The Truth (2019) Script

I have already answered this question.

Read my interview on Libération.

It is lukewarm.

The next question ...

What else is there?

When it comes to heaven what would you like ...

God tell me? Yup.

It is the last question of the "Actors Studio" interview.


So why are you doing it now?

True, I wanted to do it last.

Which state your favorite role?

Hélène, in Another Day.

For which he won his second César.

The widow who hides the German soldier.

For me, it's his best role.

The unforgettable expression of his face ...

... when the stones are thrown at her.

Unmoved and ...

... resolute.

When I read the script, I thought that I would sell the soul to hell with it.

The soul, not the body.

I'm not Edith Rosay. I know.

Don't write this.


She's dead. No, she's alive.

Le Figaro interviewed her last month.


I was sure I was at his funeral.

Confuses it with ...

Oh yes! I thought she was alive!

He doesn't find it alike to that actor ...


That English actor, Sir something ...

It was "m Assassination on the Orient Express.

You mean Sir John Gielgud. Yup!

But less distinct.

Though thoughtful. Even too much.

Which actress sent her more about his DNA.

I never asked myself.

I've always been myself.

And on the contrary ...

To which actress she sent some of its DNA.

In France, I really believe in none.

Then? I do not remember.

It is normal, you were very small.

What about you, dad? No, I've never been there.

I was on set when you came.

The house looks ...

- ... a castle. Exactly.

Yes, even if behind there is a prison.

A turtle! A turtle!

Dad, look! Oh. His name is Pierre.

Hi, Pierre. And a grandpa.

Hey, didn't we scare you? Here it is.

What do you eat?

Lettuce. Lettuce?

Eat lettuce.

It has guests. I'm going away.

Nothing important. And my daughter with her little family.

They came to congratulate the book.

He lives in the United States. She is a screenwriter.

Did you marry an actor?

"Actor" is a big word. However...

So tell me about the movie that is turning now, Memories of my mother.

It won't be a great movie.

Charlotte, but how did you grow up!

Do you remember me? - No. It does not surprise me.

Do you like Italian food? Yup.

And what?

Pizza! I'll do it.

Come, settle down.

Come on, come on Charlotte. We will play later.

Leave the dog alone. See you later.

Toto ...

Sorry for the mess. No problem.

He had a housekeeper ... she left last month.

Too bad, she was a good woman. Why did she leave?

Maybe it's because she's a good woman.

Hey, Charlotte.

You'll sleep in my old room, okay? - - Yes!

Yup! Then...

Need help with luggage?

You need? No thanks. I am no longer a child.

At the top of the stairs ...

... go right and then straight!

Okay. Okay?

On the top, to the right...

... and straight ahead!

So, Grandma ... mum...

and Jacques ...

... who makes pizzas.

Good morning.

We won't see you from the wedding.

Welcome, Hank. And your first time here.

Yes, the last time ... I was shooting, therefore ...

Oh ... It doesn't matter.

It's not a lot of fun visit your wife's house.

Well, it's a nice house.

Yes, even if there is a prison behind it. Yes indeed.

Beer? A little water, thanks.

We saw your poster at the airport, where do you ...

When's the photo? The publisher chose it, without asking.

But when he spoke of 100,000 copies ... 100,000 copies?

That's a lot! But think!

It is lukewarm.

I don't know if you remember ...

Maybe you forgot, but you promised ...


Jacques has recently become an expert in Italian cuisine.

No, stop it ... Stop it!

A great chef.

How many Michelin stars? Four.

You promised to let me read the book before publishing it.

Do you remember? Thing?

I? Your book.

I sent you the draft to the United States.

Maybe you didn't get it. You don't want me to read it.

What nonsense! How suspicious you are!

You were already a child.

It's still like that, isn't it?

Pretend you don't remember ... Tiramisu again?

Couldn't it be sweet change?

Waiting for visits?

Tiramisu, tiramisu ...


Look, Toto! Look!

You are there too!

Thank god! A professional photographer is another thing.

We have been in the times.

100,000 copies are not too many? 50,000.

How vain you are. It's incredible.

There are photos.

Look, mom.

This is The witch of the Bois de Vincennes.

When I walked on the street to Paris, the children fled in terror.

In my opinion people you still avoid when it passes ...

You didn't give me a kiss.

I don't bite. Do not you recognise me?

Yes, from the smell.

Someone goes to get it the wine in the cellar?

He wants ... He wants wine. Yes sure!

Can I come? - Red or white? Can I come? - Yup.

Don't slip on the stairs.

Mom, come here? No.

I hate the cellar. Grandma locked me in.

You deserved it. You had ruined the sofa.

But you forgot to be going out for hours, having a drink ...


But no, I was shooting!

I thought I said to Luc to look after you.

Oh really?

Did you have the same book as a child?

I loved it. That's why I bought it for you.


I read you? Yup.

But then you go back to your bed.


"Once upon a time there was a witch who lived in the Bois de Vincennes. "

"She was a beautiful witch, but with a heart as hard as stone. "

"And at the slightest opposition,"

"transformed human beings in animals. "

Was Grandma really a witch?

Someone once called it that.

What are you watching? Are you a witch?

Was it good or bad?

Good question.

In your opinion? Bad!

Go easy. Yes I know.

What is the script like?

The budget isn't huge, but the director is one of his great admirers.

Did you watch the DVD I gave you? It made me seasick.

With the camera that always moves ...

Does a tripod cost so much?

It's a style.

Without poetry.

Nowhere. Poetry...

Poetry in cinema is necessary.

Let's talk about violence or everyday banality.

Yes, he is right.

I am not forced to work in such a movie.

Christelle Marineau would fit perfectly in the role.

What's up? She's dead? No, she's still alive.


How's the shooting going?

It's not a big role.

Manon Lenoir.

The main actress. They talk about it very well.

Needless to get upset ...

Nothing exceptional.

Once upon a time, girls like this ... you found them everywhere on the street.

Why are you laughing?


I have eaten too many lasagna.



You are good at brushing!

Do you also do it to mom?

She prefers to do it alone.

Yes, it was already ...

... it was already like that as a child.

Is it true that you have magical powers?

Magic powers? Because?

Because my friend Rose, at school, he is not very kind to me.

Really? And what does it tell you?

It is really bad.

Can you turn it into an animal?

Come see something in the garden.

See the turtle?


It's Pierre. Yes, grandfather Pierre.

Before he was a man.

It bothered me and I turned it into a turtle.

What am I supposed to turn your friend into?

In a turtle?

A toad?

In a colored lizard. But it would be very pretty.

Or in a colored Iumacone. This is less cute.

All right.

You didn't drink wine yesterday.

No, I ...

I quit.


Or maybe you're waiting an important role?

Maybe yes... No ...

It's nice to have dreams in life ... YUP.

Sometimes it's easier not to have ...

Have you seen mom?

He was in his room. There is no more.

Try the Chinese restaurant. It's possible.

At this time?

She often goes there alone, lately.

Enough, Toto!


What is this? Mum?

Who do you want to fool?

I struggle to see the truth in here.

"Wait for my daughter in front of the school"

"and watch her run towards me it filled me with joy. "

"Lumir always went out first. We went home hand in hand. "

"He told me about his day ..." It never happened. Never!

Only dad and Luc they came to get me.

I don't take a walk, I'm learning the jokes.

Seriously? Did you put post-it notes?

Are you doing research on me? Preparing for an exam?

An "in Fabienne" exam? First year? Second?

What are you saying...

I am an actress. I can't tell the bare truth.

The truth is not passionate.

Maybe you wanted me to say nice things about you.

But I'm not that.

Why don't you name it not even once Sarah?

They are my memories. It's my book.

I will be able to choose what to tell, right?

You feel guilty.

Why should I feel guilty about Sarah?

You know, don't you?

What a pain in the ass! It takes everything too seriously.

Who will he get it from?

Always think of Sarah.

Always, for 40 years ... And so why...

The film that is shooting now he accepted it only because Manon Lenoir has the main role.

Manon Lenoir? Yup.

A young actress on the rise.

They say it's the new Sarah Mondavan.

I did not know.

Today they do a reading at the Epinay studios.

Come with us?

In Epinay?

It is a science fiction film.

Fabienne plays the daughter of Manon.

Remember my mother.


What is New York like?

I don't know ... from what point of view?

Leave it. I don't really care.

I can't stand silence.

I like.

We have arrived. Fortunately there was no traffic.

30 years will have passed.

When was it? For The Temptations of Dawn.

I went with Sarah, not with you.

- For Behind the look. Oh yes.

What a terrible movie.

Strange. I remembered him bigger.

It hasn't changed.

You're the one who grew up. Go trust your memory.

EXIT In position and ... action!

Take it easy. At first you are in the dark.

You always stay turned this way...

Everything okay with Manon? Turn off the lights.

Engine. Party!

1/15, before. Clapperboard.

Machine ready.


Welcome home! Welcome, mom!

Happy birthday, Amy. Thanks Mom.

How did you grow up!

He's already 10 years old, do you think about it?

You are beautiful.

Do you show up as a mom? Yes, I'm going.

Mom, I'm beautiful, aren't I?

Isn't it too big for you?

I have to leave tomorrow morning.

Look, mom. That looks nice.

Oh yes, what beautiful lights!

What would you like to do?

Play the guitar. Dad says I'm too young, though ...


But I like it.

Show me how you do it.


Thanks. First position. Let's do it again.

You see? Mom returns after seven years.

Seven years. Because?

Because he decided to live in space.

In the story the mother is very sick.

Really? She would have lived only two years on Earth.

So he decided to live in space.

Because in space you don't get old.

Ah no? No.

Do you know her? No.

She is my grandmother.

I have to learn the jokes!

Not funny at all ...

How long have you been doing it?

Since a long time...

I do not remember. Me too.

Are you an actress too? In Hollywood.

Really? Yup.

Don't get dirty.

But not? Fabienne is waiting for you. I'm coming.

Ugh! Ugh, uffa ...

Wait up!

Is this yours? YUP. - Yup.

Thanks. You are welcome.

I'm sorry for the other day. I did not want to disturb.

Humanitarian causes are not for me.

Sin. If at least he came once, it would help us a lot.

I don't even have the time for my dog.

Sorry, we're 10 minutes late.


What did I tell you?

And what role do you have?

I'm Amy at 38.

Thanks in advance for your clemency.

Me at 38, she at 73.

We have different colored eyes.

The director says it will change it with special effects.

Then I could do Amy at 38. Special effects and go!

Do you think I could be Amy at 17?

I do not believe.

Here they are.

Nice tough face, keep us waiting like this.

Once for a movie I used colored contact lenses.

IS...? - My eyes were so dry that I didn't stop crying.

Perfect for the role.

Sorry for the delay. Imagine.

It will be the director who has you made useless scenes.

But what a malalingua!

Oh, are you the director?

Nobody ever remembers my face.

Yet you remind me of that director ...

I saw your latest movie. It seems to be a success.

Thanks. I have had fantastic partners.

How many pounds did you lose for the final scene?

Five. What a question!

I would never have made it.

Thanks for the other day.

Imagine. I understand that, I have a cat.

Mum! It begins.

Stop calling me "mom". And what should I call you?

Fabienne. Fabi ...

Let's start reading. Let's start.

So ... scene 42.

Now Amy is 38 years old.

He is with his mother and looks at the children playing in the park.

I would never have met Scott.

We broke up three years ago.

Now he lives west.

How long have you been together?

Six years, it seems to me.


Scott was a wimp.

Dad was right.

How did your father die?


Can I add a joke? Aimed at children.


Don't get dirty.

How did your father die?



He died very calm.

Now Amy starts to cry.

I will do my best.

Otherwise we cut and we put the drops in your eyes.

Yes ... sorry.

Let's move on to 64?

From the bedroom window we hear Amy's grandchildren playing.

Amy Ii's mother looks from the window.

Now Amy is 73 years old.

Are you leaving me alone again, mom?

Are you leaving me alone again, mom?

Maybe there won't be a next time.

But yes, instead.

You will still be fit at 80.

Life has no more surprises for me.

Do not say that.

I'm just getting old.

You are always so young.

I had no choice.

But I never stopped to think about you.

Wherever I was.

Please don't go without me.

I feel so alone when you're not there.


It doesn't seem very clear to me.

I don't understand when ...

Why don't you learn the text first?

If the script was better ...

Yes Yes Yes.

Why did you accept the part?

They told me I would slept a lot and spoke little.

And now that I have the part, they add scenes.

A real rip-off, don't you think?

I find it a kindness.

If your fans heard you they would be so disappointed ...

I was going to shoot with Hitchcock. The main role. - Really?

Unfortunately, he died first.

I would have liked to see it.

You would have been killed ...

What do you think of Manon Lenoir?

He is young. But I think he has talent.

Did you see how she got up? You are really naive.

It was enough to look at it to understand who planned it.

It does not seem that you look like to Sarah Mondavan?

What do you think about it? For nothing.

I must say that ...

No, Sarah was much more animalistic ...

Much freer. Exactly.

For once, we agree.

Sarah will be rolling over in the grave for comparison.

Maybe they have a similar voice.

Do you find? Yup.

A hoarse voice, very ...

Sarah ruined it on purpose, with smoke ...

I loved his voice. With alcohol ...

Are you leaving?

So suddenly?

Now that his memories are get out ... the time has come.

My son and his wife are staying building a house in Normandy.

I'll go take care of my grandchildren.

So cute.

Plan with alcohol.

Oh, well ... I could act that part also drunk.

She is no longer a girl.

For tomorrow's call ...

I leave the planning to Lumir.

Did you mention "grandchildren"?

Yes why?

So, do you have more than one?

I have six grandchildren.

In order:female, female, male, male, male it's a female.

The largest, which he has seen once, already goes to high school.

My son will come later to take my things.

Oh God...

Wait up.

Why are you doing so?

In his memoirs there is no line on me.

It is as if he had denied it my existence.

He says he wants to leave.

I understand, but you can't abandon it now.

Without you, he won't make it.


You are a beautiful couple. And out of the question.

And then on Sunday I go back to New York.

Wait at least for the end of filming.

Here. I go.

The car has arrived. Lumir, it's late. I told you.

What happens?

Dad ... what are you doing here?

Hi, my baby. Where did you come from?

From the back gate!

Eh ... He's my father!

How many questions. Can I come in?

Yes. But it's not a good time.

Because? Do you have a new boyfriend?

It doesn't bother me anymore, don't worry.

Hello. Thanks for taking care by Fabienne.

No, he stays with me.

Yes, I'm Hank, Lumir's husband.

In fact, it seemed ... had exaggerated this time.

You are a disaster.

Why did you come?

And you?

I came to celebrate the release of the book.

Really? Did you come from New York for this?

And what about you?

The same. I came to congratulate you.

Here it is! Come.

Who is it? Your grandfather.

Good morning. Good morning.

What's your name? Charlotte.

I am Pierre. Your mom's dad.

Pierre? Yup.

What are you living on now, dad?

I knew it. Do you need money.

You could pay me the fees for talking about my life.


There's not much on me, huh?

It's just that ... in the book you're dead, dad.

Dead? You can watch, if you want.

Dead ... dead? Did you get my teapot?

Hurry up! Remember you got it Luc's place.

I forgot.

I forgot one thing, the triangle ...


Hurry up! I'm coming!

Did you get the thing with the dog? This?

Yup. What purpose does it serve?

Mom, Pierre is missing!

Mom, Pierre is missing! Will come back. Now we have to go.

What are you planning? And for Anna.


Hi, Amy.

You are always more beautiful.

It cannot fall like this in my life every seven years!

Come on, Amy ...

It is always like this during this period.

Do you have a boyfriend?

I would have liked that my mother asked me.

So, do you have it?

I like this smell.

Your smell, mom.

Welcome home, mom.

Thanks, Amy.

How old was your mother when did she die?

29. I had seven.

You have never been sad, or envious of the other girls?

What do you want to tell me? Is it for the book? Yup.

You didn't come to see the representation...

... I show I starred in, in middle school. Do not you remember?

Are you sure? Very sure.

Would you remember, The Wizard of Oz.

You weren't Dorothy, were you?

The scarecrow? No.

The person who came to the shows and that helped me when I was the broken heart was Sarah.

Yes, maybe.

Always better than neglecting you and others at the same time be intrusive, no?

You too... you spent time on a spaceship.

Do I look so young?

I did not mean that.

Only now do you understand that I am not never liked to live on Earth.

Here, it's for you. I have it the same.

What happens?

My dog ​​is dead. I just buried him.

But I talked to Manon and now I'm better.

Never trust a woman who loves cats.

Take it as an example.

He has an unbridled ambition.

At least you haven't lost your appetite.

Have you never wanted to act?

No, it's not for me. Okay.

And I guess ... would have liked more attention from his mother.

Like Amy in the movie. No, I wouldn't say.

Then why don't you want to that her mother touches her hair?

Did my mother tell you? Yup.

He told me he was successful as a child always getting by alone.

He seemed sad about this.

Stop! No ...

I wish when she says, "He's dead serene "... it was understood that it is a lie.

Give her the joke.

How did your father die?


Yes, he died very calm.

That's no good? It's not easy.

Hadriel, what if he played with hair?

He would do the same gesture as Amy when he was 17.

Good idea. We will see it on the monitor.

How did he do it?

He takes a lock from below and turns it around a bit.

I would have thought about it too.


He died very calm.

Before coming, I've been on his grave.

On dad's grave?


It must have been dirty.

I haven't been there for a long time.

Stop! We are done, thank you.

It was enough for me to think about my dog.

They improvise continuously.

The result is good.

Here is what happens to tell their life.

Well but you ...

Look Who's Talking. You do it too.

I? To who?

To Manon. You told her about me.

I do not remember. What did he say to you?

If you don't remember, leave it alone.

We find a new recipe ...

I want to throw my agenda away.

And buy a new one ...

Ouch ... Your hands!

Here we are.

Can I do it a little bit? No you can not.

Oh yes. It's easier. Right?

I put it here.

You know, the traitor. I do not like. Gaspard is the traitor, you know ...

It is the first time I do it. I hope it is good.

Mom, I attended too.

Jacques, is there still some salad?

You don't find it still looks a bit of a turtle?

Have you forgiven him? Just for today.

Stan, your character is shot in the head. He will most likely die.

They are shot in the head ... No it does not.

And it won't survive! Didn't you think they were shot?

And don't ... He's telling you!

They shot me in the shoulder. To the shoulder?

Yes, not in the head. The blood splatters and ...

No, it is very clear. I do not believe it.

Your wife remarries before you heal.

I don't know, they don't give me the script.

I swear to you, if I knew I'd tell you, but I don't know.

They don't tell me anything. No, really.

Now he has better proposals.

Bring her a pillow.

They offer you many other parts.

It has been the first time who offered me a part without auditioning, it means a lot to me.

I'm starting to be a real actor.

An actor...

I think it's a great thing that you have stopped drinking to obtain leading roles.

Excellent decision! Oh, no, yes ...

Quiet. There's time before a starring role.


What luck, seriously.

I mean seriously, today's actors they can act anywhere.

Even in internet series.

Today everyone can be an actor.

But did you watch her series?

I saw it on YouTube. You so insisted.

It is an imitation.

But among the imitations I prefer Pierre's.

"Paris, martyred." "But Paris, Iiberata!"

Is it an imitation?

Acting is much more.

What matters is personality.

The presence.

The role of Hélène, for which you won the César ...

Yes. What?

In reality, Sarah had to play it.

You stole it going to bed with the director.

I made the movie.

Haven't you seen it?

Fabienne was truly spectacular.

What do you say? You were an assistant.

Was... Did you read it on Wikipedia?

Everybody knows.

Sarah was preparing it, and if you hadn't stolen it, she would have won the Cesar.

True, you have been truly cruel.

You knew it very well that you would never have reached Sarah's level, therefore ... you destroyed her private life.

Are you with me or against me?

According to you, it seems I killed her.

And isn't it so?

Even admitting to have had the part going to bed with the director, what changes?

A less good actress would have done the same, but it would disappear. I am here instead. This is what matters.

Why don't you go to bed?

You were very good tonight, honey.

Good night.

I saw you that Iitigavi with Sarah.

She was crying.

The night before. It was destroyed on the sofa.

We fought often.

Being very close friends, we could afford it.

That evening was different, as if ... was going to die.

I felt it.

No it does not.

The next day we would go to the beach ...

I canceled at the last moment.

AI mare? Yes, by the sea. In Deauville.

I do not remember.

If it was so sad, you could accompany her.

I should have, yes.

It was an accident.

She was drunk. He wanted to swim.

Though... if it was my fault, if she had been a great actress, would turn his pain into art.

Not everyone is strong like you.

It is not a fault to be strong.

Sarah was kind.

That was what I liked about her.

Too bad I wasn't your daughter.

Yes, a real shame.

I'll never forgive you for what you did.

Lumir ... - Stay out of it, please. None of your business.

Who do you think you are to decide not to forgive me?

Only Sarah could have decided. Fuck, he drank.

I was a bad mother, a bad friend, so what?

I prefer to have been a bad mother, a bad friend and a good actress.

And if you don't forgive me, the public forgives me.

Why am I telling you these things?

You don't understand what the actors feel ...

Are you going back to New York? I go to the bathroom.

Be careful of the sofa.

How does a woman like this endure? Compliments.

Save your energy for acting.

It is not a half-done job.

Everyday life doesn't matter.

Do you know what I think?

When actresses are dedicated social or political, Thanks.

It means they lost in their profession.

They lost the battle on the screen, then they dive into reality.

They pretend to rush against reality.

Do you understand? It is not the other way around.

I've always won that battle.

This is why I endure loneliness.

Yes and then... scene 47 needs to be reversed and that of Central Park.

So the character of the lover it will be clearer, I think.

Thanks so much for the chat. It was... very illuminating. Thanks a lot.

Do you really want to come tomorrow?

And why would I come to Paris? Well.

We leave at 11. Okay.

Good night.

Good night.

Oh God...

Your mother kissed me ...

Neither here ... nor here.

But here. Right here.

How many glasses did you drink?

How many are in a bottle?

Because you said you stopped to get an important role?

I never said, I ...

Please don't start drinking again. I have never said that.

I'm sorry. Again with this nightmare?

I'm sick of lying to Charlotte telling her you're shooting.

I know I'm sorry. Stop. - I know.

That's enough. What did you talk about for two hours?

You don't even speak French.

She boasted all the time.

It actually seemed sad to me.

Really? Yes, really.

Very sad.

I didn't know you had come to see my mother act.

No? I'm a fan of his. A big fan of his.

You can go for me, so you will make her tea.

Yes. You know I don't like tea. You know...

Why did you bring me here? Eh?


If you just wanted to talk about the book, why did you bring me here The last time I came, you were to detox, if you remember ...

I think I wanted to make her envious.

Show her our happy family. But she won't be envious.

You won't hit it with this.

And you won't hit her with ... a series B actor on American TV.

I sleep a little, okay?

I'm here if you need it.

Did you pee? Yup.

I go there later.

What are you doing?


And mom's?

Yes, I gave it to him when she was little.

In honor of its interpretation in the Wizard of Oz.

Was Dorothy doing it? No.


I don't like Leo! He is a coward!

But your mother was a fantastic lion!

Are you a coward too? Yes, no ...

She understood perfectly what Leo felt.

"Don't frighten me!"


What happens?

I heard Lumir's voice in the garden.


It's Charlotte.

Good morning! Good morning!

Did you use your magical powers? Magic powers?

Grandpa Pierre has disappeared.

He asked him to become again a turtle.

Ah okay.

Did Pierre go away?

Last evening.

He could stay to sleep.

And why?

Nice tough face to call 'Pierre' the turtle.

It wasn't me. It was Lumir. Lumir?

Maybe to punish me for kicking his father away.

Don't you think it was sad instead?

I don't have much time.

I understand. I stay, promised.

Are you happy to be my daughter?

Yes, I'm happy to be your daughter.


What a voice. It's his forte.

This tea is hot!

I got burned. Look here.

I can't drink hot things ... They are like cats.

I forgot you hate cats.

You are crazy! If you serve it in a bar they denounce you!

Don't add water! You spoil the taste of tea!

You weren't forced to come.

He says you weren't obliged.

A promise is a promise.

Why come to Paris if not?

Did I really say that?

Do you prefer this rather than keep Jacques company.

It seems that Michèle Morgan have lived in that apartment.

You noticed that the initials of all the great actresses ... they are equal?

Danielle Darrieux, DD.

Simone Signoret.

When she was young she was gorgeous.

Greta Garbo.

Even Anouk Aimée.

And Brigitte Bardot. Oh, that's true.

Mah ...

64/2. Second.

Machine ready.


Happy birthday, grandmother.

Happy birthday, grandmother ...

Here is grandma.

Leave me alone again, mom.

Please don't go.

I feel so alone when you're not there.

Stop! Stop, thanks.

If I do it like this it is not clear who the mother is.

Can we do it again? Sure.

I never stopped thinking about you.

Wherever I was.

A cell phone rang!

Turn off cell phones before filming!

You will still be fit at 80.


Life has no more surprises ... Can you get out of my field of vision?

It is not you who plays my nephew. Then...

I wasn't angry with her.

I had no choice, but I don't have never stopped thinking about you.

Fuck, this is the mother's joke!


What advice can I give you?

Nothing, you don't have to tell her anything. Yes but...

Leave it alone, trust me. Sometimes you just have to ...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY Engine! Engine ...

He turns around.

64/2. Eighth.

Machine ready.


- Amy ... -Oh no ...

Are you leaving me alone again, mom?

Maybe there won't be a next time.

Yes but.

You will still be fit at 80.

Life has no more surprises for me.

Do not say that.

You stay young. I'm just getting old.

I had no choice.

But I never stopped thinking about you.

Wherever I was.

Please don't go without me.

I feel so alone when you're not there.


Sorry, let's do it again.

Why do we do it again?

It must be ... it was perfect ... but more concise.

You should shorten it by 20%.

Are we shooting an advertisement?

It is demeaning.

Some water?

No thanks.


Do you feel sorry for grandma? - No ... She was good.

Yes. She was good, of course.

Sorry. I want to see you act king.

Do you want to see me act? Yup!

Really? Yup!

Is cute.

Yes, come, sometimes. Whenever you want!

When I don't go to school. When you don't go to school, of course.

If mom makes me come. Yup...

Before, when you were acting, did something come to your mind?

A memory, perhaps? Guy?

A memory of your mother, for example?

My mom is a black hole.

In the photos you look very close.

You can't trust memory not even when you act.

Memories come and go.

When you came to the studio, it all seemed smaller ...

Isn't there ice?

Don't be a princess, please.

What do I do with Luc?

To begin with, you could apologize.


I never apologized with a man.

You have always betrayed them but you are not have you ever apologized, not once?

An actress doesn't ... You looked tired.

But you're a beast again.

Could you write something for me?


A text to apologize to Luc.

Do not mention it.

Yes and I will interpret it word by word.

I do not know. I have to think. I'm not sure.

"You know I smoke. In short!"

"He calls me 'mom' in front of everyone."

"Do you understand?"

"No, you don't understand."

"I was ashamed."

"The worst is that he doesn't know not even making tea. "

"A tea, yes, a tea."

Do you want to go to sleep? No, I like to listen to you.

What are you working on?

I'm writing one thing for my mother.

Fabienne's song.

"I swear to you ..."

"I swear to you, it's hot ..."

"I got burned ..."

"I'm lucky to have a husband."

I am lucky to have a husband.

You should do more of those around you.

Maybe saying ...

"I accepted this role for you" or ...

"It was thanks to you if I made it until now."

You must learn modesty.

I already know.

I already know. I'm not stupid. Then...

Your biggest flaw as a man is hitting things in the face to the person directly concerned.

Good intentions without tact they are the most painful.

My forked tongue in comparison it is harmless.

Sorry. I'm sorry.

Your only quality is knowing how to apologize, like you did now.

Exaggerate. I also have others.

Can I ask you a question?

Did I end up as an actress?

Do not answer. You could tell the truth.

It scares me too much.

What was last night's dessert?


Who gave you the recipe?

My mother, a long time ago.

It doesn't matter who did it.

I think I prefer ... your tiramisu.

It's not bad.

Here is the second quality.

Let's say yes.

Two qualities ... they are more than necessary to live.

You don't want to play.

Here. Before you.

Let's drink, standing ...


He told me it would come in three minutes.

But we waited outside for 15 minutes. With the risk of getting sick!

With strikes, there is traffic.

His job is to anticipate strikes. This is why they warn you.


Do you think he will apologize? For nothing.

Instead of complaining, do you think you can do it?

What are you talking about? Will you remember everything?

Samuel, Lillian, Sébastien ...

No, Charles! Who else?

Frangoise! Well.

Do I have to reduce the text?

Reduce the number of children.

Let's make this piece of paper a worm.

It moves! Do not touch it! You are crazy?

It moves? What do you mean 'moves'? Is alive!

Do you eat children's fingers?

Yes ... Don't touch it! You are crazy?

Are you joking. He's completely crazy.

How's the shooting going?

Don't learn the jokes.

And it's mean with Manon.

It's your fault. You gave it to him for 40 years.

It wasn't like that before.

It has always been this way.

When he was young, you don't know how bright it was.

Much more than Sarah Mondavan.

I preferred Sarah's acting.

But you loved doing the scenes of yours mother after a day on the set.


I do not remember.

You can't trust memory.

Isn't it a little early for retirement?

70 years today are 50 yesterday.

I would not say. I don't have big ailments ... but I no longer feel the flavors as it once was.

Even after quitting smoking.

Stop it, Sébastien.

I mean, Lillian, no ...

No, Samuel. Charles.

I know you are Charles, yes.

When do you do the scene?

Not now. Yes but when?

I have to wait for the right moment.

Sometimes renewing is not enough.

And prices have gone up 20%. It's shameful.

They have opened a new restaurant in the Marais.

Run by the chef's daughter-in-law.

Now I understand better. It's Fabienne Dangeville!

Did you want to talk to me?

Lumir wants you to come back.

He can't even make tea.

If I think he has a daughter, frankly...

When I said that it was too hot, he poured us water.

He had scolded me for the same mistakes at the time.

He didn't make it to follow her vocation as an actress.

It must have been difficult stay close to me.

She is convinced that ... being able to escape from me.

Lumir wrote it? No, it's my stuff.

I don't think he realizes to be gone to escape from me.

I wonder where it is, I hope everything is fine. Yeah ...

Anyway, I had fun doing it.

Yup? What if I write something for you?

A comedy or screenplay.

You could be there too! Yup? In what role?

Maybe the lover! No!


No, no, no. But it wouldn't work.

Because it would transform you in an animal!

What animal? A pig!

An eagle. an eagle?

What else?

Yes, an eagle is fine! Yes, an eagle is fine.

An eagle!

More on! More on!



What's up?

The text has disappeared. There is nothing left.

You must have pushed the wrong button.

I'll be right there.

For a second I thought it was...

Amy, from the movie, not your mother. Don't say nonsense.



Has the car arrived?

He's 5 minutes late.

I have a stomachache.

You drank too much last night. Because I had fun.

I wasn't drunk. Better that way.

Wait up.

It will do you good. Stop. You hurt me!

Wait up. Take it easy. You have long hair.

You have heavy hands. I do it myself.

Ah! Watch out for the gnomes!

Yes, yes! Boom! .

How many times have you done it yesterday?

Thing? Two?

Three times? No, you are no longer age.

Are you starting early in the morning?


I catch you! Are you a good lover?

Let's say that... he is better as a lover than as an actor.

Jacques is better at cooking than as a lover.

Go. Where do we go?

Let's go eat a crepe.

Do you know the Plougastel crèperie?

Yes. Sometimes I bring my daughter.


OK let's go.

Oh, no. Mum?

What are you doing? We have to turn!

You open! No, stop!

I can not. I can't act anymore.

It's for that girl. And so ... mean.

That's not true, you know.

Did you see her go up the stairs?

Slow, he dragged his leg. He imitated me!

It's his way of building the character.

Sorry, we have to go back.

He's on the phone. Now it comes. Thanks.

Mum! Do you love yourself or movies?

I love the movies where I play.

I did not mean that.

For once, admit defeat and win the movie.

I can't lose with you.

Running away is worse!

For this you didn't want to act with Sarah.

Then keep running away!


Did you call me fifona? It goes down heavy, huh!

Yes, it was direct.

But I liked a crepe.

And there the cream is very good. Power!

Sometimes I see it.

Who? Sarah.

Before, it seemed to me that he was telling me who would have acted better than me.

And now?

Now I think if he looks at me, I would act much better.

And is there today? I do not know.

Put yourself in its place and look at me. All right.

Sit in the armchair.

Is it an armchair? We found it in Finland.

It was worth it? It is angular but comfortable.

She will tell us.

Is it blocked?

Is the fire okay?

You have beautiful eyes.


Thanks. Did you get them from your mother?

From my father, I think.

You can thank him.

Engine! Engine! Silence please.

He turns around.

70/4. Before.

Machine ready.



You acted very well.

You stunned me.


I wanted to thank you.

Thank you!

A beautiful scene.

Thanks to Fabienne.

It would have been like that with Sarah too if we had acted together.

I would have liked to see you. Me too. Sin.

Now it's a little late, isn't it?

We see them? Perfect.

When it starts? The party? At seven.

Then we have some time.

It should go.

Sarah was as thin as she was.

I remember that dress.

It was his favorite.

He wore it often for interviews.

It fits them perfectly.


I'll give it to you.

Do you agree? Sure. You accept it.

I can not. It's too much. But no.

And you have exactly the same voice.

It's true.

It hit me the first time I heard it.

They often tell me.

It's not just the voice. And something more.

Yes, but I can't say what.

What kind of actress was she?


It still transmits its DNA.

Honestly, it is a burden to be considered the new Sarah.

A burden?


It is as if it were always here.

It is she that people see.

You too fight with its ghost.

I will soon interpret Hélène in Another day.


I want to see it.

That's why I did it to you all those questions. Sorry.

Why not try to be the new Fabienne?

No! It is too much for my little shoulders.

I think I'll skip the party.

I don't recommend it. It is not welcome that the protagonists desert the holidays.

Yes, but I would like to extend this moment.

Do you have filming tomorrow? No, I'm free.

Shall I call you a taxi? No.

I want to walk alone.

Good evening. Good evening.


I did not remember that the subway could be heard.


In the summer it is muffled, but when the leaves fall ... you hear late.

Anyway, it's not that bad. Right?

Fixed up.

It was your husband.

No, no, he breaks everything.

But you exaggerate.

Hank is too good for you. I wrote this joke!

Dad fixed it. It's possible.

He has golden hands.

It was his only quality. The only one. Exaggerated...

He liked to see you act.

It is normal for a father be proud of the daughter.

I was there too.

Where is it? In the room, at the play.



With your father, to the famous representation of ...

The Wizard of Oz '?

I thought you didn't want to be seen.

And you would have asked me for an opinion, and since I can't lie ...


You were terrible. How strange!

"Good. For Dorothy, I will. Witch or not witch. "

"However I still have one thing to ask." "Thing?"

"Don't make me go!"

You were cute.

"H0 fear. I don't want to go."

Do you remember The Witch?

The Witch...

Of the Bois de Vincennes? Yes. I accepted the part for you.

Really? You never told me.

Do you remember Sarah reading the book to you? Yup.

That's why I wanted to make the film at all costs.


I was jealous of Sarah. My daughter had stolen me.

Not a part. My daughter.

Are you serious?

You didn't realize it.

Why didn't you put it in the book?

I do not know.

If there will be a reprint, I will add.

Counting on you.

I hope.

Let's go to bed?

Good night. To who? - Goodnight Mom.

Goodnight, my daughter.

Wait ... just a little.

You used your magical powers. Because?


I'm about to ... forgive you.

But you ... you and I get over it all.

What are magical powers for? We understand each other.

I am angry with myself.


For the scene, that of today.

With Manon?

Of course, why didn't I do it like this?

Because I didn't think of it!

What a waste, don't use these emotions on stage!


"I am happy to have been your daughter."

"I am happy to have been your daughter."

"I am happy to have been your daughter."

Are you done? Yup.

Let me see.

Good job. You're a genius.

Did they help you? Dad, just a little bit.

What is your biggest wish? To thank you, I will answer it.

Be an actress.

I expected.

Will I become one? You will be a very good actress.

Really? Even without magical powers.

It's normal, you're my granddaughter.

I wish you would go on a spaceship.


So you will see me when I am an actress.

Of course...

I will do it.

A spaceship.

I wish you would go on a spaceship.


So you will see me when I am an actress.

Then? Is there a waterfall?

She seemed really happy.

I told you.

But is it the truth or not?

The press conference of Le Verità is at 11. I know.

Isn't there too much milk? Not at all.



And for you.

I wanted it to be a farewell gift. Instead ... it's a bonus.


Turn it.

When I die, I will ask to put it around my neck, in the coffin.

I want one too. Even if it's silver.

Next time.

I have to ask you a favor.

I'd like to turn a scene.

Say memories of my mother? "

Yes, I think I would do it better now.

There are things I can do and others, no.

But you can do this ... Sir.

But you can do this ... Sir.


He wants to turn the scene yesterday.

Really? A lighting ...

Typical for its part.

Do you accompany her?

Yes why not? We'll be back in New York after filming.

I'm calling to hear if it's possible.


Confess. You didn't really want to leave.


Toto, guard the house!

Enjoy your meal.

Today you party.

Do you remember the reporter the other day? Yup.

He no longer asked me what I would like feel at the gates of Paradise.

It's true.

And you, what would you like to hear at the gates of Heaven?

I have the answer.

Can you get in touch with him?

He will be very happy.

And we, can we know the answer?

No, it's a secret.

He won't tell us. What do you think it is?

I love the Parisian winters.

Look at that beautiful sky.