The Taking of Beverly Hills (1991) Script

Beverly Hills, California.

The perfect marriage of beauty and money..

Especially money..

There is ten billion dollars tucked away in the banks here.

Not bad for a population of only thirty-three thousand people.

This whole place reeks!..of luxury.

It's all about, living the good life.

Twenty million dollars anywhere else can buy you a small country.

Here, you get a nice two bedroom.

..No yard..

More..If you're prepared to pay for it.

This place is a oasis!..

In the middle of L.A sprawl.

And it has It's own city council.

It's own mayor!

And fire department.

And of course...

It's very own police force.

Beverly Hills has about a thousand lawyers.

And.. about as many gardeners..

It's home sweet home to movie stars and rock stars!

Millionaires, Billionaires, Air-Oilmagnet and japanese tycoons.


A few crooks...

Of course if your a Beverly Hills cop like me..

You just can't afford to live here.

Makes you think..

Doesn't it?

Thank you.

Hey "Bat"

Is Laura here yet? -You bet.

Tommy Boy!


It's good to see you. -Alright.

How are you. -Good.

Congratulations on your team. -Thanks..

Well, you know what they say. It's not whether you win or lose..

It's whether you win. -Yes..

Take care. See you later. -See you around.


Look out there.

There is more heart..

And more caring about the little guy.

Here in Beverly Hills then any other city in America.

And It's all due too you.

Oh, thank you Coach.

Whould you join us, at my table. -Uhh..No thank you.

Laura is sitting with me.

She's very brave.

You know Mitchell, I still haven't given up, on the idea of..

You being my father inlaw....

My daughter was slumming.

Why do you treat me like this, something wrong with my money..

..I take it?

You don't understand, nothing is wrong with your money..

..It's you!

Your in the insurance business, Mitchell..

That's the fucking protection market.

You sell fear and paranoia.

You see it that way?

Oh..The local clurgie..

Is giving "Rushmore" a trend load of shit about your "Wall".

I'm afraid the board is going to ask me, to cancel your policy.

Excuse me.

Everything alright?

Under control.

Where's Boomer?

Not here yet.

Get him over here.

Excuse me, are you shooeing these people away from here?

You're saying they can't shop in here?

Sir,you have no idea who these people are.

This is..Michael Jackson, Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson.


Go over to Boomer Hayes house.

And bring him back here.. now!.. Like tonight..

You got that!

Just relax sir.

Kelvin! Get your ass in the fucking car.

Get Hayes back here now!

Or I'm gonna fucking drill you, where you stand.

Can you understand that much!

Is that a gay-fuck sir?

Get going and get him over here right now!


It's a party.. What's all the shouting about?

Chief Healy. Hmm.

Well Mr Masterson wants Boomer Hayes over here, so I send Kelvin over here, to get him.

Yeah..Well,they can hear you all the way to Pacoima.

So could you keep it down.

Yeah.. Right, Chief.

God.. What a moron.

Probably a test-tube baby.

You can tell by the shape of his head.

Now..Varney, I know how you love getting dressed. up like this with these little shindigs...

Yeah! It ain't exactly police work.

What are you telling me? You miss being a cop?

On the security business, you get paid too pamper the rich.

Aha! Well..

You know you can do it without shouting in there faces.

Well, I can shout all I God damned want too Chief!

Cause I'm not one of your boys...No more!.

I keep that in mind..


Time to go to work.

Thank you! thank you..

What did I do now?

I don't know Sir, but it is obviously contagious.

Let's go!

Okay! But you have too help me.

Now get out of here, before they turn you into coleslaw!

Huh,well..look it out there.. I was told too come and get you..

What did I do now!

Ahh..Nothing.. They wanna see you up there.

So, Masterson sends a cop!

I tell you.. why don't you do yourself a favour.

Why don't you tell these people.

That your job is to protect and serve and not to fetch!

Why don't you tell them? They won't fire you.


"Kelvin".. Who do I tell?

You know, Oliver Varney?

Oh, Yeah.. Masterson,.. Quasimodo!

I get you a bonus.

Welcome! welcome.. To the Beverly Hills Homeless Fund.

I'm Mitchell Sage.

This has been a very successful day for us.

We have raised, two million dollars!

Very nice. Thanks a lot.

Way to go babe! Thanks.

Great, Boomer I knew you had it. -Yeah, me too.

-Great play babe!

Thank you.

Hell of a pass Boomer.


Excuse me Varney..

Next time you want me, don't send that guy "Kelvin"

He scares the Hell out of me.. Okay!




Mr Masterson here tells me your getting a shot.

At the corporate training programme. Isn't that great.

Ha.. that's terrific..

Took away my surprise!

Ha! Mr Hayes, loves surprises.

Yeah! Have a seat.

Thank you.

You're late..

That was very cute. Hmmm.

Well what's another fifty grand to you "Bat"

Oh..thank you.

You know, I've had it with your grandstand places.

The clock runs out.


Well.. I won didn't I..

See that's your problem Boomer.

Team one!

Every effort your making, you make for the team.


Now I've had it... with this.

Okay, I will tell you, I won't have..

Any more of these playing games, you hear me.

If you were smart, you would have made me your ally.

But that's over.

Well, tell me something..

Why am I here.

Your contract includes appearances..

Hell of a pass, Boomer!

That includes charity events.


Oughta boy, that's it. put on the charm.

Be the winner you addressing you paid to be.

Or you find yourself playing in the Canadian league.


Well I'm sure there's plenty of things..

That would love to buy my contract.

How's your leg..

How many seasons do you think you have left.

You know you're not gonna be the first piece of ancient, Prime meat that was kissed off because it was too much trouble.

"Yes, masta!"

That oughta boy!



Your attention again please, ladies and gentleman.

I have here in my hand a check for..

One Million dollars from Robert Masterson.

Yeah! Oh! -You got a big heart boss!

Very generous! -This gift means so much..

Too so many..

We know how little it means too you, to make it..

Thank you "Bat", Enjoy the evening.

Thanks for the support Robert, I need too talk to Mitchell

You wanna help celebrate my victory tonight?

Why not and sink that way.

Where do you think you're going?

I've been there Hayes..

Only money climbs that mountain.

We'll see...


I'm meeting your mum in New York, you want to join us?

No! you're meeting the "Rushmore" board in New York.

You need someone to keep mum from shopping.


Dad, I have meetings, I can't get out off.

You have a safe flight.

Excuse me!..

Excuse me.. Hi..Hi, I'm Boomer Hayes.

I know. -And you are?

Trying to leave unmolested. Ha! Ha!

I bet he gets it, he always gets what he wants.

Fifty bucks says nothing happens.

Who really cares. I'm with Coach.

I take it.

What do you want?

I wanna spend some time with you.

Too see if I like.. Spending time with you?

Believe me , we've already done that.

Well.. Can you at least be specific.

Allright Mr Hayes, you have a Jocks reputation.

Your inventile..

Self-centered with a expectation of erculate.

Simple because you exist.

You are rich without a sense of obligation.

And you arrived at it, because of..

An intensely coordinated wrong. That in all likelihood.

Stood and wave emotional developments..

Specific enough?

Yeah! that's pretty close.

But what about this..

This is bullshit!

Oh..You raise a few bucks.

You put these people in shelters, you think your a saint.

Who's self-centered.

If you really cared about these people.

You would be after me to do something for them.

What?.. Toss them a ball ?

Well they have kids don't they.

Do you realize..

How important it is for children to physical touch self esteem.

And success with someone they can indentifty with..

A day with Boomer Hayes. -Yes!

How nuresing. -Yeah.

No thanks!

How's that any different then this?

For every seat sold the fund feeds a person for a month..

Now that's a lot more substantial then a day with..

Ba-Ba... -No It's..


I give you a month.

Give me two years.

One year! year of coaching.

Every Saturday for a year.

That's very generous. -Well thank you.

I'll have the fun.. call you tommorow.

Okay ..great..Well..

There is of course the great "Quid pro Quo"

Which is?

That we get to spend some time together. to get too get know each other.

How much time?

-24 hours !

In four hour intervals.

Eight, starting right now!

Six..Starting... next Friday.

Eight..And out!

But only...

If you kiss me on the cheek.

And you take my hand romantically,...

And we stroll outta here together.

As that you actually thought of me as a human being.

Fifty two Saturdays? Fifty two!

Eight hours? Uhm..


I hate that prick! -Take the money "Ed"!

Delivers a Quarters-eye. -Completes the best.

You talk radio?

-I'm a theatrical agent.

Ah... Well that figures.

So..where we're headed?

It's, your eight hours.

See ya!


-Bye, Boomer..Bye..

You seem very interesting about,.. A man that owns a football team.

It's very...


No It's not..

Playing is very American...Owning..

It's just being rich.

He's a sad person. get's very frustrated.

He couldn't sit like this and just talk.

Can't help himself, He...

Rushes everthing.



Are you wearing a condom?


No I didn't think so... well this is a safe sex zone sir!

So.. you're gonna have too move along. was he kidding?

Yeah well.. anyway that's how I started.

Playing football, and playing Quarterback.

The whole trick for me is not too get knocked down.

I really hate getting knocked down!

And I wanted to prove to everybody that I wasn't a cloth.

And I liked seeing all the other guy's getting knocked around too.

Because at least that way I didn't feel.

I was the only one!

So.. you know!..



Not yet...

One-Alfa-Six One-Two. Go fifty signal twelve.

We've got a chemical truck.

No plates...E-P-A details, I.D numbers 9192.

I'm pulling him over!


I got knocked down a few times today..


We've got a couple of hours left on our deal.

You think, we can use it some other time.

I like that very much. Good.

Sorry about the smart ass remarks. -No, It's okay.

You got everthing?

Yeah. Okay.

Well..Good night. -Goodnight.

Was that a earthquake?


Just the earth moved...

You know..

I'm feeling much better.

Yeah. -Yeah..

Sarge, there's been an accident.

The truck's gone over, there's shit leaking out.

All over the place..Code 4!!

We got a spill.. We've got an emergency, Come on!

-Trying to tell you.. It just doesn't make no sense at all!

-You know.

-Let's go!

-Well how the Hell did it get on the street?

-What's this about?


"Haslett" said that stuff is Fluorine.

What's Fluorine? -How should I know!

It's lethal, it's got a 900 foot isolation radius.

And a 3 mile square evac And I can't get through too Healy!

Beverly Hills Chief of police but he lives in Pasadena.

And I gotta put my ass on the line to evacuate!

3 square miles?

The whole entire town!


All the flaming phones just went down.

What about them?

Those smugs!

At a wedding reception in a coffee shop.

Got plastered and tought that thing was a party favour!

You want me to Question It? Kelvin!

Are we holding them or what? Don't we have enough to deal with.

Forget it, let them go.

Is there anybody in lockup. No!

Allright check the perimeter. Fan out,man out!

We've got a problem here.Take a look at this.

The needle is in the red you better suit up..

You got to be kidding? No sir.

Alright everbody outta here!

Everbody outta here back to the house!

" Mac " suit up!

Helloo.. Helloo..

Some toy's

-Thank you.


What the Hell is that? That...

Is "Alzetto" my best friend.. keeps me on my toes.

So.. I don't get sacked.

Most of the time.

Teach me too ask first.

You got some pretty good moves for someone that doesn't like athletes.

Oh I love athletes, I'm a very physical person.

Well that's good to know.

It's Jocks, I have a problem with..


I am making my best effort..

To live down the reputation.

You're doing very well. -Thank you.

This is all L.A County Sheriff's units and L.A.P.D. Units..

This is Beverly Hills police central control.

The city of Beverly Hills is now Quarantined.

And all access is closed!

I repeat.. Beverly Hills is closed.

-Come on!..go!..go! Clear!..

-We need this on the streets, come on.

-Right, come on you guys.

You got a traffic jam up there, let's go.

Pushing my luck. Inside..move it.

-Okay, listen up then...

Fluorine is noxious.. prolonged exposure can be fatal.

Everyone of you, you check your rebreathers that's your lifeline.

I don't want anybody dying on me out there okay!

Let's move it, come on.

Okay! Everbody is assigned and you know who you're partner is.

Your all going out in two man units. Okay.

Two north side, three onto Rodeo Drive.

Suit up! we need you outside, come on.

Hey, Sarge!! Were locked in.. what's going on here?

Attention.. this is a police emmergency..

Under orders 734 A. your hereby ordered to evacuate you're homes immediately. a toxic chemical has been released into the air.

There is no danger as long as you leave immediately.

But prolonged exposure to this gas will be fatal!

Please proceed in a orderly fashion to the bus provided.

These buses will take you to a hotel in Century city.

For accommodation that has been set up for you.

Please be calm and proceed to the buses provided.

The unit's gone,let's do it, let's do it boys!

Just move it, get them out. Running out of time!

Don't worry about security, the police department is on duty.

The emmergency should last no more then six hours.

E.P.A Has estimated the dispotation period for the gas to be this time.

Mr Masterson, you can board a bus over there sir.

Were doing this aren't we.


There's no pressure,I mean it.

Do you have any Champagne?

Do you need..Champagne.

Not at all.

It's in the refrigerator. I'll be right back.

Okay, hurry.


Ladies and gentleman..

Please do not panic, you are in no immediate danger.

Just forward the bus in a continous single file, please..

Come with us, ma'am. It's a medical emmergency.

Ah,.oh,,Well Boom, Boomer in there....

Well wait a minute, Boomer is in there.

Ma'am, we have a serious toxic. situation on our hands here.

-Damned, Boomer is still in the house!

Get Boomer, he's in the house.

-We'll get him, we'll get him...

Who the Hell is Boomer?

I don't know? -Probably her stupid dog.

Take it!

We're operational.

-If everthing goes as programmed it shouldn't be a problem.

Okay, guys we've got seventy minutes.

Before the National Guard get's here.

Chain, chain, move it! Come on let's do it!

Okay, enter bypass.. -Bypass enter.

-Okay enter code

3-8-2-6-6-7-9-3 Got it?

Were in!

Alright you guys, let's go! Come on.

Bring them on, through.

Alright go ahead, Go!

Too obvious.


Oh, yes..

Okay, Haul them in! Let's go.. keep them moving.

Green team, pulling into position, ready to offload.

Break the hold, and flag cars through.

Let's Go!

-"Mikey" over there!

Come..come on..

-Were at the bank now.

Were offloading now! -Alright set it up.

Here we go! this is the first big one.

It is a big one! / Fweeee...Deal.

"Mike" Cut that alarm. -You got it!

Drop you're packs.

Going in!

Copy this one.

I checked that other roadblock, out back over there.

Sir, you got to back it up. We've got this area blocked off.

Do you know who the Hell I am!

I'm the mayor of Beverly Hills.

And I'm going through.

In the next ten seconds or I'm taking names!

One moment please!

Listen we've got the mayor of Beverly Hills here.

And he want's to come through. What do you want to do?

Okay, all right.

You've been cleared sir,.."Barry" Back it up

Coming through! Okay, go ahead.

He's just on the move north, coming down.

Open it up, open it up. -Come on "Tony" Get greedy.

I only got two hands! -Both drums, both drums! -

Clear, get in -

Hold on.. open it up! -

22 milion, 23 million..Jesus they moving it fast!

Hey! Laura,.. Did you find it?


Is that you!

What are you doing in a uniform! what's all this, what the Hell is going on here!

I'm taking my turn at the trough, Pal!

2-1-1-3-0-9-1-3, Chart it.

Rodeo one! Got it! locked.

Retail nine!

Locked, locked! Red key!

Lodged,it's a lodged. Checked in.-


You said no killing!!

We got work to do, Kelvin!.. Now let's get to it.

Now let's do this, get this done -

I said move it, let's go, come on -

One minute behind.

All units you copy..Come on, let's move it, move it.

Back on schedule, come on let's go!


Were she go?.. Laura.


I thought Boomer was a dog!

Kill him ! -Reuben, Mike get him.

What the Hell is going on!

Oh Jesus...

I had a woman with me here, where is she..


It's a game show..

Beat the clock!

90 minutes of risk and you're a millionaire.

What!, were is Lau..the woman I was with!!

Evac..everbody is safe for evac, Century city.

Hold it up ! Hold it up..Outta here!

What the Hell is wrong with you Benitez !


Where have you been! This sack is empty.

And you're hidding in that S.W.A.T. truck!

Did you know humans only natural defence...

Is the use of it's inteligence..

But you would know, a fucking thing about that now would you Varney!

Kind of leaves you unarmed doesn't it Benitez!

What's with the cops, why are they shooting at me?

There not cops, ex cops.. this one is from San Bernardino.

He got bounced from the force, and the other one..

I..I don't know.. were he's.. from? -What about all those other guy's?

Ohh..All ex cops, Get rich..Why not !

It's an easy deal.

Trick out a toxic spill in Beverly Hills..

It's own jurisdiction.

Slap up a couple of roadblocks.

Nobody want's to go near a toxic spill..

Clear the neighbourhood and... take what you want !

Sunday night, everbody is tired from the party... Surprise !!

Are you part of this?

I was.. Jesus Christ !!

There wasn't supposed to be any blood...

All these guys with guns!.. And nobody is supposed to get hurt!!

We cut the lines..


Where is all the real cops, in this?

Fire house..

..Locked up.

..I did that..

I don't know why I can't do the rest of it?

I got them on the buses.. Quickly, Quietly.

Told a few jokes, kept them relaxed. It is what I was supoposed to do !

But I don't know why I can't do the rest of it..

This will got to do..

This what we got to do.

We got to get out of Beverly Hills..

We got to get to the outside..

And tell them what's happening here.

Were gonna die here!

I am not loading myself up with Cortisol.

So.. I can just sit around and wait here to get killed.

Yeah right!

Better then to get killed out on the street.


I'm a master of moving down field.

And they don't know I'm in the game.

You're one guy!! I'm two guys, Kelvin..

You're coming with me,now I don't know anything about guns..

And we got to get into L.A.

That's our goal..

We won't make it out of the yard.. -Well, we're gonna try!!

I am not trained for this stuff.

So you just got drafted!!

Let's take all this with us.. we might need it.

Come on!

Where the Hell is our two boys? -They left that door open.

They better have any more then a battering-ram to get through this door.

I... I got to tell you something.

Oh No!!

That's what I wanted to tell you !



You're all right?

Where did the tank come from?

-Beverly Hills S.W.A.T. Team.


Shit! Follow me!.. Do what I do!

Oh great!

You get two million a year to do what you do.

In here!

Okay, I don't think they saw us?

I think were okay.


Beverly Hills garbage smells just like Simi Valley.

Shut up ! Shut up ! shut, listen, listen, listen..

I think we lost them.

Where the fuck are you guys, .. where the fuck are you guys?

Should I be nervous? Aah, yeah!

Move!! What do you think you're doing!!


The disturbings you hear are small explosions..

To the E.P.A.testing and drilling.

Repeat .. E.P.A. testing and drilling.

Over and out.

10-4 all units copy.

I repeat all units copy.

Hi, Chief Healy, Beverly Hills.

You're little late Chief were have you been?

I know I'm late!.. I live in Pasadena.

For Crist's sakes, I just got here.

Well, you're boys are doing a pretty good job.

They got Beverly Hills, sealed off.

That's great, I got to get in there.

I'm sorry Sir. you don't understand, I got to get in there.

Sir, I can not let anybody in, those are my orders!

This is an embarrasment.. I got..

You're orders from who? Sir the E.P.A. the environment..

I know what the E.P.A. means for Christ's sakes.

Where are they? -At the control centre.

And the control centre is where! -At the Century plaza tower.

Century plaza hotel, Jesus Christ..

Thank you very much!!

Hey !..Hey !


-Yes Sir.. Where is Evac HeadQuarters?

I don't know Sir? -Who's in charge here anyway.

I don't know Sir? What do you know!

I know the dogs are pissing all over the damn place.

I'm just worried about Boomer, you haven't seen him have you.

No, he...didn't come with you? -No, not on the same bus.

I have a, if you wanna go upstairs, have some rest.

Thanks..I ..prefer to wait here.

Where's you're dad? -Took the red eye to New York.

That's good.. this will give him a heart attack.

I had them open the shops.

For if you wanna change your clothes.

That's a great idea,.. Yeah, I think I will.

Just sign my name.

I can sign my own name.


Sir !..

Sir are you with the E.P.A.? -What!

The E.P.A.?

Oh.. Yeah..yeah..yeah..

Well, Chief Healy with the Beverly Hills police department.

Is been looking all over the place for you.

Oh, Jeez ! No kidding, where is he..

He's downstairs, Sir. Oh okay, thanks a lot.

Okay, come on guys.

Excuse me.

We lost them..

You just do what I do.

There it is.. come on..Yeah !

-Dita... Check up..yes..

Shit !

Come on! move! Come on! lets go!


That's enough of this shit!

I'm not playing defence anymore!!

Base camp one, base camp one.. This is Benitez..

Flat on ammo, Pick up necessary in five.

But first, I got to break a bad attitude.

Come here..come here..

Get up here. -What for?

Just get up there!! -What for!

I want you to sit up there..

Don't jump over untill I tell you to.

Jump over the other side And cut too your left!

My left or you're left?

Yoouurree left!! -Aww..

Here I am, you son of a bitch!!

Come on!! Here I am..

Come on! come on..

You're ass is mine, Quarterback!!

Son of a bitch!





..Too your left!


Touchdown asshole!

It's only half-time my friend...


"Tobea", how you're doing Hey, Chief, nice of you to show up.

What a night.

-Yeah, you got you're hands full tonight..Huh.

-If I anticipated this...

-I would have build more rooms for the hotel.

-You should have build a kennel for all these stinking dogs!

-What I would like to know..

-What the Hell the truck was doing on our street in the first place!

Thank you.

-I don't know, I wish I could tell you.. I wish..

-I really wish, I could..

Our evacuation bus, drove by that truck.

You know there were dogs around it!

What's you're point?

Well if this gas so poisonous, wouldn't animals avoid it.

I don't know? Not all dogs are smart as Benji.

No, on the contraire animals have a very keen sense.

Of a disrupted environment.

One wiff of fluorine would send the dumbest dog running.

What are you saying.

It's not fluorine!

I assumed you manufactured contraceptives.


Well that's sort of a big leap to chemical spills.

Don't you think.

Well you have heard of.. Checkmate haven't you.

As in matter of fact..

I produced a patented spermicite which I developed.

Prior to being a C.E.O. I was a biochemist.

I didn't know you were a biochemist?

I tell you something else, you don't know..

At a rate a dog metabolises inhaling fluorine would...

Kill it, before it got to it's nose to it's lungs.'re confident enough to put on suit and go in there.

With the proper tools..yeah.

Wait, were not sending anybody in there.

So, we just ignore the fact that the E.P.A.

Is telling us that this is...

I don't think the E.P.A. knows what the Hell it's talking about.

Listen, I have been here all night and haven't even seen the E.P.A.

Well, how the Hell long you're gonna wait for them!

Why don't you shove a little hot air.

And talk loud enough, everbody will hear you.

Pfft.. I wish he would.

Look Tobea, I have a suite upstairs.

You can go there, rest, wash up if you want.

I'm not going anywhere. -Good idea Tobea!

Well..then I just have them bring a key.

Incase you change you're mind. -Excuse me.

I'm staying right here! -Alright, stay here Quietly!

Excuse me.

Sure thing.

Do you know how to play Gin?

No I don't, but I wanna tell you..

My wife, really likes you're products.

I'm glad you're still having fun.

Come on boys were on the clock, lets double time it!

We aint got all night.

This is the department shine, let's leave these joints empty!

Let's use those yellow smoke grenades! That white smoke.

Was that god-damned boy scout jamboree.

I want the people know.

Of the city high rises to think.

We got a toxic spill going on here..

I want them too shit bricks!! Yes Sir.

Attention, clear this site..

We gotta get a car.

A bunch of rent-a-cars.. just down the block.

How do we get through that gas.

Don't worry it's fake.

Okay we go on three, you're ready..


What the Hell was that?...

It's them..

That's that Boomer piece of garbage!..

Come on let's move it, move it!


We got to get to the real cops. There too many guards!

What are you doing?

Which one!..

How about the Lamborghini.

No! the white Rolls Royce. it's the closest one!

At least we die in luxury. Here it is..


It doesn't work!.. It's the wrong set of keys!

Down there...down there!!

Can you cover me, I'm getting closer to the car.

Are you kidding!





Okay, George come on..Six,,throw six baby..





-I love you baby!.. I love you baby!

You did good, Kelvin.. Thanks.

I got too stop for a minute. -What for?

I got to figure out...

How to break out of Beverly..

We never make it through the roadblock.

You didn't think we make it out of the yard!

I suppose, we can't sit this out?

-Are you ready!.. I'm coming in!

Well, Mount Rushmore is getting hammerd..

Coming up on the Quarter of a.. billion dollars.

That will be one unhappy insurance company in the morning.

See now were way... past cherry-gloss.

I'm gonna make it real simple for you..

Benitez..Don't say a god-damned thing, because nobody, Understands half the shit you say anyway!

I want you too organize a grid search..

I want you to find these two fucking idiots..and kill them!


If you fuck up this time.

You be the deadest hitman in Beverly Hills.

Because I'm gonna kill you myself!

Do you know who's place this is..

Yeah, I know who's place it is.

I hope you guys did it over, real good too.

My guys!!

Thanks a lot.. My guys!

-Delta fox to foxtrot, direct code complete on Camden drive.

-working to lock... sector 5 through 6.

-Copy that 3-9.

It's okay.

That's a relieve..

Things can't be that bad.

How much worse can it get?

Things might be looking up.

All drinks for free after 8 o'clock.

And you've all ready been briefed.

Just be uhh.. Observative, authoritative.

You suppose to be an E.P.A. man right?



So.. go up and sound like one.

Sound like..

You don't know what you're talking about.

This way, he's gonna believe that you work for the government.


Jeez!... He's gone.

-Dragon head, dragon head, double sweep to Beverly drive.

-And slug and contact. we use 7.

What are you doing?

You... Are gonna love this.

You are gonna love this..

You know this car cost a 155,000 bucks!

So what! -Well, my house didn't cost..

A 155,000 bucks. Well...

Can't drive your house, can ya?

Yeah, a house is very difficult to park.

Smell this leather.

I've been smelling this stuff for twelve years.

Every day passing shops, you've have to be buzz-in too.

Sometimes you think what about me..

I put in the time, I risk my life how about little good life for me!

After driving a flaming seeming valet.

You afford a tracked home no bigger then this.

And every week some citizen reminds me.

That nowhere else in America.

Are cops paid as well as they are here..

Well big fucking deal!

This is nowhere else in America.

This is famous Beverly Hills.

A depository for the world's greed.

Some of that greed rubbed off, what do you expect.

I met this woman tonight..

And I realize...

I never had a adult relationship in my whole life.

You married? wife left me...

For a dentist.

Probably better at oral sex or something.

Well.. we're both selfish man.

Except, I'm going to jail for it.

Hey, you're right..

I am selfish.

Let's go! -Okay..

-Running loose where!

-We haven't tracked them yet.

Well..find out where and get back too me.

Hello. Gentlemen, where are we.

Uhh,.. 45 minutes..463,000 million U.S.

And we have a problem.

There is a renegade and he's hooked up with a civilian.

Calculating lost of men power, were 19 minutes behind.

Boy!.. I can hardly wait to see the look.

On there faces when we die, right in front of them!

I can't get through!. It's him again!

Move!! move!.. Michael!

Get a fire extingQuisher! -Go!..Go!..

Put me out!!

Put..Put me out!!.. put me out!

Piece of garbage! Are you all right man?

Come on!

Move it! let's go!! -Okay, let's go.

Get in there!


We've got one decanter.. two glasses..

Three napkins and a half can of gas.

Yeah, well you know what they've got..

Will you forget what they've got!!


Forget what they've got..

Get Varney.

Move to primary target.

-Move to the primary target

-Were going into the fourth Quarter.

-Were moving up the clock.

-This is Field.

You've got two loose cannons..

So were moving to primary target.

What! were not half done.

Don't be so greedy.

We've already got 500,000 million.

That's Masterson?

Yeah.. we can't forget the two heroes.

Just forget about them.

There not getting past the roadblock.

So, just close this thing up.

One of them is number 12.

Hey! "Bat", we've just by your house..

Nobody was home.

"Hopalong"... Come on over.

We negotiate you're contract.

Where are you "Bat" the evac.

We can be there in a couple of minutes.

Boomer.. don't be such a idiot.

You sit this thing out.

You're not gonna have too worry about you're ankle.

Or anything else.. for the rest of your life.

What do you say?

-Moving up to 20 minutes.. and onto primary target.


Find that misguided son of a bitch!.. and kill him.

Roger that!

Pretty upset.. huh.."Bat"

You better take another hit of that asteroid of yours.


Give me a gun...

Not that!.. The stun gun!..

What's the primary? I don't know?

We're gonna find it.

I'm gonna screw that deal up..

This is personal now, let's go.

In the mood for a shot!

I'm already in shock.

Your crazy "Bat"

And don't you forget it.

You know Laurie.

You're just another notch on his jock strap.

You're, just a genital obsessive.

Aren't we all!

Anyway, I.. own it all too you.

You made all this possible.

Thank you, Laura.

♪ Thank you very much!.. ♪

♪ Thank you very much!.. ♪ ♪ It's the nicest thing ♪

♪ Anyone's ever done for me! ♪ Done what?.. what are you talking about?

Last Christmas.. daddy's office party.

I got the whole of.. "Rushmore" coverage list.

'Bat" are you okay? -I'm not okay!

If you can straightening my lungs, look into my heart..

I'm chasing rabbits down a stinking black hole!


-This is primary control, B.H.P.D. is sending out...

Paramedic vehicles with injured police.

And E.P.A. personnel.

-Clear are you're roadblocks immediately!

I repeat..

Clear all you're roadblocks immediately, injured police. Out.

-Alright open up, here they come.

Let them through.

-Alright people.

You're clear all the way through! you better hurry!

Let's see if we can go through this roadblock?

Where's the Rolls Royce?

They just spotted the "Rolls" in an alley of La Vida.

This doesn't look good!

Go! Get out!

Keep down!

Go! Go! -I'm going!


-I copy. D.O.D. what's you're location?

..Move to Campbell drive.

It's uhh.. Black with sweet'n low.

Just like you like it.

I'm sorry, that I..

It's okay "Bat"..

What's a 120,000 volts between friends.

Well, I always told you, there was uhh..

Electricity between us.


I'm Chief Healy_Beverly Hills P.D.

You're E.P.A. right?


So uhh..

Listen I'm thinking maybe I should get a couple of helicopters In here take a look at's what's going on what do you think.

Uhh..Nah..I don't think it's very good idea.

No you're right, you're right that's stupid!

Yeah.. I mean..

It could spread this cloud and kill half the city.

Yeah.. -What are you guys doing now?

Uhh.. What do you think?

Well ..Uhh.. I supposed uhh..

You're measuring the number of cubic meters.

Of gas being released into the atmosphere, right?

Yes..yeah, sure..

That's uhh..

Yeah,.., have to do that.

What else you're doing.


We're know..

The next step, which..uhh..uhh..


Measuring a time-frame for the anticipation of the..uhh..

Of the cloud into the atmosphere. Yes!

So, how long you figure that will take?

Well..uhm..It..It..It Would probably take the usual..uhh..usual amount of time...


What's that about? ..uhh..24 hours?

Yeah!..yeah!..yeah! about..about.. about a day, yeah.

Because I've got too give these people.

Some answers you know.

I just can't have them wandering around here.

Like a bunch of.. Natives.

Yeah! I understand. Uhh...

Listen I wanna to thank you for you're information.

Uhh...Tom Healy. -Yes!

By the way...

How did your people get here so fast.

Oh..well..well- ..that's..that's..

That's no big mystery..

We..we..were.. uhh..uhh..It..uhh..

We.. know..

In the neighbourhood right. Yeah!

I should have known that...

Okay thanks for you're help.

Okay! -Bye, bye!

-Come on people lets move!

-Let's offload them here.

-Coming up.. back it up.. straight back that's it!.. -Whoa!

-There's that fucking "Rolls" again!!

If we can get across "Rodeo", I know a way out.

Oh no, not again!!

Stay down!...Stay down!!

Jesus!..Oh no!!


That's It, I don't wanna do this anymore!

In the garage!.. Right.

-There going into the garage! let's go..

Move in the garage!!

-Get them!..Get them!.. Faster!!


I'm gonna get you.. Quarterback!!

I'm gonna cut you.. Quarterback!!

Bullshit!.. were gonna die!

What an animal!!

Downstairs!.. Down the ramp!

Back it up!.. Back it up!!

Where!! -Head towards the roofs!..


Come on!

Come on! there getting away!

Move!..move.. go..go..

Do you mind!! put that thing away!..

Before you blow my head off!

Put it away!!.. Are you deaf!!

You're still here!! I hate those god-damned things!!

Get this thing moving!


Fire at them!! Not at me!!..

If you have too fire that thing for god-sakes!!

Other side!..other side!.. move it!

I can't see where I'm going!..


What's that?

Is there another floor?

I hope so...

Boomer.. the window?

Our friends have embraced death.. Varney!

And they slowly suffering in silence.

It's about time Benitez!..

Get the tank.. and get it into position.

Varney!.. -Yes Sir..

What about number 12?

Gone in a blazing glory Sir.

Good.. and what about my "wall"?

And..Uhh..uhh.. the burial plot at my house.

I'm there now... It will be taken care off!

Lets have a look boys.

Alright.. take it up real smooth..

Real easy over there!

Hurry up running out of time !

We can't let anyone know we've been here! easy..

What wall?.. what is he talking about?

It's gonna be the primary target?

Yeah.. It must be.


Come on!.. come on..

Come on just pack up, we've gotta move out of here.

Get the ambulance.

Come on move it, we've gotta get out of here!

700,00 million..

Not too bad..

-Okay, It's coming now!.. lets go guys!


-Come on..

-Guys give us a break..


Yeah..yeah..yeah..yea.. come on..

Hold it!


Alright.. cut it loose!

Alright.. get this piece of junk outta here!

-Come on

-Now block her in!

-Bind it up..

Never been this close too a billion bucks before.

Lets get this show on the road!

Okay It's open.. inform michael.

Operation terminated.. all units, move out!..

Repeat..operation terminated.. all units, move out!

-Alright!.. get in the car. let's go..

Getting out of here! In style brother..


-Were going to Rio de Janeiro.. Christmas time...

The door is open!

Alright!..all right.. -watch out for! out..

Shit! you're alright.

I need something to put these in! you're head.. turn you're head!

What are you doing!

These throwing stars are the only weapons we've got.

You're watching?.. -yes, I'm watching..

Did they see us?

Nobody is coming yet..

Is it alright.. -Yah..

Got them all, let's go.

You carry this.

What's that?

That's it.. must be Masterson's wall.

That must be the primary target he was talking about.

Get on!.. get outta here..lets go!

-We've got to stop this convoy from getting through.

Come on.. give me one..give me one.

Damned.. give me another one.

Yes!.. It's Galloway.

There alive..

And there loose..

You'll never see the "Dark" Quarterback.


Where you're going now! -the purse!!

Come on!

-Benitez.. lets make sure these trucks are moving!

-Okay..okay.. don't worry..

-There dead.. Are you sure this time.

See for yourself.

It's you're show now.. we actually got them this time.

-And I'm gonna finish them off myself..

-See you up at your place.

-I'm on my way there now..

-I've got Laura with me.

I've been saving you for something special...

Looks like you finally gonna earn that nickname ..."Boomer"..

♪ Crime doesn't pay, boys! ♪ But it sure beats working.



Varney..this is Benitez.. come back..

Varney..this is Benitez.. come back!!!

Son of a bitch!!

-And another foot,.. that's it...

-Straight ahead.. stop..easy..

-Put your end right there.. that's good..

-Straight ahead.. Easy back..

-Straight ahead.. okay don't..


Give us a couple of minutes.

Sure.. "Reese"and"Escalco"

Let's get these guys outta here!

Alright guys, that will be fine.. -lets go!!

You can't sell it.. It will always be traceable.

No matter how long you're keep it buried.

You sure as Hell, you can't look at it.

You surprise me Laura..

I thought you've would have had it figured it out by now..

Had what figured out?

This..all this..

Do you think I care about that piece of junk.


The worms can eat it, for all I care..

It's a..Uhh...

..A Chess piece.

Expendable... It's all expendable.

I even get to stick it too the government.

As a tax deduction..

I don't understand?

Who own's it Laura.. who own's the wall..

You do..

And who has too pay me back..

Now that's it gone..


"Rushmore".. my fathers company..


What happens when.. "Rushmore" can safe a billion dollars..

In exchange for making me the chairman of the board..

Think about it Laura..

Chairman of a multi-billion dollar corporation.

That has it's fingers in hundreds of others..

And even daddy is gonna benefit from my leadership.

The board...

Probably eventually canalys me..

More, likely wish you in Hell.

You.. Lame, Son of a Bitch.

Say something..

You see that last play I made today..

I Hate football!!

You know..

I really..

Hate guys..

That don't like football.


You're alright..

I felt better.

You're okay?


This bullet proof vest wasn't such a bad idea after all.

Let's go find Laura!

-Okay real easy now!

Care for a drink?

Fuck off! "Bat"

Is that any-way too talk to you're future husband.


It's the only guarantee I have too keep you Quiet..

The only attractive guarantee..

As a wife.. can't be forced to..

..Testify against her husband..

What about all the other witnesses, you're gonna mary them too..

Oh..the only other witnesses are accomplices..

And extremely well paid accomplices..

So, that leaves just you..

Let me get this straight..

It's my wedding or my funeral.. Is that it.

Let's face it Laura..

You have no other options..

Just..Uhh..out of.. Curiosity.. "Bat"

..How would you do it?


An arrow straight through the heart.

That's what you've already done too me!

Well then you better do it "Bat"

..Because there is not a chance in Hell, I marry you..

"Jeez!!.. Holy mother of god"!!!

I'm glad you're here!

I've been meaning to to talk to you about my contract..

It's been canceled..

-Should be in the trunk of the unit.

Keep walking. Alright I got it.

Coming through.. coming it!

-Sergeant.. I need two more men over here!

-Over here.. here we are..

I got two more... I got two more grubs for you there!

Can I talk to him for a minute, please.


..Thank you..

Where's Healy?

Oh.. were do you want him for!

I got to tell him!

Just keep your mouth shut!

You know, I'm no good at that..

Whatever you did, you made up for tonight..

You're forgiven.

Who are you..God.

If it wasn't for you.. I would have met him tonight.


Varney is dead.. Masterson is dead, "Right"

Now, if you got any idea..

Were they've put that stuff, I can make a deal for you..

Yeah.. I got an idea...

Now, good.. Insurance companies..

Pay big rewards for those kind of ideas.

You've been telling me all night how you wanna be rich..

Alright, let's get this guy outta here!

-Yes sir..

-Yes sir..

I'm sick of looking at him.



This is been a new experience for me..

Yeah.. It's been a new one for me too.

It's not every day that the..

Stores in "Rodeo" gonna have a fire sale.

No..Uhh.. I don't mean that.

..Tonight was the first night...

A woman has stood me up..

Ater I got her into my place..

Oh.. We still have some time left on our deal.

Yeah.. We do don't we...


I tell you what.. can we..Uhh..

Use you're place, because..

..My place is a mess, I gotta have the maids come in.

..Is that okay?..