The Thing (1982) Script

[ wind whistling ]

[ cocks rifle ]

[ gunshot ]

[ gunfire continues ]

[ engine stops ]

[ Computer ]: Your move: Bishop to knight four.

My move: Knight to rook three. [ beeps ]

Poor baby, you're startin' to lose it, aren't you?

[ beeping ]

Your move: King to rook one. [ beeps ]

My move: Rook to knight six.

Checkmate. Checkmate. [ beeps ]

You cheatin' bitch.

[ gunshots ]

[ helicopter whirring ]

Childs, what's he doin'?

Circling the camp.

Who is he?

Said "Norge" or something on the side.

It's Norwegian.

[ wind whistling ]

[ speaking Norwegian ]

[ speaking Norwegian ]

[ speaking Norwegian ]

[ yelling in Norwegian ]

George, are you okay? Yeah, yeah, I'm okay.

Are you? Yeah. What's going on there?

Watch it.


Easy, easy, easy. Yes.

[ coughing ]

First goddamn week of winter.

[ moaning ]

Oh, come on. Four stitches. Barely grazed ya.

What were they doin' flyin' that low, shooting at a dog, at us?

Mmm, stir-crazy.

Cabin fever. Who knows?

U.S. Number 31, calling McMurdo. Come in. Over.

[ static ]

U.S. Number 31, calling McMurdo.

Urgent. Come in. Over.

[ static ] Great.

Come on, come on. Nobody!

Nobody. Get a hold of somebody.

Get a hold of anybody. We gotta report this mess.

Look, I haven't been able to reach shit in two weeks.

I doubt if anybody's talked to anybody on this entire continent, and you want me to reach somebody!

Maybe we're at war with Norway.

I was wonderin' when El Capitan... was gonna get a chance to use his popgun.

How long've they been stationed there?

It says here only eight weeks.

Well, that's not long enough for guys to go bonkers.

Bullshit, bwana.

Five minutes is enough to put a man over down here.

[ Palmer ]: Damn straight. I mean, look at Palmer.

He been the way he is since the first day.

How many in their party?

They started with ten. There'd be eight others left.

How do we know?

Guys as crazy as that could have done a lot of damage to their own before they got to us.

Nothing we can do about that. Oh, yes there is. I wanna go up.

In this weather? Bennings?

Winds are gonna let up a tad next couple of hours.

A tad?

Can't condone it much myself, but it is a short haul.

An hour there, an hour back.

Shit, Doc, I'll give you the lift. No problem.

Forget it, Palmer.

Hey, thanks for thinking about it though.

Loaded with kerosene. I count 15 cans.

MacReady! Mac, get your gear on!

Mac, it may not clear up for a week. Yeah.

We're the closest ones to 'em. It's all right by me, Doc.

I'm just lettin' you know we're takin' a chance.

Quit the griping, MacReady.

Those clouds keep movin' over the sun, we're gonna get a whiteout.

We get caught in that, you can scratch one doctor and one pilot.

This is real thin. It'll clear as soon as you get up.

It's up to you, Mac. If you don't wanna fly, we don't fly.

You really wanna save those crazy Swedes, huh?


Which way, Doc? Southwest.

You're gonna have to read the map, 'cause I'm gonna be busy.

Mac's really taking it up, huh?

He knows what he's doin'.

[ "Superstitious" playing ]

[ continues ]

Nauls, will you turn that crap down?

I'm trying to get some sleep. I was shot today.

Read, bwana. Will do.

♪ Writing's on the wall ♪

♪ Very superstitious ♪

[ continues ]

[ continues ]

[ continues ]

Anybody there?

Hey, Sweden!

They're not Swedish, Mac. They're Norwegian.


My God. What the hell happened here?

Come on, Doc.

Portable video unit. Anything? It's all in Norwegian.

What are you doin', Doc?

Could be important work. I wanna take it back with us.

Well, it's gettin' late. Let's hurry it up.

I'll check out the last few rooms.

[ MacReady ]: Hey, Copper, come here!

Maybe they found a fossil, the remains of some animal buried in the ice, and they chopped it out.

But where is it? Look at this.

[ Copper ]: What is that?

Is that a man in there or something?

Whatever it is, they burned it up in a hurry.

Help me find a shovel, Doc.

We found this.

Jesus Christ.

[ coughing ]

[ coughing ]

[ Copper ]: Blair, I'd like you to start an autopsy right away.

[ static ]

[ volume increases ] [ screams ]

Did you reach anybody yet? Reach anybody?

We're a thousand miles from nowhere, man, and it's gonna get a hell of a lot worse before it gets any better.

Well, stick to it, Windows. Stick to it.

Nothin' wrong with this Norwegian, physiologically anyway.

No drugs, no alcohol, nothing.

[ Sniffs ] Hmm.

Well, what we got here is what appears to be, anyway, a normal set of internal organs.

Heart, lungs, kidneys, liver.


Seem to be normal.

[ wind whistling ]

[ Man ]:... one, door number two and door number three.

And I think that Dawn Screen here has got the one that's trading the most.

I went to you first. You brought your friend Anna.

You've been consulting Anna all through the show anyhow.

You may as well consult her one more time.

I know how this one ends.

[ old-time music ]

[ wind whistling ]

[ shouts ]

Clark, will you put this mutt with the others where he belongs?

Yeah, okay.

Go ahead.

Go ahead. What are you waiting for?

[ whimpering ]

[ snarling ]

[ growling, barking ]

[ rattling ]

[ barking continues ]

[ whimpering, barking ]

[ rattling ]

[ creature screeches ]

[ distant barking and howling ]

[ alarm blaring ]

[ roaring ]

I don't know what the hell's in there, but it's weird and pissed off, whatever it is.

Bennings, go get Childs.

What is this? What's goin' on?

Hey, Palmer, what is this? I don't know.

Childs, Mac wants the flamethrower!

Mac wants the what? That's what he said.

Now move! Damn it.

[ barking, roaring ]

[ dogs whimpering ]

Stay back. Hey, Mac, what is it?

[ growling

[ dog barking ]

[ screeching ]

[ screeching continues ]

[ whimpering ]

[ screeches ]

Don't! No! Get away! Get back! Get back!

[ both shouting ]

[ growling ]

Get your ass over here!

Burn it.

Damn it, Childs, torch it!

[ screeches ]

[ coughing ]

Oh my God.

[ gasping ] Oh!


Look. Son of a bitch. Oh.

[ Blair ]: You see, what we're talking about here is an organism that imitates other life-forms, and it imitates 'em perfectly.

When this Thing attacked our dogs it tried to digest 'em, absorb them, and in the process shape its own cells to imitate them.

This, for instance... That's not dog.

It's imitation.

We got to it before it had time to finish.

Finish what?

Finish imitating these dogs.

Easy, easy. Good.

Easy, easy.

Clark. Yeah?

Did you notice anything strange about the dog, anything at all?

Strange? No.

What was the dog doin' in the rec room?

I don't know.

He was just wandering around camp all day.

Are you saying to me the dog wasn't put in the kennel until last night?


How long were you alone with that dog?

I don't know. An hour. Hour and a half, maybe.

What the hell you lookin' at me like that for?

I don't know. What?

I don't know. It's probably nothin'.

It's nothin' at all.

How much more of this crap is there?

Oh, about nine hours, I'd say.

We can't learn anything from this.

Guess not.

[ Garry ]: Where'd they take these shots?

Seems like they were spendin' a lot of their time in a little place northeast of their camp about five or six miles.

[ Garry ]: What's that?

[ MacReady ]: It looks like somethin' buried under the ice.

[ Norris ]: And look at that. They're planting thermite charges.

Whatever it was it was bigger than that block of ice you found.

Here. This is it.

The place where they were spendin' most of their time.

Pretty nasty out, Mac. Thirty-five knots.

Screw it. I'm gonna go up anyway.

Half a mile due east.

Jesus, how long do you figure this has been in the ice?

Well, the backscatter effect's been bringin' things up... from way down around here for a long time.

I'd say... I'd say the ice it's buried in is 100,000 years old, at least.

And those Norwegians blew it up? Yeah.

[ MacReady sighs ] I don't know.

Thousands of years ago it crashes, and this thing... [ sighs ] gets thrown out or crawls out, and it ends up freezing in the ice.

I just cannot believe any of this voodoo bullshit.

Childs, it happens all the time, man.

They're fallin' outta the skies like flies.

Government knows all about it. Right, Mac?

Do you believe any of this voodoo bullshit, Blair?

Childs. Childs. Chariots Of The Gods, man.

They practically own South America.

I mean, they taught the Incas everything they know.

Come on, now, MacReady.

The Norwegians get a hold of this, and they dig it up out of the ice.

Yes, Garry, they dig it up. They cart it back.

It gets thawed out, wakes up, probably not in the best of moods.

I don't know. I wasn't there.

Which one of you disrespectful men been tossin' his dirty drawers in the kitchen trash can, huh?

From now on I want my kitchen clean, germfree.

Now how's this motherfucker wake up after thousands of years in the ice?

And how could it look like a dog? I don't know how.

'Cause it's different than us, see?

'Cause it's from outer space. What do you want from me? Ask him.

You buy any of this, Blair?

[ ticking, beeping ]

[ Copper on P.A. ]: Mac, we're movin' those things out of the lab into the storeroom.

Can you come get your stuff?

Be there in a minute, Doc.

Through the door.

Right over here. Right over...

Sorry, Mac. You have to move your stuff ou...

Doc says we gotta lock him up. Stash him in here and lock him up.

I have to talk to you. I'm tired of talkin', Fuchs.

I just wanna get up to my shack and get drunk.

Mac, it's important. What is it?

Outside. It's 40 below outside.

In the Thiokol. Please, Mac.

We ought to just burn these things.

Can't burn the find of the century.

That's gonna win somebody the Nobel Prize.

You, uh, got the keys?

Get 'em from Garry. I wanna get some stuff outta here.

There's something wrong with Blair.

He's locked himself in his room and he won't answer the door.

So I took one of his notebooks from the lab.

Yeah? Listen.

"It could have imitated a million life-forms on a million planets.

"Could change into any one of them at any time.

Now it wants life-forms on Earth. "

It's gettin' cold in here, Fuchs, and I haven't slept in days.

Wait, Mac, wait a minute. "It needs to be alone

"and in close proximity with a life-form to be absorbed.

The chameleon strikes in the dark. "

So is Blair cracking up or what? Damn it, MacReady.

"There is still cellular activity in these burned remains.

They're not dead yet. "

Let's go, Bennings. I gotta get some sleep.

Holy shit.

[ keys fall ]

Go get the doc.

I'll get Garry. We'll meet in Blair's room.

It's Bennings!

Bennings was right there, Mac.

I swear to God it had a hold of him.

[ alarm blaring ]

[ blaring continues ]

[ MacReady ]: Windows! Windows! Keep away from him!

Get back! Stay back!

It isn't Bennings.

[ screeching ]

[ screaming ]

My God, what was happening to him?

If it had had more time to finish it would have looked and sounded and acted just like Bennings.

I don't know what you're saying.

That was one of those things out there trying to imitate him, Garry.

Come on. MacReady, I know Bennings.

I've known him for ten years.

He's my friend.

We've gotta burn the rest of 'em.

All right, step back.

You sure that's all of'em?

We cleaned out the storehouse, the lab, there is nothin' left.

Where's Blair?

I can't find Blair.

Where's everybody else?

Windows is in the radio room still trying to get through.

Everyone else is in the rec room.

Well, you go on. I'll be in in a minute.



[ static ]

[ gunshot ]

[ Blair shouting ]

[ Blair ]: Don't! You son of a bitch. You understand me?

He's got a gun. Get back. Anybody interferes, I'll kill 'em.

Just leave it here. We're gonna talk.

He smashed up some of the chopper pretty good.

[ Blair ]: Nobody talk to nobody!

Childs, go see if he got to the tractor.

Nobody gets in and outta here. Nobody.

You guys think I'm crazy. Well, that's fine.

Most of you don't know what's goin' on around here.

Well, I'm damn well sure some of you do.


He got most of the chopper and the tractor, and he's killed the rest of the dogs.

Garry, wait a minute, wait a minute.

Now, Childs, go around to the map room door. Talk to him.


Norris, get a table from the lab.

Do you think that thing wanted to be an animal?

No dogs make it a thousand miles through the cold.

[ glass shattering ]

Nah, you don't understand!

That thing wanted to be us.

[ Blair ]: If the cell gets out... it could imitate everything on the face of the earth... and it's not gonna stop! Okay, Blair.

Come on, man, you don't wanna hurt anybody.

I'll kill you.

[ Blair shouts ]

[ grunting ]

[ Blair groaning ]

Good shot, MacReady.

Excuse me. Okay.

All right, bring him up. Yeah.

[ groaning ]

Come on, Blair.

What about your shack, MacReady?

I don't want him in my shack. We'll lock him in the toolshed.

Why am I in here? For your own protection, Blair.

[ wind howling ]

How you doin', old boy?

I don't know who to trust.

[ swallows, sighs ] I know what you mean, Blair.

Trust's a tough thing to come by these days.

Tell you what. Why don't you just trust in the Lord?

Watch Clark. What?

I said watch Clark.

And watch him close. Do you hear me?

[ door closes ]

And now the radio's gone.

And so are the choppers. We're completely cut off.

All we can do now is hole up 'til spring, wait for the rescue team.

No, we don't wait.

Somebody in this camp ain't what he appears to be.

Right now that may be one or two of us.

By spring it could be all of us.

So how do we know who's human?

If I was an imitation... a perfect imitation... how would you know if it was really me?

Is there some kind of test, Doc?

Well, yeah, possibly.

I've been thinkin' about a blood serum test.

[ Garry ]: What's that?

We could take a sample of each person's blood, could mix it with uncontaminated blood.

I suppose if there's a reaction, we'd know who isn't human.

We've got whole blood in storage. Start working on it.

Keep an eye on Clark.

He was close to that dog.

Yeah. Yeah.

Mac, we need Blair's help.

He's the only one who knows what this organism is capable of.

He's too far gone, Fuchs.

But get the rest of his notebooks. Start goin' through 'em.

[ unlatching hook ]

[ Copper ]: Garry! Hey, you guys, come here!

What? Somebody got to the blood.


Where's Clark? Right here.

Wait a minute, wait a minute. Was this broken into?

No, the lock is undamaged.

Somebody opened it, closed it, and then locked it.

Great. Who's got access to it?

I guess I'm the only one.

And I got the only key.

Would that test have worked, Doc? Oh, I think so, yes.

[ Norris ]: Somebody else sure as hell thought so.

Well, who else could've used that key?

Nobody! I just give it to Copper whenever he needs it.

Could anybody have gotten it from you, Doc?

I don't see how. As soon as I'm finished, I return it right away.


[ Fuchs ]: When was the last time you used it?

[ Copper ]: A day or so ago, I guess.

I suppose somebody could have lifted it off me...

Oh, come on!

That key ring of yours is always hooked to your belt.

[ shouting ]

Accusing everybody... Stop it! It ain't worth it!

Copper's the only one who's got any business with it.

Now wait a minute, Garry!

You've been in here on several occasions.

And Doc thought of the test.

[ Childs ]: So what? Is that supposed to clear him?

Bullshit! Why would he come in here...

Windows! Windows!

[ cocks gun ] Put that down!


I'll put this right through your head.

You guys gonna listen to Garry?

You gonna let him give the orders?

I mean, he could be one of those Things.

Windows. Wait a minute.

Just take it easy. Put the gun down.

Put it down. Garry, you don't want to hurt anybody.

Right. On the floor.

It's on the floor.

I don't know about Copper, but I give you my word I did not go near that blood.

But I guess you'll all feel a little easier if...

if somebody else was in charge.

Norris, I can't see anybody objecting to you.

I'm sorry, fellas, but I'm not up to it.

I'll take it. Like hell you will.

It should be somebody a little more even-tempered, Childs.

[ scoffs ]

All right.

[ wind gusting ]

[ flame bursting ]

I know I'm human.

And if you were all these things, then you'd just attack me right now.

So some of you are still human.

This thing doesn't want to show itself.

It wants to hide inside an imitation.

It'll fight if it has to.

But it's vulnerable out in the open.

If it takes us over, then it has no more enemies, nobody left to kill it.

And then it's won.

There's a storm hitting us in six hours.

We're gonna find out who's who.

All right, Doc, Garry and Clark, move over there away from the others.

Norris, you and Childs shoot 'em up with morphine.

Tie 'em down in the rec room and watch 'em.

Fuchs, you start working on a new test.

I need Doc's help. Yeah, you don't wanna drug me.

Mac, I'm not a prisoner!

Let me do it. You're gonna break the needle in my arm.

No, Doc, he's doing a real fine job.

[ groans ]

I'm gonna hide this tape when I'm finished.

If none of us make it at least there'll be some kind of record.

Storm's been hitting us hard now for 48 hours.

We still have nothing to go on.

One other thing: I think it rips through your clothes when it takes you over.

Windows found some shredded long johns but the name tag was missing.

They could be anybody's.


Nobody trusts anybody now.

And we're all very tired.

[ tape rewinding ]

Nobody trusts anybody now.

There's nothing else I can do.

Just wait.

R.J. MacReady, helicopter pilot, U.S. Outpost number 31.

[ stops tape player ]

You come up with anything yet?

One or two ideas.

[ sighs ] But MacReady, I've been thinking.

If a small particle of this thing is enough to take over an entire organism, then everyone should prepare their own meals.

And I suggest we only eat out of cans.

All right.

[ kicks object ]

[ whooshing ] Who's that?

Anybody see Fuchs?

Somebody blew out a fuse in the lab.

Lights were out in there for an hour.

Any one of us could've gotten to him.

All right, we gotta find him.

Nauls, why don't you come with me and we'll look outside.

Palmer, you and Windows check the inside.

I ain't goin' with Windows.

I ain't goin' with him. I'll go with Childs.

Hey, fuck you, Palmer! I ain't goin' with you!

[ Childs ]: Who says I want you goin' with me?

Alright, cut the bullshit!

Windows, you come with us. Norris, you stay here.

Any of them move, you fry 'em.

You hear anything, anything at all, you cut loose on the sirens.

We all meet back here in 20 minutes regardless.

And everybody watch whoever you're with... real close.

[ unhooks latch ]

Hey, Blair.

Blair, have you seen Fuchs?

I don't wanna stay out here any more. I wanna come back inside.

I hear funny things out here.

Have you come across Fuchs? It ain't Fuchs.

It ain't Fuchs.

I'm not gonna harm anybody. There's nothing wrong with me.

And if there was, I'm all better now. I'd like to come back inside.

Now you've got my promise.

We'll see.

Hey, wait a minute. Wait a minute, man.

I wanna come back inside, don't you understand?

I'm all right. I'm much better... and I won't harm anybody.

You gotta let me come back inside.

Hold it!

Is it Fuchs?


Why would it burn him?

Flare. Maybe he tried to burn it.

Maybe he burned himself before it could get to him.

Great! Now what are we gonna do?

You go inside. Tell the others we found Fuchs.

We'll be in as soon as we can. Where are we going?

Up to my shack. What the hell for?

'Cause when I left yesterday, I turned the lights off.

How long have they been out there?

40, 45 minutes.

We better start closing off the outside doors.

[ hammering continues ]

Hey! All of you, come here!

[ groaning ]

[ banging ]

[ Nauls ]: Open up! Open up this door! Open up! Open up!

Close that door.

[ panting ]

Where's MacReady?

I cut him loose off the line up by his shack.

[ Childs ]: Cut him loose? Yeah.

When we were up checkin' around his place I found this.

Look. It was stashed in his oil furnace.

Wind must've dislodged it but I don't think he saw me find it.

I made sure I got ahead of him on the towline on the way back.

I cut him loose.

MacReady? He's one of 'em.

When do you think it got to him? I don't know.

It could've been anytime, anywhere.

[ Childs ]: If it did get to him.

Hey, look, Childs, come on. When the lights went out.

That would've been the perfect time.

Right, you said guys were missing. And Windows, where were you?

Hey, Palmer, I told you to shut your mouth!

[ all shouting ]

[ Norris ]: This is just what it wants! To pit us against each other.

[ squeaking ]

Let's open it. Hell no!

You think he's changed into one of those things?

He's had plenty of time.

Nothing human could've made it back here in this weather without a guide line.

Let's open it now.

Why are you so damned anxious to let him in here?

Because it's so close.

Maybe our chance to blow it away. No, just let him freeze to death.

Childs, what if we're wrong about him?

Well then, we're wrong! [ glass breaking ]

The supply window!

All right, all right, we got no choice now!

Damn it! He's got the keys!

[ MacReady ]: What's going on? The towline snapped.

That's bullshit, Childs. He's got to know damn well I cut it!

You're a dead man, MacReady!

Or a dead whatever the hell you are!

Anyone messes with me and the whole camp goes.

Come on, Childs, burn me.

Put those torches on the floor and back off.

Back off. Way off.

You asshole. You'd have done the same thing.

Don't argue with him.

Where's the rest?

Come on, man, I mean it!

It's cool, MacReady. It's cool, man, come on.

Yeah. Yeah, man, just relax.

Anybody touches me... and we go.

[ groans ]

He's not breathin'! Go untie the doc.

Get him in here. And bring the others.

From now on nobody gets outta my sight.

Let me at him.

[ MacReady ]: So, you sweethearts were about to have yourselves a little lynching party, huh?

I might just have to put an end to you on general principles, Nauls.

Did it ever occur to the jury that anybody could've gotten some of my clothes and stuck 'em up the furnace?

[ Childs ]: We ain't buyin' that.

Quit that bickerin' over there!

Windows, wheel that defibrillator over here.

Put some of that gel on those paddles!

[ Childs ]: You're gonna have to sleep sometime, MacReady.

I'm a real light sleeper, Childs.

If anyone tries to wake me... Uh-uh.

[ defibrillator beeping ]

[ Copper ]: Clear!

[ groans ] Clear! Clear.

[ screaming ]

[ screaming continues ]

[ rumbling ]

[ growling ]

[ growling continues ]

[ screeching ]

[ loud screeching ]

We're on fire, MacReady! We're on fire! Get back! Just wait!

All right, go!

Windows! Windows, get in here!

[ men coughing ]

[ low growl ]

You gotta be fuckin' kidding.

[ yowling ]

What do you got in mind, MacReady?

A little test.

And Windows, you and Palmer tie everybody down real tight.

What for? For your health.

Come on, let's rush him! He's not gonna blow us all up!

No, no, wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Let's... Let's do what Mac says.

I mean, uh, he wasted Norris pretty quick, didn't he?

That's close enough, Clark.

He ain't tyin' me up. Then I'll have to kill you, Childs.

Then kill me.

I mean it.

[ cocks gun ]

I guess you do.

Geez. This is bullshit, Mac!

[ MacReady ]: Finish it, Palmer. They're dead, Mac!

Windows? Yo?

You tie up Palmer over here.

We're gonna draw a little bit of everybody's blood...

'cause we're gonna find out who's the Thing.

Watchin' Norris in there gave me the idea that... maybe every part of him was a whole.

Every little piece was an individual animal... with a built-in desire to protect its own life.

You see, when a man bleeds... it's just tissue.

The blood from one of you things won't obey when it's attacked.

It'll try and survive.

Crawl away from a hot needle the same.

[ sets gun on table ]

[ groans ]

Now you.

That's good.

All right, move back, over there.

[ gas blowing ]

[ wind howling ]

[ sizzles ]

[ sighs ]

I guess you're okay.

All right. Put that on and watch them.

Now I'll show you what I already know.

[ sizzles ]

It's a crock of shit.

Let's try the doc and Clark.

[ sizzles ]

Now Clark.

[ sizzles ]

Then Clark was human, huh?

Which makes you a murderer, don't it?

Palmer now.

This is pure nonsense. It doesn't prove a thing.

I thought you'd feel that way, Garry.

You were the only one that could've got to that blood.

We'll do you last.

[ screeches ]

Get him away from me! MacReady, burn it!

[ all yelling ] What is it?

[ screaming ] [ Garry ]: Come on!

Get me outta here!

Windows, blast him!

[ Childs ]: Get me outta here! Get me outta here!

[ gagging ]

[ screaming ]

[ screaming ]


[ screeching ]

[ screeching continues ]

[ men screaming ]

[ Childs ]: Get me outta here!

[ men continue screaming ]

MacReady, get in here! Come on, hurry up!

He's coming back! Burn it! Burn it, for God's sake!

[ Garry ]: Hurry up, MacReady! Burn it!

[ moaning ]

[ sizzles ]

Let's do it.

[ sizzles ] [ sighs ]

[ Childs ]: Get me outta here! Cut me loose!

Cut me the hell... Come on, get me outta here!

Come on, get me outta here!

Cut me loose, damn it!

[ sizzles ]

I know you gentlemen have been through a lot, but when you find the time, I'd rather not spend the rest of this winter tied to this fucking couch!

[ footsteps approaching ]

[ MacReady ]: Childs.

We're goin' out to give Blair the test.

If he tries to make it back here and we're not with him... burn him.

[ Nauls ]: Mac, the door's open!

How'd he get out?

The door was bolted from the outside.

[ wood creaks ]

[ Garry ]: Blair?

[ Nauls ]: Hey, Blair, you down there? We got somethin' for ya!

[ MacReady ]: Blair's been busy out here all by himself.

What is it? Something he's been making.

It's a ship of some kind.

He stole the parts from the helicopter.

The smart S.O.B. put it together piece by piece.

Where was he tryin' to go?

Any place but here.

[ Nauls ]: Hey, you guys, come here. Come here.

I think I saw Childs outside the main entrance of the camp.

What's he doin' outside? I don't know.

Got a flare?

He got back inside and blew the generator.

In six hours it'll be a hundred below in here.

Well, that's suicide!

Not for that thing.

It wants to freeze now. It's got no way outta here.

It just wants to go to sleep in the cold until the rescue team finds it.

What can we do? What can we do?

Whether we make it or not, we can't let that thing freeze again.

Maybe we'll just warm things up a little around here.

We're not gettin' outta here alive.

But neither is that thing.

Generator room.

[ explosion ]

The generator's gone.

Any way we can fix it?

It's gone, MacReady.

[ panting ] All right.

We gotta bring this whole place right down into the ice.

Garry, plant yours in the old storage room.

Nauls, down by the generator.

[ clicking ] Ah, God.

[ moaning ]

[ gurgling ]

[ gurgling stops ]

How's it comin' in there?

I said, how's it...

[ growling ]

[ chattering ]

[ growls ]

[ roaring ]

[ roaring continues ]

Yeah, fuck you too!

[ screeching ]

You the only one who made it?

Not the only one.

Did you kill it?

Where were you, Childs?

Thought I saw Blair.

I went out after him and got lost in the storm.

[ chuckles ]

Fire's got the temperature up all over the camp.

Won't last long, though.

Neither will we.

How will we make it?

Maybe we shouldn't.

If you're worried about me...

If we've got any surprises for each other...

I don't think we're in much shape to do anything about it.

Well... what do we do?

Why don't we just... wait here for a little while?

See what happens.

[ grunts ]

[ both chuckle ]