The Wailing (2016) Script

They were startled and frightened, thinking they saw a ghost.

He said to them, "Why are you troubled, and why do doubts rise in your minds?

Look at my hands and my feet. It is I myself!

Touch me and see, a ghost does not have flesh and bones, as you see I have."

Luke 24: 37 - 39

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Distribution by 20th Century Fox Korea Corporation Production Company Side Mirror Fox International Productions (Korea)

Kwak Do Won

Hwang Jung Min

It's still dawn, what is it?

Somebody died.

Chun Woo Hee Who? Chun Woo Hee Chun Woo Hee You know the ginseng grower, Cho?


His wife died.

It's pouring buckets...

Hey, where are you off to?

Somebody died.


Wife of the ginseng farmer.

That's all I know.

But she's so young.

You said it.

Don't go without eating. I gotta hurry.

Just a bite!

Hurrying won't bring back the dead.

But I need to go now.

Eat, will you?

Come on.

What happened?

Not sure. Think someone killed her.

What kind of fucker kills people?

Damned son of a bitch.

Someone died?

Eat up, dear.

Who died?

Eat your breakfast.

Bye, dad.

What took so long?!

Gimme a raincoat.

Hurry up! We got two corpses here.

Where's the Captain?

He went to Seoul, remember?


Come on!

I'm coming.

Written and Directed by Na Hong Jin

Look at me, Heung-guk!

Let go of me!

I'm his uncle!

Let go of me! Heung-guk!


Heung-guk, how could you do this?


Did it with this, I guess. Jabbed him, like, 20 times?

Holy shit.

What's that?

Looks like the body was moved here after being Killed.

What a mess.

That's Cho, the husband?

Looks that way.

I'll be damned.

And the kid?

We took him to a relative's.

Why'd he do it?

Don't smell booze on him, but he won't talk.

Must be high on something. How else would he end up that way?

What the hell happened?

How's it going, Sergeant?

I'm his uncle! Let go of me!

Rotten bastard.

Couldn't he use the GPS? Why do I have to take him?

Ain't that it?

Get the wire cutters.

Pull it back.

What's this stink?

So, Cho was killed here.

What the fuck is all this?


So he invited Cho over, killed him, put the body in a sack, dragged it to his house and killed his wife?

A crime of passion.

Make sure you photograph everything.

Here, there, that stuff over there.


Get over here!

Sergeant, come over here.


Oh god...

That cocksucker.

What kind of twisted freak is he?


Is that scary or what?

Scary my ass.

Anyway, all the town's talking about it.

Who told you that story?


That damned bastard...

Now he's spinning stories to you, too?

But from what I hear, there's definitely something about that guy.

Like what?

The corner store owner went crazy.

The guy at the mill dropped dead.

And then Heung-guk, two days ago.


All this began after that Japanese man arrived.

Quit talking out of your ass, you ignorant dope.

Who are you calling ignorant?

Look, the test results on Heung-guk came back today.

Apparently he ate some fucked-up mushrooms.


You know, the ones that make you go crazy.

His blood was full of that shit.

And there were tons of dried mushrooms at his place.

You really believe that?

That's what the results said!

Didn't you ever try those mushrooms as a kid?

Hell, no.

All I know is, mushrooms can never do that to you.

You saw that poor fellow.

Mushrooms will never make you that way.

But I'm right about the Japanese guy.

If everyone's talking about him, it means there's a good reason.

What the hell?

Power's gone out again.


I keep telling the Captain to get that damn wiring fixed.

Never listens!

What the fuck!

What's wrong? What the Christ was that?

That thing outside. What's outside?

Outside, that... fuck! What's your problem?

What is it, man?

You check it out.

Me? Yes, you! Damn it.

You want me to go out?

I'm telling you, asshole. Get your ass out there!

For crying out loud...

Okay, I'll go.

Come on, hurry!


Who the fuck are you? What the hell?

Stop, goddamn it!

Stop it, you dirty slut! You whore.

Eat this too.

Damn, you're heavy.

I'm getting too old for this.

Don't be ridiculous.

Old wives tell me men still get it up after 70.

Then buy me some herbal supplements.

I keep having fucked-up nightmares.

What're you doing in there? Oh hell. Shit!

Nothing! Get away from the car.

Don't open it! What are you doing?

For crying out loud!




How do I look?


Freakishly pretty.

Darn it.

How long were you watching?


How much did you see?

Don't worry, I won't tell.

So you saw everything.

No big deal. It's not the first time.




It's okay. Have a sip.

Hurry up!

Son of a bitch!

What took you so long? Ignoring my calls!

My mother-in-law fell sick.

Using your mother-in-law as an excuse?

You were taking a nap, I can tell!

No, I wasn't. I swear.

Get to work.

Excuse me, ma'am?

What the hell?

What are you doing? Stop her.

Yes, sir.

Come with me, ma'am.

Get off me!

Sergeant, get her out of here.

Back off, people.

What's wrong with her?

Please calm down.

That idiot...

Calm down, ma'am.


Get cleaned up, man.

Hey, don't beat yourself up.

Ain't your fault that you're a girly wimp with balls the size of peas.

Oh jeez.


Hi, Hyo-jin. Hey.

Hello, Captain.

How are you? Good.

You got clean clothes for Daddy? Yeah.

Mom got you clean boxers and an undershirt.

Thanks, darling.

Take a shower.

I will. Go home.

You didn't even eat, did you?

Alright, get out of here. Can't you see Daddy's working?

See you.

Goodbye, officers.

Bye. See ya.

Take care, sweetie. Oh, my.

That scatterbrain.



It just hit me.


That woman...

What woman?

The one whose house burned down...

I knew I'd seen her somewhere.

It's the naked woman from last night.


The woman who was standing here last night.

Crazy fools.

They didn't burn to death. They were stabbed.

All three of them?


Freaked the hell out of me, too.

Prime suspect is the missus who hung herself.


What the heck happened?

Beats me.

Over here.

In here.


Give us a hand.

A little more.

Found it.

Idiot, don't touch it with your bare hand!

What the...?

Are you a moron?

That's evidence.

He should've wrapped it in cloth or something, right?

Gokseong Police Station

So, she killed everyone?

That's what they said.

I'll be damned.

So, that's what happened.

Why did you call me? Things are crazy at work.

Because of this case.

Remember what I told you before?


How the Jap raped a woman?

What about it?

You filthy slut.

That woman.

It was her.

What the hell are you talking about?

The woman he raped is the same woman whose house burned down.

She went crazy after that, and used to run around naked at night.

My wife saw her at the public bathhouse.

She was completely covered in rashes and boils.

Mumbling gibberish the whole time.

Are you out of your mind?

Byeong-gyu's got to stop that.

Talking crap to his dimwitted buddies.

You worthless bastard. It was your theory.

I was just messing with you.

Who in their right mind would believe crap like that?

No, I think you're right.

Can't be the mushrooms, that doesn't make sense.

Gimme a break.

What are you looking at?

Get outta here!


Ignore her. She's been doing that all morning.

What a nutjob.

So, how about you check with the local dermatologist.

See if there's a medical record on Heung-guk or that woman.

Stop it, you tramp!

I can't believe this.

It's important, you idiot!

The rash is the link here.

Come on, hurry.

Stop it, you could hurt someone!

Community Health Center

Oh, my.

You're really getting on my nerves!

Where do you live?

Are you from this village?


Don't come near me!


The lady killed them all.


In there. In that room.

What are you talking about?

The old woman got a shaman to do a ritual.

But the lady refused.

That's why they all got killed.

Are you a family member?

I'm not.

Then who are you?

Come with me.


What the...?

You can't go in there.

It's alright.


Come on.

The lady killed them here.

The old woman got it the worst.

Her head was smashed open like a watermelon.

You saw with your own eyes?

Sure I did.


The old woman tells me the Jap is a ghost.

He was gonna suck her blood dry.

The Jap?


The Jap with the limp.

Oh, him!

You seen him?


How many times?

Once or twice.

Be careful.


The old woman says, if you keep seeing him around, it's because he's stalking you.

To suck your blood dry.

Wait here just a sec.


Get your ass over here.


Get over here now!

But I just found the dermatologist.

I found a witness.

So, get over here as fast as you can.


What the...?

Where'd she go?

What terrible sin did you commit, to yell like that?

Are you feeling sick?

Keep having weird dreams.

Who's the medicine for?

Hyo-jin's not feeling well. She couldn't go to school.

She's burning up.

Where have you been while she was so sick?

I was getting her medicine.

What's with you? Take her to the hospital.

What on earth was that?

Turn off the hose first.


Just coming into work now, are you?

Hyo-iin wasn't feeling well.

Now you even blame your daughter?

I'm not making it up.

Did you find your witness?

No, sir.

After turning the whole town upside down.

You think this case will be your break?

Seong-bok's been calling around.

That's your excuse?

Look at him. He can't even wash the car.

Driving me up the wall.

Even the Chief heard about your witness.

Whether you lied or let her get away, you're screwed either way.

Yes, sir.

This is driving me up the wall.

Don't pay any attention to the crazy girl's talk.

Not her. I'm talking about this here.

Family tragedy caused by wild mushrooms What did the dermatologist say? Mushrooms?

He wasn't sure, so he referred Heung-guk to the hospital.

Told you. It can't be the mushrooms.

It's not impossible.

Shut your hole.

You know that story that Byeong-gyu told you?

There are so many.

The one about the naked man eating the deer carcass.

What's gotten into you?

At a crazy time like this?

It's because things are so crazy.

You know the guy who saw it, right?

Herbs & Tonic Over here.

You may not believe it, but I saw it with my own eyes.

Look at this.

Can you see it?


I got 22 stitches.

From falling on your head drunk?

What are you talking about?

I'm too old to be making shit up.

You got proof?


Hell, yeah!

I'm not the kind to talk shit without backing it up.

Come look at this.

You ready for this?


You see?

Empty, right?

I stayed the hell away from the mountains ever since that day.

Even put the store up for sale.

How is that proof?


Damn you...

That's not the point.

The point is, when I opened my eyes, there he was, stark naked except for a diaper.

A diaper?

That's right.

A grown man?

I'm telling you.

Grown men can wear diapers. Get outta here.

Bladder problems are surprisingly common in adults.

But why go in the woods to treat incontinence?

Incontinence... Am I talking to myself here?

Anyway, he had his face buried in the carcass, his body covered in blood... and eyes all bloodshot.

Then, he looked up and all of a sudden...!

I haven't slept since that day.

He was chewing on the guts? That's right.

You saw him eat raw flesh? Sure...

Wait, look here.

See where the skin's broken?

Bastard even bit me.

Where does that guy live?

Why, you're gonna go?

Think I should.

Don't, you'll regret it.

This is just my suspicion but...

You know how the villagers have been dying out recently?

He's got something to do with it.

He's not human.

Give me his address.

It's off in the middle of nowhere.

You must know the rough location.

It's hard to explain in words.

It's deep in the valley somewhere.

How much further is it?

Still a ways.


What's the matter?

It's there.

Over there.

I don't see any house.


Right over there.

Whoa, isn't that a deer?

So, you weren't making it up?

What did I tell you, dammit?

What in God's name...

What's happening?


You know...

What's going on?

That should do it, right?

What? You gotta show us the house.

It's just over that hill.

It's just the one house. You can't miss it.

You came all the way here. You should see it through.

Don't touch me, I gotta go!

Where do you think you're going?

I said let go!






You alright?

You fucking bastards.

We're sorry.

Fuck off.

I'm gonna get your asses sacked. You just wait.

We're real sorry, okay?

Fuck you.

You deserve to get fried by lightning.

Where are you going?

You got hit by lightning.


What's the point of taking all that health tonic,

if you're gonna get killed by lightning?

How can something this happen?

What are the chances?

But they say, thanks to all those tonics, he survived.

Nurse! Nurse!

It's Park Heung-guk in 302!

You gotta come now. It's Park Heung-guk!

It's an emergency!


What's going on?

Can anybody make sense

of what's happening here?

Let's go back to the Jan's house tomorrow.

There's definitely something going on there.




Daddy's right here.

Daddy's right here, sweetie. Look at Daddy.

Look at Daddy.


Look at me.


Look at me.

Look at Daddy.

Daddy's here. Dad...

I'm right here. Do something, Daddy!

What, sweetie?

Someone keeps banging on the door, trying to get in.


A strange man is trying to come in.

It's okay, it's okay...



What's this?

You're alright?

Morning, Dad.

But she never eats fish...

Something's wrong with her.

I heard you and Hyo-jin last night.

I asked the old lady next door to recommend a good shaman.

I'm gonna consult with him, just so you know.

Got that?





Say hello. This is my nephew.

What, a priest?

Not yet, he's in training. A deacon.

We'll need a translator to talk to the man.

You speak Japanese?

Just a little.

He lived in Japan when he was young.

What's that on your neck?


You gotta be kidding me.

What's your name, son?

Yang E-sam. (Two-three)

Is that your real name?

Yes, sir.

Let's go.

Get in.

Anybody home?

What is it?

Goddamn perv.

Look at this. What does it say?

Uncle, this is illegal.

I know.

Then why...? We should stop.

Wait outside if you won't help.

But Uncle!

Okay, you wait outside.

What are you staring at?

Go keep a lookout.

What the fuck?

Son of a bitch! Get over here!

Get him off of me!

What were you doing poking around the doghouse?

Block the door!

Get over here!


Seong-bok, you bastard!

Fucking bastard!

Where is it?

Where did it go?

Over there.


I think it's the owner.


Excuse me.

Are you alright?


What's the matter with you?

Did you get bit?


Say something, dammit.

He's the criminal.

You're scaring me, man.

Snap out of it.

It wasn't just one or two people.

He took pictures of them when they were alive and went back to take more after they went crazy and died.

What the hell are you on about?

He's the criminal.

That's enough. I'll deal with you later.

I'm sure of it.


He took his victims' belongings and did something with them.

What did you see?

Tell me!

Jeon Hyo-jin

You're getting all wet!

Where is Hyo-jin?

In the bedroom.


You're home early.

Did you lose your trainer?

No, why?

What's this then?

It's not mine.

Isn't this your handwriting?

I said it's not mine.

You know about a Japanese man living in this village?

You're dripping water all over the place.

Answer me. Do you know him or not?

Did you meet him?

Answer me.

You're scaring her.

Get out for a sec.

Come on, this is serious.

Daddy is a policeman. I know if you lie.

Did you meet this man?

Tell me.

Tell you what?

Everything. Where you met, and what you did.

Why should I tell you that?

Because it's important.

What's so important?

Answer me, girl!

I said, what's so important?

What's so damn important?

What the hell...!

Is so damned important?

You don't even know what's important.

Stop grilling me, goddamn it!


What are you doing?

I thought you were sleeping.

What the hell?

Yanking up your daughter's skirt in the middle of the night?

Speak, will you?

Tell me, asshole!

Tell me, you fucking shithead!

Fuck you!


Stop staring, motherfucker!

Don't call your daddy that!

Don't you look at me!

Stop it! Daddy said he was sorry.

I'm gonna kill you all.

How could you?

I met the shaman today.

He thinks a spirit's in the house.

That something possessed Hyo-jin.

That if we don't act, there'll be dead bodies.

He's supposed to be the best.

Why didn't you answer my calls?

Come with me, and don't give me any crap.

Ask him where he stashed the stuff from in there.

The things in there... where now?

What things?

He asks what.

The stuff that we saw before.

Things we saw... before.

The photographs?

You mean the pictures?

Yeah, the pictures, and the other stuff.


I burned them.


I burned them.

He burned them.



In the kitchen.

In the kitchen.



What did you come here to do?

What did you come here to do?

Ask him again.

What did you come here to do?

To travel.

To travel, he says.

Tell him I'll throw him in jail if he doesn't fess up.

Tell us the truth.

You wouldn't believe me even if I told you.

He says you wouldn't believe him.

Look, you translate everything I say, letter for letter. Yes, sir.

You fucking prick!


You loose-assed, dog-fucking son of a whore!

So, uh...

What kind of a tourist hangs pictures of dead people on his wall?

Travel... the dead...

Why was this in your house?

How did this...?

Who the fuck are you?

Who are you?

I know what it is you're doing to this village.

And I saw in that room.

And I know what the fuck you're doing to my daughter!

I want you to stop what you're doing, and leave this village quietly.

I mean it.



This is Gokseong. My turf.

Don't mess around and get yourself killed, just leave.

If you don't leave, you'll die.

If you heard me, say something, or at least nod your fucking head!

Please answer.

So, you're...

Shut up, bitch!

You're gonna blow me off?

I'm just not worth answering.

Is that it?

You're not even gonna listen, right?

Ain't that right?

I'm speaking to you, but you won't listen!

What's this?

What the fuck is this?

What the hell is all this?

What the!

What the fuck are you doing freaking ritual!

Son of bitch, Jap!

What the fuck are you doing in my town!

Whose daughter are you messing with?

Son of a bitch!

Look out!

What the heck is it? Dammit!


Now what?

Starting to see the light?

I'll give you three days.

Get out or you'll end up like your goddamn dog.


Translate what I said.

How long has it been like this?

Just a few days.


The symptoms are the same as the others.

There's gotta be an explanation for what she has.

They say they don't know.

What is it?

Oh God!

Who the fuck did this?


You okay?

Get your husband.

Who did this?

Who the fuck did this?



What's the matter!

Does he drink a lot?

It's nothing to worry about.

I'll take the needles out in 20 min.

Cut down on your drinking.


It's started. You better brace yourself.

What I said the other day, we'll do it tomorrow.

Where is Hyo-jin?

You can't back out now. Get the money for the ritual.

Where is she?

At home. Where else would she be?

I asked the old lady next door to watch her.

You left her alone with a stranger?

Are you out of your minds?

Don't move.




What's the matter? Oh my God!




Drop that, baby.

Don't cry. It's okay.

It's okay.

It'll be okay.

It'll be okay.

Call 911, quick!

We have to take her father. It's no use bring her, uh?

Why did you call the ambulance?

How did you say that seeing my mom?

You have to take her father!

Gosh, what the heck is it!

This is all the work of that Jap.

Ever since we went to his house, my body's been in pain.

I've been burning up, and seeing things.

A man's face pops out of the wall.

I don't think he's living.

We gotta do something.

Or the bastard will get us first.

Shut the damn door!

What's in that jar?

Which one?

The one with a red lid.

It's just soy sauce.

Bring it over.

What, are you deaf?

Out of the way, come on.

Stand back.

What is that?

I'll be fucked...

It's a real wicked spirit we've got here.

You don't want to leave, do you?

Tie her, come on!

Let's go!


Come here, you!

You met something recently you weren't supposed to?

I don't follow you.

Didn't you disturb someone?

Of all the evil I've seen, this is the strongest.

You disturbed it.

Oh, God! What can we do now?

Who is it?


Who did you disturb?

Tell him.

A Japanese man...

I knew it.

That's no man.

That's a ghost.

All the things that happened around here are his doing.

If nothing is done about it, not just your daughter, but everything that walks on two feet will perish.


This is Park Chun-bae, the owner of this house.

He killed his wife, too?

It appears so.

What's that bastard's name?

Park Chun-bae.

Then what?

What do you mean, what? Gotta get rid of it.

Either banish it, or kill it.

I'm going to cast a deadly hex at dog hour tomorrow.

Yes, sir.

You got the money?

How much?

About 10 grand, don't you think?

I'll have it ready.



What I'm going to do tomorrow is no ordinary ritual.

I'll be casting a death hex.

It's incredibly dangerous.

So, don't do anything that could taint it.

No intercourse. Watch what you eat and drink.

Or the spell will backfire.

Yes, sir.

Okay then, you can go.

Can I ask you something?


That Japanese guy.

You said he's a ghost.


I don't get how a living human can be a ghost.

That's no living human.

He died a long time ago.

He must have been human once.

But not anymore.

So then, the ghost entered inside him?

Well, that's how it started.

Not everything that moves, breathes and talks is living.

Countless people have perished because they didn't realize that.

If it's not stopped... that demon will destroy this village.


An evil ghost!

Even among demons, he's a master of evil.

In that case, why did it have to be... your daughter?

What sin did that young girl ever commit?


If you go fishing, do you know what you'll catch?


He's just fishing.

Not even he knows what he'll catch.

He just threw out the bait, and your daughter bit it.

That's all it is.

Park Chun-bae

This one? No.

Money. Yes, money.

21 dollars more.

No! That's okay.

Oh, come on.

Tell him to stop.



I said stop!



What's the matter?

Look at me.




Please make him stop...


Please make him stop.




Stop, you bastards!


Fucking bastards!

Stop right now.



I said stop!


I'm gonna smash your heads in!

Stop, I said.

Get out.


It all started from that day?

I'll try speaking to the Father.

Is what you're telling me true?


You said the shaman told you this.

From their perspective, a ghost is the spirit of a dead man.

But that man is alive.

I've heard about this man, too.

Rumor has it he is a renowned professor.

Some darker, disturbing rumors, too.

Others say he's a Buddhist monk.

But they're just rumors. How can you believe them?

No, Father. They're definitely not rumors.

You sound terribly sure.

Did you see with your own eyes?

How can you be sure without seeing for yourself?

Take her back to the hospital. Trust in the doctor.

There's nothing the Church can do for you.

Come with me to the Jap's.


I gotta see for myself if he really is a ghost or not.

If he is, then I won't be able to kill him.

Where is he?

Is everyone here?


Why'd you call us so early?

Cheol-yeong couldn't come. His sow is farrowing.

What's with your face?

This ain't some joke?

You're serious, right?


Cross your heart, or your mom's a whore?

You prick!

This is no time for joking.

What a fucking loser.


Nothing? No.

Don't just stand around. Check the back.

What's that?

Fucking bastard...

Byeong-gyu! Over here.

Hurry up.

Is that him? Over there.

Where? Follow me.


What the...?

Who's that?

What is that thing?

Don't come any closer.

Back off.

Back off.

Stop it.

That's enough, man!

Sorry, man. You alright?

Stop it!

What are you doing to him?

He's not... right. Put it down.

Let go! We can talk this out.




There's another one!

That's him.

That's him!

Get him!

Get him!


Son of a bitch!

There he is.

Over there.

Son of a bitch!

Where is he?

Over there.


What's wrong?

Come over here. What? Why did you stop?

What's the matter?

Come over here!


Where'd he go?

Where is that bastard?

Hey, man!

Get down here.

Do you see him? Hey!

Where did he go?


I gotta catch him.

Gotta catch that bastard.

Catch that bastard.

I can't believe this...

Gotta save my baby. Come on.

Let's go down.

I gotta save my little girl.

We'll get him. I gotta find him to save my baby.

Don't worry, we will. Okay?

Get your act together, man.

We gotta save her.

I know, man.

I know.

I have to save my daughter...

Come on, man.

I have to catch that bastard.

Don't cry, man.

Dammit, Jong-gu!


Shit! Was that a person?


The ant fell into the trap.

You alright, baby?


You okay?

I'm okay.

Come here.

You're okay now?

You're okay now?

Drink up.

Good girl.

Leave it.

I want to tidy up a little.

Leave it. We've got the shaman to thank for everything.

Get some rest. You must be exhausted.


Damn fool.

A health tonics manufacturer in Jeonju.

The owner, Kim, sold a tonic of wild mushrooms across the region.

The tonic containing a fatal hallucinogen was falsely marketed as a cure-all to elderly customers.

Victims have developed severe mental derangement...

Mr. Yang E-sam?


The victim is the landlady.

Your uncle must've taken the tonic, too.

It's turned the town upside down.

We gotta to bring him in.

You should get a lawyer.

After all, he's a victim too.

What the fuck?

What are you doing here?

Get out.

Missed calls - Shaman

What the hell?

What the...?

Hello. It's me.

Where are you?

What about you?

Don't ask anything.

You need to go to your daughter, now.

Tell me what's going on?

I'm at your place now.

Go back to your house now.

First tell me what's going on.


I misread the divination.

It's not him.

What are you talking about?

I cast the hex on the wrong ghost.

I saw a woman in front of your house.

I made a grave mistake.

A terrible, terrible mistake.

It's not the Japanese man.

That woman is the evil spirit.

It was all her doing.

So, go home now.

I'm on my way there, too.


Who's the Japanese man?

He was trying to kill that woman in order to save people from her.


That Japanese man

is a shaman like me.

Was the woman... wearing white?


Did you see her?

A young woman?

That's her.

Depend us in battle.

Be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil.

Where is she?

Where's Hyo-jin?!


What is it?

Where are you headed in the dark of the night?

I'm asking you.

Where is my daughter?

Where is she?

Girl about this tall?



That's right.

She's possessed by an evil spirit.

The old woman tells me the Jap is a ghost.

He's trying to suck her blood dry...

Shut the fuck up!

Answer me, bitch!

Where is Hyo-jin?

Have you seen the Jap? Where's my daughter?

At your home, where else?

She's not home.

She is.

She just got back.

Don't go now.

Or you'll all die.

If you go now, your family perishes.

What are you talking about?

The Jap is waiting for you.

To annihilate your family.

He's dead.

He's not dead.

Death cannot touch him.

The demon will soon enter your home.

You've seen the demon?

At the house of the hanged woman.

It was a dream.

It was no dream.

I laid a snare for it.

Wait here until he is caught.

That's all you need do.

What are you?

Woman or ghost?

Why do you ask?

I need to know, whether to put my faith in you.

Just believe, and your family will be saved.

What are you?

Someone trying to save your daughter.

A woman.

I called all of her friends...





When will the demon come?

It's already there.


It's already there?

Let me ask you one thing.

What is your true form?

What do you think is my true form?

The devil.

You are the devil.

Why can't you answer?

You already said it.

That I'm the devil.


I'm almost there.

Where are you? Are you home?

I'm with that woman now.

You must not let her tempt you.


Whatever she tells you, you must go to your daughter now.

Do you understand me?


Do you?

Is that your shaman?

Don't believe what he tells you.

They're in on it together.

Isn't that right?

You are already certain that I'm the devil.

That's why you came here carrying that sickle.

My words, whatever I say, aren't going to change your mind.


That's not true.

It is beyond doubt.

You came here to confirm your suspicion about me.

That's not true!

If you say that you're not the devil, and reveal to me your true form,

then I'll leave you alone.

When the demon is snared, the rooster will cry three times.

Wait until the third cry.

You'll leave me alone?


Two more.

Do not waver.

You will leave?


I will leave you alone.

Who said I will let you leave?

Then, let me ask you one thing.


Why in God's name is he doing this?

Because her father has sinned.

What sin?

What sin did I commit?

Her father suspected another, tried to kill him, and finally did kill him.

But my daughter...!

My daughter...

My daughter got sick first!

How can that...

How can that possibly...

One more now.

How can that be...?

Don't do it.

What are you saying?

Whether you walk out of here is not up to you.

Touch me and see.

A ghost does not have flesh and bones, as you see I have.

Park Chun-bae No.

That's not it.

It's you.


This is all your doing.

Don't do it.


Don't do it.



What are you doing?


Why are you troubled?




Look at me.

Look at me.

Look at me!


Look at me.

Look at me.









Why do doubts arise in your hearts?

See my hands and my feet.

That it is I...


Oh Lord...


It's okay.

My baby.

You know Daddy's a policeman.

I'll take care of everything.

Daddy will.