The Tourist (2010) Script

(IN FRENCH) Thank you, captain.


The target is still in the same place.

Target is leaving the apartment. Ten seconds.

Start the engine.



Underwear or no underwear today?

Be a little more professional, guys.


She's turning left. She's going to her usual cafe.

(IN FRENCH) Hello. Hello.

May I take your order?

A tea with milk, an orange juice and...

And a croissant.

It's already ordered.

Thank you.

Do you have a visual?

We have a visual. She's drinking her tea.

COURSON: (ON RADIO) Come again?

She's drinking her tea!

Did you ask for a tea, sir?

No, no. Thank you.


COURIER: Hello, sir. WAITER: Hello.

I'm looking for Ms. Elise Ward.

That's Ms. Ward over there.

Okay. Thank, you.

Hello. Elise Ward?

Yes, it's me. I have an envelope for you.

Somebody is talking to her. Looks like a courier.


(IN ENGLISH) Yes? COURSON: She's at her usual cafe.

She's speaking with a man.

Looks like a messenger, you said to call if anything changed in her routine.

Stay on his face. His face.

Do you think it's Alexander Pearce?

I think everybody is Pearce.

No, no. It's okay. It's a gift.

Thank you.

Oh, voila.

Goodbye. Goodbye.


All right, grab him.

(IN FRENCH) Take him. Let's get him.

Sir. Sir.

Sir, stop! Police!

COURIER: What's going on?

You are under arrest. Financial Crimes Division.

Division what? Shh!

COURIER: Guys, I'm working!

ELISE: (IN ENGLISH WITH BRITISH ACCENT) Elise, you have no reason to trust me anymore, but give me a chance to explain myself.

I know the police are watching you. We have to throw them off the trail.

Board the 8:22 at the Gare de Lyon, pick someone my height and build and make them believe it is me.


Burn this letter.

It is important you follow my instructions precisely.

I love you. Alexander.

It's from him.

Save that letter. Go in now. Save that letter.

(IN FRENCH) Daniel, get over there now.



(IN ENGLISH) The letter is burnt to shit.

Don't fucking touch it.

Take the ashes, take them to the van. I'll send you someone.


(IN FRENCH) Drive around to the other side! Go!

Turn right at the end.







ASSISTANT: Wednesday meeting.

Specialist pool.

So Alexander Pearce has a new face, just as you suspected.

I'd have thought it must've taken quite a lot of the money he stole from Reginald Shaw to finance this transformation.

Ach med Tchebali. Bicycle courier of Algerian descent.

Not only has Pearce acquired a wife and child, he's also 4 inches shorter than he used to be.

That must have been a big item of expenditure.

Congratulations, Acheson. You have, indeed, cracked this case.

Letter to Inspector Collins.

Sir, this morning, she received a note, we have strong reason to believe...

Alexander Pearce has 744 million in illegal assets that, given he is a British subject, we might seize.

Fraud complaints.

This operation, so far, has cost me 8 million.

If I thought there were more than a one-in-a-hundred chance you could be successful, it would be rational for me to continue this operation.

Money laundering.

I do not.

Yes, that's an amendment. Yes.

There. It needs redrafting.

Yes, sir.

Everything after code seven. Thank you, sir.

There's just one more. Home Office.

Yes, and that's it. Yes. That's it.



"Eight twenty-two."

Projection for the pension plan fraud. Not now.

"Eight twenty-two. Lyon."

Are they meeting in Lyon at 8:22?

Gare de Lyon, perhaps? Gare de Lyon.


That's it. Gare de Lyon. The train station.

She's getting on an 8:22 train. Go.


ELISE: "Board the 8:22 at the Gare de Lyon."

ELISE: "Pick someone my height and build, make them believe it is me."


I'm sorry. What for?

Mind me smoking? It's not a real cigarette.

What? It's electronic.

Delivers the same amount of nicotine, but the smoke is water vapor.

Yeah. Watch.

LED light.

That's somewhat disappointing.

Would you have me smoking for real?

I would rather you be a man who did exactly as he pleased.

I'm Elise. I'm Frank.

That's a terrible name.

Heh, heh. It's the only one I've got.

Maybe we can find you another. Okay.

You're British. Hm.

I'm American. Hm.


What brings you to Venice?

You read spy novels.

I'm a mysterious woman on a train.

You tell me what my story is.

Okay. Um...

I think you'd be a diplomatic attache. Hm.

Or maybe a girl from East Germany whose father's been kidnapped and they're blackmailing you into stealing something for them.

Probably a microfilm. There's usually microfilm involved.

What awaits me? Trouble, certainly.

Danger? Oh, yeah.

You'll be shot at in less than two chapters.


Is there a man in my life?


Have to wait and see.

I nvite me to dinner, Frank. What?

Would you like to have dinner?

Women don't like questions.

Join me for dinner. Too demanding.

Join me for dinner?

Another question.

I'm having dinner, if you'd care to join me.





I give up.

Math. I teach math.

I would not have guessed that.

I'd imagine you're the cool math teacher.

Still a math teacher.

DANIEL: (IN FRENCH) How about a photo?

Go right ahead.

Make me look good.




Could this be Pearce?

We still working on that?

Well, I only have the sketches to go by, so...

Ectomorph, yes.

Same basic phenotype.

Bottom line, could be him. I knew he couldn't leave her.

Run a worldwide blind check on that face. I bet you 10 quid there's no match.

Okay, what case number do you want to book it under?

Just run it. Do you really think it's Pearce?

Run it.

Get me Italian Interpol.



I have a strange feeling that those two people over there are watching us.

Do you know something?

I think you're right.



You're the paranoid math teacher.



(IN ITALIAN) Memorize his face.

The train arrives in ten minutes.

As soon as he steps off, arrest him.


So, what are you doing all alone in the city of lovers?

Is there no one in your life?

There was.

What happened?

She left me.

I'm sorry to hear that, Frank.


WOMAN: (IN ENGLISH ON PA) Arrival at train station Venezia Santa Lucia in 10 minutes.

End of the line.

Guess I should go get my suitcase and stuff.



Thank you.


Oh, shit.

Sir, I... Wait.

"Pick someone my height and build and make them believe it's me."

We did get an exact match.

He's a math teacher from Madison Community College. Frank Tupelo.

Lost his wife in a car crash three years ago.

He's a tourist.


Thank you.

Get me Italian Interpol.





The operation has been canceled.

Return to headquarters. Quickly.

On the other side.

(IN ITALIAN) Thanks.


What are you doing?

The I nternet fraud report.

So this is what Alexander Pearce looks like.

That's above your clearance. Get back to your work.



(IN ENGLISH) He's fluttering his eyelids like a girl. That's his tell.

Go all in.





I have a piece of information for Mr. Shaw.

It's concerning Alexander Pearce.

Alexander Pearce just arrived in Venice with her.



Change of course.

Venice. Yes, sir.

Now, what do I own in Venice?



Do you want to come with me? What?

Oh, yeah, sure. I mean, I could use a lift, yeah.

Thank you very... That's very kind.

Ooh! Oh.

Welcome to Venezia, signora.

The bags.


Oh, my bags.

(IN ENGLISH) Are you coming?



(IN ENGLISH) Elise Clifton-Ward and husband.

(IN ENGLISH) Oh, we arranged for you a wonderful suite with, uh, a bathroom and with...

May I have your documents? Yes.

Thank you.

It would be my pleasure to show you up personally.

Please, this way. Thank you.

CLERK: Enjoy your stay, sir.

Thank you.


ALESSIO: Everything was arranged according to the precise instructions.

I very much hope you will not be disappointed.

We are entering the Doge's Suite.

It is a room that has been a home away from home for Marcel Proust and Honore de Balzac and others.

Thank you. Oh, thank you.

Have a nice stay, sir.

Thank you.

Make yourself at home.

This really is a very nice hotel, isn't it?

They think of everything, don't they?

We know he will be with her. They'll be staying at one of the grand hotels.

The Gritti, the Regina, the Danieli.

I want you to keep a watch on all of them.

You can kill the girl, but you can't kill him.

Not until I have my money, that is.

(IN RUSSIAN) Understand?


SHAW: Let's go.


You're ravenous. Do you mean ravishing?

I do.

You're ravenous.

I am.

Come on.


The scampi and champagne risotto, please.

Excellent choice. Excellent.

He didn't say that to me.

Did he not like my choice?

Your choice was excellent.

Who is he?

Hotels don't leave gifts like that, do they?

Who is he?

He's someone who used to be very important to me.

Used to?

Are you meeting him in Venice?

I hope so.

Part of me hopes I don't.


Because I don't like being told what to do.

I don't like being summoned.

But it felt even worse not hearing from him for two years.

It's the, um, Roman god, Janus.

My mother gave it to me when I was little.

She wanted it to teach me that people have two sides.

A good side, a bad side.

A past, a future.

And that we must embrace both in someone we love.

And I tried.

What's he like?

He's different from anybody I know.

Different's good.

Where I come from the highest compliment they can offer a person is to say that they're down-to-earth.

Grounded. I hate it.

It drives me nuts.

Would you like another Americano?

I don't know.

Would I?

That really was a very nice restaurant, wasn't it?


A very nice wine.

I'm making us a nice little drink, which is very nice of me, isn't it? Heh, heh, heh.

Thank you.

Were those flowers here when we checked in?

It's an invitation to a ball two nights from now.


You've been summoned.

It appears I have.


May I pay you a compliment?

Another question you need never ask.

You are the least down-to-earth person I've ever met.


It's been a long day.

I do hope the couch will be comfortable.

Good night.






(IN ENGLISH) Good morning. My name is Guido.

I'm your waiter.

I'm Frank.

What's this?

It's your breakfast, sir.

I didn't order any.

La signora order it for you when she left.

When she left?

GUIDO: Have a nice day, sir.

Hi. Alexander. Let's go see an old friend.


(IN RUSSIAN) He doesn't look like Pearce.

Boss said he might not.

Grab him!



FRANK: Hello? Please help.


Bon Jovi. I need help.

There are two men trying to break down the door.

(IN ENGLISH) I see. What problem do you have with the door?

No, no. There are two men with guns trying to break in.


Your Spanish is excellent, sir. Thank you.


I gotta go! Sir?




(IN RUSSIAN) Boss wants him alive, you idiot!

(IN ITALIAN) She's coming back.



(IN ITLALIAN) Prepare to intervene.

ACHESON: Yes. (IN ENGLISH) Commander Acheson, two armed men are chasing the American.

Shots have been fired.

Request permission to intervene. Do you still have Elise?

We still have a visual but the American is in imminent danger.

ACHESON: The mathematics teacher from Wisconsin?

I'd say not our mandate.

Sir, this man is in real peril.

This is exactly why she chose him.

To distract us.

Stay with her.

Do not move unless she moves.

Am I making myself crystal clear?

Sir, they will kill him.

Not our mandate.



Hello? Hello?


Oh, God.



COP: (IN ITALIAN) Headquarters!

Send me backup to the fruit market.

I have a nutcase who wants to jump.

Probably American.

Stop, stop! Please!

Don't do it!


Oh, my God.

I'm so sorry.


I'm so sorry.

Stop him!


(IN ENGLISH) I think you need it more than I.

Thank you.



You smoke?

(IN ENGLISH) No, huh?

Now... you wish to report a murder.


Some people tried to kill me.

I was told you were reporting a murder.

Attempted murder.

That's not so serious.

No. Not when you downgrade it from murder.

But when you upgrade it from room service, it's serious.

So is assaulting a police officer.

That was an accident. The officer feels differently.

With all due respect, sir, I think maybe I should be talking with someone...

Someone... not Italian.

Like the embassy or Interpol.

Interpol. Ha, ha.

I'm an American citizen.

What does that mean? I'm involved in something here and no offense, this is not a local issue.

What is it you think you're involved in?

It all started when I met a woman on the train from Paris.

This is already good. No. No.

She took me to her hotel.


I don't know. No. She's involved with another man. She's in love.

I'm sorry to hear that.

I know.

Anyway, this man, whatever his story is, some people are obviously trying to kill him.

How do you know this?

Because they tried to kill me.

They tried to kill you?

Yes. Because they must have thought that I was him.


I like you, Mr. Tupelo.

I like you too, sir.

But surely you understand how strange this all sounds?

Come with me.

Where are you taking me?

Oh, you're gonna lock me in there? Don't worry.

Please don't do this.

Sir, I've done nothing wrong.

Please. It's only until I check some facts.



LOMBARDI: Your facts checked out.

We have to leave.

You're not safe here.

I don't understand.

This has to look right.

Come on.

LOMBARDI: The man you are talking about is called Alexander Pearce.

He stole big money from a gangster.

They've come to Venice to find him.

They think you are him.

They've placed a...


A bounty on your head.

That's why you're not safe.

Wait here for a moment.

You've come to buy a key?

Brand-new bills? I appreciate it.

You think we cheat you? Of course not. I just enjoy counting.

Well, gentlemen, Alexander Pearce is all yours.


MAN: (IN RUSSIAN) Remember, don't shoot him!


FRANK: I think we've lost them.

I'd really like to take these off.

We have to wait to get to open waters.


Elise! Elise!








You all right?



(IN ENGLISH) Do you think it's a little loose?

No, no, no.



(IN RUSSIAN) They are back.

(IN ENGLISH) Bring them in.

I come back tomorrow?

No, no. No, stay.

We tried everything, sir.

But he got away. So I heard. So I heard.

They're referring to the young man who stole $2.3 billion from me.

Mamma mia.

You know, I worked very hard for years so I wouldn't have to do the dirty work anymore.

No more chasing traitors.

No more killing.

Now I employ people to do those things for me.

Except that you don't.


Does it look all right? Yes.

Like always.

What's "always"?

Very good.

Yes, I think it looks all right.

Hm, so that's how you pick a lock.

Why do you know how to do that?

Where's the owner of this boat?

Bottom of a canal?

Sitting in a cafe with a pocketful of euros.

Why is all this happening?

Why is everyone trying to kill me?

It's because I kissed you.

Do I look that much like him?

I am sorry I got you involved in all this.

Why are you involved in all this?

Because I'm in love with him. Really? I'm not.

Seriously, help me understand why.

I honestly didn't think he would let it go far.

I didn't think he would let Shaw get to you.

Shaw. That's the man that Pearce stole from?


Reginald Shaw. Alexander used to be his private banker.

I thought he'd be Russian or something like that.

He surrounds himself with Russians, but he's as English as Alex and I.

Give me your hand.

Now he owns most of the casinos and brothels from here to Novosibirsk.

Once, he bragged to Alexander that he had every man killed his wife had slept with before she met him.

When he found out how many there'd been, he killed her too.

There you are.

What made Pearce think that he could take on a guy like that?

It's just who he is.

Could you ever feel like that about someone like me?

I don't regret it, you know.

Kissing you.

I have to go check... the thing.



Where are we going?

FRANK: The airport.

Where are we going? You'll see.

Tie us off, would you?

I wish we'd met in another life, Frank.

Take the next flight to America. You'll find what you need in the bag.

Be safe.


But I'm in love with you.

Agent Elise Clifton-Ward, identification number MFS98495G.

Elise Ward.

Well, you've certainly blown your cover now.

I'm ready to give you Pearce.

You're ready to give me Pearce.

Well, that's interesting. So you aren't here to beg me to lift your suspension.

You've actually come to do your job.

Allow me to ask, Why now?

You live with a man for a year, during which time we don't get one single usable photograph.

But now you're ready to give him up.

It's because of that tourist, isn't it?

I want to put an end to this before someone gets killed.


I wish I could understand your choice in men.

A fugitive thief. Well, that's exciting, perhaps.

But a schoolteacher from Wisconsin?

Who'd have thought your tastes were so provincial?

Do you want Pearce or not?


I'm meeting him at a ball tonight.

You know you'll have to wear a wire.






AGENT 1: (ON RADIO) She's heading toward the southeast corner.

MAN: Where have you been?

I thought you'd never get here.


MAN: (ON RADIO) Certainly.

Is that our man?

How could you be so sure I was coming?

I just knew it.

Fate wouldn't bring me to an evening like this with no reason.

As soon as you walked in, I knew what the reason was.




AGENT 2: Count Filippo Gaggia. Landowner. Big reputation as a swordsman.

Well, he won't be dueling tonight.



Excuse me. It's Pearce. He's here.

He just left her that envelope. Pull up the footage, we have his face.

ELISE: Alexander.



I don't bloody believe this. All right, get that moron out of here.

You shouldn't... I can't, I'm sorry.


Come on. You owe me a dance.

You shouldn't be here.

No, Elise, this is the one place on earth I should be.

How did you get in here?

I told the doorman you were my wife and I wanted to keep an eye on you.

Italians are big on that kind of thing.

Leave. No.

Do you like the suit?

You paid for it.

I've been thinking about your friend Pearce and his plan.

And so far, I'm thinking it hasn't worked out for him.

No? No.

Take that gangster guy.

Shaw. Yeah, Shaw.

I don't believe Pearce was prepared for him being here for the whole chase.

Will you please leave?

You're kind of worried about me?


And I'm worried about you.

Wow. Frank.

And I'm not leaving without you.

You were part of a plan.

You were useful, that's all.

What do you think, I saw you on the train and my heart stopped?


AGENT 3: This way, please.

Excuse me, sir, I think you've made a mista... Ugh!

What's it say?

What's it say?


Bring up Signora Ward's boat, please.

AGENT 1: It looks like they've called up her boat.

What should we do?

ACHESON: She may just be playing with us.

Let's wait.

Fondamenta San Giacomo 23, please.

Okay, good. We have the address.

I'm gonna follow her on the boat.

I want snipers on all surrounding roofs and if you get a visual on Pearce first, call.




FRANK: Help.



(WHISPERING) Let's have a little fun with him.


Who are you people?

Where are we going?

Well, I don't know, Alexander.

Where are we going?

I'm not Alexander.

My name is Frank Tupelo.

I'm an American citizen and I have rights.

I don't care what you call yourself these days.

Your name is Alexander Pearce, and you have no rights.

Not till you pay us 744 million pounds back taxes.

Seven hundred and forty-four million?

TOMMASSINI: Looks like someone else is following our target.

ACHESON: Reginald Shaw.

Well, this could be fun.

Stay close but not too close, and get the office to send me an interpreter.

All right.

Yes, 744 million.

You didn't think we knew about that bank account in Liechtenstein.

I don't know what he's talking about. Listen... you asshole.

I know everything about you.

I even know how much that face cost.

Twenty-four million wired to a surgeon from a Swiss bank account.

I haven't been able to prove it, but now I don't have to.

Because I just lock you in a box in a basement until you tell me where the money is.

Heh, heh, heh. It's all right.

It's all right.

It's all right, Frank.

I know you're not Alexander Pearce.

But you know who you are?

You're a moron.

And you're a moron that almost ruined my 8-million-pound sting operation.


So you're gonna stay here until this is over.

Please, you can't do this.

I haven't done anything. I shouldn't be here.

You know what I think?

I think that this is the one place on earth you really should be.

How was your night in the hotel, huh?

She's quite something, I'm sure.

Target is about 200 yards away from destination.

We are matching speed. Good.

But don't get too close.

I don't wanna scare Pearce off again.



I won't be needing you anymore this evening.


I've never really understood the love that people devote to each other.

Money, yes. Possessions, yes.

But people are so unreliable. They sicken, decay and die.

But this... This is worth dying for.



SHAW: Alexander had taste.

It seems to me that... We're live.

Oh, yes, do sit down.

When are you going in?

You're welcome to stay and watch, if you can keep your mouth shut.

SHAW: You know, Alexander was like a son to me.

I loved him.

That brilliant, playful, disrespectful young bastard.

I even thought he and I were two of a kind.

Oh, I took great pleasure never knowing what the scamp would do next.

Until one day, what he did next didn't give me any pleasure at all.

You know, in our quaint legal system, if a man sleeps with my wife, I kill him and her and get away scot-free.

Crime of passion is what it's called.

But my passion extends to all the things I own.

They are me.

They represent me.

So if a man steals from me, I kill him.

I kill his wife, his children, his mother.

I might even throw in the family doctor for good measure.

For he has taken from me something for which I have paid the infinite price, My soul.



That's something these idiots will never understand.

He's not coming, is he?

He sent you to get the money.

So... where is it?

Where's my money?

Where is the safe?

I don't know.

Where is the safe?

I don't know. You don't know?

Is it behind this bookcase here?

Or... perhaps this one here.

Where is the safe? I don't know. I haven't seen Alex...

Please, do something.

Permission to fire. Hold your fire.

ACHESON: I repeat, hold your fire. Not until Pearce shows himself.

You're very beautiful, Elise.

Now, try to combine it with a little intelligence and tell me where the safe is.

If I knew it, I would tell you.

(IN RUSSIAN) I don't think she actually knows.

You have to go in. They're gonna kill her.

Where's my interpreter? They're going to kill her.

She can handle herself.

She can handle herself?

She's one of us.

Expert in undercover operations.

But when I sent her to Russia to find Pearce, she went dark.

I think she could never quite decide if she was with him or with us.

She's a good agent.

Except she invariably falls in love with any man that she spends longer than a train ride with.

Commander Acheson, I'm the interpreter.

Yes, go.



If you could provide me with some context.

"She really doesn't seem"

"to know where it is. We should go."

"We give it five more minutes."

"If Pearce doesn't show..." Pearce.

" If Pearce doesn't show, we get rid of the woman and go."

SNIPER: Permission to engage.

Negative. Please.

Not one more word from you.

They won't kill her.

Pearce will come.

He has to come.

All right, let's do it.

(IN RUSSIAN) No. Knife.

SNIPER: Engaging target.

Negative. That is an order.

(IN ITALIAN) This guy is crazy.

Now, if you don't tell me where the safe is, I might be tempted to rearrange your face somewhat.

You'll find life is not quite so giving to an ugly woman.

You really don't know, do you?

ELISE: There.


Behind the medallion. There.

Open it.

There is movement in the courtyard.

ACHESON: Pearce. I knew it.

You know what? He does look a little like you.



I don't... Just try.


SHAW: Go on. Press enter.


You may try one more time.


FRANK: Let her go.

Oh, my God.

You let her leave, I'll open the safe. Stop right there.

Frank, what in hell?

Please, Elise. Let me handle this.

I'll say it again.

You let her go, I'll open the safe.

Who the hell are you?

I'm Alexander Pearce.

(IN RUSSIAN) This was the man on the boat.

He is not Alexander Pearce. FRANK: Elise, please.

What the hell are you doing? ACHESON: What the hell is he doing?

SNIPER: Permission to engaget arget.

Shut the hell up.


Is it you?



Show me your teeth.

Alexander had crooked teeth.

Stained from excessive smoking.

Braces. Electronic cigarettes.

He had a higher forehead.

I had a migraine for two weeks after the remodel.

You sound different.

Voice-chip implant. No, no. I mean, the way you speak.

Yes, that's right. Alexander was English.

This man is American.

I've gotten used to the American accent that I find it a tad difficult to go back.

That's pathetic. This man is not Alexander Pearce.

He's a tourist.

A tourist?

Someone I happened to sit next to on a train.

How would a tourist know you killed every man your wife ever slept with?

I told him that.

You told a tourist?

Why would she do that?

It's absurd.

Well, there's a simple way of finding out.

Open the safe.

I've made you a deal.

When she's gone... What are you doing?

And I know she's safe, then...

Well, I'll make you an even better deal.

Open the safe now, and I won't make you watch something that you would never forget.

Open it.

I see.

Now you see.

Sir. I know him. He'll come for her.

I know him. He won't give her up now.

SNIPER: We must engage.

Permission to engage, sir.



(MOUTH ING) I love you.

He'll come for her. He'll come for her. It doesn't make se...

This is Chief Inspector Jones. Permission granted.




Are you all right? Yes.

Agent Ward, your suspension's lifted.

Thank you, sir.

And your employment is terminated.

Effective immediately.

Thank you, sir.

AGENT: (ON RADIO) We got him.

We got Alexander Pearce. Where?

On the Fondamenta.

Three hundred meters south of your location.



So you love me.

I do.

How do you feel about Alexander Pearce these days?

I love him too. Unfortunately.

I may have a solution for you.



Are you with me this time?

JONES: Come on. Let him up.

I'm just a tourist.

I'm just a tourist.

He said I might get arrested at some point.

What? But that you'd have to let me go because you'd have nothing on me.

Who? The man that's sending me texts.

Texts? And the money, of course.

So let me get this straight because I'm a little confused.

You receive money from a man you've never met before who sends you text messages telling you just to show up somewhere.


not just anywhere.




"Seven hundred and forty-four million."

Inspector Acheson, this operation is now officially terminated.

I'll expect your report on Monday. Sir, listen.

We have our money, Acheson. But we don't have Pearce.

The man's a criminal wanted in 14 countries.

Well, what is it he did, really?

He stole money from a gangster.

A dead gangster.

And he has good taste in women.

I can't say I don't wish him well.


Twenty million dollars' worth of plastic surgery.

And that's the face you choose?

Do you not like it?

It'll do.