The Ticket (2016) Script

Is he in his room? He's sleeping.

Let's not make any sound.

I thought we weren't making any sound.

Where are you? Where are you?

I'm right here. Oh, there you are.

He wouldn't listen to my free throw shooting advice.

You're the blind father giving basketball advice now?

Yes. Yes, I am. Really?

I used to be quite the all-star player, you know?

I was!

How's my favorite blind man doing?

Still very much in the dark.

Now we're even.

Will you do the silly dance for me?

No. Please.

No. Come on, please.

No way. Come on.

You're really gonna make me do it?

I'm not buying up.

Yeah. Oh, fine.

I bet you look so good right now.

Oh, Bob told me a story today.

Honey, I have to get up early tomorrow.

Fine. Okay. I won't tell you.

It's a good story, though.

Okay, fine. Let's hear it.

All right, so...

...there's this man...

...and he really wants to win the lottery. So...

...he prays to God. Every night for 50 years.

Night, after night, after night, he prays.

"Please God, please, let me win the lottery."

And finally, an angel goes to God, and he says...

"God, why don't we let this guy win?"

And you know what God says? What?

God says, "I want to...

...but he's never bought a lottery ticket."

You see? It was a good story. Yeah, it's all right.

What's wrong?


Dear God, I'm thankful for everything I have.

I am deeply satisfied with my life and everything in it.

And I live for today, and I enjoy what I do.

I do not compare myself to others.

Dad? Yeah, son.

Is everything okay? Yeah. Yeah, of course it is.

I was just getting some air.

Here, let's go back inside. You have school tomorrow. Come on.

Oh, my God.


What's wrong?

I... I can see you.

I can see you.

How did this happen?



How did this happen?

How did this happen? How did this happen?

I don't... I don't...

How can a pituitary tumor just disappear overnight?

It didn't disappear, it shrank. It is rare, but not unheard of.

But the good news is it's normally pushing up against the optic chiasm.

Which is how he can see?

We'll only keep him here for a few days.

We just wanna make sure there isn't cause for concern.

So, you need to admit him?

Just for a few days.

Welcome home!

They're brushing Joan out.

Oh, and I called your work, talked to Bob.

He's gonna talk to them. And HR told you to take as much time as you need.

And they're fine with you not coming in until you feel up for it. So...

Here, let me get that.

I can do that.

Oh, I know.

I'm just gonna call work and tell them that I'm not feeling well. Stay home.

I need to do something with my hair.

Now that you can see me.

I have no idea what to do now.

I'll go make us some lunch. Okay?

I'll... I'll be fine. You know?

I'll be fine. Yeah, I know.

Here I am.

This is crazy. I know.

Took me 30 minutes to find that place.

Does it hurt? No. No.

No, not at all.

What did the doctor say? He... couldn't explain it.

So, it's a miracle? Well, you could say that.

Are you gonna tell me what happened to your face?

Mom said not to tell you. She... she saw this?

She came at lunch. They called her from school.

What happened?

Got into a fight. It's not a big deal.

Well, who gave it to ya?

Don't worry about it. Jonah...

Mom said she'll take care of it. Jonah, who gave it to you?

You don't need to worry about it. Who told you that?

I just don't want you to expect too much and be disappointed.

Why would I be disappointed? It's a little sad-looking.

Come on.

What do you think?

Do you believe this?

Hang on. Let me put my bag down.

Come on.

Well, say something. What do you think?

This is so strange. I know.

I want to see the silly dance.


Thank you.

We're gonna have a better life now.

We already do.

Not just my eyes.


Even if it is just your eyes.

I'm gonna get that promotion.

We can go on vacation.

We can get a bigger house.

I like our house.

One with a big backyard.

Take you shopping.

Thank you for calling Millennium Realty. How can I help you?

They say the point is, in Africa, when the sun comes up...'d better be running.

Good afternoon, this is Rob Boucher from the Millennium Real Estate Corporation.

Is Ms. Nepoli at home, please?

Oh, good. I just want to make sure...

Can you believe this? Really?

When that guy was sitting at this desk, he didn't move a single house.

I've been here longer. I've put many more houses on the board.

Why is he the boss?

No, seriously. A simple question.

When that guy was sitting here, he didn't do squat.

Okay? Bob.



My name is James Harvey, I'm calling from Millennium Realty...

How are you doing today, Mr. Dixon?

Fine, Bob, how are you? You're doing a great job.

Thank you. Really great.

You, too. Thank you.

Am I gonna get my own room? Nope.


We have a reservation.

Have any cream on my face?

No, you're good.


Can you hold this? Sure.


Come on!

It's beautiful.

What are you doing in there?

Stop spending time in front of the mirror.


I've never seen anything like this.

You don't vacation much.

I don't do much of anything.

It's one of those things that feels better than it looks.

I think I know what you mean.

I'm here with my wife and son.

I'm here with my husband.

I should probably go check on them upstairs.

Would you like to dance with me? Sure.

I'll drop you guys off at home and take the car and go grocery shopping.

Oh, man, I do not feel like going back to work.

I wish we could just stay there for the rest of our lives.

It would be nice, wouldn't it?

Can I ask you something? What?

Did Jonah ever get in fights before?

What do you mean before? You know, this year.

He's 13. They get into fights all the time.

I mean, serious fights. Honey...

Black eyes and stuff. You never told me.

Never that bad. No.

It is 8:04 a.m.

Excuse me.

Hello, my name is James Harvey, and I'm calling from...

Good afternoon, this is Robert Boucher.

Mr. Abbott, I'm calling from Millennium Realty...

I was just wondering if... might have seen a mailer from us.

Maybe we have to start with the market as a whole.

Hello. Mr. Umberto...'s James Harvey, Millennium Realty.

Yes, I wanted to call and let you know that in the next few months...

...about a dozen houses in your neighborhood are gonna be foreclosed.

And once the bank forecloses those houses...

...the overall property value for the block goes down.

Pretty soon what you had, what you have now...

Split it between these. ...isn't worth much. So...

...I'm calling you today with an offer.

It's not going to knock you off your feet, but it's fair.

It's fair, and it will help you find another place to live.

So let's start by doing this, can you write a number down?

I'm gonna give you my personal number. This is not a company extension.

I'm not calling you from India. You can call me anytime.

I'll be with you through this process. I'm your point man, I'm your guy.

Now, the only question that remains, Mr. Umberto, is... you have a pen?

Thank you.

Thank you. So... I went on a date last night.

Really? With who? Well...

How'd you meet? You didn't tell us.

She was great, you know? She's... smart.

Attentive, thoughtful.

But on the heavy side. That's great, Bob.

Bit on the heavy side? What's that mean? You think it's serious?

I don't know. Why not?

We had a little argument.

You know, she said she'd rather be deaf than blind.

Bob, can't you sit with a woman for five minutes without bringing that one up?

Do you ask her that? It's really about communicating, you know?

I mean, think about... think about music.

The meal is important. Oh, boy.

Hey. Somebody gotta represent.

Now that you deserted us.

Who deserted who? Bob, I didn't desert you. I'm still there.

Sure are.

Hear about your husband's new-found work ethic? He's the star of the office.


How many deals did you make, Dad?

Jonah! Not enough.

Come on, James. Let's get a little competition goin'.

Yeah, come on, Dad. How many?


Come on. You and me. Dig into the pie. It's gonna get cold.

About three.

Oh, come on, Dad. You have to be specific.

How many? Where did you put the...

Oh, never mind, I found it.

How many? Jonah, stop it.

Come on, I wanna know. How many? How many deals you make?

Can we not talk about work at the dinner table? Thank you!

Who wants coffee or tea?

Come eat your pie.

Come here. What?

Come here. I want to show you something.

Come here. Come here.

You see it?

See? Yeah?

I got the promotion.

I didn't want to say anything in front of him, he'll know Monday.

That's great. You like it?

What's the matter?

You didn't tell me! Oh, I wanted it to be a surprise.

Aren't you happy? Yeah! Of course.

It's almost double.

Do they know you can't drive?

I'm gonna learn.

I'm just worried you'll hurt yourself. Sam.

No, we don't know anything. What if you... lose it while you're driving?

What do you want me to do? You want me to sit and wait?

You should be happy.

I am happy.

Don't worry so much.

I'm just scared, you know?

You don't wanna lose control.

That's not true.

Why would you say that?

Everything okay in here?

Yeah. Bob, let me... let me drive you home.

Where do you get all this from?

Where are we going?

I didn't do anything!

Mr. Harvey... You can't blame Jonah...

...every time he and Billy Forley get in a fight, I will not stand for it.

You will not punish my son unjustly.

I have three other students who say your son started it.

Those are all Billy's friends.

Mr. Harvey, don't barge into my office and tell me how to run my school.

Fine. I won't tell you how to run it...

...but you don't punish my son when he isn't responsible for the problem.

That was awesome.

Come on, let's get out of here.

I have fifth period. Come on.

Really? Yeah, let's go.

Now he's gone.

Move really slow.

Hey, there's one. Is that one? Oh, yeah.

He's curled like half underneath the rock.

Where'd he go? Let's look up under here.

See any? No.

But there's a fish, though. Where?

There. There he is. Oh, yeah.

Maybe more up here?

Maybe over there.

You know, you don't have to go back there if you don't want to.

We can send you someplace else.

You know, private school.

We can't afford it. You let me worry about that.

Who wants to, anyway?

You think there's no Billy Forleys at Woodland?

At least the bullies there will be better dressed.

It's okay, Dad.

I'm gonna tough it out.

Oh, yeah? Oh, you wanna tough it out, do ya?

Wanna tough it out? You wanna tough it out?

Oh, yeah!


25 funded at closing...

...for the development of a 50-home residential neighborhood project... Montgomery County. The first mortgage loan represents an underwritten... to net sellout of approximately 68 percent.

And has been underwritten to generate an IRR of approximately...

...five percent.

We're not pushing hard enough.

We can increase marketing spend.

We flyer every block. We go door to door. We... cold call.

We have a local office for each community. But we've already been doing all of that.

We can do more.

The problem isn't getting to people. People know we're out there.

But we know what the problem is. The problem is trust.

People think we're a cold-blooded real estate company.

That's a good thing, right?

I'm just telling you what I've been hearing for the past 7 years, working the phones.

We're no more cold-blooded than Franklin and Howard or any of the others.

That's right, and they're all struggling, too.

We need to reposition our brand.

Become the good guys. I thought we are the good guys.

What are you suggesting? You want to start a charity?

Would that be so bad?

Listen, I hate having to... Oh, don't worry. I'll take care of it.

What if they say no?

Are you really asking me that? Okay, so I'll tell him to expect you.

Yeah, you do that.

And what does the golden boy want?

Lunch. Oh, I don't lunch.

Lunch with me? Why should I?

I wanna talk about this.

This what? This challenge.

You wanna share ideas?

I do.


I... could use your help.

And why should I help you?

I think you could use my perspective.

Look. Golden boy, you just flipped a couple of houses, got yourself promoted.

Don't let it go to your head.

I don't see why we had to come here.

I wanted to take you out.

What's wrong with dancing?

Sure, we'll go dancing. Let me get the check.

No, no, no. It's fine. Sam.

What's wrong?

I heard what you did at Jonah's school.

The kid needed a break.

Well... I called them and told them to give him detention.

You what? He can't cut class and...

I gave him my permission.

You don't get to do that! Why not?

Because you don't get to make the decision for both of us!


Because you never used to tell me when he got in trouble at school.

I didn't want to bother you with that.

Well, now I know. What's that supposed to mean?

Now I know.

I don't like this.

Let's go dancing. No, let's go. I don't want to.

Come on, Sam. James...

We'll start over.

Go ahead. Everyone knows the market is bad.

The woman cleaning your house knows the market is bad.

People tell themselves, "I'd have to be an idiot to sell now."

So, we establish a separate consulting entity.

We hold meetings in schools, community centers, churches.

We help people manage debt.

And we offer our own solution.

People will show up just because it's church.

Evening classes in family finance. They'll come in droves.

What we offer... a comprehensive plan for solving debt.

Consolidating, making a family budget, paying off small debts first.

One of the solutions we'll be selling.

What do you think?

I think he's got a point.

You know, that split...

...that split-second where they're not sure...

...if they're gonna sign on the dotted line or not.

I blew it.

I don't know.

I think my mind wandered a little bit.

How do you close? How do you close?

You look the guy right in the eye.

And you say, "Are you willing to do this?"

Hey, Dad. Hey.


What are you doin' up?

Mom said you went to a party and didn't take her.

Go to bed.

How was it?


Have fun?

You told Jonah I didn't want you to come but I... I did ask you.

Doesn't matter.

Can I ask you something?

That first time we met. At the dance at the community center.

What about it?

Why me? Why did you...

...why did you choose me?

You looked unhappy.

I thought I could help.

Usually, when you ask someone to dance, it's because you're attracted to them.

Well, you looked miserable out there.

We're the sorry-looking group of blind people... the sorry-looking community center.

You pitied me.

No, I didn't.

You pitied me at the party for the blind.

You pitied me, and you took me on, like one of those kids at your school.

Project. Stop it.

Pitiful sight.

I'll go dancing tomorrow because I promised.

But I'm never going there again.

If you leave, you can't come back.

You know that, right?

Where are you taking me?

Come on, I'll show you the water.


Yeah, of course, this is where you live.

I used to smell your perfume in the elevator.

Do you know that?

Every morning.

People are looking for someone to tell them how to get out of debt.

They're starving for this stuff.

Yeah, but why here?

Where else do people go in hard times?

We really just want to help.

Bob will be leading these meetings.


...primarily we want you to see us as a source of information.

And we want you to ask us any question at all. Nothing is off bounds.

Absolutely nothing.

We also want you to know that we can refer you to... services.

Just purely as a last resort, in case you want to have...

...your house reevaluated.

I think that... I'm pretty sure there's a number on this pamphlet.

Now, I'd like to introduce a dear friend and partner in New Day Alliance...

...James Harvey.

Good job, Bob. Gee, thanks.

You want to step here.

You good? Thank you, Bob. And thank you all for being here.

A man...

...prays to God...

...for 50 years.

The same prayer, every night.


...please let me win the lottery.

Every night, year after year, after year, after year.

"Please... God...

...let me win the lottery."

And finally an angel goes to God. And he says, "God...

...this man has been praying so long."

"Why don't you let him win?"

And you know what God says?

God says, "I'd love to help him out."

"Love to help him out."

"But he's never bought a lottery ticket!"

Now, I look into this crowd, and I see different faces. I see old men and women.

I see young couples. Single mothers. Young men. Whole families.

Why are you all here? Why are you all here?

It's because of your addiction.

Your addiction to debt.

To the economy of debt.

To never picking up when that unlisted number flashes on your phone.

To waking up in the morning and dodging phone calls.

And red letters. And finally... sitting at home in the dark so you can't get served.

So we go, and we pray.

And we cry.

And we feel sorry for ourselves. And why? Why do we do that?

It's because we don't have the guts to take action. To get out of debt.

To sell that car. To move to a smaller house.

To get that ticket.

We got debt because we can't get jobs.

So we come up with excuses. "I can't get a job."

"I make too little, the money is too low. I can't move ahead." And maybe that's right.

Maybe you're stuck. Maybe the money is low. I mean, we all have these problems, right?

We all have these problems.

Then, why do we feel it right to live beyond our means?

Why should we live beyond our earnings?

What sense does it make when we're stuck...

...15 years down the line...

...shackled with debt? Debt hanging down our throats.

Does the bank care about your hard life?

No. No.

Do they care about your low income? No, they don't!

No, they don't!

So are you enjoying the promotion?

I guess we can help these people out, you know?

You know, if this keeps up, I can definitely get you another raise.

Maybe your own office?

How's the new apartment? It's... it's great.

Hey, you should come by sometime.

What's it like?


With her. What's it like with her?

Bob, I don't know if I want to...

Come on. What does she do? She do anything special for ya?

Come on. Tell me something.

She's good.

It's good. Better be. It better be good.

I've been over to see Sam.

Oh, yeah? How come?

I'm her friend, too.

Right? I mean, she... she had it hard enough.

I know. I know.

James, I'm not judging. I'm not judging. Oh, no, of course not. No.

Like you wouldn't have done the same thing if you had the chance.

What chance?

Oh, please. I need... I need to spell it out?

Yeah. Yes, spell it out. Spell it out in braille for me.

The chance to get what you want.

To finally go somewhere after years of misery.

I didn't realize that things were so bad, when you were like me.

I didn't mean that. No?

A lot of people have it a lot worse, you know?

Bob, you were the one who would always complain.

"This guy got promoted, why not me? I've... I've been here forever."

"I'm better at this than everybody else." I don't know if I would've been planning... leave my family. That might not have been part of my plan, leaving the family.

That story you told me... the ticket.

I got a chance. I reached out, and I got it.

You missed the point of the story. Oh, am I?

Yeah, yeah, you never got a ticket. You had one handed to you.

You had a ticket handed to you. So, you're asking, "Why not me"?

Maybe I'm asking, "What did you do to deserve it?"

You're jealous.

You are jealous. And you're being an asshole.

I'm human. Bob.

That's what it is. Okay.

Got it.

In case you didn't hear that, I just paid.

How have you been feeling?

Your performance doesn't go unnoticed.

The effort you're putting in. The results.

Feels good to contribute.

I know what you want to hear.

That we're going to expand the program, someone will have to run it...

...get a substantial promotion, find the right staff.

You'd be my first choice.

Thank you.

And this is probably the first order of business.

I found this on my windshield this morning.

Not something we wanna take lightly. Not now.

I'll take care of it.

As quickly as you can? Sure.

We need to talk.

It's me. I know.

Why are you doing this? Doin' what?

Oh, come on, Bob! Why are you doing this to me?

Not really about you, James. It's all those people we're stepping on.

Don't pretend this is about the people.

You were making phone calls screwing people over well before any of this!

Only difference is you sucked at it!

No, this is about you and me and your inability to cope with where I'm going!

That's right. It's James against the world.

Have you always felt singled out like this?

You are so jealous! You think I don't know how you feel about Sam?

You should go to church more often, outside of office hours, James.

If I find one more of these things around the neighborhood, you will lose your job!

Try and find a new job in this economy, Bob.

As a former blind man, I can tell you it's not easy.

"But he's never bought a lottery ticket."

Now, I look into this crowd, and I see different faces. I see old men and women.

I see young couples. Single mothers.

I see young men. Whole families!

But why are you all here?

Why are you all here?

It's because of your addiction.

Your addiction to debt.

To the economy of debt.

To never picking up when that unlisted number flashes on your phone.

To waking up in the morning and dodging phone calls. And red letters.

I mean, we all have these problems, right?

Then, why do we feel it right to live beyond our means?

Why should we live beyond our earnings?

What sense does it make when we're stuck, 15 years down the line...

...shackled with debt? Debt hanging down our throats.

Does the bank care about your hard life? No.

Do they care about your low income?

No. No. They don't.

Excuse me. Excuse me, sir.

How soon can I get the money, once I sell the house?

Well, you'll get a check right away.

Cash? Well, you can cash that check. Yeah.

Maybe you should think about it, you know? It's a big decision.

I realize that, I just...

Is there, any way to move to the front of the line with this?

Take my card, and...

...I want you to think about it... more. You promise?

And if you're still sure...

...give me a call.

Thank you so much.

How's Mom?

She's fine.

She's... going crazy with the exercising.

She's like a complete gym freak now.

Yeah, she's always liked getting into new stuff.

Hey, Dad. I think it's good, 'cause...

...exercise creates endorphins.

I think that's really good for her. Yeah.

She goes dancing, too. Oh, yeah?

At the SVI?

Oh, who with?

What's wrong?

Oh, nothing.

I'm losing my novelty?


It's not that.

It's always that.

I think Jonah's got a girlfriend now.

And he says he doesn't want to stay here.

It's gonna take time. I know.

My dad left when I was nine.

You get used to it.

I think my parents stayed together just 'cause I was going blind.

I used to hear my dad praying every night...

...for my vision not to get any worse.

Is... is he still alive?


It was so important to him.

You know, I used to... lie about it.

I used to tell him I could still see things when I couldn't.

He took it way harder than I ever did.

She never let me be who I wanted.

Nobody's judging you.

Maybe God is.

God has better things to do.

You don't believe in God?

Oh, when... things are bad.

When I need to believe, I believe.

That's not what belief is.

Well, then, I don't believe.


Hey. What are you doing here?

Just gonna give you the check.

You could've just mailed it. You're running now?

Yeah. You look good.

Yeah. Gotta stay in shape for all the handsome new men in my life.

Just came to see how you were doing.

Thanks for coming by.

You know, I'm a little worried about... about Jonah.

Why? I don't know, he seems different.

Any trouble?

Troubles? Yeah.

It's called, you know, going through a skater phase. It's a part of growing up.

Yeah. The skater phase, I guess, I never... never saw that.

Yeah, that and the whole thing with his father moving out.

House looks nice.

I'm gonna... get showered up.

Head inside so...

Can I come in?



What's wrong?

Hey, Jonah.

What are you doing here?

I never noticed how this house glows at night.

You can see it from down the street.


I... I have to get back inside.



Mom's at the dance.

...that night. And I had to go the bathroom.

Maybe later, though. Bob, Bob, James is here.

Just give us a minute, okay? Oh, God. Tell me it's okay.

All right.


You know, I used to think I came here for you.

That's not true.

I came here for me.

Funny how everything works out in the end, don't you think?

Me moving on and you showing up here.

Bob's a good dancer.

Don't worry, we're just dancing.

I wouldn't take your only friend.

You should bring her here sometime.

She might like it.

Can I have this dance?


...everything... looks normal.

That reporter called again. What does she want?

To speak to somebody in charge. You shouldn't be taking those calls. P.R.

You're not doing too good.


Not now. Not now. Not now.

Not now.

Not now. Please.



We're adding a $104 credit for the oil left in your heating.

That would be fine.

Here we are, then. Here's the deed of sale, all filled out.

For the townhouse at the 207 property.

This looks right.

We just need you to sign here.

I am deeply satisfied with my life and everything in it.

I live for today, and I enjoy what I do. I do not compare myself to others.

I'm thankful for everything I have. I am deeply satisfied with my life...

...and everything in it.

I live for today, and I enjoy what I do. I do not compare myself to others.

When were you going to tell me?

Do you think people won't notice?

What are you going to do?

Keep it a secret? Pretend you can see?

I can take care of this.

I can help you. I don't need your help.

Yes, you do.

I can fix this.


James, let me help you. I don't need your help.

Thank you all for being here.

A man prays to God...

...for 50 years.

...the same prayer, every night.

"God, please let me win the lottery."

Every single night.

Year after year.

"Please, God...

...let me win the lottery."

And finally an angel goes to God, and he says...

"God, this man has been praying so long. Why don't you let him win?"

And God says, "I'd love to help him, but he's never bought...

...a lottery ticket."

I look into this crowd, and I see different faces. I see old men and women.

I see young couples.

I see whole families... Now, why are you all here?

Why are you all here?

I used to live like you.

I used to live like you. I was saddled with debt.

And now...

Waste of time. And I'm not... anymore.

I talked to Dixon.

He can take your responsibilities. Ease off the load.

I'm thankful for everything I have.

Deeply satisfied with my life and everything in it.

I live for today, and I enjoy what I do.

I do not compare myself to others. I'm thankful for what I have.

I'm deeply satisfied with my life and everything in it.

I live for the moment. I enjoy what I do.

I do not compare myself to others. Oh, God, God, God.

God. God, forgive... oh, God!

Please, God. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Please, God! Please, God!

Please... please. Please, God.

I'm fucked! Oh, God!

Please, God. Please, God. Please, God!

Oh, God! Please, God. Please, help me.

Please, God. Please! Please. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Please, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry, please. Please, God.

Please, God. Please, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Forgive me. Forgive me.

Please, God, please! Please! Please!

Please! Please! Please! Please! Oh, God! Oh, God!

Please, God! Please!


Oh, God. Oh, God!


Bob, are you there?

Bob, I know you're there.

Bob, please!

Please open up, Bob!



Bob, please.


Bob, please.

You have everything I want.

Everything I ever wanted.

And you messed it up!


What, you think she's gonna take you back now?


You're no good.

You think she deserves you?

You know, she still protects you?

She still understands you. So won't you crawl on back to her.

Crawl on home.

Get the hell out of my house.

Get out!

My God.

I'm sorry. Are you okay?

James? I'm sorry.

Do you need me to call a doctor? No, no.


You smell so good.

You can't do this to me.

I can't take you back. You know that.