The Unlikely Good Samaritan (2019) Script

[slow dramatic music]

[moves into upbeat dramatic music]

[cell door clinking]

[Guard] Sam Walker?

[Sam] Yes sir?

[Guard] You're a free man.

You got any big plans with your new start?

[Sam sighs]

[Sam] Time to start looking.

[intense dramatic music]

[train rumbling] [train screeching]

[car whooshing]

[moves into melodic dramatic music]

[door clicking]


[phone dialing]

[phone ringing]

[phone buzzing] [phone ringing]

[phone beeping]


[Sam] Uh, yes sir, um, I heard you were looking for some workers?

[Jimmy] What's your name?

[Sam] Uh, Sam Walker, sir.

Sam, can you wash dishes and take out trash?

[Sam] Yes sir, I can.

All right, so I want you to start, be here tomorrow at 1 p.m., and we'll get you started.

[Sam] Very good, thank you, sir, I'll see you tomorrow.

All right buddy, see you then.

[phone beeping]

[dramatic music]

[lighter clicking]

Spare one?



So, what brings you on this side of the world, Sam?

Well Ashley, I've been out and about for awhile, and, figure this looks just as good of a place as any to start searching.

[dramatic music]

[Ashley] Searching for what?


[gentle melodic music]

[phone ringing] [phone buzzing]

[phone beeping]

[Chris] Hello, this is Chris Jennings.

[George] Chris, hello, it's George from First Redeemer Church.

[Chris] Hello, how are ya?

[George] Well, I'm doing well.

We've gone through all the resumes and applications.

Yours stood out.

[Chris] Wow, George, I don't know what to say.

[George] [chuckles] Well, say yes.

[Megan] Are you excited?



[blinker clinking]

[Megan] It's such a nice day out.

[Chris] Lets hope it stays that way.

[Megan] Oh, my mom said that she's praying for you.

I know you're gonna hear it sweetie.

[Chris] Thanks babe.

[Megan] Love you.


[Megan] I love you.

I love you too.

♪ He is my Savior's love for me ♪

[melodic piano music]

Good morning everyone.

It's so good to see you all here this morning.

Especially since I have the distinct pleasure of introducing Chris Jennings, who will be entering a trial period as our new Senior Pastor.

So please, give him a warm welcome, won't you?

Chris Jennings.

[congregation applauding]

Well, thank you George for the wonderful introduction.

You're welcome.

And I am so excited to be here with you all.

Me and my wife Megan are so thrilled to be a part of this community and we are ready to seek God's will together.

So, with that, let's open our bibles to Jeremiah 29:11.

[gentle acoustic music]

[congregation chattering]

Hi, I just wanted to meet you.

Oh, hi. My name's Anne.

I'm Megan, it's so nice to meet you. Oh, welcome.

I've been here forever, like, my husband and I go to this church and we've been going for so long.

Oh, awesome. And it's just, nothing ever changes, so it's exciting.

[both laughing] That's what we do.

Oh, great. What's it like being a pastors wife?

Um, tiring.

[both laughing] You know what I meant, it's good, it's good. I bet.

Yeah, especially with the move and all that.

Yeah. Hey babe, you ready to go?

Yeah. All right.

It was really nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.

I'll see you later. Bye.

Okay, bye.

[gentle melodic music]

[staple gun firing]

[hip hop music]

[tires screeching]



[faint thumping music]

♪ In this hallway Hey, um, Sam, right?

Yes sir.

[Mike] What's up, my name is Mike.

[Sam] What's up, Mike?

So, this a dish pit.

Take out trash once a day, and if you have any questions, just, uh, holler at me, all right?

Will do.

All right.

[Sam sighs]

All right, we get 'em.

[faint bar music]


[car engine idling]

[car dinging]

[Chris] Hey there pastors wife.


[both laughing]

You're the sweetest.

[pen scribbling]

[pen clicking]

[Chris sighs]

[keyboard clicking]

[light switch flicking]

Hey you?

Hey, you, hey.

Sermon was wonderful today.

Was it? [laughs]

I'm trying really hard to make a good impression.

You're going great.

I know that they will love you.

I hope so, I just trying to do the right thing, whatever that is. [chuckles]

You're a good man.


Well, I'm gonna head upstairs.

Okay, okay.

I'll be up there soon, okay?

Don't wait up.


[keyboard clicking]

[faint thumping music]

[Mike] Eh, what's up man?

[Sam] Oh, what's going on?

You off?

[Sam] Yep.

Hey, wait up for me, all right?

Okay. Meet me outside.

[Sam] All right, brother.


Dude, work sucked today, man.

Psst, we got slammed, dude.

How was your dish pit, man?

You did all right back there?

Yeah, there's some dirty people though.

Hey, Mike?

You ever want anything more than this, man?

[Mike chuckles]


More than what?


Shh, nevermind, dude.

Eh, me and some of the boys are going to a party later at Justin's place.

All right.

Wanna join?

Sounds good, man.

What time, shoot me the details, bro.

Meet at 7.

7, all right.

Do you know any fine chicks that can join us tonight? [laughs] Fine chicks.

Yeah, I know one girl, man.

That's cool, better than zero.

[Sam laughs]

All right, cool.

I'll text you the address later, all right?

Yeah, man.

All right, brother, I'll see ya in a little bit.

Yep, see ya in a little bit.


[faint thumping music]

♪ It's a bad

[footsteps creaking]

[Chris groans]

[hip hop music] ♪ As I travel on this road They ask if they wanted gluten-free toast.

I said, we have gluten-free muffin.

And then I was like--

Man, why is everything gluten-free, man?

They, something with their [Sam laughs] celiac or their pancreas, I don't know.

Man, I go in the pen, and like, gluten was good, I get out and gluten-free.

["Stigmata" by Davis Absolute]


Dude, this is the life, huh?

I guess, brother.


I need a refill.

♪ Throne is made alive, throne was gave for my ♪

♪ King to hang and die, things we claim and buy ♪

♪ People say that I, lost my brain but I've ♪

♪ Found my heart in God, grab my cross and I ♪

♪ Hang myself to my, flesh to stay alive ♪

♪ Blood to stain my eyes, crimson tide ♪

[laughs] How's it going good looking?

What's up, Ash?

How are you?

I'm good.


[both laughing]

Do you wanna get outta here?

[guy laughing]

Let's go.


[gentle music]


[Chris groans]


You stay up late last night?

[Chris groans]

Oh, you know, just, um, just doing God's work.

[both laughing]

[Megan] I feel like such a pastor's wife.

[Chris chuckles]

[Chris] Yes you are.

[Megan moans]

I wanna go put some water on, okay?

[Chris] Okay.


[Chris groans]


[gentle music]

[water flowing]

[water flowing]

[Sam sighs]

[Chris] Come on.


I don't sell today.

God wants us to be happy.

If we only live it too.

[George] Hi Chris.

George, hey man, how's it going?

I know I'm a few minutes early.

Hope I'm not interrupting?

No, no, no, no, I'm just gettin' a, gettin' a headstart on my sermon for Sunday, so.

Oh, good man, good man. Yeah.

Uh, you wanna talk about something?

Yes, I just wanted to see how you're settling in?

Yeah, well, it is, it's been wonderful.

Megan and I are feeling right at home, and--

Good. Got a wonderful reception from the congregation on Sunday after the sermon, so, it's been a really wonderful experience, thank you. Glad to hear it.

Glad to hear it.

So, look, since you're a first-time pastor, I thought I would let you know a little bit about, well, our vision for the church.

Absolutely, yeah.

You see when our old pastor left, the elder board wanted to find somebody who could, well, keep things moving around here.

[Chris] Absolutely.

I mean, this church has been around a very long time, and the congregation feels safe and comfortable in the way we do things.

Sure, sure.

So, we want do whatever we can to help carry that on, not shake things up.

Can I count on you?


Good. You hired the right man for the job.

Glad to hear it.

Okay, well, I'll get outta your hair and, oh, I'm also really looking forward to hearing how that Wednesday night Bible study goes.

[laughs] Me too.

Okay. All right.

All right. Hey, thanks for stopping by George. You're welcome.

[Chris sighs]

[grass rustling]


I thought that was you up here.

[Sam] Hey.

Last night was fun.

Yeah, yeah it was pretty cool.

Whatcha reading?

Some book someone threw out, man, nothing special.

Okay. Yeah.

It's called, The Truth Within Yourself.

[both laughing]

Sounds deep.

Something like that.

Well, is it good?

Hmm, it wants to be good.

[Ashley laughs]

You're something else, Sam.

And why's that?

Just not like anyone around here.

How so?

You're always looking for something.

Yeah, I guess.

[Ashley laughs]

[dogs barking]

[Chris exhales loudly]

[gentle melodic music]

[door knocking]

[Anne] Hey. [laughs]

Hey. Come on in.

[moans] [Megan laughs]

So good to see you.

Good to see you too.

Please, make yourself at home, I just have to finish something really quick.

[Megan laughs]

[Megan] Thanks.

[gentle music]



I'm so happy you could come over.

Me too, it's nice to meet another woman who's actually my age in this little town. [laughs]

You're telling me. [laughs]

Um, by the way, would you like some tea?

I would love some.

[Anne] Okay, I'll be right back.


[gentle music]

I love this photo.

Aw, thank you, that's from our honeymoon.

You guys are perfect.

[laughs] I don't know about that. [laughs]

But were and are very happy.

[Megan] How long have you two been together?

Goodness, it's been six years next month.

[laughs] It's crazy, time flies.

But you wanna know the funny thing?

What's that?

He still makes me laugh like that all the time.

[both laughing]

We're still pretty crazy in love.

It's a little ridiculous. [laughs]

Hmm, there was a time when Chris and I looked just like that.

Wait, what do you mean?

You don't feel like that anymore?

You guys look happy.

Oh, no, Chris and I are very much still in love.

[Anne] But...

It's just been a little bit of a challenge, you know, settling in.

I mean, that's, you know, only natural.

[Anne] Yeah, no, of course, that makes sense.


I think he's just, you know, wanting to make a good first impression, making sure that everything works.


Right, and I understand, but how are you?

I'm fine.

You know, everyone has been super welcoming.

[Anne] Just fine.

[both laughing]

I'm, I'm hanging in there.

I don't think I really understood what it meant to be a pastor's wife when we met in college.

Oh yeah, that would be, a lot.

[both laughing]

A lot to deal with.

But, what's your story?

I don't know, tell me.

Well, I mean, it's kind of a cliche.

Well, I grew up in a really small town like this one.

And, you know, I never thought that I would come back to a place like this, but here I am. [laughs]

[Anne] I'm glad.

[both laughing]

And, um, you know, I knew that I wanted something big for myself, but I didn't really know what that looked like and then I met Chris in school, and he was unlike all the other guys.

He had a vision for his life and he was such a great encourager.

Like, he, he was always rooting for you.

Even when you weren't rooting for yourself.

It's so attractive, and he, um, you know, he's a pastor's son, so, his dad was a pastor, and his dad's dad was a pastor, and he just wanted to Wow. really continue this legacy, you know?

Right. And follow this vision for his life, and I wanted to be part of that, it was so exciting, and, um, you know, so,

and we've always been so close.

Do you not feel like you are now?

No, I do, it's just that he, I think sometimes he's just, kind of hiding behind this mask.

Like he's scared to show the world who he really is.

No one can really see him, but, I can tell that something is going on and maybe it's just because he wants to make a good impression or because he's, you know, a first time pastor or what?


[Anne] But?

I'm afraid that he will get caught up in this image and not really know how to escape it.


And, that I won't be able to live up to it and that I think I won't be enough for him.

No, oh, that is crazy talk.

Seriously, that's crazy, I'm sure he loves you so much.

It's probably the stress of a new job in a new place, that's a lot.

You're right, I'm probably totally overreacting and that's not what he needs right now.

Well, maybe, but I mean, you need to be able to say how you feel, and maybe he needs to hear it.

[Megan laughs]

I'm sorry for, you know, pouring all my stuff on you.

Oh, no, no, seriously, you're great.

Are you kidding, I am so happy to have another girlfriend that's under the age of 65 in this town.

So, we're gonna be good friends, you don't have a choice.

[both laughing]

When did you become such a good therapist?

Oh, well, [laughs] when you've grown up the same town your whole life and you've gone to the same small little church, you kinda get good at listening and reading people

'cause there's not much else to do.


Well, I think you have discovered your calling.

[laughs] Oh, thank you.

By the way, do you eat gluten?

Um, yes.

Good, I never know with the out of town people

[laughs] these days.

Oh, would you like some freshly baked cookies?

[gasps] Goodness, yes, please. Oh good, oh good, okay.

I thought you could use a couple.

I'll be right back.


[gentle calm music]

[lighter clicking]

Ha, ha, there he is, my man.

Dude, you coming tonight?

It should be lit, man.

We got a handle, we're gonna need your help, bro.

♪ Uh, uh, uh, uh [Sam laughs]

You're crazy, bro.

Eh, you know what, Mike?

That sounds fun and all, but,

man I need to rest up, bro.

Ah. I gotta get through the rest of this week, dude.

[lighter clicking]

All right, man, that's cool.


[Mike] Take it easy, man.

All right, man.

Have fun, be safe, bro.


[intense dramatic music]

[lighter clicking]

[door slamming]

What's up man?


Is there a Bible study here?

Yeah, we're just downstairs.

All right, cool, thank you brother.

[Man] Yeah.

All right, I'm so glad you guys are here.

We're gonna have a great Bible study.

So, let's open to Jeremiah 29:11, and Rick over here is gonna read it for us, do you mind?

Yeah, no problem.

For I know the thoughts that I think towards you sayeth the Lord.

Thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

Uh, hi, can I help you?

Uh, yeah, I saw a sign outside, I'm here for the Bible study.

Oh, uh, yeah, yeah, take a seat, take a seat.

Okay, well let's keep on going.

So, God knows the plans that he has for us, and they're plans of blessing.

He doesn't want us to go through bad things, so, um, uh, okay, yeah, um, so, anyone, any thoughts?

[Sam clears throat]


Oh, Pastor Chris.

Yeah, so I saw your sign outside, and, I just wanted to see what you guys were doing in here.

I'm never been in a church or anything, but, some of the stuff you said was cool.

Appreciate it.

Um, well, I'm glad you liked it, Sam.

Yeah, yeah, oh.

Thanks for letting me borrow it.

You know what, it's yours.

Have a good night.

[groans] Oh.

Hey, how was Bible study?



I honestly have [laughs] no idea.

I'm just hoping I'm doing what they want me to.

[Megan] I'm sure you're doing great.

Well, it's important that they like me.

I mean, you know, for us, so.

Well, I like you.

[both laughing]

Thank you, but you know, it's important what they think.

I know, I know, I'm just--

Hey Megan, I'm so sorry.

I have to, I got a lot of work to do, just get ready for [inhales deeply], ready for Sunday.

Do you mind if I kinda, just focus a little bit?


'Kay, thanks.

[keyboard clicking] [intense dramatic music]

I musta missed you last night.

[Sam laughs]


I was out a little later than normal.

[Ashley] Where were you?

Just some meeting.

A meeting?

[Sam laughs]

Nothing big.

[dramatic music]

Okay, well, I was thinking that maybe you could come over tonight and watch some TV.

Could see what happens after that.

[Sam] Yeah, that sounds great, but, it's just--

[Ashley] What is it?

Look Ash, I've been reading some stuff, man, and, I just wanna respect you the way you deserve.

[intense dramatic music]


[Ashley signs]

Look who's all of a sudden decide to become a saint.

[Sam laughs]

Yeah, I'm no saint.

But I'm definitely sorting some stuff out in my head.

[Ashley] Well, when you figure it out, let me know, okay?


[gentle orchestra music]


[Sam] Yeah?

You'll find it.

[Sam] What's that?

What it is you're looking for.

[Sam laughs]

Yeah, I hope so.

[wind roaring]

Hope so.

[gentle orchestra music]

[gentle piano music] ♪ We thank you Lord

Oh, thank you so much, Jeremiah, that was wonderful.

Welcome, we're gonna have a wonderful time with God today.

Well, let's open our bibles to Matthew 7:7.

Today, um, uh, we are going to be talking about God's blessing,

and how we can find it in our own lives.

All right, um, [Sam clears throat]

I'd like to share a little story and we will jump right into it.

I used to, when I was a young boy, I used to, I used to think that, I could never grow up to be something great because I didn't. [church organ blaring]

[congregation chattering]

Hi, thanks so much for coming. Hi, oh it was so wonderful to hear you. I hope you enjoyed it.

Great sermon, Chris Oh, thank you so much.

Oh, hey, I hear wonderful things about your pies, and I hope to have one Yes. at the next potluck.

Oh, one just for you.

Oh, great, I can't wait, thanks so much for coming guys, we'll see you soon.

Bye, have a good day. All righty.

Hi, good morning, Megan.

Hi. George.

Chris, great sermon.

Oh, thank you so much, I hope so.

We really enjoyed it.

In fact, if things keep going the way they have been, we'd like to make this a permanent thing.

That would be wonderful. Oh, that's amazing.

We'd love that.

Great, great, Chris, can I speak to you for a moment, just really quick.

[Chris] Of course, of course, okay, I'll be right back.


Hey, I didn't wanna Hey, it's nice to not say hi. see you again, hi.

How are you? You know, Chris, part of being a pastor is watching out for your congregation.


Keeping them safe from, you know, unwanted characters.

I will. So, then I'll leave it up to you to, well, do the right thing.

Can I count on you?

Yeah, I got you. All right.

[suspenseful music]

Yo, hey, Pastor Chris.

Hey, hey, how's it going?

From Bible study right?

[Sam] Yes sir.

[Chris] Remind me your name again.

Um, Sam.

Sam, Sam, uh.

Sam, you been in town long?

[Sam] Yes sir, for a while now.

Okay, okay, and can I ask what brought you in here today?

Well, I'm kinda curious.

Wanna know what this is about.

What you're about.


Well, we are a community of people just trying to serve the Lord.

Hmm, find that interesting.

Yeah, you know,

our congregation has come to expect something kind of particular in their house of worship, and I'm really trying to give that to them.

What does that mean?

[Chris sighs]

Listen Sam, church isn't for everyone.

[somber dramatic music]

Like for me?

Yeah, you know, maybe this just isn't the right place or fit for you right now?

You know what, I better get going.

Uh, thank you for your sermon. Okay, yeah, yeah.

Um, I should give this back to you.

You know what, it's all yours, keep it, on the house.

Hey, thanks for coming though, okay?

Yeah, thanks for having me.

[somber dramatic music]

[water hissing]

[door creaking]

[door shutting]

Hey you.

How are you?

Megan, what's going on?


Who was that guy there today?

Who are you talking about?

It's just some guy, all right, he's nobody.

Megan, look, the reality is, if I wanna keep my job here, I'm gonna have to do some things that might make you feel uncomfortable.

And that includes telling certain people to go?

If they don't fit in, then yes.

That's weird, I thought those were the kinds of people that Jesus wants there.

[Chris laughs]

Yeah, I think I might know a little more about this than you do Megan.

You know what, you're right, you should, and that's what's starting to worry me.

[dramatic music]


[water hissing]

[breathing heavily]

[keyboard clicking]

[water hissing]

[dramatic orchestra music] [keyboard clicking]

[Woman] Chat and watch the hottest girls at. [keyboard clicking rapidly]

[Chris] Megan.

Hey, Megan just come back, stop.

It's not what you think, can I just explain, Megan?

Come on.

[dramatic orchestra music]

[breathing heavily]

[Megan sniffles]


[exhales loudly]

[water hissing]

[moves into dramatic orchestra music]



Now can you just, can you just be here? [cries]

Can you just be here right now?

Thank God could you just please?

Could you just show up for him please?


Would you just remind him who he is?

To you?

To me?

[moves into gentle piano music]

[moves into rhythmic piano music]

[patrons chattering] [faint rock music]

[Man] Boom.


What can I do for you?

Can, I guess?

You look like you need a double.

There ya go.


Woo. Another.

Drinking some pain away.

[Chris] Yeah, something like that.

[Man] See ya in a few.

You're not from around here, are ya?

No, I'm fairly new to town.

Oh yeah?

So, what brings you here?

[Chris] Job.

[Jimmy] Job, mm-hmm.

What kind of work you in?

I um, I'm a pastor.

[laughs] Really?

[laughs] Is that right?

You know we don't get too many of you guys in here.

I bet.

So, what's the story, pastor?

[finger tapping]

Still trying to figure that out to be honest.

You know, the last time I was in church, I was probably, eight years old.

Why haven't you been back?

Ah, if I tried to cross through those doors, I think I might burst into flames.


You know, well here I am crossing through yours.

What's gonna happen to me?

Well pastor, that's a wonderful thing about bars.

Everybody's welcome.

No questions, no rejections.


Now, I could be wrong, so, correct me if I am, but wasn't it Jesus Christ who turned water into wine?

Yes it was.

[Jimmy] My kinda guy.

And It's his followers you're not so hot on, huh?

Well, church is good.

For good people, pastor.

I realize a long time ago, not my bag.

You think we're good?


no one's good.

None of us.

We all need help.

I think the only thing that separates the good guys from the bad guys is where we look for that help.

[gentle rhythmic piano music]

Make it last.

That one's on me.

Megan, please just pick up.

Megan, I need to talk to you, okay, listen.

I can explain, it's not what you think, Megan, I love you.

I'm coming home, all right?

Eh, excuse me sir?

I'm gonna be-- You shouldn't drive drunk.

I should call you a cab. Dude, mind your own business, okay?

Eh, you should drive drunk, man, let me call you a cab, bro, come one.

Dude, back off, all right! Eh, don't touch me, man!

Give me your keys, I'm-- Dude, back off!

[Mike grunts]

[ominous music]

[Chris groans]

Pastor Chris?

Oh, come on.

[Sam laughs]

What's the deal, man?

Man, I need to get-- Come on, come on, come on, come on, up, up, up, up, up, up.

Man, what's going on, man?

I gotta, man, I gotta, I gotta go, give me, where's my keys? Nah, nah, nah.

I got your keys, brother, you ain't driving nowhere.

[Chris groans] You kidding me man?

Come on, brother?


Don't worry about it, I'll getcha home, man. I got it.

I gotta go home, man.

I'll getcha home.

Of all the people that I see drunk in an alley, psst, you'd be the last one I though, man.

[sirens blaring]

[couple whispering]

Oh, come on.

It's all good, man.

I'll getcha home.

Don't worry about it.

[somber dramatic music]

All right, up here-- All right.

[Chris] Up here you're gonna, you're gonna take a left.

[Sam] All right, all right.

[Chris] Man my wife is so beautiful, man.

[blinker clinking]

You have a wife?

Nah, nah.

No kids, no wife, man.


[Chris] Maybe that's better, man, I don't know.

[Sam] I don't know.

I wish I had someone, man.

So, you know, maybe you gotta fight for what you have right?

Yeah. Yeah.

[Chris] This is not a night I would like to repeat.

[Sam] Eh, then don't do it.


I've had plenty of those nights, man.


[Chris] Why are you being so nice to me, bud?

[Sam] Eh, I don't know.

It's all good man.

We all make mistakes, so, yeah, it's just how it is, man.

[Chris] Yeah, not me.

[Sam] Yeah.

Welcome to the imperfect club.


[Chris] Um.


You're gonna take [mumbles].

Take a right up here.

[Sam] All right, man.

[Chris] This is it, you gotta pull in right here.

Right here. Yes sir.

All right.

Oh, I see it, I think I see it.

[Chris groans]

[Chris sighs]

Good luck, brother.

[Chris] Yeah, thanks.

[Sam] Yeah.

[gentle music]

[Chris mumbles]

[Sam] All right, here we go.

[blinker clinking]

Hey, man, cheer up, man.

Yeah. You'll bounce back, bro.

[Chris] We'll see.

Where we going?

[Sam] Uh, go where I'm staying, man.

We're gonna go to my place.

[blinker clinking]

Can crash with me, bro.

Don't worry about it.

Stuff happens, right?

[Chris] To your right.

[Sam] We're almost there, man.

[Chris sighs]

[Chris] Man, this does not look like a nice part of town.

[Sam laughs]

[Sam] Don't worry, you're with me, man, you're straight.

[Chris] That is never never been in this part of town.

[Sam] Yeah, you should come out a little bit more often, man.

Yeah. There's a lot of people that need help here.

Yeah. Yeah.

[Chris] Well, apparently that's me tonight, man.

[Sam] Nah.

I guess not, but I've seen plenty.

Like you.

Seen plenty.


Here it is right here.

Almost home.

[blinker clinking]

[Chris] Ashley probably hates me.

I don't deserve her man, I don't deserve her.

[Sam] Yeah.

That's the story of my life, man.

All right, man.

[Chris] This it?

[Sam] End of the line right here baby.

[Chris] 'Kay.

[Sam] Let's go, man.

Better now than never.

[lock clicking]

All right.


[Sam] Something, man.

[lock clicking]

[gentle bright music]

[Chris sighs]

[grass rustling]

[Chris] Hey.

Mind if I sit?


Have at it, man.

Oh, no, no thanks.

This is my last pack, man.


Good for you.

[Sam] Mm.

Hey, um, listen, why'd you help me last night?


'Cause it look like you needed some help.

[Chris laughs]

[Chris] Yeah, yeah, but why you?

[Sam laughs]

Why me?

Man, I kicked you out of my church.

You found me in the dirt, you didn't kick me.

You helped me, why?

Why not?

Look, I'ma be real with you.

[gentle piano music]

That book you gave me, man.

Cheap ol' pew Bible from church?

Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

That's it.


Started reading it, and going through some things in my head.

Why not me?

Look, Pastor Chris, I'm gonna shoot it straight with you, man.

Man, I never knew my parents.

I was abandoned at three.

In foster homes until I was 16.

When I turned 16, I remember running out the foster home doors, man.

And I just kept running and running and running, 'til I was exhausted, man.

I dropped and I was crying.

Just crying out for help, man.

No one would come.

I don't know who I was crying to but I was crying, man.

Shortly after I fell into a lot of issues.

[rhythmic piano music]

The street life came easy, man.

Done a lot of things I'm ashamed of.

As I'm reading that Bible,

it said, some things about this Jesus guy.

Look, I've done a lot of things I'm not proud of, man, but Jesus says I can be forgiven for 'em.

As I kept reading,

it said that God loved me, man.

Look, man, I don't even know what that means.

But I figured, [sighs] why not do my best to try to do the same?

Why not?

This is do or die, Chris.

This is do or die, man.

So, I remember just running and running my whole life, man.

Psst, maybe I was running from God.

I think I finally found what I've been looking for, man.

I, um,


You know what?

I wanna say, thank you.

If it wasn't for you, Pastor Chris, I wouldn't have found this, man.

You're welcome.

Oh, hey, um, want it?

Keep it, it's yours.

[Chris] Thank you.

[gentle piano music]

[dramatic orchestra music]

You knew all along, didn't you?

You knew that as I came up here, every Sunday, my perfect clothes, and my perfectly rehearsed words, who I was beneath the skin.

A broken man.

And I stood there, and I made sure that everyone in here looked and played the part of a good person.

And I looked and played the part.

And I kicked out probably the most pure-hearted of us all.

That makes me wonder, would I have kicked you out?

I don't wanna be that man.

I'm sorry.

Please forgive me.

I heard from a very good friend of mine, that last night, he and his wife, passed a man that looked very much like you, Pastor Chris.

They said this man was outside a bar, appeared to be drunk, and ended up going home with some low-life, now I don't-- It was me.

That doesn't sound like the man we've come to know.

No, not it doesn't, but it was.

You know, Pastor Chris, part of church is keeping up appearances, and helping our community look its best. But George, what if it's not though?

What if it's not, I mean, it says in the Bible, the man looks at the outward appearance and God looks at the heart.

What if we've got it wrong?

[George] Wrong?


What if we come in here pretending to look good and we think this is how we're supposed to be, but really the church is supposed to be a place for broken people to find help?

Well, I'm afraid that in this community, that is simply not what we want.

Or, are looking for.

Regrettably, we are gonna have to let you go.

I understand.

[moves into rhythmic hopeful music]

Where have you been?

I, um, I was with a friend.

Is this not enough for you?

I mean, am I not enough for you, do you, do you actually love me at all?


of course I love you.

How long?

How long, Chris? It's too long, okay?

That's not an answer. I wanted to tell you.

Why didn't you?

I think I um,

I couldn't face the man I was becoming.

I didn't want you to see who I really was.

A broken man.

We're all broken, Chris, okay, but that' not an excuse. Yeah, but I'm a pastor.

I'm supposed to be the good one.

Okay, no one is good, not one.

Are you quoting scripture to me?


I didn't even want you to come home last night to be honest.

A part of me still doesn't want you to be here at all.

You have completely broken my trust, as your friend, as your wife.

The only reason we're even having this conversation is because I still have some kind of hope in the man that I know you can be.

I know that this is gonna take time, but we all need help.

Even pastors, huh?

Especially pastors.

[Chris laughs]

[gentle hopeful music]

Megan, I'm sorry.

Truly, I'm sorry.

I know.

[Chris] I love you.

I love you too.

[hopeful guitar music]

♪ I need Thee every hour

♪ Most gracious Lord

♪ No tender voice like Thine

♪ Can peace afford

♪ I need Thee, oh, I need Thee

♪ Every hour I need Thee

♪ Oh, bless me now, my Savior

♪ I come to Thee

♪ I need Thee every hour

♪ Stay Thou near by

♪ Temptations lose their power

♪ When Thou art nigh

♪ I need Thee, oh, I need Thee

♪ Every hour I need Thee

♪ Oh, bless me now, my Savior

♪ I come to Thee

♪ I need Thee every hour

♪ In joy or pain

♪ Come quickly and abide

♪ Or life is vain

♪ I need Thee, oh, I need Thee

♪ Every hour I need Thee

♪ Oh, bless me now, my Savior

♪ I come to Thee

I used to think I knew what a good person looked like.

And as ashamed as I am to admit it, I thought I looked like a good person.

But after a rather painful month, I think I've come to the realization that none of us are good.

At least not totally.

No matter who we are or where we're from, what we look like, what we've done, we all need help, forgiveness, love, and grace.


[melodic piano music]

Then Jesus replied with a story.

A Jewish man was traveling from Jerusalem down to Jericho, and he was attacked by bandits.

They stripped him of his clothes, beat 'em up, and left him half dead beside the road.

By chance, a priest came along, but when he saw that mean lying there, he crossed to the other side of the road, and passed him by.

A temple assistant walked over and looked at him lying there, but he also passed by on other side of the road.

Then a despised Samaritan came along, and when he saw the man, he felt compassion for him.

Going over to him, the Samaritan soothes his wounds with olive oil and wine, bandaged him up, and then he took the man on his donkey to an inn, where he took care of him.

The next day he handed the innkeeper two silver coins, telling him, take care of this man, and if his bill runs higher than this, I'll pay for it the next time I'm there.

Now which of these three, would you say was a neighbor to the man that was attacked by the bandits, Jesus replied.

And then the man replied, the one who showed mercy.

Then Jesus said, yes.

Go and do the same.

[gentle piano music]

[moves into hopeful melodic music]