The Thinning (2016) Script


(anxious, pulsating music)

Okay, remember what we talked about?

Use the product rule to find the derivative.

I can't do this.

(child giggling)

Hey, Corinne, not now.

Yeah, you can, Simon.

I've seen your scratch work.

Just take your time.

Focus on the equation.

Okay, I can't learn this by tomorrow.

I'm totally fried.

Can't you just give 'em to me?



(soft, suspenseful music)


You can't tell anyone about this.

As soon as the test is over, destroy it.

You're lucky, that was my last one.

Don't you need it?



Laina, this is Dr. Perkash, your mother is asking to be discharged from the hospital.


[Dr. Perkash] She's not so much asking as signing herself out of care against our advice.

I'll be right there.

Just please try to stall her.

Okay, guys, time to go.

(elevator dings)

Hi, there they are.

This is perfect.

Can you take that to the car for mommy?

[Laina] Mom, what are you doing?

I am checking out.

You know what, sweetheart, I left your markers in my room.

Wanna go to mommy's room and go get your markers?

Is mommy coming home?

Yes, I am.

Mom, you need to be here, they can't treat you at home.

I know.

[Doctor] Laina, can I have a word?

Here, I know it's not all of it, but I can get more.

Oh, um, no, we're past that.

Her white blood cell count is not doing her any favors.

And this kind of aggressive depletion doesn't give us a lot of options.

But she can't come home, right?

She's not gonna get any better there.

I think the best thing any one can do now is to just keep her comfortable.

I'm sorry.

(mother laughing)

[Mother] Can you help me carry my suitcase?

[Child] Uh huh.

Hey, I'm gonna make a run to the kitchen, want anything?

No, I'm good Blake, thanks for asking.

You go ahead.

All right, thanks man.

All right.

(anxious, pulsating music)

(growling yell)


Oh my.

I honestly think I've done that to you like 19 times.

Yeah, well, that's the last time..

I didn't mean it like that.

I just, I don't want to talk about it.

Ellie, no matter what happens, I'll--

I didn't come here to talk about the test.

Come on, I wanna show you something.


(car revving)

[Ellie] Sh! It's a secret.

[Blake] Come on, Ellie.

(Ellie shushing)

Oh my god.

Ellie we shouldn't be doing this.

Calm down.

Live a little.

(Ellie laughing)

Ellie, did you bring your bathing suit?

No. (laughs)

(both laughing)

Go on.

(water splashing)


What's wrong?

I'm scared, Blake.

Hey, we're in this together.

I'll take care of you.

Hey, Blake.

You know, I think I do want something from the kitchen.

I found him at the Bilski's pool.


You want a Pop-Tart?

No thanks.

Some people like to toast these.

But I never have the patience, you know.

Love 'em.

Did you have fun tonight?

You got anything going on tomorrow?

Oh wait, my god, you have a test.

It's test day tomorrow.

I completely forgot myself, it's so easy to forget something like that, isn't it?

I get it.

Hey, sorry.

Look, there's nothing wrong with having a little fun every once in a while, but you gotta pick your moments.

The night before a life altering test it's not the moment.

Got it.

Solid lecture.

Almost done.

Now, I know that you don't really care what I think about this girl.


Ellie, but she's a distraction.

Now you have tomorrow, and next year.

And after that you have the whole rest of your life to be distracted.

Don't eff it up.

You sure you don't want a Pop-Tart?

Good night, Dad.

Hey...come here.

(soft suspenseful music)

No, no, no.


[Masked Man] Move along.

[Simon] Shit!

Hey, Lana, right?

Yeah, Laina.

Laina. It's cool.

Sorry, um.

This is kind of an awkward question.

I was hoping that I could buy one of your study guides?

I can't.

What do you mean I can't.

I just gave the last one away.


Hey Laina, wait up.

So, you and Blake Renning, huh?

No, not really.

He didn't even know my name.

He didn't know your name?

But we've been in school with him since first grade and there's less and less kids each year.

I know, it's pretty tragic.

Geez, well, it's almost as tragic as being in love with your best friend who's in love with the guy that doesn't even know her name.

But that's just something I saw in a movie once.

[Laina] Not today, Kellan.

Yeah, you're right, tomorrow's actually better for me anyway.

(digital scanning)

[Voiceover] No laptops, computer devices.

[Masked Man] Hey, what the.

(intense percussion music)

Get back here.

All units converse at the south gate.

We got a runner.

Get that kid.

Heading your way, now.

Whoa, I've never seen a kid make it past the guards before.


Are you hacking into your dad's account again?

Uh, yeah.

(vehicle revving)

(intense percussion music)

[Voiceover] Bring him down.

You're surrounded.

Move in.

Come up now, on him.

Move in, boys.

[Laina] So you're going to send the stolen security footage to the news?

You ever heard of Wendy Banks?


Well, she's a very prominent news reporter in Austin and I have her direct, personal, general inquiries email address, so I'm sending her hot tips

(snapping) all the time.

Does she ever reply?

Whoa, I think I have more than enough questions to answer today, thank you, very much.


You're gonna be okay, okay?

You can do this, yeah?

(electronic pinging)

[Voiceover] Commence lock down sequence.

[Voiceover] Yes sir.

[Voiceover] Warning, lock down is now in progress.

30 seconds 'til lock down.

Testing to begin in 15 minutes.

(metallic screeching and thudding)

Good morning, everyone.

I hope you all had a good night sleep.

I just want you to know that you've all had a great year, and despite what happens today, I am proud of each and every one of you.

These questions are tough, but they are not aimed to trick you.

So, focus, take your time.

And no matter how hard something looks, there's always a chance.

You'll have two hours to complete the test.

No talking.

Keep your eyes on your own tablet.

This time is an accurate test that will determine your aptitude.

As you know, all grades are final.

Pick up your tablets and begin.

(dramatic music)

(digital pinging)

You have one minute remaining.

Time's up, tablets down, test is over.



Okay, here are the results.

Donald Green.

[Voiceover] Come with me.

Kellie Jeffries.

[Voiceover] This way.

Marcus Langley.

Don't touch me.

[Voiceover] Come on. Don't touch me.

[Voiceover] Hands out. Touch me.

[Female Teacher] Lane Vic.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

[Voiceover] He's on the move, he's on the move.

[Voiceover] Hey, get him, back row.

Give him the door.

(grunting) (thwacking)

Carrie Billich.


[Voiceover] Come on, it's time to go.

[Carrie] Please stop, please.

And finally.

Peter Strand.

Ellie Harper.

[Blake] No, no!

Congratulations, you've all passed.


You can go to the rec room now.

[Voiceover] Governor, Blake's on the phone.

Oh, good.

Blake, I just heard the good news, congratulations.

Dad, they took Ellie, she's going to the thinning.

Oh god.

I'm sorry son.

We have to do something, Dad.

Just make a phone call, you can say it was a mistake.

[Governor] You know I can't do that.

[Blake] Dad.

Son, we all have to obey the law.

No matter how painful it is.

I can't lose her, Dad, I love her.

I'm sorry, son, my hands are tied.

(locker slamming)

[Voiceover] Stay in the line.

Keep going.

Single file.

You, this way.

(anxious, pulsating music)


[Voiceover] What are you doing?

Get back in line.

Put that down.


Run, Ellie!

Go, now!

[Voiceover] She went down the hall.

Help, help, no, no, no, please, no!


[Voiceover] There's nothing to see.


Come on, hurry up, this way.

No, no, no!

Let her go!

Let her go!

No, let her go!


Ellie! Ellie! Ellie!

Hey Wade, come on in, boy.

(laughing and clapping)


Mr. Glass?

Do you have a minute?

(doorbell ringing)

Corinne, watch your brother.


I know you told me to stop, but I made way too much of this casserole, so please.

Joey, turn it off.

Corinne has to study.

I'm sorry, thank you so much.

Listen, do you have someone to watch Joey tomorrow?

Because I know of a great day care.

The Consores said they'd watch him, thank you.

[Teacher] I know it's Corinne's first test.

We're going to be fine.

You know I'm here if you need me.

I'll see you tomorrow, okay?

(jump rope smacking floor)



So, as far as tomorrow?

I wouldn't worry about a thing.

If you're watching this video, then I am no longer alive.

How many sides does a pentagon have?


What causes disease?


How many letters are in the alphabet?


Who loves you?

(Laughs) You do.

You're going to do great.

I love you so much.

I love you, too.

(dramatic music)

Hey, you ready to go?

[Corinne] Uh huh.

Name, please?

Corinne Michaels.

Okay, thanks.

Good luck, Corinne.

[Guard] Name, please?

(dramatic music)

You have a sit down with Greet the Press at 1pm directly after the announcement.

Great, what about the speech?

We got the revisions this morning, they're good.

Did Georgina sign off?

Yes, sir.

You're car will be ready for you at 11.

Hey, knock knock.

What do you want, I'm running late.

Not everything I do has a grand intention.

I just wanted to say hey.



I wish there was something I could have done.

But none of us are above the law.

Not me, not you, not Ellie.

That's a good line.

You should use it in your speech today.

Is there anything else you want to try out?

(dramatic music)

[Voiceover] Hey.


I can't believe this is the last one.

I don't know why I'm telling you this right now but I'm sweating so much that my backpack is just wet.

[Laina] That's gross.

I know you don't stress out about this stuff because you're a genius or whatever, but, you gotta be a little bit relieved.

I mean, think about it, this is the last time you have to worry about grades forever.

Not exactly.

You know you don't have to hang out with me, it's okay.

Oh, really, sweet.

Did I get you?

No, you do this everyday.

Oh, well, do I do this everyday?

'Ello, do I look British?

Do I look like a British person?


Out of the way, bitches.

Wade Freeman, all star quarterback, represent!

How the hell is that guy still here?

Maybe he's smart.

Is this your phone?

Here you go.

Oh, dude, oh here you go, I'm sorry.

Aw man, you're definitely getting thinned.

Go fetch, bitch.

Closeted smart.


[Voiceover] Commence lock down sequence, [Voiceover] Yes sir.


[Voiceover] Warning, lock down is now in progress.

30 seconds until lock down.

Testing to begin in 15 minutes.

Warning, lock down is now in progress.

[Voiceover] Excuse me, Governor Redding?

[Announcer] Increased security demonstrations in Moscow.

Sir, I think you're gonna want to take a look at this.

It's your son.

[Voiceover] Good morning, class.

[Students] Good morning, Miss Cole.

Now, before we begin, I'm going to show you a really special video before you take your first test, okay?

(twinkling music)

[Voiceover] This is planet Earth, our home.

See how happy she is?

Well, she wasn't always so happy.

You see, not so long ago, the Earth wasn't feeling so well.

First, she got too hot.

(giggling) then, the oceans started to rise, leaving less room on the land for Earth's friends, and with less land and more and more people, there was just not enough room for everybody.

Luckily, boys and girls from all over the world got together and came up with some very cool ways to eliminate five percent of their population annually.

(heavy breathing and sniffling)

You okay, Miss Cole?

Everything all right?

Because if you are not up for it, we can have someone else come down here.

No, I'm fine.

Just need a minute.

[Voiceover] Some places say goodbye to their oldest.

Others only let mommies and daddies have one baby.

In America, what if only the smartest boys and girls got to live here?

That way, there's enough to go around.

And America could be the best country again.

Isn't that neat?

Now, all kids from 1st grade til 12th grade get to take the 10-241 test to help planet Earth feel great.


'Kay, now, it's time for everyone to pick up your tablets, okay?

You have a very exciting test today, just like we practiced.

These questions are hard, but if you take your time, and focus, remember there's always a chance.

Okay, pick up your tablets and begin.

Good luck.

If you're watching this video, then I am no longer alive.

Today, I will be filling in enough incorrect answers to definitely fail my 10-241 examine.

My dad wants to stand by this system.

He's gonna have to stand by a system that put his own son to death.

I want him home now.

Sir, we can't--

I want my son home now!

Testing's already begun, the school's on complete lock down.

[Governor] God damnit, god damnit!

(chair breaking)

Sir, they're ready for you.

Take a walk.


(electronic pinging)

This is Mason King.

(dramatic music)

(electronic pinging)

Yes, Nathan.

I don't know this one.

Can you help me?

Sorry, I can't.

Just do your best, okay?


(dramatic music)

(electronic pinging)


Time's up, tablets down, test is over.

(electronic pinging)

(dramatic music)

(typing and electronic pinging)

If I call your name, I want you to stand up and follow the leader.

We're gonna play a song while we grade the test.

("My Country, 'Tis of Thee")

♪ My country 'tis of thee

♪ Sweet land of liberty ♪ Kevin Barrow.

♪ Of thee I see.

♪ Land where my fathers died

♪ Land of the pilgrims' pride ♪ Nicole Chung.

♪ Of every mountainside ♪ No, no!

♪ Let freedom ring ♪ [Voiceover] Marissa Gomez.

[Marissa] Get off me.

♪ My native country, thee ♪ Nathan Hill.

♪ Land of the noble free

♪ Thy name I love

♪ I love thy rocks and rills

♪ Thy woods and templed hills ♪ Mark Salazar.

[Voiceover] Come with me.

♪ Like that above ♪ Sarah Foster.

No, no, no!

No, no, please no, don't, no!

Congratulations, the rest of you passed.

And lastly.

Laina Michaels.

(anxious, pulsating music)


[Voiceover] Come on, it's time to go.

(heavy breathing)

[Teacher] Class dismissed.

(anxious, pulsating music)

Is he safe?

[Voiceover] The transfer is complete.

Everything is in order, governor.

Mason, I appreciate your discretion.

[Mason] As always, I need the word from you to make it official.

Are we approved to commence the thinning.

You are approved.

[Voiceover] Yes, sir.


Good, are you ready?

Time to sell the dream.

(clapping and applause)

(electronic pinging)

Officer, wait, I'm Kendra Birch, I'm Laina's teacher.

Laina's the best student I've ever had.

I'm finding it very difficult to believe that she failed the exam.

Maybe there was a problem with her tablet?

Do something, please?

Make it right.


[Officer] Chang, there's a teacher in the west corridor who thinks there's a mistake with a student's test.

Please advise.

[Voiceover] What's the name of the student?

Michaels, Laina Michaels.

[Officer] Look up, Michaels.

First name, Laina.

[Voiceover] There's no mistake, proceed, and don't hold up the line again.

No, I can't.


There's always a chance.

Get the hell out of here.

[Voiceover] Let's go, move out.

(fast-paced electronica music)

Hey, congratulations, you made it!

Frank Halloran, EG Electric.

Aren't you Governor Redding's son?

I'd like to talk to you about your future.

Hey, Clare!

(fast-paced electronica music)

Come on.

Thata boy.

Thata boy, Kellan.

(uptempo rock music)


When my grandfather started at Server Global, he only worked with people he could trust.

And I can tell you, today, that he would trust no one more than my friend and the leader of the great state of Texas, Governor Dean Redding!

(applause and cheering)

Thank you, Georgina.

Thank you.

Thank you, thank you.

What a great day in Texas!


Being governor of this great state for the past six years, we've accomplished some pretty incredible things.

We balanced the budget.

We even had a little bit of change left to spare.


We cracked down on crime by 26%, and above all, we are number one in education in the entire United States of America.

(cheering and applause)

[Voiceover] Move down the line.

Move down the line.

[Governor] Our world is crowded.

We had to look facts square in the eye.

You must be really proud. [Governor] And make some hard decisions.

We had to collectively decide, what kind of world do we want to live in?

25 years ago, America was in trouble.

(intense, suspenseful music)

[Voiceover] Prepare for decontamination.

Remove all clothing.

There are those that say the thinning is barbaric.

Well, I ask you, is it barbaric to be leading in innovation?

(cheering and applause)

Is it barbaric to be the number one most informed and educated population in 196 countries?

(mixed cheering and booing)

Is it barbaric to be the best?


If you don't work, if you don't support our great society, then you are living off the system.

That is a parasite.

And do you know what we do with parasites?

We wash them out.

(intense, dramatic music)

Today's average student is yesterday's valedictorian.

Tell that to Vermont.

Tell that to Oregon.


We introduced competition in the classroom and the results speak for themselves.

(cheering and applause)

[Voiceover] Put these on now.

Our great country has many challenges still ahead.

And with your help, we can take the good things we've done in Texas and lead the rest of America into an even greater tomorrow.



[Blake] Sir, please, help me.

[Officer] You know, you shouldn't be in the hallway.

(grunting) (thudding)

(dramatic music)

(smacking) (grunting)

(intense, dramatic music)

(upbeat rock music)


(electronic pinging)

(suspenseful music)

(upbeat rock music)


This hour, this minute, this moment.


(clanking) (heavy breathing)

I have looked inside myself and in front of the people of the great state of Texas.



[Woman] No, no!

I came here to declare my candidacy for president of the United States of America.

(applause and cheering)

(grunting) (buzzing)

(music stops)




[Voiceover] Stay in your seat.


[Voiceover] Hey, back to the chair.

[Voiceover] Remain seated.

[Voiceover] Sit down!

No! (thudding and grunting)

Get down!

[Voiceover] Hey you, sit down!


[Voiceover] Get them in control!

(anxious, pulsating music)


(electronic pinging)

(hitting keys on keyboard)

System is down, commence containment mode.

Send Victor Woods directly to the control room.

We need a full patch of the electrical system.

[Voiceover] Copy that.



[Voiceover] Victor Woods, report to the control room.

[Voiceover] Everybody stand back, stand back.

Uh, Victor Woods, thanks.

[Voiceover] We've had a minor power outage.

Nobody leave this room until further notice.

(thudding and clanking)

(door shutting)

What are they doing out of the chairs?

[Voiceover] Some of the restraints shorted during the power outage.

But we got it under control.

Have you done a head count?

[Officer] Sir, the door's locked.

There's no way they could have.

This isn't a discussion.

When's the power back?

Power's about 30 away.

The cameras are gonna need a separate patch.

Just get it done.

(electronic pinging)

[Voiceover] Hey!

What are you doing down here?

It's about time.

I called for you 10 minutes ago.

[Voiceover] What?

I'm Miss Birch.

I teach 10th to 12th grade.

[Voiceover] Wait, why are you wearing--

I just saw a student go down that stairwell.



(electronic powering up)

(locker clanking)

(grunting and thudding)

(grunting and thudding)

(electronic pinging and murmuring)

What's the count?

[Officer] There's one unaccounted for.

You lost a student.

[Officer] I don't know how she got out.


[Officer] Her name is Laina Michaels.

And where is she?

(heavy breathing)



You failed the test?

It's Laina, and no.

There's no way I failed that test.

What are you doing here?

Didn't you pass?

I failed the test on purpose.

You did what?

I put my dad between a rock and a hard place and he moved the rock.

Something's not right.

Come on, I think I know where to go.

(soft, undulating music)


(siren blaring) [Voiceover] Level four breach, level four breach.

Level four breach.

Come on. [Voiceover] Level four breach.

Level four breach.

[Voiceover] Hey, hey, come on.

Stay back.

[Voiceover] Hey, what the hell's going on?

[Voiceover] Everybody stay where you are.

This will all be over soon.

[Voiceover] Sir, it's past noon.

We're still in lock down until this is done.

No one comes in or out.

[Voiceover] Parents are already asking when they'll see their children.

What's the status on the missing student?

[Voiceover] All clear on level four.

I want every teacher brought to holding room A immediately.

[Voiceover] Yes, sir.

(suspenseful tones)


Where do you want to go?

We need to find where they keep the tests.

What are you gonna do?

Steal the answers for next year?

Excuse me?

You know, for your little side business.

Where you sell the answers to desperate kids for money.

You don't know what you're talking about.

No, I do.

Innocent kids are killed to meet a bottom line.

And you found a way to profit off them.

Tell me, Laina, what did you spend the money on first?

Was it a car?

A nice dress, maybe?

My mom.

We had to figure out a way to pay for the treatments.

We sold everything we could, but, it still wasn't enough.

I'm not proud of what I did.

I just didn't know what else to do.

In the end it didn't even matter.

You know, it's funny, every day in school they teach us how to solve problems.

But none of those answers are on the real world.

I'm such a dick.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

Thank you for admitting you're a dick.

I'm sorry, too.

I just always liked you and I guess I was kind of jealous of Ellie.

You like me?

Liked, past tense.

Now, can you help me?

Um, yeah, I can get us to the control room but with the power out there's not much we can do.


Excuse me. [Blake] Sorry.

[Laina] We can follow the network cables, which will lead to the server room which runs on reserve power.

Yeah, but don't all computers require administrator access-- [Laina] Access card?

Come on.

Yeah, we're doing it.

I'm great, I'm glad we could finally get this on the calendar.

As am I.

[Voiceover] 10 seconds, 10 seconds.

Got it, thank you.

(suspenseful music)

(door sliding open)

Key cards and I.D.s

(dramatic music)

Thank you for joining us, governor.

Thank you for having me here, Vince, it's a pleasure to be here.

Governor, I apologize.

We're getting breaking news right now.

There is a story developing at Vista Point High School, right here in Austin.

We're getting word that the school is still under lock down.

Now, the test should have ended hours ago.

Parents are growing concerned as the school is said to be holding students indefinitely with no word as to whether or not their children are safe.

Now, governor, what do say to these concerned voters?

Well, while, I don't have any immediate details on the incident, I can say that we do have the best team in the nation on site and that any problems or confusion will be resolved shortly.

Somebody tell me what the hell is going on at that school.

(electronic pinging)

It's worse than we thought.

Show me.

Parents have been waiting for over two hours with little to no information on what has happened to their children at Vista Point High.

We don't know if our son passed the test or failed or anything.

This day is hard enough for all of us and we deserve answers.

This community has been through enough.

No parents of students at Vista Point have been notified as of yet.

We'll keep you updated as this bizarre story.

Get King on the emergency line.

(intense tones)

Key card and I.D.

(electronic pinging)

This is Mason King.

(metallic crashing) (yelping)

(water splashing)

(deep breathing)

(water splashing)

(dramatic, pulsating music)

I'm about to have a thousand royally pissed off parents talking to news vans in front of a school with no power.

I need you to explain to me how this is even remotely handled.

The cables are nearly patched through.

We'll have power back shortly.

As soon as the power is on, the thinning continues, you understand?

The eyes of the nation are on us.

We have zero room for failure.

Understood, sir.

We'll find her.

We'll find her.

Find who?




Blake, breathe.

Blake, breathe!


(coughing water)

So that happened.

Go put these on.

So, am I going to have to ask you or are you going to be a gentleman?

I'll be a gentleman.

Do I need to ask you to be a lady?


It's all good.

I got like a three quick peeks, so we're even.

Okay, are you decent?

No, but I am wearing clothes.


So I guess we're gonna have to figure out a way to get back up there, somehow.

You do that, I'm going to go through here.

What the hell is this?

We passed the test, this is bullshit.

I want to go home.

No one has told us anything.

Are we just supposed to sit here, indefinitely?

[Voiceover] Nobody leaves this room until we get the all clear.

Don't tell me what to do.

Do you have any idea who my parents are?

I'm leaving.

[Voiceover] Stay back!

(thudding) (crowd gasping)


(anxious, pulsating music)




(intense, suspenseful tones)

We can't go down there.

There's too many of them.

We need that card.

I don't think we can get to the computer without it.

Okay, well, there's got to be another way.

Where are you going?

(soft, pulsating music)

[Laina] This is the one.

[Blake] All right.

You ready?


(draws closing and opening)

(anxious, pulsating music)


(door thudding)

Blake, hurry.

(door opening)

Go, go, go.

(anxious, pulsating music)

(electronic powering up)

(anxious, pulsating music)


[Blake] You take care of that.

I'm going to the thinning.

Okay, the major networks should be here within the hour.

I still don't understand what you'll say.

The press are like sharks, Ted.

They smell blood, they'll come swimming.

We just need to give them some fresh meat.

(door shutting)

[Voiceover] We found him beat up pretty bad.

You got beat up by a girl.

No, sir, well, yes sir.

It was two of them.

Two girls?

No, it was a male student.

They got the jump on me.

The other said she was a teacher.

What was the teacher's name?

This is ridiculous.

Yes, this whole thing is.

I don't know about you, but I could use a drink after this.

Me too.

You want to join me for one later?



I have to warn you, I get a little handsy when I drink.


I can deal with handsy.

So I'll see you after school?

I'll see you then.


(soft inquiring music)

(electronic pinging)




Come on.

Miss Birch, right?

Let's continue where we left off.

Key card and I.D.

Very well.

Key card and I.D.

I must have dropped it.

No, I don't think so.

Excuse me, this is a mistake.

Everybody out.

I had it two seconds ago.

Where is she?




I don't know who you're talking about.


(thudding and panting)

I'm broke.

This is the last time that I'll ask nicely.

(electronic powering up)

Where's Laina?

(electronic powering up)


(anxious, pulsating music)

Oh my god, Laina.

(anxious, pulsating music)


(electronic pinging)


(electronic pinging)

(encouraging instrumental music)

(intense, pulsating music)

All the information we have as of now is this morning, approximately 11:45am, Laina Michaels, a student at Vista Point High, failed an exam.

She then proceeded to attack several DPC officers, injuring two and tragically killing two others.

Since then, the students have been moved to a safe place and are being protected under the watchful eye of our teachers until Miss Michaels can be apprehended.

Corinne, do you need a ride home?

[Governor] I would like to speak to you as a father.

Come on.

I understand your pain.

My son is in that school as well.

And I will do everything in my power to bring him and everyone else home safe.

Blake, if you're watching, I love you son.

This is a trying time for all of us.

I ask for your patience and understanding as we move to resolve this matter and bring Miss Michaels to justice.

Wendy, you need to see this.

This was taken from inside the high school.

Yeah, that's definitely a DPC guard hitting a passing student.

This doesn't add up.

Who's the source on this?

(anxious, pulsating music)

This footage was sent to us by a student source inside Vista Point High.


(electronic pinging)

(anxious, pulsating music)


All units converge to the server room.

We have her.

(intense, percussion music)

(door opening)

[Blake] Attention.

I was just told to move these students to the recreation hall immediately.

[Officer] I didn't hear that.

The students are staying until Mason King says otherwise.

[Blake] I was just told to take everyone to the recreation hall without any hold ups.

So, let's get moving.

Undo the restraints.

(relieved whimpering)

[Officer] No, we do don't do anything without direct confirmation from Mason King.

Identify yourself now.

Of course.

I'm sorry, let me show you the confirmation.


[Voiceover] He's not a guard!

(thudding and grunting)

(anxious, pulsating music)

I have proof.

I passed that test.


(electronic powering up)

Take her to the thinning.

Holy shit.

(anxious, pulsating music)


[Voiceover] Good, get him down.

Get his mask.


I don't care where you pull the graphics from, we're going live now.

[Voiceover] Wendy, this hasn't been approved by the network.

Karl, it's called breaking news for a reason.

We're going with this, now.

Three, two.

(suspenseful percussion music)

No, no, not Laina.

Less than an hour ago, Governor Redding announced a situation inside Vista Point High involving a dangerous failed student, Laina Michaels, said to be wreaking havoc on campus leaving behind her a trail of terror.

Just moments ago, we received official documentation from inside the high school revealing falsified test scores, possibly to favor or target specific students to evade or endure the thinning.

Among those wrongfully accused of failing the exam, Laina Michaels, received one of the highest scores in the school.

Blake Redding, son of governor Dean Redding passed the exam, despite having the lowest score at Vista Point High.

(phone ringing)


I thought you said that you had the situation under control.

Well, the situation's changing.

Yes it has.

I'm starting to think I backed the wrong horse.

Congressman Sandoval doesn't come with these kinds of problems.


Don't Georgina me.

Fix it or you won't have enough money to run for city comptroller.

[Voiceover] This explosive development calls everything said today by the governor's office into question and reveals a larger scandal at play.

This is bad.

This is bad.

You got to shut it down.

Dean, it's over, you got to let the girl go.

You need to shut this down, right now.

Goddammit, Dean, are you listening to me?

It's over.

There's no more moves.

There's one more move.

No, please.

No, no!

(intense music)

Sir, everything is in order.

As always, I need the word from you to make it official.

Are we approved to commence the thinning?

Sir, are we approved to commence the thinning?


There's been a change.

We need to revise the list.


[Governor] That's an order.


(electronic release)

All released students are free to proceed to the recreation hall.

Congratulations, you've passed.


Round them up.

[Laina] What's going on?

[Officer] Let's go.


Blake what's happening?

It's okay.

[Laina] No, what's going on?

[Blake] It's okay, I did this.

Get her out of here.

Blake, no!

Get her out of here!

[Laina] Put me down, no!

[Voiceover] Out of the way.

Wade Freeman, time to go.

Get off me, bro.

Bro, that's my throwing arm, bro.

Do you know who I am?

Wade Freeman, you bitch.

(anxious, pulsating music)

(drilling tones)

(soft, somber music)

It's all over.

The school-wide lock down has been lifted and passing students have been reunited with their loved ones after what has been a long, trying day, here in Austin.

As always, our hearts go out to the families of the failing students who scored in the lowest percentile.

The head of the DPC, Mason King, has been taken in for questioning in connection with the altered test scores.

I am appalled by the alleged criminal action of Mr. King.

As of tomorrow morning, I am appointing a special committee to fully investigate what really happened at Vista Point.

If Mr. King is guilty, he will dearly pay for his unlawful actions.

Earlier reports indicating a scandal involving Governor Redding falsifying test information were discredited when the presidential hopeful revealed his son Blake was among this year's failing students.

My son, as much as I love him, is no different than any of your sons or daughters.

I'm not a hypocrite.

The laws apply to all of us.

It just doesn't make it any easier.

I lost my son today.

But I know in my heart that he died for a purpose.

All of our fallen students have made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of ensuring a better tomorrow and in keeping America's future bright.

I'd like to take a moment and thank them for their courage.

(car revving)

[Voiceover] Hold it.

Okay, they're all clear.


(gate screeching)

(anxious, pulsating music)


♪ Dark as midnight

♪ Six pack Coors Light

♪ You don't look the same

♪ Past my bedtime

♪ Blue and red lights

♪ Come take you away

♪ Hate to see you like a monster

♪ So I run and hide

♪ Hate to ask but what's it like

♪ To leave me behind

♪ I won't be, no I won't be like you

♪ Fighting back, I'm fighting back the truth

♪ Eyes like yours can't look away

♪ But you can't stop DNA

♪ No, you can't stop DNA

♪ Twice a year, you come in crashing

♪ Nice to see you too

♪ Johnny Cash and backseat laughing

♪ Always ends too soon

♪ Hate to say hello 'cause I know that it means goodbye

♪ Hate to ask but what's it like to leave me behind

♪ I won't be, no I won't be like you

♪ Fighting back, I'm fighting back the truth

♪ Eyes like yours can't look away

♪ But you can't stop DNA

♪ No, you can't stop DNA

♪ All the pieces of you

♪ And the pieces of me

♪ I'm just so scared

♪ You're who I'll be when I erupt

♪ Just like you do, they look at me

♪ I can't look at you ♪