The Transfiguration (2016) Script

So on the heels of the Cold War, Barry Goldwater, a businessman and a five-term United States Senator from Arizona, decided to run for the election of the presidency.

He had a substantial impact and...

Are you excited for summer?


Are you gonna see your friends?

No. Why not?

Don't have any. So, you'll be with your brother?


Then, Milo, I think we've seen each other enough that we trust each other, right?


You know you can answer honestly with me.

Yeah. There are no consequences.

You understand you don't get in trouble?


Have you been hurting any animals?


Not at all? Not even thinking?

Maybe thinking, but... no.

So you're thinking about that?

Tell me about that. Tell me about the thoughts.

It's nothing. Just thoughts now and then.

But I don't do it, not any more.

Where you goin'? Get him!

Come here. Fuck him up, D.

Hold him. Hit him!

Stop it, retard.

That's nasty. You've got some on me, bro.

That was fun. That's right. You'd better run, little bitch.

...afterwards, insurance companies may spend millions figuring out ways to pay you less than you deserve.

Their profits depend on you...


Did you buy milk?


We need milk.

Did you pay the internet bill?

No. I need the internet.

Then pay it. Get milk too.

Rodell Rooter is only a click or a call away.

Schedule a convenient appointment at

Or call 1-800-GETRODELL.

Since 1935, Rodell Rooter has been trusted and recommended by homeowners and businesses in your neighbourhood.

No job is too big or too small for Rodell Rooter...

What the fuck are you doin'?

Oh. Nothin'.

Will they eat all that? Yeah.

Well, they've scooped all the grass out of the stomach and they eat the whole stomach lining... It's licking it at the moment.



I'm gonna disappear for a few hours.


Hey, freak. Don't ignore me, motherfucker.

Yeah, it's time to go home, freak.

Yo, lock up your dogs. Woof, woof!

Ah, little weird-ass motherfucker!

All right, let's be out of here.

The elevator's broke.


This way.


Could, um... could you help me with my bags?

Thanks so much.

What floor? Nine.

What's your name? Milo.

Holy shit. Thanks again.


Let's go. Up you get.

Get off your ass. Get in there.

I think she loves me. Mm!

I thought I had a small one.

Does that hurt? What the fuck?

Sorry. I saw you here earlier.


They're dicks.

You want a drink?


I guess I asked a stupid question.

What? Does it hurt?


Not really.


Oh, and...

You know what I mean, it's like...

It's like a release.

And, well, it's not like I'm making my arm any uglier.

What's that? Psoriasis.

It's not catchy or anything, don't worry.

Can you catch it from blood? What?

Like, can I get it from your blood?

No, no, no. It's not like that.

Can I see?

Can I see?

Oh, my God, gross.

Sorry. Hey, um... I mean...

I mean kind of sweet... gross.

Wow, you're really into, erm...


I was gonna say scary movies.

No. Vampires.

Like Twilight?

Yeah. No.

I don't know. I haven't watched them.

Oh, you should. They're really good.

Do you want to watch a video?

The average American consumes 120 pounds of beef per year.

In a typical month, slaughterhouses across the country will kill nearly three million cows and 385,000 lambs.

Each individual on the assembly line has his own specialty.

During this whole process, I began...

Erm... I have to go. I...

I'm late for this thing, so... Yeah.


It's fine. I just... I just have to go.

What the fuck are you doing?


No! No! Let her go!

Do it!

Now look at her! Look at her!




Hey, Milo, wait up.

Hi. Hi.

Uh... Where are you going? Home.

Walking? Yeah.

Cool. Can I walk with you? Sure.

Do people ever tell you you don't talk a lot?

No. Really?

No one ever speaks to me.

Sorry for showing you that video.

Don't worry about it. Um... My friend Leo loves sick videos like that.

He used to show me that kind of stuff all the time.

I mean, it's no big deal. I just had to go.

No, it's... it's fine.

Do you ever think about suicide?

Not really. I can't kill myself.

You can't kill yourself? Yeah. I can't.

Like, it's your religion?

I mean, yeah, sure. It's just the rules.

It's just the way it is.

My mom killed herself.

Oh, my God! I'm sorry.

That's fine. It's just something that happened.

Goodnight. Goodnight.

Do you want to go to the movies with me tomorrow?

Yeah, okay.

Okay, cool.

What time?

Noon. I'll stop by your place.

Hi. Hi.

Do you wanna...

Did you like it?

Uh... I thought it was interesting. I liked the music.

But I still think Twilight is better.

You should see it or read it. At least the first one.

I prefer Let the Right One In.

What's that? Maybe I'll show it to you some night.


You know, you're the only one who hasn't, like, immediately asked me what I'm doing here.

Do you live with your parents?

No, my grandfather. He's pretty awful.

I mean, I guess the best thing about him is that... that he's slow, so he can't catch me that often. Catch you?

Yeah. He's a violent motherfucker.

Put a cigarette out on me last week.

I almost went to the cops.

Wow. I guess you don't like your grandpa much?

Yeah, it's fucked up...

Where's your dad? Dead. They're both dead.

Oh. Mine, too. Really?

Yeah. My dad died when I was like, eight, but he got sick when I was like, six.

I mean, it was... It took a long time for him to die, but when he did die, it was like, a release, you know?

He was yelling and screaming all the time.

Jesus. Yeah. It is what it is.

It's just, I bet the vampires in Twilight aren't very realistic.

There's no such thing as a realistic vampire.

There is. I mean, more realistic.

I mean, vampires don't twinkle.

Okay. So... So, what are vampires like?

Well, I think it starts with drinking blood, like...

Like, you have a need to.

It's like... It's like when you have a cut on your finger when you're a little kid, and you're sucking it, but eventually that's not good enough, so you... so you switch to animals and stuff like that, and then, you know, people, and...

And you change a lot after the first person you kill, and you change a lot more after... after one after another.

But I think when you first start off being a vampire, all the... all the stuff you see in the movies doesn't really matter.

Like, you can go out in the sun and you can eat garlic, and I don't even think the church stuff is even true.

Like, maybe to religious vampires, you know?

And I don't think you get bit.

I think it's like a... it's like a disease you get.

Wow. Which book is this?

It's not a book, it's just how I think it is.

Vampires existed before books did.

Well, the sun kills them in True Blood.

I did not watch that show. It did not look like it was gonna be realistic at all.

Oh, my God, you should. It's so good.

In this one... erm, in this one episode, the vampire that makes Eric starts feeling, like, really bad about what he does, so he kills himself.

He like, goes up on a roof, I think, and then... and then the sun comes up and just kills him.

I mean, it could be true, but I don't think a vampire can kill himself.

Why not? I don't know. It's like a... it's like an animal instinct.

So, they get to live forever?

Maybe. I don't know yet.

Do you go to their graves?


I don't go to my mom's grave. I wouldn't even know where to go.

What do you mean?

My brother handled everything, and he doesn't like to talk about it.

You didn't go to the funeral?

No. He said I shouldn't.

Well, then why not ask him?

I don't think that's a good idea. He...

He's weird about it. He doesn't want to talk about her.

That's so fucked up.

Would you go if you knew where she was?

I guess.

I'm gonna find her. I mean, do you mind?

I guess not.

I'll go with you to yours and then you can come with me to mine. Deal?



Yo, freak.

No, no. That's not good enough, freak. Come over here.

Just keep walking. It's best if we go.

What's up? Who's your girlfriend?

My name's Sophie.

Hey, why are you slumming over in the ghetto, Sophie?

Haven't you seen her? She's living around here.

Yo, that ass? No fucking way, my nigga.

You all right, white bitch?

I'm sorry. I don't mean no offence. I'm just playing.

So why are you living here, white bitch? I live with my grandfather.

Is he that mean old white motherfucker up on the ninth floor?

Can we go?

Of course you can go. I ain't your fucking daddy.

Tell your brother I said hi, freak.

Come on, man. Jungle fever fucker.

Come on, man.

They seemed nice.

They're in the K. Some of them have killed people.

That was sarcasm.

I had fun tonight. I'm sorry about the...



Milo, wake up.

Wake up!


There's some white girl waitin' outside for you.

I found her.

So, what's your favourite vampire movie?

I guess the most realistic. Like, I like Martin a lot.

It's a '70s one and it's... it's good. It's... it's realistic.

And Near Dark is really good. It's pretty cool and realistic.

And the one I was telling you about, Let the Right One In.

I'm not sure how realistic it is. I mean, like, she can climb on walls, and I think maybe they're just really good climbers.

And Shadow of the Vampire is... It's good. It's pretty cool and realistic.

Do you miss her?

I guess I do.

It was about the making of Nosferatu.

I miss them.

I forgot to bring flowers.

What does it matter whether you brought flowers or not?

She's not gonna know.

You wanna talk? Not really.

Yo, it's that white girl again. She's at the door.

Tell her I'm not home.



I'll ask him. Yeah?

Yeah, I'll ask him now, now, now.

Hey. Hey, bro. Little brother.

Hey, kid.

Hey, what's up, man?

Yeah, uh, we were just wondering if you knew where we could buy some C?

Yeah, please, or even some molly?

They don't sell it.

Uh... We're just wondering, uh, you know, if you could help us out, if you knew someone?

We're visiting from out of town and we were hoping to party tonight.

Uh... Yeah, I'll help you.

Cool. Come on.

Yeah, awesome. All right. I'll be right back.

Hey, wait up.


Oh, shit.

Come on.



Yeah, I'm gonna leave. This is kinda fucked up.

Hey, who's this?

Hey, what's up?

You guys must be them, right?

I'm, uh... I'm looking for some C, or some molly if you've got it.

Wait. Hold up, what?

Uh... C. Cocaine? Or molly.

Oh, so you think everybody that live up in here is a drug dealer?

No, no, dude. Uh... This kid sent me here. I didn't think anything.

Why the fuck are you asking for drugs, then?

If you don't think that? Whoa, whoa, okay. Erm...

Look, I'm sorry, uh... I don't... You don't think you're fucking racist?

Whoa, I'm not racist, okay?

Oh, that's exactly what we fucking need.

Fuck, are you a cop?

Okay, this is just a misunderstanding, I think. Yeah.

He said, "This is a misunderstanding."

Okay, I'm just gonna go now. You guys are on the door.

Now shut the fuck up.

Little G, Little G. What shall we do with this dude, huh?

Let's fuck him up. Hey, you hear that?

Dudes, come on. Look. Get him! Go ahead, get him!

Whoa! Shit!

Whoa. What the fuck is wrong with you, hitting a little kid, huh?

What the fuck is wrong with you? Get that fucker.

Hitting little kids!

What the fuck do you think this is, huh?

Come up here talking about drugs, then you go and swing on Little G.

Hey, man, stop crying. Come over here.

You wanna hang with us?

Shoot this bitch. What?


No! Shut up!

Are you gonna do it or not?

Wait. What are you doing? Wait. Please, please.

Oh, shit, wait!

What the fuck did you do? I didn't know he'd pull the trigger.

Come on, man! I had the safety on!

What the fuck are we gonna do now?

Shit. Come on. Let's be out. Come on.

Hey! Hey, you, tell me where Mike is!

Stop! Hey!

...told us to respond. Do you want our unit to respond?

We pass my road here.

Hold on just a minute. Ten-four.

Oh, yeah. Right here looks good, right?

The 7-2 is in backlog. I got a 78 car over here.

Er, we're going into the 7-2.

Defending a snitch? Thanks, Milo. Stay safe.

Seriously. tell me, "Ah, I'm buying a new car."

Welcome home.

Where have you been last night? This place has been crazy.

Yeah, I bet.

We were on TV.

We were?

Our building.

Someone killed a white boy in the basement.

No shit?

Yeah. It's been crazy. It's been on all the news channels.


Why are you avoiding me?

I'm not avoiding you.

Liar. I'm not a liar.

Well, liar, I got you this.

It's Twilight. I see that.

Promise me you'll read it.

I promise.

Milo! What are you doing in here?

Come on, get out.

Are you gonna tell me what the fuck is going on? I heard you talked to the police.

I didn't talk to them. They took me in.

Why did they give you a ride home, if you ain't talked to them?

They said that if I didn't help them, that they'd make it seem like I snitched.

Hey, they'll kill you if they even think you talked to them.

I didn't tell them anything. All right.

You know it don't matter what I think.

You saw it?

Yeah. Shit.

Did they see you see it?


I don't know.

Milo, I can't protect you from them, you know that, right?

Lewis, stop.

Okay. Okay.


And don't trust your cops neither, all right?

They'll frame you for that shit just cos they can.

Okay, I get it.

Listen to your older brother.

All right. I understand.

All right.

So this is what you do? You sit up here?

Uh, I study.

That's cool.

Do you believe in God?

No. Do you?

I guess... Yeah.

I had a feeling that you didn't.

I mean like... I think we're all special.

I believe in that. I... I guess it's magical, but I don't think anyone intended anything in it.

I think when you die, you're just... you're just gone.

Don't say that. It's so fucking creepy.

It's true. I think.

Okay. Okay, moving on. Erm...

What would you do with a million dollars?

What if I told you I had one million dollars?

Then I'd steal it. You would?


But I'd ask to borrow some.

What would you do with it?

Get out of here. You know, move out.

Where would you go? Anywhere.

But I, erm... I have a cousin in Alabama.

She'd let me stay there. I could pitch in. I'd probably go there.


Okay, so what would you do with a million dollars?

I've got plans.

That's it?

Yeah. I've got plans.

I need any help you can give me.

I need three dollars to have a place to sleep.


You're welcome.



Yo, Milo.

Been talking to 5-0?


That's not what we heard.

You heard wrong. I don't do that.

That kid screamed like a little bitch, right?

I don't know what you're talking about. Oh, come on.

You don't think he screamed like a little bitch?

It's a'ight, but Malik said he saw you there. Right, Malik?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Don't act fucking smart, okay?

I'm not.

Can I go?

This ain't over.

Do you want to do it again?


...defrosting or preheating that giant oven...

...better, healthier and easier...

Um, so, I'll see you tomorrow, then?



Aah, I see you, bro.


What? That was nice.

...oven is a new way to cook. It's energy efficient...



What day is it?


No, the date?

The 14th.

Getting money for injured people is a rare skill.

Insurance companies often refuse to pay what is fair.

The lawyer you pick must be able to make them pay, one way or another.

I'm Lowell "The Hammer" Stanley. Hey.

Hey. What's up?

Nothin'. Can I watch TV with you?

Oh, good, good, good.

Come on! Make it work!

The neighbours heard me screaming and threatened to call the cops, so he let me go.

Are you hurt?

No, I don't think I need to see the doctor or anything.

I just really don't wanna go back there.

Is she okay?


Can I stay here?


The Chapstick.

Where's the Chapstick?

Where's the Chapstick?

Where's the Chapstick?

Where's the Chapstick?

# The Chapstick, Chapstick

# The Chapstick, where's the Chapstick? #

Where's the Chapstick?

It's energy efficient. It saves time.

Don't you think you should get your stuff?

You mean, like, that I've been in the same outfit for, like, a week?

And borrowing my clothes.

I mean, it's fine. It's just, you have to eventually, right?


You... you can stay here as long as you need to.

Okay. Thanks.

Are you sure you don't mind me not coming?

It's fine. I'm used to spending time by myself anyways.

Okay. Thanks.

Um, and then...

Oh, we'll get your stuff.

I think I've convinced Lewis to come.

Okay, let's see.

He'll do it. See you soon.

...pain in the tuchas, particularly when you think, "Why can't I qualify for credit?"

Well, the first place you gotta come is Major World, because at...


Hey. Um... Sorry.

I was, um... I was wondering if you had, um, a stamp, um, and a... an envelope?



No? Um... I don't know.

Um... okay. Okay, then.

So you really like him?

Yeah, I do.

We can help you sort out what really happened and get you the compensation you deserve.

Call 800-79...

What's the problem?

This is a legitimate cheque, okay?

There's nothing wrong with this cheque. It's perfectly viable.

Hi, uh, I'd like to cash this cheque and pay these two bills with it.

And can I get a money order?

She didn't say anything. She just left.

Hi. Uh...

I know...

I know you saw that stuff, but if we could meet, then... if we could meet, then I could explain.

723497 is not available...

I don't want to hear it...

...fucking money! Cheap motherfucker!

Give me the fucking money! Why?

Why don't you fucking go...

Goddamn you! Fucking...

Fuck you!

Fucking... Fucking loud-mouthed bitch!

You wanna take this? Shut up!

...learning how to break free of living pay cheque to pay cheque.

And the government can help you do that too!

There are programmes out there that will pay you, like, $3,000 to pay your utility bills.

Or $4,000 to pay your grocery bills.

Or how about this? $10,000 to pay any bill!

But you have to know about the programmes.

That's the key. The government doesn't even know what it has.

And you have to have the right questions, too.

You can call...

I warned you!

Um, I remember the first time I was emancipated from the foster system, and I didn't have nowhere to go.

The reason, um, I became homeless is because, um, I just couldn't afford the rent.

The second time I became homeless was domestic violence.

You look like shit. I stayed everywhere.

On the side of the 1/6 freeway, under the 405 freeway...

Um, I've slept behind dumpsters, I've slept in squats, which are, like, abandoned buildings with no water, no lights, no nothing.

When you were there, did you, uh... did you kill anyone?

No. No.

I saw a lot of parts.

You know, like body parts after bombings.

But no, I never killed no one. Why?

I was just wondering.

You do what you have to do.

No matter what.

Whatever it is you're doing, there's someone doing a whole lot worse, you know?

I guess.

No, ain't no guess.

You gotta remember that.

No matter how bad you think you done, there's someone somewhere doing a whole lot worse, is doing it now.

You think?

I mean, trust me, I know.

I fucking know.

Ain't nothing you're doing is as bad as what people are doing all the time to each other.

You know, what people just close their eyes to and let happen.

You know, I bet whatever it is you're worried about ain't nothing compared to the shit that goes on.


Goodnight, Lewis.

Goodnight, Milo.


Milo and Lewis.

You know, it's like she gave us names she knew would get our asses kicked.


I miss her.

I miss her too.


Um... I'm sorry for leaving like that and... and for not speaking to you.

I don't...

I wasn't snooping. I was just... I was just looking for a pen and paper.

I didn't even really know what it meant, but it... but it kind of freaked me out.

I mean, I shouldn't have just left like that. I'm sorry.

It's fine.

So... so, what was all that?

Are you... are you working on a book about vampires and a crazy killer or something?

It's nothing that matters any more.

Really? Cos it seemed really detailed.

Did you come up here to write more?

I'm not writing any more. I'm making a plan.

Shit, are you just giving all this to me?

Yeah. Why the fuck would you do that?

So... so we can trust each other again.

I never spoke to the cops.

This stuff hot?

Yeah, very.

You got all this yourself?

Yeah. How?

Uh... I break into places.

It's a lot of valuable shit.

So, we're cool?

Yeah, motherfucker, whatever.



Lewis said girls like flowers.

We mostly do.


This was nice.


Hey. What?

What's with your fucking crazy eyes?




I wanted to give you something. Really?


It's for you to go to your cousin's.

Where did you get it?

Don't tell anyone you have it. Just... just go.

Do you want to come with me? I mean, you have to come with me.

I can't. Why not?

You wouldn't like me in the end.

I'm not good. I never will be.

But I already know that you're crazy.

I'm not going. Just... just make sure you go.


Go on, motherfucker!

Drop it! Drop that fucking gun!

Women's history, in this regard, tries to merge two approaches that have been used in the past.

There's contribution history, which views women as...

Can I go? You know we can't end early.

Can I draw?

What would you draw?

I've been drawing the sun a lot lately.

Hey, nice job cleaning the car.

Thank you. So you heard, huh?


They arrested all of them.

Andre, Troy, Mar. All of them.

You mean all your old friends?


Don't remind me. You didn't know?

No. Why would I?

It's on the news, even.

They say they killed that white boy in the basement and some white family in the Village. Really?

You didn't know?

No. Yeah.

I just wanted to see if you'd left.

Call me.

Hey, freak.

Now you're not calling me?

Call me back.

Maybe come and meet me?

I read Twilight. I thought it sucked.

Not very realistic at all.

I've been thinking a lot, and maybe a vampire can kill himself.

I mean, maybe not kill himself, but arrange it.

Like, if he could do something and know that it would get him killed.

That would get around the rule, I think.

I'm not... I'm not sure if vampires should... are meant to be here.

I mean, I know they've always been here.

But I mean, if you can only exist to hurt people, and you know better, then maybe it's better to decide not to exist at all.