The Villagers (2018) Script

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- = The Villagers = -

= Amateur Boxing Association dinner program tonight at 7:00 p.m. = -

= Amateur Boxing Association dinner program tonight at 7:00 p.m. = - I will continue to provide support in children.

I will continue to provide support in children. Don't let it leak out.

Oh, Gi Cheol has arrived.

Had reached?

What's this? You can join the gathering together.

Why bring that item here? Come sit here!

= Second place = -

= Second place = - There is no need to misunderstand. I stopped playing boxing.

Do not be like that! Come sit! While sitting we talk.

Damn, you cheat.

What? Cheater?

Hey, Seonbae-nim ...

For the sake of achieving this target children exercise while holding back hunger.

As elders, why is that cared for just an illegal match.


Hey, want it to be a champion or coach, do not know what is called courtesy.

If I don't go back to the association, you it's no more than the seeker because of it who will be thrown in jail.

How dare you be presumptuous here?

You don't have basic shucks politeness!

Seonbae-nim, never mind.

Let go! Take it off, shit!

Never mind! I teach you!

Hey Yeok Gi Cheol ...

You don't consider it at all am I a seonbae?

Get out, shit!


What's with you guys?

Hyeong-nim, why is that?

Let go! Let go! Let go!

What are you doing

You are okay, right?

Breath ... take a breath ... Inhale ...

Whatever it is, where can you hit it boxing association vice chairman? Now Oppa's name was dropped from the association.

Let alone be the champion of Dong Yang, so you can't coach anymore.

This is the job I've been looking for with hard work.

Don't be for a moment and emotion ruin everything. Do it well.

= At least you made it a teacher, understand? =

I know. I will work well.

= And I will try my best. So there's no need to worry In the future there will only be good things.

Yes, right?

What? What is that?

= What's wrong? Oppa? =

= Oppa? =



Something is visible like a dam.

The direction is towards the entrance here.

Yes yes. Please speed up huh Yes.


= Looking for missing people = - = Full name: Han Soo Yeon = -

Aigoo, don't want to scribble too here is the place next time.

Remove ah!

This place is quiet.

What does it look like here again?

Oh Dong Soo?

No, now I've arrived in a car repair shop.

Oh yes.

This place is really ...



You bitch!

Beat you!

If you dare to scribble again, you will die in my hands. A bunch of bitches.

Hey bitch!

Your brain shorted? Are you tired of life?

Hey! Hey! You're school kids right?

Do not fight! Quickly go home there!

Ajeossi ...

Just go there! Don't disturb people.

Are they abusing you?

Looks like that?


Are you abusing them?

We are the rulers of the school, okay?

So, you look at that like the school ruler.

You abused him right?

Ajeossi, don't judge people from the outside just okay?

Anyway, don't fight and go home there!

Aigoo ... basic.

Hey, later if Soo Yeon is back, I will ask him.

If it turns out you have already started it so he is reluctant to go home, just watch you guys!

This one bitch.

Kochi-nim! [Kochi - coach]

What are you doing there?

Aigoo ... Long time no see.

How long has it not met? There are three years, huh?

Still the same as before.

When you hear kochi-nim wants to come, I was shocked. By the way, why are children here is so scary?


Yoo Jin have you come?

This is Halmeoni. This is a painkiller and patch. thanks.

But, today Soo Yeon too no contact you There is no.

I told the police. Don't worry too much.

Either he eats on time or not.

Soo Yeon!

What is this? It seems like I've never seen it before.

What painting?

Beautiful, right?



Hey, why are you always painting butterflies?

Because they live freely.

Later after I grow up ...

I also want to become someone who is beautiful and free.

Speaking to yourself, shame yourself?

What is it?

I also want to become someone who is beautiful and free.

Want to be able to fly freely.

I have to go!

Want to work?

How about this?

Let him fly.

Ah, damn it!

Wow this place really ...

Block all alcohol routes that is in Cheongju!

I want to see how those bastards can do business without alcohol.


Yes, Sajang-nim. We caught it and gave a lesson now.

I told you it's not me. Now due to Hoejang-nim's problem I'm not in the mood to take care of this.

You process it yourself and watch your kids well!

= Good =

Need medicine tomorrow.

Ask their party to prepare everything!

So first.

Trouble you.

Be careful on the road, Hyeong-nim.

This is a list of names of students who have not paid tuition and administration for this semester.

Ah, yes.

If you only rely on the homeroom teacher chasing seems to have a limit.

That's why Yeok Seonsaeng-nim ...

... specifically looking for these students and talk to them directly.

OK, understand.

As soon as this semester ends, our Foundation will directly conduct an inspection.

Before that arrives, we must receive payments of at least 80%.

Ah, yes.

I used to work as a debt collector at a credit card company.

So things like this should be not a problem.

Oh, I see?


Then start today show your greatness.

Fine, I will try my best.


Everyone's attention!

From today he will serve as a teacher sports and BK teacher.

Yeok Gi Cheol Seonsaeng-nim. Yes, hello everyone. Glad to meet you all.

In the future I--

Sit over there, over there.

Are you okay? Are you okay?

Are you okay?

There is almost a problem.

You do not... Already!

Just want to help.


There is still one here, here.

Strange teacher.

Like a bear.


Aigoo, Yeok Seonsaeng-nim!

Are you okay?

Oh, he almost got hurt.

Why is it so careless?

So the BK teacher must be very tiring, huh?

Ah, not really.

So, I also know why I know. Ah, not really.

Ah, not really.

Nagih money from students, not an easy job.

I give you advice.

The best time is during the day.

If you go to the cafeteria, you can meet all of them there.

Ah, yes.

As soon as it turns out.

Please drink it. thanks.

Has troubled you.

Are you Park Min Joo?


Who is this Ajeossi? New sports teacher. Physical Education teacher.


This I can manage myself.

Oh, yes?

Still managing things like this?


Here is the name Yang Se Yi?

We have reserved and intend invite you to lunch.

Must eat with students and communicate too.


Yeok Gi Cheol Seonsaeng-nim.

Isajang-nim, he was once Dong Yang Championship boxing coach.

Oh, I see?

Nice to meet you.


You are so reliable. Then the students may be happy.

If so, troubles you. I'll try my best.

Hey, who is the face of the box?

New BK teacher.

Students who have not paid off, already started carrying the money.

What is it? How do you look like a mafia?

I went to the bathroom for a while.

Hey! Hey! A minute! A minute!

You are class 3-3 students Kang Yoo Jin, right?


Oh, yes...

You haven't paid off school fees and administration for this semester.

439 Won.

Will pay off.

Oh, not because you haven't paid off you are warned.

But if this money is not paid off you are not allowed to graduate.

The intention is to be paid off immediately.

Palingan does not pass.

Yes too. Oh, what?

Can you not pass?

Bro, a minute! A minute! In class you have children whose name is Han Soo Yeon, right?

What's wrong with Soo Yeon?

Oh, he still has 1.07 million unpaid from last year.

Did he run away from home?

It seems like he rarely seems to go to school.

He did not run away from home.

I'm just asking.

If you don't understand, don't talk carelessly.


Children in this place ...

Why is everything emotional?

= Wanted missing person = - = Full name: Han Soo Yeon = -

You think the school bulletin board is that your personal blog?

Who let you stick this leaflet without permission?

'It is clear that you will not get permission.

Hey, Kang Yoo Jin ...

Don't spend your energy on yourself a child who runs away from home.

Better take care of yourself.

People who are busy taking care of life other people and destroy their own lives, not only one or two people, you know? You too-- Seonsaeng-nim, please focus more much of your energy for your students.

It turns out students like this I have produced.

= Female WC = -

This duh ... this ... This child ...

Aigoo ...

No? There is no I call you.


As we get older, It's also felt more gas.

The gas is quite toxic.

Yeok Seonsaeng...

No? Do you want to pick up soon?


Try to go to the alley behind Nonghyeob crossing.

There is a group of children who like to smoke there.

Ah, yes.

And also, since it's out just stop by the house students who have not paid.

I eat quite regularly.

I really work hard. You don't need to worry.

I now want to patrol the city. I'll call you later later.

Imo, have two broken sticks.

How many two stabs?


Here I can announce explicitly and clearly.

The construction of a bridge disturbed now ...

... is to promote development economy in our region which is that step need to be taken.

Absolutely not will cause negative impact on our region.

Shut up you! This political rat horde ...

All are con artists!

- Let me go, son of a bitch! Hey! Hey! What do you want to fuck?

Do not listen to him! This bastard is a lie!

Drag the person from here!

Lies everything!

For the sake of development balanced in our district,

Here I dare to give my promise to everyone. Kim Gi Tae! Kim Gi Tae! Kim Gi Tae!


What is this? Hey!

Ajeossi, I have something to ask.

Do you know this child?

What place do you think this place is?

What? That's Chae Rim isn't it?

Soo Yeon's name here is Chae Rim?

Who is Soo Yeon?

Still don't want to leave?

Hey, Kang Yoo Jin!

This is a child! What are you doing here?

Where? Where?

Hey! Where are you going? This is a child ...

You ... Sorry, he is my student.

A minute! A minute!

I am a teacher from school, teacher.

Hey Kang Yoo Jin! Hey! Seonsaeng!

Joking you Here!

Hey! Ajeossi! Who is Ajeossi?

It's not here! Go quickly! Hey! I will take it go away from here. Let go of your hand!

Let her go!


This shit base ...

I will leave this place quietly. No need to look for problems.

Try asking the eonni. Enough! Come on, hurry up!

How can you just leave?

Ajeossi had seen the photo Soo Yeon tells her that she is Chae Rim.

It could be that they mistakenly see people.

After all, you can't to a place like this.

Tell me, tell me. I am a teacher.

No need to pretend to care. Wasting time.

I'm not pretending to care.

This kind of thing must be investigated first structured.

Why are you so impatient?

Seonsaeng-nim should continue just a game to catch your doll.

It seems to you.

I don't know.

Eonni, look carefully!

He is here using work Chae Rim's name, right?

Yes, right?

I don't know.

If you want to know about Agassi, Lee Seul Eonni knows better.

Lee Seul Eonni?

Sorry, excuse me first.

Ah, yes.

Aigoo, this is what I need.

We wish you good health.

Byeong Doo. yes?

Please convey my gratitude.


Hey! What are you waiting for? Come in! Get in quickly!

Here! Here!

Hey, today you have to serve well.

Rarely gather like this. Please enjoy.


Come on toast! Cheers!

Let's drink a glass.

Seonsaeng-nim, you think that eonni hiding something, right?

His madam is Lee Seul surely know something.

Yes I know.

These nights are you do not wander around.

Hurry home. If not, your parents will be worried.

You're not worried about Soo Yeon?

Today he also does not attend school.

Anu, that ... I'll talk later with the homeroom teacher.

Do you think I've never tried it?

Adults who are here, no one is willing to listen to me.

Until the police don't have any information.

Nobody thinks if this is a problem.

Who is looking for Soo Yeon?

I ... I have a hubae who works as a police officer.

I'm trying to talk to him. You just focus on school. Don't interfere with this problem, understand?

Don't miss a day.

Which way?

No, just stop here.

I'll take you home. Where is it going?

I can go home alone. You just stop here.

Anu, just stop here ...

Aigoo, watch the door come off!

Duh, this is a child ...

Adults will not be able to understand.

Phone ... damn it!

= Eomma = - = Where are you? = -

= Eomma = - = Where are you? = - Aigoo, this is a child.

Just leave the items.

What is that?

That's ... Yoo Jin!


Who is that ***? Yoo Jin!

Hey, Yoo Jin! Yoo Jin!

Has been troublesome.

Judging from the condition, This student has no injuries.

I understand what you mean. We will investigate.

Ajeossi, wait a minute!

It could be those people too has kidnapped my friend.

Yes yes. We will also investigate that.

Anu, you have to wait until when will it be investigated?

Clearly there have been missing reports. But until now there is no information.

That ... must go through the procedure first.

Do not worry! Just wait.

Do not worry! We will contact again after we do an investigation.

Be careful.

Hey, why is that detective one?

His breath smells of alcohol.

It works just like carelessly.

Aigoo, now is the election period.

If it's not a big problem, everything must be investigated secretly.

Which is still no big deal?

Already using an electric baton to defend against people's attacks.

Aigoo, it will definitely be explored later. Do not worry.

Besides, I heard from Yoo Jin he said there have been reports missing to the police.

Why hasn't it started searching yet?

Anu ... that ...

The case is still not received.

Why is it still not received?

If not from a close family, must have a letter of approval from the family nearby is acceptable.

Then explain to him.

Aigoo, children at their age already used to run away from home.

Seonsaeng-nim, let's see what we can do.

Do not worry about it.

Besides, you are an outsider.

It's best not to interfere too much business in this place.

= Han Soo Yeon: living with his grandmother. = -

= Power of Attorney = -


Then the police will deploy power to search.

Don't worry, Halmeoni.

For the sake of Soo Yeon ... you came straight to the residence this dilapidated one. I really thank you.

Aigoo, don't be like that. This is the thing I have to do.

Soo Yeon since losing his parents, his life is alone.

Good thing there are good people like you who is by his side.

What a fortune in the midst of misfortune.

Anu, what are you doing early in the morning?

Here! For you.

What is this?

Approval letter. Accept the case.

Aigoo, Kochi-nim why arrived have to work so hard?

What do you mean by 'laboriously', shit?

I told you, let us just take care.

Ah, basic!

This shit, why are you? from yesterday so?

Oh, it's not like that.

Oh, that's how the police are here in response to a case?

Yes, yes, immediately implemented.

Do it well!

And also he said he worked part time at Yangsoo nightclub.

Don't forget to check there. Yes.

This is basic people.

Fast! Quickly handled!


Election of the chairman of the new board of directors just a few more days. Underachievers please be watched over.

Aigoo, not here earlier. Aigoo ...

On election day, don't let anyone miss.

All staff are required to vote.

I think the performance of the teachers arguably pretty good.

Yeok Seonsaeng-nim ...

You can't just hear one-sided stories from students only. Han Yoo Jin too.

He is a transfer from Seoul.

The problem is a lot like as well as the students here.

His name is Kang Yoo Jin.

Ah, I mean Kang Yoo Jin.

Also, look at this.

This Han Soo Yeon student ...

Often absent without any clear reason. And suddenly it came again as if there are no problems.

This time it's certain after running away from home  he does something that is not commendable.

Whatever it is.

The child is not going anywhere.

But he disappeared after visit a nightclub.

So I said he ran away from home.

People who go to such places, isn't it clear?

Seonsaeng-nim! Yeok Seonsaeng, just a moment.

Come here a minute! Briefly.

Why is it so serious?

Yeok Seonsaeng ...

You don't think because it's in the village his students were all innocent.

Not at all.

Oh, still ...

Anu ...

Last semester there was also a student Who knows what the hell is fled to Seoul to audition to become a singer.

In the end after running away from home, until now still not home.

Then he also did not report missing to the police?

No, that's why ...

Don't take care of kids like that.

Just a dozen kids are still not yet pay school fees and adm money.

That way you can only get it good work performance. I understand. Well.


Why do you insist on meeting with the madam?

I reported this morning on my hubae the police.

Report to the police in this area it's no different than not reporting.

Anu, you have experienced an incident like that last night.

You are too far off.

How do you get hurt?

Seonsaeng-nim isn't worrying about me but worry yourself will be hurt, don't you?

If Soo Yeon is your daughter, what will you do? Until the police can find it, You're just busy quoting money from children?

Anu ... that's not what I meant.

I guess when you say "I will take him away", Seonsaeng-nim is different from the others.

Seonsaeng-nim, you are quite focused just draining children's money.

Hey, this kid's base ...

Yoo Jin ...

What disturbs your mind?

= Oh Hyeongsa-nim, what's the problem again? = [Hyeongsa: Detective]

Hey, that appears on the system that is him, right?

Oh, that ... How should I explain?

I warned you not accept cases of missing persons reports.

Anu ...

He came with a letter of approval. I have no other choice.

Hey, shit!

= Immediately return to the police station! Understand? =

OK, I understand.

Wrong indeed.

= ladies toilet = -

You kids.

Hey shit! Bring your cigarettes and get out!

Don't want to leave?

I don't smoke!

God damn it!

Do you have proof?

Your nostrils still smoke Here! Here! Where is the cigarette? Cigarettes!

Take it to the place people defecate.

Basic brash! Where is the cigarette?

If I find it, just watch you guys!

Do not go anywhere!


Cigarettes ... where's the cigarette? Let's go!

Hey! Stand there, don't move!

Aigoo, shit! Aigoo ...

Hey! Hey shit! Stand there! Aigoo ...

Why does this item fall?

Aigoo, you impudent.

What is this?

Yes, Gyogam Seonsaeng-nim? [Gyogam Seonsaeng - deputy headmaster]

Are you looking for me?

I found the item suspicious in the WC ...

Who reported the case to the police is Yeok Seonsaeng-nim?


I ask again. You report it to the police if any of our students are missing?

Just now the police call and ask this. Yes, it's called Han Soo Yeon.

Yeok Seonsaeng-nim ...

I give you the trust of watching so that children do not act.

But don't tell you to make it the problem becomes bigger.

Anu, it's already a few chingu days don't go to school.

Yeok Seonsaeng-nim!

Why do you have to leak the problem internal school outside?

And that is no more than a person child who runs away from home.

But this is not just a case run away from home.

Hey! My position is far above you Yeok Seonsaeng.

Because I'm worried, I give you a warning.

Do it as instructed. Don't do anything!

If there is anything,

you have to be able to withstand the consequences. Understood?

Okay, see you later.

That day you helped me find information about the Academy of Fine Arts ...

Thank you, Seonsaeng-nim.

Ah yes. thanks.

Kim Seonsaeng? Do you want to walk now?


Then it's right to go please help bring it all together.


Aigoo ... Come on, hurry up here! I'm very busy.

= 3-3 Kang Yoo Jin: Okay, I'm already on the road, Seonsaeng-nim. = -

= 3-3 Kang Yoo Jin: Seonsaeng-nim, still in school? = - = Now you're ready to go. = - = 3-3 Kang Yoo Jin: Where is it now? = - = Now you want to go again. Wait a minute, Yoo Jin. = - = 3-3 Kang Yoo Jin: Okay, I'm already on the road, Seonsaeng-nim. = -

= 3-3 Han Soo Yeon = - = Good, you wait for me there. I arrived soon, Soo Yeon. = - = Lee Eun Jeong: Yes, I confirmed. = -

= 3-3 Han Soo Yeon: Seonsaeng-nim, now I have business. Can you come here to pick me up? = - = Good, you wait for me there, Soo Yeon. = -

= big head = -

= Yeok Gi Cheol Kochi-nim = -

Hey shit!

You do what I say.

Why accept cases without permission?

Hey, where are you?

= You don't need to know. =

No kidding! Where is it now?

= Don't tell me you're meeting with the art teacher?

Hey, don't meet him. We need to talk. Where are you now?

What do you mean now?

Kampret is installing a camera hidden in your toilet.

= He is a suspicious person. =

And also the day where Soo Yeon is disappearing is June 7th, right?


= Yes, right? Kampret is suspect. =

= I have checked the chat history list. =

The person who picked Soo Yeon that night was him.

= Anyway, where are you now? =


Hey, are you guys together?


= Then tell me where Your position is now via SMS. Understand? =


Who just spoke to on the phone?


The seat belt must be installed, Yoo Jin.

But Seonsaeng-nim ... If you want to go to town, should take the opposite direction.

I want to go to the house, take the item for a while.

Stop for a moment and then continue again.

= Now on the way headed to the house of the art teacher. = -

= Yoo Jin: Now on the way headed to the house of the art teacher. = -

God damn it!

Seonsaeng-nim ... That...

Is the gift from Soo Yeon huh?


Gift from him.

Seonsaeng-nim ...

That day Soo Yeon really is no contact you

Then that day - Yoo Jin ...

We don't talk about problems Soo Yeon again, can I?

That day after finishing art class ...

Yoo Jin ...

You're with Soo Yeon ...

Hey, really, Yoo Jin!

Get up!

Yoo Jin ... Let me see.

I hit you not because I hate you.

All of this is a misunderstanding.

I never did anything against it.

Don't look at me with a look eyes like this.

No, I did nothing against it.

I told you no.

Just a misunderstanding!

Yoo Jin! God damn it!

Yoo Jin!

God damn it!

Hey Yoo Jin! Hey! You bastard!

Bastard! Here you are!

Here you are! Hey!

Seonsaeng-nim, just a moment!



Yoo Jin!

Hey, you psychopath!

Become a teacher but instead record the students secretly with a hidden camera?

What are you planning after kidnapping her?

What will you do, shit!

I have been guilty. Please don't report the police.

This one retreat.

Hey! This is Soo Yeon's cellphone.

Why is it in your hands?

Don't tell me Soo Yeon already are you woeing?

No, not like that.

Do not try anything with me! Quickly explain everything!

I want to report the police immediately, is that so?

No, no. Not.

I told you everything.

That night I received a call a call from Soo Yeon.

That's why I went to pick him up.

Soo Yeon, are you okay?


Anu ... Seimaeng-nim ...

You just walk first.

There are people who come to pick me up.


Anu ...

Do not worry. Walk first. thanks.

I dropped Soo Yeon and left.

But then I feel uneasy so I'm back again.

Soo Yeon!

Soo Yeon!

Soo Yeon, are you inside?

Soo Yeon!

So did you find this cellphone? You told me to believe in your nonsense?


After that I never see Soo Yeon again.

Then why don't you immediately report the police?

I'm just an intern teacher not long there.

Fear of nothing. This thing Seonsaeng-nim also understands.

You kunyuk!

I really like it that's why I'm kind to him.

This is a problem?

You shit! Pure?

I think you're insane.

They are underage, shit!

The person who hurt Yoo Jin last night was you?

I had an event yesterday night have a drink with Gyogam Seonsaeng. [Gyogam Seonsaeng - Deputy Principal]

I told you about it honestly to you.

You can verify directly. After all, shucks like you ...

Must be given a little lesson.

Seonsaeng-nim ...

Do not be noisy!

There are people?

We are from the police.

There are people who report the police so we came to check. What is this?

God damn it!

I reported the police.

This is someone ... I think it's not good.

One can be suspected of not only one or two points. There is one child missing.

Yes, yes, we will investigate one by one.

And also the cellphone must be checked to see whose last conversation was with whom.

So ...

I told you we would investigate one by one.

It is enough. You can go home.

Ask you to investigate carefully. Don't just talk in the mouth.

Yes yes.


Parents, please come here a minute.

Yes, Banjang-nim?

Yes yes.

Oh, hurry out. Very disturbing the problem.

Kochi-nim! The evidence has been received.

The investigation will be carried out soon. Don't worry too much.

After the cell has been repaired, you please check the last phone call with whom, okay?

Kochi-nim, if that ...

Content from investigations cannot notified to people.

Hey, I'm the teacher at the school. I should know.

I'm really wrong.

Have you received the missing report?

Oh that ... still not.

Why have not yet?

This is a policy from above. What can i do?

I also can't do anything.

Please understand, Kochi-nim.

Hey, why are you guys?

How come it continues then?

I also know clearly.

I have to go patrol here!

After there's new information, I'll call again! Hey...

Just this one?

You put it in another place some seeds, right?


This Kampret can't focus?

Ya, Hyeong-nim?

How? The efficacy of the medicine is okay?

= Not this problem. =

The missing report case is temporary successfully suspended.

But it turns out that shit one even came with the evidence.


= Now this is so complicated. =

You have arrived, Hoejang-nim.

Good night, Hoejang-nim.

You have arrived, Sajang-nim.

Which Uiwonjang? [Uiwonjang - equivalent to chairman]

Coming soon.

Certainly tired on the trip.

Oh yes Hoejang-nim ...

I have something to say.

At important times like this, is this how you deal with problems?

Try even harder!


Why? What is wrong?

Seok Jae, there is a problem that makes headache people.

The most recent ranking, the result of exam simulation is also the lowest. Do not worry! This time you can definitely get into Univ. Seoul.

Seonsaeng-nim, art teacher enter the school's internal news.

This is an art teacher? This is a student from our school, right?

Is this Han Soo Yeon from class 3-3?

Either this news is true or not.

Try to see!

He said he was recording quietly in the ladies' room. Geez!

This is a prank for kids, right?

I didn't think it turned out ...

He is not someone like this.

Who is uploading this?

What if the school arrives know this incident?

I don't care.

What I can do, I have to do.

At least you have to graduate from high school. Are you sure you won't regret it later?


Aigoo ...

You're still young, still don't understand what the world is like.

Seonsaeng-nim, I'm an adult.

From now on I can only age.

We were rather rushed when we recruited.

As a result without careful review, we do it directly.

What do you mean by this?

I'm sorry, Yeok Seonsaeng-nim. Your school development fund Pay, of course, must be returned to you.

Plus compensation money and this allocation fee please accept.

And we hope that You don't get too discouraged.

If there is a dispute with each other, I believe if this is something unwanted things happened to Yeok Seonsaeng-nim.

The good will be good. Is not it?

= Oppa ... =

= The money has been collected from savings that have not yet matured plus loans from Appa. =

= Because of understanding the nature of Oppa, so I'm not telling you. =

= But Oppa ... =

= Everyone also lives like this. =

Ya Dong Soo?

= Anu ... Kochi-nim ... =

= We just received a report. =

Please step back a little!

Right, Han Soo Yeon.

Ah, really makes a headache.

Not! Not! Wait a minute!

Yoo Jin!

Which family party? Yoo Jin! Calm yourself!

Soo Yeon! Soo Yeon!

Let me go!

Yoo Jin!

= Looking for missing people = - = Full name: Han Soo Yeon = -

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The reporter has been temporarily secured but some time will definitely explode.

How good is that?

Try to call Kim Gukjang. [Gukjang - equivalent to director]

Kim Gukjang right now prioritizing money.

The basic shit one.

Hey, Jin Soo is me.

Evidence obtained yesterday of which there is a cellphone, right?




Yoo Jin have you come?

Si Dong Soo.

How good is that?

Aigoo, that shit one ...

Wait a minute!

I told you this time it was removed by children not a property.

I also risked my head in dealing with this problem.

Your position as police chief Who do you get from?

Facilitation payments that you give to your boss Who do you get from?

Anu, this ...

If something happens to me ... who do you think will be made a scapegoat?

Seok Jae ...

You can.

What? Just what is So Soo?

= Yes. =

= I also disassembled the card with chat. =

= And find chat history between she is with a woman named Lee Seul. =

The woman is Madam in that place.

I don't know what happened that day.

The woman texted Soo Yeon the contents of which he worried about.

= Kochi-nim, I'm trying to dig deeper. I'll call again later. =

Okay, just like that first.


Yoo Jin.

Seonsaeng-nim has to go somewhere. You accompany Halmeoni.

You will come back, right?

I will be right back.


Hoejang-nim, it's time to leave.

Tell them a little late.

Hello Sajang-nim, the face of the box came.

I immediately went there. Wait for me.


Hyeong-nim, for you.

Lee Seul-ssi!

Can I ask for a little time?



You know Soo Yeon, right?

I do not know anything.

Soo Yeon is dead.

Lee Seul-ssi ...

Cannot continue to pretend don't know anything like this.

Tell me.

What really happened.

Actually that day ...

The taste is okay too.

Uiwonjang-nim, drink a glass today. Take a break for a while and then leave.

You are the one who will soar to the top but still take the time for civilians like us.

Still need a lot of guidance from you, Uiwonjang-nim.

I can help anything.

Come on! Come on! Drink another glass.

Bother you.

I went to the bathroom for a while.

Which parts hurt?

Which part is sick?

Alright, I'm going home soon.

Wait for me for a moment

Don't go inside, what are you doing here? Are you crying?

Sorry ... Can you help me, Isajang-nim?

Do you ... know me?

Actually I'm a high school student.

Halmeoniku is sick. Can I go home first?

What are you doing here?

Come on!

What do you think? How dare you bring our schoolgirl here?

Because I think I have to provide who is still young.


What if he disseminates it at school?

I will seal his mouth.

Parents of this daughter owes us money.

So he won't be brave talk carelessly.

Ui - Uiwonjang-nim!

Are you okay?

Still not focused? Where are you Chae Rim? Are you hurt? = -

Quickly say where you are! Hey bitch! I need to go to your house and ask your grandmother?


Well. You're waiting there I'll be there soon.

Hey! You go first.

Then the Gwak is here is the last person to see Soo Yeon? What is certain is that it closes the phone he left immediately.

This is all I know.

What is certain is that shucks are trapped. Search slowly!

He must be silenced because of mischief in someone else's place. Hey! A minute!

Are you Gwak Sajang?

Ah, it turns out it's here huh?

There are some things I want to ask you.

Hyeong-nim, do you need to be dragged out?

Just a moment, just need to ask a few things.

Are you killing Soo Yeon?

Hey, did you kill Soo Yeon?

I'm not the one to kill.

Who is it, then?


I told you it's not me!

Where is that bitch?

Where are you? Are you crazy about this bitch?


Don't joke anymore! Lazy I'm looking for you. Get out quickly!

Did you hear? Here?

Who are you?

You need to come here for a moment.

= What business? =

Nothing else.

Your son ...


= Kochi-nim, which one is kampret has taken the cellphone. =

It's weird.

= The fine art teacher ... =

He said last night he was immediately released.

Seonsaeng-nim ...

Are you awake?

Yes, Yoo Jin Eomoni.

= Anu ... Seonsaeng-nim ... =

= Want to ask if Yoo Jin is with you? =

Yoo Jin is in the hospital.

= I just went to the hospital. =

= But Yoo Jin isn't there. =

= The cellphone is also not active. =


Yoo Jin, it looks like you have what is wrong with me.

My Appa and I are two different people.

Which cell?


You come out first!



Abeoji! Abeoji!

I didn't know he was dead, Abeoji.

I have been guilty.

Ji Seong ...

What mistake have I made?

For the sake of so that my only son can become a person, how much effort have I made.


Abeoji, I was wrong.

Abeoji, I'm wrong.

Stand you up!

Stand up, you bastard!

Don't be afraid, Yoo Jin.

Yoo Jin!

Yoo Jin! Be quiet! Or you will die.


Why don't you answer your call?

Jeongye-ri 22-1.

Jeongye-ri 22-1.

What is this?

You crazy.

You're hiding here only to make this?


... just returned to America.

A - Abeoji, I ...

This semester is still not over.

I need to guide children in preparing for the exam.

Do you want to drag your Aebi? [Aebi - father]

Before this event died down, you go there first.

But there are still children who trust me.

For the sake of saving you I arrived must kill the woman.

You still don't want to hear my words?

Then why did you kill?

Help me ...

Help me ...

Isajang-nim ...

Seonsaeng-nim ...

I will not tell it to anyone.

Help me...


Of course you can't tell me to anyone.

What? Bastard! All of this is for your sake!

How could that be for me? Bastard!

Stand up straight, shit!

What do you want?

God damn it!


Abeoji! Abeoji! God damn it!




Abeoji! Abeoji!

Do what I say, son of a bitch!

Ah yes, Uiwonjang-nim.

I'm on my way.


Tomorrow, get ready to go abroad!

I will send people there.


It's like who the shit really is, damn it.

Now it's gone.

Oh, yes?


Everyone, please take care of it for a while.

Preparation is complete?

Yoo Jin.

I can leave now, Yoo Jin.

Yoo Jin ...

Yoo Jin!

Why are you acting like this against me, Yoo Jin?

Yoo Jin ...

Why always makes me be bad person?

I think so will you be able to escape?

Now it's time for you to come out, Yoo Jin.

Yoo Jin!

Yoo Jin!

Yoo Jin, are you inside?

Yoo Jin!

Yoo Jin!

Yoo Jin! Get up!

Yoo Jin!

Yoo Jin!

Yoo Jin! Get up!

You bastard.

Here you are, motherfucker!



Here you are, motherfucker!

Help me ... Help me.

I have been guilty. I have been guilty.

Yoo Jin! Yoo Jin!

Wait a minute! Wait a minute!


= For now candidate Kim Gi Tae a little behind. =

= Ballot calculation is running. =

Kampret was screwing everywhere.

Quickly enter the name into the DPO!

Get him soon!

Yoo Jin!

Yoo Jin!

Get up! Wait a minute.

Don't fall asleep!

Don't fall asleep!

Seonsaeng-nim ...

Seonsaeng-nim is here.

Soo Yeon ...

Soo Yeon is dead.


Kim Gi Tae!

Kim Gi Tae!

Kim Gi Tae!

Kim Gi Tae!

Kim Gi Tae!

Kim Gi Tae! Yes, Uiwonjang-nim. Kim Gi Tae! Ah, now you have to call me as Kim Gunsu. [Gunsu - equivalent to regent]

Yes, all of this thanks to you, Uiwonjang. Kim Gi Tae! Kim Gi Tae!

Let's gather together and drink.

My head ...

This ... what happened?

That ... That madman ...

Quickly block him!



What do you want, shit?

This - crazy shit ...

Hey, son of a bitch!

Do you know who I am, son of a bitch?

Hey! I come out you will die. Bastard!

Hurry away, you bastard! Bastard ...

You crazy shucks.

I'm a Gunsu! [Gunsu - equivalent to regent]

You're looking for it with wrong person. Damn, how come you!

Basic crazy shit!

Choi Seojang! [Seojang - equivalent to the director general]

Your call comes in on time. Yes, that crazy shit ...


Gocheon County elected official, Kim Gi Tae-ssi ...

Arrested for alleged murder a high school student at the time still serving as Isajang.

and is receiving an examination.

In this process, not only the son of the official elected but also involves violent organizations.

Even the police in the forefront following the police commissioners involved

are all receiving an investigation.

Aigoo ...

You haven't been here too long.

Just seeing bad things after that go home.

You have to work right, kunyuk.

I have to work right.

Is this part okay?

Ah yeah, it's okay.

Watch Out.

I walk first.


Be careful!

Next time playing here don't forget to contact me.

Yes, it has troubled you.

It's time to replace a new car.

Your head is too big.

'Don't have money, shit.

Be careful!

= Looking for missing people = - = Full name: Han Soo Yeon = -

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