The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009) Script



And so?

And so, I'm sitting there staring at him, right?

He tells me to get my fucking crunchy fucking fucknuts the fuck out of there.

You believe that shit?

You know what I said, right? No, what did you say?

Shit. "Okay." You fucking said, "Okay."

I'm sure you did. Ha, ha, ha.

MAN: (OVER RADIO) Control Center, this is Stillwell 1215.

Go ahead, Stillwell 1215.

I'm about four cars out of 57th Street station being delayed by a red signal light.

Should be green, Stillwell 1215.

Yeah, tell me something I don't already know.

All right, roll through it slow, extreme caution, per the rulebook.

Yeah, cracked rail. Nine-hundred feet from the east end of the platform.

It's the goddamn cold. Metal contracts, you know that.

I got it, I got it. How long it take to fix it?

Gotta put a plate on it. Two hours.

Thank you. Make it an hour and a half, I'll buy you a beer.



I hate to see you down here on the floor, man.

Temporary, baby. I'll be up there behind the glass before you know it.

Okay, I'm gonna need the R train to switch over to the express tracks at 34th.

Which express tracks? The one that Q uses.

Once they exit the 57th Street, they can switch over to the F Line.

Boom, straight shot into Queens.

Once they get to Queens, they switch back at 36th Street to the R Line.

All you gotta do is suspend the W, N and R will pick up the slack, all right?


Excuse me, I can't see where I gotta look.

Unlock the door. Do it now or I'll fucking kill you. Do it.

All right, all right.

Shut up and walk.

First car, go.

See? I told you I could do this.

Big fucking deal, you did what you said you'd do.

All right.

Five minutes of peace.

DELGADO: Yeah! MAN: Nice!


Nice. All right.

There you go.

I'm on the train and I still got you.

(OVER COMPUTER) You still got me?

I got you. What are you doing?

GIRL: You still got me?

Oh, my God.

Baby? Baby?

Give me the cutting key.

Cutting key.

Control Center calling Pelham 123. Come in, Pelham 123.

Why did you stop? You're all green ahead.

(OVER RADIO) Control Center calling Pelham 123.

Control Center calling Pelham 123.

Yhy did you stop, 123? You got green ahead.

It's okay.

Life is simple now.

You just gotta do what I say.

Not now, okay?

Where are you from?

Brooklyn. You Irish?


I thought so.

Who's driving Pelham 123?

Maybe something fell on the tracks.

Wait. Are we going backwards?


42nd Street tower, I got a train wrong-railing on the southbound Lexington Avenue Line just north of you.

(OVER PA) Listen up, we need to stop and stay in-station.

All southbound locals just north of the 51 st Street station.

The operator on 123 is Jerry Pollard.

Jerry Pollard. I know Jerry Pollard. I went to motorman school with Jerry Pollard.

Pelham 123, come in to me, Pelham 123.

Pelham 123, Jerry Pollard, what's going on down there?

(OVER RADIO) This is Control Center. What's going on, 123?

Let's get an express train to go up, pull alongside them, see what we see in the cab.

MAN: (OVER RADIO) Yeah, this is South Ferry 105.

I can't get my windshield wiper to turn on.

South Ferry 105, there's a circuit breaker right behind you for that.

What's going on?

Maestro, what's going on?

Cop. COP: Excuse me.


Watch your backs. Watch your backs.

When I say stop, stop it hard.

Transit Police. Stop.




Everybody sit the fuck down!


Down! Aah!

Sit the fuck down!

MAN: (ON RADIO) Jesus! We're getting reports of gunshots down the tunnel.

GARBER: Sergeant Moran.

Delgado, let's call off that express. Got it.


I'm gonna die. I'm gonna fucking die, man.

Come on! Hey.

Everybody up! By the window! Come on, up, up, up!

Stand up! Stand up! Come on!

Move it! Against the window!

What the fuck is going on?

RAMOS: (OVER RADIO) There was a cop. Bashkin shot him.

I think... I think he's dead.

Put Bashkin on and find your fucking guts!

Do it! Fuck.

RYDER: What happened? A cop. He's dead.

Put the conductor on.

What's your name, conductor? Regina.

Regina, baby, listen, you got a job to do, honey.

A job?

Yeah, God put you on this Earth for one thing and one thing only.

You're gonna conduct those people off the train and up to the platform station. You got that? Let me hear it.

Let me hear you do that.

Listen up, everybody.

We're gonna go back to the platform. I need everybody to...

RYDER: Regina. Let's do it again.

Conduct those people.

Listen up, everybody. Now, we're gonna head back towards the platform.

I want everybody to slowly get up.

I'm gonna get you off this train. Good.

Now, we're gonna be on the tracks, so if you don't need it, leave it.


WOMAN: (OVER RADIO) Have been put on alert regarding...

OFFICER: Right here, right here. Right here, right here.

Cross right here, right here.

MAN 1: Go.

OFFICER: Cross over right here, right here.

MAN 2: Let's go.

Up the stairs, up the stairs. OFFICER: Here you go.

Every cop in the city is on the way. Maybe it wasn't even gunshots.

I mean, a train could be blowing the breakers, right? Or the motor blew?

No, this is on purpose.

Fuck you.

Yeah, I'm coming. Get the fuck off the walls.

Shut the fuck up and come on.

Shit. Come on.

Ramos. Turn the power off from there down.


Turn the power off from there down!

Okay, I got it!

BASHKIN: My fucking lucky day.

Shit. What the fuck is wrong with you, man?

RYDER: (OVER RADIO) Pelham 123 to Rail Control Center. Do you read me?

Yes, I read you, Pelham 123.

This is Control Center. Who is this?

Heh, heh, heh. It's me, man.

I didn't wanna call till everything was ready.

(WHISPERING) it's not Jerry. I don't know who it is.

(IN NORMAL VOICE) I understand, I understand, Pelham 123.

Who the hell is this?

This is the man who's gonna rock this city.

This is the man who's gonna give the city a run for the money.

Look up. Look up at your screen and you tell me what you see.

You see what I've done?

I see it.

RYDER: One car is much more manageable than 10 with the manpower I got.

Mr. Motorman's gonna tell you all about it. Tell him what we got here.

They got hostages, lots of them.

And, uh, they got machine guns. (WHISPERING) That's Jerry.

(WHISPERING) Yeah. That's Jerry. RYDER: Yeah, that's right.

You check me, do you understand that?

(IN NORMAL VOICE) I check, I understand.

Didn't I tell you to knock first?

RYDER: (OVER SPEAKER) Good, because this is what we call a cash transaction.

Now, you understand commodities, don't you?

You know, pork bellies? Gold? Light crude?

Listen. Listen, no disrespect, but maybe... Maybe I'm not the guy you should be talking to.

Oh, no, you are exactly the guy I wanna talk to.

Now, I want you to look at the ticker and you tell me what is the going rate for a New York City hostage today?

You think a million dollars is too much? I do. I think it's corny.

Now get your calculator out. You got one?


RYDRT: Do you haνe a calculator? Yeah, we got one. I got one.

Okay, good. Add this up. You got $526,315 and 79 cents.

That's 526,315.79.

Now, times that by 19.

What do you got?

What is he, a goddamn accountant?

That's 10 million? What do you got?

That comes out to 10 million plus one cent.

Oh. That is a deal.

You call the mayor and you tell him the price.

And then you tell him I want it in 100,000 $100 bills, you got that?

I got it. What about the one cent?

Oh, you keep that one cent, that's your broker fee.

Now, I want the rest in plain suitcases the kind with the wheels and the portable handle, okay?

Now, this is not a futures contract. This is a spot trade.

That means there's a time limit on it. Okay, you got that?

Now, what do you think is a fair time limit?

You know, I don't know. I'm really just a guy...

Come on, give me a time limit.

Give me a fair time limit.


I was thinking more like an hour. Now, what's your watch say?


Oh, that's exactly what my watch says.

So at 3:13, I want that money here, motherfucker.

And after that, there is a late fee.

What do you think that late fee is gonna be?

Come on, tell me what it'll be.

You're gonna kill the passengers?

Oh, commodities is what I start to kill.

One for every minute past the deadline I am forced to wait.

Now, they become more valuable this way and still at the same price.

(IN NORMAL VOICE) He's underground in the tunnel. He's never gonna pull this off.

Don't tell me, tell him. Who the hell is this guy?

I don't know who it is!

MORAN: Garber, Garber, just stay with it.

RYDER: Now, what's your name? I didn't get your name.

What's your name, my man? My name?

What's your name?

Tell him?

Garber. Garber, okay.

Now, seriously, man, in 59 minutes, I'm gonna start killing passengers.

So my advice to you is to get on the phone, get the mayor notified now.

Listen, I mean...

I'm just a civil-service employee. I can't get ahold of the mayor.

Well, that's your problem, man, that's not mine.

It's like, who's responsible for who lives and who dies in New York?

That's New York City's problem.

Get the fuck off the radio and notify the mayor, motherfucker!


Nine months of this, and I'm free.

Next mayor gets inaugurated, I'm gonna be sitting in Saint-Tropez on the beach with a piña colada.

I will never have to ride the subway ever again.

Never say never, sir. Never.

All right, what's next for the afternoon?

East Harlem Elementary at 2:30.

You're supposed to read The Cat In The Hat to the third grade.

Every time I go to the schools, I get sick. They all have runny noses.

Call Dr. Katz, tell him I want him waiting at the school, with a fu shot.

Mayor's office.

He's in Car 3. MAN: Yeah.

What happened?

Somebody just hijacked a 6 train.

It's stopped in the tunnel between 51 st and 42nd.

Another idiot with a gun. What do we know?

It's unclear, but I have a car waiting for us downstairs.

Subway will get us there faster.

All right. Let the doors close.

Tell them we'll meet them at 59th Street.

Tell the conductor this is now an express.

We're skipping the next five stops. What?

MAN: I gotta get to work. Hold on, hold on.

Everybody will get where they need to go, we'll make all the stops.

Maybe he's not such a douche bag after all, huh?


Figures you'd be the one to get a call like this.

Hostage negotiation team is here in five minutes, and the mayor's been notified.

You gonna tell him? Get the fuck out of here.

My shift's over in 10 minutes.

What are you staring at? Your face.

I'm trying to remember for when it's not here anymore.

You gonna start in on me now?

Damn right, I'm gonna start in on you.

Don't fuck this up, Garber. You wanna do it?

It's your station, it's your call.

Oh, it's my call now? JOHNSON: That's right. Your call.

Come on.

GARBER: (OVER RADIO) Pelham 123, come in, this is Rail Control Center. Are you there?

Gerber Baby boy. What's up?

Garber. Just wanted to let you know the mayor's been notified.

Are they gonna pay?

I don't know. I'm just the, uh, what'd you call me? The, uh, broker.

No, no. No, you represent the city of New York right now, buddy.

Well, I can tell you you're dealing with one of the all-time bureaucracies, I know that.

I mean, it takes time. You'd better fix the bureaucracy, because when the time comes, these motherfuckers, these hostages are gonna go real quick.

You got it, you got it. Any other demands?

Yeah, well, no fucking pizza for them, either, man.

No, I mean, are you guys, like, you know, are you terrorists?

Do I sound like a terrorist? Do I terrorize you?

Actually, you don't, but I mean, not that I ever talked to one.


So, what, this is just about money?

Oh, is there anything else?

There's not dying.

Yeah, well, you know, you live, you die. You either go with the current or you fight it, you all end up in the same place.

Where's that, Jersey?

Yeah, you watch it. I was born there, man.

I'm just saying, you're up in the motorman's cab.

That means you're on the radio, which means that you're an easy target.

You gotta know the drill.

I know that soon I won't be alone, and if I'm the first to get shot, I'm the first of many to get shot.

That's correct, but then you'd still be dead.

Dead is an improvement on a lot of things I can think of, buddy boy.

Sounds like he slept with my ex.

You know, we all owe God a death.

And I'm a man who pays his debts.

Are you a man who pays his debts?

Yeah, yeah, sure. TV, cable, and my mortgage.

That's a little like dying once a month.

Oh, you're married, you're a married man.


No, no, no. You're married, man. Married men have mortgages.

What about you? You got a mortgage?

Well, I don't know, Garber. Why don't you tell me, then we'll both know?

I don't know. I mean, you... I'm sure someone out there loves you dearly and, uh, you know, would be worried about you.

Like I said, you're in the motorman's cab, you got no cover, sniper on the way.

Well, you know, circumstances are my protection because right now, you know, hostages are good insurance.

By the way I see it, I'm pretty well-protected.

You know, this reminds me of being in a confessional.

GARBER: Are you Catholic?

I'm married, you're Catholic.

Maybe. I don't know. No, you're Catholic.

And a Catholic... A good Catholic would know that he's got a trainload of innocent people.

I mean, you don't wanna kill innocent people, do you?

A good Catholic knows that nobody is innocent.

And I'm not gonna kill all these hostages. I'd give up my leverage.

Well, I hope you know what you're doing.

Yeah, well, it's running like a fucking Swiss watch down here, so don't worry about it.

So, what do I call you anyway?

Call me Ryder.

As in "train rider"?

Call me Ryder, with a Y.


I like you, Garber.

Ha, ha. I do like you, man.

You may be the last friend I ever make.

Well, I hope you're wrong, Mr. Ryder. But, you know, I'm just a guy.

I'm just a guy on the other end of the mic.

Oh, you don't think this was meant to be?

You don't think this was fate, you and me?

I don't know. You know, things happen that lead to other things.

And maybe this was one of them, but that's it.

I never get excited about coincidence.

Well, you got 50 fucking minutes, so check me.

All right. 50 minutes, check.

And don't call me unless you got news.

You got it. Motherfucker.


You're fucking good, man.

Okay. Move it the other way.

All right, come on, move it. The other way.

Okay, now move it back a little less.

Bingo. Got it.

RAMOS: All right, we got it.



Who's talked to these jokers? That would be me.

Yeah, under my supervision. Who are you?

Vincent Camonetti, N.Y.P.D. Hostage Negotiation Team.

JOHNSON: John Johnson, Chief Transportation Officer.

Walter Garber. I'm Console Dispatch, right now.

What can you tell me, Walter?

Uh, his name is Ryder, with a Y.

And he's asking for $10 million by 3:13.

CAMONETTI: Good. He's looking toward the future.

He say what he'd do if he doesn't get the money?

Yeah. He said he'd kill a passenger every minute we go over.

Starting at 3:13 p.m.? 3-1-3, yes, sir.

Anything else? He's smart.

JOHNSON: If he's so smart, why is he doing something so fucking stupid?

Is he on the train radio?

GARBER: Yeah, yeah, we can get him right here.

Any chance that we can get a signal down there?

We'd like to get him on one of our cell phones.

No, there's no chance, not where he is. Uh-uh.

What's this? "Leverage, spot trade"?

Yeah, it's weird. He's like a money guy, like a Wall Street.

He talked about the passengers like they were commodities.

"Catholic"? Yeah, I think he's Catholic.

For chrissakes, Garber, you gonna tell us what his zodiac sign is now?

No, I'm just saying, in my opinion, I think he's Catholic.

Man asked me about "Catholic."

I wrote it down. I'm giving him my opinion.

Unlike other people, around here, I actually have an opinion.

Fellas, can we settle this domestic dispute later?


CAMONETTI: Why do you think he's Catholic?

Well, I think he's Catholic because he talked about original sin and confessions.

I don't know, I wrote it down. I didn't know what else to do.

Did he ask for a priest? GARBER: No.

Good. Anything else?

Uh, yeah, he sounded like, you know, the way he was talking, he sounded like he's not afraid to die.

Yeah, well, it's early yet. Hm.

The calls are coming through...? Yes, sir. Right here.

You hit the blue button here, you can reach him.

And then he'll come back to you.

You mind if I take your seat?

No, no, go right ahead. CAMONETTI: Thank you, Walter.

GARBER: You're welcome.

And then this one here, this is the six wire. You don't have to touch that one.

All right. Okay. That goes around the whole room.

Six wire. Listen, why don't you, uh...

Just hit the talk here, and then that mutes it.

Take the rest of the day off. Get out of here.

I thought I'd stick around, just make sure that...

Well, that wasn't a suggestion. So why don't you go home?

All right.

This is it. You got all the information over here about the 313.

Wait for his call.

MAN: You want me to work it up right now?

CAMONETTI: You call headquarters, let them know that I'm here, and I'm on the job. Okay.


I gotta take a piss.

So who's stopping you?

All right. We wouldn't wanna end up on any Amnesty international lists, so step up to the door, face out.

Open the middle door.

Do what you gotta do.

Can I jump down there?


You gotta go or don't you? I do, I gotta go.

Step up, my man. Let's go, let's go.

That kid's going places. All right, close the doors.

CAMONETTI: (OVER RADIO) Pelham 123, come in.

Pelham 123, please come in. All right, everybody, sit down!

Who is this?

This is Lieutenant Camonetti. I'm with the N.Y.P.D. Hostage Negotiation Team.

I'd like to talk to you about the situation that we're in.

Where the fuck is Garber?

Mr. Garber is a train dispatcher.

This is now a police matter. Yeah, well, I wanna talk to Garber.

I'm sorry, Mr. Ryder, but Mr. Garber is no longer involved.

Motorman, up!

Put Garber on the line. To be honest, Mr. Garber has gone home.

Put Garber on the fucking line or I kill the motorman.

I guarantee you, Mr. Ryder, that I am the best person for you to be talking to right now.

Just give me a moment and I'll explain why.

You were always gonna be the first one to go.

MAN: Oh, Jesus!

WOMAN: Jesus.

Mr. Camonetti, you got 60 fucking seconds before I kill another.

Okay? Fifty-nine, 58, 57...

CAMONETTI: Get him. Just get Garber, huh?

Fifty-six, 55, 54... We're trying to locate Mr. Garber.

ASAP, Mr. Ryder. Why did you do that?

Mr. Camonetti or whatever fucking greaseball name you got, the city of fucking New York killed Jerry, okay?

Fifty-three, 52, 51...


Garber. Garber!

Garber, he killed Jerry Pollard, man.

Come on, he wants to talk to you right now.

He's here. He's on the way.

Eleven, 10, nine, eight, seven...

CAMONETTI: He's approaching the desk.

Six, five, four, three, two, one...

Hey, it's me, it's Garber.

Garber! You didn't say goodbye.

You killed Jerry?

No, the city of fucking New York killed Jerry, okay?

The biggest rat hole in the world fucking killed Jerry.

Okay? Now you can chalk another victim up to NYC.

Now, can everybody hear me?

Yeah, we hear you, loud and clear.

Well, good, because now you don't have to tell the cops that they don't tell me how to do it or how it's gonna be.

I fucking tell them.

Don't you ever, ever leave me again.

Or I'll just have to hunt you down and I'll kill you.

Now, you got 39...

Thirty-nine minutes. Check me.

Thirty-nine, check.

This is Staley to ESU 2. What's your position?

OFFICER 1: ESU 2 approaching hostage car from south tunnel.

OFFICER 2: Go, go, go.

Ten-million dollars. I'll just write him a check and get it over with.

He wants it in cash. I was joking, LaSalle.

But we've been given one hour to get the money together.

Ten-million dollars. Where do they get these numbers?

Oh, actually, 10 is the limit, sir.

MAYOR: Why is that?

You just sign a request to the City Controller, he forwards it to one of our lenders, cash gets released to the Federal Reserve. Limit at any one time is 10 million.

Well, some idiot with a gun wouldn't know that. I didn't know that.

Well, you're very busy, sir. How do you know that?

Here he is.

MAYOR: Henry, what's the situation?

They just killed a hostage. Bitch of a way to find out, but these guys may be the real deal.

Guys? I thought there was one idiot with a gun. Who are they?

Multiple gunmen. We don't know. They're not sure.

They've got 18 hostages, they say.

They'll kill more in an hour. That's the time limit. They want you to know.

Well, what do we know about them? They're not amateurs.

They cut out a car, stopped on a rise in the tunnel.

They can see us coming 100 yards either way.

All right. How long to get the money together?

I don't know. Find out.

You're not thinking of paying these pricks, are you?

I'm thinking of buying time and being ready.

Call the Controller. Tell them we'll pay.

What's with you and Garber, huh? Tell me about him.

Was he scheduled to work today?

Yeah, absolutely. But, uh... But what?

Well, he's only had this particular job for a couple weeks now.

Well, why is that? Well, he's under investigation.


JOHNSON: We were gonna suspend him, with pay...

CAMONETTI: What's he being investigated for?


He went to Japan. He had to take a look at some new trains, (CELL PHONE RINGING)

And the allegation is that he took a bribe.

Took a bribe? Does he have a previous record?

No. Not that I know. You sure of that?

Yeah, yeah. I don't think so. I gotta take this.

MAN: (OVER COMPUTER) The identity of the hijackers is still unclear.

The Hostage Negotiation Team has just arriνed at MTA headquarters to determine if this is a terrorist enterprise.

Is that what we are? An enterprise?


We're an enterprise.

Well, pilot reports that the aircraft has begun its descent.

This is Staley to ESU 4. What's your ETA?

OFFICER: Approximately two minutes south of target.

Why is the train called Pelham 123?

Comes out of Pelham Bay at 1:23 in the afternoon.

How did you end up with this call?

Uh, it's a Lexington Avenue train.

I got the Lexington Avenue desk. Came through my desk.

Can you think of any reason why you'd be targeted?

Someone wanna hurt you? Something against you or something?


You recognize his voice?

Uh, no. No, as I said, it was a coincidence it came through my desk.

Did you pick this desk? Or was it assigned to you?

Did I...?

I said, did you pick this desk or was it assigned to you?

Can I take my coat off?

Doesn't make any sense.

What doesn't? The guy you're talking to.

He ain't a train dispatcher. Walter Garber.

He's a big shot. Big shot at what?

Rail Control. I mean, he runs things up there.

At least he did before I went up. His name is Walter?

RAMOS: Yeah.

Dude like that shouldn't be answering the phone.

Mr. Ryder wants to talk to you. GARBER: Right.

Are you sure you don't have some sort of relationship with him?

I assure you, whatever relationship I have with him is better than yours.

Jerry, my friend, was killed while you were talking to Ryder.

So maybe that's a question you should ask yourself instead of asking me.

I mean, I didn't have anything to do with this.

I didn't say that. Well, I'm sure.

But what I have in you, Mr. Garber, is an unknown variable.

GARBER: An unknown variable? That's right.

And people's lives are at stake.

I understand that. So please excuse me if I try to get more comfortable with you, okay?

It ain't working, but okay.

All right. Now, with that in mind, would you agree to a consensual search of your house?

Take me 40, 45 minutes to get a warrant.


Yes, okay.

Got him.

Walter Garber, right there. RYDER: Whoa.

No shit, look at this.

Guy took a bribe, man. Yeah.

Woo-hoo, baby!

ESU 2, this is Staley. What's your overall status?

OFFICER: All positions secured.

STALEY: (OVER RADIO) All right, hold your fire until instructed.

Pelham 123, can you hear me?

Yeah, loud and clear, back at you.

All right, uh, the mayor has agreed to pay, and, uh, they're getting the money together right now.


Well, you know, you got 28 minutes, so I advise him to make haste.

I'm sure he will.

So is your first name Walter?

Excuse me? Your name, is it Walter?

Yes, it is. RYDER: Good.

What are you doing dispatching trains?

I thought you were some sort of MTA big shot.

I work for the MTA. Today they put me at dispatch, and my bad luck.

Oh. I thought you didn't believe in bad luck.

I said I didn't believe in fate.

Do you believe in rigged contracts for new trains?

Look, I... What are we talking about this for?

Look, I need to know who I'm dealing with.

You need to know who...?

Yeah, I want to know who I'm dealing with. I mean, are you a bad penny?

Let me explain something to you.

Being accused of something is one thing.

Being guilty of it is something entirely different.

Well, agreed. But you gotta take me through this, my man.

You got to tell me from the top. This whole train thing. Come on.

GARBER: All right, I started out in maintenance.

Platform maintenance, track maintenance, flagman, conductor. RYDER: Conductor, really?

Yeah. And then motorman.

A motorman. How long did you do that for?

I drove them over six years.

I went to tower operations, assistant dispatcher, dispatcher.

I finally ended up...

Yeah, you're assistant chief transportation officer or something.


That's right.

And part of my job is to go out to the manufacturers, you know, the people who build the trains and bid on contracts for the trains.

Is that where you took the bribe?

The Japanese train over the Canadian train?

I did not take a bribe, all right? I was accused of taking a bribe.

I have not been proven guilty yet.

Well, they haven't said yet. I mean, they haven't decided.

Well, they got no proof. I don't care what they decide.

It... What... They don't need... It doesn't matter...

And then is this when they demoted you?

That's correct. They demoted me, pending the outcome.

And now they're trying to humiliate you, is that right?


Look, I know how these things work, man, okay?

Everything doesn't seem to appear like what it is.

But you've gotta be completely honest with me, man.

I don't know what you're talking about.

How did you do it?

I didn't. I'm innocent.

Oh, you're innocent.

No, you're talking to a Catholic, man.

We've been over innocent before. Okay?

Look, man, I've been through all this, man.

So just tell me, how did you do it?

I didn't do it.

Okay, that's it! That's fucking it!

Damn it.

Kid. You. Me?

No, no, you. Up. Get the fuck over there.

I don't know what you did to piss him off but you did.

Garber. You know what I'm looking at?

Do you know what I'm looking at? No, I do not.

First there's my gun, and at the end of my gun... What's your name, man?

George. Everyone calls me Geo. George. His friends call him Geo.

Got this '80s skateboard thing going.

He makes it work, but it's not gonna look too good in his casket.

Listen, Ryder, just slow down. We haven't reached the deadline.

No, there's no fucking deadline, man.

You just gotta tell me the truth.

About what? RYDER: The bribe!

Did you take it? GARBER: I didn't take a bribe.

Okay, you got five seconds to save this kid's life.

GARBER: I didn't do anything.

Five... Just wait a second.

Four, three... Wait a second!

RYDER: Two...

Fucking tell him how you did it.

All... All right, okay.

RYDER: Say it. I took the bribe.

How much?

Thirty... Uh...

How fucking much?

Thirty-five thousand dollars.

How did you do it?

I went to Japan to look at these trains.

It's part of my job.


I don't get to vote, okay? I just recommend.

I... I chose what I thought was the best train, and the Japanese had the best train, and I made my recommendation.

That's before you took the bribe.


That was the train you were gonna pick anyway, huh?


And now you're fighting for your job and they're trying to humiliate you aren't they?

No, no, no. I did what I did.

And, um...

And it's not, you know, it's not the MTA's fault.

What did you spend it on?

Look, what does this got to do with anything, huh?

What did you fucking spend it on?

I used the money for my kids, all right?

To pay my children's tuition.

I have a 17-year-old. I have a 19-year-old daughter.


And I used the money to pay for their college tuition, all right?

RYDER: You know what, Garber?

You're my goddamn hero, you know that?

You got a kid here, you don't even know him, you saved his life.

That's brave, man. That's fucking heroic.

Tell Garber thank you. Thank you, Garber.

"Thank you, Garber, for saving my life."

Thank you, Garber, for saving my life.

You're welcome.

Sit down.

You're just like me, Garber. I fueled this city.

I fed it breakfast every morning, and now we're the bad guys.

I don't think so. I don't fucking think so!


Hello, Therese.

THERESE: (OVER PHONE) Honey, look.

There are police here, Walt. They wanna search the house.

They said you said it was okay.

Uh, yeah. Yeah, it's okay. It's... Just let them in.

We got nothing to hide.

Is this about the investigation?

No, no. You watching TV?

This hostage thing. Yeah, yeah, I'm watching it.

Well, it's just that, um...

Well, I'll tell you about it when I get home, but I'm in the middle of it here right now and they just wanna do background checks on everybody that's involved here from the MTA.

That's why they're at the house. All right, okay. But you're okay?

I'm fine, I'm fine. Just let them in. I'll see you when I get home.

All right. Okay, bye.

I'm sorry, Walter.

I am.

Listen, don't let this guy bring you into his reality, all right?

That's what he wants to do. He hurts you, you gonna get angry.

He's got the advantage.

Understand? Yeah.

Just deflect, if you can.

Okay? All right. All right.



I hope they don't get fucking lost.

Fuck me! Ten-million bucks.

The joke is, say we dipped in, took some?

Bad guys would count it, come up short, probably kill us.

No shit.

Geo, what the fuck's happening?

GIRL: (OVER COMPUTER) Geo. Geo, what's going on?


I'm a fucking hostage.

Listen to me. Stream it on our site. Call the news.



We've gotta do something. They're gonna kill us.

You got a plan?

I thought you'd have one.

Because I'm some tough-looking black guy?

I saw that ring on your finger.

That was a long time ago.


My husband had one just like it.

WOMAN: (ON COMPUTER) A severe sell-off underway, the Dow is down 450 points in very heavy trading as yall Street reacts to the terrorist attack of the New York City subway system.


MAYOR: How's my hair look?

It looks fine. You ready to make a statement?

I'll make a statement when I have something to tell them.

It's a leadership moment, sir.

I'm not running for re-election, I'm not running for fucking president.

I left my Rudy Giuliani suit at home.

You're being selfish. It'll take 30 seconds to reassure them.

WOMAN 1: Over there! MAN 1: Mr. Mayor!

WOMAN 2: Mr. Mayor! Mr. Mayor!

MAN 2: Will you be making a statement?

We're doing everything the situation demands.

I'm not gonna speculate right now. All right?

MAN 3: Mayor, is it terrorism? MAYOR: No.

WOMAN 3: Hey.

MAN 4: Mayor! Are they terrorists?

All right, all right, all right!

Listen, nobody said anything about terrorism, or a bomb, anything like that. Let's stop that right now, all right?

How about your divorce? Care to speculate about how that's going?

Your divorce, sir.

Been a lot of talk in the news lately that you have extramarital problems. Your divorce, sir!


Put it on channel 15.

We got a girl in Brooklyn watching it on her boyfriend's computer.

It's on the damn Internet. What?

Hold on.

Son of a bitch. That's Ramos, isn't it?

That's motherfucking Phil Ramos.

Yes, it is. Who's Phil Ramos?

He was a motorman. He killed a couple of passengers, what, 10 years ago?

Right. He was high on cough syrup, ran into the platform, went to jail for manslaughter.

Phil Ramos, five minutes, I want everything.

Prison time, known associates, the works. Looks like it's from the floor.

Should the Internet be working down there?

No. No way.

Maybe that's how he knows about you. Maybe he Googled you.

Or maybe Ramos told him, who knows?

CAMONETTI: Goddamn, it's the mayor. Hello, Your Honor.

Do me a favor, forget about those guys.

GARBER: Easy for you to say.

Would you rather be one of those hostages?


Listen up, I'll give you a crash course on hostage negotiating.

We're like rodeo clowns.

We keep the bull from focusing on what he'd like to do.

Which is what? Kill a cowboy.

Exactly. Now, he's got his deadline. You slow things down.

Preservation of life. That's our mission.

Guy's already proven he's serious.

Next deadline's gonna give him a chance to prove it again.

How do we deal with that?

Hopefully, get the money there on time.

And if we don't, we pretend the deadline doesn't exist, we talk through it, we buy time, we get a little movement.

Movement? That's right.

Contradicts himself, inconsistency in his demand, you got some movement.

Right. All right, let's go out there.

MAN: (ON COMPUTER) This was the scene moments ago outside the Rail Control Center in Midtown.

MAYOR: I'm not gonna speculate right now.

That is a beautiful suit he's got there.

Can't get it out of my head. I'm gonna die today.

Visualization's a very powerful thing.

You keep thinking it, you never know.

Please let it be me who drops this motherfucker.

RYDER: Hey, Garber. You there, buddy?

Yeah, I'm here.

RYDER: (OVER RADIO) A little birdie told me the mayor just walked in.

Can I talk to him?

Can he hear me? How does he know I'm here?

Does he have a camera in here? Can he hear me?

Uh, we can, we can, we can... We can all hear you here. Yes.

Okay, good. So tell him... Tell him I wanna make him a deal.

Tell him I'll make him a deal right now.

Okay, all right.

Well, come on, speak up, Mr. Mayor.

You're talking to your constituents.

We got a train full of registered voters. Don't you care?

Don't you care about your voters?

This is not a good idea. Your Honor, don't talk. Don't engage with him.

I know what I'm doing, I've been doing this for a long time now.

RYDER: Come on, buddy, speak up.

You gotta hit the blue button there, Your Honor.

Yes, this is the mayor.

Heh, heh, hey. Good to meet you, man.

Hey, listen, tell me this, is this true?

I read that you make, like, one dollar a year to be a mayor of New York, is that true?

Yes, but at least it's honest work.

After taxes that's, like, 87 cents, isn't it?

Uh, yes.

Don't bullshit me, man.

It would take, like, 3000 years to pay off that suit that you're wearing.

What do you got, 20, 30 million dollars or something like that?

You don't get that without screwing someone, screwing everyone.

I'm sure your wife knows something about that, huh?

You said you had a deal for me.

Yeah, I do have a deal. I wanna make you a deal.

I wanna tell you you could come down here, and I will trade you for all these passengers in the train, how's that?

Okay, you could save the lives of 17 New Yorkers.

Now, that's a good deal.

What do you think?

Give us a moment.

RYDER: Okay.

I'll give you a moment.

You turn this into a circus, you're gonna get someone else killed, all right?

Now, you entered his world, exit it.

Okay, time's up. What's the deal?

It's a very nice offer, but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to decline.

Oh, good. Because if you begged me, I wouldn't give you that deal, man.

You think anyone cares about a philandering asshole like you?

The city of New York would love me to pull the fucking trigger on you, brother.

Hey, Garber. This is the dude. This is the guy that's trying to get rid of you, my man.

Keep talking. RYDRT: Do you believe this shit?

GARBER: You gotta calm... RYDRT: You don't think he broke the same rules that we broke?

He knows it, I know it. Calm him down.

All right, hey... RYDRT: He can eat shit.

CAMONETTI: Calm him down. You're... Speak...

You're breaking up. Tell him he can fucking kiss my ass!

I like the deal. I think it's a good deal, but...

RYDER: Fuck you, Mr. Mayor!

Now, I want my fucking money now! You understand me? Now!

Just tell him the money's on the way.

The money's on the way.

Yeah, yeah. Because he's, like, a used-car salesman, this asshole.

He can lick my bunghole, motherfucker!

One mistake and everyone has something to say.

Was she worth it?


You have nine minutes. How are you gonna get the money here?

They're shutting down every intersection from here to Brooklyn.


Phil Ramos, male, Hispanic, 39.

Sentenced two to four years for manslaughter, paroled last month from Clinton Correctional.

Now, his PO, Justafarro, says he's living in a halfway house in Queens.

He's not an absconder, he made his all his appearances, his piss has been clean.

But he was a no-show at work today. He didn't call in, nothing.

He knows the system.

The perfect place in the subway to stop the train.

He's only been out a month. This wasn't planned in the last three weeks.

Find out who Ramos's cellmates were, who worked in the laundry with him.

Call lists, visitors lists, ASAP.


WOMAN: (OVER RADIO) 105 North Avenue.

Oh, shit! Look out! Shit!

WOMAN: (ON TV) The market has tumbled nearly 7 percent as investors continue to react to events...

They just came off the bridge.

Why didn't we send a helicopter for the money?

Walter, now remember what I said about talking through deadlines, right?

We better have a plan B in case the money isn't there on the dot.

Put him back on his heels. He knows things.

We know things too, right? Right.

Ask him about Phil Ramos. All right? Just get him talking.

DELGADO: You can do it.

Hey, Ryder. RYDER: The money here yet?

GARBER: (OVER RADIO) On the way.

Then what the fuck are you calling me for?

GARBER: Actually, I just called to talk.

RYDER: (OVER SPEAKER) Oh, yeah? What do you wanna talk about?

You said that being in the motorman's cab, that was a little like being in a confessional, right?


I was thinking maybe it's like being in a prison cell too.

What are you trying to say? That if I get caught, I'd better get used to it?

No, I'm just wondering. Maybe you're already used to it.

I'm wondering maybe that's how you meet a guy like Phil Ramos?

How the fuck he know that?

Well, why don't you tell me, Garber? Then we'll both know.

I mean, after today's confession, you're gonna find your ass in prison too.

Which is my point. I want you to hook me up on the inside.

I know you know everybody. This way, when I come up with my own heist plan, you know, I'll cut you in.

I can see I've inspired you. Okay, I got a story for you.

It might help you in prison. You wanna hear it? We got a minute.

Yeah, I'd like to hear a little story.

RYDER: All righty. So back in the day, when I was a high roller...

GARBER: When were you ever a high roller?

RYDRT: Well, you know, I told you I fed this city breakfast every morning.

Grits and eggs?

Oh, something like that. Anyway, back in the day, I took this chick to Iceland.

Iceland? Is that where all the high rollers go? Iceland?

Six hours from Kennedy and the nightclub scene is, uh, you know, is intense.

I thought I'd take this chick to Iceland.

What's her name? Ludvika.

She was Lithuanian. She was an ass model.

She asked you what?

You heard of hand models, right?

Advertisement? Right, she was an ass model.

She did jeans and, you know, magazines and shit.

Anyway, it was Fashion Week in New York, and I took her to Iceland.

Ludvika, Lithuanian, ass model, Iceland, you took her to the ice.

So what? RYDER: Well, for 500 bucks, they'll take you on a dogsled ride on a glacier.

GARBER: Dogsled? RYDER: Yeah.

And you know the old saying, If you're not the lead dog, the view never changes? Right.

Otherwise, you're always looking at the asshole of the dog in front of you.

RYDER: That'll be funny in a minute when I get to that part.

It's funny now.


And it's 8 in the morning, we haven't been to bed yet, and we're tooling across this glacier, and I got this hangover that's creeping up the back of my neck, and guess what I'm looking at?

Obviously you're staring at the ass of the dog in front of you.

RYDER: You got it.

So this dog, out of nowhere, just lifts its hind legs up, and puts them in the harness there and just takes a shit while he's running on his front paws.

So he's dumping and running all at the same time.

Now, that's multi-fucking-tasking if you ask me.

Get out of here. Did it hit you?

Shit always hits you, man.


I didn't know it at the time, but it was profound.

GARBER: Profound? You lost me. RYDER: Yeah.

Well, you know, when I went to prison later on, which you called, uh, I had trouble going to the toilet.

You know, a privacy thing.

And I couldn't take a shit. I was scared shitless, literally.

So you know what I thought of?

You thought of the dog. RYDER: That's right.

I thought if that dog could do what it needed to do, so could I.

Saved my fucking life.

Wow, that is profound.

(WHISPERING) Keep going.

And, you know, it's... It's... It's...

People adapt. It's like you and I, like today.

We didn't know how the day was gonna start.

RYDER: Wrong. GARBER: Wrong what?

I knew exactly how it was gonna start.

Yeah, but do you know how it's gonna end?

I'm tired of talking to you, Garber. Now, wait a minute.

Call me when the money comes in. You got four minutes.

I don't know what he looks like, but he sounds good.

Fucking talk shit, what are you fucking doing?

He's got a sexy voice though, man. He'd be my bitch in prison.

Where are we?

Less than 10 blocks away. We'll make it.


Fuck, look out!


MAN 1: Jesus.

Shit. The goddamn money car crashed on 1 st Avenue.

Get a radio car, put it on the motorcycles, get it there.


MAN 2: Watch it. Easy.

MAN 3: Here, lean up here.

MAN 4: Hey, get that last bag.


You got 22 seconds, Garber. GARBER: All right, we just had a little problem over here, that's all. I don't care.

Two minutes. HENRY: Just tell him it's here.

How the hell's he gonna know? I don't think we should lie.

CAMONETTI: Tell him the truth. HENRY: No, tell him it's there. Do it.

GARBER: Tell him the truth?

He's gonna make me do it.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six... Tell him the truth or lie?

Tell him the truth. No. Tell him it's there.

Four, three... HENRY: Tell him it's here.

It's here. Two, one.

The money's there, it's at 42nd and Vanderbilt.

Liar! Motherfucking liar!


One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. GARBER: Ryder. All right, listen.

Lucky lady, up. Come on, up. GARBER: We made a mistake.

Shit. I think that's him. That's Ryder. RYDER: (ON VIDEO) Lucky lady, up.

GARBER: Ryder, listen to me. Listen, listen. It was an accident.

Keep talking. Ryder, we made a mistake. I'm...

It's my fault. The car crashed. MAYOR: Tell him something!

GARBER: That's why the money's not there.


Up! Wait.

Fuck, no. RYDER: Get up!

No. Get back in line!

Ryder, like one minute it's gonna take.

Ryder, don't do this, for God's sake. It was an accident.

Come on. Wait.

It's the only plan I got.

Ryder, listen, it was an accident.

It was an accident, Ryder. We made a mistake.

It was an accident, Ryder! It was an accident!

Come on, motherfucker!

Oh, shit. WOMAN: (ON SCREEN) Aah!


Oh, my God.

ESU Team 1 to Sniper 1, do you have a shot?

That's your fault.

SNIPER: I got an easy shot. Please advise.

OFFICER: Stand by. Roger that.






What the fuck happened?

Accidental discharge. I just got bit by a fucking rat.

It's accidental discharge.

Who? Who got shot? Was it Ryder?

No, it was Ramos.

Sergeant? The money there yet? What? Yes, yes.

GARBER: (OVER RADIO) Ryder, are you there? Ryder?

RYDER: Get in here. Shoot any motherfucker that moves.

That's an order! Shit on your orders.

GARBER: Can you hear me, Ryder?

Okay, now somebody else has to die.

Two people, maybe all of us.

Did you hear me?

GARBER: I heard you, but you gotta understand, the circumstances, they're different now for you.

You gotta rethink this. No.

You got to adapt.

No, I gave you instructions, and you know the consequences!

I mean, don't you have a plan B?

No, plan B is enforcing plan A!

And the minute you stop believing me, motherfucker, that's it!

I believe you, but you gotta believe and understand that those cops are gonna be down that tunnel and next to you any second...

Bring it, man! Let them unload their guns, I don't care!

And what's the point of that? Huh? What's the point?

I told you we all owe God a death.

And now it's two minutes past the deadline, two minutes.

Which means two people, almost three, have to go.

They have to die.

The money's there, Ryder. Nobody else has to die.

The money's there.

I don't know what you owe God, but I can tell you, you can't pay him in cash.

You never see a U-Haul behind a hearse, Ryder.

The Egyptians tried it. It doesn't work. You can't take the money with you.


You can't take the money with you.

All this talk of God, I think I need to pray.

Give me a minute.

I can do that.

You did good, Walter.

HENRY: What's the reality of getting in there and ending this?

We'd have to be willing to accept heavy casualties on all sides.

It's a hard choice, but I say make it.

New York City does not have an acceptable casualty rate.

Now, this is your area of expertise, what do you suggest?

I say we should buy time. So far this son of a bitch hasn't allowed us to do that.

But this might be the first time we got through to him.

Trust your man here? He confessed to a felony 20 minutes ago.

In my opinion, there are people down there who are alive because of him.

Until we change the rules or hope runs out, we should stick with the situation we have now.

Do what you need to do.

Hey, Garber, you there?

Yeah, I'm here. RYDER: (OVER RADIO) Speak up.

GARBER: I'm here.

I talked to God. That's good. What did he say?

He said I should trust in him. All others, pay cash.

How soon can you get it down here?

Uh, from that station, it would take them about five minutes to walk it down.

RYDER: No can do. About 10 minutes to walk it down.

No, no, no, I mean you, man.

How long would it take you to come down here?

I don't understand. What do you mean me?

I mean you. I wanna meet you, Garber.

And if you bring it, I know the cops aren't bringing it.

Well, you know, I don't know how I'm gonna carry that money.

I mean, it must weigh... Two-hundred and twenty pounds.

Stick it in a wheelbarrow or something.

Why are we discussing weight? Shouldn't you be thinking, "Get the fuck out of there"? Okay, get the fuck out of there.

Good, that's progress. Now, look, plan B. Your idea.

And part of plan B is you, Garber, deliver that money, or I kill another hostage, you got that?

You got seven minutes, buddy boy.

You got six minutes and 55 seconds, check me.

Do it!

I check.

And tell that sleazebag negotiator to call me when you've got the money.

You don't have to do this.


Finally somebody got their head out of their ass, huh?



GARBER: Hey, how you doing, baby? What are you doing?

What do you mean, what am I doing?

I'm watching the thing, the hostages.

They mentioned you, I think. They said a dispatcher was talking to the terrorists.

Yeah, yeah, they're not terrorists.

They are if they're down there waving guns at people.

Right, right. Listen, Therese, are you listening?

I'm listening. Look, I'm the one that...

You're right. I was the one that's been talking to them.

I knew it. I am so proud of you.

After everything, all this, them trying to fire you.

(OVER PHONE) Them sticking you in a dispatch job and you...

Where are you?

I'm at a heliport.

I'm getting ready to get on a helicopter because they want me to take the money down to the tunnel.

What? Are they crazy?

It's real simple. There's nothing to it. CAMONETTI: Over there.

What it is, is he knows I'm not a cop, so he wants me to come down...

Is it all right if I wait here? Can I wait here?

They need me to take the money down there because they know I'm not a cop, and, uh, you know, they're saying that he might kill somebody, honey.

Well, then somebody has to die, because you can't.

He's talking to his wife.

I understand, baby. Listen to me. Listen to me.

Just tell Angela at the meet... CAMONETTI: Let's go!

When she runs over the hurdles tomorrow.

Tell her to run straight through the hurdles tomorrow.

Just like, you know, I always tell her, okay?

Come on, we gotta go.

You tell her yourself.

Now, you listen to me. Yeah, I'm listening.

Now, you do what you have to do, but we need milk.

So on your way home, I want you to bring a gallon.

Of milk? Okay.

You promise.

Why do we...? Why a gallon? Why not a half a gallon?

Just bring a gallon. A gallon.

Okay. Okay.

I can get a half a gallon, I'll get a half a gallon.

I gotta go.

All right, thanks, guys.

Put your... Put your headset on.

You ever do anything like this before? You know, go in unarmed?

Yeah. Two years ago, Brooklyn.

Flatbush Avenue. I got the hostages out.


And the guy with the gun?

The guy with the gun, didn't end well for him.

For the guy with the gun? Yeah.

It's nice seeing it from this perspective, huh?

You can see what you're fighting for.


GIRL: (OVER COMPUTER) I love you so much.

Did you hear me?


Well, do you love me back?

GEO: (OVER COMPUTER) Can't really talk right now.

All you have to say is "Yes."

That's a lot less words than saying, "I can't talk."

GEO: I'm having a really weird fucking day.

Oh, God.

If we'd anticipated this, we could have made a lot of money.

What kind of guy would you expect to take a model to Iceland for the weekend?

An ass model. An ass model.

A Wall Street guy. A Wall Street guy.


WOMAN 1: He's here!

WOMAN 2: (ON TV) The one-hour time limit reported earlier has expired.

We're not sure who this is entering. It could be hostage negotiators or police detectives.

Once we have any updates, we'll be back to you live.

Camonetti. How are you? Hey.

Mr. Garber. Lieutenant Staley.

Pleasure. You got a radio set up to the train?

Set up right back there, okay?

You can talk directly to the train or to Rail Control.

Okay. Just do what he says, and remember everything you see.

Let's go.

So who the hell did you fuck to get this job?

Myself. It was easier than it looked.

Yeah, fucking yourself always is.

CAMONETTI: (OVER RADIO) Pelham 123, come in. Pelham 123, come in.

Who am I talking to?

This is Lieutenant Camonetti. We spoke earlier.

Yeah, you're the greaseball. What'd you do, go out for a pizza?

What's my money doing, man? Where is it?

CAMONETTI: Mr. Garber is in the tunnel. The money is two minutes away.

Oh, Garber, man. That is a dependable man.

He's a good man too.

CAMONETTI: Absolutely. How about you, Ryder?

Everybody's got some good in them, don't you think?

Oh, is this the part where you try to get through to me?

I don't think so, motherfucker. Now I got three instructions for you.

Number one, when this conversation is over, I want you to restore the power to the whole sector.

Number two, I want you to clear the local tracks from 68th Street down to Coney Island.

And when I say, "Clear," I don't wanna see no cops.

I want all the lights green.

And don't trip me up with a red one, got that?


And number three, don't play games with me, or I'll track you down and I'll fuck you in your greaseball ass, motherfucker!

Over and out.

Let's go.

All right.

Know how to use one of these? No.

It's really simple. Okay?

Safety's on, safety's off.

On, off.

Just aim at anything you don't like, and you pull the trigger, you got that?

What if they frisk me? We got that covered.

That's it? That's it.

It's got a false bottom.

It's gonna be this one. You got that?

I got it. Good.

Don't worry about it.

Just don't fuck it up.

HILL: Okay.

We got an ID on Ryder.

Dennis Ford. He was released from Clinton Correctional two weeks ago.

Did a nine-year stretch.

The last four on the same cell block as Phil Ramos.

His name shows up on an Icelandic Air passenger list in September of 1998, right after Fashion Week.

Dennis Ford. You remember?

We used his case when he was running as an example of...

The kind of nonsense that we would clean up if I got elected mayor, yeah.

He ran a private equity firm.

His biggest client was the city pension fund.

He siphoned off... Try twenty-million dollars.

He did a plea bargain for three. The judge gave him 10.

Maybe that's why he's so pissed off.

Judge gave him 10 years because we didn't recover all of the city's money.

There was a couple of million unaccounted for. It was seed money.

JOHNSON: Seed money? For what?

For today. You play the terrorist card, you panic the market into a drop.

And if you know it's coming, you make a great deal of money with $2 million.

What about the hostage money? Are you kidding?

That's nothing compared to the money you could make in the market.

Let's get downtown, get to the SEC.

Check the trades, especially the put options.


MAN 1: Good luck, Garber. MAN 2: See you when you get back.


We got company.


When you put your socks on this morning, did you ever think...?

Turn around, let him frisk you.

I was worried about you. I thought maybe you'd get lost, but then I remembered you were a motorman, so...

These tunnels don't change much, do they?

Just the people in them.

Are we good? It's here. We're good.

All right, come on up.

Let's go.

Damn. You're taller than I thought you'd be.

You're good-looking too. Come on, sit down.

It's nice to meet you.

What do you weigh, about, what, 220?

Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, 220 on a good day.

Oh, that's Ramos.

He's what you would have called the brains in the operation.

Heh, heh. Pow.

Dumb fuck.

So how long has it been since you've driven one of these?


That's why you brought me down here?

Well, you're a motorman, right?

Once a motorman, always a motorman.

You play your cards right, you might get a part of the cut.




GARBER: Well, this is, uh...

It's a new train. I'm not certified on the new trains.

Well, I got faith in you, man. But I'm going to ask you one question.

You know, that thing when you told your wife about the 35 K, how did she react?

Look, we gotta talk about...? Don't be sensitive.

I'm not being... Did she freak out or what?

She wasn't happy, but she understood.

Well, that's love, right?

No, that's marriage. That's another thing.


All right, so what's the deal? You think they're gonna move that train?

Seems like a possibility. How are we covered with street-level exits, emergency exits?

STALEY: I got a blanket on the fuckers.

I got radio cars and a man at every exit from 42nd to South Ferry.

RYDER: We gotta go.

Hey, Camonetti.

Fucking greaseball, man.

Hey, greaseball, speak up.

I see red. I don't see green.

What's taking so fucking long?

Blanket is not tucked in yet.

You have to stall him. I need two minutes, buy me two minutes.

Still haven't cleared the tracks yet.

Mr. Ryder, we'll be up and ready in less than two minutes.

Okay, let me tell you. We're gonna move forward here, okay?

We're gonna move forward, and if we get onto a red signal, and the brakes trip up your friend Walter Garber's getting it in the head.

You got it? Yes, sir. I got it.

Let's roll, let's roll.

Hope you were bluffing.

Yeah, I'm bluffing, man. You gotta say what you gotta say.

You thought by coming down here, you'd be redeemed, didn't you?

God bless you, Garber.

You're more fucked up than I am. Heh, heh, heh.

At least the same fucked up. Ha, ha.

Come on, let's go, let's go, let's go.

Let's go.


She's on the move.

Put some speed on it.

He's by me, headed south. Male, black, at the controls.


You're playing with fire, my man. I wanna see them green.

Turn to green or I'll put a hole in Garber's head right now.

Do it! CAMONETTI: We believe you.

We're moving as fast as we can.

What happens if they run a red light? It'll trip the brakes.

Coming up on the first one.


There, that's what I'm looking for. That's what I'm looking for.

Here he comes, right now.


That man Garber's driving the train. Sniper confirmed it.

Yeah, so what are you saying, that he's in on it? There ain't no fucking way.

Sniper killed Ramos, he was their driver, they probably need Garber to drive.


When they get to Coney Island, they're gonna hit the trippers and the brakes will come on.

Is that 33rd? Yes, sir.

How far to the signal?

About a tenth of a mile.

All right. You stop when we get there. We're moving out. You got that?

I'm slowing down now.

Are they slowing down?

They have to. They're coming up to a signal point.

GARBER: What is that?

You're the old motorman, you tell me.


She stopped just below 33rd Street. What the hell are they doing?

Oh, jeez.

Why that little stop?

Train has to stop at signal points.

Some kind of an override?

RYDER: Yep, some kind of an override, that's right.

There we go. Okay, let's move out. Let's go, let's go.

Roosevelt tunnel, which way?

Which way?

She's moving again. Next stop, 28th Street.

CAMONETTI: Why that little stop, huh?

I told you, the signal points.

Yeah. How do you know they didn't set the throttle and jump out?

Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. We got every exit covered.

There's nowhere to go.

Listen, the throttle can't be set. It has to be held.

(OVER HEADPHONES) it's the failsafe, it's a dead-man's switch.

If it doesn't have a man's hand pressing down on it, the train stops cold. Believe me, they're still aboard.



It's going faster.

Emri, off the track. Come on.

Let's go!

Garber, come on.

Come on!

It's gonna derail before it gets to Coney island.

That's it. That's it right there. Roosevelt tunnel.

RYDER: It's a fucking train crossover. Come on. Cross over now!

What? Come on, move!


RYDER: Fuck it, let's go! BASHKIN: We gotta find him!

RYDER: We don't have time! Let's go!


I love you. I fucking love you.

(OVER COMPUTER) Geo, I fucking love you too.

(WHISPERING) Hello? Hello?


HILL: We're getting calls.

Cops on the platform are seeing passengers on the train, nobody in the motorman's booth. Believe me, they're still aboard.

It's okay, it's all right! As soon as we hit a red light the brakes will stop it automatically.

Yeah, but they're all green!




Four stops away.

Two stops.

Oh, Jesus. The train just stopped.


Oh. I really gotta take that piss.


There's no hijackers on board, just passengers.

Where was that stop, that first stop that they made?

Near 34th.

That's by the Roosevelt spur. CAMONETTI: The what?

JOHNSON: A derelict tunnel built under the Waldorf Hotel.

Converge everything on that area. Throw a goddamn dragnet over it!




OFFICER 1: Freeze!


OFFICER 2: Put your hands in the air!



Hey. Get out, get out, get out.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.




Out of the... Get out of the way!


Just go, go, go.

WOMAN: (OVER PHONE) 911 operator.

Hello? Hello? This is Walter Garber, MTA.

WOMAN: How do you spell that?

Gar... Don't worry about how to spell it.

Just tell Lieutenant Camonetti that Ryder is headed to the Manhattan Bridge!



MAN: (OVER RADIO) Cars everywhere. Nobody's going anywhere for a long time.

Hey. Hey!

Is he in there? No, no, no.

No. Where did he go?

Brooklyn. He said he couldn't wait, he started walking.

This fucking city!

Come on, you guys. Move out!

GARBER: Ryder!

Don't move.

So is this how you thought the day was going to end, huh?

When you put your socks on this morning? Huh?

This make you feel better, Garber?

That make everything okay now?

No! But it's a start.


Don't move.

Don't move!


Garber Baby boy, I ain't going back to prison.

I don't... I don't think you got any... Any options now or leverage.


We all owe God a death, I told you that.

You're wrong, Ryder. We owe God life.

Life. And that's the life I gave you back today.

And now you have to give me something back.

What are you talking about?

You got a gun in your hand, I want you to use it. Shoot me.

No, shoot me before they shoot me, or I'm gonna kill you.

I will shoot you. I don't want to, but I will.

Hey! I thought you cared.

No! You said, "Ryder. Ryder, don't you have anyone who cares?"

I thought that was you.

Come on, man, pay it back. GARBER: I'm not gonna shoot you.

All right, I'm gonna give you 10, then the deal's off.

I got a gun, I'm gonna use it. I'm gonna take your life back.

Hey! RYDER: Come on, man!

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five...

You gonna take this down to zero?

Come on, motherfucker, shoot me!

I am not going to shoot you!

Five, four. Come on.

GARBER: Hey! RYDER: Three.

Police, drop your weapon!

I'm disappointed in you. Two.



You're my goddamn hero.

OFFICER: Drop your weapon!

MAYOR: Mr. Garber.

Interesting day, huh? Yes, sir.

You know, just about every day I make a speech, and it starts with, "I'd like to thank you on behalf of the city of New York," blah, blah, blah.

And I never know who I'm thanking or why.

But you did a hell of a thing today.

You went to bat for the city of New York.

And on behalf of me, I'd like to thank you.

Well, you're welcome. I mean, it's been an amazing day.

Everybody's thanking me all day, but I appreciate it. You're welcome.

And I want you to know that tomorrow, the city of New York is going to go to bat for you.

In a big way. You understand?

Yes, sir.

And this city has a very good batting average.

I appreciate it. All right.

I'm gonna get home.

Oh, take my car.

No, no, I'll take... Put the siren on and everything.

There's a siren on there? Yes.

No, I'll take the subway. But I appreciate it.

Really? Yeah. Yeah.

You know, me, subway all my life. I get home faster than you anyway.

I mean, not you, but, you know, everybody else.

But thank you, sir.

You a Yankee fan?

No. Well, uh, yes. Yes, of course.

Ha. Yeah, right.


MAN: (OVER PA) Stand clear of the closing doors.