The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964) Script



Is it ready?

The engine still knocks when it's cold, but that's normal.



Can you stay an extra hour?

Not tonight, but I think Pierre's free.

Pierre, can you stay tonight?

Check the ignition on this gentleman's Mercedes.

You coming to the game?

No, I can't.

You going?

Sure am.

Aubin asked me to stay late - no way!

Tonight's special. I'm going to the theater.

What are they performing?


I don't like opera.

Movies are better.

I'm going dancing tonight.

Give me a smoke.

All that singing gives me a pain.

I like movies better.

You said that already.

See you guys later.

See you tomorrow.

My love, oh, my love.

Geneviève, my little Geneviève.

Guy, I love you.

You smell like gasoline.

It's a perfume like any other.

Guy, I love you.

A customer. I have to run.

See you at 8:00 in front of the theater.

I thought about you all day.

If you like, we could go dancing later.

If you wish.

May I help you?

An umbrella.

Where were you?

Just across the street.

Do you know exactly what you'd like?

An umbrella. A black umbrella.

Geneviève, show the gentleman the umbrellas.

Is that you, Guy?

Good evening, Aunt Elise.

Good evening, my boy.

How are your legs?

Fine, my boy.

What are you up to?

I'm hungry.

You'll spoil your appetite.

I do as I please.

Calm down and talk to me.

I don't have much time.

You seem very nervous.

I'm going out.


That's none of your business.

I think it is.

With a girl.

Do you love her?


Tell me the truth.

Yes, I love her.

What's wrong? Are you crying?

Don't be silly. Yes, you are.

Is it because you're all alone?

I'm not alone. I have my books.

Madeleine's coming to give me my shot.

She'll keep me company. What is it, then?

Maybe happiness makes me sad.

That's silly.

You big brute, you're messing up my hair.

Good evening, Guy.

Good evening, Madeleine.

You look sad.

You seem happy.

Does it show?

I had a terrible time.

Doing what? Persuading Mother.

It was getting late, and still no sign of the seamstress.



It's still full of pins.

You know...

I think she suspects something.



When I said I was going to the theater with Cecile... she gave me a funny look.

What kind of a look? Like this.

She knows very well that Cecile hates the theater, and since I'm a very bad liar -

That's what you say.

No, I assure you, I'm very clumsy at it.

I stammered and blushed and immediately changed the subject.

Something squeezed.

Something what?


Same for me.

Do you love me?

A mambo! Come on.

I should have changed shoes.

We'll have children.

I'll call my daughter Françoise.

And if it's a boy?

It'll be a girl.

We've always had girls in the family.

One o'clock!

If Mother isn't asleep, I'll never hear the end of it.

I should wear makeup, don't you think?

No, you're lovely as you are.

A little bit here.



We'll sell umbrellas.

No, not umbrellas.

We'll sell the shop.

We'll buy a gas station.

Why? What an idea!

All white, with an office. You'll see.

You'll smell like gasoline all day.

It'll be heaven!

We'll be very happy.

And we'll always be in love.

Oh, my love.

You haven't told your mother?

Not yet.

Why? You're a coward.

You mustn't be angry.

I know what she'll say.


“My little girl, you're crazy. Thinking of marriage at your age!” My little girl, you're crazy. Thinking of marriage at 16!

Seventeen. In love!

Am I too ugly or too stupid?

No, you're not ugly. You're no beauty queen, but you're not ugly or dumb.

The thing is, you have plenty of time.

You think you're in love, but love is different.

You don't just fall in love with some face you've seen in the street.

It's a young man I've met several times, and he loves me.

We want to get married.

Have you nothing to say?

I'm flabbergasted!

I went to the theater with him last night.

Wonderful! So you lied to me, and you admit it without a speck of shame.

There's no shame in wanting to get married.

At your age there is.

No, I didn't mean that.

You're just a little girl.

You know nothing.

What little you've told me certainly doesn't help.

When I married your father, I knew nothing.

That's nothing to brag about.

The hardware store, please. Next door.

How old is he?


So of course he hasn't done his military service.

He lives with his godmother, the lady who raised him.

I'm all he has, and you'll see, he's very handsome.

I'll see nothing of the kind.

But Mother...

Go upstairs now.

It's time to fix lunch.

Dear God!


We're ruined!

You always exaggerate.

80,000 francs due by the 15th - you think that's funny?

And if you don't pay?

They'll seize our property.

I'll get a job. What sort of job?


At the post office or city hall?

Why not?

You know, if I get married, Guy and I will work, and we'll help you.

My little girl, getting married is out of the question.

Don't put those there. You can see you're in my way.

Anyway, does he have a good job?

Can he support you and raise children?

He's not rich. We'll live modestly, and we won't have children right away.

No, but one at least.

Anyway, he won't be paying my taxes.

There isn't a penny left in the till.

Sell your jewels.


What good are they? You don't even look at them.

What if there's an emergency?

Isn't what's happening an emergency?

Impossible! If I sold my jewels...

I'd feel stripped and naked.

Then find something else.

Something else? We have nothing.

Then sell the shop.

Foolish girl! What would we live on?

Well, I guess jewels are just jewels.

Should I try a new hairstyle?

My engagement ring.

It's atrocious.

This bracelet...

I would never wear it.

No one would want that.

What about your necklace?

You think?

That'd be a crime. No, I'll never part with it.

It's probably fake anyway. Come now!

I guess it's not that pretty after all.

This afternoon we'll go see Mr. Dubourg.

Then I'll have my hair done.

What a beauty!

Truly marvelous.

Isn't it?

A very impressive stone... if I may say so.

Here I have rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.

Ali Baba's cave.

The jewels... of Sleeping Beauty.

Hello, Mrs. Emery. Hello, Miss Geneviève.

Hello, Mr. Dubourg.

If you wouldn't mind...? Please.

The young lady... has become a beautiful young woman.

It's been such a long time... since I had the pleasure.

But what can I do for you?

You may speak frankly.

We're in a very difficult situation.

Geneviève's grown now and helps me all she can.

It has nothing to do with her.

But I have heavy expenses, and I thought -

Well, I have a payment to meet, and if I don't, the consequences will be dire.

So I come to you as to my savior.

I hesitated a long time, but Geneviève, the very voice of wisdom and reason, convinced me.

It breaks my heart to be forced to give up this piece of jewelry, which for me represents -

I understand, dear madame, but my business entails great risks, and I'm already overextended.

At best I can put your necklace up for sale, but for much less than its true worth.

I can't buy it myself.

Couldn't you at least give me an advance?

As I said, there's nothing I can do.

Don't insist, Mother.

This is a disaster!

Excuse me, but I'm interested. I'll buy your jewelry.

I can help you out of your predicament.

Allow me to introduce myself.

Roland Cassard, diamond merchant.

But sir -

Don't worry, madame.

I'm not a philanthropist.

I'll easily sell this necklace in Paris or London, where my business takes me quite often.

I don't know if I should.

Please. I'm serious.

I'm ashamed, yet delighted at the same time.

I don't have the cash on me at the moment.

I can write you a check.

There's no hurry.

Why don't you stop by tomorrow at my shop, the Umbrellas of Cherbourg?

I'm always there.

Until tomorrow, then.

What time is it?


Why hasn't he come by yet?

Perhaps he's a crook.

Perhaps he was leading you on.

You're imagining things.

What's the matter with you?

Nothing, Mother.

Then stop pacing.

Where are you going? To see Guy.

I forbid you to see that boy. Stay here.

I wouldn't want to be disrespectful...

Glad to hear it!

But I'm going. You'll stay here!

Besides, Mr. Cassard will be here soon, and I'd like you to be here.

Why? Because!

If he's a crook, as you say, we'd better deal with him together.

You think we're clever enough?

I don't know, but stay here.

I can't.

Don't go. I don't want you to leave.

I'd given up waiting.

Are you crying? It's nothing.

Sometimes I don't have the courage to face my troubles and my debts.

Haven't I come to help you?

It's most kind of you.

I saw Miss Geneviève go by.

I'd have liked to -

She's gone out.

The life we lead is so sad for a young girl... this dreary shop.

I can no longer keep her entertained, and I fear she'll become depressed.

She's bored here.

Would you care for some tea?

I'd love some.

We just had a terrible fight about you.

About me?

She wanted to go out. I didn't want her to, and we quarreled.

We've been so lonely since my husband died.

Perhaps you should -

I don't know - take her to a show.


Can you come to dinner tomorrow?

Geneviève would be happy to see you.

No, that's impossible. I must leave tonight.

I'm going back to Paris, and tomorrow I'm off to London.

Here's the money I promised you.

Give Geneviève my best regards, and I shall not fail... to come visit you... next time I'm in town.

I was so afraid I wouldn't find you.

I'm so happy to be with you.

I'm laughing because I realize how foolish I am when I'm alone.

I talked to Mother about our getting married.

She said I was crazy, of course, and forbade me to see you tonight.

I was so afraid.

I'd rather go anywhere, and never see Mother again, than lose you.

We'll get married in secret.

Oh, none of that matters anymore.

There's no hurry now.

I got my draft notice this morning, and I'll be gone for two years.

So we'll discuss getting married later.

With the war in Algeria right now, I won't be back for a long time.

But I'll never be able to live without you.

I just won't make it.

Don't go or I'll die.

Ru hide you and keep you with me, but don't leave me, my love.

You know that's impossible.

I'll never leave you.

My love, I have to go.

I want you to know I think only of you, and I know you'll wait for me.

Two years!

Two years of our lives!

Please don't cry.

Two years - no, I'll never manage.

Try to be calm. We have so little time left.

So little time, my love, and we mustn't waste it.

We must try to be happy and treasure from our last moments together a beautiful memory, a memory to help us go on living.

I'm so afraid when I'm alone.

We'll be reunited and stronger than ever.

You'll meet other women and forget me.

I will love you to my dying day.

Guy, I love you.

Don't leave me.

My love, don't leave me.


Come, my love.

Oh, my love!

Is that you, Guy?

Good evening, Aunt Elise.

Are you in bed?

I don't feel too well.

Is there anything you want?

No, nothing.

I just need to rest.

Good night, my child.

I'm afraid.

I love you.

Where have you been?

With Guy.

What did you do?

He's leaving.

He'll be gone for two years.

I can't live without him.

I'll simply die.

Stop your crying.

Look at me.

People only die of love in the movies.

It's too cruel.

Being separated is cruel, that's true.

But time sets things right.

You speak of love, but what do you know of love?

Are you sure of your feelings?

Mother, can't you see how unhappy I am?

I know, darling, I know.

I too have loved and struggled and suffered.

You should listen to me. I do listen.

Isn't it better to wait?

Two years from now you may have forgotten Guy completely.

No, I'll never forget him.

If you still love him when he returns, you'll see.

You must believe me and calm down and forget about this whole matter.

Have you had dinner?

Yes, Mother.

Have some fruit.

You need to get your mind off things, go out and have fun.

It's not so hard.

You're young and pretty, with a quick wit.

You'll make friends your age... or maybe older.

Mr. Cassard came by this evening.

He was sorry he missed you.

I'm sure he could give you some good advice.

I can do without his advice, thank you.

You're wrong. I think he's just the kind of man -

Stop going on about that guy.

You look terrible.

Leave me alone, Mother.

At least give me a kiss.

Trust me. You'll see.

Look at me, my boy.

I don't know if I'll still be alive when you return.

But Elise!

No, no “buts.” I've had a good life.

I can leave this world without regret.

This is nonsense.

Right, Madeleine?

Of course. She's doing better already.

I'll meet death before you do.

Joining the army doesn't mean going to war.

Before you go, I want you to know that everything I have will be yours.

Don't forget about me.

Write me from time to time.

Madeleine will keep you informed.

Farewell, my child.

My love...

I'll wait for you all my life.

I'll think Only Of you.

Stay, don't go, I beg you.

Stay, my love.

It's not time yet.

I'm leaving now.

Don't watch me go.

I can't.

I just can't.

My love.

I love you.



Well what?

You're pale as a ghost.

What did the doctor say?

Nothing, really.

That I should rest.

You didn't need to see a doctor for that.

I could have told you that myself.

What else?

He gave me a prescription.

Sedatives, tonics - just stuff.

“Just stuff”? Then it can't be very serious.

You know, if the shop were doing better, I'd be the happiest woman in the world.

It's freezing.

You know whom I met in town?

Guess. You don't want to?

Roland Cassard. Have you nothing to say?

What do you want me to say?

He's so incredibly nice!

We talked for over an hour this morning.

He's back from the U.S.A. What a man!

He told me a thousand stories. I invited him to dinner.

What's the matter?

Nothing. I'm just tired.

That's no reason to sulk like that.

You may be fatigued, but you're not dying.

It's not the fatigue that saddens me.

It's the silence.

Guy left two months ago, and he's only written once.

Don't start that again.

If I knew where he was, I could write to him.

I'm sure they've sent him somewhere dangerous where he's risking his life.

It's much simpler.

Simpler how?

He's forgotten you.

You don't know what you're saying!

If he were thinking of you, he would write.

One can always write, no matter the distance.

It's nothing.

I got so scared.

I suddenly saw Guy laughing with another woman.

Come sit down.

I'll close the shop.

You're hiding something.

No, I'm not.

It's serious, isn't it?

I'm pregnant, Mother.

This is horrible! Pregnant by Guy?

How could this happen?

The usual way, I assure you.

Stop joking. This is serious.

What are we going to do?

What do you mean?

With the child. We'll bring it up.

What will we say? To whom?

I don't know. Our neighbors, our friends.

We have no friends, and you never speak to the neighbors.

And Roland Cassard is coming to dinner!

We'll have to welcome him and put on a good front.

With the way you look - and pregnant!

You needn't tell him.

Be quiet.

I tremble just thinking about it.

Go upstairs and lie down.

I feel just fine.

Don't argue. Obey me.

I'll fix dinner myself.

Don't worry.

Perhaps you need some rest.

Yes, Genevieve's been overdoing it lately.

She's a bit pale.

Why don't you go live in the country?

The situation we find ourselves in is such that, at least for the time being, we can't get away.

Geneviève wouldn't go alone, and I can't leave the shop.

There's no way out.

It seems you two can't be separated.

We've practically never been parted.

I haven't found the bean.

I found it.

You must pick a king and make a wish.

I have no choice.

You are my king.

Thank you, Geneviève.

Put this crown on.

Do as he asks, Geneviève, and put it on.

You look like a Virgin with Child I saw in Antwerp.

My cheeks are burning.

How funny! I think I drank too much.

I'll leave you now.

I'm not feeling too well.

Then I'll be going.

Please, let's you and I chat a bit longer.

Good night, my darling.

I'm really worried.

Genevieve is sad and reserved and keeps to herself.

I admit I may not always be tactful and understanding enough.

I'm always afraid of hurting her.

I don't want to sound ridiculous, and my feelings could seem insincere.

I wouldn't want you to misinterpret what I'm suggesting, for my only desire is to bring happiness.

I don't know if I've made myself clear.

To be honest, I don't understand.

Since the beginning of dinner I've been trying to broach a subject that's on my mind, but my shyness got the better of my feelings.

I came to ask for Geneviève's hand.

I know I'm terribly clumsy.

Not at all, but this is so unexpected.

Geneviève is still a child in my eyes, and the suddenness of your request is a bit unsettling.

You see, I don't know Geneviève's feelings for you.

She's only spoken of you in friendly terms.

I wouldn't want to pressure her in any way.

We know nothing about you.

Once, years ago...

I loved a woman.

She didn't love me.

Her name was Lola.

This was years ago.

I was disappointed and tried to forget her.

I left France... and traveled to the ends of the earth.

But life held no allure for me.

Then, by chance... our paths crossed.

The moment...

I saw Geneviève...

I knew I'd been waiting for her.

Ever since I met her, life's taken on new meaning.

I see her constantly before me.

I live only for her and think only of her.

I wanted... to speak to you frankly.

Please don't be offended.

Of course, I wouldn't think of influencing Geneviève.

Geneviève... is free.

Tomorrow I go back to Amsterdam for three months.

Upon my return, Geneviève can give me her answer.

I don't know what to say.

No need to say a thing.

Geneviève will decide for herself.

You're not asleep? You can see I'm not.

Roland Cassard asked me for your hand.

I was listening.

You didn't tell him I was pregnant?

I didn't dare.

I'm very proud of you.

François is a pretty name for a boy.

Time passes slowly here.

All leaves have been suspended, and I don 't know... whether I'll be returning to France anytime soon.

My love, I know you're waiting for me.

Last night one of our patrols fell into an ambush.

Three soldiers were killed.

All the same, I don 't think that there's any great danger here.

But it's strange how sun and death travel together.

Geneviève, come and eat, darling.

“Dear Mr. Cassard, Mother and I greatly appreciated your postcard.”

I find all those people ridiculous.

I hate carnival.

Don't be bitter, my darling.

It's incredible how big you are!

You're carrying in front. It will be a boy - or twins.

No, everything's normal.

I feel wonderful.

You're like me. I was delighted, and never sick.

The day before you were born, I was up on a ladder, changing the wallpaper in the shop.

Has the mailman come?

There was nothing but bills and some advertising.

Why? Are you still waiting?

In his last letter he wrote that he was sad he wouldn't see me pregnant.

Perhaps it's just as well. I look awful.

A pregnant woman is always beautiful, sweetheart.

That's true.

Look at this.

A little top, and I saw pretty rompers at the department store.

Admit you're pleased.

I'd be more pleased if the child had a father, and if you had a husband.

Guy will come back.

Guy... or someone else.

Absence is a funny thing.

It feels like Guy's been gone for years.

When I look at this picture, I forget what he really looks like.

And when I think of him, it's this picture I see.

It's all I have left of him.

You mustn't smoke. Be reasonable.

What's that?

A postcard from Hamburg from Roland Cassard.

For me? For us. You can read it.

He says he'll be back soon.

He asks if you've thought it over.

I don't think there's any hurry.

No, but you should give it some thought.

I am, Mother.

A man comes along who's rich and refined and smitten with you, and I think -

What are you doing?

Aren't you feeling well?

I'm fine.

You're eating? I can't help it. I'm always hungry.

He's not a womanizer or a smooth talker on the prowl, but a man who's lived and suffered.

I know, Mother, but spare me the sales pitch.

You talk about him like he's one of your umbrellas.

Because he'll protect you!

Very funny!

If you can't take a little joke, you're in sad shape.

Guy may have been your ideal, but what future does he offer you?

You know I was wooed once too by a young man who was not your father.

You'd have done better to marry him.

You're right.

But try to understand that I want you to be happy and not waste your life like I wasted mine.

Don't worry about my life, Mother.

I have no intention whatsoever of wasting it.

Do you think Cassard will want to marry me when he sees I've been knocked up?

Watch your language!

All deformed and swollen up!

Neither you nor I had the courage to tell him the truth.

At least now it will show!

Do you think he'll take me like this?

If he refuses me as I am, it means he doesn't have deep feelings for me.

If, by some extraordinary chance, he accepts me, I'll have no reason to doubt him, and I'd be a fool to turn him away.

So you see, I've been thinking it over, but this is all so difficult.

Why is absence so heavy to bear?

Why is Guy growing so distant?

I would have died for him.

So why aren't I dead?


What is it?

It's for you.

Roland sent it.

I can't accept it.

Do as you like.

We'll bring this child up together.

It will be our child.

Please say yes.


I don't want all this... to cause you the slightest grief.

I love you...


She accepts your offer, seeing how you're not put off by the situation she's in.

But don't rush her.

She's so fragile that the slightest false step could compromise everything.



Madeleine told me everything.

Why didn't you say anything?

I didn't want to.

I thought you knew.

Didn't you suspect anything?

Of course.

The last few months her letters weren't the same.

She didn't answer my questions.

She wrote without conviction.

But to marry another man!

I just thought she was mad at me, but I didn't know why.

Then there was the hospital and my letters that went unanswered.

Nothing's changed here.

I have.

Now I can go since you've come back.

I'd have been unhappy not to see you again.

Don't talk nonsense.

Now make yourself useful, my boy.

Get me a little herb tea.

Everything's ready in the kitchen.

There's water in the kettle.

Does your leg hurt?

I limp a bit now.

It's like having a barometer in my knee.

Especially when it rains.

The hospital was the worst part of all.

But how did it happen?

Returning one night from maneuvers... we were attacked with hand grenades.

It was a common occurrence.

And Madeleine?

She'll be here soon.

She's been very good to me.

She's not married yet?

You know how sensible she is.

Put this over there on the table.

What will you do now?

Work... or maybe live off my pension.

Aubin promised to take you back at the garage.

You liked it there.

Oh, there, or some other garage.

We'll see. I have time. There's no hurry.

The child she was expecting - you know anything about it?

No, Geneviève left right after the wedding.

Mrs. Emery stayed in Cherbourg a month or two.

Then she sold the shop.

I think they're in Paris.

You haven't changed.

I'm happy that you're back.


The boss wants you.


Did you service this gentleman's car?

A complete checkup on the 26th, right?

It threw two rods this morning. The engine has to be rebuilt!

A brand new engine - without a drop of oil!

I'm not accusing anyone, but those are the facts.

Did you check the oil gauge? Of course.

You forgot to tighten the plug. I know my job!

Change your tone of voice, and apologize to the gentleman!

I have nothing to apologize for!

You don't give a damn about your work now.

Why don't you buy new overalls and shave before coming to work?

I've had enough! I'll find another job!

Ever since that jerk got out of the service he's been acting like a hoodlum.

What's gotten into you?

I'm quitting.

I got into it with Aubin and quit before he could fire me.

What will you do?

Live off my pension.

A dry white wine.

Another one.

Take it out of this.

You don't have change?

You're all the same with your big bills.

What's it to you?

Do your job and lay off.

Oh, yeah?

Drop it.

What are you looking for?


Then move your ass.

You're in the way.


Want to dance?

Leave me alone.

Something wrong, baby?

Come with me, if you'd like.

You're really a sweet girl.

Bye, Madame Germaine.

Bye, Jenny.

You can call me Geneviève if you'd like.

You're going to say I remind you of someone.

Good-bye, Jenny.

Come back anytime.

Sorry, Madeleine.

I didn't have my key.

What's the matter?

Elise died last night.

I can't stay in this apartment any longer.

It makes me too sad.

I want to leave soon.

But where will you go?

I don't know.

You have no family.

Don't you want to stay here?

Why? To help me.

I'll be all alone.

You don't need anyone.

I do. I need you, Madeleine.

Why not just admit you don't like being alone?

I don't see how I could help.

I have no influence over you.

That's not true.

I don't like what you've become.

What's that? An idle loafer.

You're sad and bitter.

You've changed a lot.

It's not my fault.

Nothing's made sense ever since I came back.

I don't believe I can help you.

You're too far away.

What if I asked you to try despite everything?

I'd stay without a moment's hesitation.

I'm asking you now.

Then I'll try.

I'm a little late.

The lawyer took forever, and I stopped by the garage.

Everything's all settled.

Poor Elise.

Nothing will be left of her.

Oh, no. Just the opposite.

She'll be part of all we do.

Are you happy? Very.

And I owe it all to you.

It's true, and you know it.

And you? Are you happy?

Oh, I'm not unhappy.

I wanted to say -

I mean, I've been thinking that if you wanted to share my life... if I weren't too much of a burden... and - Are you crying?


Did I say the wrong thing?

Not at all.

It makes me so happy, yet at the same time it scares me.

You're scared of me?

No, I mean... that is... you understand.

Have you stopped thinking about Geneviève?

Are you sure you really love me?

I'm not scared, but I do wonder if you're not acting out of despair.

No, you're entirely wrong.

I don't want to think about Geneviève anymore.

I assure you I've forgotten everything.

I want to be happy with you.

Madeleine, don't cry.

I don't have much ambition, but if I could make this dream come true... of being happy with a woman in a life we've chosen together...

All done.

It's beautiful.

You think so?

Your hands are cold.

I'm going out for a while.

Whatever you like.

Our little boy wants to see the toys in the shop windows.

He's been talking about it for a week.

We'll go quickly before dinner.

Stop that, François.

You'll make us deaf.

I got you a lovely Christmas present.

What is it?

It's a surprise. You'll see.

Cover up well.

I love you, Guy.

François, come put your coat on.

Say hi to Santa Claus for me.

See you in a while.

Françoise, stop that.

The horn is not a toy.

It's cold.

Come in the office.

It's better in here.

This is my first time back in Cherbourg since I got married.

I went to pick up my daughter at my mother-in-law's in Anjou.

On my way back to Paris I decided to make a detour.

I never thought I'd run into you.

As fate would have it...

Fill it up, ma'am?

Yes, fill it up.

Super or regular?

It doesn't matter.

Whichever you prefer. Super?

It's a pretty tree.

Did you decorate it?

No, my wife did. It's mostly for the kid.

Of course.

Are you in mourning?

Mother died last autumn.

What did you name her?


She's so much like you.

Do you want to see her?

I think you can go now.

Are you doing well?

Yes, very well.