The Sword of Doom (1966) Script





Grandfather! Hurry, hurry!

The pass at last.

A small shrine.

Grandfather, it's downhill from here.


An exalted saint stood on this spot many years ago.

He prayed that the waters falling to the east and west would be pure.

Then he buried Buddha's image here.

The waters falling to the east became the Tamagawa River.

Those falling to the west became the Fuefuki River.

Flowing endlessly, they helped the people raise rich crops.

It's all downhill from here on, Omatsu.

We can reach Kochi by nightfall and find an inn.

We'll be in Edo in three days.

The view is lovely. Let's eat our lunch here.

Hand me your water holder.

That's right. I drank it all.

On the way up, I heard the sound of water.

I'll go find some.

Be careful.

Save us, merciful Buddha.

If this old burden that I am could only depart for the other world, she'd be happy and no longer a pilgrim.

Compassionate Buddha, please be merciful and take me to the other world now -

Old man.

Are you a pilgrim?

Yes, I'm with my granddaughter.

Step forward.

Step forward and look to the west.

A fine day. Wait.

Your face is unfamiliar. Where is your home?

I'm Shichibei from Hikawa. If you'll excuse me.


What is it?


What happened?

What a cruel thing to do!

Such an old man.

The work of an expert swordsman.


Young Master! What is it?

A thief! What?

Disguised as a peddler!

No use going after him.

He's crossed the Daibosatsu Pass. He's on the Koshu Highway by now.

He only stole 20 ryo. Nothing to get upset about.

Ryunosuke, that was rash of you with a match tomorrow.

Where did you go so early?

I took a leisurely walk up to the pass.

Then you've made up your mind?

Let Utsugi win in tomorrow's match.

You were expelled by lnstructor Henmi, so it's no disgrace to lose.

If Bunnojo Utsugi loses, he can't be the successor to the Kogen lttoryu school of fencing.

Moreover, if Bunnojo wins...

Lord ltakura will make him the clan fencing instructor.

So not only Bunnojo, but all his kith and kin have staked everything on tomorrow's match.

You understand?

Lose to him with good grace.

Don't cling to the Kogen style.

With your skill, you can master any style you want.

I don't fully understand your sword form.

You draw out your opponent.

Then, in an unguarded moment, you cruelly...

And the cruelty doesn't stop with your sword.

It seems to have seeped into your mind and body.

It frightens me.

A visitor to see Young Master.

No more contests today.

It's not a swordsman, but a woman.

A woman?

How do you do?

Are you Ryunosuke, the young master of this fencing school?


I am Hama, Utsugi's sister.

I'd heard he had a brother named Hyoma, but as for a sister...

I am his sister Hama.

You wished to see me about something?

It's about the match tomorrow at Mount Mitake.

I can tell that my hus-

I mean, my brother is very worried about the match.

For the last few days, he has been unable to eat or sleep.

My brother is no match for you.

You both studied at the Henmi school.

But he says your skill with the sword is far greater than his.

I'm sorry for him that you're to be his opponent.

I can't bear watching him.

And if he should lose and be disgraced in the coming match, he must renounce the Kogen School and his position.

It would mean ruin for the entire Utsugi family.

I came to plead with you to be merciful and save his honor.


It all depends on chance.

We must fight first.

Then you will not let him win?

Your concern for your family and husband -

I mean, your brother. I know how you feel.

But a match is another thing.

Even if I were to beg?

I, Ryunosuke Tsukue, trust only my sword in this world.

When I fight, I have no family.

What a cruel thing to say!

You have no heart!

Hama... a swordsman prizes his skill like a woman prizes her chastity.

Even if it means one's family...

Even if it means the ruin and death of one's family?

Would you surrender your chastity?

Who is it?

Excuse me.

Ryunosuke Tsukue told me to come.

He wishes to talk to me. He said to wait.

Is that so?

But I don't see why he has to talk in a dirty place like this.

Please come and sit here.

I live alone, so I don't even have tea to offer you.

It's all right.

I still have some work left to do.


It's Young Master.

Yohachi, leave.

I must speak to her alone.

You're in the way.

But I've got work -

Do it later!


Don't hurry back.


Stand up.

I promise to let Bunnojo win.

Stand up.

Untie your sash.


Untie it!



It's too early to start preparing.

If you're this nervous already...

Take this.


We're divorced.

Go back to your parents!

If this is a joke, it's not funny! Why must l?


Ask yourself that.

Yesterday, you said you'd go pray at a shrine for my victory.

You had Kyusaku wait at the edge of the village.

Then where did you go?


What were you doing all that time alone with Ryunosuke in that mill?

I - I -

Say no more!

You thought it smart to go to his home!

Just when...

I'd found peace of mind by thinking, win or lose, I'd abide by the rules.

But not now!

I'll kill him without fail, even if we both die in the attempt!


Hijikata won?

I thought it was a draw.

No, he won.

No mistake.

Ohno's sword may have looked like a sure win, but it stopped short of his opponent by two inches.

But Hijikata's sword came within an inch of Ohno's shoulder.

No... half an inch.

Your observation is very keen.

I am Kamo Serizawa, what's left of the Mito Tengu Group.

But that was long ago.

As time passes, our ideas change.

Our motto now is "Save the shogunate." We're on our way to Edo.

We hope men like you will help us.

Your name?

Isami Kondo, a country samurai from Bushu.

Bunnojo Utsugi of the Kogen lttoryu school.

Ryunosuke Tsukue, formerly of the same school.

Bunnojo Utsugi, Ryunosuke Tsukue, you both harbor no grudges?

Fight to the best of your ability.


This is no match.

It's a duel!

A draw!

Neither side won! A draw!

Judge, you call this match a draw?

Yes. Neither side won.

Are you too old to see?


Before a draw was called, he came at me with an illegal tsuki thrust.

I parried and scored a blow to the head.

See for yourself.


Don't take this road! It's an ambush!

Men of the Kogen school lie in wait. Seven here, five there.

No one has grounds for a grudge against me.

But 30 to 40 men are scattered about.

Why are you telling me?

Ryunosuke, my brother -

I mean, my husband Bunnojo Utsugi is dead.

Actually, he divorced me this morning.

I have no place to go.

Please take me away with you.


Run away with me! Escape!


You can't leave!

Not until we avenge Bunnojo!

You seek revenge?

Don't you know what for?



Utsugi died in a fair match.

No one should bear a grudge against me.

If anyone calls me his enemy, it should be Hyoma, Bunnojo's brother.


RYUTARO YOSHlDA It's only been two years, but it's seemed longer to me.

After many twists and turns, I've found a place in the sun.

I owe a great deal to you. Let me thank you again.

By the way, if things go well tonight, I'll become an assistant leader tomorrow.

Leader Kiyokawa promised me.

Who do we kill?

Kyosuke Kojima, a survivor of the Sakashita incident, and Totsuan Ohashi, who's pulling the strings.

Ohashi's only a scholar, so it'll be easy, but Kojima's the Yashu clan's best swordsman. He'll be hard to kill.

I thought of Kondo and Hijikata, but we don't need the aid of country clods.

Kiyokawa's place at 6:00 p. m. Understand?

You keep taking jobs that pay a pittance.

You become grimmer and bloodier each time he visits.

In better times, you'd have had a big fencing school and we could have lived well.

You and I are outcasts, but this child is not.

Dear, I don't care what becomes of us, but this boy...

I wish to save lkutaro from misery.

So you hate being with me?

Never say the word "outcast" to me again.

It's Boys' Festival, yet I cannot even fly carp streamers for you.

Let's at least offer incense to Buddha.

You were born under an unlucky star.

We both suffer that way.

We'll offer Bunnojo incense in apology.

If nothing had happened and Bunnojo and I were still together -

If I were his wife, I would not live in misery with a heavy heart.

Women are selfish creatures.


You're to blame for everything!

If a villain like you had never existed in this world, Bunnojo would still be alive, and both his family and yours would be safe.

I would have lived a happy life forever.

You're wrong.

This is all your fault.

You caused Bunnojo's death... and brought about my ruin.

A woman named Hama made it a violent match.

The tip of Bunnojo's sword reeked of vengeful love.

My sword, too, seemed possessed by the spirit of an evil woman.

It all started with a woman named Hama.

How dare you!

You're an evil woman.


A devil.

I'm glad you said that! Yes, I'm a devil!

I'll be one if you want it so much!

My son! I'm going to die!

Die with me.

What are you doing?

Live or die as you like!

TORANOSUKE SHlMADA That's enough. Next.

I bow to you!

Excuse me!

A stranger at the entrance requests a match.

Show him in.


A man from another school requests a match. Hold your practice.

I am Yoshida, an inexperienced swordsman.

I would like lnstructor Shimada to teach me.

We have rules concerning strangers.

First you must contend with my pupil.

Yes, I know.

I'd like a match with the man who won with a splendid doh attack just now.

You could tell just by listening?

Very well.

He's interested in your doh attack.

My assistant instructor.

I am fortunate.

Please put them on.

No need.

Then I'll do the same.

He won with a kote attack!

Please let me try once more!

No, that's enough.

Yoshida, was it?

You use a peculiar form. Where did you study fencing?

I studied the Ono lttoryu style under my father.

Other than that, there's little more to mention.

Now I would like you to teach me.


I followed the rules and had a match with your pupil.

Now I'd like a match with you.

There's no need for that.

Besides, I'm not good at doh attacks.

I push, he retreats. I retreat, he lowers his sword.

Seemingly off guard, yet alert.

How can I defeat his form?

I push, he retreats. I retreat, he lowers his sword.

Perhaps only the tsuki thrust can defeat him.

Excuse me.

You'll get wet there. Please come inside.


You can't stay out there.

It's just a shower. It'll clear up.

May I stand here a while?

I am Hyoma Utsugi, lnstructor Shimada's pupil.


What are you doing?

Coming! Excuse me.

KORYU JlPPORYU STYLE A flower teacher?

Who were you talking to?

A friend?


A passerby. I felt sorry for him.

He looked like a samurai.

You mustn't keep bad company.

You're to serve a lord.



Spoiled child.

You're attractive enough for a lord to notice you.

Then you could live in luxury.

But I'd rather not -

You're not a child anymore! Don't be willful!

I've looked after you two years to -

What is it?

It's Shichibei.


Uncle? I like that! He hasn't come by in ages!

Have him come in.

He says he's wet.

He wants to see Omatsu in the kitchen.

This is for you from him.

Hurry and go then.



Sit down.

Was I away for eight months this time?

You've grown up while I was away.

I wish we could live together as family, but I'm on the road so much selling household goods.

It can't be helped.

You're on my mind, though, no matter where I am.

There's something I must tell you.

We'd like to have a little chat alone.

And the rain's cleared up, so...

Have a nice chat.

Omatsu, what is it you wanted to tell me?

Have you found a nice young man?

No, my flower teacher says I'm to go to Lord Kamio's mansion.

Lord Kamio's mansion?

I believe she was the mistress of the prior lord.

She hopes you'll catch Lord Kamio's eye.

She's counting her chicks before they're hatched.

Don't worry.

But Uncle...

She's a flower teacher, so only women come here.

Lord Kamio's a Hatamoto, so young Hatamoto samurai will go there.

You may meet a fine man.

Sooner or later... you must marry.

It may be better than just staying here.

Yes, but...

But what?

What is it?


If you say so, I'll make up my mind to go.

Yes, that's best.

I'm staying in Edo a while.

If you go to serve Lord Kamio, I'll visit you from time to time.

Please do come see me, Uncle.

Any minute now. They're almost here.

Ohashi and Kojima left Mito Mansion.

They'll be here soon.

Any passengers left? The boat's leaving!

Wait, boatman! We're coming!

What're they doing anyway?


I'll wait on the boat.

I'm quitting early tonight!

Hurry, please!

Or I won't wait!

Wait, boatman!

Leader Ohashi!

Kojima. What?

You're good with the doh attack.


Any sake left?

Yes, a little.

Give me what's left.


Sashide's shore

You know it?

It's about my village.

Shionoyama means Salt Mountain.

Sashide means the banks of the Fuefuki River.

It's between Yahata, my hometown, and Kusakabe.

My father loved the bamboo flute too.

He was a stubborn swordsman.

The sword was all he knew. But strangely enough, he loved the flute.

I learned to play a little from watching him.

He was sick when I left home.

Is he well now, or has he died?

Shall we go home to Sawai once?

We'll go by way of Koshu, not the Ohme Highway.

From Yahata, your home village, we'll go over the Daibosatsu Pass.

I'd be happy to go.

But what if something should happen?

No need to worry.

It was just a fencing match.

No one would hold a grudge for that long.

Wait... Bunnojo had a brother.

He came to Edo as a boy to enter the Otani school in Koishikawa.

There is no Hyoma Utsugi at that fencing school.

It made me uneasy, so I checked on his whereabouts.

Then he must have gone home.

The others may not go home, but from what happened, I'm sure he will.

Hyoma Utsugi.

Let him come after me.

Instead of finding revenge, he'll die by my sword.

Poor man.

If I killed him, you'd feel sorry for him?


I have no one to depend on but you.

You mean more to me than anyone else.

But to kill Hyoma, who's done nothing...

That would be cruel. I hope it never happens.

You're early.

I spent all night gambling.

There was a suspicious fellow at your gate.

A clean-cut man of 25 or 26, carrying fencing gear?

Is there something between you?

It's not me he's after. It's Omatsu.

But she's at Lord Kamio's place.

He peeks in twice a day when he passes by.

He doesn't know she's gone.

A curious, stupid-looking fellow.

Is Omatsu all right?


Rumor has it Lord Kamio's a woman-hater.

Until now.

But he's his father's son, after all.

Sooner or later, he'll find he can't do without them.

That is, if Omatsu's near him.

I see what you mean.

I should tell the elders to transfer the Shincho Group to Kyoto?

Yes, if you would.

What will you do in Kyoto?

Masterless samurai are up to something. We must stop it.

Leader Kiyokawa thinks differently.

He's neither a leader nor even a member any longer.

He plays both sides. Don't believe him.

I'll get rid of him soon.

I'm not interested in politics.

Lord Kamio, doesn't the shogunate's weakness concern you?

It won't fall.

If it falls, it falls. Let it.

Things will happen, regardless of what we do.

Enjoy yourselves until then.

I'll serve some sake. Relax a little.

The Shincho Group takes things too seriously.

No, we have a meeting.

I see.

I'm sorry I wasn't of any help.

Just as I thought, he's a monster!

I thought he had guts! He's rotten!

"Enjoy yourselves until then." How dare he!

Talking like a man when he can't even make advances to women.


What is it?

I'm staying behind. You go on ahead.

I have some business to see to.

You go on ahead.


Young Master!

What are you -

I mean, why are you here?

What choice did I have?


Master died. How could I stay in Sawai?


I was an orphan as a child.

Master took me in.

I watched over his water mill.

So when he died -

When was it?

It's all your fault.

About 20 days after the match at Mount Mitake, Hyoma returned to Wada.

Master called the brother of the man you killed to his bedside!



With your own hands, kill Ryunosuke as soon as possible.

If only he had never been born!

He should never have held a sword.

He allowed his obsession with the evil sword to corrupt and pull him down.

There is no way to save him.

The sooner he dies, the sooner people can live in safety once again.

But your skill with the sword is not enough yet to -

I hear you're studying at the Otani school, but Otani's an old man now.

I'll write a letter explaining everything in full.

Take it to the Shimada school in Okachimachi.

Shimada teaches the Jikishin Kage style.

Only he can make you as strong as Ryunosuke.

He alone can achieve this.


Join Shimada's school.

As soon as possible, kill Ryunosuke with your own hands.

I understand.


Tell Hyoma Utsugi for me that his enemy Ryunosuke lives behind Shiba likura.

He is now known as Ryutaro Yoshida, and he helps the Shincho Group for money.

If he challenges me, I'll fight anytime.

Tell him I'm sorry, but I'll slay him with one stroke.

No, I won't!

I hate killings! No!

I won't kill you, Omatsu.

It's a game - the bamboo game.


We'll pretend you're the bamboo.


Of course you don't.

Naturally you wouldn't understand.

Bamboo, with so many layers of covering, can't see - like the masses.

Loyalists, shogunate supporters - each time they flash their steel, a layer comes off.

It's a nuisance.

But Omatsu... the more stupid the game, the more fun it becomes.

Here I come, bamboo!


I won't be able to play these games much longer.

The samurai class, like a heavy log, will soon sink from its own weight.

The bamboo will grow and become strong.

Now's the time.

First my sword will cut your sash.

And now your band!

It's a difficult thing to cut.

Here I go!


Omatsu, I was wrong!

Run from this monster's house!

Ryutaro Yoshida is Ryunosuke Tsukue?


I thought his was a strange style. That's the silent form?


Then he knew who you were and he came to test you?

No, it was just by chance.

I suppose so.

To defeat his form -

There's only one way. The tsuki thrust!



You haven't the slightest chance of defeating Ryunosuke yet.

Leave your place. Shut yourself up here.

You must not go out.

Mastery of the sword cannot be taught. You must find it yourself.

You understand?

As you said, only the tsuki thrust can defeat him.

Your brother probably tried it against him too.

But if it's done poorly, he'll turn it against you in one final blow.

From now on, work only on how the tsuki thrust can defeat him.

No matter when you challenge him, Ryunosuke's not the type of man to run away.

She's gone?


Is Omatsu gone?

She left Lord Kamio's place after about ten days.

So I sent her to a merchant family as a maid.

You told me about that when I came in early autumn.

They graciously said she was a good worker, and she was happy there.

Then she returned suddenly last month.

I asked her why, but she wouldn't say.

I got angry and treated her harshly.

Then about ten days ago, when I got up, she was nowhere to be found in the house.

It made me so mad and bitter.

She's such a bother!

I asked you to look after her.

Just telling me she's gone doesn't help -

Are you trying to blame me?

You were named her guardian.

So as her guardian, bring her back!

I'm sorry. It was a slip of the tongue.

Don't be offended.

But where'd she go?

Have you any idea where she went?

If I knew, I'd bring her back.

She probably found a man and went to his place.

They're at Sugiyama's home in Marunouchi?

No mistake about it. Saura, a friend, is there.

He told our scout Aoyama.

Who else is there?

Lord Takahashi, Yamaoka, lshizaka, Azumi, and Kiyokawa, the man we want.

Very well. We'll take care of him tonight.

Otherwise we can't leave for Kyoto with peace of mind.

Yoshida, you can make full use of your silent form tonight.

But let's have a drink first. Pour one for Yoshida.


Was that a mouse?

That noise downstairs.

It's nothing. Snow falling from the roof.

Cold night, isn't it?


I came to thank you.

Thanks for the rude reception today!

You're -

Yes, a scoundrel who breaks laws.

Just once, to make up for my crimes, I saved her at Daibosatsu Pass.

But my feelings for her have deepened.

Now I feel like her real father.

I wanted money to retire.

I looked forward to holding her children in my lap!

Where'd you hide her?

I told you everything earlier.

I see.

Very well.

In that case, I'll shame you good.

I'll strip you and tie you up, and I'll put the two of you out on the street.

Spare me!

I'll tell you!

I sold Omatsu to a place in Kyoto!

What's that?


He brought a buyer.

She'd be easily found in Edo, so we decided on Kyoto.

Where in Kyoto?


You wench!

Sinking Omatsu into a mire like that, and my dreams as well!

He left Sugiyama's place?

Yes, we're lucky.

Two palanquins left the house.

Kiyokawa is in the second one.

You sure?

Saura said, "Two palanquins will leave.

Our man will be in the second one."

Who's in the first one? Lord Takahashi.


The foremost lancer in Japan.

Who's afraid? Let's kill both of them!

No, we're after Kiyokawa alone.

We'll follow them.

When they part, we'll attack Kiyokawa.

And if they don't?

Then we'll kill them both.

Very well. It's settled.

Our leader has to see Superintendent Nishino about setting out for Kyoto, so I'll give the order to kill Kiyokawa.

Takahashi's gone his own way.

Leader! Not yet!

Not here in town. We'll chase them to Mount Ueno.


What is this? A joke?

Come out!

I am Shimada of Okachimachi.

If this is a challenge, name the time and place!

If it's a grudge, state your reason!

We've made a mistake!

You make a mistake and act rudely all the same?

State your names and motives, and then apologize!

Who are you? Your name!

Kill me!

You're the leader, it seems.

Your hot-headed men made me kill against my will!

The men lying here were good swordsmen.

Now they've died like dogs! How will you atone for it, you fool?

Kill me!

It's the worst mistake I ever made! Kill me!

The sword is the soul.

Study the soul to know the sword.

Evil mind, evil sword.

The Shincho Group's going to Kyoto!

Ryunosuke may accompany them.


You're not strong enough.

But if he goes to Kyoto, it will be hard to kill him.

At the moment, he's lost confidence in his sword.

Don't ask me why.

Now's the time.

Remember that both of you may die, but the tsuki thrust may give you a slight edge.

Send him a letter of challenge.

He lives at Shiba likura.

What date?

Tomorrow, the 1 6th.

The pine grove to the right of Zojoji Temple.

At 6:00 a. m., to avoid encountering others.


Give me some sake.

It's all gone.

You've been acting strangely since last night.

Ikutaro has a cold, yet you went out.

What were you doing out so late in the heavy snow?

He's fast asleep.

I hope he grows up safely.

Of course he will.

Won't you, son?

Children grow up even without parents, they say.

Don't say that! It's unlucky!

One day.

One day, I promise.


I'm going to Kyoto soon.


With Serizawa and the Shincho Group.

What will become of us?

No! You mustn't go!

Why these sudden decisions?

Don't you ever think of lkutaro and me?

You don't care what becomes of us.

But whose child is lkutaro, after all?

And now, when he's so sick.

What if he becomes worse and dies?

Are you saying you don't care?

Dear, you're going to abandon us, aren't you?

I thought it might come to this.

But it's too cruel, too brutal!

Please, do me a favor.

I can't stand the prolonged agony.

Please divorce me!


We're not formally married.

I need no divorce papers. I'm leaving!

Where will you go?

You can't tell me what to do.

It's not that.

I wanted to give you a farewell gift, but I have none.

So a word, before we part.

Tomorrow morning at 6:00, near Shiba Zojoji Temple, I will kill Hyoma Utsugi.

Is this what arrived this evening?

Hyoma's challenge.

Bunnojo, now Hyoma.

I'll end up killing both the Utsugi brothers.

Yes, do that!

That's how you are!

Kill Hyoma!

Kill everyone!

Kill everyone in the world!

Not everyone.

But my sword will get Toranosuke Shimada one of these days.

Hyoma will be child's play. I'll torture him to death.

Still up?

You told Yohachi, the mill guard, in place of his master?

Yes, to be here at 4:00 in the morning.

You can't sleep because you're intent on winning.

Don't think about winning or surviving.

Be prepared to die.

Risk everything, and you may have a chance.

Go lie down with a calm mind.

Ryunosuke's form may be about to meet defeat.

What are you doing?


Was that for Hyoma's sake?

No, you're wrong.

You're wrong.


I wanted to kill you.

I hated you.

Ikutaro and I could be happy if it weren't for you.

But... but not now.

It doesn't matter.



Please kill me here.

Kill me here.

I will die at your hands so that you may die at Hyoma's.

One will make recompense for the other...

and it will make amends for your sins.




You don't want to return to Edo?


I don't have any relatives there.

So you insist on becoming a courtesan?

I'll be Miyuki the courtesan's sister at Kizuya the end of this month.

It can't be helped if you've decided.

But I wouldn't have saved you if I'd wanted you to become a courtesan.

Still... it isn't easy for me to raise 200 pieces of gold.

Don't, Uncle. You've already done enough for me.

No, I haven't.

I do business in Osaka and Sakai. I'll see what I can do.

Don't become a courtesan yet.

Excuse me, Omatsu.

A young samurai wants to see you.

A samurai? Yes, a young traveler. Will you see him?


He doesn't think you'll remember him.

He said he met you in Edo.

Who is it?

I don't know.

Don't worry. Ask him in.

I must be going.

Please, Uncle, can't you stay?

You met in Edo. You don't remember him?

No, I'm afraid I don't.

Excuse me. One rainy day, I -

I remember.

Your name's Utsugi. You were at the Shimada school.

Please come in.

This man is like my real father.


Don't stand on formality.

So you two know each other from Edo?

No, we only met once.

Just once?

I had to come to Kyoto on business.

I was surprised when I saw you here unexpectedly.

What is your business here?

There's someone I must see.

I'd better go. No, Uncle.

I'm leaving soon.

You said you came to see someone.

Will you be staying in Kyoto long?

I don't know yet.

So you're actually searching for this person, aren't you?

Well, yes.

That could be difficult. Have you any idea -

Yes, but it's not much to go on.

Pardon my asking, but is this person a samurai or -

It's rather complicated.

Omatsu, tonight's party will be at Tsuchiya.

Men from the Shinsen Group?

Yes, the Mibu rowdies.


You know the Shinsen Group?


Assistant Leader Kondo favors the courtesan Miyuki.

Mr. Utsugi, does the man you're looking for have anything to do with the Shinsen Group?

If there is anything I can do, don't hesitate to ask.

She's saying she'll do anything for you.

Don't hold back with friends.

Ryutaro Yoshida's supposed to be among the group at Mibu, but he's not there.

Ryutaro Yoshida.

His real name is Ryunosuke Tsukue. He's from Sawai.

From Sawai?

Ryunosuke Tsukue?

Mibu men! The Shinsen Group!

We've come from Mibu!

The more you tell me, the more a villain he seems.

A man from hell.

The world's full of villains, but he beats them all.

Please don't worry.

Omatsu's gentle but bright.

She'll ask without rousing suspicion.

Did Omatsu send you?

Yes, I have a message.

I see. Some tea?

I'm in a hurry.

What's the message?

A guest named Yoshida is at the party.

I see. Thank you.

When does the party end?

It's just begun. Perhaps about 1 0:00.

1 0:00?

Thank you. Thanks!

Now that you know he's there, what will you do?

I'll kill him tonight.


If not tonight, I'll have to find him again.

I'll follow him to a lonely spot and then stop him.

I wonder.


He's no ordinary man.

He'd notice if you followed him.

Attack when he comes out. That's your only chance.


You must show me your silent form soon.

The Kyoto governor was so weak, we couldn't do a thing.

But things will change soon.

We'll raise hell and make a name for ourselves.


You there! Come over here.

I see you here sometimes. What's your name?

I am Omatsu.

Your age? Guess.

Between 1 8 and 20?

Just about.

Where is your home?

To the west.

Where in the west? A pilgrims' amulet office.

What? An amulet office?


You're one of the new girls at Kizuya?

When is your official announcement? I'll help you out when you -


I, Serizawa, Shinsen Group leader, will make you a woman.

All right?

You may go.

I must talk to Yoshida a while.

I'm leaving. Take over.


It's about Yoshida.

He still lives outside and not at Mibu.

He's a bad example for the other men.

In a way, he's a member, yet not a member.

He's not the type to be bound to a group.

Leave him to me.

I want to speak to you in another room.

You see, I don't know his face.

I do.

Before you carry out your important task, there's something I must say.

It's about Omatsu.

The poor girl has no parents.

She had a grandfather, but the poor man was killed.


I'll explain in full later.

It may sound funny for me to say it, but she's a very nice girl.

When you're done here, will you take her with you?

I mean, will you marry her?

It's too soon for talk like that. I've got important work.

I know you'll win.

Shichibei's behind you.

Don't look so stern.

I travel about peddling expensive stuff.

I meet thieves at night or in the mountains.

That's why I carry it.

If things go wrong for you, it's bang!

That's cowardly. I'll fight fairly.

Please don't worry.

I won't need it.

You, Omatsu, and l are avenging your brother.

We can't lose.

Kill Kondo?

As I said, that former farmer and I differ in everything.

It makes it hard to lead the group.

With Kondo gone, Hijikata will follow me.

The sooner the better.

No, as soon as possible.

Are we doing it tonight?

After this party.

No, he'll leave early and go to see Oume, his mistress, at Karasumaru.

We don't want to attract attention, so we three will go at a suitable time.

No, there'll be one more. Heisuke Todo.

We four will be enough.

What about that nuisance Yoshida?

Yoshida, if you succeed, there will be a generous reward.

I'll give you Hyoma's head.

The brother of Bunnojo Utsugi, the man you killed at Mount Mitake.

He's been inquiring all over Mibu as to your whereabouts.

Our men will kill him.

Reward number two is Kondo's woman.

Her name is Miyuki. She's a courtesan at Kizuya.

She's quite beautiful.

You must be lonely all by yourself in Kyoto.

Did you hear us, Omatsu?

No, I felt sick, so I was resting here.

I must return to the party.

No, you don't.


What are you doing?


She was eavesdropping. I'm questioning her.

No need for that. Just kill her.

She's not worth the bother.

Then leave her to me.

You go back to the men.

I agree to what you said.

I see.

In that case -


Who told you to come here?

No one.

The party was so noisy. I came here for some quiet.

Please forgive me!

I didn't hear what you were saying.

Shout or run and I'm afraid I'll have to kill you.

Stay as you are until I leave.

What is it?

Behind you.

Behind me?

The figure of a woman.

A woman?

I felt something too and looked back, but I saw nothing.

But I'm sure I saw her.

It's a ghost!

A ghost?

Long ago, a courtesan named Kokonoe -

I don't know the reason -

She put on her makeup and dressed in her best and then stabbed herself here with a dagger.

This room hasn't been used since.

A likely enough story, but there are no ghosts.

I'm more afraid of the living than the dead.

Did you see it again?


I didn't see anything...

but I distinctly heard sounds.


Mountain winds.

They rise up from deep in the valleys... blowing up the young green leaves.

Beyond, all you see are endless mountain ranges... that fade far away into the clouds.

I saw such a scene once somewhere.

At Daibosatsu Pass, I think.

Daibosatsu Pass?

Do you know that pass, samurai?

Very well.

But how do you know it?

I passed there once.

A difficult climb, 1 5 miles up and down.

Very strange.

Why would a Kyoto girl climb a mountain pass?

It was as a pilgrim two years ago in May, with my grandfather.

Ryunosuke, please kill me here!


The sword is the soul! Study the soul to know the sword.

Evil mind, evil sword!

Merciful Buddha...



I promise to kill Kondo!


Serizawa! Where's Kondo?


Kill him!

Finish him off!