The Swan Princess Christmas (2012) Script

Ah, Christmas traditions.

Candy canes!


New inventions to make the season bright!

Little thing I've been working on.

Yes, we have all of the usual traditions!

Gingerbread houses, wreathes, caroling, stockings.

Oh, but the Royal Christmas Tree is much more than a tradition.

You see, every ornament on our tree is a memory, a memory of a kindness or of a thoughtful deed.

Indeed, the ornaments represent centuries of goodness, a timeless record of the best we've done throughout the years, gratefully hung upon our tree.

And so it goes.

This Christmas, new ornaments will honor new deeds of kindness.

And each unique creation holds within it the very spirit of Christmas.

Oh, nice tradition, you say?

Nay, my friend, for us, the Royal Christmas Tree is Christmas.

* Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way

* Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh *

Come on, Jean-Bob. Sing along!

I'm boycotting, zank you very much!

Well, I love Christmas!

Me, too.

Take it easy and slow down.

Oh, sure, 'cause ze rest of ze year you're busy as a beaver pelt!

Well, someone woke up on the wrong side of the lily pad.

Spring is ze season of love!

Ze chances of me getting ze kiss zat will turn me back into a prince at Christmas are almost zip!

(CHUCKLES) Down from the usual one in a million.

ODETTE: Come on, fellas!

Can't hear you back there!

* Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh *

ROTHBART: Number 9!

(YELPS) A little warning, Rothbart, please!

Are you sure Derek and Odette are coming?

Unfortunately, yes!

Same plan as always then, just get his attention, and soon, Derek will follow you right into my trap.

Then I'll have my revenge on him for doing away with me.

So, when he shows up, don't move.

Easy for you to say, Ghost Man!

You're already dead!

I've only got one life left, and trouble always seems to...


...come my way!

Eyes on the prize, Number 9.

Remember, once I get my body back, I'm giving you an extra life.


Don't move.

If you say so.

* ride in a one-horse open sleigh! *

Christmas has the best holiday music, don't you think?

DEREK: Much better than Pumpkin Awareness Day.


Do I have that on the list?

It's gotta be on there somewhere.

Oh, here it is.

I have to make pumpkin pie for the widows.


Ya know, I've been seeing this cat a lot lately, except without all the ice.

Shoo, little fella, shoo.

Go on.

That was kind of creepy.

On the other hand, he did stop us in the right spot.

(CHUCKLES) Mistletoe?

I don't know how it is in your kingdom, but our tradition says...

Oh. (GIGGLES) I know all about that tradition.

Merry Christmas, Derek.

How come no one ever told me about zis mistletoe business before?

Zis changes everything! Everybody sing!

* Over ze river and through ze woods To Uberta's house we go

* I'll get a big kiss right on ze lips

* And poof! I'm a frog no mo-oh *


I can't!

Uberta told me to blow the horn the very moment I see Derek's sleigh, or else...

You've used up all my pucker!

I can't blow the horn if I've lost my pucker!

Silly puppy!

Smoochie give you extra pucker!

No, it...

He's coming.

Wow. Listen to that!

Give that guy a promotion.


They're playing our song.

Yeah, those have to be one of Lord Rogers' inventions.

And just look at the swans!

Now, that's all Mom.

Every year she chooses a Christmas theme.

And this year it's "A Swan Princess Christmas."


I'm really impressed with your mother.


There's something you should know about Mom.

There's actually two Ubertas.

The regular Uberta, the one you know...

UBERTA: Derek and Odette!

Your first Christmas together!

...and then there's Christmas Uberta.

Okay folks, let's move it! We've got a lot of work to do!

She's very focused.


The tree! Move!

Odette, you're with me!

(CHUCKLES) I mean this way, darling!

And, Chamberlain!

Yes, madam.

Let all the staff know, it's time to bring up the ornaments for Ornament Day!

I just love it!

Wow, Rogers. Love the chimes.

Oh, had a little spare time.


You again?



And now if you'll excuse me, Operation Smoochfest is underway.

You remember the last Operation Smoochfest?

Oh, yeah. Operation Smushfest.

Okay, I'm headed down to the cellar.


Now, the thing you're looking for is...

(GASPS) There's people down here.

So what? They don't care about you.

Oh, really? I'm a black cat!


I lost four of my eight lives just by crossing people's paths!

Get down there.

You get to carry the Royal Star!


I shall carry it with pride.

Yes, but with both hands, please.

Oh, sorry.

All boxes checky-check!

Good, good, good.

When Derek returns with the tree, we'll be ready for Ornament Day.

That mean you call kingdom to castle.


Someone need pucker practice!


ROTHBART: Are you moving or not?

Well, kisses don't last forever.

At least I hope not.



Get me out of here!

Thanks for breaking that up, chief. Yuck.

Now. Move it!

Against the back wall to the right!

Oh, you're lucky.

Most cats don't know right from left.

Found it! Excellent.

Now, get Derek.

That's the best part! We don't need him.

The lock's got a key!

No! Don't open it!

It can't be you.

Derek's the one who sent me out of this life.

He's the only one who can let me back in.

If it's anyone else, that's it for both of us.

Oh, so it's back to Plan A then, huh?

Get Derek's attention, lead him to the cellar, yadda, yadda, yadda.

It's gonna be the worst Christmas present he ever opened.

ODETTE: There.

Oh, the orphans are going to love it!

I sure hope that's on your Christmas list, Princess.

Shouldn't you be cutting down a tree or something?

Yes, he should!

You're late!

Now mush. Right.

Odette. Follow.

Oh, sorry. That was Christmas Uberta.

DEREK: Last year we found the Royal Christmas Tree here, but this year, I think this is the spot.

Ice Leopard Pass?

DEREK: Too dangerous?

Oh, no, not dangerous enough!

I was going to suggest Grizzly Falls, but if you'd feel safer in Ice Leopard Pass, then all right.

Remember, it's all about more lives.





What's this?

Ice Leopard Pass.

We might see a cat.



It's Christmas.

* Deck the halls with boughs of holly

* Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la

* 'Tis the season to be jolly

* Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la

* Don we now our gay apparel

* Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la

* Troll the ancient Yuletide carol

* Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la *


Wow! Really amazing!

Just wait until you see Lord Rogers' little group.


* Hark, the herald angels sing

* Glory to the newborn King

* Peace on earth, and mercy mild

* God and sinners reconciled

* Joyful, all ye nations rise

* Join the triumph of the skies

* Hark, the herald angels sing

* Glory to the newborn King



And now, here's why I wanted you to see it.

You, see, it's all part of a Christmas Eve celebration!

Yes. And... And we were thinking...

Let the Queen speak, please.

That we would like you, Odette...

Hello! Real crown here! Not a toy!

Yeah. Sorry.

We'd like you, Odette, to arrange, rehearse and choreograph...

Your very own number for Christmas Eve!


My very own number?

Oh, dear, she's so grateful she can't speak.

You can thank us later, dear.

Thank you,

I think.

The Royal Tree is down there somewhere, Brom. Time to strap on the skis.

It's time for me to get...


Don't worry, I'll keep a look out for predators.


Oh, I don't care if predators see me.

And you have every reason to feel that way.



What's that thing?

Snowboard. Rogers' latest invention.

It's faster. Better.

Well, old-fashioned skis are fast enough for me.


I'm glad to hear that.

(GASPS) Ice leopard?

Okay, okay, eat the round one, please. I need the other guy.

Move out, Brom. I've got your back.

But keep an eye out.

They hunt in pairs.



Goodbye, life!

Hello, life! (SCREAMS) Signing off!

Signing on!

Still good.

I don't wanna miss Christmas dinner!

Nice and safe.


Where's the brakes?

Oh, no.







(STAMMERING) Oh, yeah, he's a born killer.

ROTHBART: Okay, just settle down!

Yeah, he took down two ice leopards, while he was moving!

Look, look, I'll give ya three new lives! Four!

No way! I'm out!

Wait! Wait!

Five new lives then! Six!

Okay, nine new lives, if you get Derek to open the chest.

From one to nine in one little leap.

JEAN-BOB: Mistletoe properly positioned.

Breath neutralized.

Target located.

Are you sure this is a good idea, Jean-Bob?

She has lips. I have ze mistletoe.

What could go wrong?

He should wait for answers.

Fellas, I am just swamped.

Can you help me come up with a number for the Christmas Eve party?

Well, as soon as our very little friend comes to his very little senses.

Oh, dear.

Don't know how it is with your people, but our tradition says...



You're good.

I get lots of practice.

Evidently, some people have no respect for Christmas traditions!

Evidently, you're a frog.

Zat's not why I can't get smooches!

Christmas is ze reason!

Jean-Bob, that's it! Christmas is the Reason.

I love that song!

And I love you, Jean-Bob.

Zis one loves me. Zat one wants to kill me.

Ze world is a very confusing place.

Oh, it's a beauty, isn't it, Rogers?

Can't you haul that thing any faster?

Oops. Sorry.

Now, Uberta, instead of lighting the tree with candles, this year please consider my newest invention.

What is it?

I call it the light bulb.

It'll never catch on.

Get the candles ready. Chop, chop!

May I request a second opinion from regular Uberta?

Oh, all right! Just get cracking.

It's Ornament Day!

It's Ornament Day.


It's Ornament Day!

Have you seen Prince Derek?

Probably working on his ornament!

It is Ornament Day.

Ornament Day?

* Bells ring!

* Hearts sing!

* Come see what love brings!

* Pictures tell a story of two hearts full of love

* They're sharing a memory of caring and tender rejoicing

* It's the season of love that comes at Christmastime!

* We live it

* Love it

* Beg it to come

* And want it to stay

* And want it to stay

* To have this season each day

* It's the season of love

* Lulu's lost her luster Will you help make her shine?

* A jewel in this spot and your coin in your pocket for Christmas!

* It's the kind acts of love that make a Christmas shine

* We're lighter

* Brighter

* Wiser by far

* Because we follow that star

* Because we find who we are

* In the season of love

* Bells are rung

* Carols sung

* It's begun

* Our glad Christmas-tide

* But when I give a gift from my heart

* Then Christmas has finally arrived

* There's a magic that takes the fear out of living

* When you have it there's peace in your heart

* That's what it does

* There's a magic that's found when you're giving

* And it's here in the season of love

* There's a magic that takes the fear out of living

* When you have it there's peace in your heart

* That's what it does

* There's a magic that's found when you're giving

* And it's here in the season of love *

My friends, Lord Rogers will light the tree on Christmas Eve with his newest invention, the light ball!



And now, to conclude Ornament Day, we will place the Royal Star!



It's gone!

But it was in the box, I saw it!

You checky-check, right?

Me checky-check!

See! She checky-check!

You checky-check me checky-check!

Hey, hey, it's okay. We'll find it. I'll just go checky-check one more time.

Oh, you've got something to do with this, you creepy little cat.

At least he doesn't have his bow...

Wait! Now he's going to kill me with his bare hands!


ROTHBART: Not so fast!

He's on my flattened tail!

Oh, great. A matching set.

(WHISPERING) Yeah, open it.


How did... That's weird.


ROTHBART: * On the first day of Christmas Prince Derek gave to me

* A way back to earth



You're still a ghost?

Not for long.

I'm gonna so mess with people.

Check this out.



Wait, wait...


So, when do I get my nine lives?

Once a year? Lump sum?

Hey, I gotta get my own body back before you get any new lives.

What? That's false advertising! You never said...

You never asked me, Fuzzy.

Besides, I couldn't do it now, even if I had the ol' bag o' bones.


The only thing more powerful than the Forbidden Arts is the spirit at Christmas.

At Christmas, I ain't got much juice.

Would I lie?

All right, whatever.

So this is when you decide to come back? When you're at your weakest?

Well, you have to come back at Christmas if you want to destroy Christmas.

Destroy Christmas?

You can't even give me extra lives!


But I can cast one itty bitty spell at a time.

If I play it right, Christmas will fall, along with Derek and Odette.


Crushing this would have put a really nice button on that speech.

LORD ROGERS: But, of course, Odette!

How can you possibly do a Christmas song without singers?


You can borrow as many of my sopranos and altos as you like.

And I'm happy to lend you my tenors and basses.

That's very unselfish of you.

Oh, dear, it's no trouble at all.

Not in the least.

In fact, Rogers, I'd like to borrow a few baritones myself.

Of course you can...

Not. What?

I know what you're up to, you baritone-napper!

And who's had their eyes on my altos?

Me! Ha!

My eyes, but not my ears because they sound like alley cats!

Now, wait.

You're jealous!

You're jealous-er!

How could I be jealous of such sad silly ninnies!

We'll see who sounds like sad ninnies, silly Sally!


Let the competition begin!

You're going down, Hairdo!

Bring it on, Pipe Cleaner!

You stay two steps behind me.

Don't count on it!

Get back! Get... Get back!

Move your bouncing bustle out of my way!

Stop pulling on my dress!

Did that just happen?

Oh, believe it, sister.




Someone hasn't been showing much Christmas spirit.


ROTHBART: Hey, Number 9, it worked!

Man, is it great to be back.

Oh, great!



I'll just be on my way.

He's back. And I let him in.

That cat led me here.

How did I not see this?

Master Hunter!

I might not be able to see you now.

But I will hunt you down, and send you back where you belong.

ODETTE: Are you sure?

DEREK: I heard him. I saw him.

The chimes made him visible, they seemed to hold him.

Yes. Because they represent Christmas.

And you.

But what does he want?

I think I know!

Your mother and Rogers are suddenly fighting about the Christmas Eve party!


He said, "It worked."

He's using the Forbidden Arts to destroy the Christmas spirit!

We've got to tell them.


It won't do any good while they're under the spell.

This has to stay between us for now.

Okay, Derek's onto us.

So, a little brainstorming session!

Spells that will destroy the Christmas spirit!

Right. Before Derek can catch you or me.

You're lucky, most cats can't write.

Okay! There are no bad ideas so just let it flow.

Great, great! How's this? How's this?

The little chef guy, make him make bad decisions with all his little Christmas creations!

You call that an idea?

Okay, how about this spell?

Christmas cheer drives the frog berserk!

ROTHBART: I got better ideas in my elbow.

How about this?

Christmas gifts.

Odette, she's got incredibly bad taste!

For the next parade!


I can't cast a spell on Derek or Odette.

They got too much Christmas spirit.

Come on, Number 9!

You said there were no bad ideas!

There ain't!

But there sure are a lot of lousy ones.

Where you going?

Brainstorming is for dumbbells.

I'm better shooting from the hip anyhow.



Find me another way in!


It's a chime convention out there!

Clever boy, Derek.

But the castle ain't the only place I can destroy Christmas.

Enjoy it while you can.


* Jolly old St. Nicholas Lean your ear this way

* Don't you tell a single soul what I'm going to say

* What I'm going to say...

Oh, dear, that's too cute.

You bet it is, Beanpole!

I object! We've never used animals before.

Sue me.

* Tell me if you can Merry Christmas.


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Yay!

JEAN-BOB: Zis is ridiculous!

Lord Rogers said we're essential in upping the cute factor.

I hate being used for my good looks.

What's in it for me?

Time to get my angel on.



Hit it!

* Angels we have heard on high

* Sweetly singing o'er the plains

* And the mountains in reply Echoing their joyous strains... *


* Gloria

* Gloria...

Two animals! Ha!

* In excelsis Deo

* Angels Well done!

Whoo, whoo, whoo!

You're going down, sister!

Wait, wait, stop!

Down! Stop!



Oh, cruel universe!

UBERTA: You may think you've trumped me, Rogers, but there's one thing you forgot.

I know where to get a zebra.


And I'm not afraid to use it!

Your zebra is no match for my flamingos!

Flamingos, eh?

I'd be scared if I didn't have a Shetland pony!

You wouldn't!

Oh, I'm that crazy! Believe me!

I didn't want to have to do this.

Rogers, careful.

But you leave me no choice!

Think of future generations!

I'm bringing in... No. pandas! (LAUGHS TRIUMPHANTLY)


CARETAKER: You want the children to sing for the Christmas Eve party?

I do.

But first, I'll have to set up a little audition, if that's okay.


Well, okay, then.


Now, I know just the song I want you to learn.

It goes something like this.

* Christmas is the reason for the season...

* ...when Jesus Christ was born *

Oh, they know that one real well.

Then what do you say we take a ride to the castle in the Royal Sleigh?


MAN: Merry Christmas.

WOMAN: And to you, sir.

BOY: Merry Christmas. MAN 2: Thank you.

WOMAN 2: Give my best to your dear wife.

BOY 2: Don't worry, I'll carry it.

Bleh! Good thing I'm a ghost, or I'd be puking!

What a fine goose!

For that price it better lay golden eggs.


* God rest you merry, gentlemen Let nothing you dismay... *

Hold on.

Hold it. What's this?

You try singing next to Marvin.

He's flat as a pancake!

Well, better than being sharp as a stick!

Then I'd poke you in the ribs to get you on pitch.

Oh, leave him alone, would you?

Now, that's music, boys.


Wish me luck.

If it goes well, remember it was my suggestion.

If it goes bad, it was his idea.

I hope you like it.

If you have any suggestions, please.

* Christmas is the reason for the season when Jesus Christ was born

* Christmas is a reason for love on earth

* Oh, bless that happy morn

* Peace and love, goodwill toward men In praise we sing this day

* His blessed birth in Bethlehem The life, the truth, the way

* Christmas is the reason for the season when... *



Holy brownout.

Don't look at me!

Derek and Odette!

The chimes!


So unsatisfying!

* His blessed birth in Bethlehem

* The light, the truth, the way *



These children should definitely be the Christmas Eve grand finale, don't you agree, Rogers? (CHILDREN CLAMORING)

Without question! The only thing cuter than the animals are these children!



And they're all mine.

And no one else's.

You would take all of them? You slithering serpent!

Back away, Pencil Neck!

Fork over Freckles and Pigtails, and no one gets hurt.

What's gotten into you two?

Odette's right! You can't just cast us aside!


Back online! Whew, Momma! That was close!

We got to figure out how they did this.

And by "we," you mean...



Sorry, allergic to chimes.

I'm allergic to death. But I'm going, I'm going.

Good kitty.

More like dumb kitty.

I thought for sure I had broken Rothbart's spell.

One moment the orphans had Rogers and Uberta clapping and singing.

And the next, it was like separating two baboons fighting over the same banana.

At least it's just Mother and Rogers.

Everyone else seems to have a lot of Christmas spirit.

ODETTE: Where is everyone?

MAN: Hello!

Hang on, Sir Peter! I'm coming!

I got ya.

Thank you, Prince Derek.

Are you all right?

Fine. More than I can say for her.

My wife made that angel.

We'll have it fixed right away.

I can do it, Princess.

But I sure wish you could do something about this village.

The village?

Usually this time of year, people are knocking on my door.

"Can we help hang your decorations?" They say.

This year, I had to ask.

And the answer was, "No!"

I mean, look at this!

It's like everyone's taken a bite of the same piece of bad fruitcake!

ODETTE: This is worse than we thought.

Rothbart started with Mother and Rogers.

If we can break that spell, maybe...

I agree.

I have a new idea to try on them!

Great! And I'm working on something, too, but...


Well, I'm going to need Bromley's help.

Which means I have to tell him about Rothbart.

When you do, make sure you stand between him and the door.

BROMLEY: Rothbart's ghost? Where?


Let me go! He's in here, I know it!

No, no, no, no, he's not.

A cold presence just passed right though me!

You're imagining things!

Now, say something brave and you'll feel it!

Say it, Brom!

I wish I was snuggled up to my Santa mug full of cocoa.

Not exactly a war cry, but we'll try to build on it.

If there's one thing I know you can do, Brom, it's use this.


We're gonna build a trap.


Rothbart wants to destroy Christmas. He has to be stopped, Brom.

No one messes with my Christmas cocoa.

Whatever it takes.

What do you mean you're "on strike"?

Give me a new life now.

That ain't negotiable!

Okay, okay, then I'm staging a sit-down.

I can force you to work!

And waste your precious power?


Face it. Management has lost to the common cat.

This is a face you don't wanna mess with.


This is very unprofessional of you.



Oh, snap!

Merry Christmas!



Hey, hey, it's me, your old partner.


No, no, no. Calm down, will ya!


You go away! Go away! Icky ghost!

I'm your friend!


Hey, did you do something with your hair?


Look, it's me.



You Big Naughty.

Gosh, I missed ya so much!

Bridgit miss those days, too.

Who's Bridgit?

Me Bridgit!

Right! Right!

Well, maybe Bridgit and Big Naughty work together again?


Hey, wait, we have a deal.

Oh, me not sure about that.

Okay, me in. Me all the way in.



Meet your replacement.



I can't speak!

I was just making my special vocal booster tea for Uberta's singers.

Drink up!

Is it possible, Ferdinand, that I ate or drank something that made me lose my voice?

Could there possibly be such a thing?

Not it, not it, not it, not it, not it, not it.

Got it. Unwashed root of periwinkle!

If not cleaned and prepared correctly, the tiniest particle could render you silent in a snap.

My cupcakes!

Thank you, Ferdinand. Thank you very much.

When Uberta's singers take their tea, it'll have a little something extra that will leave (COUGHS) them speechless.


Uberta, I was just...

I know exactly what you were up to!

Unwashed root of periwinkle? How could you be so two-faced?

The same way you could, only better!

Are you saying you can trick and scam better than me?

I can double your double-cross anytime!

Well, I'll see your double of my double-cross and raise you a hoodwink.

I'll see your hoodwink and raise you a bamboozle and a flimflam!

Well, I'll see... ODETTE: Excuse me!

I know this is a lot to ask at Christmas, but will the two of you please help me with a very special item on my list?

It's kind of sneaky.

I'm the King of Sneaky!


I'm the Queen of all Sneakdom!

Great. I'll get the sleigh ready.

I call shotgun! I call shotgun!

(GRUMBLING) I said it first!

LORD ROGERS: Uh-uh. Yeah.

Orphans? Singing?

Odette bring them in.



They melt heart of Roger and U-Bertie.

That's what give you brown-down.


Ah, my replacement is as sharp as a beach ball.


So where is she now?

No, don't tell me. Making mittens for little Siberians somewhere!

No. She do that last week.

Now she get Roger and U-Bertie to help her with new thing.

Like what?

Me not sure, but me got good idea in skull.

Oh. It's good to know she's not just a pretty face.

What made me think I could destroy Christmas with Derek and Odette working against me?

They're like a perky little force field of goodness.

They got to go. And I'm gonna deal with her first.

Yeah, I got enough for that now.


Odette's gonna join the catfight.

Lead the way.

Hello? The chimes?


Those chimes!

Don't worry. Me cut down chimes.

Look like your replacement got good idea in skull.

Yeah, yeah, I hope you have a brown down!

ROTHBART: Come on. Giddy-up already!

Too close.

Patience a virtue!

So where we headed?

Odette, Roger and U-Bertie in big room for sure!

That where Odette make shoe for orphan, food basket for tornado victim...

Yeah, I got the point. Keep cutting.

ODETTE: Are we all ready to go?

Quite. As soon as a certain Lord scooches over for a certain Queen.

Oh, fine! Baby!


What's wrong now?

Insufficient scootage!

I can still feel his cooties!

Cooties? Well, I never!

ROTHBART: Come on, come on, come on.

What are you up to, my dear?

Oh, uh...

Chime repair. Some tinkley-tinkies don't tinkle.

How about a romantic ride when Odette comes back with the sleigh?

Odette's gone?


Me too busy.

It won't be until later. She hasn't even left yet.


Move, before they leave!

Come on, come on.


"Me sure she in big room!"

Go ahead, Odette! Work your Christmas cheer

'cause I'm gonna suck every drop of peace and joy out of this entire kingdom.

ODETTE: Every Christmas season, as long as I can remember, my father and I would come here, to the Woodcutters' Village, and we'd make sure that they had a Christmas with lots of good food and presents.

It's my first Christmas without him, but I couldn't miss coming. Thanks for doing this with me.

Okay, it's clear.


Put that back.

The Queen delivers the ham!

Who made up that rule?

I did, and I'm the Queen!

I had it first! Shh.

She's hogging the ham!

You've got the potatoes and the stuffing!

Two side dishes don't equal a ham! Do they, Odette?

Do two side dishes equal a ham?

I'll carry the ham.

Happy? Now neither of us has the ham!

BOY: What is it, Momma?

WOMAN: It's food.

BOY: And presents?

WOMAN: Yes, and presents!

BOY: But you said there wasn't going to be a Christmas.

WOMAN: I did, but...

BOY: But angels came?

WOMAN: Yes, dear, angels came.

Play, Father, keep playing that song!

Merry Christmas, Rogers.




* Oh, tidings of comfort and joy Comfort and joy

* Oh, tidings of comfort and joy *


Oh! Listen to you!

Not flat again, I hope?

I'm afraid you are.

Flat out perfect! Merry Christmas, friend.

Merry Christmas!

* God rest you merry gentlemen Let nothing you despair... *

WOMAN: Wonderful!

Yes, and Merry Christmas to you!

We love you! Oh, Merry Christmas!

All right, floor it, Odette, I've got geese to cook!

Christmas Uberta is back!

And so is the Christmas spirit.

* Comfort and joy

* Oh, tidings of comfort and joy *


Look what Christmas is doing to me!

Yeah. Got it. Another brownout.

No! You don't get it!

Christmas almost gave me a blackout!

Well, I wouldn't worry. I'm sure Bridgit will fix everything.

Yeah, that girl is bright as a...

A little light bulb?

Yeah, sure.

Okay, you're back in for the full nine lives.


Okay, again! From ze big finish!

This is the last time, Jean-Bob.

Yeah, we get the point.

If we pull too early, you'll "miss ze kiss."

JEAN-BOB: One, and-a-two...

* Gloria What the...

When I get those nine lives, I'm gonna pick a fight with the biggest, ugliest dog I can find.

JEAN-BOB: Okay, zere's applause.

Girls approach me. Wait for it. Wait for it...


Didn't you hear me say, "Wait for it"?

Come on, Romeo.

(CHUCKLING) I'll take that.

Keep your paws off Royal property!

So, what is this, a C9, maybe?


Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.

Oh, great!

Zere is absolutely no escape.

Except for running right past us.


I'll explain later.








There's a kitty I know who's about to get nine shiny new lives.

That guy looked a lot like...

Don't say his name!

It's Rothbart's ghost.

Great! You not only say "Rothbart," you say ze "ghost" part, too!

Question. How many cats does it take to screw in a light bulb?


Just one, if you promise him nine lives.

ROTHBART: Now, back on the tree. When the lights are switched on, the Royal Christmas Tree and all those precious ornaments will be destroyed.

Then I'll have all the power I need to finish off Derek and Odette.

Voila. King Rothbart!


* Christmas Eve

* A special time of year

* Celebration

* Come one Come all

* Come one Come all *


It's finally gonna happen, Number 9!

I'm like a kid at Christmas!

That's a good one! BRIDGIT: Bossy-boss!

Derek doing big secret against you!

Do you think he knows?

I don't know. Go, keep an eye on it.

Keep an eye on what?

Never mind! Come on, show me what he's up to, Brenda!


Okay, follow Bridgit.

Me Bridgit.

Move it.

Hello, Princey. Okay me come in?

Sure. But close the door. Top secret stuff here.


Me take peeky-peek. No!

You make a pretty good spy, Bridgit.

See? He call me Bridgit!

He shoulda called you a dirty sneak!

Derek, he not done!

What do you mean?

He tell Kitty Kat, "Keep an eye on it."

It's too late, Little Prince.

When Christmas is destroyed, you and Swan Chica are next.

Stay with him!

My friends. My fellow citizens! Welcome.

And Merry Christmas!

Ho ho ho ho!


* Joy to the world The Lord is come

* Let earth receive her King I got him, but not soon enough.

What do you mean?

There he is! Keep an eye on that cat!


Think small, Jean-Bob! Find your inner tadpole!

Okay, zat's just weird.

You've got to make yourself slimier!

Okay, sure. Let me just get in touch with my inner lawyer!

* While fields and floods

* Rocks, hills and plains

* Repeat the sounding joy

* Repeat the sounding joy

* Repeat, repeat the sounding joy *

Open sesame!

Open sesame seeds!

Open sesame seed buns.

Oh... Brother!

* Here we come a-caroling among the leaves so green

* Here we come a-wand'ring So fair to be seen

* Love and joy come to you and to you your wassail, too

* And God bless you and send you a happy new year

* And God send you a happy new year

* Here we come My kingdom for a hammer!


If only we had a crow bar!


* The cattle are lowing The Baby awakes

* The little Lord Jesus No crying He makes

* I love Thee, Lord Jesus Look down from the sky

* And stay by my cradle

* 'Til morning is nigh



Aren't they just the sweetest things?

It's so beautiful.

You're through!

Well done, Speed!

Speed? What about the "toolbox" here?

May the ornaments on this tree inspire us to do good!

And may this tradition live forever!

Begin the countdown to light the Royal Christmas Tree.

LORD ROGERS: All right, everybody. Now, attention.

Yes, attention, attention.


Let's go.

CROWD: Ten! The Forbidden Arts!


CROWD: Eight! Seven and a half.

Rogers, stop!

Seven. Six. Five.

The bulb! Get the bulb!

CROWD: Four!


Two! CROWD: Two!

LORD ROGERS: Ready. One!

It's Christmas!



Give me some skin, baby.


Oh, no!

(CRYING) Christmas is gone!

Oh, dear, no!



And he, and he...

Let me help ya out there.

"He's back and he's in the flesh."

I got rid of you once, I can do it again!

We're gonna replay our final battle all right, but first, we got a coronation to take care of.

Long live the King.


You ain't the only one with a Christmas list, Princess.

"Come back to life"? Check. "Destroy Christmas"? Check.

Take back the kingdom?

Now that one's a little fuzzy.

I mean, technically, yeah, checkerino.

I got the crown, I got the power.

But in reality, I know you two are gonna keep getting in my way, because you got the Christmas spirit all year round.

But I'm gonna take care of that now back at my castle.

Yeah, that's what I said.

The seat of government's moving to Swan Lake and you're coming with me, Princess.


Sorry, Derek, but I'm sure you can find your own way there.

And be sure to bring your A game.

Careful, Derek! He's more powerful than ever!

Yeah, he really Big Naughty now.

I know. But now he's also mortal again.

All right, Rothbart's taken Odette back to Swan Lake!

Quick! Hop on!

Well, zat explains ze no seat belts!

Less speed, Speed!

Okay, you're fast, I get ze point!

Now, that's what I call curb appeal!

It just screams "comfort and luxury" in a quiet rural setting!

But a little cute for my taste.

You like? I call it Gothic chic.

And that's not the only thing that's going retro, sweetheart.

No. No!

Oh, no!

It's deja vu all over again.

ROTHBART: So I'm nostalgic.

She's pinned.

Do what you want with me, but you will never destroy Christmas!

But I just did!

After today, do you know what the people are gonna remember next Christmas and every Christmas after that?

This Christmas!


The year their beloved tree and all their cherished memories disappeared!

Back off, ya big...


My own first Christmas ornament!


I have a nail appointment.

And now for my second ornament.

I'm not gonna blast you like I did your little parrot.

We're gonna stick with tradition on this one.

When moonlight touches your wings, you'll transform, all right, into my favorite Christmas decoration.


The Master Hunter has arrived.

Sorry to bring all your big plans down to earth, Derek!


Nice ankle bracelet.

Come on! Let's go rough him up!

Change her back!

You want change, do you?



On second thought, my tennis elbow is really acting up.

Oh, no!

The thrill of victory!


(IMITATING JEAN-BOB) Ze agony of defeat.



* Pictures tell a story of two hearts full of love

* They're sharing a memory of caring

* and tender rejoicing...

The song's doin' something.

Keep singing, louder, louder!

* It's the season of love

* that comes at Christmastime!

* We live it

* Love it

* Beg it to come

* And want it to stay

* To have this season each day

* It's the season of love


Merry Christmas!


Okay, my turn.


It worked.

But for a prince, you're kind of short, slimy and green.



Derek. Don't leave me.

I can't...

You're everything that's good.



No! No!

* I can't hear

* your heart beating

* But I know

* you still hear me JEAN-BOB: Great! Now we got aliens!




Zank you, aliens.

You're back.

You saved Christmas and it wasn't even on your list.

No. Christmas saved us all.


They're all gone.

We'll start carving new ornaments this very day.


Looks like Rothbart lost the rematch.

* Christmas is the reason for the season

* when Jesus Christ was born

* Jesus Christ was born

* Christmas is the season for love on earth

* Oh, bless that happy morn

* Peace and love, goodwill toward men In praise we sing this day

* His blessed birth in Bethlehem

* The life, the truth, the way *

Our newest Christmas ornament, honoring Derek and Odette!


* So dark

* So cold

* No hope in your eyes

* But I'm here

* So hold on

* I'll stay by your side

* And I will go wherever you go

* With me you're never alone

* I believe I can fly when we come together

* It's a natural high when you bring me back to life

* I believe we can live forever

* I believe in the season of love

* The season of love

* The season of love

* Of love

* Of love

* The season of love

* So long in my life

* I've never known love

* Never known love

* But then you came and changed my ways

* Changed my life No, nothing's the same

* I will go wherever you go

* With me you're never alone S* I believe I can fly when we come together

* It's a natural high when you bring me back to life

* I believe we can live forever

* I believe in the season of love

* The season of love

* And still we found love

* We come together

* And I know that it's right

* I feel it inside

* I believe I can fly when we come together

* It's a natural high when you bring me back to life

* I believe we can live forever

* I believe in the season of love

* The season of love

* The season of love