The Vanished (2018) Script

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KIM Sang-kyung KIM Kang-woo KIM Hee-ae


[background music]

Damn blackout.

[ominous music]


Don't worry about a thing, and get some rest.

[background music]

You're sweating, are you okay?

A bit thirsty.

Could you get me a drink?

Kiddo, what's he up to?

Instagramming daily outfits, probably.

Okay, the report's done.

I did that. Thank you.

Shouldn't we send the witness to a hospital and send the report first?

The chief is on the way, hold your horses.

His phone is off, let's just ditch him.

What's the point of him showing up?

He'll just check in and take off again.

Today's case is hardcore, I doubt he will.

He can't function without booze.

I heard he was a legend in homicide back in the day.

He solved that mutilation case a few years back.

What's a 'legend'? An unauthenticated story.

No one saw it.

I did, on the news.

He's got a President's Award for it.

The President will call and say he'll want it back.

Why'd someone that good come to our district?

Didn't the superintendent bring him?

Chief worked for him then.

That's bullcrap, no one brought him.

He may be drunk everyday, but he's a true detective.

Have some respect for your superiors.

Remember going on a case with him a month ago?

What the heck?

Isn't that the chief's car?

Like a true detective.

Gosh, my head...


It's not a bumper car.

I'm getting a new one soon anyway.

I've heard that before.

Why don't you answer your phone?

My battery's low, I turned it off for important calls.

Your phone'll last longer than your car, get a new one, will you?

Cars can be just swapped, but phones have to be backed up.

You know how annoying that is?

These things are getting more complicated.

So what's the important call?

I gotta go to a funeral later.

Lt. KWON Chang's mother passed away.


You don't know him.

Set an alarm for midnight.

What for? For the funeral.

He's being taken care of. He says he was struck from behind.

So he passed out?

And he worked here for a long time?

Yes, 4 years.

He doesn't remember how he passed out.

Guards here get freaked out even with a phone call at night.

He got scared too, I guess.

The night guard says he saw a ghost.

A ghost? Weird, eh?

Wanna meet him?

Who? The ghost? Forget it.

What do you think?

I think he's stabilizing.

You idiot, not that.

Oh, right.

He can't be ruled out, but he has no motive, and doesn't fit the profile.

Right, he doesn't look like a criminal.

No need to keep him, let him go.


So why were the security cams busted?

Actually, the cams went out because of a blackout earlier.

Control room isn't accessible yet.

Why not? The door's locked.

Who's in charge?

The technicians.

Blackout killed the door, and the code doesn't work.

So useless...

Just get them to kick it down!

Right away, sir.

Any signs of intrusion?

No, all the doors were locked, and no other entry ways.

What do you make of it?

We don't really have any evidences to go on.

YOON Seol-hee, age 45, chairman of Barron Holdings.

She's the heiress of Ilsin Group.

Married to Prof. PARK Jin-han, he was named CEO of a Barron affiliate.

They're a celebrity couple.

He became famous for being a trophy husband.

Initial cause of death is cardiac arrest.

He accompanied her body until she arrived here.

Yo, Lego.


Where did you get this file folder?


Good, order me one too, it's light and sturdy.

Her body vanished here for sure.

We kept a lid on the media, but they'll swarm in in the morning.

Why'd anyone steal a body?

Some religions are against autopsy, maybe she was part of it?

She had a Christian name, Veronica.

Hey, they could have switched to something else.

Have you contacted the husband?

Should we call him?

He can't be easily summoned for nothing.

And you summon me for nothing everyday?

It's also the fact that his wife just died, he might be in a bad mood.

I'm in a bad mood, you think I like being here?

Call him!

Morning sickness?

Not yet, it's only been 6 weeks.

7 weeks you mean, some never have it.


Yes, hello?



What do you mean the body's gone?

I'll be right there.

Who was that?


The cops.

I think something's wrong.

What do you mean the body's gone?

I better check it out.

Can't you send someone? Something's not right.

No, people could get suspicious.

Don't worry and get some dinner.

But we just ate together.

Got any painkillers around here?

There's some in that cabinet...

But what for?

I'll call you later.

Illegal Parking Warning

What was that?

It's nothing, don't worry about it.

Did I tell you to wear that suit?

It wasn't this?

Got a lecture today? You look like a student.

Change the tie.


How was the business trip?

Boring, obviously.

Got anything stronger?

Anything stronger will interfere with your jet lag.

Wine is your style.

Have some too.

I gotta get to work.

I got a strategy meeting, and a lecture too.

KIM will send you the meeting report.

Oh yeah, KIM won't be coming into work.


I didn't like her much.

She's sloppy at her work.

I went to mother's 2 days ago.

She wasn't recovering well after the surgery, so I told KIM to...

You go there a lot for a busy man.

Mom must be trying to take you away from me.

It was a short visit, so I told KIM not to report.


I told her to report everything.

Why do you make all decisions by yourself?

Because it's my company.

Right, my mistake.

Drink this and get some rest.

Just my style.

Let's go away, cancel your class.

You don't take my job seriously, do you?

So cute.

You're cute when you're flustered.

Sorry for the late call, please come inside.

I'd like to apologize again for bringing you down so late.

I'll brief you on the incident as told by the night guard.

At 8:10 PM, he went to check on a weird noise coming from the morgue, and found that Mrs. YOON's body had vanished.

But he must have been shaken up, and his testimonies are inconsistent.

Please continue.

As I've said, what he witnessed...

Hye-jin: I keep getting weird calls from an unknown number.


The night guard isn't too credible.

Pardon me, could you get to the point?

Someone may have stolen her body.

You can't smoke in here.

No, it's okay. Please, go ahead.

How does a government agency lose a body?

We didn't lose it, just to be clear.

Who should I talk to then? The superintendent?

Should I get him?

We wanted to tell you we're doing everything to help...



We'd like to ask you for your cooperation.

I am cooperating.

Was there anyone who had any ill will against her?


She ran a business, she could've made enemies...

She didn't have any.

What about you?

Are you asking if I stole her body?

Of course not!

Someone could've targeted her as a way to get to you.


What about the other bodies?

The perp could've stolen it because he needed bodies.

He wasn't interested in other bodies.

None of the body bags were opened.

The zippers are new, so they're stiff, but other bags were zipped up properly.

He couldn't have closed them so neatly.

No traces of physical contact too.

They were specifically after her body.

Why would these people steal her dead body?

Not plural.

That door is weighted, so it closes automatically.

Here's the weird thing.

The floor.

The floor's been scratched.

That wouldn't be necessary with 2 people.

Right, the other could've held the door open.

But the perp used that to hold it open.

Only something as heavy kept the weighted door open.


May I bum you a smoke?



Dr. CHA's here.

She has something to ask the professor.

She flew in overnight from the States?

She had a fear of flying.

Cause of death is cardiac arrest, possibly due to stress.

Did she have... epilepsy or signs of psychological illnesses?

Are you asking if my wife was crazy?

No, I read her medical records, but she and her spouse know more in depth.

Just check her records.

But still, I didn't live with her.


But why is that important?

There is a theory I'd like to rule out...

Have you heard of catalepsy?


So you're saying she's not dead?

Wait, Dr. CHA.

What are you saying? She's not dead?

It's nearly impossible, but a person can be falsely pronounced dead.

Which is why our funeral takes over 3 days.

That's impossible, she could've screamed.

Let's think practically.

Even if it's theoretical, we can't rule it out.

Is this a shaman's shrine? This is the National Forensic Service!

Some bastard stole it, why complicate things?

Who'd steal it though?

You sure about the cause of death?

I didn't verify it myself, but it's 99% certain.


All cases are murders until proven otherwise.

The cause can't be 100% proven without an autopsy, and without a body, autopsy can't be done!

Evidence has disappeared.

So she was murdered? By whom?

By someone who'd benefit most from it.

Lego, your thoughts?

He's annoying.

I doubt it, I don't think that's it.

Right, I think you went overboard.

The professor even requested autopsy himself.

Maybe he wanted to avoid suspicion.

Warrant for the body'd be issued, and he'll get all of her fortune.

Just stop it.

We shouldn't suspect anything so carelessly.

He's a VIP.

Forget what she said, I got some questions.

You said she didn't have any enemies, then who was she close to?

Her sister, she didn't have friends.

She didn't have anyone who followed her or contacted her?

Are you asking if she cheated?

Did it sound like that?

Not at all.

How'd you know? Know what?

How'd you know if she cheated on you or not?

She was my woman, I'd know.

Okay, Mr. PARK.

Where were you between 9 and 10?


We called your house, but no one answered.

Is that a problem?

Somewhere inconvenient to say?

I went to the pharmacy to get migraine pills.

I got the call there.

And you came right away from there?


Then you must have the pills, can I take a look?


Am I a suspect?

On your windshield.

Looks like a parking warning.

Were you at the pharmacy long?

This is getting weird.

You lost her body, but I'm getting the heat?

Professor, we didn't lose...

It's a formality. Formality?!

I've never heard of such formality.

Of course not, it's your first time.


Let me make a call.

Sure thing, please do.

Chief? What?

It's almost midnight, that funeral you mentioned...

It's been cancelled.

Funerals get cancelled?

Attorney PARK, can you talk?

Why are you suddenly overreacting?

You're not being really objective right now.

I'm a very subjective person.

Shouldn't that bastard be jumping up and down, if he heard his wife could still be alive?

Humans tend to act abnormally when they're under extreme circumstances.

He's too abnormal, is what I'm saying.

Something's off.

You exhibit victim mentality towards the wealthy, or a type of trauma...

Right, trauma, it's an illness.

I'm sorry.

I blabber too much as I age.

Not at all.

You were always like that.

It's okay, it's all in the past.

Accepting your loss leads to a full recovery.

Get some exercise, eat properly, and drink less.

The dead will kill the living.

What's the point? I'm paying for my sins.

Why do you always...

What the heck?

[door opening]

[box opening]

This was originally developed for anesthetic, but it never reached the market.

It dissolves fast, and has no odor.

But also fatal.

Full body paralysis in 8 hours, loss of consciousness, and death.

You know what's scarier?

Scarier than death?

There's no trace, nothing left behind.

Even an autopsy can't find it.

A perfect crime would be possible.

Shouldn't this be destroyed?


There may be some use for it.

Mr. PARK, what're you doing here?

I heard some noise...

This shouldn't be here.

That looks like my wife's, shouldn't you take a good care of it?

Check with the list.

Cell phone's missing.

Empty your pocket.


Let's see what's in there. Get everything out.

Are you accusing me of taking her phone?

Empty it, please. Pull what?

I saw everything!

You have no right... This is your last chance!

Even cops have due process!

What are you doing?! Let go!

What's this?

I don't know.

How dare you treat me like this!

What is this?

This isn't ours, I'm not sure.

Can you test it? Yes.

I'm done with this, talk to my lawyer.

Mr. PARK, don't you get it?

You can't leave until we know what that is!

I don't know!

That's why you must stay here until we do!

Yes, superintendent.

Chief WOO, are you by any chance, holding Prof. PARK in your custody?

Well, that's what's happening.

I got a call from the prosecutor's office!

Just let him go.

I see, I'm sorry.

It'll be over soon, don't worry about it.

Over soon? You'll be over soon!

You said you'll stay low, what the hell are you doing?!

Are you trying to screw me over?

PARK had a bottle that could be the murder weapon.

Murder weapon?

You're my murder weapon, bastard!

I don't know what you're up to, but stop! Right this second!


Happy? Can I leave now?

Dr. CHA, proceed with the analysis of the sample.

And you, you may wait here.

Didn't you hear his order?


These phones are getting worse!

It's like a freaking speakerphone.

Hey, put a man on him, keep him safe.

So nothing happens to him.

Yes, sir.

The control room placement is different between 2 floors.

See? There's an extra space underneath.

Look for a vent system to the basement.

I marked it in red.

All of them? Get going.

YOON's personal lawyer is her sister, right?


Made contact yet? Yes, I have.

I'm heading out now.

Look for any dirt surrounding their fortune.

Right away.

Dammit! These shoes are brand new...

What a terrible weather, just like how I feel.

That professor is weird though, carrying around weird meds.

Chief is the weirdest one.

He should be gone by now, and he's going way overboard.

If this goes bad, we're screwed...

Nature calls.


Look over there.

Oh, okay, sure.

Did you see? I sure did!

I'm serious, did you see it?

You can't even see it, it's so small...

You mean this? What about it?

Shall we?

It's all wrong, not going in there.

It's like my life, all messed up.

Are we getting overtime for this?

Why is this cut?

I didn't touch anything.

What the hell!

Hello there. Sorry.

Why are you here?

70cm wide, 65cm high, this vent is connected to the outside.

It's about 30m long.

I intuitively thought the perp used this vent to get inside.

Good work, I'm proud of you.

Can the blackout cause the door to jam?

It's not that, the code was changed.

Who'd change it?

Who knows, it wasn't us.

Why were the cams busted?

The circuitry's burned up.

The leak from the rain could've caused an electric shock, but the odd thing is, with safety measure in place, it shouldn't get this bad.

So someone tampered with it?

Yes, probably.

But that's on.

That's the roadside cam, isn't that managed by the city?

Yeah, this feed is online, it wasn't affected by the blackout.

Yeah? So it's recorded?

Sure, I think so.

Sorry for calling you about this.

Let's get together soon.

Where's the washroom?

Pardon? Over there.


You can't call so often, they could suspect me.

I'm just worried.

What kind of calls are you getting?

I was scared so I didn't answer.

What did the cops say?

Someone must've taken Seol-hee's body.

That's crazy... Who?

I don't know, something's wrong.

TH-16 was in her personal belongings.

What do you mean? Didn't you destroy them all?

I destroyed everything after the job was done.

Did you mention it to anyone?

Are you nuts? Why would I?

Maybe people she fired knew about it.

No, that's impossible.

No one knows about TH-16.

To my love, Prof. PARK



What happened? What did the ER say?

It's okay, no big deal.

And the baby? Is the baby okay?

Yeah, baby's fine, it's just a wrist sprain.

You sure it's not broken?

Did you see the driver's face?

Security cams or dash cams?

Cops came by, but no witnesses.

What kind of car was it?

It was black, but not sure, I was just scared.

I thought you had a meeting.

It's fine, I'm so glad you're okay.

You're late.

Sorry, I got a lot of work lately.

And my calls?

I was in a meeting.

You weren't at the lab either.

I met with the Ministry of Health about potential investment.

Let's halt new med research, it'll take too long.

Halt it altogether?

And the work so far? All the researchers?

MOON will take care of it.

What the hell does he know?!

You think you're the CEO because you're so smart?

I'm sorry, I won't forget it.

What is more important than work?

It's my fault.

I'll reserve the tickets again, let's go see it tomorrow.

Do you love me?

Of course, is there ever any doubt?

Let's go live in the States for a year.

Sure, let's plan it.

Do you need anything, honey?

Want a new car?

That's alright, I just got a new one.

You know that you can't leave me, right?

But it's so hard to have you.

Hello? Professor?

Someone knows something, about us.


Chief is looking for you.

You're saying...

someone murdered my sister?

It's a principal of forensic science, all deaths are...

Did you show him that?

The prenup.

What for?

You know...


This is brutal...

May I make a copy?

Mrs. YOON?

This is the front entrance feed.

All the cars going in and out during the time of crime are captured.

Let's watch.

Your car, my car.

My unit's car.


So what?

No other cars beside ours.

The perp didn't drive.

He walked here over that hill.

But would he have carried the body over it?

It's a long walk even without the body.

So what'd he do?

The body could be nearby.

We're canvasing it, so please wait.

Eh? July 20, 2007? That's busted too.


Let's go.

Lego Did you find anything?

I'm on my way to YOON's office now.

What for?

I don't understand what happened, but we got something.

What do you mean?

Her sister received a text, the sender is YOON Seol-hee.


It could be a prank, but we're headed to YOON's office just in case.

Okay fine.


Sir, I found a footprint.

What? A footprint?

Yeah, but it's a bit, I mean, very weird.

It's a woman's print.

About size 6...

Okay, hang up for now.

What the hell?

Come over here, this way.

I don't know why the sprinkler activated!

Follow me! What's with today?


Hye-jin, those calls you got, what's the number?

It ended with 4104.

What is it?

That's Seol-hee's number...


Don't go outside and lock the door.

Don't worry.

You're scaring me...


Professor? Are you there?


Seol-hee is alive.


She's here.

What do you mean?

July 20, only she and I know about that date.

She framed me, so the cops would be suspicious of me.

Are the cops onto you?

It doesn't matter.

If she's alive, I didn't do anything wrong.

You said she was dead, how did this happen?

If TH-16 didn't affect the nervous system...

It can't be...

If she used recreational drugs, it could excite the central nerves, and suppress TH-16...

That's impossible.

Then she normally took drugs?

No, she knew from the start.

She's not someone who'll end things so easily.

Is she trying to avenge us?

Hello? Hye-jin?

Hello? Hello?

How could she...

It has to be a prank...

It's possible to track the sender, right?


We'll have to get a warrant...

From YOON Seol-hee To YOON Seol-hee She sent this to herself?

Found this in the bathroom.

Someone tossed it in the trash.

As the fire spread, the sprinkler activated.

PARK smoked this brand.

Chief WOO!

Is it analyzed?

It's a form of poison that shuts down the nervous system.

A poison?

Could I get a complete report?

Exact analysis could take some more time.

So it really is a murder?

That's why the perp hid the body.

Could you hurry? Okay.

Boss Where are you?

At the scene, sir.

I told you to release him! You don't have a warrant!

Sir, could you send me some men?

What? Are you insane?!

I'm sure PARK's the perp, we got the murder weapon...

Get with the program!

His wife died today.

Look what you're doing, you've been through this too.

He's not himself today, if you... You know what, forget it!

I'm coming over right now, don't do anything!

But what I'm saying is...


That's why I'm doing this.

[background music]


Honey, where are you?

I'm so sorry, I even marked the date.

It's okay, there's always next time.

Where are you?

I'm already heading home. What did you take?

There are plenty of buses. It's the middle of nowhere.

My feet hurt. I'm almost done here, should I come pick you up?

Forget it, that'll take longer. Det. WOO, finish this up first.

It's faster on my own.

The town is nearby. Don't worry.

[rain dropping]

You're cute when you're flustered.

[background singing]

YOON Seol-hee


Is this really you?

Hello? Hello?

YOON Seol-hee

YOON Seol-hee

Your call cannot be connected...

Seol-hee: I'll be at our secret place. July 20, 2007.

Please leave a message after the beep.

Hye-jin, my phone is dead, so call me here.

No, I'll call you, so please answer!

If I give you an order, just follow it, you bastard!

Where is Prof. PARK?

The suspect is being interrogated.

Suspect? You got evidence?

Remove him! Get rid of him!

I can get the evidence soon!

Since you're not following the procedure, I get yelled at from upstairs, and dragged my ass here to clean up.

He's the one!

Give me 2 hours with these men, it's game over with the body. Your game's over.

Come on! Get him out of here!

Sir, please listen...

How dare you grab me?

Dude, let's go to the station.

Did you just laugh?

Assault of police officer, obstruction of justice too.

Okay, fine, let go!

Wait! Wait!


He's the superintendent.

Sir, allow me to thank you outside.

Mr. PARK, we're not done, please sit back down.

Yes, professor.

The situation is bad, you should listen to him.

Please cooperate.

Make it fast.


Please sit, let's go sit.

Don't be arrogant.

We can finish quickly.

What did he mean the situation is bad?

Professor, when did you last see your wife?

Did you find the body or not?

We found something else.


Your sister-in-law is a lawyer, right?

You signed a prenuptial agreement, it's really good.

'When a party engages in an extramarital affair,'

'the other party may request divorce, and the cheater forfeits all rights.'

So what?

Listen till the end, this is the fun part.

Your wife employed these guys,

JJ Investigation, private detectives.

They followed you around, and got something on you.

Your affair was exposed, and you killed her for it.

Shall we listen to their recording?

It's all ready.

When Seol-hee gets in, I'll get things started.

I'll use her fear of flying as the scapegoat.

It was recorded the day before she died.

They sent this to YOON, but she never got to check.

They were being discreet, so she may've missed it.

And was killed as a result.

By you!

Did he confess?

Joong-sik! Yes?

Did you get it or what?

If you give me some more time...

More time? Yes, sir.

1 hour.

Either get his confession or find the body...

What the hell?

I'm not even surprised.


It's an honor, thanks to you, bastard.

You got 1 hour, got that?


Hello? Yes, sir! Not at all!

Hye-jin? Where are you?

I'm home. Are you okay? What's this number?

Listen carefully.

I'm listening.

It's nothing so don't worry. The front door...


Is the front door locked?


Don't hang up and open the door.

What's with you?

Don't question me, just do as I say!


I think someone's inside the house.

What do you mean?

Pretend nothing's happening and just walk out.


Hye-jin? Can you hear me?


It's her...


Hye-jin! Hey!

Seol-hee: At out secret place...

Let go!

What's going on? You can't leave yet.

Hye-jin, she's in danger!


My wife could kill Hye-jin! I have to go!

Professor, your wife is dead, let's go inside!

Get out of my way!


My back...

I sent my men to that address.

Now, spill everything.

Hye-jin? Let's start with her.

After the new drug developmen halted, I focused on teaching since last year.

What's an important factor for this product to get R&D funding?


How many people it can potentially save?

This is for migraines...

That's when we first met.

It wasn't even her major, and she was different.

She always came up for questions after class.

She had so many questions.

So why wasn't it developed?

Higher the risk, higher the profit.

Massive investment required, in addition to time...

Why are you so curious? It's not even your major.

Because I want to study, curious too.

So why do you want to study? What's your goal?

Knowledge is my goal.

Don't you have a dream?

A ton, have a boyfriend...

Do that later.

Guys your age are too simple.

I'm not interested in guys my age.

It somehow became a routine.

I didn't think it'd ever be a problem.

Woah... Professor.

Do you have a dream too?

Why don't you try again? You're smart enough.

Sometimes dreams are better left alone.

Is that something you should tell a student?

I was just a prop of Seol-hee.

She had everything she ever wanted.

But she was never interested in what I wanted.

I'll do it again.

Let's slick it back.

Because you're a strong man.

I am? Yeah.

Very masculine and passionate.

That was all.

But Seol-hee began to suspect.

Report to work everyday for a while.

What about the lecture?

Why is that so important?

Stay there until I tell you otherwise.

I wanted to stop, I knew my wife too well.

But it wasn't easy.


Professor, some dreams are better left alone.

I was alive because of her.

I felt everything,

and she made me realize who I am.

Then Hye-jin became pregnant.

YOON Seol-hee I chose Hye-jin.

But Seol-hee was watching everything.

If it was about money, divorce would've been easy.

But she bit down on others' weaknesses.

Yes? What happened?

So that's why you killed her?


She orchestrated to look like I did it.

Come on, you planned all of this.

Used the poison to kill her, and stole the body.

No body means no autopsy, therefore no evidence.

You requested the autopsy, thus eliminating potential suspicion.

No, she's alive. She's pretending to be dead.

Listen to yourself.

It's possible.

We developed an anesthetic drug with a few variants, she could've used it.

It reduces lung and heart functions to almost zero.

It could've looked like she was dead.

No, she was dead momentarily.

She walked out on her own, so she climbed the hill no problem.

Why'd she attempt something so dangerous?

She's more than capable.

She was pronounced dead at her hospital, and the footprints are hers too.

Let's assume it's true, what about the break in?

Probably someone she hired.

She needed someone to wake her up.

He had to use a drug, it's not a one-man task.

That's enough!

The address you gave us was under your name!

I bought it for her!

But no one lives there!

Yes, what happened?

No one lives here.


You mean, no one's there?

I mean, there's no trace of anyone living here.

Seol-hee did it!

We contacted your school.

They said KIM Hye-jin doesn't exist!

Is that also YOON's work?

She's playing us all.

She's been watching us since the beginning.

She planned everything, to kill Hye-jin.

YOON's dead, Hye-jin doesn't exist!

No, I have to go...

Tell me the truth! You don't know her!

Where's the body?!

I have to go, I gotta save her...

You crazy bastard!

You're trying to buy time by screwing with us!

Hye-jin's in danger... Please...

Sir, the superintendent wants you.

I need just a bit more time...

Wrap it up.

We secured that recording.

We got a motive.

Are you dealing with local hooligans?

You know illegal wiretap is inadmissible.

Wrap it up.

We can't let him go, he's hiding something.

How will you hold him?

With what evidence?

You said you can find it, you scoured the hill.

Did you find it?

Release him and finish it up here.

Are you alright? Professor? Professor!

He's got some powerful connections.

Give me the key, I'll drive.

Dang it, I think I left it inside.

I'll get it.

Where did you leave it?

At our secret place...


[ominous sound]

[ominous sound]

How did you...

Is this it? You hid the body here?

You've been screwing with me from the beginning.

No one would ever find it here. It's so remote.

You buried her here?

It wasn't me...

Seol-hee's alive!

That again? You're boring me.

Right, it's hard to accept it.

I used to have a fiancée.

SONG Ji-young, this is her.

Look at her, pretty, eh?

It was anniversary of her parents' death.

We were supposed to go there together.

We were supposed to come together.

That's what he does.

It'll always be like this, I bet.

But he's a good man.

Who are you talking to?

Aren't you sad that your sister's getting married?

Of course not.

You're not?

You're still not sad? Even like this?

When you leave, I get my own room.

What did you say?

Why are you so heavy?


Does your leg still hurt?

Yeah, hurts so bad.

Are you lying?

Where does it hurt? How does it feel?

My leg's red!

It's barely a scratch...

It's faster on my own. The town is nearby. Don't worry.

Anything at all, whatever you remember, tell me anything!


The perps took off, and Hwa-young had no memory.

We gradually lost touch.


Then, one day, I met her again.

Your grandma said you were doing well in school.

Is something bothering you?

Not for loan

Barron Pharmaceutical

Hwa-young... never forgot.

Barron's logo, the black Lincoln, car repair log, PARK Jin-han!

July 20, 2007 on the broken calendar, you remember, don't you?

Where's the body?

Where did you hide it?

Is it here?

Where did you hide my fiancée's body?!

July 20, 2007

I have to call it in...

No one saw it.

Out of nowhere...

This can go away.

Who... where do I call?

Get it together!

Your life can't end like this!

You drank!

Then what?

Get rid of her first!

It's okay.

Just follow my lead.

Confusing, eh?

I was too.

I thought maybe she was still alive.

Since there was no body.

Isn't that why you thought YOON was still alive?

Then you...

No other cars besides ours.

The body could be nearby.

You probably think I deceived you.

Is that the case though?

People only see what they want to see.

Heard of catalepsy?

The guard says he saw a ghost.

Is this really you?

You convinced yourself.

Paralysis will kick in.

My body...

Right, just as you did to YOON.

Don't kill me...


Then tell me, where is she?




Hye-jin didn't do anything.

Please don't kill her.

This is all me.


Who's there?

Do you really think she has your child?

How do you think I got to you?

Her real name is SONG Hwa-young, Ji-young's sister.

She'd be a normal college student if it wasn't for you.

Why didn't you tell me?

It's what I have to do.

Just watching them?

This world... isn't as easy as you think.

You weren't an easy foe.

You'd get maybe 2 years with the evidence we had.

And that's being optimistic.

Do you think they'll confess easily?

What'd happen?

Forget jail time, we'll never find Ji-young!

Then kill them!

I had forgotten, this wasn't my problem alone.

I died inside a long time ago.

Let's never meet again, even in hell.


There may be some use for it.

Could you get me a drink?

I've never said this to anyone...

To tell you the truth...

No, it's nothing.

Are you okay?

Wakey wakey, Professor.

You're under arrest for the murder of YOON Seol-hee, and disposal of a body...

We can chat in detail at the station.

Let's go.


What's wrong?

What are you doing? Writing a report?


Okay, that's enough.

Show me. Sir!


This was found in the room, take a look.

What is it?

Ketamine? Isn't that a drug?

Yes, it is, he probably injected it.

PARK had injection marks on his arm.

The professor was a major drug addict.

No wonder he was acting weird.

Is chief still not reachable?

Why? You wanted to ditch him.

When did I?

Last night.

You got good memory.

The chief is pretty amazing.

Yeah, he was spot on.


[background music]

[end credits]