The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014) Script

Oh, this is a nice house, huh?

Hi! Is that the daughter?

Where shall we park?

Uh, right here? I don't know. Right here?

Hi. I'm Sarah.

Sarah, hi. I'm Mia. Hi, Sarah.

You spoke to me on the phone earlier.

I'll just give you a hug. Hi.

I'm glad you're here. Hi. Gavin.

This is Gavin and Luis. What's up?

Do I look OK? I gotta be all... tucked in.

You look great. Sorry.

I was gonna ask, do you want me a certain way or...

Um, no. Just... just be yourself. Almost, like, ignore these guys.

Oh, really? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

They're invisible. Yeah, that'll be easy!

'Ignore'. Wow!

Ma can come off kind of salty, but it's all an act.

OK. She's excited you're here.

She's been cleaning and dusting like the president's coming to dinner or something.


Well, she was back here.

You have the grant money, right? It said so on the flyers.

Yes. That's what we're counting on.

No, no, definitely. It's part of the deal.

Roanoke will also help underwrite some of the healthcare costs as well.

Oh, wow. I love Roanoke.

Yeah, it... it has to be the right fit, though.

Of course.

Please and thank you. OK.

Kiss her ass.

Smile. Point noted.

I mean, I'm sorry. You know all this.

Hey, Ma! Yes, you did.

Hello there! Oh, Harris is with her.

Hi. Oh, gosh. Oh, yeah.

Those people are here. Hey, Sarah.

The crew I told you about. Nice to meet you.

They're here for the pre-interview. Remember, Ma?

They wanna make a movie about me!

Isn't that right? Yes, hopefully.

What do you think of that? I think it's a good idea.

You do? Well, we'll see.

Oh, I'm sorry. Yes, I'm being a bad hostess, aren't I?

Here. You take that. Do you need...

I'm just gonna take this and put this stuff away so that I have it where it belongs for next time.

Of course.

What is of interest is that this is of an educational nature.

That interests me.


I'm not interested in being exploited.


I'm not the butt of anyone's joke.

Oh, no, no, no. No, Mom.

Mrs Logan, that is definitely not why we'd be here.

You know, actually my grandfather had the disease so it's not just a grade for me.

Oh, I'm sorry. Yeah.


...I am a very private person...

...and, um...

...I'm just having second thoughts.

I think that you would be better off with someone else.

I'm sorry. I know you've driven a long way.

But I don't think I'm the candidate for you, so...


What the fuck was that about your grandfather?

I thought they were on vacation in New Zealand.

She just needed a little nudging.

I thought you said these people were broke.

She's behind on the house, but she won't sell, so Sarah's in a tough spot.

Guys, I want you to be on good behaviour, OK?

'Cause she's, like, a proper old lady.

So I don't wanna be, like, hounding them.

Hey! Hi.

Hi. Hi, Sarah.

How's it going? I'm so glad you're here.

Hello, hello. Welcome.

I didn't know you guys were gonna come in, like, right away.

Right, I know. We wanna capture it all, so...

I paint in here mostly now because, you know, we don't entertain.

She's an amazing artist. No, it's just a hobby.

I'm not an amazing artist. You're prolific. There's a lot.

Oh, I used to know the name of this bird.

Looks like a blue-tailed finch, actually.

Does it? Do you know birds? Oh, oh, dude, no.

Well, maybe that is what it is. I don't remember.

Oh, is this Bavarian crystal?

It's better... Yeah, it's probably better not to...

Yeah, we won't be touching the old things.

You're a curious guy, huh? You wanna touch everything?

Do you guys have a Starbucks in town?

Oh, no, no.

This is Sarah's room. You can just take a look.

This was her room as a child. She loved cars.

We haven't touched anything since she was a child.

I kinda like leaving it like this.

She was a big ball player.

I was never really allowed in here.

I guess you found your room.

Oh, this is us? There's a blow-up mattress.

I'm sorry, this is a little... Yeah, this'll blow up.

...a little more minimal, a little rustic.

Say thank you to her. Thank you.

Oh, no, it's, uh... Say thank you.

Thank you. No, you have a different room.

Oh, I didn't know. There's no intermingling here.

Boys, stay there. And the door's closed.

Deborah? Yes?

Thank you for your, um... hospitality.

Appreciate it. We're gonna have fun.

Right? Yeah, man.

OK, good.

My Aunt Edna's, um... This is amazing.

Urn... What's this... Bedroom set!

Careful with that, sweetheart. I know.

Yeah, there. That one's supposed to be there.

Were you ever in Germany?

No, I have not.

Always been a regret of mine. Mom, you went to Germany.


Well, that must, um... Remember?

Oh, must've been a long time ago.

Well, but you were there. You loved it. Remember?

The story of Alzheimer's is never about one person.

My PhD thesis film posits that this insidious disease not only destroys the patient, but has a physiological influence on the primary caregiver.

Alzheimer's occurs when abnormal protein fragments accumulate in the hippocampus, killing neurons.

The disease then creeps towards the front of the brain, wiping out neurons responsible for logical thought and problem solving.

It then assaults the sensory region, sparking terrifying hallucinations.

Eventually, it erases a person's oldest and most precious memories.

In end stage, Alzheimer's destroys the part of the brain that regulates the heart and breathing.

When swallowing goes, death is not far behind.

Take this one off. Huh?

Well, it's so military. What do you think?

Let's just... Yeah.

Wouldn't you agree? I mean, you always look so pretty.

Whatever. OK, fine. Yep.

Thank you. That's great. Gone.

Happy? I am happy.


Is that a shirt of your dad's?

I guess I would have, you know, a senior moment.

Sure, you know, I'd put the toast in and it would pop up and I'd put the... push it back down again or something.

Toast it twice. Big deal.

On several occasions, she left the stove on.

OK? Burnt up the spice rack, the whole wall.

If you remember your grandmother, she was frightening.

She would leave a pot on the stove until it melted right down to the little glass top.

Maybe it's genetic. So that was a clue.

I'm just saying what was a clue.

Mia asked what's a clue for me, and that was a clue.

Alright. That was a clue.

Deborah was exhibiting what we call MCI.

Mild Cognitive Impairment.

Through a battery of tests, we were able to diagnose with 95% certainty that she was in the early stages of Alzheimer's.

How did she take the news?

It's devastating, obviously, for anyone, but Deborah's not someone to go down without a fight.

After the premature death of her husband, Dennis, to a pulmonary embolism, Deborah was forced to provide for two-year-old Sarah on her own.

She leveraged their house as collateral and would go on to start a highly successful switchboard answering service for the town of Exuma.

That was the way that professionals received their messages and, I guess, transferred information back in those days, was through a professional answering service.

Everyone told her she was crazy at the time.

Right? They certainly did.

I was all alone with a small child.

You can't tell Mom not to do something

'cause then she will absolutely make sure she does it.

I was the nexus of this town. Yeah!

Doctors, lawyers, and Town Hall, everybody.

Three-martini lunches and affairs and philanderers and alcoholics and...

I had to cover for all of these people.

You didn't have to. You chose to.

Well, I did or they wouldn't have stayed with me.

True. I wouldn't have had a business.

You know.

As the days pass, what becomes most apparent is there are no small tasks for an Alzheimer's patient.

$27.96. 27?

Let me see. Alright...

OK, there's some of the change.

OK. I just need the dollars.

Oh, right, OK.

Maintenance of daily living exacts a great toll as organisational thinking is compromised.

It didn't cook it all the way through.

I'm just gonna put this here like this.

Why, thank you. Does it taste alright?

Is it sweet enough? Yeah, that is good.

Can you taste the vanilla in it?

That's my secret. She's a fighter.

And she's brave. She's generous and kind.

But how do you fight your way through something you... can't see or know?

I do all my little puzzles. I do crosswords.

I'm lifting weights.

I am doing everything that I have read will help to stave off the progression of this disease.

Stave it off!

There's no cure.

And so when I am in the middle of something and suddenly my mind just leaves the premises, there are no words to describe how distressing it is.

Debbie in the garden.

Zoom in.

Slow push.

What is she...

Luis, you're supposed to be working on the edit!

Why are you screwing around? I was just shooting some...

I'm hungry.

You hungry? Um...

Let's get some lunch.

Mia, lunch?

Am I supposed to not talk? Should I hold my breath?

It doesn't matter, anyway, because, wow, your blood pressure...

I mean... What?

You know stress is the real killer, right?

Don't worry.

I plan on dying of cirrhosis of the liver, anyway, OK?

Right? Well...

Uh-huh? However you wanna go.

Whoa, put that down!

Hey! Put down the knife!

Hey, hey! What, I didn't take anything.

Look, whatever it is, I'll help you find it.

I'll help you... Whoa, put that down!

Hey, hey!

Get away from me! Where is my spade?!

I didn't take it. You took it!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Holy shit.

Tell her I didn't take her damn spade!

That's where it was! You took it!


I need that spade!

I need it! Get down from there.

They're all in here. I need that spade!

Where here?! Where is it?!

Goddammit! Goddammit!

My Spade!

Just check your rooms.

Did you check all locked rooms? You OK?

No, I'm not OK! I'm fucking far from OK.

I'm sorry. I hurt my back. Here, take these keys.

Look, I don't know, OK?

Luis, I swear to God, if you don't fucking get off my ass...

You fucking look.

I'm gonna go just see how she is.

Of course not.

Wow, old school.

Luis? Yeah?

Is that it? Yeah, it was in the freezer.

It's the only place she didn't look.

Hey. Mom?

Mom, we found your spade.

Maybe you wanna sit down, Mom?

Ma, can you talk to me, please?

Please, Mom, please.


Mom, you're scaring me. She knows.


Holy shit! Go get help.

Oh, my God. Someone...

Would you grab this?

Should we put you in front or back?

In the front, I'll sit. In the front.

I'm... I'm just mortified.

I would never dream of speaking to anyone the way I evidently spoke to you.

I'm terribly sorry.

It's... it's OK.

Oh, look at the leaves. Aren't they beautiful.

Glorious time of year.

What do you mean 'home'? She's got a home. What kind of home?

You mean someplace she should go lay up in a bed?

You know, under fluorescent light?

Lay there all day, stinking like urine?

That's where you go to die, my friend.

That ain't a place to live. This is a place to live.

She loves this. That shirt.

Oh, that shirt I hate.

Can't you wear a nice blouse? I don't have a blouse.

Nice to see you too, Ma.

I missed you, yeah. Nice to see you.

Yes, dear. Complimentary valet.

Oh, Harris, thank you for all your help.

How's your neck? It's fine, it's fine.

Told you to stay away from here.

I didn't know, I didn't know, I didn't know.

Please... please...





Deborah's brain is much like the switchboard she so adeptly worked on for decades...

Go away, go away...

...her misfiring synapses like the phone lines being pulled from their jacks, losing connections.

As memories are taken one by one, it soon becomes clear that you can't run from Alzheimer's.

You can only face it head-on, hopefully with dignity and grace.

No, no.

It becomes clear that Sarah has found her own coping mechanisms.

I've got no choice, babe.

She... she's not making it easy.

She doesn't want my help, so...

Well, I got the U-Haul from Monday, so...

My girlfriend, Shelly, I could not tell her the truth.

I just told her I'm moving back home for a couple of months.

I didn't have the balls to tell her the truth.

You guys come have a drink, OK?

It's been a long time since I hung out, which is nice.

It's nice. Really?

Yeah, it's good.

That's funny.

Why? What's funny about it?

It's just weird.

It's sweet, it's sweet.

You know, Ma, um...

She sent me away to Richmond in '76, boarding school.

Really? I was 10.

She caught me out in the garage...

We had, like, a little outboard out there for the winter.

And I was hiding out there with little Annie Phelps, kissing.

We didn't know what we were doing.

And then Mom... Mom was so mad, she just got all red-faced and...

She was embarrassed.

Yeah, whatever.

To our fucked-up childhoods.


Oh, yeah, Saint Bernardine's.

Hated those uniforms!

Well, never was comfortable in a dress.

Immaculate Conception here.

Oh, yeah? Good Catholic boy, huh?

Deb'll love you.

What was that? I'm gonna go check on Mom.



Hey. Deb?


Hey, Sarah?


Are you OK?

Standing in the dark. That's awesome.


Arts and crafts project at midnight, Mom?

Jesus. Huh?

She's convinced there's been an intruder.

Some... some guy in the yard.


No-one out there, Mom. Just the deer.


She's got those RadioShack motion thingies all over the house.


We're nailing the windows shut again.

I've learned not to argue with her.

OK, I've checked the upstairs bathroom.

I've checked everywhere in here.

She was in bed. We went to bed. I had to pee.

I got up. I checked. She was not there.

I'm gonna check out here. Alright, thank you, guys.




Mom, I am not kidding you!

Come on! Oh, tetanus.

Uh, hey, Sarah?

Oh, fuck.

Oh, shit. Fuck.

Deb? Deb, what are you doing?!

Mom, come back.

Hey, don't touch her! Listen to me!

Don't touch her! OK!

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!


Back up! Back up! Please, calm...

Give her room.

OK, Mom.

OK, Deb, you just tell me if this water is too hot.

How does that feel?

Is that...

Is that OK?

Oh, you really gave us all quite a fright with your late-night gardening.

Do you remember?

You really don't remember, huh?

That's OK?

My daughter doesn't like manicures.



She never cleans her nails.

Well, don't worry.

We're gonna clean up your nails, Deb, and they will be back to their perfect state soon.

Alright, so I downloaded some footage before Deborah's little... night scamper into the garden, yeah?

Yeah. About 2:58, right?

Yeah? You're gonna wanna see this.

What's she doing?

Wait for it. Is she asleep?

Yeah, she's asleep. OK, we've seen her sleepwalk before.


Whoa. What's the code?

There's no break in the timecode.

She must've climbed a chair or something, right?

She grabbed a chair and just... A fucking chair?

There's no chair in the shot. Do you see a chair?

See, yeah, that's the weird thing, 'cause the timecode, it's like it's one continuous...

Right? ls that right? It's one continuous...

There's no break there. It's not...

Because that's impossible.

Right? Yeah.

This is not normal.

This is not a normal... whatever you're calling it, somnambulism, or sleepwalking.

I've seen her do it before. It's not this.

Nazir said she's gonna up the Villaquil, so maybe that would help.

I have no idea. I hope so. God, I hope so.

Oh, there's Harris.

You climbed up on the stove, right?

You could've hurt yourself, or set the place on fire again.

Do you remember that?

So I climbed up on the stove. Big deal.

Look, I'm staying here. I'm not gonna go rot...

Listen to me! Look at your hands. Look at your neck.

You're a menace to yourself. Do you know that?

Go back to Richmond.

I know you miss your lady friend, anyway.

Go. That's fine. I'm fine here.

How's that sound, Luis?

That's great. That's great.

Can we...

There you go. There we go.

I'm going to put a mic on you, OK?

It's called a 'lavalier'.

I'm just gonna put it on the, uh... front here.

There we go. It's a very nice shirt.

Very nice.

Can you see the cable? I'm on it. I'm on it.

That's looking good. OK.

How are you feeling?

Well, I was feeling peculiar, but, uh... not now.

Now I feel, um... right as rain.

Deb, we have some footage we'd like to show you.

Who is that, now?

Is that me? What am I doing? That is obscene.

Why didn't you stop me? Uh...

We tried to stop you, but you were in a fugue state.

You were hallucinating.

Mom, it was really scary, OK?

You were stabbing at the ground with your spade over and over, digging hole after hole.

That's what you were doing.

Then when we got inside, you were sobbing, Mom.

Jesus, Sarah.

Mom? I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Mom, you kept telling me not to answer the phone, like he was calling you.

That's what you said. Please talk to us.

Sarah, maybe we should stop.

Mom, stop it! No!

Morn, stop! No, no! No!


Mom? Oh, God.

You alright, Gavin? Am I alright?

Is she alright? Sarah?

OK. Alright.

Sarah? Yes, I'm here, Mom.

What's gonna happen is you're gonna feel a pinch and then a burn.

And I need you to not move when you feel that pinch, OK?

Here we go. OK, here we go.

It's almost over. OK.

OK, don't move, don't move.

Don't move. Really good.


Don't move. Don't move, honey. Don't move. Don't move.

Don't move. OK.

Over the next few weeks, the doctors run a number of tests on Deborah in an attempt to explain the anomalies in her condition.

Despite the painful procedures, the examinations raise more questions than they answer.

A disturbing infection has occurred, resulting in an inexplicable scaly quality to Deborah's skin.

Has she been around any heavy metals?

She does garden. You know, I don't...

We don't have poison oak or poison ivy.

Do you use pesticides?

Make the vertical line of the 'T' with the white blocks, OK, Deb?

Take your time.

I can't. I just wanna see you...

Whatever you can do, just try it, Deb.

Can you do that? I tried.

There. You did?

OK, you know what? Can you show...

Deb? Deb? Deb, don't! Stop doing that, Deb!

Deborah, stop, stop!

Deborah, please...

Initially, we suspected contact dermatitis or some type of allergic reaction to the medication...

...'cause this, uh... condition is not typically associated with Alzheimer's.

Although, um... when the immune system is compromised, sometimes co-infections can occur.

That's why we've, uh...

...we're bringing in some specialists from Richmond.

Is somebody already here? Yeah.

Fuckin' hazards are on.


Sarah? Hello?

Deb? Hello?

Hey, did you hear that?

What was that? It's Deborah.

Who is it'?

Hello? Just go in there.

What's going on?

Get her legs!

Gentle! Be gentle with her!


OK, come on, let's go, let's go, let's go. Luis.

She was swallowing those things.

We have some scissors.

I don't see why we have to do this.

Because you like to eat them.

I d...

Right? Oh, it's silly.





Alright, Luis...

...I know you always said don't mess with your equipment.

Where are you at right now?

Fucking around with asps or serpents or whatever you call 'em these days.

I'm gonna take my Aunt Bonny's cross and I'm gonna put it on the window.

That's right.

What the...

This lady's got issues.

Oh, hey.

Letting all my heat out.

What? What?

It's a closed window. What is that?

That is an open window, Mia.

Oh, God.

Yeah, OK, so it's open.


That could be anything, right? A draught, whatever.

If you guys are scared of an old woman losing her mind, go on.

I want double my rate.

Double my fucking rate, or I leave.

Oh, fuck. I walk right now.


OK. Oh, hey. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

And if he gets it, I get it too.

Alright, you have sweet dreams now, OK?



Ugh. What in the fuck?

Damn, that's loud. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

I was having the best dream.

What is that noise?

Oh, man, no, no, no, no, no.

What, what, what? We're bolo on the lights.

No, it's not the phone.

Hey, what is that?

I'll get it. It's, uh... Oh, my god.

Mom's old switchboard system.

It hasn't worked in years. Are you OK?

I'm gonna check on Mom. One second.

OK. Gav, where are you going?

I don't know. I'm going downstairs to make a sandwich.

Oh, my God. Fuck.

Mom's not in her room!

Mom! Mom! Deb?

Do you think maybe she's turned on the switchboard or something?

I don't know. Shh! Ma!

Hey. Fuck.

What the fuck?! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

What is... What?


What's that scratch?

See that scratch? What is that? Sounds like...

Think it's coming from over there.

Oh, my God. What is it?

You think she's in there?

Shh! Shh, no.

What if it's...


Easy, easy, easy, easy.

Oh, my...

Now it's open to see.


Can you see anything?

No, no, no, no.

Oh, my God, Sarah.


That one.

That door is never open. You go in first.

What? Yeah.

You want the brown guy to go first?

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

OK. OK, shh.

Oh, gross. What the fuck?

This shit ain't right. This shit ain't right.

Oh, guys? Guys?

What? Oh, my God.


What the fuck?

Oh, my God.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Sarah? Help me.

Mom, please. Mom?

Oh, my God.

Oh, you're an ugly thing!

Jesus. You're an ugly thing!

Arggh! Arggh!


Someone call Dr Nazir. One of you guys call Dr Nazir.


OK, OK. Calm down.

Mom, Mom, it's OK.

Mom. I've just...

What? OK.

OK, just breathe. We're good, we're good.

Pupils are dilating. That's good.

Gonna get her water.

OK, we need to get her breathing under control.


Just... OK, down.

I know, Mom.

Breathe with me.

OK, breathe with me.


Yeah. Her vitals are fine.

Her brain is responsive. OK.

All her motor functions are working. They're all fine.

She really needs to rest now.


It's a short-acting sedative, OK?


It's very safe... OK.

...if she has to be restrained.

It was 337. Over and over.

This one? Ask her about it. Mention the number.

She's trying to recall someone specific.

Help her single it out.

Someone like her especially, who's stubborn and strong-willed, she's not gonna let this go.

And if I did this, if I encouraged this memory to come out, would she then have some peace?

Remember when you asked me to pull the sound off the camera from the switchboard?

Yeah, well, I pulled the sound off and, um...

...and it was from the onboard camera, so it wasn't very good.

And there was some gibberish at the end.

Remember the gibberish at the end?

Alright, well, I modulated the inflection.

It wasn't like any acoustic range I've ever heard before, so I brought it down, I sped it up, and...

...translated this shit online, dude.

Who is it?

That's your mom, and that's French, saying some shit about snakes, "be my fifth", or some shit.

Ma doesn't speak French.

Look, I'm sorry, that's French.

I got the fuckin' transcripts.

I don't care if she knows French or not.

I ain't ever heard anything like that before in my life.

You sure this is the right file...

Yes, Mia, it's the right f... Turn it off.

Please, just fuckin' turn it off.


Yeah, easy.

Damn, how many attics you people got?

Her switchboard records are in here somewhere.

No, hold on, hold on.

Ah, bingo. That's it.

There's definitely something there. Can you feel it?

It's like... it's like jammed in... it's jamming it.

It's right at the back. Wait, wait, wait.

Oh, yeah, I can feel it. I can feel it.

I can feel it. Wait. Wait.


Oh, fuck.

Wait, there it is.

Yeah, this is the 1971 and 1972 index here.

Yeah, but there's no customer profile. See?

Yeah. That's weird.

Mom was fastidious. Mom was like...

This is... There should be no holes.

Jack 337, there's nothing.

336. Yeah.

336 continued, and then...

338. Exactly.

What's that? What are you doing?

The one page we need is the one that's missing.

It's been ripped out.

Sarah, does Deb keep charcoal in the house?


Yeah? I mean, in her art room.

Hey, Mia, do you have a notebook, like notebook paper?

There's this little depression that's right here.

Just line it up here.

OK. Here we go.

Oh, yeah.


Here we go, here we go. Is it working?

This is some serious Scooby-Doo shit right here.

Look how nice that is. '337'.

Are you kidding me? Yeah, great.

Here we go. So smart.

I wouldn't go that far. Oh, what is that?

Is that 'D'? D, E, J, A, R...

DJ Raj?

Desjardins. Who is it?


"Local paediatrician thought to have killed some local girls."

"Went missing in the early '70s."

Yeah, I was young, but I still remember the curfews.

The whole state was looking for him.

And she never once talked about this guy?

No. I mean, he was infamous.

There was a whole documentary.

I can't believe you guys haven't heard...

Yeah? ..that name before.

Still no arrests have been made in the nightmare spree of killings that have plagued the Exuma Valley for the last two years, leaving four young girls dead.

The teen girls were each found with serpentine carvings on their foreheads.

Parts of their bodies had been cannibalised and traces of rattlesnake venom were found in their blood.

Whoever performed the murders was re-enacting a very specific Monacan blood ritual, the cauterised symbol of the snake consuming itself.

The choice of the Monacan mines was no accident, built over a cave system sacred to the natives which fed directly into the River Rouge.

Girls were sacrificed during the times of their first menstruations -

'bleeding flowers' as they were called.

The blood of their oestrus was offered to the demon in exchange for immortality.

It's only when the local paediatrician goes missing that interest in the River Rouge case begins again.

Henri Desjardins is well known, he's respected, he does a lot of pro bono work.

And a month after he goes missing a local paperboy directs authorities to a house, claiming there's a strange odour from the building.

The stench was the worst I have ever smelt.

I mean, guys were gagging.

Then we saw the snakes everywhere, hundreds of them, all kinds, just constrictors, rattlesnakes...

Monacan totems, books on rituals.

Henri Desjardins had the ultimate motive.

He was dying. He had Lou Gehrig's disease.

You understand how debilitating that disease is, don't you?

The Monacan ritual required five victims to attain immortality and be free from the human body, yet only four victims appear.

I know he didn't complete the ritual.

Maybe he had second thoughts. I don't know.

Despite a massive manhunt spanning two borders, Desjardins is never seen again and his whereabouts become the stuff of legend.

Some say that he fled back to Quebec, others that he... he killed himself.

I got up this morning to make coffee and she was on the stoop.

I'm going to ask her.


Do you remember a man named, um...

...Henri Desjardins?

He was, uh... like, a local paediatrician around here a long time ago.

That name...

Yeah. Yeah?

That name sounds familiar.

Was he, like, a client of yours or...


I don't know.

I think so.

Well, he just went missing a while ago, over 30 years ago, so, you know...

He's not missing.

He's dead.

How do you know that, Mom?





Sarah, it's me. Do you need a hand?

Stay with her. I'm calling an ambulance.

What's going on'? Stay with her!

Luis, what is...

Oh, my God. Deb?

Oh, my God.

Oh, Deb...

Voice changes, self-alteration, feeling as if your body belongs to someone else, all hallmarks of split personality disorder.

We'll run a DDIS.

What about the skin?

The biopsies came back negative for ichthyosis.

We're still searching.

She puked fucking earthworms.

Your mother's a gardener, right? Your mom?

You said she tried to swallow some objects before?

You can't be serious.

Well, she's out back in the garden, she scoops up some soil...

Excuse me, sir? Sir, you can't be in here.

Come on. Come with us. You come with us.

That's her neighbour Harris.

Obviously she did know him.

Desjardins was her client, Harris.

What... Don't try and bullshit. Why are you acting like...

Nazir told us to!

She's speaking French, obsessed with the guy.

He was her fucking client!

Fucker. Yeah, hang up.

We think Harris is being shady to... I don't know. Protect Deb.

But what if Harris is trying to protect himself?

It says he was brought in for questioning.

Yeah, twice. Look.

Here's an article I found.

"Eyewitnesses say Sredl skulking around the Desjardins residence

"and scenes of the crime."

Well, I'm stupid. What are you getting at?

Well, after Desjardins disappears.

Mia, come on.

What if Sredl for some reason, he wants to save the girls or whatever, he murders this Desjardins guy, right, and then Deborah, who's his best friend in the whole world, has to cover for him and take the secret and she buries it, like, so deep, it takes a disease to bring it to the surface?

Oh, come on. It says he's missing.

It doesn't say anything about him being dead.

It's so paper thin. It's not, though!

I'm ordering some dinner, OK?

Yeah, why don't you get on the phone and find somewhere?

Somewhere with salad.

Oh, yeah, somewhere with salad.

In this booming metropolis, I'm sure I'll find a fucking salad emporium.

What was that?!

What was that? I think it came...

Did it come from out there? Yeah, it came from out there!

What the fuck was that?

Somebody's out there.

There's a man out there! Shut up!

Oh, my God, Sarah, he's walking...

Hit the lights. Stay down!

Get away from the windows!

It's Harris. What?

Gavin, I don't have my phone!

I don't know. He's shooting up the fucking...

He shot out the window! Oh, God!

Harris, what the fuck are you doing?!

Are you calling the cops?! That's my mom's minivan!

Yeah, I'm at... Yo, the address!

I wanna report a shooting.

Calm down! He's shooting a gun!

What's the address? 61 Pine Hollow.

Pine Hollow!

Mr Sredl will sleep it off in the tank.

Like I said, you're more than welcome to press charges...

You're damn straight we wanna press charges.

Gavin, I told you I'd fix your windows.

Y'all can just let me know what you decide.

Luis, get that fucking camera out of my face.

Can we talk about this? No!

There's nothing to talk about. I'm fucking leaving.

You start projects like this and you just bounce in the middle?

If it's just about the window...

It's not about the window, OK?!

That's just fucking icing on top of the shitty fucking cake.

What about the switchboard, huh?

What about the fucking window opening and closing?

The bitch levitated onto a counter!

The Gavin train's pulling out, bro. Last call, man.

You need this pay cheque as much as I do.

Luis knows how to be a team player!

Fuck both of you. No. Gavin.

Gavin, I'm... Hey!

See you later, buddy!


Hey, Sarah? You wanna grab some grub?

Shit. Hey, Mia.

I'm gonna get Nazir.

I understand what you guys are going through...

We just went to the canteen.

We... we came back and her room was empty.

She was gone. I don't understand why that woman...

We don't know.

We've got the hospital on lockdown.

We believe she's still in the building.

She's sick. I know, I know.

We're gonna find her, OK? Guys, just calm down.

What are you doing to get our daughter back?

Security, patient was seen leading the girl to the abandoned wing, possibly the kitchen.


There's no power here. Watch yourself.



Why? Why would she take her in here?

What is she... I don't know.

When we were moving your mom from Critical she saw the girl and whispered something to her.

All clear over here.

What was that? Let's go check it out.


Goddamn interference. She's not in there, man.

We already checked. Now you tell me, fucker.




Deborah, can you hear me?

I need you to listen to me, OK?

I know she's your friend and you can come visit her any time you want.

OK, Deborah?

But you need to let go of her hand.

She can come see you later, OK?

Let's go.

Get her down!

Watch it. Get her arm!

I'm trying!

What's happening?

That's my mom, OK? Hold her, hold her.


Alright, it's in. Do something, please.

Thanks for meeting me out here.

I just...

...I just didn't want to talk about this in there.

I can bless your mom with oils.

An exorcism is really in the realm of science fiction, Sarah.

I... I used to think that.

I still do maybe, but... I know.

But it's not gonna hurt. I know.

We've tried everything else.

I understand. No, you don't know.

Sarah, it's something that we just don't do.

Yeah, you do. You have to know someone.

A mentor of yours. Someone. You've gotta help me.

You need to accept this.

You really do.

There's something else going on.

There is something else going on.

What's Harris doing here?

He's been visiting the last couple of days.

Just give him some space.

I made contact with the anthropology professor from the 'River Rouge' doc.

I'm Mia. I spoke with you on the phone.

Thank you so much for making some time for us.

This is Sarah Logan. Hi, Sarah.

Luis, my cameraman. I explained we'll be doing some shooting...

Right. Please, have a seat.

I tried to wash you in the river...

The most logical explanation for all this... that your mother has become obsessed with the notable, public boogieman to the extent that she believes she is Desjardins.

With all due respect, sir, this is more than that, OK?

And that's why we're here... for your help.

However, the notion of spiritual parasites does exists among many thousands of cultures in various incarnations, the Masai, the Inuit, Aborigines.

The belief is that a weak mind is susceptible to the invasion of vengeful entities seeking a host.

The young and the very old are most vulnerable, as well as the infirm.

Living among the Bantu, I saw a young mother so overwrought by the loss of her son to typhoid...


...that she held his wasting corpse for over a month.

Oh, my God.

She fell into madness.

I tried to help her. She was beyond reason.

She took on the boy's affectations, his personality, his voice.

She became him.

It took two months before the spell was broken.

Broken how?

A witchdoctor...

...a witchdoctor came and burned the boy's body, flesh to ash, purification by fire.

The door...


We don't have to do this.

No, no, Debbie...

Kill me.


Well, this can't be good.

Luis, wait up! Wait!

Nazir said something happened to Harris.

Take it easy. Deep breath, deep breath.

OK, it's alright, it's alright. Nice and easy.

Oh, Dad... I'm sorry, ma'am...

I'm his daughter. I'm his daughter.

We're prepping him for surgery. I know. I appreciate that.

But, please, just one second. I'm begging you.

Bless your heart. Thank you. Security!

Dad? Yeah?


Ma'am, you can't be in here!

Harris, where? Where? Get her out!

Please come with me right now!

Ma'am, ma'am, please leave!

Harris, where?! Come on, ma'am.

You have to go outside.

She buried him in the backyard.

Stop her, please! Where are you going?

Then she got sick and he infected her.

What are you looking for? This looks loose.

Desjardins. Huh? Whose idea was this?

Was this Harris's idea, Sarah, huh?

This is insane. Help me, OK?!

What? Please, Mia!

Where? Sarah, tell me where. All around here. Just dig.

Right here? Yes.

Guys, this is insane. We're digging holes in the woods!

Either help us or shut the fuck up!

Sleepwalking outside, she was trying to find it, the remains.

Or he was. He was inhabiting her. Shit.

The soil... It's different, right?

It is loose. Is it really?

OK, thank you.

It could've been rain, could've been moisture...

Do we really think that there is a BODY here?

You gotta let it go.

It was an old man saying some crazy stuff on a hospital bed.

I don't think so, OK? I don't think so!

I promise... I promise you we will look somewhere else in the morning.

I'll do it. We're four feet deep.

There's nothing. But this is where he said!

We could've started here. I don't know.

It could be anywhere here. Exactly!

We're gonna be here all night. I'm sick of this.

Fuck! There's nothing here.


What was that?

What? No way. No way.

Do you... Oh, my God.

Are you kidding me? She got here first.

What? Who? What?

Oh, my God. Ma got here first.

Look for fresh footprints, anything fresh.

Where would you hide it? Where would you hide it?

I don't know. Nothing back there.

I can see through. There's nothing here.

The whole house, you guys.


Do you understand what I'm trying to say?!

It was sometimes her, it was sometimes Desjardins and... and he's making her keep it.

She's got a cubby for everything. She's a hoarder.

She has a space for everything. I'm following you.

If we can find... He inhabits her body.

She... He had her dig it up.

Even if Desjardins had been buried in the garden, just think about it, OK?

It's been years. There would be nothing left!

I mean, he'd be decomposed... Back here, back here!

OK, I got it, I got it.

Anything that was left of him would be...

Fucking shit. Nothing. Nothing.

Hey, guys.

What are you looking at?

I don't know, but it hasn't rained in a while.

It should not be wet. That looks fresh as hell.

A third goddamn attic?

Are you OK? Yeah, I'm OK.

I'm so fucking sorry. Hello?

Luis, you go first. You got the light.

Fuck no! Come on, man.

We've already been through this. You go first, OK?

White people and their basements and fucking attics.

Damn! It fucking stinks up here.

Oh, my God... Can you shine the...

Hold on a second. Hold on.

Oh, my God. What is all this shit?

You gotta see this.

What is that stuff? Oh!

No idea. Don't touch that. Ugh!

Mia, Mia, Mia, Mia!

What? What is that?

What is it?

I can't... Jesus.

Is it stuck?

Let me...

Ooh, Jesus! Jesus!

Oh, it... Oh, my... Oh, it fucking smells!

God, that smells fucking awful.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

What is it?

Oh, God. Oh, God. Nmm...

Oh! It's...

What? What? What? What the hell did you see?

What did you see?

Oh! Oh, fuck!

It's him! Oh, my God.

There's a fucking body up here!

My God. We have to, we have to!

I'm not touching him.

I will do it. I will. I'm not touching him.

I fucking can't thank you enough, you guys. Oh, my God!

Go, go, go, go! Easy.

Oh, my God.

What are we... what are we doing with this?

What are we doing? I don't...

We'll just put it here for now. Oh, God.

Ugh... What are we doing?

We burn it, right? Isn't that what Dr Schiffer said?

Right here? Yes!

This day just gets better and better.

Fucking dead bodies...

Did you hear that? Shit.

It's coming from inside here.

What are doing? I don't know.

Mia... Just wait, just wait.


Whoa! Oh!

No! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

We gotta burn this. We gotta burn this!

What?! Fuck! Please!

There's one more here, there's one more here!

Get it in! Get it in there!

Fuck! Fuck!

Watch your feet, Luis! Watch your feet!

OK, OK... Fuck!

Oh! Sorry! Back off.

That is fucking impossible! You haven't put enough on.

You haven't put enough on. Oh, nothing, nothing!

You have to push the thing!

I'm pushing it! I'm pushing it! No, you're not!

Yes, yes. Is it going?!

OK, OK. Yes!

Back, back. Burn, bitch. Burn.

Now let's get the fuck out of here.


Go, go, go, go!

It didn't burn. It didn't burn!

Something put it out! What?

Get away from the fucking house! Run!


There was something in there. Are you OK?

Did you see it? I don't know!

Oh, Jesus Christ.

Hold on. What did you see? Someone's ringing.

Wait, wait. ls that your phone?

Hello. What?

Oh... What? No.

Oh, God. What?

She broke out of the hospital. You can't go back!

I'm going back in. I've gotta get him.

Sarah, please! Sarah! Do something, do something!

We have to take the remains with us.

She broke the restraints, OK? She's out.

Fuck. Sarah, Sarah!

What the fuck happened? Please don't go in there.

Don't go in there! You can't come in here.

Ma'am, stop! Get out of my way!

Oh, my God...

I'm coming downstairs now. What is that?

A security guard downstairs is in anaphylactic shock.

You have to stay here. He's being treated now.

For what, Nazir? For what?! Snake venom!

That is fucking bullshit!

You are not doing everything you can! You keep saying that.

Everybody tells me they're doing...

Hey, calm down! We are, sir.

We're so sorry. I wanna know!

We'll find her. I wanna know what happened!

Where is my girl?! We're trying.

We've got a five-mile perimeter...

We go back a long way. I'm begging you.

Of course we do. I... OK, OK, I'm coming, right?

Well, he's gotta complete the ritual, right, the fifth girl?

There's only one place he'd go, the cave system.

He's headed to Monacan Mountain.

She's the fifth? She's gonna complete it all for him?

That's who he's picked, right?

I'm gonna fill those syringes Nazir gave us.

There's the car. She's walking.

Get in! There's a fire trail on the other side.

It gets us about halfway up. We need to get the jump on them.

Keep going. Here we go!

This is the fire trail so it should get us up pretty close.

Requesting backup on River Rouge trailhead.

We're heading north.

Whoa! I see something. There they are.

Oh, my God. She's got the girl.

Everybody, stay back.

Sheriff Tweed, Sheriff Tweed, I have this sedative.

If you can restrain her I can administer it.

Alright, stay behind me, but get ready.


Mrs Logan? Linda, careful.

Can you hear me? I just want you to know we're here.

I don't want to alarm you.

We're here to help, OK?

Deb? Do you see this?

Deb, can you hear me'? It's... it's Linda.

Mom? No sudden movements.

We need you to release the child, ma'am.

Deb, I need you to turn around for me real slow, OK?

You alright, honey?

Cara, are you OK? Cara, are you hurt?

Don't hurt him.

He's a nice man. Alright, Deb?

He's gonna wash me in the river.

Deb, let's... Jesus H. Christ.

...about getting you down this mountain, OK?

No sudden movements from anybody.

Real still, Deb. We're gonna do everything real slow here, OK?

He's gonna wash me in the river.

Don't hurt him. Yeah, it's alright, Deb.

We got it. He's gonna wash me...

Look at that. Everything's OK.

Don't hurt him. He's a nice man.

Alright, you gotta be real still for me, nice and easy...


Are you alright?! Ma, no!

Ow! Are you alright?

Get the girl, the girl... I'm gonna get her, alright?

Come on. No, you gotta get the girl.

I need somebody to get him down the mountain!

Is he alright? Oh, God! It burns!

Take the sheriff's car and get him down.

Luis, that's gotta be you, man. That's gotta be you.

Have you lost your mind? I'm sorry.

I can't... l can't leave Sarah. I can't leave the girl.

You haven't learned shit. Take it. I'm done.

Be safe, Luis! Be safe! Mom!

We need light over here!

Cara! Cara, honey, can you hear us?

Mom! Cara?

Can we move faster? She's taken her to the mill.

We have to go. Get that light up here.

I'm coming, I'm coming. Cara?

Shh! Hear anything? Quiet.

I hear the river. Let's move.

Sarah, hold up.


Hey, Mia, shine your light to the right.

What's that?

Oh, my God. That's...

Is that the River Rouge from the documentary?

What the fuck was that? Shh!

Mia, keep the light up.

There's blood, footprints.

I know it's your mom, but whatever this is, it's not your mom.

No, Tweedy... You stay here.

I'm gonna bring her out, alright?

I'm gonna bring her out. Be careful, OK?

Are you OK? Sarah, I lied.

In the beginning I lied. I lied about my grandfather.

I don't give a shit. You're here now.


Cara, honey?

Cara, where are you?

Can you see anything?

Do you see... Arggh!

Linda? Linda?

Linda! Linda!

We're here! Linda?


Do you see anything?

Linda, where are you? Can you hear me?

Come on.


No! Mom!


Which way? Which way?

Sarah, I'm coming! Mom!

Sarah! I'm following you! Where are you?!

Sarah! Oh, my God. This is fucking ludicrous.

We're never gonna be able to get out of here.

Mia, calm down. I need you to keep calm.

We're gonna get lost and we're never gonna get out.

What? What's wrong with the light?

OK, Mia, I'm gonna give you this...

Oh, my God. OK? Calm down.

You can do it. Give me the camera!

Come on, come on, come on. Yes, yes, yes! OK, got it.



I'm coming! Where are you?

Don't leave me, Sarah. Don't leave me!

Over here!

They're in there.

Sarah, no, no!

She's gonna die. Give me! No, no...

Then I'll go. Give me the fucking light.

Don't touch anything. This shit will collapse.

Fuck, fuck!

In there.



Here. Take the light. Here.

Oh, fuck. Go fuck yourself!

OK. Sarah?

Just keep going. I can't do this!

Get... get off of me!

Shh, shh. It's OK. Just stay near me.

OK, here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna sedate her.

I'm gonna jab her if I can get it in and then she'll be out, he'll be weakened, right?

Right? Yeah, yeah.

Then we can burn the remains just like Schiffer said.

It'll be clone, alright? Oh, my God...

You grab Cara, OK?

Gather yourself.

We gotta shut this off.

She's gonna... she's gonna see us.

I don't wanna do it. I can do this.

Thank you, thank you. OK.

Come on.

Get off, Ma!

Holy shit...

Are you OK? Are you OK? Oh, my God.

Come on. Cara?

Cara? What do we do?





No, no, no...

Oh, what's that?

What's that?

Fuck! It slipped.

Shh. Shut up.

I don't know, I don't know, I don't know...

Come on.

Come on.

Come around here, OK? Ma?

OK... No, Sarah. Don't.

OK, OK, Ma. Here I come.



Wait! No!

Morn, Mom! Fight him, Mom!

Fight him!

It's Sarah!

It's Sarah!

Mom! You can fight him!

Fight him, Mom! Fight him! Fight him!


Shoot him! Shoot him!


No, No! Mom!

Cara, Cara, come here. Come on, come on.

Mia, come here.

Take Cara, OK? Keep her behind you.

OK, Ma, let's get rid of this motherfucker right now, you and me, OK?

But we've tried this before.

Not here, right, Ma?

Fuck. There it goes.


Oh, shit!



Sarah... Yeah?

Yeah, Ma? Sarah...

Yeah, Ma.

Oh, she's burnt.


Are you OK?

...reportedly abducted Cara Minetti from Exuma Hospital and led local authorities on a grisly chase...

...cancer patient Cara Minetti is resting comfortably at Exuma General tonight after a harrowing kidnapping ordeal that led to the death of a Monacan County sheriff as well as numerous life-threatening injuries to local law enforcement and hospital staff.

...outside the Exuma County Courthouse where we're just now finding out that Deborah Logan was found medically unfit to stand trial for the murder of Sheriff Linda Tweed.

Logan's physical condition has deteriorated rapidly in the months since the violent ordeal and child abduction, leaving her barely able to speak or communicate.

I'm standing in front of the Minetti house.

This is the home of little 10-year-old Cara who's celebrating a special birthday today and for good reason.

She's in full remission from leukaemia in what many are calling a miracle.

Get it, get it! Yay! Go, go, go, go! Yay!

We're celebrating her birthday and we're moving on.

She's happy and... It's a celebration.

You rather have this or hospital food?

Oh, my God. You're not giving her that huge piece.

I'm tired of hospital food.

What are you looking forward to doing in your ripe old age?

I don't know. You don't know?

No. Well, you better make a plan.

I have one.

You do? What is it?

It's a secret. Oh. Hah!

Well, thank you for letting us come to your wonderful party, honey.

You're welcome.

You're looking at the healthy and happy face of a remarkable 10-year-old girl.

It's an unbelievable story with such a happy ending.

~ COrrected by Dragonborn ~