The Theatre Bizarre (2011) Script



Here we were in mer par France with all kinds of mounted gargoyles on the wall.

Honey, can we go? That's so impressive.

That's the "Green Man" a classic pagan fertility symbol.

You've got to come see these They're so cool.

Be careful. What?

If you touched then you have to buy it. you are more than welcome to to try them on.

Thank you. thank you. -you are American?

Yes. you make a lovely couple Thank you. Honey there gorgeous Let me have a look. I want them. you like em. This is the "alter sign'.

What're you talking about?

The "Älter sign' from H.P. Lovecraft.

The Necronomicon and all that. Yes, you're right.

Was'nt that a hoax or something? Of course not. it comes from a very old source, which has been part of my family for generations I'm reserching paralal traditions ar'nt i He calls anthropology.

If you are interested, you must come this afternoon.

Oh 'Honey, we can't this Afternoon. We have plans remember.

This is just down the road. I think we can make it..

Well , we'll discuss it in the car then.

Is that enough? It is only slightly wrinkled.

It's all in French. I do not understand what they are saying.

Yes, we're in France sweety. it's going to be in french Alright , there's things your going to adapt too Otherwise, we should have stayed back in the States.

Alright , look sweety Why do not you go to the spa? go to the spa for a bit and pick me up from the old ladys house latter on ,its just down the road You dont understand she says , got a copy of the Necronomicon .

I've got to check it out, thats what I'm here for.

She has a copy that ran into her at a market in Mirepoix. got to go. there. It might just another fake. i got to check it out , so go do your thing. go get your nails done, go to the hammam. That's okay. But Now let's enjoy the ride.

We should have taken that left turn at Benet like i told you before i did , it was the left after Benet outside the little brook No. left turnt at Benet your not paying attention to me Baby ... Just keep going.

What the hell is that? What?

Wow.would you Look at this look at the face there Yes, it's a cross Martin. -no babe it's not just a cross. this right here is not a division of the crossroads Right over here was a spiritual gathering place back in the time of the Gauls.

Well, honey if would have payed more attention to our vacation...

We wouldnt have gotten lost lost?

Yeh! Where are we? What is this place i dont get it.? hey were not lost see whats happening here Look at the signs, the market.

The lady has a Necronomicon and alter sign Earrings for you , now this..!!

This is the infinity sign. you realise, its the joining of two worlds, heaven and earth. yeah it's a fucking eight martin What are you talking about? .

I'm leaving , I'm going to Spa.

You can do what ever you want. This is not a fucking eight man ...

I see you have come alone.

Karina she had a previous ingagement.

She does'nt share your interests then?

She just finds them a little esoteric

Sit down.

A Pastis from the area.

it is the custom in the region.

The book is very old.

I can not believe this..!!, this looks real.

All the women in my family have used it.

In one way or the other way.

Oh God ... it's horiffic Fantastic. what is it?

The mothers of toads.

Must you leave so soon my little one Yes, actually its getting quite late. one for the road then. the mild wine will warm you up on your journey back Alright one for the road...

it will warm your stomach and other parts I really should be going now.

Do you like me now, my pritty one?


One of these days , im going to seriously kill him for this

What the.

No ...

Why did you leave so hastely my little one?

Stay away from me. Stay away.

Why? , do you loath me so much I can give you all that other women give and more.

You are not a fucking woman! You're a fucking freak!

No ...

No, no, no ...


What a story.

So imaginative.

Not every horror is a creation of the mind.



Hi, it's me. please call me back when you get this It is important.

Hey, George, it's me.

I woke up with a nasty cut on my hand A broken glass or something.

Maybe , i got in a fight i dont remember.

I can't reach Mona. She does'nt return my calls.

He doesnt sound good.

He got in a fight last night , he cant even remember it.

I,m just going to talk to him,and pick up a few things and i'll be right down I do not think that's a good idea.

I think we should leave right now , drive to paris get a place We settle down and disappear.

He will try to find me you don't want that do you.?

I'll tell him what ever i have to . to make him understand.

Trust me, okay?

My God, where have you been?

Why havent you answered your phone or returned my calls ?

I've told you,i was going to my cousins, for a few days.

You didnt answered the phone. daniel didnt answer her phone I left you a dozen messages I know , i needed some time to myself to think. and did you? Yes, I did. It was good.

I needed to do that good im glad Because Ive missed you so much missing.

What are you doing? just getting some things , then we can talk.

Why do you need to get some things? you had time to think ,now your staying home, right? it's not that easy Axle ive got things to decide Damn it ... what did i do thats so fucking horrible Please just, tell me!

You did not do anything. It is to me. Try to understand it.

I'm trying to understand, But you arnt telling me anything!

stop what the fuck you are doing and look at me!

[What? your not wearing your wedding ring i know i left it at Danielle.

I'll get it, when I go back.

You're not going anywhere, until you ... tell me what's going on!

Really now what , keep me prisoner why dont you grow up?

Stop it! Stop it..!!

You ...

Bastard! You are a real pig!

You werent at danielles the last five days so Where were you?

You're being paranoid. You were not there, I know.

You checked up on me?

I was worried about you I love you.

You poor fool.

cant you see why i cant stay here because your killing me how am i killing you Axle you wont leave me alone for a minute... if i step out of the apartment , you want to know where I'm going ... what im doing when ill be back If I'm late, i have to explain why If I meet someone, you want to know who it is and what we talked about.

Dont i have a right to know, with whom my wife is meeting with, No..!!

You call me 20 times a day just to check up on me.

I just want to say hello but I'm sick of you showing up , where ever i happened to be ,by coincidence.

you know in the beggining i liked the attention , it was nice But now it's too much, i cant live this way anymore. you want some body who is there for you every minute somebody who lives there life just for you well im not that person Nobody is

I know you're right. I'm neurotic.

But only because I love you so much.

Stop saying that...... Do you even know what that means?

It means that I love you.

I'm sorry that this has happened i tryed to make it work , i really did And we had some great times together. But I cant stay.


Give me one more chance. No, I cant.

Please, I'll do what ever you want , what ever you say. - no quiet no more no. No.

Axel ... Please Mona, kiss me back.

One last time, then you can go. - I'm leaving now.

Please, sweety, fuck me harder, okay?

Come on!

I dont want to hurt you.Mona go ahead i wont break.!!!

Come on, fuck me harder!

Please Mona, dont ruin it for me ..!!.

you do still love me I'm still leaving. Why?

I dont understand.

We belong together. I can make you happy, if you let me.

No, that's not true.

Please just stay , and give us another chance . I'm begging you.

I cant.

Look If you've met someone ,then just tell me I forgive you.

Otherwise it doesnt make any sense.

Go into the living room. i'll be in, in a minute.

I'll tell you everything, you want to know . The absolute truth.

i wont sneak out , I promise.


That's so mean.

You know where this is going dont you?

I think so.

Because I'm falling in love with you. i'm falling for you too then its settled , just stay in Berlin permanently and.... just move in with me.

We will get married and share our lives together.

We will have a home and a family. All that happy people have together.

I'd like that.

A friend of yours? Who?

The guy you just smiled at. no sweety i havent seen him before in my life

So, the absolute truth, right?

The truth ...

I admit , i havent been at my cousins the last week and Yes, Ive been with someone else I've been unfaithful to you, and now I want to be with this other person.

So I havent been paranoid all this time.

Just because you were right, doesnt mean you're not paranoid.

You admit to cheating on me? Yes.

I cheated, I lied....... i've betrayed you.

Who's this? - none of your buisness Nobody, you know.

Do you love him? Yes.


Why did you tell me sooner before it got to this point Because I was afraid of, what you would do.

I would never hurt you Mona, you know that No, you hurt yourself .

You threaten with suicide.

You swollow fist full of pills and throw the big guilt trip on me it was just one time Yeah but ,I've learned my lesson.

How long has it been going on?

The first time three years ago.

The first time? yeah there have been others too How many?

Hard to say One-night stands included?

So, are you saying that you're a whore and a slut?

Yes. remember when i had that internal bleeding The uterine infection? thats what i told you it was come on mona you have too eat something honey please im okay , im not hungry I just want to sleep, go into the other room.

I stay here when you sleep incase you need something My lover at the time was married.

And he was not going to leave ,his wife and kids for me and you and i certainly werent not ready for a child. So ...

Was it mine? it wasnt anybodies it was in me then out of me Just like that? Just like that. how can you be so cold about it You love kids.

Yes, other people. besides i didnt want to be chained to you for ever so i did things to hurt myself and everybody around me remember when i left you and went to my sisters in paris Yes.

And you came back, because you had me missing. thats not why i came back

did you come?

I dont believe you.

Why do you think, my sister and i have not talked since then? you are only saying these things to drive me away But I still love you.

I cheated on you at every opportunity and laughed about it behind your back. i would come back home and not even wash so you would smell the sex on me and go crazy about it what did i do for you to hate me so much i used to think it was your weakness your selfishness And ... your passive-aggressiveness But it's the little things too. the way you button your shirt from top to bottom the way food squishes around..... in your mouth...while you chew the way you fuck me... as if im some fragile little china doll that you put back on the shelf, when you're finished. you with your soft, mellow orgasm like a whisper. when what i need is to be ,fucked.... with a scream Your penis and my vagina never liked each other. didnt you ever realise that In five years, you never once made me come and that never bothered you Can I ask you something?

What? Are you pregnant?

You think I'm leaving you, because I'm having another mans baby ?

That could be a reason. Not for me.

You are cruel Mona and you hurt people I almost feel sorry for this new guy does he know the kind of women hes sleeping with He will find out soon enough.

So are we settled now ?

We go our seperate ways before we hurt each other more than we already have ?

Do you think you can hurt me more than you already have ?

I do not know. i dont want to find out

I'm sorry.

where you going to go to his place ? you cant ask me these questions anymore will i get to meet this mystery man I do not know.

i wasnt going to tell you this but now it doesnt matter anymore. i had a biopsy last week and the results were inconclusive they are not sure if its cancer Stop it, its not going to work this time. the big medical emergency

why is george calling on your cell Hi, George. It's me. what's new! '

Monas right here , come on up..!! shed like to see you.

But give her a minute, shes still getting dressed For you.

Hi, no, im fine im leaving now..!!

No, please dont.

Fucking asshole! slut




Mona! Bloody hell, what the fuck happened? i'm leaving for good this time you cant stop me...


Oh my God!

George did this to you! you wanted to stay with me and he flipped out no sweety he didnt

i'm leaving now i'd like to see you try and bring me back this time

no i didnt mean it I'm so sorry! Mona Please, do not leave me! Please come back!

Damn it! mona damn you

dont worry honey you wont be alone because im coming with you

mother fucker..!!! aaaaaaahhh

I ...

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

I love ...

Perhappes i am mistaken

starts in the mind

Pause. And All.

What is your story?


What are you doing ?

Baby. I'm so sorry.

Are you okay?

have you seen it ?

The remote , the god..... damn remote?

No ..

Could you help look , the stealers are playing tonight so watch the stealers but i need the dvr the last time i let you do it , all i got was 3 hours of lifes time Valerie Botanelli over Cancer or some shit.

You're going out? I told you. got that thing with percy , im pritty sure the Christmas bonus depends on it.

i'll be home early i promise you make a lot of promises dont you Jesus Christ, give me a break, i was in my sleep Carla. just throw a little makeup on for a change hey you'll hardly notice ....

My mother will notice , shes coming for lunch tomorrow..!! what am i supposed to tell her Donnie..!! tell her....your busy , she can come by next week sure next week yeh..

Why not.

Breakfast is up.

thats how it plays out , night, after night with your wife serving up..... your cock for breakfast?

Not very Freudian.

did you see anybody new ? seen anybody , you mean am i fucking anybody new Yeah, I mean, are you fucking anybody new not at present what about the girl in your dreams the one with the , love crafting vagina she anybody you know , in your waking life No ..

you sure about that... Yes. i have to ask you some thing sensitive Donnie whens the last time you ......... raped somebody

i rape my mother all the time in dreams of course i even kill people i've killed people i love

you know , i should start charging you for these sessions.

The point is, dreams can be a release As a safety valve.

They allow us to solve dilemas in ways we wouldnt contemplate in real life

sometimes there the only truth we have It is the reality of the soul. it's real life thats the distortion i dont want an explaination , i just want to know how to make it stop Have you tried........ opening your eyes ?

I'm serious. The moment you know your in a dream you can make a consious effort to stop it

Okay ..

And how do I do that? , simple just close your eyes and count you can do that donnie , cant you Three, two, one ... wake up.

Over here! Hey!


Hey, you .. i found the remote

Maxine! No!

Carla, take her down!

Maxine! Carla , stop that thing! what the fuck you doing Carla, stop it!

Okay, Carla , you got what you wanted.

Please leave,just let me go.

No, Donny.

What the fuck do you want from me?

The truth. what the fuck you talking about I'm talking about your wife. let me out of here The woman you courted. the women you took a vow to , love , honor ,obey unto, stay with me now ,till death do you part

aahh what the fuck aaahhh , aaaahhh

i'm dreaming....

It is a dream. it's a dream Three ...

Two ... ...

. One!


You look great. You look like a movie star. get any sleep.? Like a baby. it show's Thank you.

What's that smell. ? Smells delicious. it was a denver omelette you have time , i can make you one.?

No, not today.

Are you okay?

Yes. Look.


can't hurt us anymore Poor baby, are you okay? Yes.

i brought you some goodies

Carla.. dont forget to feed it

Good morning.

Breakfast time.

hold on a second tiger , i just want to see how you're doing down there.

your looking good.. see.?

you my dear were out like a light last night.... after the surgery i never thought , i would see the day when Donny boy would be conked out before the game you know i would have dvr'd it for you But you know me ...

you , you , are the expert........ with the remote. you can't even screw in a light bulb let alone screw your own wife But when it comes to a remote Donny ... is a fucking black belt.

You want to say something? Yes? Really? if i take this of , do you promise not to spit again..? your not very good at keeping promises, Donny. you've been ruled by that one-eyed monster between your legs

I'll bite. what's so funny?

You. You sick fucking bitch

at least ill be with you , tearing your tits of for starters For starters? Wow. thats some threat how do you plan on doing that I mean ...

I am stunned. No offense. all i got to do is close my eyes and at count of three, when I wake up, im going to kill you

Do you understand me, Carla? im going to kill you for real

Ready or not, here I come.

Three ...

Two ... ...

Three, two, one!

Three, two ...

One Three, two, one!

You were right, that was really a funny joke.

Especially the punch line.

This is my dream, bitch.

You can inprison us ..... stories Even if they are our own.

Especially if they are our own.

The power is to write your own stories

... Is the power to define your life

To define your life


Why do we die, Mommy?

i guess its to make room for the new people that are born every day.

theres only so much room to fit everyone you know

Does that mean my grandmother died ...

... To make room for me?

No .. thats not what it means at all grandma died because her body wasnt working anymore

and if anything you helped grandma live as long as she did


You were the reason that she could still get up in the morning

just seeing you made her happy yes i guess granma was realy old

Will I ever grow old?

not for a very long time

But that man was not old.

No, he wasnt. then why did he die

Sometimes things just happen.

Maybe he did something bad?

People dont die for doing bad things.

They are sent to her room, if they were naughty.

Or they are in the oven, like the bad witch in the gingerbread house. your so lucky we dont have a oven a big enough to cook you in Maybe I'll have Daddy buy one. No!

Oh my God.

Stay in the car.

We're on the Highway north of ...

No, he is not.

Could be his father.

Okay, they send someone?

Mummy is that man ever going to wake up again

No ..

i'm affraid , he isnt what about maybe as a zombie or something?

Not even as a zombie. and if he did , then i'm sure he would come back as agood zombie

why did his daddy do that

it's like little tommy when old yeller got sick Do you remember that?

Why do we die?

I really do not know.

What I do know is that, as long as were here......

we should do our best to care for each other as much as possible

so when we do die

... We all die happy.

so died happy in other words say...

They lived happily ... ever after

Yes. its just like that

just like living happily ever after

Well, in order to define your life ...

... You have to live it.

I'm sorry.

It is easier to get cought up in somebody elses story....... then to live our own

Vision Stains

I love you.

I only chose women who want to die.

And if you think about it, i'm finally giving them a voice Something they never had in life.

Because of me everything they've gone through wont just disappear. i preserve there history I love them.

The most important images that People see during there life time.....

There key moments ... of experiance get trapped in a liquid of their eyes as the see them And I've discovered that these visions can actually be transmitted to someone else By a simple surgical process At the moment of there death, will there lives flash before there very eyes This has become my work. I'm there biographer.

i have to admit, i've allways had a horrible handicap i've never dreamed But that does not matter anymore. Their dreams finally give me purpose

living here is the hazard of my trade To understand them, i have to live like them

The fact that I dont exist is fine with me The only things that matter, are the books.

I'm just a technicality.

a technocality with a body That's my only weakness.

i'm only interested in womens stories they are the true creators the ones who suffer mens predictable stories hold no intrest to me....

No blood, no life.

The strongest memories come from women who have lived long lives. who have had it all then lost it.... either by choice or by decision

those stories hurt the most

because I feel like everything they did.

What do the unborn? see , think or feel

finding that out, might just unlock the keys to life itself

No - don't touch my baby ? Let go of me!


What did you take from my baby ? what did you take.. ? ah , ah fuck it

My baby ...

Perhaps you should have woke up but it,,!!!

The unborn can see..!!! idiot..!!!

How do you expect to write down the visions of something that doesnt even have eyes yet You're going to find out more than any living person should know..!!

And you're going to regret searching.. where you did ever wondered where that little inervoice in your head comes from..?

The one that tells you ..... what to do?

All those people you wrote about... nothing you me cycle of souls There is absolutely no originality or uniqueness about people None what so ever Just beings that carry out predestined lifes ...

Then die..only to come back and to.... live out another pathetic scenario, Designed by a very cruel creator , with a very short attention span.

For the sole purpose of entertaining Do you think your writing peoples original stories Nothing is original, you 're just a Plagiatorin.

Shut up!

Shut up!

The only way to shut me up , to to close your eyes. for good Stop messing with things , that no human is supposed to know, when there alive..!!!

That's rite....!!!!

There is only one way to truly stop seeing..!!

Do it...!

Do it..!!

Do it..!!!

Do it..!!!! Do it..!!! ,Do it..!!!

Do it..!!!!!

I'm suddenly seeing clearer than i ever have..!

It's beautiful to forget what i have learnt To no longer feel the need to know everthing all the time Sometimes it is better to close your eyes to be guided

I can no longer see , so now i can finally dream

The stories are given life.....!!!!

Even as the real world slip's away..!!!

Until there is nothing left ... as the storyteller.

A storyteller, that you have put your complete trust in


It's not you, it's me.

How can you even say that with a strait face..?

With you.?

Wha..What part of it is you..?

I need some space.

Okay ...

Space... i can give you space..

Look see...


Do you see? We ...

We have space... can we move on..?

I need some me time....

Why are you being so selfish?

What do you mean , i'm the one being selfish you are the one being selfish i was doing just fine , before you came into my life.

It's been fun , but you can do much better than me Greg Maybe i dont want to do better than you Estelle..!!

Maybe that makes you think you can do better than me..!!

I'm fucked up..!! i'm a mess..!!!

Hey.., everybody has randoms okay..!!

Whats all so special about yours We talked about this over and over You know that I'm seeing other people..... rite..!!!

I didn't know that..!!

Then why did you asked me for exclusivity?

You did you demanded exclusivity why?

You dont tell people im youre girlfriend do you..?

I dont talk to anybody anymore i dont call anyone I just wanted to spend time with you because they dont mean anything to me..!!.

You do..!!

I'm not ready for a relationship right now i need to figure myself out..!!

You were begging for this..!!

I was fine taking it slow You challenged my commitment And i rose to that challenge and i found something i realy realy liked And so did you..!!

Greg.. i love you i'm just not in love with you

What is the difference?

We have a chance okay.. please..!!

We can do better

-Estelle Please, I love you! And I love you ...

... As a friend.

Friends dont do this to each other Sweet, you're breaking my heart.

Do not do this to us! We are a good!

We live again , were so good We can work at it babe..!!!

Stop it Greg.

You're making it so much harder than it needs to be..!!

If you were going to do this , why did you introduce me to all you're friends They seemed to like me.

They said we were good together that we had chemistry They liked you sure..!!

I just dont feel the same way anymore


Do you do this to every guy you incounter No, with you it was different.

Then i woke up one morning and something had changed.

I can't help how i feel This has happened before, I'm sorry.

Maybe your not in love long

You make me feel so special.

You're not getting it Greg..!!

You need to get away from me..!!

I don't want to get away from you..Estelle..!! please..!!

Please ...


I love you. Really, I love you.

For a minute there , i thought you were different.


But you're just another pathetic, little lamb.

Please, give me one more chance.


We'll see each other later..!!

I miss you! I miss you so much!

I know that you do.

Darling, good evening.

How are you doing oh gastely Oh.. never mind I adore this women, she is one of my..... dearest friends

Michelle Evidenci, and you are?

We've met before we have..?

A few times actually Antonia is a friend. A good friend.

Well ...

Go right in..!!

Enjoy..!! enjoy..!!

I have to stop eating. That's my goal.

For a couple of weeks at least to prove to myself that I can do it.

It's all about moderation.

Moderation is something i'm not good at unfortunately I can't help it..!! i just love masticating I'm thinking about taking a break anyway Soon..!! i've done it before it's fine , me too....!!!


We could do it together.

That would make me a better person Right.

For both we are better people What about our friends. they will never understand..!! they'll hate us..!!

Friends come and go.

If they can't appreciate what i need to do, for me, then fuck them.

They can be replaced.

But let's worry about that tomorrow Yeh,for now fuck it. It tastes too good.

I don't do four legs One of my dearest friends.

Until I get what I want for me..!! it's going to have to be all about you..!!

It has to be that's what i say I'm my own person right..!! if anyone doesn't see that , will have to read the book acourding to me..!!

It's not like i dont care about anyone, it's just that no one will ever be as intrusting as me...!!!

To me..!!

It's me or nothing me and only me..!!

Me, me, me ...

Me, me, me ...

Oh..!!!! Fuck..!!!



No, no!


Please ...

I love you!

I'm sorry. Greg..!!!!

I'm a mess.

At the end ...

However... one of two things always happen It always happens.

The storyteller moves on or ...

. Your stories.

Are over.......

Before you know it...!!!

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