The Unmarried Wife (2016) Script

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Stop it!

You slut!

Please! Stop!

I hit you, but I had right of way!

What are you talking about? You were in the wrong lane for turning. but then you showed up!

So, that's Carmela's law school classmate?

Yup, that's him.

He's cute.

Goodness, Lorena!

Stop it.

You're so judgmental, Camille.

Just because I find him cute doesn't mean I want to jump him.

So, you're not interested?

Why the hell did you go there?

I'll pick you up. Stay put.

I'll be there soon, Ma.

I need to go. It's my mom.

You take care of Carmela.

Just text me what happened.

-All right, take care. -I'm going.

Be careful.

Bye, Anne.

Straight ahead, sir.

Don't touch me! I'll trip!

Ma! Here!

-Slowly! -I can do it!





He said he loved me!

But then he goes back to his wife?

Your father's the only one who truly loved me.

If he was the only one who loved you, then why did you leave us?

The company's strategy to target mothers has worked and continues to work.

They feel that W&M is true to its brand promise.

and even their dads, who bought them their first Always Free napkin.

Your favorite.

Anne, right?

The barista told me. I asked.

-That's how you found out? -Yeah.


How much do I owe you?

That's all.

What's that?

My cousin wasn't going to lose to your friend.

Imagine them facing off in court.

They'd be cute together, no?

Too bad, Bobby already has a fiancée.

My friend would never go for a man with a girlfriend or wife.

If she tries, I'll beat her up.


I don't owe you anymore.

Your treat?

Of course!

In exchange for?

She returned after ten years.

When my dad died, she didn't even show up for the wake.

Who wouldn't feel bad about that, right?

The thing is, at my age, shouldn't I just forgive her, get it over and done with?

But it's hard to forgive if you're still hurting.

Are you speaking from experience?

It took me a year before I talked to dad

So, yeah.

Why is it that... despite so many separations and infidelities, so many still choose to marry?

You don't believe in marriage?

Well, I do.

If you find the right one for you, get married.

But if they're not right, don't.


So you'll stay single forever? Really?

It's better than being an old, heartbroken loser wife.

Really? You sure?

I'm sure.

If you're so sure, I'll stay single too. With you.

So, coffee again tomorrow?

A day for us who are single and independent.

But happy!


You changed my status to "In a relationship"?

We'll fall in love and get together eventually, right?

-Really? -Yeah.

Are we dating?

Aren't we?

You're trying to be cute?


Merry Christmas, love!

This is now our holiday.

It's not Independence Day anymore.


There. Let's go.


What is it?


Why are you crying?

We've been married only a week, and you regret it already?

But I don't know if...

What if I can't be that?



-Yummy. -But really sinful.

Look at how fat I've become.

You're not fat.

It's like...

We both have to go to work.

This is supposed to be saved for later.

Let's do it now!

Wait, why are...?

That's the office. They're looking for me.

-Our baby's all grown up. -He is.


-What? -Nothing.

-Really? -Yes.

-Really? -Really!

It's already 9 PM.

I don't want to be here until dawn.

Don't you guys want to go home?

Why is it like this? We need vibrant colors.

That's dull! It doesn't look like summer!

Love, I might go home late. Still have a ton of work.

Of course. About what?

When you get home later.


I'll get this done right away so I can go home.


How much longer will you be?

-Ms. Anne, GFA is looking for you. -Yes.

Ms. Andrada is looking for me.

Too bad.

and she threw it all away to have an affair with a married man.

Did she forget the company's mission statement?

You'll handle all feminine hygiene and beauty products.

Can you do it?

Well, I'll do my best.

Wow! Ma'am, I'll make sure you don't regret promoting me.

Are you OK?

Sorry, I fell asleep.

There's food downstairs, I'll heat it up.

Don't bother.

I'm good.

I'm still full. I just ate.

I was promoted

-And you? -What?


You wanted to talk, right?

It's nothing.

No need.

Our water bill went up.

We should get our pipes checked for leaks.


Thank you, babe, for taking care of it.

OK. I'll just put these on the table.

I'm not going to work today.


You don't feel well?

Are you OK?

Why aren't you going to work?

No reason. Just don't want to.

Babe! Our son might see us.

Are you OK?

I missed you.

-Babe, I just got promoted... -So what?

Don't answer that.

I have to...

Babe! It might be my boss.

Tell her your husband needs you.


Geoff, stop.

I have to go to work.

I'm sorry.

I'll make it up to you tonight.

Come on, babe.

Eat breakfast. Don't forget Ino.

I'm leaving. Bye.

Wait. What do you mean?

The rival oil company price-fixed.

Their price went so low I couldn't match it.

Revenue for my whole territory is down.

And so?

I might get fired or get relocated, I don't know.

What will happen to my family if I lose my job?

What did Anne say?


She doesn't know yet.

I haven't told her.

I might still be able to fix it.

But what if you can't?

You have to tell Anne. You can't go through it alone.

Why is it easier to tell your problems to someone who isn't your wife?

You dumbass. Quit the drama.

Don't act all macho. Sit down.

You OK?

I'm sorry, babe. I'm tired.

-Go on and play. -Anne.

You guys might just need some alone time.

Go on a vacation.

Good luck! Her boss is a slave driver!

Maybe you're just being paranoid.

You don't have to worry about your husband.

It's this one who should worry.

Hey. My boyfriend has changed.

Yeah, he has. And he has a point.

It was my fault too.

Maybe I didn't give him enough time.

Hello, Lorena!

Couldn't it be that that jerk Alfred cheated on you simply because he's an asshole?

And you're the dumb martyr for putting up with it!

-I don't get it. -And what's that "not enough time" crap?

If you love someone, there's always time.

If there's not enough, Like her. She has a lot of time for her husband.

Very funny.

Look at you! Always pregnant!

True! Forever pregnant.

Where are you going?

We have an update meeting tonight, right?

Ma'am, Geru will update you instead.

I really have to go. I'm sorry.

What's up?

I've been so busy lately. It's a little surprise for Geoff.

Geoff is a lucky man.

I'll go ahead. Have to make it up to my wife, too.

-OK. Take care. -All right.

I'm sorry. Can we talk, please?

-Bring it upstairs. -Yes.

How long have you been cheating on me?

I've ended it.

That wasn't my question.

If you want me to forgive you, tell me the truth.

It's over.

You had sex?

You had sex with that woman?

Forgive me, Anne.

Do you love her?


You're the only one I love.

Just you.

we might be number three?

Ma'am, sales of Poise Napkin went up

However, you said, her image was not aligned with the brand values of our company.

if you knew we needed her!

How can I convince someone when they won't listen?

They kept saying "no" to Kim, didn't they?

Where are the research results? Give them to me!

Ms. Anne, it'll be done by next week.

Finish it!

I don't want to be blamed again! All of you! Work on it!

The cramps and the bleeding? It's not dysmenorrhea.

You were six to eight weeks pregnant.

You need a D&C procedure.

to be with you?

I don't want to see my husband.


How did you know...?

He's the contact person listed in your wallet.

It's only a surface wound.

She was unconscious earlier.

Isn't that a sign of a concussion?

Based on the police report, she was intoxicated earlier.

If the results are fine, and there's no inflammation, nausea or vomiting,

Is it really painful?

Is there a problem?

Do we need to talk?

It's midnight.


Do we need to talk?

Do you have a problem?


How about you?

Look, I'm not lying to you.

I never said you were.

No, but that's how you make me feel.

I'm asking you if there's a problem because you might fault me again if I fail to notice that you have a problem.

I'm not deceiving you.

Not yet.

Not yet? No!

Never again!

Yes, I'm here. I just parked.

Just me. I didn't bring Geoff.

I'm going in now.

What's your birthday wish?

My birthday wish is...

I hope... we'll be together forever, Dexter.

I also have a wish...

Let's do this.

-Cheers! -Cheers!

So this is where you've been hiding.

Veronica's looking for you.

I'm Bryan, Dexter's cousin.

Why is that your mom's wish for you?

Is it because you don't have a boyfriend yet or you don't have one anymore?

Boyfriend, no.

Husband, yes.

there's love, but no happiness.

Not all men cheat, and not all women are...

My dad was faithful.

My mom...

He's a moron, he's a jerk, he's crazy.

That's your husband.

Is that a pick-up line?

Did it work?

I'm just telling the truth.


Oh, Bryan found my little Annie.

The party's not done, baby.

I really need to go.

-Come on, Annie baby. -I gotta go.

Your mom's boyfriends just keep getting younger.

How old is your future stepfather?

Let me see.

You know, it's not the age of Aunt Veron's boyfriends that bothers me.

It's his "ER-riness" that bothers me.


Nope. Sex work-ER!


That's why Anne's always frowning in pictures. Isn't it, Anne?

Anne? Hey, Anne Victorio!

Why didn't you tell us?

I'm ashamed to admit it.

It might have been my fault too.

Girl, you're not to blame.

Lorena's learning!

I listen to you, you know.

You know what else I'm ashamed of?

We women, we always say that...

Even if he turned away from his marriage vows...

I won't do the same.

I'm going to stand my ground.

Dude, you're not going home yet?

Go home already!

I don't want to. My wife hates me.

Be gentle, be sweet.

She wants none of that.

It is what it is. You made a mistake.

Take your punishment.

Dude, it's been ten months since I resigned from my job to avoid Ella.

I gave her the password for my cellphone, my email, my social media accounts...

I gave her all my passwords just to put her mind at ease.

But still, nothing. What else do I need to do to be forgiven?

How many more apologies must I offer before she forgives me?

Wasn't it you who said that... it is hard to forgive when you're still hurting?


How long?

As long as you can.

You have to wait it out.

Fish have it easy.

They have no need of a wife's touch.

Dumbass! You want to be a fish?

Fine. What fish would you be?

A dried fish, dude.

All dried up.

What's your schedule tomorrow?

I'm going to Divisoria.

I'm buying stuff for Ino's birthday party.


You want...

You want to have dinner tomorrow?

We can do that.

Let's go to Pizza Palace.

Ino's been asking me to take him there. That will be perfect.

Ah, OK.


A date. Just the two of us.

Let's just bring Ino with us.


You went jogging?


I just washed the car.

I washed yours as well.

Help me with breakfast.


We're gonna eat breakfast with Daddy.

Eggs rot without a hen's warmth.

And flowers wilt without water.

Child, deny him sex, and he'll look for it somewhere else.

Believe me.

Why not just end your marriage?

Because if you can't trust and love him again, why stay married to him?

For Ino.

So he won't live the life I had.

He won't grow up in a broken family.

He won't grow up asking if he's the reason why his family broke apart.

There's Grandma.

I wish to have a baby sister or a baby brother.

You all heard that.

Give him what he wants.

Time to eat. Let's eat!

I have to take this.

It's because, Auntie...

I know how much it hurts.

-Come on. -Please excuse me.

Ino, you eat first.

Didn't you want some chicken?

That's for you.

Sit! Sit here.


I'm done.

Your new boss again?

It's your child's birthday and he still calls you?

-Yeah. -What a slave driver!

Excuse me.


I already emailed the draft budget for the launch party.

Do you need anything else?

Do you know her, ma'am?

Cristina Jocson?

I'm sorry, I don't know her. Why?

I saw her last night at the mall.

With her boyfriend...

Her boyfriend is a married man.

I want to speak to your chef.

One second please.

I have a problem with the food you feed my husband.

It's poison.

Earlier, I thought I was confused.

Why did you open a coffee shop when you should have opened a brothel to satisfy your itch?

He always tells me, I'm the only one who loves him.

And you believe that?

I thought you were smart.

I didn't think you'd be this dumb and naive.

What did you think?

That you're the only one?

That there's no one else?

Didn't my husband tell you that before you, there had been another slut that snaked around him for a taste of him?

Now that you know the truth,

do you still love him?

If I'm not the only one who's loved him,

I have all the right.

I'm fighting for the love I have for him, the life I've worked hard for, the dreams we've built together, and above all, my child.

My family.

Our family that you're destroying.

You! What are you fighting for? Your itch?

I'm not done.

And what do you want?

To slap me? Pull my hair?

Is that what you want? If it is, I could do that, but I won't.

I don't want your filth on me.

I didn't bring a sanitizer with me.

Stop flirting with my husband.

And if he doesn't want to stop?

I can forget that I'm educated.

I'll drag you outside and when I'm finished with you, your face will be as ugly as your soul.


Starting today, this will be your room.


Don't pretend you don't know why.

You think I'm cheating on you?

I know you're cheating on me!

You're cheating on me again! Again!

I saw you with her.


When you didn't pay the electric bill, that was wrong.

When you forgot our anniversary, that was wrong.

When you cheated on me, that was wrong too.

But for you to do it again, that is beyond wrong!

That means you're sick!

-Enough. You're drunk-- -So what if I'm drunk?

I can smell all the lies coming out of your mouth!

All the lies you try to hide from me again and again!

Let's not talk right now. We might both regret it.

Of the two of us, you should be the only one feeling regret!

But why does it seem like I'm the only one with regrets?

I regret all the love and time I wasted on you!

You threw it all away like trash!

From now on,

we are married only on paper.

You are my husband only for my child.

I don't care what you do all day and all night.

Just be home at 5 AM to be with your son in the morning.

"Sorry," and then what?

All your sins are forgotten?

So you can deceive me again?

What is "sorry" for you?

Is your "sorry" a license to repeatedly cheat on me, and deceive me over and over again? Is that it?

Geoff, I wanted to leave you the first time...

but I forgave you.

I forgave you, remember?

You forgave me?

Is that it?

You love her?

Do you love her?

Geoff, do you love her?

Why? How could you?

Do we need to talk?

If in the past,

we had talked about what we were afraid to talk about, do you think... we could have fixed... us?

I don't know.

Well, just in time. It's 5 AM.

I got here just in time.

I thought you weren't going to wait for me.

We agreed you'd be home by 5 AM.

I didn't wait for you. I did this for your son.

I don't want him to be angry with you.

I'm already here. 5 AM.

Is this what you really want?

Your son to be angry with you the way you were with your dad when he stopped coming home?

Get dressed. Ino is about to wake up.

Can I sue his mistress?

You also have to sue Geoff for concubinage.

If you win, Geoff goes to prison.

I don't want Ino to see his father in prison.

You're never going to win that case because you didn't sue them immediately after you found out.

as long as he still goes home to you.

Which, frankly, I don't get.

For my son.

No, for you. Because you still love him.

We're leaving. Hurry up and say goodbye.

-Hi, Anne! How are you? -Hi, Elaine.

I'm fine.

I heard you and Geoff split up.

Well, I'm happy to see the rumors aren't true.

How are you and Mike?

That rumor about you, is it true?


When I found out his third mistress was pregnant, I gave up.

That's why I admire you.

I mean, how do you deal with it?

You're a saint for allowing Geoff to still see her.

When I saw them at the hospital, I really wanted to hurt her.

Too bad she's pregnant.

I wanted to hurt her for you, because I know how it feels.

What? Pregnant? What are you saying?

Pregnant? You saw her?

Yes! Last week at--

Oh my God! Anne, sorry. I thought you knew.

Sorry. I'm really sorry...

I'm not going to argue with you.

I'm not going to fight.

I'll just ask for two things.

First, don't give me hard time when I file for annulment.

Second, I'll agree to Ino meeting his sibling.

I want them to know each other, to avoid incest.

That's impossible.

You made me believe it was impossible for you to cheat on me.

I don't want to be embarrassed repeatedly.

I'm done hoping that you'll change.

I'm tired of pretending and lying,

even if it's for my son.

I'm finished.

I've had it.




Congratulations, ma'am, and to your daughter, too!


Just like mine and her dad's.

This is our last crate.

We're still OK, sir.

It's heavy.

Hello, Ino.

Why are you crying?

Stop crying. I'm going home now. OK?

Your Dad?

He's in the office.

We already talked, right? You'll be with him next Sunday.

Ino, please stop crying. Come on.

-I'm going home. OK. Bye. -Anne!

Bryan. We met at the party--

Sorry. I have to go. I'm in a hurry.

I'm still married.

So that's why you're still miserable.

Actually, I already filed for annulment.

Why did you decide to do it just now?

I'm sure one day you'll understand when you get married.

So what happened?

Maybe just like you and your husband.

Thanks for the ride.


So that's what you did to move on?

We go to Rizal every weekend to ATV.

Why ATV?

So that your body will be so tired you forget the heaviness of your soul.

I'm clumsy.

Come on. You can do it!

I don't want to be muddied and shaken.

I don't want to be hurt.

You don't want to be happy.

No, I just don't want to be injured.

I have a son who needs me to be whole and alive.

Thanks again.

Just in time. It's 5 AM.

I got here just in time.

You really won't tell me what happened to you?

No pressure.

Thanks for everything.

Go home already. Take care.

Can I see Ino?

He misses you too.


Baby, what's wrong? What is it?

I miss Daddy already.

You'll see him, but you'll have to wait until the weekend.

I want to see Daddy! Please, Mama?

Carmela, he cheated on me twice.

For all we know, maybe more.

Isn't that enough proof that he's psychologically incapacitated?

You have to prove that he had that problem even before you were married.

he can twist it around and say you are psychologically incapacitated.

Wait. How did it become me?

Bobby can say that you didn't fulfill your marital obligations first.

-How did I become the bad wife? -Because of this:

So it's my fault?

the law and the world might not take your side.

This is bullshit.


Ma'am, what's wrong with--


All of it!

Eat! Get some nutrition to feed your empty heads!

-Did you read her presentation? -Yes.


There's a lot that needs revision--

Because it's so full of mistakes!

I've told her repeatedly to fix them, but she doesn't correct them.

Why do you keep repeating something that you know is wrong?

-No, ma'am, I'm not-- -Then, you!

You do my job!

Why don't you try?

I don't want to be you who makes us your emotional punching bags for your personal issues.

Bryan, let's go, bro.

Wait, what's that?


This... If this falls off, you'll hit your head.

Maybe that's what needs to happen.

A hit on my head.

Maybe, if I get knocked out, I can forget all the pain and love I feel for him, and then my heart will be OK.

Go faster!

Had I known that he would betray me, I would have never married him.

But, had I erased him from my life, I wouldn't have my son.

Ino is the only good thing that's happened to me.

-What happened? -Help me.

Are you sure?


Good thing you came. I couldn't do it alone.

I'll be with you always.

I pushed it myself!

Do you have a child with your ex?

You never talk about her.

I just don't want to bring it up.

And I don't want to be sad.

Why, do you want to be sad?

-I don't want to be sad. -Me neither.

Wow, so beautiful.

Bryan, look. It's beautiful.

Really beautiful.

I'll take a photo of you.

I'll take a photo of you, too.

Did you think about this?

What is this? Guys?

Let's go!

You can do it!

-Why? -Delete it!

You look beautiful here.

This for you, Ms. Anne.

Thank you and congratulations team!

Brilliant ideas.

I really like them all.

Ms. Anne, who cut your hair?

I'd like to thank him for bringing back the old Ms. Anne.

Excuse me, this isn't the old me.

This is the new me.

And the new me, has fewer personal issues, and that's why I'm not a bitch anymore.

They are our ATV friends.

Guys, Anne is here.

-Hi. -Hi, how are you?

We've already met.

You know, it's been so long since I've gone to a bar.

Actually, I don't think I belong here. I'm a little embarrassed.

You don't realize how happy you make me.

When you're with me, are you happy too?


Bryan, please don't get mad--

I'm not angry, OK.


That's it!


What flirting?

What, am I wrong? Did I just imagine all that?

I'm not--

I have other guests to entertain.

Are you drunk?

Please don't go through with the annulment.

Wait, your phone...


What did you do to piss off your mistress?

Anne, I love you. It's still you.

Don't treat me like a whore.

That's what your mistress is for.

We're here.

No, "I love you too"?

Fine, I won't force you to say it.

Are you flirting with me?

Stop it. Let's talk tomorrow.

-Why did you come home so late? -Oh my God!

Baby, you startled me.

Let's talk tomorrow. All right. Bye.

What happened? Why are you still awake?

Are you crying?


A bad dream? Why? What happened in your dream?

Daddy suddenly disappeared.

Then I got a new daddy.


Your dad and I, we will be your parents forever.

No one else will replace us.

Oh gosh.

You don't sound OK, though.

No, I'm all right.

My lawyer just called about my annulment and custody cases.

You know, getting married is hard.

Wait, impossible?

Because in our case, it's quite complicated.

In your case, maybe it's wasn't that difficult because you don't have any children.

Maybe that's why your annulment was easily granted.

So you and Louise are already annulled?

Good thing she didn't give you a hard time.

She had you on a very short leash.

It's good that you got away from her.

Hon, stop. Anne's right there.


It's nothing.

Anne, that isn't nothing.

Go ahead. Tell me.

I just realized that... we don't ever talk about your ex.


It's just that I tell you everything.

You know what happened between me and Geoff, the problems that we had, why we split up,

Do you still love him?

You know the answer to that, Bryan.

Actually, Anne, I don't.

Because you keep on saying that it's over, that you don't love him,

I didn't know you didn't like me talking about that.

Well, now you know!

OK, from now on, we won't talk about him.

And why should we talk about her?

What's wrong with the past? Why can't we talk about it?

Because it's over! It's not important!

It is important.

Because who you are today is because of what you went through.

Who I am today is because of my past.

What we are now, what we have now is because of the people we loved.

we might still be with them if they hadn't pushed us to the limit.


So you're saying we wouldn't be together if your ex hadn't cheated on you?

That's not what I meant.

So, what do you mean?

I know why I'm with you.

Because I love you.

Not because of my past, but just because I love you.

And had we met while we were still with our exes,

you'd still be the one I love.

I'd still choose you.

You can't even say it.

Ino says that he lives in a house and in a condo.

Maybe you just need to reassure Ino that despite the many changes in your life, your love for him won't change.


Why did your plans suddenly change?

I'll just tell you about it tomorrow.

Are you guys out?

We're at Myon's. Ino's craving pizza.

Get off the phone. Let's eat.

I'll just tell you about it tomorrow.

Let's hold hands please.

Thank you Jesus for granting my prayer for Mom and Dad to be together.

You should tell your dad about that.

You should also tell me about your classmates.

What happened that they had to call?

Did you fight with your classmates?

No fighting, OK? Pizza?

That's a big slice.

This is the best.

Mommy, your phone.

Take it. It seems urgent.

So, you gave up our date

You know...

Ah, you should check the text I sent you.

That's exactly what I meant.

Try this. You like this?

-OK? -Your ex wants you back!

I think you're misunderstanding...

I can see it!

No. Try this.

Taste this please. It seems different.

If you take what he's feeding you,

Give it to me. I can manage.

You don't have to do that.

Don't do it, please.

Does he know you already love someone else?

Or maybe you'd like... me to go there and tell him you already have a new love.

No, don't. I'll do it myself.

OK. But I want to hear you say, "I love you."

Go home, it's late...

I love you too.

-Are you all right? -Uh-huh.

How much longer?

I'll be quick.

Anne, who's--

Louise, we're over.

We're over?

Since when were we over?

Our annulment hasn't been granted.

Bryan, you told me that...

I didn't know... I really didn't...

You expect me to believe that you didn't know?

Louise, she doesn't know anything!

You've been caught! Stop lying!

Louise, enough already!

That's not nearly enough!

You're a liar.

You knew everything I'd been through...

Why did you lie?

I wanted to love you, and I wanted you to love me back.

-Is that wrong? -Yes!

We are wrong!

The two of us are so wrong!

You made me a mistress.

You did the same to me because you're still married to your asshole husband.

We're no different.

-Fuck you! Asshole! -Yeah!

I'm an asshole for wanting all this!

And you! You wanted this too!

I didn't want this!

I didn't sign up for this!

-I didn't want to hurt other people! -Anne!

I didn't want to hurt anyone because I don't want to be hurt!

Leave me alone! We don't have anything to talk about!

Anne, come on!

Let me go!

Oh wait, we have a new entry.

-Block that video! -What kind of employees do you have?

-Hurry! The bosses might see! -I'm blocking it!

You should be ashamed!

It's not working!

-You try it! -Hurry! Do something!

Help me!

Wait. Stop it, please!

-Wait, please! -You whore! You slut!

Stop it, please.


I thought I was going to die earlier.

My only thoughts were of Ino.

About what would happen to him if I were gone.

You're not gone, OK? You're still here.

And I'm still here.

Anne, please answer.

I'm sorry, please.

-Don't slice it yet, Ino. -Yes, Daddy.

Geoff, you didn't go home?

Sit down.

I'll make you coffee.

Don't worry, I'll take care of it. Sit down. Go on.

Mom, Dad will bring me to school.

So you can get some rest.

Your head still hurts?

Do you want Daddy to come back home?


You have to tell your Mommy.

-Yes? -We have to go back.

I forgot my project.

Len, the door please. Someone's outside...



Anne! Come out!

Anne please talk to me!

Anne, I'm not leaving until you talk to me!

I'm not leaving!

Bryan what are you doing here?

We're done, right?

If you won't go out, I'll go in!

Don't you dare do that, or I'll call security.

-Anne! -Don't do it!

Leave! I'm done!

Anne, if you don't come out--

You're not gonna talk to me? Come out!

What are-- Why did you do that?

Stop it! Don't make a scene!

Anne, talk to me! We can't end it like this!

Don't push me!

Hey! What's your problem? Why are you throwing stones at my house?

I just want to talk to Anne!

What do you need from my wife?

Your wife?

You moron! You're separated!

She doesn't love you anymore!

-She loves me! -Daddy!

-Anne! -Wait there.



Stay away!

-Daddy! -Stay there, Ino!


-Ino! -Anne!


Son, are you OK?

I said leave! You almost hurt my kid!

Sir, stop it!

Go inside!

Leave it to us, sir!

Here inside.

Baby, are you OK? Are you hurt? Oh God!

Mommy, who was that?

Sorry, baby. Sorry.

I beg of you, stop.


If you want to hurt me, go ahead.

Just don't hurt Anne.

It's not her fault.

Stop this, please...

Just don't make me angry.

I will sue both of you.

so it won't be affect concubinage case filed by Bryan's wife against Anne.

How about what he did to my grandson?

The child was traumatized!

We can charge him with

But it'll be difficult to prove

I'm sure that wasn't his intention.


What I'm saying is, we only sue for the things that we can prove.

And what we can prove

Ma, that's not the issue.

It happened because Anne committed adultery!

After your son hurt her.

You should be grateful she didn't press charges against your son.

She was lacking as a wife.


Anne did everything she could so she wouldn't become like me!

Hold on. Why is it like that?

Isn't this your son's fault?

Why should he be forgiven and be accepted by my daughter?

Just because he's a man, it's OK for him to cheat?

And because my daughter is a woman, you crucify her for the slightest mistake?

Why? Because she's a woman?

Yes! Because she is a woman!

There it is! That's why the world is unforgiving!

Because we can't forgive ourselves either!

I want to sue Bryan...

-But if you love him... -Geoff...

I don't want to make this worse.

Don't sue him.

But the case of Bryan's wife against you, I'll face it with you.

Geoff, you don't have to do that.

I need to do that.

Didn't you ask me once,

-For all my failings. -You've nothing to be sorry for.

-I have. -No.

I should've forgiven you.

I should have waited for your forgiveness.

You were still hurting...

I shouldn't have pushed your love to the limit.


you're the complainant, but the respondents arrived before you.

My apologies, Fiscal. Mrs. Castro is on her way.


Carmela, can I go out for some air? I can't breathe.

Is it OK?

All right. Just don't go too far. Don't take too long.

You can never wash away your sins. You'll always be dirty.

That's it, were even?

I'm asking for forgiveness because I hurt you.

I'm asking for the one thing that... my husband's mistresses never asked from me.

I waited for them to fix what they broke, to fix me, but they never did.

That's why I had to stand up for myself, and when I did, I unknowingly trampled on you. I'm so sorry.

I'm not hoping for your forgiveness.

I'm not expecting you to forego the case.

But I'm begging you,

Louise, just for my son.

I'm sorry...

What's going on, Attorney?

Where's your client?

This is her, calling.


Louise, where are you?


So, what's happening?

You mean, you're dropping the case?

How are you?

I'll be OK eventually.

If someone has to do it,

it's me.

It should be me.

I'm really sorry.

Me too. I'm sorry.

For all the hurt that I added to your life.

Mommy. The cartoons are starting.

All right. I'll head back in.

I have to go back. My son needs me.

But of course, what's important is that I learned and I'm trying to move on.

Thank you.

So, can I join you?

-Daddy! -Game!

Hold on, let me grab you a costume!

You look happy.

Hopefully not because our annulment will be decided tomorrow.

Don't you like that idea? You can finally marry Cristina.

We broke up a while ago, remember?

It's been a few months.

It's because you're the one I love, remember?


Is that true?

You want coffee?

I could do a coffee. But in exchange for what?

Seriously? Forever?

Why not forever again?

I don't know...

I still have wounds that need to heal.

First of all, I have to forgive myself.

But maybe...

I'll wait for that day.

I'll wait for you.

I guess that's our forever.

We're a family forever.

Let me join that hug!

Come on.

Come on, Ino!