The Unthinkable (2018) Script

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Get your head in the game for fuck's sake .

Move over.

Clearer evidence than this you can't get.

-It violates PSSA on several points. -We'll check it out.

-How's the new job? -If the defence doesn't handle this it'll go to hell.

-Make sure they take this seriously. -Yes, we'll get in touch if we need help.

Greet the guys over at the power station.

The energy conflict around Östersjön is stepping up.

Russia is accused of still shipping oil ...

Klara and Alex! It is now on the radio about these oil tankers. Klara?


I think I know what I want as a Christmas present.

An instrument.

The evidence is considered too insufficient to take any actions.

-Like a guitar then, or? -Yes or...

Isn't that very expensive? Right?


You.. you can always wish for it.

-What do you want? -Alex wishes a guitar for Christmas gift.

-I just bought a new computer, isn't that good enough? -Björn...

-Don't go around and promise him stuff. -I have not promised anything.

Imagine if you could be a bit thankful for once.

You're just sitting and staring at the fucking TV.

-So you're the only one that's doing something? Huh? -Shut up.

Björn! Don't go out again!

When are you going back to Stockholm?

She said like after Christmas.

But you never know with her, she works so much.

Dad was a musician, concert pianist.


-He was very good. -Is that why you also play the piano?

I do not play anymore, not after my dad died.

We could have a band.

What would our name be then?

Alex and Anna, or Annlex, maybe.

Or Alexanna.

What are we going to play? None of us can write songs.

No, it's hard..

-Bye. -Bye.

I'll get it!

What are you doing?

-I have a Christmas present for you. -What?! What is it?

-Just a thing. -Come on now, tell me. What is it?

Maybe we can see each other tomorrow? Before you go to Stockholm.

Gladly, but we're leaving just after breakfast, so come early.

Alex, the food is ready!

Right? You're just saying that.

-No I'm not. -Yes, I think so.

-It looks nice. -I hope so.

Are we supposed to eat all this?

-Thanks. -Can I see?

"Sugababes", what the hell is this?

Last but not least. "Merry Christmas, Björn, from Klara."

-Varsågod. -Is this for me?

Yes, to you.

Ha-ha! Check out who got the biggest package this year!

But what...

What the fuck?! Have you purchased a chainsaw?

This is ... This is good stuff, Klara.

-This isn't any trash, this is good. -Is it?

Damn, Klara! I'm going out and ... Wait here, I'll be coming soon.

-I have to get out and test. -But you, Björn, Björn?


Wait here.

Just open it.

-Thanks Mom! -Varsågod.

What is this?

There was some money left that I've been saving here and there.

He really wanted one. What do you have there?

I said that we could not afford it

It is money that we haven't noticed anyway.

Have you pinched my money and bought Alex some trash even though we could not afford it?

Svara for fuck's sake!

-Dad... -Shut the fuck up!

-Björn! -Wow, damn you.

I defended this country, Now I work like some damn errand boy to provide for you two.

And what the hell is the thank you?

What the hell!

-You are so damn disrespectful! -Your chainsaw was much more expensive!

-It's not about that for fuck's sake! -What is it about then?

-He is a spoiled pussy! -Stop it!

-He is a fucking bully victim! -Why is he like that?

-Because you made him into that! -No, because he's so damn like you!

-Is it really that urgent? -Yes, they need me in the office as soon as possible.

Listen here Miss syrup, we are going now. Help me with the bags.

-Can't you stay until lunch? -Another time when it's a smaller job.

There's always a lot of work.

Can you take the bags, please? Do I have to do everything for you? Anna!

Alex! Wait!


Why are you so late? We are leaving now.

-Is anything wrong? -No.

Has something happened?


Can't you just say...? -It's nothing! Stop!


Eat your food that I ...

You go up in your room. Go up, go up,

I hate you.

You, Alexander, can't we talk about this?

I thought...

What are you doing? Wait! Where are you going?

Wait, Alexander! Where are you going?

Alexander, wait for fuck's sake.


-Hi -Hi Is it sports holiday? I have some friends over.

Has anything happened, or?

I'm renovating the apartment, so you can't stay for too long.

The set is not good enough, I don't get any feeling from the piano.

Man! It is a damn Bechsteinflygel Come on, we are kings! Check it out!


We both have been fighting for this, you know it.

We go down to Berlin a few days in advance and party.

Berlin is crazy, the clubs are loco!

Come on, you need to have some fun. Let's go! Alex?


-I need a new piano. -Sit down, I'll fix a new piano.

-I do not need you. -Come on, I'll fix a new piano.

Alex, what the fuck!

The additional transmission continues with regard to the situation in central Stockholm.

The police is blocking off the area around Slussen.

I can see at least 12, 13 police cars and more are coming in now.

You can hear helicopters in the air so the police is taking this seriously.

We do not know more than they! Apparently have happened multiple explosions in Stockholm-

- including Slussen metro.

Pernilla Nilsson, you were there when the explosion hit.

Tell me what happened.

I did not understand at first, I just heard the bang. It can't be described.

There was some damn bang.

What the hell!

Hello! You can't just stay there!

Hello, you've reached Klara. Unfortunately , I can't reply now.

Do not hesitate to call back later. Bye.

After the explosion at the Slussen metro...

We can say that it's a carefully planned attack.

Despite pressure Sweden continues to deny foreign military-

-to protect it's own interests on Swedish soil.

On the midsummer day there is rainy weather coming from the east.

-Mother? -No, it's Erik. Your uncle.

The first bang blocked all traffic from Slussen.

Several victims should have tried to meet their relatives before the second bang ...

It was her train,


I have to go back to work. I'll call tonight, and we'll get everything up.

The funeral will take place in Vånga next week.

I can't then. I'm flying to Berlin on Friday.

You can't?

You can't?

For fuck's sale Alex, it's your mother we're talking about.

The flight is on Friday evening.

I'm free in the morning, so it'll have to be then.

-It's midsummer on Friday. -You might have something more important planned?

Alex... Your dad doesn't know anything yet. I can talk with him...

No, I'll do it.

-The Church of Sweden, this is Tomas. -My name is Alex Stenberg.

You have an old piano that I would like to buy.

It may sound strange, but I played it when I was young.

The safety of Sweden's infrastructure has been neglected for several years.


Björn, can you come and help me here?

What the hell, yes.

despite the troubles here in Stockholm.

Tomorrow it's midsummer. What plans do you have, Anders?

Mornin', mornin'.

No, we should have some introduction test-

-so we don't let any damn idiots into.

Then you would get kicked out fast, Lasse.

You, it's computers and immigrants that make this country go to hell.

-What are you doing? -The door sensor at the shed is loose.

-What are you going to do? -I want to keep an eye on you.

I want to know which door you use when you slink off from work.

Looks like somebody is afraid that the IS and al-Qaida are going to thunder in- and demand jihad on the Swedish electrical grid. Take it easy, Björn.

Some idiot blows up a bit in Stockholm to get attention.

First of all, no one has taken on the deed-

-and, secondly, SÄPO has not caught any suspects.

Okay ... Continue.

Any idiot can build a bomb.

Combine some diesel oil and fertilizer then you have a bomb.

Are you destroying two of Stockholm's most important nodes within ten minutes-

-and get away with that... Then you have something to say.

Say what?

Last week Sweden closed down Nordstream.

It is Russia's largest and most important ...

Now conspiracy-Björn is back at it again! Damn that's nice!

-Are you saying the the Russian is behind this? -There are hidden agendas.

You have to stop browsing around Flashback.

There is a swing door in Sweden!

Any fucking idiot can drop in here. Even criminals.

It's just like Alibaba and his gang outside of ICA.

Happy midsummer, then.

Yes Yes. Happy midsummer to you,

Hey hey! Happy midsummer!


It's a protected area here.

You are not allowed to be here.

You can't be here!

You go! Go away from here!

-Okay, Ich will gehen. -Yes.

May I see your ID? passport Reilsepass? -Yes.

Welcome to the police.

In case of emergency or when in progress crimes and other emergency events-

-call 112 instead.

Yes, yes, yes!

Hey, Lasse here, leave a flirt on the machine-

-I will call back if I fall in love. Until later!

What about this matter? -Trespassing, sabotage

-or espionage. Trespassing! -Sorry, I did not understand.

Describe your matter again. -Yes, yes.


Hey! Hello?

Wait, Konny. They're here, There was a fucking Russian who spoke German over at the fence.

-He picked berries and ... -Picked berries?

-No, he ... Hell! Are you still there? -Did he steal your lingonberry, or?

No no. What a little, Konny, Please describe your case again. You can, for example, say theft report...

For fuck's sake! I have been knocked out by a damn Russian Do you understand that, your damn police?

You, where is Lasse? He's not answering.

-He fucking his ex-wife in Umeå. -What?

-He wasn't supposed to go there until tomorrow. -Guess he couldn't keep it in his pants.

Konny ... Imagine if Russia is behind everything that has happened.

Think if they want Sweden to look weak-

-to take back control of energy exports

-Ask if they want to shut down the entire electrical grid. -Calm down, you're drunk.

This is what makes Stockholm want to replace us with computers.

-IS has already claimed the attacks. -IS?

Turn on the TV, they are on every fucking channel.

Calm down with the schnapps, we'll get in touch tomorrow.


According to the security police it's clear that the terrorist organization IS -

-is behind the terrorist attacks in Stockholm.

And instead stay at home celebrating with loved ones.

After the events of the last few days, extra police will patrol-

-but the police emphasize that the risk of more attacks is very low.

Now over the sport...



Sorry. Have you seen ... Wait, I'm coming over.

Have you seen any shady people here?

Anyone claiming to be pick berries?

-No. -No?

-There aren't any berries this time of year. Are you mad? -Excuse me...

Come on, drive.

It's as if we thought time would never get out of our hands ...

Where is Björn?

He did not want to come.

The moments passes us by.

Have you seen any German berry picker? -No.

-A tall man with tassel? -No, nobody.

-The Church of Sweden, this is Tomas. -Hi, it's about the piano.

Yeah right. I asked our choirleader to stay and help you.

The only thing I can think of is that my brother had his bike stolen.

-He lives over there. -Thank you, thank you.

Excuse me.

Excuse me. Move.

Move. Move!

According to Telia can up to 70% of all subscribers-

- have a problem during midsummer weekend.

We have a big overload on the net-

-which makes it that the net can come and go under the midsummer weekend.

We are a bit understaffed because of it being midsummer, but we're going to fix this.

We are counting on having this problem fixed by the beginning of the next week.

You are doing good now. Are you not happy?


What kind of piano does maestro play now days?

-An Bechsteinflygel -Fine, as it should be.

But.. I don't get any feel of it.

Not like the piano you played on in the church.

I've thought about it sometimes, how we used to go there and play together.

There was a tone, a feeling I miss.

Do you understand what I mean?

Alex, I...

God, you probably have a lot of things to do.

It's midsummer and everything,


Don't you want to dip your feet? It's pretty nice.

I get easily cold and play the piano with my feet.

-With your feet? -Yes.

The pedals, you know.

Here we go!

There you can go out. It will be okay.

I want to feel more joy, like.

Have you feel so for long?

I had fun tonight.

You did not have to stay.

I wanted to.

Do you like this in Vånga?

Because mom got a job in the parliament after you left-

-and did not have as much time for me, so I had to move back to grandmother.

Then I stayed.


Has Britta left the hostel over at Rungården?

No. Her son Fredrik, if you remember him ...

He has taken over. -But it remains?

Yes, it remains

Yeah... Bye, then.

You could sleep with us, if you want?



18-13, Over.

Ivar Bertil waiting for Adam Caesar...

Björn Stenberg, trafo Vånga. Send reinforcement as soon as possible.

Russian special soldiers dressed as German tourists are taking...

Björn Stenberg, Transformer Vånga. I want help now.

I have scarcely secured the building, but I need help ...

Björn Stenberg here. I'm sitting here playing red white rose by myself.

Can you send any more people who want to play?

Hey you. It's dad.

You, I want you to take yourself to safety as soon as you can.

There is something ...

There's some shit that's about to happen here.

I do not want you to be outside and..


Hello, open the door, it's the police!



Come on now, open the door!

Countryside Minister?

-Yes. -You must come with us now.

-Anders, have you heard anything from Karin? -No.

Sweden has today raised its preparedness to the highest-

-with immediate risk of war.

New information has the prime minister to mobilize the total defense-

-and in consultation with the Foreign Affairs Council decided that the war delegation-

-will replace the Riksdag and that the government is brought in security.

-Where is the prime minister? -With the Defense Minister in Parliament House.

Does this have to do with the terrorist attack? -We cannot go into details.

We can rule out that IS is behind this week's attempt.

This is much more...

In order to ensure the government's ability to act You are now grouped over three separate management centers.

There you can act safely in consultation with each other and the prime minister.

It is important that you do not try to contact someone at this time.

We will take you to the cars now, we have a sharp position.

I just have to get my bag.


Hello? Mother?

Hello do you hear me? Stay where you are, I'm coming to you.

What the hell.

Come on now.

Come on!

What is this?

It's my family.

Elin is 5 years old.

I got her when I was 21, after a year along with Kim.

Yes, she slept somewhere else tonight and he worked late.

Elin slept with a friend.

They would have been here now, but I can't...

There is something wrong with the phones.

I would go and get grandmother. Can I go with you, or?

Wait, sorry!

Sorry, I should have said something.

Can we try to talk about this?


Then leave!



Help me.

Where am I?


We'll continue the extra broadcast of the night's events.

SÄPO has revealed limited information about what has happened-

-but that there are unrest in several places around the country is clear We do not get the treatment we have the right too.

My son is sick, I can't talk to him-

-and now I can't get into the hospital Is there any kind of quarantine? Why can't people get in?

It is not just around the hospital there is military activity At the old air base F13 in Norrköping, hundreds of soldie...

Hey there? Why are you driving your own car?

They did not have enough cars back there so they asked me to take my own.

-What was the name? -Eva.

We have a woman here who drives south along Vasabron.

-Should she take her own car? -We do not have time with this.

No one drives in their own car. Ask her to turn around.

Roger. Out.

Eve, I'll ask you to turn around and join the others. Okay?

Hey! Hello! Hello, stay!

Stop god damn it!



Hey there.

Is Anna here?

-The mobile phones have no coverage. -I'm taking a look at Göran's phone.


I was going to pick you and grandma up.

Åke will pick us up in a little while.

You sit down and take a break meanwhile.

The phones work again.


-But won't we wait for Åke? -Alex, what's happening?

Åke thinks I'm in church. He gets terrified.

-Is your mobile phone working? -No.

-What is happening? -I do not know. There's something going on.

People behave strangely and the military gather at some air base in Norrköping.

-F13? -What?

Kim is a soldier. They called everyone yesterday, but said it was an exercise.

-Oh my god, Elin. I have to go get Elin. -We must seek protection now.

-No, I have to get my daughter. -And Åke.

-Yes, grandma! -Stop the car, we have to get Åke.


Hello? Where are we going?

Where are you?

It was you, you damn pig.

Where do you have your damn Reisepass?

All Ceasar. All Ceasar.

All Ceasar from Adam. Write Gustav answers. Over.


Orientation. Sweden is under attack. Over.

Erik Ceasar is flying to the transformer station in Kramfors. Over.

Damn that I'm always right Gustav Ceasar reclassifies with own vehicles to Grävlingen-

-and meets up with the government. Over.

Filip Ceasar flies to Vånga transformer station with me.

Everyone report at arrival. Final. Out.

From Gustav Ceasar. Roger. Out.

Adam Ceasar to all Ceasar Gustav Ceasar, regroup to Grävlingen.

Or wait ... you are flying with me to Vånga.


Adam Erik to Erik Bertil. You have already given that order. Over.

Hello? Hello?

What is happening? Why do we stop here?

-We have to seek protection. -I have to get Elin!

This was not a good idea.

Move! You are not allowed here!

Hello! You have to move over there!

What are you doing? Shouldn’t we go down the mountain room?

Who is this? I just told you. Eriksson and Lenny.

-I told my brother too. -And I told Cissi.

I didn't think she should be alone.

You cannot just storm back and begin to decide.

-I have a family to take care of. -The family not worth mentioning?

We must try to cooperate. We are equally afraid all of us.

-No, I'm most afraid of us all. -Get in the car!

-You only talked about your perfect life. -I have done what we dreamed about.

I do not care what you've done! You mean nothing to me.

That's not true. You were completely ruined when Alex disappeared.

-Grandma! -Didn't you think I would understand?

That's why you moved home to me incase Alex would come back.

This is a secure location, you must not be here!

What the hell?

She reads the newspaper only when it's about you and she has all your records.

I've never had a good time with the music. There is no song.

What the hell?


Get out of the car


-Come on, we must go! -We can't go without grandma!

Come on! Run!



-We must go now, do you not understand? -Grandma, for fuck's sake!

Julia? Have you seen Monica?

What is happening?

Alex? Hello do you hear me?




Where the hell are the keys? Julia!

Help me, for fuck's sake! My wife is out there!

-No no. -Julia!


Stop, Konny!

-It's something dangerous out there! -Julia!

My wife is out there for fuck's sake!

Nobody opens the door.

-Now you open the damn door, Björn. -Stop, Konny!

-Keys! -We do not know what's happening to them.

-Julia is out there, for fuck's sake! -Calm down, Konny!

Shut up!

Your conspiracy jail idiot! You always know what's going on!

Konny... They have knocked out every transformer station in the country.

The whole electrical backbone flows through us now.


They will be back.

I know you all seek help, but this is a protected area-

-and as soon as we know what's happening out there, you've got to be out of here.

No, that are the rules.

Wait. Your son is here. He is hurt.

Watch your head.

-Put him on this. -Is he going to make it?

I'll take him. There are blankets here and restrooms at the end of the corridor.

You look a little cold.


Honey... It's gonna be alright.

Give me!

He survives. He survives.

I stopped them now, but there are more of them next time.

The helicopters here to protect the plant.

It does not seem to be so much of it.

So you and Alex, you are... He has been so damn bad at getting in touch.

-But we're not... -Communication lies down.

Before we know what has hit them out there, you'll stay in .

The military should understand that something has gone wrong and send more reinforcement.

Well, if there is any military left to send, of course.

-Where are you going? -I have to get my daughter.



Wait, please ...

You do not have to get into this crap again.

-You must stay with Alex. -No, I'll do this.

Stay here with Alex.

Björn... Stay here.

What the hell?

Hey you! Cut this off! Hell!

Hey, wait up!

Line forward!

Take off your clothes and put them in the bucket over there.

Can you take a sip?

How many counties do Sweden have?

-25. -What is a horse?


-This is just a question, answer normally. -Who is Zlatan?

But what's happening? -Pettersson, cut it. She remembers.

We have to check this.

We lost three colleagues before we realized that the infection is in the rain.

What's in the rain?

We suspect some form of alpha-CaM or beta-amyloid, but do not know for sure.

You know when people lose memory when they've suffered something traumatic.

The body releases a protein that strikes out the affected neurons.

The Israeli army wanted to use in it battle for reducing the number of deaths-

-while still lowering the morale of the enemy side.

It's simply like getting Alzheimer's but it takes 15 minutes.

Are the others on their way?


The rest of the government.

Has no more come?


But you have called for help?

Unless the government meets, the prime minister will make such a decision.

The prime minister is dead.

It was an attack on Parliament House and he was just about to go.

Listen up everyone. We have food and diesel for a month down here.

If only we, it may be longer.

Those out there knows nothing about the infection. -That is unfortunately not our responsibility.

Landers, you are letting Krantz know.

We close and lock the gates from now on.


Yes, come on now.

Is this communication center?

Hello? Hello!

What are you doing? Did not you listen at all?

Even though the electricity is gone, the transmission relays in the country should work and then we can warn several thousand households.

They have managed to locate and knock out every broadcasting stat- and the same thing is happening to us.

-People dies! -It is not we who make such decisions.

She is right.

Emil ... My family is out there.

Tholén, lock the communications center.


Who helps her with the radio? -Listen...

Someone help her with the radio!

Tholén, think very carefully for now.

Follow me.

Landers, act! Wake up, damn!

-Råsmark! -Stay still.

Lay on your stomach.

Calm yourself!

-Help! -Call someone! Get the phone!

Lay still!


-Follow me. Hurry up. -Lay still!

I contact the embassies via satellite while you talk over the radio.

When we're in transit, we're visible, so make it quick.

Are you ready?

-No. -Let's go.


You, careful. Lie down again. You have a good jack in your head.

Where is Anna?

Forget about her.

It's no idea she's gone.


She tied me down.

Did you let her go out?

No. I tried to go myself, but she tied me down.

Alexander, go back.

Forget about that, it's too late, she's already on her way.

-I opened up here for your sake. -You've never done anything for me!

Why do you say that?

I've done everything for your sake. For you and mommy.

Everything that happened is your fault, don't you understand?

How can it be my fault? It where you who left.

It was you who left me.

Who the hell do you think you took care of all? That was me.

You do not even call.

Calling? What would I call and tell you?

You do not call me. You never have...

You've never said sorry to me.

What am I going to say sorry for, Alexander?

Because I took care of you? Huh?

Because I took care of you and your mother? Should I say sorry for that?

When do you realize how good we had it? Huh?

Then you can come back and everything can be as usual again.

Klara is dead.

I hear something on the radio! Come on!

...the ruthless attack that occurs in Sweden.

We do not know who or what lies behind the attack.

All of you who are in the country, keep away from the rain.


Anna The rain contains some form of chemical warfare-

-which affect the brain and black out our memories.

If you or someone you know been affected, then... we do not know if there is any cure yet, but keep it together.

We'll do that hair.

Take care of the time you have together. before it is too late


-Dad! -Elin, stop! Stop!

Get in the car. Okay?

We were at F13. There is nobody left.

People came in helicopters and shot at anyone who was not infected.

Kim is dead, Alex.

Everyone is dead.

Grandmother is still down there.



Come, honey! Come!

Elin, come on!

Hello? They are coming, they are here.

Is anyone hearing me? Two helicopters are here.

Everyone must be out now. Is there anyone who listens?


Does anyone hear me? Hello?

We have to get out of here now.

Grandmother! Grandmother!

Help! Help! But fuck's sake!

Come darling.

-Hurry! -Wait!

Dad are still there, I have to...

You have to run in advance, I have to pick him up. Hurry!

-Has something happened? -What the fuck are you doing?

You have not called, you have not visited, but now you suddenly care.

Kim ... What are you doing here?

They said it was an exercise on F13, then they drove me here.

Do you mean I'm bad, not being with them?

When was the last time you met Anna or Elin?

Elin does not even remember who you are.

When this is over, I never want to see you again.

Someone is entering.

-How many are they? -Two helicopters.

-Did your girl get help? -No.

-So what's the plan? -There is no plan.

What are you doing? Come on!

Here. Bring everyone to the church!

If I get help, I will send them there. Get out of here!

Where the hell is the receiver?

Give it to me.

-Couple color against color. -What?

Red against red and yellow against yellow.

A helicopter just landed, somebody has located our transmission.

-Friend or foe? -Unclear. Erik Bertil is investigating.

Prepare to evacuate.

I see two helicopters. no markings. We move closer. Over.

Trafo Vånga calling on open channel. Should I answer the call?

-Yes, get them on call group three. -Roger.

Are you still here? Hello?

Bertil Gustav here. Over.

Björn Stenberg, Transformer Vånga.

The plant is under attack, we request immediate help.

Two hostile helicopters at the entrance and lots of civilians. Over.


Landers... Transport the injured by road Bertil.

-Speaking to the highest command. Over. -They are dead, only civilian here. Over.

Can you escape without coming into contact with the rain? Over.

It has stopped raining. -Yes, it has stopped raining. Over.

We can get to the church. Over.

Good, take everyone to church. I'll be there in 60 minutes.

Just stay away from the rain. We are on our way. Over.

-Are you still there? Over. -We're still here. Over.

Is there an Anna there? She has a daughter.

It's my family. Are they okay? Over.

-Hello? -Yes, they are here.

What are you doing? Who was he?

Are you still there? Over. Hello?

We take care of this later. Come here now.

Alexander, come on!

The military are coming to the church, we must get all there.

-What are you doing? Come now! -I can't.

What the hell. Come here now.

Come here. Come on.

Now you're coming, for fuck's sake! You are going with me to the church.

-Go up to your room! -Why?

Because I say so!

Where are you going? Alexander, wait!

Alexander, wait for fuck's sake Alexander!

Calm down!


Take the minister to the reassembly point. I take one of the vehicles to Vånga.

Tholén, for fuck's sake. My family.

Try to get in touch with Home Guard, they should be ready now.

Good luck.

-I'm coming with. -You must be protected.

I don't care my safety. I have to meet my daughter.

Start the cars!

Smoke comes!

Take everyone to church, I'll be there in 50 minutes.

Kim is dead, Alex.


Alex, hurry up!

-We must go to church and get Åke. -We must leave this place. Now.

Now you are listening to me, young man.

We are not going anywhere without Åke.

You run to the church and I pick up the car, then we have to go away at once.

Are everyone out? The cars are down the hill, so hurry up!

-What the hell, is nobody helping us? -There is no help!

What are you waiting for, Alex? Run!

Come on! Hurry up Here, take a seat.


Damn, were are the keys?


This I have done my son.

He will be so damn happy.


We must get away from the rain.

Kim is alive.

-He's on his way here. -What?

Sorry, I thought ...

I was thinking if you still thought Kim was dead-

-that you should remember us.

Do you think everything could have been different if I had kept in touch?

I just wish I had...


Okay. That is exactly what...

After three days of resignation, we are now back- and most people can now watch television broadcasts in most of the country.

All major hospitals should now have electricity back-

-but they are still heavily overloaded.

The UN condemns the attack, which is one of the worst against a civilian population ever.

We continue our international partnerships and cannot comment on...

How long will foreign soldiers be on Swedish soil?

As long as the Swedish defense is weakened- other countries must protect their financial interests here.

We are talking about a raid

800,000 have lost the most important things we have:

Our memories.

And for what? What could possibly motivate up such a horrible act?

Russia's economy will be more stable.