The Thief Lord (2006) Script

[Dog Barking In Distance]

[Footsteps Approaching]


[Bed Squeaking]

[Boy's Voice] Prosper, they can't send you to the orphanage.

They can't. You're a brother. We have to stick together. [Sighs]

Prosper, please don't leave me. Don't leave me.

[Man On TV, Indistinct]






Have you got your things?

We have to go fast. I knew you wouldn't leave me with them.

Come on. [Alarm Blaring]

[Dog Barking In Distance] Jump.

Quick, Bo. Jump.

[Alarm Continues] I pumped it up yesterday.

[Woman] I knew it. I knew it! That wretched brother!

Come back here, you... kidnapper!

You'll be locked away for good this time!

Oh! Oh, my poor little baby! [Gasps]

[Tires Screeching] Prop, where's this train going?

Hopefully south.

Hey, Bo, give us a hand.

[Straining] Oh, push! Bo, push!

[Coughing] Are we nearly there?




Look, Prop, gondolas.

What are you doin'opening the boxes? Put 'em back.

I didn't. This one was open already.

Put 'em back anyway. They don't belong to us.

[Ship Horn Honking] [Scoffs]

[Whistles Softly]

Buongiorno. You'd appear to be looking for me.

"Victor Getz, investigations of all kinds." Follow me.

I came across these tortoises at the fish market.

Poor wrinkled things.

Freezing their little bottoms off amongst all that ice.

Come on. We have to go. [Bo] What's the matter?

Just do as I say, all right?

Oi! Oi, what do you think-

Where do you think you're going? Won't have little thieves on my boat!

Get off! Let go! Give 'em here!

Give it! What have you stolen?

Come on, Bo. Come on.

Come on. Come on. Hurry up! Hurry up!


Disguise, madam. A necessity in my line of business, you understand?

So, what can I do for you?

Anything lost or stolen?

This is what we have lost.

Oh, children.

I've tracked down many things in my time- suitcases, dogs, the occasional husband- [Laughs]

But you're the first clients who've ever mislaid their children...

Mr. And Mrs. - Hartlieb.

Mr. And Mrs. Maximilian Hartlieb.

And they are not our children.

Prosper and Boniface are my late sister's sons.

She raised the boys on her own.

Oh, Prosper and Boniface. What peculiarly charming names.

Yes, well, my late sister had a fondness... for anything peculiar. [Clears Throat]

However, when she died, three months ago... my husband and I applied for custody of Boniface.

[Scoffs] Well, we could hardly be expected to take on his older brother as well.

I mean, any reasonable person could see that.

Prosper kidnapped Bo a week ago- Mm-hmm.

And brought him here to Venice.

And what makes you so sure that they came here... if you don't mind- Their mother loved Venice.

She planned to move here with the boys... filled their heads with all manner ofhocus-pocus... about the magical things that happen here.

I'm hungry.


It's the last one.


Have we got any more money?

Don't worry. I'll find us enough to eat.

I know, 'cause you're my big bro.


[Coughing Continues]


Wait here, okay?

Where are you going?

[Doorbell Jingling]

Scusi. [Shouts]

I was gonna put it back! That's what they all say!

Come on!

[Doorbell Jingles] Stop, thief!

Get back here!



I think we lost him. [Sighs]

[Coughing] I think we lost ourselves as well.

Prop? Hmm?

When you have no money, do you have to run away from everyone?

We're not running away anymore, Bo.

Mum wanted us to be here.

This is where we live now. [Coughs] Here?


No, silly. In Venice. There must be a reason why she loved it so much.

What? Th-The fish man looked at me.

You're tired. The shadows can play tricks on you in the night.

Are you lost? No.

You look lost to me.

[Coughing] Who are you? What do you want?

Questions better put by me to you. [Coughs]

Prosper. My little brother, Bo.

Have you lost your mummy and daddy?

[Prosper] Yes, as a matter of fact. Then I'll help you find them.

You can't. They're- They're not with us anymore.

Ah, orphans. And so young.

Now, tell me... what did you steal?

Money, jewels? Are you lock-pickers?

Purse-pickers? Pocket-pickers?

We're not thieves.

Pleasejust leave us alone. We have no money.

Now run along home, wherever that may be.

This is where we live now. Don't be ridiculous.

Do you know what happens here after dark?

Things little eyes should never, ever see.

We're not scared. Not scared?

Well, aren't you the little tiger?

[Growls] We're not scared of here. We're not scared of you.

Good. Then follow me to safety.

Right this way. [Squeaking]

[Sighs] Or would you rather sleep in the dark and damp doorways?

Did I mention the rats?

What have we got to lose, Prop?

Gentlemen, my humble abode... the Stella... our star lair. [Bell Ringing]

Strictly no grown-ups allowed.

You're not a grown-up, are you? Only some of them are very small.

You wouldn't be trying to trick me on my own turf, would you?

I'm six and a quarter.

That makes you a V.I.P.

You give me the willies every time you're late.

Have I ever let you down? What are they doing here?

They need my help, just like you did, Riccio, dear boy.


We've been stakin' out the Palazzo Pisani for days, like you told us.

It's always crowded. Parties and things. Then I'll fit in perfectly.

Are you thieves or something? Not just any thieves.

Scip's the Thief Lord, the greatest thief in Venice.

[Prosper] Aren't you scared of the police?

2:00. Typical. Steal a watch next time. We were gonna send out a search party.

This little fellow has a nasty cough. Do you have anything for it in your medicine cupboard?

Who are they? They're friends of mine.

They need to crash here. Enough said?

[Riccio] Here comes Matron with her magic potion.

It's all right. I won't bite. I'm Hornet.

This is the wardrobe.

You're burning up. Does it hurt when you cough? Help yourselves. Really.

Well, he won't get better in these sodden old rags.

We have to go back and pick up my haul. I left it somewhere near the Contarini.

In the middle of the night? What's it, past your beddy-byes, Mosca?

I don't think it'd be good for him, walking around in the night.

I don't recall saying anything about walking.

[All Shouting]

[Mosca] Whoa, Scip! How'd you steal this?

Nothing's safe from the Thief Lord.

Go faster, Scip! Faster!

Hold on! The best.

[Man On Loudspeaker] This is the police. Slow down your boat and stop.

[Siren Wailing] [Mosca] Come on, Scip. Step on it.

Step on it! [Riccio] Quicker, Scip!

[Man On Loudspeaker] I repeat, this is the police.

Slow down and stop the boat! [Siren Continues]

[Riccio] Quick, Scip. They're gettin' closer!

Faster! Faster!

[Hornet] Scip, come on! [Siren Continues]

[Prosper] Shouldn't we stop? [Scipio] What, and ruin the fun?

[Hornet] What do we do now? [Scipio] Watch this.

[Man] Look out! [Man #2 Shouts]

Oh, no! [Gasps]

Is it gold?

Gold, silver, glittering jewels, plucked from the grown-ups.

Put it down. They stole it.

Boy, one day, they're gonna catch you, Scip.

Take everything to Barbarossa, and try and get a decent price this time.

How? He just laughs at us. [Scoffs] The fat pig.

Prop can do it. He's great at selling things. Hey.

When we sold my old toys at the secondhand shop... they tried to give us peanuts, so he just went- like a stone, so they gave us lots more money.

Bo. Okay. You try.

And if you manage to outfox the old scoundrel... you and your brother can stay as long as you like.

Your big moment, Mr. Stoney Face.

[Doorbell Jingles]

What are you smiling at, hedgehog boy?

Go and wait in the office.

Don't touch anything, understood?

[Whispering] What a rude man.

I call him fat, oily slaphead slimeball.

All right, let the dog see the bone.

[Exhales] There are a couple of decent items here, so I'm going to offer... a hundred, which is very generous.

Well, let's just say I'm in a generous mood today.

A thousand or no deal.

Have you lost your mind, boy?

I make you a generous offer- too generous- and you insult me with fanciful nonsense.

Tell the Thief Lord to send the boat boy or the hornet girl next time... if he wants to continue doing business with Ernesto Barbarossa.

I'm the Thief Lord's official negotiator now.

300 for the lot. Most of it's rubbish.



Seven. 475.

687 and a half.

You're a clever lad... so...

I'm going to give you...


That's the last time I let you treat me like a child.

[Doorbell Jingles]

One more thing. [Chuckles]

A client of mine is looking for someone who will-

Shall we say, procure a certain item for him?

If he's sick, why doesn't he go to the doctor?

He's looking for someone who'll steal something for him.

Is that clear enough for your mucky ears?

And tell the Thief Lord... that there's big money in it for him.

Mmm? Mmm, mmm, mmm.

Stop it. It tickles.

Just a little more. [Laughs]

You need to stay in bed for a bit.

Where were you goin'? And what would you have done if Scipio hadn't picked you up?

I think we could've managed it.

Prop's very brave, and I'm good at cheering him up... so we make a good team.

We all take care of each other here. All of us are orphans too.

I'm not an orphan! My dad went away in a ship, and he hasn't come back here... but he thinks of me all the time.

That's what he keeps telling us. It's true!

One day, I'll sail all over the world, and I'll find him!

I believe you, Mosca. [Chuckles]

Prosper, Scipio will never let anyone sell his loot ever again.

Boy, we never dare talk to Fatty Slaphead like that.

Yeah, well, those things are probably worth even more.

Prosper, come back!

Prosper, come back. I've got to get some of this.

Look at all this stuff. Let's celebrate, Prop.

We should get the money back to the others first.

Excuse me, son. Your name's Prosper, isn't it?


Whoo-hoo! Take that, furry face! [Groans]

Hey, come back! What's the matter?


Ciao, Victor.

You can't fool me with that mustache.

Oh, excuse me, Ida, but I'm on a case. I can't talk now.

Oh, hope I didn't ruin anything. Suits you though.

[Clattering] [Ida Gasps] Oh, I'm so sorry.

Why are you running?

[Prosper] That man knew my name. So what?

So what?

[Panting] Okay. Cool it. So what if he knew your name?

I think he's trying to get me. I think you were trying to nick our money.

Yeah, and leave my brother behind?

All that cash- I thought you were trying to trick me. [Prosper Scoffs]

Oh, man. Maybe you're right.

I know. This way.

[Prosper] Who is he? Some kind of private detective.

Victor the snooper- That's what they call him.

[Ship Horn Honks]

Hey! Wait, wait. Whoa, whoa.


.'.'[Pop Rock] Here's to Prop.

[All] Cheers.

From now on, our chief loot seller.

In fact, you've done so well, I think I'm gonna give myself a little break.

But you can't stop. Not now. Barbarossa's got a customer.

He's lookin'for a thief. Said there's big money in it.

And I'll help you, Scip. I'll come with you.

No, you won't. Don't be so stupid.

Scipio gave me the kittens, so I'm gonna help him with the stealing, and that's that.

I'll do it. Bigger money equals bigger plans.

And bigger cakes to buy. See?


Va bene.

My customer will meet the Thief Lord in the confessional... at the back left of the Basilica San Marco.

Mmm. And the Conte... likes to shroud himself in mystery.

Is he a real conte? Are you deaf? What did I just say?

As far as your stupid head is concerned, he is the Conte.

Now, is there anything more you need to know?

No need to fly off the handle.

What time? Tomorrow afternoon, 3:00 sharp.

And I reserve the right to fly off the handle whenever I feel like it. Thank you very much.

3:00, back left chapel... basilica, confessional.

Got it. Come on, Prop. Hold on, hedgehog boy.

Now, you and your snotty little friend can tag along if you want... but your master has to be there in person...

Got it? But the Thief Lord won't like that at all.

Won't he? Well, he'll have to live with it.

Otherwise he doesn't get the job.

[Whispering] Hey, Victor.

You know, I preferred you with a mustache.

Ida! What brings you here?

Oh, I'm just out and about with my camera.

Oh, am I, uh, interrupting important detective work again?

Well, I am still on the case. Oh, how exciting.

What sort of case? Well, I can tell you that it involves kids.

Well, I'm sure they're innocent.

No, no, no. This case isn't about guilt or innocence.

[Ida] Look, if children are in trouble... it's usually because they've been misled or used by adults.

You should lock up the parents.

Well, I'm sure I'll be running into you again, when you're up to no good.

Anyway, drop by and see my new house one of these days... instead of loitering on San Marco all the time.

Well, it's just that they say everyone crosses San- Ciao!

Never mind.

[Scipio] Prosper, Mosca, you come inside with me, and the others wait here.

[Bo] But I don't want to wait here.

[Riccio] Me neither! Why can't we all go?

Because Scipio said so, or is that not a good enough reason for you?


[Whispering] I don't like churches.

They give me the creeps.

Perhaps he's not here yet.

One should not wear a mask in church... any more than a hat.

One should not plan a theft in a confessional either... and that's what we're here for, right?

So, you are the Thief Lord.

Well, keep your mask if you must. I can still see that you are very young.

Yes, and you're very old.

Does age matter in this transaction? Not in the least.

So- [Coughing]

Signor Barbarossa has surely told you... that I am looking for someone to retrieve something for me- something for which I have searched for many long years.

What about the payment?

[Laughs] I see you are a businessman.

Your fee will be 50,000, payable upon delivery.


[Clears Throat] Sounds like a fair price.

[Imitating Birdcall]

Come on, little boy. Look at me.

Look at the silly old fool who's playing scarecrow.

[Singsong] Come on.


Hornet, Riccio, look!



Buongiorno. [Conte's Voice] You will see that what you are to steal... is of great value only to me.

It is made neither of gold... nor of silver... but of wood.

When should we deliver it to you? As soon as your skills permit.

I am an old man.

I have only one wish left in this world- to hold in my hands that which you are to steal for me.

How do I know how to find you?

You will find everything you need in this confessional when I have left.

Send me word of your success, and you will receive... a letter from me the very next day at Barbarossa's.

So, what's your name... kind fellow, noble knight?

Bo. What's yours? Vict-


I'm- I'm a victim of circumstances.

[Spits] All these rotten pigeons. [Chuckles]

A basket. What's inside?

Whatever it is, I think it's alive.

Don't open it. It could be a poisonous snake.

[Rustling] [Shouts, Gasps]

[Exhales] [Pigeon Cooing, Rustling]

It's a homing pigeon.

Don't think it's poisonous. [Laughs]

Hey, you know, uh, I live in a hotel just near the Grand Canal.

What about you? In a cinema.

You live in a cinema?

What, so you can watch movies all day long?

No, it's broken, but Mosca's trying to mend it. Oh.

Yeah, what's it called?

Can't remember.

Wouldn't it be nice... if you had a proper house to live in?

I mean, don't you have any relatives who could take care of you?

There's my Aunt Esther, but she's not nice, and she never smiles.

Uh-huh. You're telling me.

Where's Bo?

I've got to go. It was nice talking to you.

You take care of yourself, all right? [Clears Throat]

[Woman] It's many times more magnificent than any photograph can portray.

Furthermore, this city is alive with tales of magic and enchantment.

...but paying close attention to the stories and details... which make Venice so alluring to-

[Door Closes]

This Victor thingummy- What did he ask you?

[Bo] He asked me my name.

Did you tell him?

What else did you tell him, Bo?

I'm not sure.

Did Aunt Esther send him?

But he was friendly. Bo, how many times do I have to tell you?

Do not talk to strangers. I know. I know.

But he was funny. What was he wearing?

Blue jacket and a red cap.

[Bo] And his watch had a moon on it.


I wonder if you'll be so kind as to tell me the time.

Yeah, quarter past 4:00. Thank you.

That's a truly remarkable watch you have there.

Does it tell the time on the moon too?

Mmm. Perhaps you're a tourist. Where are you visiting from?

I'm an Eskimo. Can't you tell? Really? That is fascinating.

[Clears Throat]

Uh, everything's shipshape and Bristol fashion with your false beard now.

Let me go! I don't want to go with you!

Let me go! Get off me! I'm not doing-

In broad daylight! Someone call the police!

I took his wallet, so you can find out some more about the snooper.

Thank you. Come on, Scip. What is it?

Is that your uncle's? Uh, some kind of wing.

Must be a lion's wing.

It's probably an angel's wing, made of wood, just like the Conte said.

50,000 for a wooden wing? We must be missing something.

Perhaps this'll explain it. "The wing in the photograph...

"is the counterpart to the wing I'm looking for.

"The pigeon's name is Sofia, and she's a friendly and dependable creature.

When you have the wing, set her free, and she will find me."

[Bo] Sofia. [Kitten Mews]

Sofia, do you like pussycats?

[Scipio] Stake out the house. Find out everything you can.

I'll meet you there Wednesday at 10:00.

I have to go now. I'll be out of the city again for a couple of days.

Scip, please, let us help you with this job.

I mean, notjust the staking out, but the stealing.

Okay. Why not?

You're right. I might need my trusty cohorts for this assignment.

Buongiorno, Dottore. Victor Getz.

I, um-Yeah, I understand that you own a disused picture house- the Stella- and as I'm writing an article on the history of Venetian cinema...

I was wondering if I could have your permission to look around it.

Father, I think the cat's sick. Scipio, can't you see I have a visitor?

How often do I have to tell you to knock?

[Meows] I just thought-

I just thought we could, uh, see the vet.

I don't give a damn about your wretched cat!

It's sick because it's just had kittens. I'm not wasting my money on a vet.

Continue, um, Signor-

Getz. [Clears Throat]

As I was saying, the history of the Venetian cinema has many fascinating stories... a lot of them involving the Stella.

The tenants couldn't pay their rent anymore.

Ah, excuse me, Mr. Getz.

I believe my distinguished guests from Rome have just arrived.

Yes, you have my permission. Scipio, will you find this gentleman the key to the Stella?

Good day, sir. Send me a copy of your article as soon as it is published.

My son here will find you the key.

[Door Closes] Hey!

Where do you think you're going?

To warn your pickpocket girlfriend?

I spent five hours with the carabinieri because of her.

Hey! Get-

When's your film going to be finished?

Any day now, but we need to fix the projector to watch it.

What's it about? [Bell Ringing]


[Knocking On Door]

[Gasps] Let me in!

Okay, I'll go see who it is. [Mosca] I'm coming with you.

Hey! You stay here.

Scipio. Who else did you think it was?

You said you were going away. Lock the door. Quick!

You have to get out of here now. Get a load of you!

No time to explain. The snooper's found out about this place.

Get what you need, and let's go. How did the snooper find out?

Where are we supposed to go?

We're staying right here.


[Lock Clicks]

So, hide-and-seek, is it?

You think just because I'm a grown-up I'm no good at this.

Well, sorry to disappoint you... but I just happen to be a first-class seeker.

You can't hide forever, you know!

What are you gonna live on? Begging and petty thievery?

Hey, Victor.

Have you got a gun?

Yeah, of course. You want to see it?

I'm not scared. It's probably a fake one anyway.

Well, aren't you the smarty-pants?

[Bo] Now! [Thudding]

[Victor Screams] [Children Shouting]

[Scipio] Get him on the floor!

[Groaning] You! Ya brat!

[Muffled Shouting] That'll teach you to cross swords with the Thief Lord.

Ask him how he found us. Why? He'll just tell us lies like all grown-ups do.

Just throw him in the canal then. [Screams]


[Gasps, Exhales]

Your boss give you permission to do that?

Bet he was trying to poison me with that rag. Please calm down.

I'm sorry about the gag. [Sighs]

I have to ask you-What are you doing here? Go back to sleep.

What are you doing here? Are you going to throw him in the canal?

Bo, I'm serious! Go back to bed.

Please don't send me back to Esther.

Well, someone's got to look after you.

But Prosper already looks after me, and Hornet.

Yeah, well, I'm afraid they're not really old enough.

And the Thief Lord? He's nearly 16.

Oh, the Thief Lord. [Chuckles]

I could tell you a thing or two about your Scipio.

The Thief Lord is none of your business. [Groaning]

Prop, why does he need that? We're the only ones who can hear him.

Thanks, little un.


[Dottore] Fear not.

I have no compunction about offering you my services 24-7.

As you know, my wife and I are separated... but my son is nothing more than a minor nuisance.

I often wonder what all the fuss is about with children.

In a few days' time, my brother, who is a retired army captain... will be moving in to assume responsibility for his education... on a full-time basis.

Then, at least, we shall get some sense and discipline knocked into him.

[Hornet] So what do we do now? How do we get in?

[Dog Barking]

Hey, look.

[Barking Continues] That must be the housekeeper.

I'll go have a little chat with her.

[Barking Continues]

Oh, watch out!

What the devil were you meaning running into me like that?

Are you a thieving little pickpocket or something?

No, I'm not. Sorry about your shopping.

I'm just looking for Dr. Spavento. He's my new dentist.

Is that his surgery?

What does he think he's doing?

Let me help you with your shopping. But-Well-

Where are you going? Well, what are you doing with my shopping?

[Riccio] Is this your house? Well, it's not mine, of course.

It's Signora Spavento's.

Wait for me! [Barking]

Goodness, you may as well carry it into the house.

What about Scip? Shouldn't we have waited?

Nah, he probably got held up somewhere. Don't worry. He trusts us.

What are you kids doing? If you don't want to buy a paper, then get lost.

[Scoffs] We're not annoying anyone.

You're annoying me and giving me heartburn and disturbing my valuable customers.

They're not disturbing me.

Hmm. Very well, signora. If you say so.

So, what are you all up to?

None of your business.


Sorry, signora. He's just a bit upset.

Well, why don't you go and find an adventure?

We're not allowed to do anything without permission from my mother.

Oh, that's a shame.

I was always getting into trouble when I was your age.

But it was worth it. The excitement of the unknown.

That's what my mum used to say when she was alive.

You must miss her very much.

I do.

[Bell Ringing]

Where's Mosca? I told you not to come to the door.

Mosca's busy. He's fixing the projector with Victor.

He doing what?

I don't believe it! Is this your idea of keeping watch?

Who said you could untie him? Calm down, Riccio.

He gave me his word ofhonor that he wouldn't run away. Victor's our friend now.

Friend? Are you barmy, you silly baby?

I'm not a silly baby. And he is my friend, so there.

He's our prisoner, our enemy! Scip's gonna go ballistic when he finds out about this.

Where is he anyway? He didn't show up.

Oh, you don't say.

What's that supposed to mean? Spit it out, fat face!

Oh, aren't you the charming little rodent?

Well, I'm afraid you've all fallen under the spell of a liar.

[Grunts] [Victor Groans]

Stop. Stop it. And you stop talking in riddles.

We won't hold him back next time. Oh, what a threat.

I could show you where to find the answer to these riddles... but I don't suppose you'd believe me.

[Knocking On Door]

Good evening, signora.

Do you happen to know a boy called Scipio? What is this, some mischief?

We were supposed to meet him today.

Bo, Prosper, Hornet, Riccio and Mosca-

That's us. We're his friends. Va bene.

Wait, wait! Two of you is enough.

[Door Closes]

Look at this, Prop.

[Gasps] Prosper.

Hey, Scip!

What are you still doing here?

Don't you have a tutorial this evening? Not for an hour.

And who are these urchins?

They're my friends.

What did I tell you about mixing with the hoi polloi?

How are you going to become officer material... if you insist on fraternizing with the unwashed?

Thank God your uncle will be here soon.

They're leaving anyway.

What that your dad? Have you got a mum as well?

Don't look at me like that.

I was going to tell you anyway.

You could tell everybody right now. The others are waiting outside.

I've got my lesson now.

But I can get away tonight.

As for the break-in, everything stays as planned, okay?

Don't make me laugh.

All that loot was taken from this house, wasn't it?

The Thief Lord is a little rich boy's game.

And we were your fools.

[Prosper Sighs] [Riccio] See?

It wasn't our Scip. Yes, it was.

And his dad's a meanie. His what?

His dad. What are you talking about?

Scip doesn't have a dad.

Why don't you go introduce yourself?

Scipio! Scipio, I know you're in there!

Come out now and tell me it's not true!

Now open the door! Open the door now!

[Shouting] What the devil's going on?

I don't know who you are or what business you have with my son here... but if you know what's good for you, you'll stop this infernal racket... and take yourself and your disgusting little friends away from here... and never let me see you around this house again!


"Victor's word of honor-

"The Hartliebs will not hear a word from me... unless I find out about a strange break-in."

We have to catch him again. And this time I swear he's going in the canal... and Scipio can go with him for all I care.

And what does this mean? "Enjoy the show"?

"Enjoy the show"? I don't believe it!

He must've done it!

Whoo-hoo! Mosca Films presents... a film by Mosca in Scratch-Vision. [Laughing]

To the ends of the world. [Imitates Water Splashing]

[Bo] Wow. Mosca's dad is waiting for him on an island.

Dad! [Laughing]

Dad, I've missed you!

[Deep Voice] I miss you too, Son.

Yea! I'm so glad to see you!

Yea! [Prosper] Oh, that's cool.

[Laughing] Yea!

He fixed it. Even the curtain and the dimmer work.

See, I told you Victor's our friend now.

Okay. Your buddy fixed the projector. Whoop-de-do.

What about the deal with the Conte? We can't forget that just 'cause Vic the sneak says so.

Do any of you actually know anything about breakin' in?

Scip's gonna be no help. You know that, right?

Who cares about Scipio? We'll do it without him.

Look, once we got the 50,000, we won't need anyone- no grown-ups and no phony Thief Lord.

We'll do it tonight. The sooner the better.

What do you think? Are you in?

I suppose so. Good.

What about you, Prop?

Prop, are you in or not?

No way.

[Motor Whirring] [Riccio] I could open that door with my eyes closed.

[Hornet] What if they're still awake? What do we do then?

[Whirring Continues]

Jeepers, Bo! I almost had a heart attack.

You forgot something really important. What?

It's under my jumper. What?


[Whispering] Bo.

Mosca? Hornet? Riccio?

Where's Bo? Shh.

Bring him back here right now. Calm down.

He snuck out and threatened to wake up the whole square if we didn't help him over the wall.

Here. Catch.



[Bell Tolling] I should've left you with Esther.

You want to go to an orphanage or a boot camp for babies? Shh!

I'm stay- [Whispering] See what I mean?

Don't do that again, okay? I almost peed my pants.



[Whispering] What are you doing here? Get lost.

What are you doing here? This is my job.

Oh, shut up, you lying piece of crap.

This mightjust be one big jolly for a rich boy like you, but we need the money.

Stop it. Have you forgotten where we are?

And you can't take anything to the Conte, you fibbing, lying rat lord.

Not even a message, 'cause we've got Sofia. So there!

Come on, you lot. We've got to find the wing.

Prosper, me and you take the left. Riccio and Hornet, you go right.

Yeah, and you, pants on fire, just stay out of our way.

You better go home, Scipio.

The others are really angry.

They don't understand what you've done.

Are you angry?

Do you understand?

I'm trying.

What is this?


Look. What's the matter?

The pictures. Whoa.

The wing's not in the living room. What's up?

Scip's just gone upstairs. What?

[Bo] Prop. Oh, my God.

[Riccio] Upstairs? Oh, no! [Hornet] Everybodyjust calm down for a minute.

So, for once I decide to go out at night, and what do I find when I get back?

A bunch of little cat burglars creeping around in my house.

Please don't shoot.

Oh. So look who it is.

It's the rude little boy from the kiosk... and the little girl- oh, and the poor orphan boy.

What are you after, my cameras? Please, don't call the police.

Oh, I think that'll be the very least I will do.

You have a right to be angry, but we're not after your cameras. We only want the wing.

The wing?


What do you know about my wing?


And how old are you? Six and a quarter.

[Clicks Tongue] Madonna. He's my little brother. He doesn't know better.

Why have you got pictures ofhim?

Why have you got pictures of him? I'm a photographer.

L- I take pictures of kids on the street. That's why.

Where do you live? We haven't got proper homes.

Well, I'm sorry to hear that, if it's true.

Now, what do you want with my wing?

Someone asked us to steal it.

Asked you?

Who? My client wishes to maintain the upmost confidentiality.

Scipio, put the gun down.

I found the wing. It was in her room.

Come on. Let's get out of here.

Oh, just give it to me!

It doesn't work anyway. [Sighs]

And that, I presume, is my wing?

You know, I'm- I'm curious.

Just how much does this mystery employer offer to pay you for it?



That's rather a lot.

Not for us, 'cause we have to pay for everything...

'cause we don't have parents or anything, and we have to leave the star lair... and Mosca's boat needs painting, and Riccio needs new teeth... and Hornet needs new clothes, and- I'm worried it's not enough actually.

It's beautiful.

It's an angel's wing, isn't it?

An angel's? Oh, no.

It's a lion's wing.

I told you so, but no one listens to me.

[Chuckles] I was given it, when I left the orphanage.

Are you an orphan?


I lived there for more than 10 years.

What makes the wing worth so much?

What makes the wing worth so much?

Do you know I really don't know?

But I think it's time we found out.

Mother Superior sent me here... because I tried to find out the truth.

Over 150 years ago... a rich merchant gave the merry-go-round to the orphanage.

But before the children could ever enjoy it... it disappeared.

All they ever found was a fragment.

The wing!

I found it- [Laughs]

In the attic of the orphanage... and I gave it to Ida... to keep safe.

I never saw the merry-go-round... but it was said to be-

[Gasps] Unique.

It had five wooden figures on it. Yes, I know- the mermaid... the "man-maid"with the big fork... the sea horse from the fountain... the flying lion and the uni- um-whatsit.

The unicorn?


Yes, like that one.

Bo, how do you know all this? Mum told me.

Sister, what makes the merry-go-round so special?

It had magical powers. What did it do?

A child could go round and round and round.

It became a grown-up.

A grown-up could go round and round and round-

[Laughing] And become a child.

Sister, please tell me, is that really true?

Of course.

My great-great-grandmother saw it.

The Conte must know where the merry-go-round is now. It doesn't make sense otherwise.

You know, I bet he believes that if he reattaches the wing, it really will work.

Work, like the sister said?

If it really works, I swear I'll find it.

I'll find it, ride on it, and I'll only get off when I'm taller than my father.

I tell you what. I'll let you have the wing.

You take it to the Conte, and you get your reward... but I want to go with you.

We follow the Conte, and he will lead us to the merry-go-round.

We'll do what Ida says. Who asked you?

Go home, Thief Lord, back to that posh house you live in. Hey!

Fighting isn't what we need right now.

I'm as cross with him as you are, but this time he's right.

I know it's true, 'cause I've seen all the animals now.

I'm afraid it's just a fairy tale, Bo.

No, it's not. I promise.

Wouldn't it be good if it was true?

Think what we could do.

[Pigeon Cooing] This is your big moment, Sofia, so don't screw up.

The boys are definitely no longer in Venice.

I am convinced of it.

I'm total- utterly convinced the boys are no longer in Venice.

But where have they gone?


Corf- Corfu?

But that's impossible. Why on earth would they go to Corfu?

Well, they probably knew that I was onto them.

Oh, no, no, no, no. I'm quite sure that they are still here.

Now, I have had posters printed... with Boniface's photo on them, which you-

Something you could've done, had you shown any initiative.

If you continue to display such incompetence...

I'll have no choice but to take matters into my own hands.


[Gasps] Get your grubby hands off! That's a valuable piece!



Have a little sweetie.

Keep you still. [Chuckling]

Now, you can trust your friend, Ernesto Barbarossa... with a little secret.

What did your master steal for the Conte?

We may be young, but we're not completely stupid.

Give that back before I tear your nasty little tongue out!

You- [Coughing]

You can keep it, because you shouted at Prosper.

Anyway, it was yucky. [Coughing Continues]

[Reading] "Meet me on the Sacca della Misericordia.

Look out for a red lantern. Tonight, 1:00 a.m."


Well, how are you planning to get across the lagoon in that tub, anyway?

[Riccio] Who said anything about the lagoon?

Well, you don't think the Conte could keep the merry-go-round secret in the city, do you?

And another thing. He's not gonna be too happy... to find the rightful owner of the wing in on the deal.

[Mosca] Scipio'd better steer. [Engine Starts]

He knows all about boat trips.

All right. I'll make myself invisible for a while.

Soon, my beloved sister.

Soon, our years of patience will earn their reward.

Time our foolish young delivery boy kept his appointment.

Salve, Thief Lord.

[Conte] I presume you'rejust as cold as we are... so let's complete this transaction as quickly as possible.

Well, what on earth is that?


If I were you, I would use the money to find myself another occupation.

How old are you, 14? 15?

With this money, I can be any age I want.

I won't have to be a child any longer. Did you hear that, Renzo?

He no longer wants to be a child!

Nature will soon grant him his wish.

Don't you want to count the money, Thief Lord?

Holy moly!

Uh, how much does it cost to go to the dentist?

Looks like it's all here.

I believe you to be a man of your word.

Safe return, Thief Lord.

Thief Lord, hedgehog boy... money boy, boat boy.

I wonder where my walking, talking little reward is?

[Man] Turn on the lights!

[Gasps] There they are, the little pests!

It's the police! [Bo] Where's Prop?

Get them! Get them! Hurry, quick! They're not back yet! Come on.

Stop running!

Stop running!

We're not gonna harm you! Come on, Bo. Through here.

Stop! [Grunts]

Can't get away, kids! Stop!

Go on! Run! Come here! Come here!

Watch out! No! [Grunts]

[Barbarossa] Well, well, well. Look who it is.

Did you really think you were going to get away?

Running never helps.


How far's the Conte gonna sail?

If we go on like this, we'll be as stiff as frozen chickens.

[Ida] Oh, my God. I know where this is.

Don't go any further. Turn off the engine.

[Engine Stops] Isola Segreta.

The secret isle.

I thought it was deserted, but it seems I'm wrong.

Isola Segreta? Isn't that the island where nobody goes?

[Ida] They say it's haunted.

And that anyone who sets foot on the island never returns.

I've had it. Let's go. I'm not going near no haunted island.

Deal off. Time to get our money home.

[Scipio] Wait. Look. They're looking this way.

Renzo! Can you see anything? [Barking]

There's nothing there! They're just nervous! They know what we're doing!

Oh, my God. I think the woman's got a gun!

[Conte] Go away! Heads down!

Get away from here! Don't you know this is private property?

[Ida] Keep your heads down!

[Conte] Don't come back! [Barking]

Is everyone all right? I am so sorry I dragged you into this madness.

Well, at least we've got the money.

It's there, Prop. It has to be on that island.

What have the police been doing here? How should I know?

[Prosper] Shut up. Come on.

Bo! Hornet! Where are you?

[Riccio] I knew it! Why didn't you listen to me?

It's the snooper! He's conned us!

Stupid word of honor! I could puke!

[Mosca] Hold on, slugger! Calm down! Put that away, okay?

I'll go ask him. See if he'd rather tell us or have his face smashed in!

.'.'[Classical Piano]

Ah, gentlemen, the matter seems to have resolved itself.

My son has decided to come home after all. [Man] Do you know this boy?

All right. Just let me go. I can walk by myself.

Bo is with his aunt.

If I find you had something to do with this incident at the Stella...

I swear to God, you will regret the day you were born.

[Bells Ringing]


Where's my brother? And where's Hornet? Go on. Tell him.

Somebody kindly tell me what all this rumpus is about.

Bo and Hornet have disappeared, and Prosper thinks that you ratted on us. So does Riccio!

What a load of cobblers. Number one, I haven't ratted on anyone.

Number two, I haven't been to the Stella since I escaped.

And number three, I told the Hartliebs that you'd left Venice.

So, don't you think it's time to decide if I'm your friend... or your enemy?

[Woman]... in its rich history. It is many times more magnificent-

Now, I think we'd better go inside before we become a tourist attraction.

[Dogs Barking]

[Ship Horn Honks] Ooh! [Chuckles]

So, Ida let you run through the city with this lot?

Means you got some nerve, I must say.

Hang on.

[Scoffs] Somebody's ripped you off.

This money's not real.

Fake money? I'm afraid so.

All of it. What a waste!

The break-in, the lagoon! We nearly get shot, and what do we get?

Apile of funny money!

[Shouting, Grunting]


What about Bo?

I'm sorry, Proper. I'll do everything I can to help get him back.

[Phone Ringing] [Groans]


Uh, good morning, Mrs. Hartlieb. It's Victor Getz.

I just wanted to- How dare you call me at this hour?

Your case has resolved itself.

We have captured our nephew, no thanks to you.

Apparently he was hiding in some derelict cinema with some girl who wouldn't give a name.

The police are taking care ofher.

Now, will you kindly not disturb us again?

[Line Clicks, Beeps]


[Bell Tolling]


You look so smart in your new suit.

[Max] It's all right. Have a taste. It's all for you.

I hate it, and I hate you.

[Esther Groans] [Laughs]

[Max] What on earth do you think you're doing, you ungrateful little monkey?


Morning. We're here to see Ida Spavento.

Oh. Don't I know you?

[Riccio] Uh-huh. Yes, you do. We're staying this time.

Vic-Victor, what on- What on earth is going on?

I was gonna ask you the same thing. [Meowing]

And to make things even worse, the Conte gave us fake money.

No. These kids are in enough trouble as it is, Ida.

You- You really haven't helped. Shut up, Victor!

[Sighs] Well, I guess I'm the one in trouble now.

Well, I'm sure we'll figure something out. Damn it, Ida.

What were you thinking, taking these kids on one of your crazy adventures?

Oh, and what would you have done? Lock them all up in an orphanage again?

Talking of which, they probably took Hornet to the Merciful Sisters.

Does anyone know her real name?

[Woman] Katarina?

Aha, so that is your name.

Come with me. You have visitors.

Who is it? Your godmother.

There she is. Come here. Oh.


Sweetheart. [Sighs]

Come on, Prop. You can't wait out here all night.

Bo's inside there. I know it. Bo's not going anywhere tonight.

As long as he's in the hotel, he's safe.

Anyway, Hornet can't wait to see you.

Do you know what? I reckon she's got a crush on you.


[Ship Horn Honks In Distance]

[Whispers] Wake up.

How did you know we were at Ida's?

How quickly you forget how I can ghost through the city... tracking whom I please.

They took Bo away from you because you're not grown-up like them.

There's only one thing for it, Prop.

We have to go back to the island and both take the ride of a lifetime.

[Engine Starts]

[Pigeons Coo]


[Max] Come on, dear. [Esther Sighs]

What do you expect in this place? What is there to say?

What did you think of the wine? Oh, don't.

[Max] Warm white wine. Bo?

[Esther] Warm white wine. [Max] I mean, warm white wine!

[Esther] You'd think they'd know.

[Max] But what about the soggy spaghetti?

[Esther] Did you get cheese with that fish sauce? No.

[Max] Did you? No. [Esther] No.

[Esther] Gone? What do you mean, gone? Where's he gone?

[Max] Out of the window? [Woman] I looked everywhere else.

Oh, he went out of the window, did he? Oh, really?

How can he possibly have got out the window? Look, look.

Down there? Look at the drop, you fool! It wasn't me.

[Rings] Yes?

[Esther] Mr. Getz?

Is there a chance, Mr. Getz, that you will perform any useful service in our employ?

Or are you too busy feeding your tortoises?

Oh, uh, I beg your pardon. I thought I'd been fired.

Boniface has run away again, selfish little imp!

Now, we expect him back here, with us, by the morning!

When did he run away?

Is anyone looking for him? Your husband or the police?

Oh! [Grunts] Give it here.

Listen here, Getz. Fortunately for you, my wife is a patient woman.

This case will be resolved immediately, if I have to do it myself.

Is that clear enough for you?

[Waves Splashing]



[Both Panting]

See? Like I thought. No dogs at the back.


[Whispering] What's the matter? I'm scared.

Of what? They have guns.

[Owl Hoots]

[Electricity Hums] Bo?

Bo! It's me, Victor. I'm not going back to Esther.

Well, good. Because we're not planning to let her have you.

Really? Yeah, not even the tiniest little piece of you.

Where are you? Up here.

They're all gone.

And my kittens. They're-

They're all tucked up safe and sound at Ida's house.

Esther said Prosper was bad.

No. Let me tell you one thing.

Prosper is the best brother anyone could have.

Come on. I'll catch you.

[Groans, Chuckles]

I bet that big brother of yours is worried sick about you.

But at least he's in a nice, soft bed.

[Dog Panting]

[Dogs Panting, Growling]

[Growling, Barking]


[Whispering] Don't move. If we run, they'll take us down.

Bimba! Bella! Enough!


What are you doing here? We want to see the Conte.

The Conte doesn't like unannounced visitors.

We had a deal with him, and he cheated us.

[Dogs Whine, Growl]

That way. And don't try to run.

My dogs are faster than you.


[Dog Barks] Bella.

[Train Whistles] Renzo, the Thief Lord has come to pay you a visit.

Something about fake money and a merry-go-round.

I think it would be a capital idea... to feed him and his little friend to the dogs.

I apologize for my sister's rudeness.

So you found out about the money? My apologies.

It was Barbarossa's idea.

I wouldn't have been able to pay you otherwise. [Train Whistles]

I knew it. The merry-go-round works.

[Scipio] You're the Conte.

At your service, Thief Lord.

[Dogs Barking In Distance] Does anyone know you're here?

Our friends know. And a detective too.

We will settle everything to your full satisfaction.

We pay you with a ride on the merry-go-round.

That is what you are here for, is it not? It is indeed.

Just be aware that this is no simple fairground attraction.

To ride one of the creatures... is to ride into the teeth of peril.

I only just managed to dismount in time.

Uh, looks like you went a bit too far.

We were never allowed a real childhood... in which to play and grow up together.

How could you possibly want to turn yourselves into children?

Prosper and I want to ride the merry-go-round forward.

Va bene. If that is your wish.

[Dogs Barking In Distance]

I'll go and check on them. Are you expecting visitors?

No one dares to set foot on this island.

The only visitor we allowed to come here was Barbarossa.

[Scipio] Does he know about that merry-go-round? Good heavens, no.

He'd immediately start selling tickets at 10,000 apiece.

[Victor] Can't wait to see Prosper's face when he sees you safe and sound.

But what if he rode the merry-go-round and is now all old like you?

I don't know what funny stories you've been listening to.

Wow! Look at it, Prop. It's incredible.

This is the solution to all our problems.

[Prosper] Problems just don't disappear because you get older.

That's the point. You'll be a man... free to overcome them in any way you want.

Does it matter which one we ride?

[Conte] The lion was the right mount for me, but to grow older... you two must choose one of the water creatures.

Come on, Prop. Take a pick.

Which one do you want? The sea horse or the merman?

What you do is your choice, but I can't do this.

What about Bo? Think how happy he would be.

Bo wants me as a brother, not a father.

You heard him, Conte. Looks like I'm riding solo.

So let's do it.

Come on. Let's go! [Conte] Are you quite sure you want to go through with this?

I've never been more sure of anything in my life.

And I swear I won't come off till I need a shave.

Hold on tight.


Here we go!

[Scipio Shouts]

Roll on the good times!

Whoo-hoo! Yeah! Whoo-hoo!

[Electricity Crackles]

[Scipio] Yeah!

[Electricity Crackles]

Make him get off or he'll be an old man!

Scip! Get off!

Jump off! Jump off!


Jump off!



[Squeaking Slows]

[Grunts, Sighs]

That... was incredible.


Don't look so shocked. [Sighs]

[Grunts] It worked.

Look. Just look at me.


Unbelievable. [Chuckles]

Come on, Prop. What do you think? Am I bigger than my father?

[Twigs Snap] [Contessa] It's this way. Believe me.

Ow! Ow! Where are you taking me, you little squirt?

No, we're nearly there. Ow!

I knew you were stringing me along.

You just tried to get me away from the house, away-

away from this extraordinary contraption.

[Scipio] Signor Barbarossa.

What, for heaven's sake, are you doing with the Contessa?

Contessa? Yes, Contessa.

I presume we are here for the same reason at this late hour.

Namely, to experience the magic of this famous merry-go-round in operation.

Famous? Magic?

Wait a moment.

This is the legendary merry-go-round of the Merciful Sisters!

Must be worth a fortune!

You may look older, but has it made you wiser, Thief Lord?

Why don't you try it yourself?

Of course. Why not?

Shake off some years. Get rid of those aches and pains.

Sharpen the mind perhaps? You do know how to work it?

I do indeed. Come on, you two.

Signor Barbarossa wishes to take a ride.

Which, um, animal should I mount?

I would suggest the lion.

[Grunts, Sighs]

Excellent! I'm ready for my little test-drive.

You heard Signor Barbarossa.

[Quietly] Let's give him the ride he deserves.

[Barbarossa] Not too hard. Just a few turns at first.

Who wouldn't want to shed a few years, eh?

Good-bye, wrinkles. Good-bye, saggy tummy.

Good-bye, big, fat, wobbly bottom. [Laughs]

Hey! No! No! Not so hard! I'm gonna be sick!


[Electricity Crackling] [Screaming]


[Screaming Continues]

[Rockets Whistling]

[Conte] No! My merry-go-round! It's ruined!

After all the trouble we went to!

No. Morosina, what have we done?

That fat pig!

My God! That was the ride from hell!

You dolt! You great, fat, scheming hippopotamus!

You've just destroyed what I've spent half my life working on!

It wouldn't stop!

Look at what's happened to me! I'm a respected man!

Can I at least recommend a better tailor?


[Gasping] Oh, Victor, you found him!

Oh, thank goodness. We were looking for him all night.


Is he okay? Yeah, yeah. He's fine.

He's just a bit tired.

Where have you been?

At the merry-go-round with Scip.

Didn't work, did it? Yeah, it did.

Scip's all grown up.

Really? But you're still my same Prop.

Are you disappointed?

No. I'm happy.

Bottoms up to bella donna and big nose here!

[Laughs] Big nose? Excuse me?

Who is this impertinent midget? Midget?

I am Ernesto Barbarossa.

I am a successful and honest businessman... and enjoy the respect of this fair city.

And who might you be?

Oh, my God. It's true. It works.

Stop it. You've had enough.

What are you, my father?

You'll do as you're told, or it'll be straight to bed with no story.

Sorry I had to bring him here, Ida.

He's afraid of the dark. He didn't want to stay in the shop on his own.

Shop? Excuse me. Sorry. I don't understand.

And you? I've heard of growth spurts, but this is ridiculous.

I mean, what are you? Your own older brother?

Or the winner of a Thief Lord look-alike competition or what?

How about your new assistant?

Can someone please explain what's going on here... before I start drinking port for breakfast as well?

Look. It's only me. Just a bit taller and older.

Bo! Where did Victor find you?

In the Stella. Ah.

Of all the places we never thought to look. The Stella.

And now you're back. That's the most important thing. So is Prop.

He went to the merry-go-round, and it works like I always said.

It really worked? No way.

So, this is the little gang of criminals.

The sooner we put you all behind bars, the better.

Oh, there he is, the little runaway. He's staying with me.

Mmm. As you keep telling us. Get out of the way.

No! Give me my son!

He's not your son, you skanky old bat! [Gasps]

How dare you speak to my wife like that, you little monster?


Get off! Get off me!

[Prosper] Leave him alone, you big bully!

[Riccio] Grab his ear!


Enough! [Trigger Clicks]

[Breathing Heavily] Now... just hand over your brother, and we'll forget this ever happened.

It doesn't work, snot nose. Oh, really?

[Giggles] Would you like to find out?


[Laughs] [Gunshot]



Now look what you done, you stupid child! Leave him alone!

He's six years old, and he's got more sense than the pair of you put together!

It was an accident! He- He said it didn't work!

I suggest you put the gun down.

Leave. Leave here. Leave Venice, and leave these boys alone.

You're not fit to look after a tortoise, never mind a child.

Now get out, before I call the police.


[Whimpering Continues]

[Door Slams] Wow. That certainly told them.

See what I mean about being a grown-up?

How am I supposed to sleep with all this noise?

[Groans] Does anybody have an aspirin?

Only speak when you're spoken to.

They better be rich, and I mean filthy rich.

Now do try to keep a straight face, Ida.

Good afternoon.

[Irish Accent] Monsignor and I... are the principals of the orphanage... of the Merciful Sisters.

How can we help you?

We understand you're looking for child to adopt.

We have conducted some research, and we have concluded that you are of impeccable character.

Oh, thank you.

Forgive our presumptuousness, but we saw an opportunity... for little Ernesto... to find the happiness of a loving home.

What an adorable little fellow you- [Burps]

Oh, what do you say, Ernesto?

Scusi? Oh. [Chuckles]

[Riccio] Whoo-hoo!

Man, it's even more than the fake stuff.

Can you count up 50,000?

What am I, Einstein?

And we return the fake money to Barbarossa.

Sixty. Eighty.

Maybe a little bonus.

The deal was 50 grand.

Okay, 50 grand. Interest.



[Chuckles] [Chuckles]

[Scipio] Has everybody got their share now?

Uh, everybody except you. I'll use it to buy you this boat... and then put the rest of it in bank accounts for each of you.

Bank accounts? What next? My midlife crisis?

I want to buy this boat. How much do you want for it?


[Scipio] Is it seaworthy? Certainly. It's just been refitted.

It looks as seaworthy as a rubber duck.

I'll give you five. Six.

Five, five.

Done. Let me get the deed.

Now, don't go tearing around Canal Grande at night in this thing.

Uh, and what would give us that idea? I expect you to behave.

Hey, that's a laugh coming from you, Thief Lord.

Taxi. Taxi! Taxi!

Taxi! Here. Taxi! Over here.

[Max] Taxi. Taxi.

Taxi. Taxi. Tax-


.'.'[Man Singing Opera]



[Cheering] Check out our boat.

Just test-driving the new water wheels.

[Mosca Cheering]

I'm gonna go look for my dad. [Laughs]

Hey, boss. I'll see you tomorrow in the office.

Come on, Mosca. Let's go!

Victor? Yeah?

What's Bo and I supposed to do now?

What do you mean? What about me?

I know what I wanna do.

Stay with Ida.

Well, he's right, of course. You can't leave me now.

I just rattle around in that big old house.

Victor, say something. Tell them they can't leave.

Okay, you heard her. You have to stay.

I think we'd make quite a family.

What? Victor, Victor! Say yes! Say yes!

Whoa! [Ida Laughing]

[Victor] Whoa!