The Unseen (1980) Script

First of all , don't yell at me . It's not my fault .

What ? They don't have a reservations .

Some genius , but this doesn't solve the most screwed up . Oh , great .

I don't believe this , Did you tell them who you are or why we are here ?

God , no Jennifer , I didn't think to do that .

Of course I told them . There's nothing we can do about it they are packed .

So we'll find another motel .

The really good news is , There's not a room left in town...

Because of festival .

Swinging place , what do you think ?

I don't think we have much choice .

Hello ?

Good morning , Can I help you ?

I hope so , We'd like a room for tonight .

I'm sorry Miss but-

This place hasn't been used as a hotel for a long long time .

Now you see itself , It's a museum now.

It's not a hotel , It's a museum .

Sure it is , a museum That's what I said all along .

I'm sorry about the confusion . Do you work for the television or something ?

I'm a reporter . Oh, My my ! a television reporter yeah? very interesting !

Do you know of any motels around here ?

Let's see , uh...back in Solvang ?

Everything's sold out , anywhere else ?

Let me think uh...

You see , we're kind of in a jam .

I'm up here Form L.A to do a story on Solvang .

One of my girls isn't feeling too well .

It's too bad .

Listen , um...why don't you come on in . I call around , see what I can do .

That would be very nice of you .

This place has been in the family for three generations .

The town was once water stopped on the southern pacific .

When the diesel train came and turned into-

A ghost town almost overnight . could have still taken a long time . It's remarkable , I'm impressed .

Scar , get off the counter .

Do you take care of this place yourself ?

Oh yes, yes . father's been gone for almost twenty years now .

Now I'm left with the responsibility .

There is my wife , Viginia of course but...she doesn't come here that often .

She stays up in the house . Oh here we are .

Hello ? yes , Good morning , umm...

Say...uh , what's the chance of- getting a room for tonight ? It's kind of an emergency .

Oh really ? The festival huh ? that busy .

Well uh...How about Buton ?

Oh same thing huh ?

Oh I see .

Well , thank you very much .

I'm afraid you're out of luck .

Doesn't seem to be a vacancy anywhere in the whole area .

I doubt Hans Christian Anderson... can get a room tonight .

uh , It's most unfortunate .

God I really don't know what to do . well , I have to think of something .

If I get through this day , It'd be a miracle . well, I truly wish I could be of some assistance.

There's nothing you can do.

You've been very sweet , thank you .

Miss !

Yes ?

I have an idea .

well , at least we don't have to sleep in the car .

Let's not forget I've got a deadline to meet . we've gotta get started . Gotcha .

Where is the good Smariton ?

He'll be right out , He's just locking up .

Don't concern your self-attack , Virginia .

Just get the room ready .

You're not listening to me .

If you continue to refuse to listen to me...

I will become very cross with you .

I don't suppose you would want that to happen now .

Would you?

Jesus , great house you've got here Mr.Keller .

Oh , thank you , come on . It must be our lucky day .

Come on , Come on .

Come on , Come on . Thank you .

Make yourself at home . I'm sure you'de like it here .

You'll be very comfortable here for sure .

Virginia !

Virginia !

Our guests are here .

Virginia ! Excuse me !

I'm sorry .

Virginia !

Virginia !

I like the stand Mr.Keller .

Oh , Ernest. Please call me Ernest .

Terrific room !

My parents used to give Gala-Bowl ... in that room with special invited guests.

Of course I was really much too young to remember .

Then my mother died and no more parties .

Virginia ! Virginia ! Where are you?

Virginia !

Would you excuse me for a moment ? I guess I have to go see what's...

Virginia ! There you are .

These are the young ladies I was telling you about Virginia.

Hello . Hi .

Nice to meet you .

The room is ready . I hope you be comfortable .

Thank you very much Mrs.Keller .

I'm sure we will . You're very kind .

Excuse me, I have to go back into the kitchen now .

You really must excuse my wife . She's not used to having visitors .

Virgina's always been such a...a shy woman .

Afraid of things...a mother of this child .

I'm afraid she'd be lost without me .

Goodness ! here I am going on and on and on and you have to be back in Solvang .

Your room is on the second floor .

Excuse me ! It's not the rites but you don't run the close second .

Sure , It's great.

Up this way please . you'll have very comfortable room .

I hope you'll be comfortable .

Excuse me , I have to go and hide now .

That's not very nice .

I'm just kidding . All you have to admit at the court of bear .

Do u think they mind if I took a hot bath in a little while ?

I'm sure It would be all right .

Christ ! It's 12:20 already .

Can you really get along without me ? well , speaking only for myself .

Myself alone , I personally Karen Fast , could never ever get along without you .

You just feel better . We'll be back soon .

Okay .

Super salty .

Mr.Keller , we're leaving .

Have a nice day . You too .

Have a nice day .

Hello ?

Hello ? Is anyone there ?

It's me , Ernest .

I brought some extra blankets .

Are you feeling better now ?

Yes , a little .

That's good darling .

The heating is not very good in this part of the house , I wouldn't want you to catch cold .

That's very thoughtful of you .

It's no trouble . No trouble at all .

Well , I guess I'll be going now . Okay .

Bye Bye , Thanks again .

Ta-da !

It's not right .

You worry too much Virginia .

They could find out . Don't worry my dear .

No one will ever find out .

I don't like it . Those girls here .

You're not suggesting that I don't know what I'm doing now .

Are you ?

No , no , It's just that uh... It's just that what ?!

Virginia , Virginia .

It's my job to worry...not yours .

I've always protected us , haven't I ?

Huh ?

Now , everything will be alright .

Do you understand ?

I'll be at the hotel .

Oh God !

God ! No !

The people you see behind me are some of the 2000 residents of Solvang... direct to sendings of group of educators... who founded "Standish Commumity" in 1911 .

Somehow miraculously , The town is retained every gotten adversity... right in the middle of southern California sun shine .

[ I'm in your Eyes . ]

How dare he to interfere with my work ? How dare he ?

He's absolutely going crazy... to mention it infront of them .

Commit it . What is he doing here ?!

I don't deserve this . I'm gonna figure it guys .

I'm a nice person . far from perfect , But I know in my heart , I'm a nice person . and deserve to be treating with respect . Slow down . and If you would please restrain from talking to him , I'd appreciate it . just ignore him .

I know you think Tony is the best thing that ever happened to me . and that I'm insensitive to his feeling .

But I'm asking you to let me decide what's best for me , Ok karry?

It's not Ok... But Ok .

Where are you?

Are you hiding from me ?

well , If that's what you wanna do.

Play your games .

Kochi got you with that it have your ass .

You're not gonna say anything , are you ? I don't know .

What's in it for me if I don't ? What is it , Blackmail ? all right , consider yourself for report pal . wait , wait . How about a deal with my sister ?

She's marvelous in her position . Easy to get along with .

And the grand bold Andra Danis made , and don't forget that pie Lincontest .

Thank you so much for coming in , and please forgive us for that makes-up at the hotel .

Thank you . Lovely to meet you .

-Thanks very much . bye bye .

Oh hi . beat up an anymore women today ?

Leave the key in the mailbox . Would you ? Thanks .

Let's go Karen .

well , good luck .

Listen , If it's over it's over but not this way .

Karen . wait , Will you let me finish ?

I thought to let this go down the tombs without even talking this crazy . now I'm at in we could work it out we probably can't .

Nobody can tell me we didn't have a good times .

Terrific times .

Jennifer , I feel empty inside .

I need very much to talk to you .

Karen .

Get in .

I know you tell me keep out of this but I really think you should...

Karen . This is probably the worst move you've made in yur life .

Karen . He loves you.

I want you to go back to the house and see how Vicki's doing .

I'll meet you there in a couple of hours .

Let's take a walk Tony .

Ernest my boy , glad to see you .

Let me look at you . What a fine specimen you are .

I bet you have all the girls chasing you .

Why don't you sit down , make yourself comfortable .

I wanna have a good old fashioned father-son talk with you . man to man .

You know what I mean ? Yes sir .

What's that ? I can't hear you .

Yes sir . That's better .

I thought I just told someone to sit .

There you go , look around you boy .

Go on , look around .

This is your daddy's world now .

Tiny of depressing huh ?

You look a big Ellinis , No need to be nevous with your daddy .

How old are you now boy ? twenty nine years old sir . twenty nine .

That's the old I was when I married your mother .

She was quite a woman , your mother .

I never met a person who enjoyed being alive as much as she did .

You ever think about getting married ?

I suppose not , you're too busy looking after the house and... taking care of sister , right son ?

Yes sir .

Well I guess you're kind of curious why I had you come see me .

Virginia came down this morning . brought me my lunch .

She started to cry . couldn't stop crying .

I figured she must be hiding something but she wouldn't tell me what it was .

So I had the beated out of her .

Seem she got herself with child .

Didn't think she knew about such things .

My little girl .

The big question is who would do such a thing to that poor dumb child ?

I figured it had to be some real low-life piece of scumb .

You know the first person I thought of son ?

You .

I figured right .

I understand this has been going on for a long long time .

You told her you'd bury her alive If she ever told anyone .

Tell me son .

Did it feel good taking your own sister ?

The problem now is what to do about this situation . man to man , what do you think I should do about this ?

I don't know sir .

Seems to me we've got to... send sister away somewhere . have that problem taken care of .

But what are we going to do about you ?

Any suggestions ?

I can't hear you son .

Nothing nah ? well , don't bother yourself .

Your daddy's got the answer .

Get up off that chair .

We're going to make sure this doesn't happen again .

That it never happenes again . Aren't we boy ?

Pull down your trousers boy .

Please sir , don't do this .

I said pull down your pants . don't , don't...don't do this .

Step up here .

You're not going to do this .

Ernest no , No , don't .

No , no Ernest .

Hello ?

Hey Debbie , Miss wonderfull is back .

You're feeling ok ?

I know you're in there .

If you don't come out , I'm gonna come in and get you.

Vicki ?

Hello ?

Hey Debbie .

Vicki ?

Hello ? Anybody ?

Vicki ?

Vicki ?

Hello ?

Anybody ?

Hello ?

Hey !

Let go of !

Come on !

Come on !

Quit this .

Vicki ?

Come on !

Oh my God !

Please !

Face the facts , Tony . You know what the doctors say .

Your knee will never be the same and you might as well forget about playing football again .

I didn't know you were such an expert on leg injuries .

It's been over a year and It's only getting worse . why won't you believe in me ?

It'll heal .

How many doctors have to say no ?

It's time to just face it and move on .

Tony , I can't live with what it's doing to you .

You're so stubborn , Tony .

Don't you know that I love you ?

Sure .

Boo !

If you could only see your face...

Oh my stomach ! It hurts .

That was very naughty of me .

I laughed so hard , It's such a long time.

The fire's almost gone out .

No one's come back this after noon .

It's the most disturbing . Sometimes I wonder...

If I should keep the place open in all the winter...

Have the young ladies made dinner arrangments ?

Perhaps they would like to dine with us .

Virginia , Virginia did you hear me ? Why don't you answer me ?

Will you get that stupid look off your face and answer me ?

Will you answer me ?

Virginia ! What ? What ?

What ?

The girls Virginia , where are they ?

What ? What's happened ?

Where are they ?

I didn't wanna hurt you . and If you hadn't been poking around my things...

You never would've found If I was pregnant in the first place .

Please try to understand .

It was purely self-protective .

I made the point without saying anything , because I know how you feel . and I didn't wanna fight .

Tony we can't have a baby now . It's as simple as that .

You know it's funny you just like the woman and talk to me... about getting married and having kids , that's along ago ? or don't you remember ? Some day I do want all that .

But not now. If you were working...

Involved in something you really loved...

Instead of just sitting around expecting to get start .

Do you understand ?


I'll take you back now .

Tony . Let's go .

Hey Jane , How we doin' ?

Anybody wanna play ball ? huh ?

Come on , let's get up a day . It'll be fun .

Where are you anyway ?

You think I'm angry with you or something ? You sent old parent to death .

Come on everybody , up , up , up...

Rise and Shine !

I think I'm getting warmer .

Who's left ? Is that my little guy ?

Why is your rib ? You had this fight of day didn't you ? fighting days.. Hey what are you escaping for?

There's no need to be frightened .

Will I do anything to hurt you ?

Will I ? Will I ?

Will I ?

Now listen my dear .

I'm afraid our world has been seriously threatend .

There could be serious repercussions .

If today's unfortunate happens stance ever became known.

Blow your nose , Blow your nose . my sweet little honey bunch . there , there . I know !

I know but our situation is not hopeless . and we have to look on the bright side .

Our situation is not hopeless .

Far from it...but we must leave no loose ends .

No one knows , No one knows , No one will ever know that we had visitors here today .

All evidence of their stay will be erased .

Do you understand ?

Do you ? good , very good.

Now listen my dear , One of our guests seems to be on the counted for .

No doubt she'll over turn shortly .

So we must not tarry any longer .

We must leave , no loose ends .

We must be prepared , she is our only obstacle .

No !

No !

That assuredly is the most asinine statement ever to have scaped from that delicate mouth of yours my dear .

I'm talking to you .

Look at me ! Look at me !

Goodness , what am I getting so excited about ?

I haven't done anything .

I haven't done anything .

Let them find out , what can they do to me ? Nothing .

Nothing , She'd only spend remain of her youth in a pent cell .

Oh , I'm sure of that .

and then what junior's fate woud be ?

I wonder .

Seems obvious to me my dear they would not chew them so kindly .

I'm affraid you'd suffer terribly .

No !

Yeah there , my sweet little sister .

Yeah there . I would take care of everything .

It must cooperate now . Do you understand ?

Do you understand ?

I can't hear you . Yes .

I can't hear you . Yes .

I can't hear you . Yes .

Hello ?

Hello ? Mr.Keller ?

Ernest please .

Where is everybody ?

What's that ?

I said Do you know where everybody is ?

They'll be right back . Come on down .

Where are you ? I'm over here !

Come on a run .

Oh please be careful , I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself .

Where did they go ? The girls ?

Yes , the one wasn't feeling well uh... What was your name ?

Vicki . Vicki , yes .

Well , uh...she's feeling fine now and Karen , It is Karen isn't it ?

Yes . Yes . well , Vikie and Karen , they went out for a little ride to get some air .

A little ride ? Yes .

Yes , they said to tell you not to worry .

I'm sure , They'll be back any second .

Listen , would you mind doing me a very big favor ?

Would you mind holding this while I try to get this tucked in ?

Sure . It's not heavy you know .

Thank you , thank you , you're really very kind .

Oh dear , I really best go on a diet .

Here we are .

Now I just have to get this screw in , it won't take long .

I promise .

Goodness , It's a wrong side .

You just hold that up . all right ? Ok .

Hold it up , there we go . that !

Ok . Hold it . wait , where are you going ? I'll be right back .

I promise , I'v gotta get a smaller screw . uh...don't go away . you hear ?

Don't go away !

I'll be right back .

Ernest ! Mr.Keller !

Ernest !

Mr.Keller ! Mr.Keller the door is locked .

Mr.Keller ! someone open the door. is anybody there ?

Somebody please open the door .

Mr.Keller !

Will someone open the door ?

Help !

Somebody please !

Let me see that beautiful face , the most beautiful face in all the world . beautiful .

We must work on your manners later my dear .

I must go tidy up .

I see you've met Junior .

Boo !

No more , No more !

Out of my way !

No !

Get out of my way ! No !

Son , there , there . just play the game ! just a little fun .

It's just a game ! It's just a game !

Nobody here but those chickens huh ?

Jennifer !

Jennifer !

No !

No !