The Sweeney (2012) Script

Carter, what d'you reckon? Nice bit of glass?

Yeah, it's a nice ring.

Just don't feel the same way about you, Miller. Sorry, mate.

Yeah, it's for Sue. Cost me two months' wages.

I'm gonna pop the question.

Miller. What's up? I thought you'd be happy.

Problem is she's a six out of ten, man.

Right, Sim? Yeah, a six.

Six and a half. And I'm being generous there, mate.

You what?

If you're gonna tie the knot with someone, make sure they're a nine or a three.

A stunner or a complete shitter.

If you fall in the middle you're fucked, mate. It's never gonna last.

That's bollocks, man. I'm talking bollocks, yeah?

All right, we'll ask the others. Oi, text Clarkey. Ask her.

Back up, back up! Go!

Everyone on the floor now! Don't move!

You, move over in there!

Get over to the wall! Get on the floor!

Don't fucking look at me! Keep your hands high!

You, get over here!

Look at the fucking floor!

Sixty seconds.

Look at that gold!

Got a text from Carter. Wants us to score Miller's girlfriend out of 10.

Don't know. I ain't slept with her.

Oi! It's based on looks.

Four and a half in a balaclava.

What about you, Lewis? Don't know her.

What about me, then? What would you rate me?

Well, if it was prick size I'd give you a two, but since we're talking about faces, I'll give you a two.

Thirty seconds!

Stay down there!


Average? Yep.

Not low enough to be grateful to you and not high enough to make you grateful to her.

Fucking recipe for disaster.

What about your girl then? What does she score?

We're not married.

Armed police! Police! Get on the floor!

Can you get out of the car for me?

Get out of the fucking car now!

You all right, Miller?

Armed police! Get on the fucking floor!

Come here!


You okay? Yeah, go, go, go.

Get on your fucking front! Come here!

Don't move! On your front, yeah? Don't fucking move!

Get over here now!


We're the Sweeney, shithead. You're nicked.

Yeah, nice work, Regan.

But did you really have to destroy the whole place in the process?

We got the villains, didn't we?

Well, I got the headache of explaining why you smashed their heads in and wrecked the whole depot.

You know we'll have internal Affairs on our back again.

We got the villains, didn't we?

Shit always rolls downhill, Jack, to me.

Yeah, well, I'm sorry about the mess, but there just happened to be an armed robbery in progress.

Listen, if we wanna stay operational, we gotta play the game.

It ain't a game when you've got a G3 sticking in the back of your nut.

You get internal Affairs off my fucking case and I'll get you results.

Oi! Remember who runs this unit, Jack, all right?

Yeah, well, you know how we go to work. Deal with it.

Yeah, who put it all together in the first place?

Who keeps the wolves from your door? Yeah, all right.

Well done, kid. All right.

What was the estimate?

Half a mill plus. Krugerrands and ingots.

Everyone's okay?

Yeah, Miller took one, but he'll live to fight another day.

The world's running out of men like you, Jack.

Yeah, yeah, fuck you!

Hey, a toast. A toast to the new boy. Popped his cherry on the pavement!

Raise a fucking glass.

Go on, the Sweeney! Go on, Paddy.

Yeah, yeah, and maybe next time Regan will give you a weapon to hold!

Fuck that.

I became a copper because I'm lrish.

All right, well, I became a copper because I'm black.

What about you, Wex? I become a copper 'cause I'm black!

What about you, pretty boy?

As pretty as my face is, I obviously don't give a fuck about it that much, as you can see.

As far as I'm concerned, there ain't any otherjob in the world that gives me the kind of buzz this one does.

Good boy.

So if this pretty little face of mine has to take a couple more beatings from time to time, so fucking be it, right, Sim?

Got you, boy.

To Carter's face! To Carter's face!

It's an improvement on when you left the house this morning, darling.

Yeah? Yeah?

I'm only kidding. You're better looking than this lot!

When you gonna leave him? When you gonna ask me?

I don't like the fact you go home and fuck him.

I haven't fucked him in over a year, you know that.


He hasn't made me laugh in over two.

Duty calls. Yeah.

It always does.

All right, Harry?

How's your luck? Okay. Yourself?

Well, still in with a shot.

How's your leg? Still giving me agg.

I hear the work went off well?

Yeah, it was just like you said, almost fell in our laps.

Word is, one of them got a good hiding.

George did it.

Have you got anything else for me?

Heard about a private bank on Trafalgar Square?

Apparently it's being looked at.

Nah. No one's that fucking silly any more.

They say it's a sitting duck.

I'll swing past it tomorrow with George.

How is he?

Who, George? George is George, isn't he?

What about you, Jack? Seeing anyone special?

Schtum. What's the matter with you?

You're getting a nosy old bastard.

I'd better get back in there. Make sure Carter's behaving himself.


Sweeney! Sweeney!

Uncle Jack, what are you doing? What are you doing?

Looking for a cigarette.

Give us one.


Anyway, you shouldn't be smoking. Why?

Because you're training for your sports day.

Looks like you should be in training as well.

Saucy little sod. Go on.

And don't listen to George, he's a bad influence.

Are you listening, Neil? Your stepdad's a bad seed.

You can talk, can't you, mate?

Very romantic, toilets.

God, is that the time?

We gotta go. When was you gonna tell me?

We've gotta flop on that jug that Harry was talking about.

How long you been banging her for, Jack? And Haskins has called for a briefing.

You do know she's married, don't you?

I've known you half my life and you didn't think to tell me?

What you don't know won't kill you.

Do you know her husband? Yeah, we knock about together, don't we?

I mean, do you know who he is? Armchair Old Bill.

And he knows about you and her?

What? Me banging her? Yeah. Thinks it's a great idea.

Nice bloke, then?

Couldn't roll downhill. He what?

He's a fucking square!

Right. You've got 30 seconds to tell me how you'd rob this bank.

I wouldn't worry about the CCTV 'cause they don't feed out externally.

Getting your hands on a tape shouldn't be a problem.

It's a private bank, innit? Private security.

And this lot ain't got a license to carry firearms, so, what? Pistols and cable ties would keep them quiet.

Driver out the front, two to three through the door, neutralise the desk clerk, dominate the room and disorientate the security.

You'll need one geezer to hold the floor, while the other two take the lift up to the strong room.

But only after collecting all mobiles and depositing them over there.

Got London Underground situated conveniently close by.

Again, if it all goes tits up out the front, I'd definitely use that as a possible route.

As for the loot, I'd settle on any high-denomination bills.

Nice to see you learnt something in your childhood, George.

Yeah, well, you gotta act like a criminal to catch one, don't you?

Officers, Mr Bledisloe is here to see you.

I'd much rather talk to you. Unlikely.

What about me?

Regan. Flying Squad.

Just a routine check. What do you actually do here?

I'm the manager.

No, I mean, what does the bank do?

We're a private clearing bank.

We hold large amounts of foreign currency for mostly Middle Eastern clients.

We work with Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Dubai...

How large?

On the right day and the right week, up to 10 million in cash.

And you ain't got proper security?

Yes, we do. No, you ain't.

They'd shit theirself with a 9-mil in the back of the canister.

We're not a High Street bank.

If you was, there'd be a blag here every week.

And who's intending to "blag" us?

As I said, this is just a routine check.

We tend not to invite police in the bank too often, it can unnerve the staff.

No one invited us.

Very well, if there's nothing else...

What a cunt!

I like him. You would.

He's got panache.

Oi. You want me to stick someone on here and watch it?

Yeah, Wextru. He likes sitting on his arse doing nothing.

Hello. Hello, hello.

Jack. Jack.

How's it going, Lewis?

How's life at the sharp end?

Must be run off your feet catching all them criminals from behind the desk.

I don't need to be on the streets to make arrests, Jack.

There's an abundance of criminals amongst the police keeping me busy, you know that.

Tiring work, is it?

Excuse me, yeah?

Bye for now.


Grow up, Jack. He's not stupid.

Don't give him a reason to look up your skirt.

As long as he ain't looking up your skirt.

Come on.

You go left and I'll go right.

We wouldn't want anyone to think we're banging each other, would we?

Aye, aye. All right, guv?

What you got? Sign.


Me and Regan went down to QTZ today.

What's QTZ?

It's a private bank in Trafalgar Square. Never heard of it.

The reason you've never heard about it before is 'cause it's private.


Anyway, Regan wants you to go down there and put the place under observation.

Why me? Why not you?

Morning, Sweeney.

Good job yesterday. Top drawer.

Got a friend with me here today.

I know it's hard enough what we do without being observed as we do it, nevertheless, I'd like you to give a warm welcome to Detective lvan Lewis from internals, who I know some of you already know.

So no larking about. Give him what he needs, okay?

Thanks, Haskins.

Jack, nice to see you again. How you going?

I'll make this brief. I'm not here looking for scalps.

All right? I'm not here to shut you down. I'm just here to observe.

Observe how you operate and, if need be, suggest some adjustments to your approach and maybe make some recommendations of how to improve, enhance the unit's success rate.

Success rate?

We've just taken out an armed robbery with no civilian casualties.

The week before that, a security van attempt.

And all suspects are in custody.

Now, have you got a problem with that?

No, Jack. Good.

And by the way, um, people who don't know me call me Regan.

The problem...

The problem is the significant number of legal cases that's mounting against your unit.

And these exclusive and, frankly, exorbitant Sweeney offices funded by the tax payer with... Lt's the tax payer we look after.

It causes resentment in other departments, you know?

Fuck! The problem is the, er...

Methods and tactics you employ.

I mean, there's even talk of baseball bats.

Pick axe handles being used to attack suspects.

The problem is the collateral damage that's left in your wake...

The problem is people like you that don't let us do our fucking job.

Easy, Jack. I'm being fucking easy here.

Carter, your lot supposed to be somewhere?

Combat training, sir.

Give me five, will ya?

Don't go too far, George.

So what is it then, Lewis?

What do you want to see? Your name up in lights, with a medal pinned on you for bringing down the Flying Squad?

Regan. Leave it.

Yeah, all right.

What are you like?

You wanna be the little man that brought down the Sweeney?

Ls that it? It's people like you who want to make us obsolete.

'Cause we still do the things that you can only fucking dream of.

Now, do you wanna take us on?

Well, you can have a go. I mean, other people have had a go.

Have you got big bollocks?

Have you? You got big fucking nuts? Let's have a look at them.

No, I don't think you have.

Tell me something, Lewis.

Ls your problem with the job or with me?

The job.

It transpires that some of these ingots went missing from a crime scene.

It's also emerged that everybody but the Sweeney was searched.

So what?

Tip of an already melting iceberg.

I work on the front line, son.

Criminals I hunt want me dead.

Day in and day out, I'm undermanned, under-armed and underpaid.

I fight crime on the street, not from behind a fucking desk where I can hide.

So do something useful, Lewis, like catch real fucking criminals.


Everyone's got a weak point.

Everyone on the floor! Put me down!

Run, Neil. Run, you little bastard!


Yes! Fucking number one!

Go on, Neil!

Knock yourself out.

You nasty bastard.

Any luck, John? Nothing.

Well, I need something.

A little unnecessary, wasn't it? Yeah.

What are you thinking? I'm thinking ltalian tonight.

What about this mess? Where do you start? I'd ignore that.

The getaway car already found out by Heathrow.

Yeah. Lt was torched using phosphorus.

It was stolen out of Manchester about a week ago and it was reported, and the plates changed.

Jack, victim was foreign. Natalija Wolscat.

She was working as a temp in a legal firm. She was only in here buying jewellery.

Ran a check on her. There's nothing out of the ordinary.

She's a civilian.

Right, that's it. All right, guv?


The murder weapon was a 9 mm, possibly a Smithy or a high-powered Browning.

Gonna run a check on the spent cases now, I'll get back to you ASAP.

But judging by the circumference of the exit wound, I'd say they were using dumdums.

They don't mess about, do they? Don't fucking mess about.

Guv, I found a shaped charge, what's left of it.

Fucking hell, Ellis. You should be wearing a glove if you're touching that.

What a stain to have on your soul?

Take someone's life for a couple of hundred grand's worth of stones.

I mean, you'd just leave the fucking work and walk, wouldn't you?


Looks like they panicked when the hold-up alarm went.

Why else would they top her?

Got any ideas?

That was blown in 2000.

That was blown the same year.

That was blown the following year.

And that was blown today.

What do you notice about the shaped charges?

They're all the same. Well done, Grasshopper.

Now, see him?

I gave him his first two sentences when he was just a teenager.

He robbed a post office while he was still at school.

He's a fucking torpedo.

Francis Allen. Six years for armed robbery and attempted murder.

Back behind bars one week after release for another robbery.

Gets parole. After that the trail goes cold.

He progressed to, er, running guns for the Provos.

Earned an absolute fucking fortune supplying breakaway paramilitary groups, you know, with small firearms, light weaponry.

He's got links in Eastern Europe, Chechnya, Russia, Serbia.

By all accounts, he went to ground in Montenegro.

So why come back now? Don't know.

Rob a shitty little low-end jewellers?

He's either done all his beans and gone skint, or an opportunity came his way and he simply just couldn't say no.

Well, let's find him and ask him.

Shake a few trees, see what falls out.

And get Simmonds to go down Hatton Garden, see if anyone's tried to fence that bit of tom.

I'm on it. Oi!

I'll pick up the new motor, flop on a few grasses.

Someone's got to know if he's come back.

You look excited.

Yeah, Francis Allen, guv. Looks like he's come out of retirement.

I need a word.

I'm jogging on. Regan! I said I need a word.


Yes, guv.

What's up?

You're playing with a straight bat, aren't you, Jack?


Reassure me that Lewis and his boys have got nothing on you.

Nothing that can come back and haunt us.

Nothing, no.

His team are taking it more seriously than I anticipated.

No. Good.

All right, nail your boy for the robbery. I'm sure this'll be forgotten about.

Can I splice now? Yeah.


What do you know about Allen? He's a slag.

You close? Nah, I gave him his first bit of porridge.

Thought it would be a matter of time before I saw his fucking face again.

See, cats like Allen, they can't help theirself.

You look excited.

Sorry, it's your tits.

They don't stick out as much as your belly.

What you saying? I gotta lose a bit of weight?

As long as you don't lose your charm as well.

I suppose I could, erm, lose a couple of kilos for you.

I'm touched.

I wish I fucking was. You're about to be.

Yeah? Yeah. Here we go.

Eyes on the road.

How do you wanna play this? Very low key. No trouble.

Members only. Move.

I said, members...

We're the Sweeney, son.

Get out of the fucking way or else I'll break your legs.

Listen up!

Now, calm down, we're not here for drugs.

What do you want, Regan? Not you, you fucking grass.

Fucking hell, Regan. Who dug you up, then?

What do you want? Francis Allen. Where is he?

Leave it out. He ain't been about for years.

You know that.

Well, maybe he just came back.

What do you know about a jewellery robbery?

Innocent girl got one in the back of the nut.

Ring any bells?

Would you like me to jog your fucking memory?

Leave it out, Regan. You got nish, and you know it.

Why don't you take this fucking little drat and piss off?

Well, I'm gonna enjoy this a lot more than you are.

Yeah, you think you're gonna enjoy what? What...

Fucking witch!

Nobody takes liberties on my patch.

If I find out you or any one of these slags know about Allen and his bit of work, I'll hit you so fucking hard, you'll wish you were already in prison.

What a fucking world this is.

What you looking at? Hiya.

I don't understand. Why would someone tell you where our man is, and no one wants to talk to me?

What? Am I losing my touch here?

What can I say? I just come about it from a different angle than you, that's all.

You know, ask them nicely. Fuck!

Anyway, my new mate here...

You all right, mate? Just bring me up.

Just on the phone, one sec.

He reckons our boy Allen's got a little bolt-hole in the countryside.

Little anonymous gaff in the middle of nowhere.

I reckon we should get down there, soon as.

Report to me anything you see. Do not come off of Channel 6.

Do not compromise our play.

This is Francis Allen we're dealing with. He's a very capable and dangerous man.

He has killed and he will kill again.

Where the fuck are you?

Been here fucking hours.

Do you think he's even in there?

Well, we'll know one way or the other, won't we?

He's really got under your skin, hasn't he, this one?

I can't have animals running about, killing innocent girls and thinking they can get away with it, George.

Not while I'm Sweeney.

Fuck me.

Guv, can I ask your advice on something?

Yeah, go on, knock yourself out, Ellis.

What would be the best way of asking Lewis out on a date?

Lewis? Yeah, Nancy.

Got a fierce crush on her. Been thinking about asking her to dinner.

I wouldn't bother if I was you, Ellis.

Well, I fancy her loads and it looks like her marriage is going down the shitter, so...

Listen, that's a work colleague of ours you're talking about here, yeah.

Stop being so unprofessional.

Who cares? I'm nuts about her.

Ellis, shut it.

I just really wanna fuck her.

Fucking hell.

And how would you feel if you ever got the chance, Ellis?

Jesus. I'd be up on the back of her like a Jack Russell with two mickeys.

Nito. Nito!

It's Simmonds.

Oi, oi, saveloy!

Where's Wextru?

You sent him to stick a bank under observation.

Fuck the bank, I want him here.

What about if Allen comes? I want the whole team here.

George, get on the blower. Here, americano, two sugars.

And an organic soya latte for you, guv.

Soya? Since when did you start drinking fucking soya?

Fuck me.

She got you on the healthy milk now, has she?

Who's that? No one.

Is it that serious? Is it fucking soya serious?

Well, judge for yourself. She's coming to dinner.

I will have the prawn cocktail for starters.

Then beef lasagne, some chips and some garlic bread, please. Eating for two.

Um, I'll have the deep-fried brie to start and then the um, roast loin of pork and a side of chips. Can I get some mayonnaise with that as well?

I will have... What's a whitebait?

Them little tiny little fishes with little miserable looks on their faces...

Yes, darling. ...we had in Greece?

I like them. We had them in Greece. I'll have some of them.

I'll also have rigatoni and meatballs.

Can I have escalope? Veal escalope on the side.

God, I'm starving.

A bit of garlic bread, I think. Yeah. What are you having?


I'll have the pear and walnut salad.

All right.

Cheers, mate.

Did you tell Jack yet, darling? No.

George has applied for a promotion to DS.

They're hearing it, too.


How's Neil doing at school, Meg?

Piss off, Jack.

You never asked about him before. Anyone would think you cared, mate.

Just enquiring.

So George tells me you're married, Nancy?

Yes. But Jack's a better fuck.

That's a good one.

I'm only joking. Just that, you know, I'm in the final stages of a marriage.

The only thing keeping us together is the roof over our heads. So...

Fuckin' hell. No danger of you and me getting it on tonight, is there?

I'm trying here. I'm fucking trying.

You might lose it before you get me into bed.

I've got more chance of losing a stone.

If you was looking at what I was looking at, you'd know why I was so excited.

Sure it was Allen?

Yeah. He pulled up in a Range Rover and went in with a suitcase.

Could be the jewels.

Positive lD.

Guess who just woke up.

We've gotta fucking go now, Carter. Wait.

Listen, Jack, we're gonna miss the boat on this one if we don't go now.

Hold up.

Who's this?

Nobody move. Unidentified behicle approaching.

Roger that. We're in position and we're ready to move.

That's gotta be them, innit?

It's the rest of the firm.

Move into position.

Remember, this lot don't mess about, so hit 'em hard and fast.

Dominate and pacify.

I've got a fuckin' hard on, I'm telling you.

Simmonds, with me. Ellis, along the wall. Come on.

Armed police!

Go, go, go, go!

Get up, you...

Ellis, one coming your way!

Don't fucking move! Go, fuck off!

Carter, in pursuit of Allen! Get in the gardening van and cut him off!

Can you hear me? George?

Fuck it!


Where was you?

Put your trousers on. You're nicked.

I'm gonna rub you right up. You're gonna get plenty of porridge, son.

Keep fucking moving.

Keep your fucking head round that way.

Do you want a cigarette? I don't want fucking nothing from you, mate.

Look, Freddy, I'm sure your whole life you've been told not to talk to the police.

You live by a code. Honour amongst thieves and all that.

Believe it or not, I respect that.

But, you see, your code's already been broken.

'Cause armed robbery is one thing and murder is another.

You know, I ain't got a clue what you're talking about.

I was at a barbecue.


I wonder how it would really feel to be shot in the head. Point blank.

One minute you're going about your business, buying a present for a friend, the next...

Bang! ...nothing.

Gone. A full stop on an ordinary life.

A bit funny, innit, you all meeting round Allen's this morning?

I told you. I was at a barbecue, gavver.

Bollocks. Why don't you check the shopping bags?

You think I carry fucking pork chops around with me for the fun of it?

Listen to me, I went round there for a barbecue.

Bollocks. You went round to Allen's house for your lick of the lolly.

I've got a bag full of peppered steaks and sausages out there. Go and have a look.

What the fuck happened to you, Allen?

I used to think you was a bit of a player a few years ago.

Now you're turning over two-bob jewellery shops.

And killing punters.

You the trigger man, then? No comment.

You like killing innocent women?

She was only buying a present for a fucking friend, you scum!

Twenty-three years old.

Shaped charge like that is only available from an industrial builders' merchants.

And you need a ticket for that.

Lt's, um, a specialist skill set.

Only someone with a criminal or military history would be capable.

And you weren't in the army, was ya, 'cause I stuck you in the fucking shovel?

Come here. What's up, man?

You see, Mr Guilty Murderer, I'm the kind of person, I want to see those responsible brought to justice, but, you, you're the kind of person, if you had any information on someone like that, you'd keep it to yourself.

The wrist. May I?

Knock yourself out.

Do you know what that is?

It's a watch mark tan line.

Know why?

'Cause I've been in the sun.


So you can sit there and say anything you want about me and that bit of work, you can tell me it's my MO, how it could have only come from me,

fingerprints, DNA, shaped charge.


There is one fact you're overlooking, Regan.

What's that?

One piece of undeniable evidence that any jury in the land will chuck out of court.

Go on.

I was on my yacht,

lying in the sun.

You're gonna have to do better than that, son.

Why don't you ask your sidekick to bring my mobile phone in here?


George? Bring this slag's mobile in, will you?

I know it's you.

When I put you away, it will be for so long, next time you come out, you'll be walking on fucking sticks.


Go on, dig an 'ole for yourself.

It's me, on board my yacht. Moored off the coast of Montenegro.

The time and date's at the top of the screen.

But you saw that, didn't you, Regan? Yeah.

Regan, quick word.

I'll be right there, guv.

Keep your nut on him.

You seem like a smart man, Francis. You shouldn't underestimate me.

I ain't no one's sidekick.

What you got?

The electronic strip on his passport confirms he was out of the country at the time of the robbery.

He re-entered the night Wextru saw him with a suitcase.

I think you've got the wrong man.

Anyone could have carried his passport.

You know what he's capable of. It's a move, guv.

It doesn't look like a move from here.

And you know we only have him in custody for 24 hours.

I just need one more little piece of evidence to tie him to the crime.

Get it quickly, Regan.

You don't charge him by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, he's a free man, and you're sitting in a pile of shit.

I'm sick of sneaking about in the shadows.

I want you to leave him. I want you to live with me.

What? Here in a Holiday lnn? It's not that easy.

I'll get a gaff.

We can set up shop together, you and me. I mean, we're good together.

You make me feel, um...


Just think about it.

Come, get back into bed, Jack. You're stressed.

Nah. I've got this slag in a cell.

I know he's fucking playing me.

I just can't link him to the crime, but I know he done it.

I know, Jack.

I just want to put him away. I know, Jack.

I need to fucking put him away. I know, Jack.

Who is it?

It's the Pope. Who do you think it is?

What's wrong with you? Don't you sleep?

Put your clothes on, George.

Three armed males enter the premises.

There's one driver outside. One holds the door.

Two clear the premises and work the counters.

Shaped charge blows the safe.

They're in and out in under two minutes.

There's one victim.

An innocent girl who was just buying a fucking present.

I mean, what's that all about?

Two hundred grand's worth of stones and tom gone.

What have we got? We've got Allen.

Yeah. Only for a couple of hours.

Play it again.

That's it. Wait. I've gone back too far.

Fuck it. Leave it, let it play.

Two come in, clear the place. Shaped charge the fucking...

Where's my fucking glasses?

Has anyone checked her phone records to find out who she's talking to?

Yeah, Simmonds is on it.

It's funny how, a few seconds after she hangs up, the place gets knocked over.


Why turn back? They got what they came for.

He didn't need to kill her.

He's done it for another reason.

He's killed her for another reason.

It wasn't just a robbery.

It was an execution.

Guv? Yeah.

Allen killed the girl to cover something up. Weren't just a robbery.

Look at the CCTV. He murdered her for another reason.

We've run a check on her mobile phone. She's got one number in her address book.

It's a pay as you go. Let me guess, it's disconnected?

Yeah. It's already dead.

Where are you? We're on our way to the victim's house now.

You've got two hours, Regan. After that, he's gone.

And Lewis has got all he needs to put the bite on you.

I'm Officer Carter from the Flying Squad.

We're investigating the murder of Natalija Wolscat.

We believe she was renting a room here. Ls that correct?

I've already spoken to the police. Not to us, you haven't.

It's still early in the morning. So what?

Have you seen this man? No. You got police lD?

She came over from Serbia several years ago.

She's working as a temp, right?

Who's that? Family?

Well, quite a few of them. They came over here once.

Did they?

Boyfriend? Brother.



Take a look at this. I ain't got my bins.

Who's the man in the picture?

He came to the house recently.

How recently? Weeks.

What's his name? Think. What's his name?

I don't know.

Fuck it. The wrong man.


You're free to go.

What are you talking about? Leave it, George.


Law states you've still got 15 minutes to question me.

Don't you want to use it?


I can only apologise.

The ramifications of your careless actions are gonna have severe repercussions, Regan.

Are they?

Simmonds. Show this dog off the premises.

Let's go for a walk. I ought to throw you out the fucking window, given the chance.

I think I've found your weak point.

No, you've found my glasses.

It's where I found them that matters.

Don't push me, Lewis.

Not when I need a throat to get my hands around.

Are you threatening me, Regan? No, I'm not threatening you.

We were wrong. You stay away from me.

He's under a lot of pressure.

It's about to get a lot worse.

Well, I apologise on his behalf.

I heard you applied for promotion, Carter. Yeah.

You've got an impeccable record. You know that?

Misdirected adolescent turns his back on crime after a family tragedy.

Accelerates through basic at Hendon with honours.

A guy like you could be running the Sweeney in a few years.

Makin Trebolt, you slag.

Right. This is our man. Makin Trebolt.

He's a Serb, ex-paramilitary.

Wanted for robbery across Switzerland, ltaly, and France.

Got an eye for killing witnesses.

We believe he killed the girl to cover his tracks.

What she saw and what she heard we still don't know, but we will find out.

Have you got that? Yes, guv.


Mate, you look like shit. You should go home and get some sleep.

Why didn't I see it coming, George? Am I fucking losing it or what?

Look, we all thought it was Allen.

Don't worry about it. Go and get some rest.

You're no good to us like this. Guv?

That private bank on Trafalgar Square that you pulled Wextru off of.

Well, a member of staff has just triggered a hold-up alarm.

It's Trebolt.

Right. Everyone down in the compound under a minute!

Check your weapons, your vests. Armed robbery in progress!

Do not inform any other unit. I don't want to spook him.

With me. Armed robbery.

Is it Trafalgar Square? Yeah.

Same bank Natalija Wolscat worked at up until two weeks ago.

Guv? I fucked up. You were right. Allen had nothing to do with it.

The man we're after is Makin Trebolt.

There's a robbery in progress at the pribate bank we pulled away from.

Regan, stand down. That's an order.

We're less than three minutes away.

I'm ordering you to stand down, Regan, do you hear me?

Stay away. Lewis made an official complaint about you.

Don't give him an opportunity to close us down.

You hear me, Regan? Stand down.


I've thought about what you said.

I'll do it.

I'll come with you.

Come here. Come here.

Keep hold of it.

Get off the fucking street.

Armed police! Get on the floor!

Armed police! Get on the floor! Get on the fucking floor!

Get on the fucking floor! Get on the fucking floor right now!

Get on the fucking floor!



Get down on the fucking floor! Go!

Fuck it!


Police! Get on the ground! Get down!

Regan, don't make this worse for yourself.

Abandon your pursuit. That's an order!


Ellis, take the right-hand door!

Stay there.

Stay in your fucking room.

Get down. Sit. Stay down.

You all right? Yeah.

Well, get yourself out of the way.

Fuck it.




Fuck it!


Get out of the fucking car! Get out!

Seberal people, including a female police officer, habe been shot dead after a bank robbery went disastrously wrong in London's most famous square.

The armed gang stole around £9 million.

The gang, thought to be behind a number of high-profile robberies across Europe, ebaded capture, despite a dramatic pursuit by police.

Although it is thought one of the men suffered a serious gunshot wound to the neck.

Police also want to question Serbian national Makin Trebolt in connection with the robbery, as well as the murder of Natalija Wolscat, who was killed earlier this week in another armed raid.

Zora Suleman reporting from Trafalgar Square.


Sorry for your loss.

I'm sorry.

I'm gonna destroy you, Regan.

I'm gonna make sure you never work in the police force again.

I'm freezing your bank accounts, I'm freezing your assets, your home, your whole life.

I hold you alone responsible for what happened,

for my wife.

You're a dinosaur.

You're extinct.

And there's no place for a man like you in our community.

Your unit's suspended pending further investigation.

If you approach any witnesses or suspects associated with this case, I'll have you arrested and remanded immediately.

I'm assigning a team to monitor you around the clock, so you think about making a move, you think again.

Because I'm gonna be there.

I want your gun and your badge until the investigation's over.

Your mobile phone as well.

If I didn't believe in the law, I'd...

The next time I see you, I won't show the same restraint.

What are you doing here? I thought you was in hospital.

You thought wrong.

You coming? Come on. Let's go.

Go where? Trebolt.

The unit's been suspended, you know that.

So just me and you, then.


Haskins has ordered me to stay away. Did he?

I can't risk my job. I can't.

Not with Megan the way she is. You know I can't.

Lose your job? Yeah.

You wouldn't have a fucking job if it weren't for me.

You'd still be a two-bob thief on the estate sticking brown up your...

I worked fucking hard to be in this squad.

You may have shown me the fucking door, but I'm the one had to walk through it.

You think I ain't hurting? You think I ain't fucking hurting?

I lost a valuable fucking member of my team today.

It don't matter how I feel, 'cause I weren't the one was fucking her!

Why didn't you protect her, Jack?

She should have been protected.


I was stuck in a car.

I couldn't move. I couldn't help her.

What could I fucking do?

I can't live like this. I just need your help. I'm on the fucking ropes here.

We're being watched.

Where? On the roadside.

Hello, son.

Come here.

Got a mobile on you? Yeah.

Well, get your mobile and take a smudge of me.

Go on, then.

What happened to your face?

Give that to Harry. Tell him to meet me here.

In the Crow's Nest.

I want a gun and a badge.

I've never asked you for anything, George.

It's a bad business, this.

They played me, Harry. Made me look fucking ordinary.

Well, there's nothing ordinary about you, pal.

Where did it all go so fucking wrong? You didn't. But they didn't either.

Who told you about the bank? A friend of a friend.

Some Eastern Bloc trigger man with loose lips.

More chance of finding a bit of class in Deptford.


That's very good. You got the yogga?

This is all I could lay my paws on.

That'll do.

Yeah. I stuck a 9-mil in one of 'em.

He won't be getting far with an untreated gunshot wound.

I need you to do me a favour, Harry.

I need you to check hospitals, like Bupa clinics, vets, and quacks, that sort of thing.

Find 'em, Jack.

Yeah, I will.

Who's Makin Trebolt?

I told Carter. I don't talk to the police.

I ain't the fucking police no more.

Now, who's Makin Trebolt?

What's his connection to Allen?

I told you in the cells.

I went to Allen's for a barbecue.

Wrong fucking answer. No, no, don't!

He paid me... He paid... Allen paid me!

He paid me. For what?

To take his passport out of the country.

Where is he now? I don't know.

I said... God! Please!

Where the fuck is he now? Fuck!

I can't tell you, 'cause I don't know.

Now, you tell him I'm coming after him. I'm fucking coming after all of them.


We've got orders to search you. Now empty your pockets.

Come here.


Yeah, that's the language you understand, isn't it?

I'm arresting you on suspicion of witness intimidation.

You have the right to remain... You ain't a fucking man!

You bastard!

Cuff him.

The promotion you applied for...

I'm not in the market no more.

You wanna waste your time with false loyalties, or be of real value to your community?

Redundant camaraderie or fulfilled potential?

It's a simple choice, Carter.

This is my direct line and my mobile.

You call me when you're ready to become the man you're capable of being.

I know what I'd do if I was you.

My inmates are so excited about your arrival we had to lock down the wing.

Funny to think on the outside people look up to you, but in here you're my most hated prisoner.

You make sex cases look popular.

Truth is, you should be on the rule in seg, not on normal courtyard exercise, for your own safety.

But we haven't got the space.

So you'll have to stay on the open wing till we can transfer you.

All right. Open up.

Here he is.

How's the leg, Harry? Lt still bloody hurts.

Tell my friend here what you know.

Got a call this afternoon, asking if I could treat a gunshot wound.

For cash.

Do you know where he is? I sure do.

I operated on him an hour ago.

Pulled this from his collarbone.

What's his condition? Shot.

Regan did it.

There's a taxi cab office on the next street along.

But in the back they sell crack and heroin.

He's recuperating in the apartment.

I wouldn't go in there blazing.

He's not alone.

Bernard. Take care, Harry.

Mini Cabs. Yes, I'm with a dozen or so friends, and we need to get into Soho.

Could you tell me how many drivers you have at base at the moment?

Neil? Neil. It's Uncle Jack.

Listen, I need to speak to Daddy, kid.

He's gone, Uncle Jack.

Well, where is he?

I don't know.

Listen, Neil, I gotta talk to him. Get a message to him from me.

It's very important.

Allen never left the country.

Funny place to bump into each other.

Gotta laugh? Yeah.

Where is he?

Where the fuck is he?

At home with your wife.

Fucking hell!

You've been busy, ain't you, mate?

Nice little diversion you set up, yeah, when you saw we was onto the bank.

Very clever. Almost pulled it off as well.

Just one thing you didn't take into account.

Me, you cunt.

Now, I'm gonna ask you a question. You answer it if you want to live.

Where's Trebolt going?

I ain't fucking about with you, mate!

A friend of mine is over there on your wall, he's in a spot of bother and I ain't about to let him down, so you better tell me what the fuck I want to know or I will shoot you.

Answer me! Where's he fucking going?

In English, motherfucker. I don't speak your language.

Home. How's he getting there?

Boat. What boat? Where?

Gravesend. Pegasus.

Gravesend. The Pegasus.

That wasn't too difficult, was it?

This is for Nancy.

Drop the gun! Drop the gun!

Calm down. I'm police. Don't talk! Just drop the gun!

I'm Officer George Carter from the Flying Squad.

Keep your hands behind your head!

Go in my pocket and you will find my badge.

Lower your weapons, boys.

Got a report that an lC1 was seen assembling a firearm in a nearby vehicle.

Gotta say I'm disappointed it was you, Carter.

Yeah, well, it weren't gonna be Regan, was it?

There's your man.

Haskins. You can't shut up shop now.

I told you, I know where Trebolt's at, I know where he's going.

I just annihilated four geezers to get you that information and you don't even wanna hear it!

Take it easy, Carter.

I just got you off the hook and it won't happen again.

I'm all out of favours.

You can take all your intelligence down to the NCl when they interview you.

Haskins, come on!

You're just gonna leave Jack in prison? Locked up like a criminal?

What about the Sweeney? What about Regan? Come on.

You're starting to sound a lot like him. And you're better than that.

You got a big future ahead of you if you can just keep your bloody head down.

Don't patronise me. I'm not.

Look at the way he's ended up.

Ls that what you want? To become like Regan?

You know fuck-all about what I want, what's best for my future.

I'm my own man.

I didn't join the police to be some constable out on the beat or to sit behind a desk.

I became police to be in the Sweeney.

So if there's no Sweeney, there is no Officer George Carter.

Oi, come here, Carter.

Carter! I'm talking to you!

What's Pegasus?

It's the name of Allen's boat. Why?

Pig, it turns out you've got a friend.

Oi, oi.

How the fuck did you manage that?

I couldn't believe it, they had fucking pictures.

Hundreds of pictures of us. They've been watching us the whole fucking time.

We walked right into this.

Trebolt blew the safe in the jewellers to make it look like Allen, 'cause he knew we'd go after him. That's why it was so easy to find him.

We had him cuffed in a cell and we let him walk.

I knew Francis Allen was involved. We had him on a fucking plate.

It's Haskins.

I'm listening.

The Pegasus has already entered British waters.

Repeat, Allen's boat is already here.

And, Jack? I'm sorry.

You all right? Yeah.

Well, let's have it.

You go to the front.

Fuck me.

I knew you'd take the bait, Regan. All I had to do was dangle a carrot.


Mug! You're such an easy target.

I'm gonna blow your fucking brains out.

Fuck. George!

George, cover me!

Move, move, move!