The Valachi Papers (1972) Script

SALERTO: You're out of bounds, Johnny.

Go fetch your ball, Johnny.

Hey, I just got in yesterday.

I didn't expect no brass band or anything like that, but at least a "come va?".

What makes you think ya got the right, you son of a...

What? What'd you say?

You act like this is a morgue.

I guess I'll go talk to Don Vito.

What makes you think he'll talk to you?


TANNOY: report to the warden's office.

28648, report to the warden's office.


MAN: Hey, everybody out, quick!




I'll kill this guinea bastard, so help me, God.

Open up! Open up!

Get me outta here. I want solitary.

First, you let go of that man, Valachi.

Like hell. I want a promise of solitary, or this knife goes right through his neck.


Look, I can't stop him goin' in the hole if he wants it.


You got your promise, buddy.

OFFICER: Come on, come on!




You don't like our cookin'?

Maybe you think it's poisoned.

Listen, I want a meeting with Vito Genovese.

If Mr Genovese wants to see ya, he'll let you know.

All right, then. I want to talk to a lawyer.

Sure, why not? Tomorrow, after exercise.


You tellin' me it's easier to talk to my lawyer than it is to Don Vito?

TANNOY: 36849, you have a visitor.

36849, you have a visitor.


OFFICER: Valachi, drop that pipe!

Valachi! Drop that pipe!


At least I got Salerto.

WALTER: Joseph Saupp, you mean. You hit the wrong guy, Valachi.

Saupp's a cheque forger from Alabama.

No connection whatsoever with your people.

I'm tellin' you, Salerto tried to kill me.

A dope charge, and now a homicide.

You bulls don't give me protection, there's gonna be more.

RYAN: You let an animal talk like that?

No wonder we've got trouble in our prisons.

Who the hell you callin' an animal? You got a better word for it?

Father an alcoholic, two brothers in insane asylums, two others killed in a gunfight with the police.

Screw you!

I don't need nobody else climbin' on my back, and you leave my family out of it, you hear me?

I hear. You got me real scared.

Who the hell are you?

Ryan, Federal Board.

Oh, big deal.

I seen you some place? I know you?

I know you.

So, you wanna dance?

I wanna talk.

I ain't a talker.

Like to bet?

D'ya hear what happened to your friend Tony Bender?

Who? Tony Bender.

He's an underboss of Vito Genovese, that's who.

He's disappeared.

You call Lost and Found yet?

Word is out... rat.

MAN ON TAPE: Vito, what happened?

GENOVESE: Vinny was there at the dockside.

Joe Valachi, Tony Bender.

Salerto caught a slug.

He was dropped, but I hear he's doing fine.

The only two that got away were Tony Bender and Joe Valachi, capisce?

They're rats. An open contract.

No price. Anybody sees 'em, they can have 'em.

Vito Genovese. Nice voice.

Mickey Mouse.

Wanna hear the punchline?

Genovese thinks you set them up to get busted.


I'm the only guy can save your life now, Valachi, but I'm gonna wanna know about Genovese, his drug operation.

Why don't you ask your friend?

He knows a model prisoner when he sees one.


Walter, looks like we got ourselves another shortsighted, mobbed-up punk.

I told ya.

Take him back to the can, and not solitary anymore.

If he meets up with a knife on the way, send him a dozen roses with my compliments.

You wanna tell me something?


Screw you.


Come on, Valachi.

Where you takin' me?

You been askin' enough. This time he's ready to see ya.


Mister Genovese.


Mr Valachi.

Don Vitone.


What did they ask you, Joseph?

Ah, the usual stuff.

Who do I work for? Where's Tony Bender?

Of course, you didn't talk?

How can you ask me that, Don Vito?

May God strike me dead.

That Tony, guys like him, they can't take the time.

Between ourself, Joseph, I think he talked.

What do you mean?

What does it matter? He disappeared.

Hell, Tony was a sick guy.

To have to take orders from a sick guy like that, Joseph, can be a very bad experience.

So who gives him the orders, huh?

Listen, Bender promised me a deal for five years.

I pulled fifteen.

Now... they're gonna give me life.

Bender was wrong.

All I know is he tells me about some narcotics job, and suddenly there's cops all over the place.

Vinny's arrested, Frank's arrested, Salerto.

Then I find out you're arrested.

I figure, what the hell is this world comin' to?

That's what I'm asking you, Joe.

All this time, I don't know anything.


After my 30 days in quarantine, I enter the population, and he tries to take me.

I say I gotta see you.

Once I see the right man, maybe I'll know what the hell's goin' on around here, and 'cause you're the only one who could put a stop to them.


Sometimes, I have a barrel of apples, and one of these apples stinks, so it has to be removed, or it stinks up the rest of the apples.


If I've done something wrong, Don Vito, show it to me and leave me the pills.

I'll take them in front of you.

Who said you did anything wrong?

Il bacio delta morte.


Joe, how many kids you got?


How many you got?


That's a good thing to know.


You just made up my mind, Don Vito Genovese.

$20,000 for Joe Valachi.

Pass the word.


All that for my protection, huh?

Hell, no. It's for mine.

OFFICER OUTSIDE: All right, you guys, keep movin'.

Come on, don't stand around.

- Break it up. Geez...

You know the rules.

I ain't stood like this and looked out a window in months.

RYAN: That's very expensive, Valachi. It'll cost you all you know.

For a start, take a look through these mug shots.

What the hell's the hurry?

I want this over. The sooner the better.

Place and date of birth.

Place and date of birth.

Born in New York.

September 22, 1903.


I went to the seventh grade.

After seventh grade?

Hey, what the hell is this, some "who's who" kinda bullshit?

I thought we were gonna get Genovese.

Talk, Valachi.

After the seventh grade, I worked on the sandboats... for one of your potato-breaths.

The O'Brien Brothers. 30 South Street.

So far you're battin' a thousand, wop.

You ever finish school?

Yeah, didn't you?


Sing Sing.



My name's Tony Bender.

That's my bed.

Those are my things.

Be polite.

Introduce yourself.

My name is Joe Valachi.

You happen to know Joe the Boss? Joe the what?

You've never heard of Joe Masseria?

Don't lie to me, Valachi. I hate a liar.

I never saw him before.


The Gap looks after you.

Tony Bender's a strong-arm for Mr Maranzano.

We gotta be careful you're not a Masseria man.

Ah, I don't know what the hell all this crazy war talk is about.

In my gang, the gang I got, everybody's pals.

Joe the Boss has been moving in on Maranzano.

A nice pal.

Some Mustache Pete from the old country.

Some time I'm gonna tell ya about my outfit.

Very big, huh? You got a lot of men workin' for ya?


I got seven guys.

They call us the Minutemen because it only takes us a minute to pull a job, and it takes the cops two minutes, maybe more, to show.

GAP: And what do you do?

You go out and throw milk cans at windows?

Bender's boss has 400 guys in his gang, most of them torpedoes.

And that Mustache Pete you were talkin' about.

Let's see, he's got 600.

As the paper says, there's a war on.

Guys from Sicily, guys from Naples.

Anytime you wanna mob up, ask for the Gap.

Paradise Restaurant.

Times change, Joey, and awful fast.

VALACHI: The Gap was sure right.

Times were changing. One week out of Sing Sing, I got a tip on a silk factory in Brooklyn, so I pick up a couple Irish guys to fill in part of my gang that's been arrested, and away we go.

LOOKOUT: All right, lady, let's have your dough, and your watch.

What the hell's the matter with ya?

I take you out on a job, and you act like a couple of kids?

Stupid bastard, son of a bitch!

(SIREN BLARING) VALACHI: You know the police had radios?

They cut my time in less than a minute.







GAP: You haven't been out a week, and already in trouble?

I'm on the run. I got eyes.

Come on.

MARANZANO: What's all this?

I met that guy in Sing Sing.

Who is he?

A friend of Gap's.

MARANZANO: Who is he?

A friend of Gap's. They met him in Sing Sing.

Why he's wet?

Mr Maranzano wants to know why he's wet.

I don't know why he's wet.

Why's he wet, Gap?

I don't know.

He don't know why he's wet.





You gentlemen are looking for something?

Sorry to disturb you, Mr Maranzano, but did you see a man come in here dripping wet?

He had horns. Like this?



MARANZANO: This wet man, what... what he do?

He tried to rob a silk shop.

We chased him a coupla blocks.

Racked up one of our cars.

Ditched his in the river, and got away.

I sincerely regret I have not met with such a man.

COP: Well, if you do...

What do you think?

I give him a job.

Good night, Officer.

Good night, sir.

VALACHI: The first contract I worked on was to hit a guy named Steve Ferrigno.

He was one of the lieutenants who worked for Joe the Boss.

RYAN: Ferrigno? We were onto him for at least five killings.

VALACHI: Bender got me to rent an apartment, same place where Ferrigno lived, on Pelham Parkway.

One month's rent with a different name.


There's Ferrigno's apartment.

Right across the courtyard.

First floor opposite. Quelle con le tende gialle.

Like I said, I got a tip-off he moved in there last week.

BENDER: Make some coffee, will you, Gap?

GAP: Sure, I'll make coffee, spaghetti, meatballs, anything.

You expect a little music, or what?

You look musical.

You think so, huh?

Oh, er... Buster, why don't you go take a look and see if the view's right from there?

That's no problem.

Buster from Chicago.

Go easy with him.

To date, nine killings.

Oh, yeah? Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da!

Still looks musical to me.

Okay, Tony, this one's gonna be easy.

Hey, none of my business, but I rent this apartment.

If he shoots him from there, they trace it to me.

Now, everybody's seen me.

The neighbours, the doorman.


We'll use this place as a stakeout, and we'll hit him from somewhere else.

Staircase, window, corridor, anyplace.


Come on, Joe. You go upstairs.

The corridor outside Ferrigno's apartment.

And give us the sign when they come in.

Oh, er... you got those pictures?


Here's a little homework to memorise.

Joe Masseria and family.

VALACHI: I never knew anybody could have such an organisation.

Masseria's outfit went as far west as Chicago with Capone.

And how in hell Maranzano ever expected to destroy Joe the Boss, that was beyond me.

Hold it!


What floor you want?

Punch yours.




Holy smokes, holy smokes, guess what?

What's wrong?

I just saw that guy Masseria and these other two.

These other two.

Luciano and Genovese. Oh, it's not possible.

Yeah. Yeah! No, impossible.

They got on the elevator with me. No, impossible.

I pretended I was going to the third floor.

They went up to the sixth.

BUSTER: Come and take a look.

They pretended to go to the sixth.

BENDER: Full house.

Must be havin' a meet.

BUSTER: Easy aces. What the hell, why don't we cross over that side and take Ferrigno in the back?

Hey, Mr Bender, if you ask me, why don't you take 'em all?

You and I can hit him from the top.

And, Gap, you can take him from the downstairs.

But they're all up there in that one room.

All you have to do is spray the place.

You wanna be the boss?

Okay, I make a call to Mr Maranzano.

Keep him quiet, Gap.

I'm getting restless.

Boy, oh boy!

You oughta think it over, Mr Bender.

You're only the wheel man, capisce?

When I give the word, you bring the Packard out to the front.

Until then, I don't wanna hear another word outta ya.



Okay, Joe.

Have the engine running, doors open.


Hold it a minute.

You run up and tell the boss the coast is clear.




What's the matter?

Ah, nothin'.

Somethin's botherin' this guy.

Why do you talk?

Let him drive, Tony, huh?

I want to know why he said "boy" like that.

Joey, why do you say "boy" like that?

Because we really had a chance to hit.

Hit everybody!

Luciano, Genovese, Joe the Boss!

What the hell is wrong with you, Bender?

Only the new guy, he has the thought.

Why you didn't listen?

You said hit Ferrigno, so we hit Ferrigno.

I believe in iniziativa. Dominick, come si dice?

"Initiative." initiative.

What organisation, it means anything without its people have initiative, eh?

Valachi, he's a good driver?

'Course he is.

You said "get the best".

I get the best.

You got a suit and tie?

Sure, Mr Maranzano.

Go away. Come back two hours.

Yes, sir. Hey!

I swear by this man Tony Bender.

You understand?

He was right to do the wrong thing.

He was thinking what's good for the organisation.

But you were a little more right, eh?

From this day on, Joe Valachi, you live by the knife and the gun.

You die by the knife and the gun.

Throw a finger from one to five.

Well, Joe, Gaetano Reina, he's now your goombah.

He is responsible for you.

You have a problem, you see him.

With what finger you shoot?

Give me your hand.

MARANZANO: With the spilling of the blood, Joe Valachi, we are now one family.

Dammi la carta.

Now, repeat after me in the language of our fathers, or otherwise in English.

"Così morirò..."

VALACHI: "This is the way I will die..."

MARANZANO: "Se tradisco il segreto di Cosa Nostra..."

"If I betray the secret of the Cosa Nostra..."

"Brucerò come il fuoco dell'inferno..."

"I will burn like the fires of hell..."

"Se la mia lingua parlerà come Giuda."

"If my tongue speaks like Judas."

This being a time of war, I make it short.

Two things the most important to remember.

First, to betray secret of Cosa Nostra means death without trial.

Second, to violate any member's wife, the same.

And never use violence with anyone in the family.

We help you.

Because of this, now you are family.

Your job is to be a personal driver for my under-boss Gaetano Reina.

He is a fine man worthy of respect.

We are here together because Joe Masseria has sentenced us to die.

So now, whether from Castellammare or not, we are all one today.

What happened at Pelham Parkway has got them confused.

They don't know how we discovered their meet, so now we concentrate to get their main bosses, Luciano, Genovese, but the most important...

Joe Masseria himself.

He say he will make no deal with us.

So until we kill him once and for all, the war, it goes on and on forever.


(BRAKES SQUEALING) Geez, Bender, you missed one!


VALACHI: That same afternoon, we hit Dino Roselli and Peter "Brown Eyes" Allione.

Next day, we took, er... Charlie Ansaldo.

He had a nice car.

It's a shame we had to spoil it.

That's Frankie Baretta. "The Enforcer", they called him.

RYAN: Nice day's work.

VALACHI: Sometimes it was straightforward and easy, no sweat.

You let Masseria come in and take over our machines.

Mr Maranzano won't like that.

I didn't want no trouble.

You know the number you have to call.

We're ready to service our machines day and night, unless you want to change your supplier, huh?

Okay, Joe, put back the Maranzano stickers.

Like that, my dear friend? You can sleep better nights.

That right, Charlie?

Tell me, who came calling?

Who was it left his card?

You don't have to talk.

You only have to deny it was Carlo Torrio.


Carlo Torrio is a nice boy.

RYAN: Doesn't look so nice there.

VALACHI: And with him, Johnny "Golf Bag" Ponti, Sam Petrelli.

But these were our boys who were getting it, also, Johnny Buono, Pete Gianola... but somehow we managed business as usual.

RYAN: Oh, that was big of ya.

VALACHI: Well, sometimes you guys gave us a little help yourselves.

BARMAN: Only two cases?

VALACHI: That's all.

BARMAN: When do we get some more?

Next week.

All right, break it up.

BENDER: Screw you, mister.

This son of a bitch did a hundred bucks' worth of damage.

Look here, mister, break it up!

You can see yourself.

Okay, okay.

Clear the road. Clear the road.

Clear the road. Go on. Go on. Okay, okay.

SALERTO: Get 'em running! Get 'em running!

Come on! Come on!

Settantasette. Seventy-seven.

Coscie di donne.

La paura. Novanta. Ninety.

Forty-seven. Quarantasette.

Come on!

Twenty-two. Ventidue.

VALACHI: I got so as I knew every bank in the city.

Before, I could do the Bronx with my eyes closed.

Now, it's like I am very capable on Wall Street, too.

28.128 napkins, 43 tablecloths.

And they say they served only 73 dinners.

Some people ain't honest.

Chez Aldo.

Second time they gave us the wrong count.

Someday we go beat 'em on the head.


Hey, hey, hey, can't you see this is private? Move! Move!

Next time, the right count, understand?

Tomorrow, when I call you, have the counted money ready. Remember.

RYAN: Very reasonable, Valachi.

VALACHI: What are you talkin'?

We were dealing straight, and they wasn't.

I mean, for instance, take the fish market.

This guy Tony, er...

I forgot his last name.

He paid for protection.

Some of Masseria's honkies start to lean on him pretty good.

He gives us a call...

Break it up!

VALACHI: and we deliver.

RYAN: Just like the cavalry and the Boy Scouts, Valachi.

Hey! Hey! (GROANING)


RYAN: Just like the cavalry and the Boy Scouts.

VALACHI: You know, we hit nearly 35 of Masseria's men the first couple of months?

The Castellammarese War, they called it, and Joe the Boss was gonna get every guy from Castellammare.

Any guy who was Sicilian, that is.

RYAN: Must've been bad for business.

VALACHI: It was terrible.





Signora! Signora!

Come on. Bring him in. Put him on the couch.

MARIA: They got Papa! Papa! Papa!

Put him there.

Dio mio!

Oh, God. Papa. Be silent!

Show dignity.

They hit us just when your husband was gonna open the garage door.

You are my husband driver?

You are Joseph Valachi?

Yes, ma'am.

MARIA: Papa.

Remember this, Maria.

Always he lived with death.

Always he wait for this to happen.

I have learned to wait with him.

La festa mia è chiangere.

Festa mia è chiangere...




We know who do it, Donna Letizia.

Don Salvatore, I have lost him.

Bring him back to me.

I cannot bring back the dead, only kill the living.

Cara, my love for your father was without end.

I don't stop until I find...

MRS REINA: Assassini! Bastardi! Ammassastevu a mio marito!

Perchè, siete venuti a cane?! Bastardi!

Ammassastevu a mio marito! Perchè? Bastardi!

Too many good men are dead.

GENOVESE: These killings, very bad.

For everything.

With all respect for the widow...

we did not seek this war.

Who sent you, Mr Luciano?

Nobody sent him.

Is true, Mr Luciano?

Like he said.

Salvatore, we are from the same country,

and now we've... come to kill each other far from home.

It's our people who died, the blood of our blood.

And, with the cops on our tail,

it's hurting all the business.

So, even if Joe Masseria doesn't want to talk about peace, Mr Maranzano... we do.

While Joe Masseria live... no peace.

Please believe me when I tell you I held your husband in the highest respect.

My condolences.



They come in peace.

Look at that Anastasia.

He wants somebody to start something.

He's nuts.

VALACHI: Charlie, Lucky and Genovese said they came for peace, and one day at Scarpato's in Coney Island, they set out to prove it.

How about a game of cards, Mr Masseria?

Yeah. We play Tressette.

Oh, I have to go to the john.

Vito, there's a deck in the car.

Why don't you go get it?




Don't you think someone should, er... call the police?

RYAN: So that's how Joe the Boss died.

We never knew for sure.

Is that so?

Well, don't expect me to do no more talkin'.

Anyhow, I'm tired and I'm gonna get some rest.

Sit down. What the hell...

We got a lot more talking to do. (DOOR OPENING)

I ain't gonna eat that.

So starve.

How do I know it ain't poisoned? You don't.


You taste.

How do I know you ain't eatin' only the good part?

I wanna do my own cookin', Ryan.

Maybe. If you keep on talking.

And I want a hot plate and I want a refrigerator, and, like I said, I'm not talkin' anymore.

My rules, Valachi.

You wanna starve here or go back to where you came, be my guest.

What happened after Masseria's death?

What the hell's that got to do with Genovese?

Ryan, I wanna get Genovese. My rules!

All right. We got organised.

Organised? Yeah.

In the borgatas.


Big deal. You know Italian.

That make you an honorary wop?

One territory for each family.

That's right, and all the families were responsible to the capo di capi.

The boss of all the bosses.

And it is with humility, I accept this title.

But, as a father, I'm also obliged to remind you that all of us here are in a foreign country, and if we don't help each other like brothers, nobody will.

While we were killing, others outside were making their moves.

The Irishmen, they own the politician, the Jews like Lepke, Shapiro, they tie up the Garment Center and the unions, and the Dutchmen, they beat us to the numbers.

So what we do?

We sit still?

We hit them. We hit them!

You're right, Anastasia, but first we prepare ourselves.

From now on, we divide to form new families.

Each borgata will have capo, a boss, sotto capo, under-boss, and then comes lieutenant.

Under them...

It's a nice setup, like an army.

Yeah, except their own guy is on the top.

In each city will be one family.

I already spoke with our friend John Gianola in St Louis.

Capone will be in.

Sam Carollo in New Orleans, and Pirelli in Detroit.

Only here, in New York, will be different.

Because we are so many, we'll be five families.

Charlie Luciano will head one, Tom Gagliano another, and the others will be under Joe Prof act, Joe Buona, and Vince Mangano.

Think of it that we will provide service for the public.

Everything what the public wants.

Women, the best.

To gamble, the horse, the numbers.

Everything what the public wants, and we give them a fair deal.

Everything except... la droga.

The drug, it can destroy all, all what progress we make.

Sure. Afterwards, we go and get laid.

And remember, what happened in the past is finished.

If your own brother was killed in this war, you don't look to find out who did it to get even.

You do, you pay with your life.

From now, it's forgive, forget for my family.

You soldiers want to see my sotto capo... you see Tony Bender.

Now I pick for my bodyguard, the Gap.

There goes my spare time.

And for my driver, I pick Joe Valachi.

Congratulations, Joe. Thanks.

MARANZANO: You have questions? Very good. Very good.

Hey, didn't we meet somewhere before?

Vito Genovese.

I don't remember, but nice to meet you.

Fine. MARANZANO: The future, it lie ahead.

With the help of God, let us bring success to ourselves, and to this thing of ours, great honour.

Onoriamo Cosa Nostra!

"Capita singula praedae nomine distribuit."

"From the captured spoils,"

"he distribute one"

"to each of the soldier of the Army."

It's from Giulio Cesare.

That's the way you learn the real command.

Everything I learn, I learn from Caesar.

No kiddin'?

You remember what Caesar say when he destroy the tyrant Pharnaces?

Oh, can't say I do, Mr Maranzano.

It... It slips me.

He say, "Veni, vidi, vici."

"I came, I saw..."

"I conquered."

"I came, I saw, I conquered."

Oh, that's terrific. Mmm.

Never know when a line like that might come in handy.


- Buona sera. Teresa.


Do you... You mean you read all these books, Mr Maranzano?

Yes, when I was studying to be priest.

Oh, yeah. I heard that some place, Mr Maranzano.

What kind of language is this?

Oh, it's Lucretius. Is in Greek.

Greek? You speak Greek?

I speak seven language.

Er... Mr Maranzano, who are all those guys?

Oh, this is Caesar as the high priest of Jupiter.

This is Caesar as the Roman consula, and this is Caesar as the dictator and architect of the Roman Empire.

Which remind me, boys.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with Genovese and Luciano.

I want you both to be there, huh?

In case.

Maybe we don't make, er... arrangement, eh?

They betray their own boss.

If you were the boss, you trust them?

Why didn't you break up the family at the meet?

It would start another war. I don't know yet who's on their side.

But tomorrow, I find out.

You no tell anyone, yes?


I no like guns in my office, but tomorrow...

And tomorrow, Tony Bender, he pick me up at half past one.

You meet me in the office a little before two, huh?

Yes, sir.

And here, read this book.

Roman Civil War. In English.

Thanks, Mr Maranzano. (DISCREET COUGH)

Don't I get a book?

Some men are born to read, some not.


You found me out, Mr Maranzano.

Some things are hard to find out, some not.

Good night. Good night.

VALACHI: Night, Mr Maranzano.

Bet you can get five bucks for that book, the leather alone.

What the hell's the matter with you?

It's a present. From him.

I don't read so good, but I'm gonna try.

For him? Tell me all about it when you finish, please.

You got a cock for a brain.

So I'm a genius. What can I do?


MAN: Open up! Open up! It's the police.

Yeah, yeah.

It's about time.

You're late.

Veni, vidi, vici, kiddo.

Jane, Mary-Lou, meet Joe.

Hi, Joe. Greetings. Hi, Joe.

Wait, wait, wait!

We're supposed to be in Maranzano's office at two.

Don't worry. The meeting's called off.

Mary-Lou, make breakfast on him.

Boy, am I hungry!

I don't believe you. I don't believe you.

Relax. Tony Bender will tell ya.

You better get rid of that chewing gum.

Lay off, Jane.

Baby, I'm ticklish.

Hello, Tony? One second.

Tony? Hi.

The meeting's cancelled.

Yeah, I'll let you know when the old man needs you.

- Have a swell time. Yeah, okay.

GAP: Take it off, Jane. Hey, you're right.

Me, Jane. You, Tarzan.


Hey! Hey!

Okay, Mr Maranzano.


Remember, you and the Mad Dog, you wait at the drugstore telephone.

I give the order. You hit, no miss.

Or we go back on the mattress again, eh?

I hope you don't decide to call it off.

Genovese's boys took my brother.

Valachi, the Gap, they're late.

On their way over.

I just got through talking to them.

I don't like they're late.

When they come in, send them in.

Yes, sir.

Well, what've we got here?

Mad Dog Coll and Steff Salerto out for a walk?

There's a law against that?


Try me.

I'll cover him.

Where's Maranzano?

Sit down.

That's what I ask.

What do you want?

You got a warrant? Let me see.

You're not cops.

Come on!



I said "no guns"! Come on.




Help me, Judas.

Make the cross.

I no want sins on my children.

In nome padre... in spirito.

RYAN: So who really killed Maranzano?

I guess you could say it was Luciano and Genovese.

They hired the Bugsy Siegel boys to pose like cops.

Hey... when those phony cops stopped Salerto and Mad Dog Coll, they were on their way to do the same thing to Luciano and Vito.


A matter of timing, I guess.

We always called him "Lucky Luciano".

Yeah, yeah. Go on.

First, I eat somethin'.

Okay, Valachi, you've had your new toys I promised ya.

I'm in a hurry, so let me remind you: maybe you're 99% safe.

That doesn't mean your wife is, or your kid, what's his name? (SLAMMING LID)

You son of a bitch.

Magician, Valachi.

You start talking or I'll pull some more rabbits out of the hat, like these letters from home, maybe.

You hold back letters from my wife?

Well, it's nice to know you care.

Do you care about their safety as well?

I want a guarantee they'll be safe.

That's up to you, Valachi.

Now, I was asking you...

All right.

After Maranzano, there was no more capo di capi.

Just Luciano, the Mangano boys, Prof act, Benuto Galliato.

The under-bosses were Genovese, Anastasia, Charlie Calesi, and the three Franco boys.

The lieutenants were Johnny Gardena, Tony Bender, Mick Moretti, and Joe Adonis, you heard of him.

Good. Okay.

Now, after Maranzano's murder, which family did you go with?

What kinda dummy are you?

After the murder, I ran.

Mrs Reina? Yes?

You remember me? I'm Joe Valachi.

Yes, I know.

They shot Mr Maranzano, and your husband was my goombah, so I...

(WHISPERING) Come on. Come in.

VALACHI: Be careful, Mrs Reina. These steps, they're pretty steep.


Let me help you, Mrs Reina.


Thank you.

Hey, this is terrific.

Eh, it will do for the moment.

Just until things quiet down.

We will bring you food.

Oh, you don't have to do that, Mrs Reina.

I can always sneak out and get something to eat.

Ah, even the windows have eyes.

Hey, yeah.

And Joe Prof act is my brother.

Joe Prof act is your brother?

Mmm, and he always eat here.

I see what you mean.

Thanks, Mrs Reina.

My husband would do the same.

He was a good man.

VALACHI: Those pictures really told me a lot about Maria.

You know, I never knew a kid could do all those things.

I mean, have all those hobbies.

When I was a kid, I was just Joe Cargo.

RYAN: Cargo?

VALACHI: Yeah, 'cause I used to make these carts out of soap boxes.

"Cargo," get it?

MARIA: You know, I hardly knew my father.

Only saw him when we went on trips.

But I did have a lot of respect for him.

Oh, me, too.

Everybody had respect for your father.

Even the men that killed him?

Oh, sure, they had respect.

You really are a good soldier, aren't you, Joe?

Yeah, I try to be.

Maybe it's a feeling you don't understand that I have for these guys.

It's like we're all pieces of one another.

They make me feel like I belong.

Before now, you might say I was a nothin'.



Maria. MARIA: Oh, God.

Go to your room.

Mama, I'm not a child. - Vattene, ti ho detto vattene!

Sit. Finish. Sit down.

Maria is no toy, Mr Valachi.

I wasn't playing with her, Mrs Reina.


Flora, vai aprire.

Come on.


GAP: Good evening, Mrs Reina.

- I'm looking for Joe Valachi. MRS REINA: I don't know anybody called...

GAP: He's the guy who's been living in your attic, Mrs Reina.

Mr Joe Valachi.

What the hell do you want, Gap?

You, Joey. Put the gun down.

It's okay. You're back in the driver's seat.

Who says?

Come with me. I'll show you.


The proof is I could have shot you in the back a week ago, been a big man on campus, okay?




No, no.


No. Domani, più tardi.

Charlie, this is Joe Valachi.

Ask him what he wants.

Right now I'd like... Er... we talked it over.

He and the Gap want to go partners on the numbers and the slot machines.

Give him twenty machines.

But for the numbers, they need the bankroll.

Okay. Hand them ten Gs.

Mr Luciano is giving you twenty machines, his own labels.

That means no police interference, and the credit for a month.

You plan them, pay us fifty per cent, and they are yours.

Any problem, talk with Tony Bender.

He's your lieutenant.

That's pretty good.

I already got a few places picked out in East Harlem.

Thanks, Mr...

Mr Genovese.

Bye, Charlie. Oh, wait a minute.

I got a call from Joe Prof act, brother of Gaetano Reina's widow.

According to him, Valachi has been seeing the daughter, and he's not stated his intention.

Can I talk? Yeah.

I gotta be straight.

I don't know nothin' about my intentions, but I sure would like to marry that girl.

Very fine!

A nice Italian girl, and the good blood doesn't go wasted.

Yeah, but the mother, she thinks I'm a nobody.

Not now, she won't.

Now you're one of the family.

Nice ring.

Very nice ring.

Paid for?

Yes, Donna Letizia, paid for.

Cash or with the credit?




I always pay cash.

I got a receipt.

No need, no need.

Genuino, questo Rosolio. Che piacere.

Fatto in casa.

Made by the hands of my daughter, Maria.

Ottimo. Veramente ottimo.

My friend and I, we drink to the gracious ladies of this house...



To the gracious ladies.

It's time for me to speak.

I speak now for the future, not for the past, which has sometimes been, er... unhappy.

From today, Donna Letizia, I wish to be your friend, for friendship is everything.

Friendship... (CRUNCHING)

Friendship is more than beauty, more than talent, more than government, more than anything except the family.

And perhaps, one day, Donna Letizia, you and, er... your fine daughter may have need of friendship, need of a friend.

A friend rather than a lawyer, who will lead you in circles and take your money.

Or the police, who will end up only by offending and upsetting you.

And, if such a day should come, I trust that you will turn to me, a friend of Joseph Valachi, a member of your family, and the man whose friends can be counted among those who have respect, not only in this city, in this country, but beyond the seas.

Donna Letizia, I await your answer.

Damn it, Mama! Say yes.


Mr Genovese, you'll never know today what you just did.

I know anytime you give an order, that's it, but if ever there's something special...

Maybe there is something special.

I want you and Gap to make a hit.

A special hit.

(CHUCKLING) Ah, there's my ladies.

Ah, you eat now, eh?

Nice, nice.

All right, my ladies, Daddy's going to feed you.




Maybe you oughta leave, Mr Genovese.

The lights will go down in two minutes.

Hold them.



Don Vito, we saw the doctor.

Ah, did you?

Yeah, it's bad news.

I don't think our friend's gonna recover.

As a matter of fact, he's gone already.

Natural causes, I hope.

Oh, yeah, you might say that.

Shortage of breath.

Sit down, boys.

Vito, I don't think you ought to stay.

No lights.

Mmm, relax.

Tonight, I want to see the show.

♪ Love is just around the corner

♪ Any cosy little corner ♪ Er... you know her husband?


Oh, sure you do, Joey.

No, I don't.

The special hit. (GURGLING)

DONNA: ♪ When you keep me on a corner

♪ Just waiting for you

♪ Venus de Milo

♪ Was noted for her charms

♪ But, simply between us

♪ I'm cuter than Venus

♪ And, what's more, I've got arms

♪ Let's go cuddle in a corner

♪ Any cosy little corner

♪ Love is just around the corner

♪ And I'm around you ♪

♪ Love is just around the corner

♪ And I'm around you ♪




I have no long speeches.

Just want to drink a toast to Joseph and Maria.

Happiness, long life, and male children.

Thanks. Thanks. Grazie.

Mama, thanks.

How about some nice gifts, folks, huh?

To set up this tremendous couple, huh?

Thank you.



Why'd you do that, huh?

Stronzo da vicende gradiva pezza di merda che non sai...

(BAND SUDDENLY STARTS PLAYING) - Anche cosa stai diventato! Rispondi!

Albert, what's going on?

Excuse me, please. Excuse me.

The service is lousy.

People always bumping into me.

Behave yourself, Albert, or we won't let you out at night.

It's just I don't like people crowding me.

Mrs Valachi.

Good luck. Thank you.

Good luck, Valachi. Long life to the both of you.

Like I said, Joe, you've showed you sure got taste.

Thank you, Mr Luciano.

Shall we cut the cake, honey?

Sure. Sure, sure, sure.

This way, please. Hold it.

WOMAN: Bella! Bella!

GAP: Hey, Joey, you remember these friends of ours?

Hey, what's the matter with him?

He don't recognise you with your clothes on.


RYAN: So Lucky Luciano became the boss?

VALACHI: Nah, he appointed a commission, a kind of board of directors.

RYAN: Was he a good leader? Better than Maranzano?

VALACHI: I was doin' okay, so I guess he was good.

RYAN: How okay?

VALACHI: I was pullin' 2,500 a week on the slots.

Oh, yeah, and this new DA, he gets a hold of Luciano and gives him thirty years for running cathouses.

Can you believe it?

I figure that was a frame, 'cause Lucky wasn't a pimp.

RYAN: So, after Maranzano, there was Luciano? Then?

VALACHI: Genovese. But, before we knew it...

(WHISPERING) I'd give him half an hour, tops.

The judge is about to give out the warrant.

Benedetto, would you come here a moment, please?

Ciao. (NORMAL VOICE) Yes, Mr Hewitt?

It's official.

We'll have the court order in half an hour.

Hewitt. Hewitt.

It's the only name I hear these days.

Hate that son of a bitch.

I'd like to have one shot, so help me.

I can nail him myself... Donna, do you have my bags?

DONNA: Give me a minute, huh? We don't got a minute!

Calm down, Albert! Valachi's running me to the docks.

Then I'd better bring the car around now.

What can the son of a bitch get you for, Vito?

Everything's legitimate.


He figures somebody has to be minding the store now that Charlie Luck is gone, and he figures me.

You ought to know, Albert, even if they nail you on a technicality, they still nail you.



Where's these tickets, Tony?

In your coat pocket, Vito, honey.

You just sew up the courts and keep the politicians greased.

I'm seeing Naples and Marseille.

When I come back, we'll have a whole network for drugs.

I want to walk across that border.

But we don't need the drugs, Vito.

Even Charlie Luck, he had to admit.

Don Vito, you gotta get outta here.


I want a good report.

You make it nice and easy when I return. Capisce?

Darling, anything you want, you talk with Albert, and he will get it.

Jesus, will you go already?

All right, all right, all right.

Good report, huh?

Come on.

At least I don't have to see any unemployment in Italy.

My good friend, Benito Mussolini, he could talk some sense into that Roosevelt.

Well, ciao, everybody.

Ciao, caro.

Well, I guess that makes me the boss.

RYAN: But Genovese stayed in Italy till after the war, so the drug thing didn't get started till '46 or '47.

You tired?

Mmm. Think I talked too much.

Too much, too much.

Well, then let me go on for ya.

In the war, you were a loan shark.

You muscled in on one of your customers.

Guy named Matty, ran the prospect Dress and Negligee Company.

They set it up for you so that, er...

Local 25 didn't bother ya, as long as you stayed in the Bronx.

So, now you were a legitimate businessman.

You bought into the old Paradise Restaurant.

Did all your shylocking there, peddled all your gas-ration stamps there.

Big profits.

You bought a new house in Yonkers, on Shawnee Avenue.

The house cost forty-eight grand. Later on, you added five rooms.

How much did that cost?

Ten grand.

The awnings cost 2,500.

Then you went into horse races, which is known in the trade as "the big fix".

I never threw a race!

'Cause that'd be crooked.

Son of a bitch.

Your information's so tight, you go ask anybody.

My Knight's Duchess was one of the best horses on the East Coast, and I ran her fair!

Starring Margaret O'Brien.

Goddamn it, listen.

Salerto came to me one day with orders from Tony Bender to throw a race.

You think I listen?

I wouldn't pull that horse!

Knowing you to be the sportsman's sportsman, I wonder.

You wanna hear what I said, or don't ya?

All right, Valachi, what did you say?


You son of a bitch!

I don't pull a horse for nobody!

Joe, you don't lay a hand on a friend!

Those are the rules! It ain't rules to throw a race.

You tell Bender he can go to hell.

You tell him.

There's gonna be a table, Joey.

There's gonna be a judgement.

And Anastasia's gonna be the judge.

Send those bastards in, and quick!

VALACHI: Now, everybody knows that Anastasia, he's crazy.

With him, it's always, "Kill! Kill! Kill!"

"Hit 'em! Hit 'em!"

Boy, I didn't think I'd have a chance at the judgement.

The hell's wrong with you, Valachi? I'll tell you the way it was. Salerto...

Shut up!

You've been in this life for last 20 years.

You should know better than to hit another guy.

I know that, but Salerto... You don't know shit!

A rule's a rule.

Takin' a swing at one of the family.

He said that Tony wanted me to fix a race.

You told Valachi to go fix himself?

I had fifteen grand on that race, Albert.

For fifteen grand, you tell your own soldier to fix himself?

Well, we all done it for less, Albert, one time or another.

Not funny. You are gonna pay Valachi fifteen grand.

I...? And you owe Salerto an apology.

Sure. Hey, Salerto, I'm sorry.

Ah, it's okay. But... But this is a sol...

Shut up, Tony. Shut up.

Lucky you're Vito's man.

I had a lieutenant talk back, I'd have him hit.

Yes, Albert. Now, out! All o' ya.

Valachi, come.

I wanna talk to you.

I got a message from Don Vito.

Oh, from Italy?


He's been hearing rumours about Donna, and wants you boys to look after her, starting this evening at the club.

Story is that she's been screwin' around and I'd like to see her put away, but that's not my business, so forget I ever said it.

You understand?

You understand?

VALACHI: Nobody ever knew why Anastasia was in such a good mood that day, But of one thing he was right about, though, it was that girl of Genovese's.

She was trouble.


Good evening, Donna.

I'm an agent for Phil Spitalny and His All-Girl Orchestra.

We're looking for a cymbal player.

Get the hell out!

Actually, I'm your new bodyguard, and I promised Don Vito I wouldn't bite off more than I could.

Jesus Christ.

I gotta ask you a question.

How can ya do it?

I mean, physically?

With another dame? Huh?

I follow the bouncing ball.

Boy, oh, boy.

I'll be out in the car.

Er... I mean, lookin' at it my way, I can only think of me in the middle.

Come back tomorrow, honey.

We'll put on a show.

Come on, baby snooks.

Get up.

Say good night to your snookums. Donna!

Next time, pick on somebody my own size. Get your hands off me!

Call Eddie.

Tell him to throw these bums out.


Baby, you... you don't have to worry about the Gap.

For one thing, I...

I wouldn't know how to explain it to Don Vito.

For another, he'd have you killed.

All of a sudden, the son of a bitch sends me a goddamn watchdog.

Oh, you know how it is, honey... when you have a bitch in heat.


Everything okay, folks?


It's all "Emily Post", you schmuck.

Ain't that right, little flower?

That's right.




Boy, oh, boy.

That all you can say?

I can say a lot worse.

VALACHI: As far as I was concerned, that girl was a black widow.

You know what I mean?

Gap became so far gone, he didn't even care whether he was seen in public with her or not.

Where's Gap?

SALERTO: Where's Romeo?


Ciao, Stefano. Come va?


Excuse me.

VALACHI: Everythin' seemed to be goin' great.

Everybody was into legitimate rackets, politics, unions.

Anastasia, he was happy playin' the boss.

None of us ever thought Genovese would come back from Italy.

But, er... you guessed.


Hello, darling. - Ciao, honey.

Go wait in the car. Okay.

Hello, Bender.

You look pretty good and fat.

Trying to look our best for you, Don Vito.

What are you doing with our friends?

Lots of things.

Name five.

Well, er...

Who do we get to make drug connections?

Geez, Don Vito, Albert's kind of told us to lay off drugs.

Hello, Valachi. Don Vito.

How's business?

I got a restaurant, some horses.

Ah. How many horses he got, Tony?

I don't know.

You should. You're his lieutenant.

How about you, Gap? What have you been up to?

Oh, you know, coupla numbers.

That's what I've been hearing.

We shall have to lose a lot of weight around here.

Don't like it.

A shame Anastasia, he didn't come to meet me.

All right.

A lot of time to make up, but I'm in no hurry, even if it takes years.

We got to get back like it was.

You are a good friend of the Gap's, aren't you, Joe?


Know where he is?

Geez, Don Vito...

When you see him, give me a call.

Sure. Sure.

You're involved in this thing, too, Joseph.

Get out of here with respect.

I want to hear that you saw him.

Shall I hit the lights, Mr Valachi?

No, I'll take care of that. You lock the back door on the way out.

Good night, Mr Valachi. Good night.




Joey, please let me in!

Joey, it's the Gap. Please!

Please let me in, Joey!

Joey, please!

You must be crazy. They gotta know you'd come here.

Lock the door.


That goddamn broad told everything.

Yeah. What the hell did you expect from her?

Now Vito has an open contract on you.

I had a shoot-out with Bender.

Can you believe it? With Bender!

Holy hell, Gap. Holy hell... Oh, it was crazy.

Like 30 years ago had never happened.

You know I'm supposed to hit you?

Do me... Do us a favour.

Leave the country.

Right on Pelham Parkway.

Remember once when we hit Masseria's boys?

It's bad for me. It's bad for my wife and my kid.

You just can't believe it, Joe.

Jesus. I get off the I, and there they are.

VALACHI: How about for me?


Hey, goddamn, Tony. I don't want shooting here.

You can only help the guy just so much.

Then you're outta line.


♪ Dum-da-dum-dum! ♪

Look, Bender, we've been together for...

Christ, how many years?

Twenty? Thirty?

At least give me a choice.

What choice?

Dead is dead.

The way you're gonna hit me. Wanna shoot me?

Get it over with.

Oh, shooting's terrific.

You always loved playing with guns, eh, Tony?

Not having any friends and all.

Yeah, I'd just as soon shoot you, Gap.

If it were up to me, I'd say, "Okay, whatever you want."

But Don Vito wants a present for a girlfriend of his.

Shoot me!

Come on, Salerto, shoot me!

No! No! No!

Cut it off.

GAP: Oh, Jesus, no!

Better apologise to Don Vito.

GAP: No!





Can't leave him like that.

There's his gun.

Use it.


Jesus Christ, Gap.

Christ, Gap. I'm gonna take you to the hospital.

No. Let's go.

No. Yeah.

No way. Come on.

Leave me alone!

They're gonna fix you up. Come on.

The gun. The gun, please.

They'll fix you up. Come on, Gap.

The gun.

Joey, the gun.

Oh, hell, Gap. I told you about that broad.

You should have stayed away. Jesus. Anything else?

The gun! Please!

The gun!

Joey, shoot me, please!

Oh, God. Joey, please shoot me.

Holy hell, Gap.

Holy hell. Joey.

Joey, please.





Mommy, it hurts.

Ah, it's gonna be okay. It's gonna be fine.

How long has he had the fever? And what about the doctor?

He said he'd be back in the morning.

I wanna sleep.

Yeah, that's right. You sleep, boy.

Go ahead. Sleep.

Me and your mommy are gonna be right here all the time.

You go ahead and sleep. I'll leave this here.

You and the boy get out of here, go away.

Just for a short time.

Take the boy and go some place.

It'll be good for you.

They're closing in on you again, Joe?

You don't tell me I'm wrong.


I don't know who the hell's side I'm on anymore.

It used to be so good.

The feeling, everybody workin' together, and belongin' together.

Oh, Joe, once and for all, get out of it.

Would your mother ever say that to your father?

My father was a lieutenant.

Like you said yourself, Joe, things were different in those days.

Now... every time you try to build something, they take from it, some kind of self-respect when somebody's telling you how to live your life. I'm not gonna bother explainin' it because you don't know anything about it.

I try not to.

What the hell's that supposed to mean?

Joe, there are days you come in and there are nights...

I know your hands have been covered with blood.

Does Mr Genovese or Mr Bender give you some kind of magical power so you don't feel anything?

I never hit nobody that never deserved.

Honest to God, Maria.

We only hit the guys who cheat on the family.

What do you want me to do?

Do you want me to say, "Hey, Vito, "I'm only gonna hit the following guys"?

You can't do that.

You see, if you believe in the family, then you fight for it.

It's no different than being in the Army.

Then why are they closing in on you again, Joe?

Jesus, I don't know.

You don't?

Honest, I don't know.

That's why I want you to take the boy, when he's feelin' better, and you go to your cousin's.

And I'll call you after.


After what, Joe?

After what?

A... After it's over.


Son of a bitch.




GENOVESE: Now I'm gonna tell you why it was necessary to hit Double-A.

Before I went away, we had an organisation, a structure.

Everybody had a place.

Everybody had a position.

Everybody was responsible to everybody.

And when I come back, I learned that nobody knows what anybody else is doing

'cause nobody cares.

And when nobody cares, that's how people get fat.

That's anarchy!



Anastasia commercialised this thing of ours.

Brought in launderers, 'cause they were willing to pay money for the privilege of belonging.


Lot of nobodies.

But I can only tell you this, I wouldn't pay a nickel to join this outfit.

I look upon it, I look upon you without respect.


Shut up!


I want to see these people out.

Get rid of them.

Give them back their money. They don't belong.


Anastasia was shot because he made a second mistake.

I'm talking about drugs.

With our influence in the unions, in the courts, and with the cops, we can walk right in and start to deal.

I got suppliers from China to Maastricht waiting for the word.

So, starting right now...

GUARD: Get out! Get out! Everybody out! (RATTLING WINDOW)

Quick! Police! Police! Get movin'!

Don Vito, come on! Hurry!

GENOVESE: Valachi!

Don Vito, we gotta get away. Come on.

Hurry. Where is Valachi?


Valachi! Come on!

What the hell's going on?

Somebody tipped the cops, Don Vito.

I wanted to meet in Chicago, but that goddamn Magaddino said, "Upstate's cool."

It's cool, all right.

They disgust me. They've got no dignity.

I am not gonna lose my self-respect because of small-time yokels.


COP: Hold it. Where do you think you're goin'?

All right, let's get your hands up.

Come on, letts go.

Hands over your head! Get 'em up.

All right, stop. Stop right there.

Hold it. Hold it.

Hold it right there.

What's the problem, Officer?

Did you just come from that house?

As a citizen of the United States, I am aware of my rights under the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Fourteenth Amendments of the Constitution.

Unless you have an arrest warrant, I can sue you for infringing on my rights.

Drive on, Joe.

What the hell did he say?

RYAN: Jesus Christ.

No matter how hard they lean, no matter how hard they squeeze, you just took it like a dog.

When they made you kill your best friend after they cut his balls off, you just pointed that trigger and called it an act of charity!

Oh, what the hell do you know about it?

And what'd you ever have that was any better?

Nothing, Valachi.

My parents travelled steerage just like yours.

They went through poverty just like yours.

I fought every day before, during and after school.

Big deal. Instead of being called a wop, I was "Paddy", I was a mick.

The difference between us, Valachi, is that I stopped spreading my legs.

Yeah? Yeah.

And then you joined Hoover's team and became Jack Armstrong, All-American Boy.

Screw you, Valachi.

I don't have a wife who's goin' into hiding.

I don't have a son who doesn't know who his father is.

I don't check the windows before I leave my house.

If I ever had to kill to save my own neck, I'd make goddamn sure I killed the right man.

Face the facts, Valachi, you're one dumb guinea.

Shit. You were a snap to break.


I'm the guy that started squeezin' you from the other side.

Don't you remember?

After Apalachin, we were pickin' everybody up.

We got over a hundred guys. Nobody would talk.

I still don't get it. What are you talkin' about?

We wanted to know about Vito and the drug operation.

I figured we had to start at the bottom.

I'm the guy that sent those two agents to visit you.



Er... we notice you're enlarging the restaurant.

It's illegal, huh?

You got a record. You have to have a licence.

Licence ain't in my name.

Then you won't care one way or the other when it's revoked, will you, Joe?

First, you find some tax clause to close my dress factory, now you're hustlin' me about the restaurant.

What have I ever done to you guys?

Tell us about the Vito organisation, his drug network, and we'll forget that licence.

Yeah. Come on.

How much?

Everything you know.

I don't know anything about Vito, and I don't know anything about any organisation.

Okay, all you don't know. What is it worth?

Five thousand.


Shit. Apiece.

Tell them we're closing this place down.

Give me a call when you've thought it over. Come on, DiSavio.

RYAN: My boys did a good job on ya.

You thought they were really on the take.

VALACHI: Wouldn't be the first time.

Some bunch, I'm tellin' ya.

Puttin' the squeeze on a respectable businessman.

RYAN: Oh, sure.

Anyway, you didn't have the $30,000, so we guessed where you'd have to go.

Hey, Bender.

I'm in a bind. I need thirty grand by tomorrow.

Okay, if you do me a favour.

Sure, I'll do you a favour.

Meet me at the docks, Monday at three. Capisce?

Tony, if you're gonna connect with a shipment, and that's where the money is, then I'm gonna stick with you.


RYAN: That's how you got into the drug business, Joe.

VALACHI: I gotta thank the FBI for that, huh?

RYAN: No, I'll give you credit for initiative.

I'd rather be drivin' the car, Tony.

Shut up, and let me handle it.

The one with the red mark, that's it.

DOCKER: Okay, take it away!

It don't smell good.

Shut up.


Come on. Let's go, let's go. Come on!

Beck, the one with the red stripe. Put it in the car.

Hey, where's Tony?

Gee, I don't know.







MAN: Open up. Come on, open up there.

Hurry up. It's the police.

What do you want?

We got a search warrant.

Search warrant for what?


Push it.

Oh, come on, come on.

DONNA: Just lay off my stuff, guys.

I'm very neat.

He's the slob.

High grade.

Donna? Yeah? What is it?

Somebody stashed that. Who was up here?


Yesterday, Tony Bender and Joe Valachi.


Joe Valachi.

VALACHI: It was all too pat.

Looked too easy.

RYAN: Good thinking, Joe.

VALACHI: I guess it was you.

RYAN: Sort of.

We had a tap on your line all the time.

Wasn't too difficult to find that the meeting was at the docks.

VALACHI: Son of a bitch.

You guys are twice as crooked as we are.

NEWSREADER: casualties or damage. New York City.

This morning, government agents arrested Mafia kingpin Vito Genovese.

Reported to be directing the flow of drugs on the eastern seaboard, Genovese is being questioned about the pre-dawn shootout on Pier Two in Brooklyn.

Police officers state that half a million dollars' worth of heroin was seized in Genovesets apartment, and $2.5 million worth was found on the docks.

Arrested were Stef Salerto, Vincent Mauro, and Fred Velacha.

Foreign news. Tehran University Geophysics Institute...

BENDER: Hello? Hey, Bender.

Call me at six o'clock at the old lady's.

NEWSREADER: about 310 miles west of Tehran.

The quakes, one measuring five on the Richter scale and the other four, struck only a few minutes apart after five p.m., the Institute reported.

Earthquakes of 4.5 and up on the Richter scale...

Hey, Maria.

Just talk. Say anything. I wanna hear your voice.

Why, hello, Helen. How are you?

I didn't know you were back.

We're all fine, honey.

Take care of yourself.

VALACHI: All I could do was drive around until I got through to Bender.

My own line was tapped.

There was no tellin' who they'd picked up.

RYAN: All but Tony Bender.

Hey, Tony. - Where are you?

In the country. - Where?

Outside Hartford.

What's your number? I'll call you back.

It's, er...


VALACHI: Boy, there'd been so many new guys in the family comin' and goin', could've been anyone squealint.

All I thought about was tryin' to keep cool, keep from gettin' burned.


Somebody set us up.

Don Vito says, if he's arrested, wants everybody with him.

What kind of crazy order is that?

Don't worry. You'll get off light.

It's already arranged.

Oh, no, Tony, I'm not takin' the rap for somebody else.

JUDGE: therefore, this court sentences Joseph Valachi to the federal penitentiary, there to serve not less than fifteen years from this day forth.

You get me an appeal.

I can stand for five, but if that fifteen sticks, I'm not goin' to the can alone.

You tell Bender that.

What do you have to do before you fight back?

Told you everything I had to say.

Your books are up to date.

That's not enough, Joe. Think about Apalachin for a minute.

Think about all those heroes runnin' through the woods.


I thought about that a lot.

Stand up, for God's sake.

Joe, listen, there's a Senate hearing commission.

They can make a law.

That law will cut them down, prohibit their activities once and for all.

But you'll have to speak, Joe.

Have to tell 'em what you told me.

What's in it for you?

The same thing that's in it for you, a kind of a peace.

You wanna stay in hell, that's your business.

I'm offering you a way out the other side.

All right.

Suppose I talk to this, er... commission.

Then what?

The law goes on the books, and I guarantee it'll be enforced.

Yeah, and I'm still in solitary confinement the rest of my life.

But at least you won't go in there blind.

What about Maria and my kid, huh?

Wherever she wants to go, I give you my personal guarantee that she would get there safely with a new name, a new passport, and enough money for the rest of her life.

You think it'll really happen?

What do you think I've been after, Valachi?

Christ, everything you say has tremendous implications for the Justice Department, for the country itself.

You can make a break, Joe, not only for everybody else, but for yourself.

You can get out of it.

When do I take the bath? Tomorrow.

Okay, Ryan, looks like you're on.

See you later.

When did you become a member of this organisation?

19... 30.

SENATOR #1: Nineteen hundred and thirty, What's the name of it?

Cosa Nostra.

In... In Italian.

SENATOR #1: Cosa Nostra, in Italian.

SENATOR #2: I think that's an important question, that there is no particular pattern which would make you feel that crime is in any way a problem associated with those of Italian extraction.

VALACHI: Senator, I'm not talkin' about Italians.

I'm talkin' about the Mob.

SENATOR #1: Continue.

He gave me this, er... piece of paper.

I was to burn it.

Demonstrate what you did.

In other words, I took this piece of paper.

And it's, er... burnin'.

It's lighted in your hand.

And that was symbolic of the fate that was to befall you if you betrayed the organisation?

Senator, what I'm tellin' you, what I'm exposing to you, to the press and to everybody, this is the promise I'm breaking.

Even if I talked, it... it's, er...

I shouldn't tell you this.

Hey, Ryan, this thing's fabulous.

They're tryin' to make a monkey out of him.

I hope they nail his ass ten times over.

They're after headlines, for God's sake.

They're after votes.

So, Genovese was your godfather?


"Godfather" is different.

When you, er...

When you go to the church, you baptise a baby, This is godfather.

ROBERT TROUT: The sworn testimony you have just heard came from the lips of Joseph Valachi, lips that were supposedly sealed more than 33 years ago when he joined the Cosa Nostra.

But today, before a nationally televised Senate hearing, the 60-year-old convicted burglar, dope peddler and murderer talked in such a way that he seemed to draw the sympathy of the crowd and the Crime Committee.

Valachi said he was talking because he wanted to, but it's possible that he is talking to protect himself from his syndicate boss, Vito Genovese, who had ordered him killed as an informer.

SENATOR #3: But how safe do you feel?

How do I feel now? Right now?

SENATOR #3: How safe do you feel?

- Now, at this moment? Yes?

I feel... fine.

SENATOR #3: How would you feel if you were back in prison?

I would have to protect myself against them, Senator.

I would have to kill, or be killed.

Now, would it be fair to say that, if you went back to prison, that you would be a dead man?

If they got to me, I wouldn't be in prison five minutes.


NEWSREADER: Now, here we show you the Genovese family, broken down into its various units, demonstrating the wide range...

Listen carefully.

$100,000 for Joe Valachi.

Hold it.

You were fine. No fault of yours.

Oh, from your wife.

Room's clear, sir. Cheer you up.


SENATOR #2: pattern which would make you feel that crime is in any way a problem associated with those of Italian extraction.

VALACHI: Senator, I'm not talkin' about Italians.

I'm talkin' about the Mob.

SENATOR #1: Continue.


In other words, I took this piece of paper.

And it's, er... burnin'.


It's lighted in your hand.

SENATOR #2: That was symbolic of the fate that was to befall you if you betrayed the organisation?

VALACHI: Senator, what I'm tellin' you, what I'm exposin' to you, to the press and to everybody...

COMMANDER: Didn't have time to see it all.

RYAN: You were lucky.

COMMANDER: It was kinda ridiculous.

RYAN: Like a bad comic strip. That's what it was.

I'll see ya.

Guard! Guard!

Help! Get in here!

Take the weight off his legs.

Get the chair up.

I got his legs. Got him. Cut him down. Cut him down.

You have him? Slowly. That's it.


Steady now. RYAN: Put him on the table there.

Put him on the table.

Where's the doctor?

RYAN: All right. Right here. COMMANDER: Get the doctor!

RYAN: Okay, boys. Thanks a lot.


Attaboy. (MOANING)

Come on, buddy.

Open up.

Joe? Okay, I'll take care of him.

Come on, buddy. Move over.

We gave him some letters from his wife, but he just tore 'em up.


You knew he was in a depressed state. Why wasn't he given sedation?

Look, Mr Ryan, I can't have a doctor, a psychiatrist, and 24 guards watching your canary for the rest of his life.

I know you can't. I'm sorry. Wait a minute.


He'll be all right. He's as strong as a bull.

As soon as he feels better, take him down to the infirmary.

All right, Doctor. I will. Thank you. Thank you.

Come on, Joe. Let me give you a hand.

Take it easy.

Get over on the bed. Come on. Let me help.

Come on. I'll help you.



Joe, I was just...

(RASPING) Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You were just followin' orders. Joe, I don't make the laws.

Christ, don't look to me for any more alternatives.

You got burned, Ryan.

You wanted a law, but they wanted a gangster story.

I thought maybe you had somethin' better.

I admit I've been had all along.

Yeah, well, you weren't the only one.

I've been taken, too. Believe me, Joe, I'm sorry.

Well, it's like you said.

I'm gonna spend the rest of my days in prison, but I don't go in blind.

Anytime you wanna come visit, we'll crawl together.

Well, at least you get Genovese on the run.

Hear he's got $100,000 out for you.

Anybody else, it would be a million.

Genovese, he's a cheap guy.

(CHUCKLING) Joe, you son of a bitch, you know what you almost just did?


No, no. You almost took your own contract.

If you had committed suicide, that bastard wouldn't have had to shell out a nickel.

Hey, Ryan, you scored 100%.

Listen, Joe. I'm gonna keep you alive just to spite that punk.

And that's not a bad reason to live.

Sheer goddamn spite.

Joe, let's get you to the infirmary.

I'm okay.

I say you're not.


First thing we do is get you back in shape.

I'll have you moved, Joe.

Somewhere in the country.

I'll handpick the guards myself, Joe.

Make sure none of those Cosa Nostra bastards ever gets at you again.

That's gotta be the one thing I do, Joe, make sure you live long after Genovese's dead and gone.