, it's now 5%, not 1%.

$50 million! Have it ready in cash before this case wraps up.

Got that?!

Yes, it'll start soon.

Where did my camera go?

A pistol was recovered at the suspect's residence, a German-made Walther P99, which is mostly used by spies.

Fingerprints on the gun were confirmed to be the ones that belong to Ji.

In order to apprehend the suspect, all available officers and agents are...

It's Ji Dong-chul!

There! Take the photo!

Gun! He's got a gun!

Everyone out!


Where are you?

Colonel, over here! Gather the reporters!

What will you do?

Report Choi'll take care of it.

Reporter Choi? She's right beside you.

On the double!

What the?

Guest of honor shouldn't ruin the party.

Just answer my questions.

Where did you sell her to, asshole!

Your daughter?

Ji Se-bom?

I know you've never seen her before.

I'll fucking kill you!

You can't kill me.


If I die, you'll never find her.

Next bullet's to the head. Answer me.

Out of my way.

I'm sorry, sir, I was only briefed on this.

What's the current situation?

Attention! Attention!

Changed your mind?

Didn't I tell you not to get caught?

Son of a bitch!

You fuck...

You're just a lapdog.

I was gonna get rid of you, this is good.

I heard you're being reinstated.

This is Ji's gun, so it'll work out in my favor.

Everything's tied up.

2 birds with 1 stone.

Please let me go.

Then I'll die!

Eyes front!

At attention!

Turn around!

Listen up!

Reporter Choi has an exclusive for you!

Why do you have to be so difficult?

This entire case was conspired by NSIA's Kim Suk-ho and Hyejoo's Song Sang-geun.

When will you take care of Park?

I'll do it myself, so don't worry.

In a full confession, Song stated that in order to take over the company, he conspired with agent Kim to kill chairman Park.

In exchange for his assistance...

This was my swan song...

It's all your fucking fault!

Gun sounds different without any bullets.

Can't you tell?

Moron, I just told you it sounds different.

Feel this too, to stare at the end of a barrel!

I feel this everyday.

What's the point? There's no bullet.

No, I got one, right here.


If you fire it, the evidence is gone.

Shoot me.

Go on!

Son of a bitch!


Where's my daughter?

Who did you sell her off to?!

You... came this far for your kid?

Tell me before I snap your neck!

Isn't living...


than dying?

Please tell me.


Already dead.

Isn't that obvious?

Target in sight. Stand by.

Hostage safety is imperative.

Target 3m away from hostage.




Hostage is safe.

Verify target location. Target out of range.

Confirm hostage safety.

Do you know how many leverages I have?

I bought off your boss, his boss and the boss of his boss.

Money trumps everything in this country.

I'll get you off the espionage charges, so arrest that commie.

Dumb fuck...

Who shot agent Kim?

What's DSC's official stance?

What'll happen to Hyejoo's Song?

What about Ji Dong-chul?

Great work, colonel.

Hand him over to NSIA. We'll take it from here.

Come to DSC, after his debrief.



Get them back! Back!

This contains agent Kim's deleted files.

He sold anything that was worth a damn.

National security docs, and even the defectors.

What about what I asked for?


Top Chinese organ dealer addresses. It's from Kim's contacts.

Dunno if his kid's still alive.

Alright, wrap things up here.


Clear the road!

The conspiracy behind this murder case was devised by NSIA's Kim Suk-ho and Hyejoo Group's Song Sang-geun,

and both organizations will be heavily criticized by this outcome.

The National Assembly has revealed that a special committee will investigate this case thoroughly, and suspect Ji Dong-chul will be debriefed shortly...

Remember that photo?

Shandon, Yongchun #73, China

Gonna buy some smokes, stay put.

Don't give me that look, I might start liking you.

I can't believe this.

Will you keep this up?

Testimony - Min Se-hun.

Defense Security Command

Colonel Min!

Stop this farce!

I'm serious.

I went to buy smokes and he was gone.


Don't you speak Korean?!

He escaped! Fled!

You're driving me nuts!


In exchange for forfeiting nuclear weapons program, North Korea have received genetically modified buckwheat seeds.

The President congratulated the North and wished that there would not be any more famine-related deaths.

Also, North declared that they'll continue the renewed relationship with the South, and officially apologized for the attack on Yeonpyeongdo...



Eat faster! Now!