The War Room (1993) Script

[Fireworks Exploding]

♪♪ [Swing]

[Woman Singing] ♪ Vote for Mr. Rhythm ♪

♪ Raise up your voice ♪

♪ And vote for Mr. Rhythm ♪

♪ The people's choice ♪

♪ You'll be happy with him ♪

♪ Take my advice ♪

♪ And vote for Mr. Rhythm ♪

♪ I'm voting twice ♪

♪ Everyone's a friend of his ♪

♪ His campaign slogan is ♪

♪ Change your woes ♪

♪ Into a whoa-de-ho ♪

♪ Vote for Mr. Rhythm ♪

♪ Let freedom ring ♪

♪ And soon we'll all be singing ♪

♪ Of thee I swing ♪

♪ Now that's the platform we're running on ♪

♪ We promise to swing it from now on ♪

♪ Fellow citizens All right, follow me ♪

♪ And vote for Mr. Rhythm Jamboree ♪♪

We've had some problem with Kerrey people ripping down our signs... but we're gonna take care of that.

[Onlookers Laughing] Um, other than —

[Man] They're gonna ask them not to. Yeah.

We also have a schizophrenic newspaper which, like... prints every shit possible on the front page and then apologizes in the editorial.

It's really bizarre.

The Tsongas sign on Route 3 lasted all of two days.

It's gone now. [Laughter]

[Man] Those Harkin people are stealin' everyone's signs. It's amazing.

Short of, uh, calling for negative ads — although maybe — is there any effort underfoot to go after Tsongas?

Let's face it. This guy cannot be squeaky clean.

[Man] Sure. Well, this is the question about that, and let's throw that out here.

The problem with attacking Senator Tsongas is — I mean, we jokingly call him St. Paul.

It could really backfire against us to someone else's advantage.

Absolutely. Um, and that's been — That's what — [Clears Throat]

[Man] And it'll look bad, because he's complimented him all along.

And then to come the last week and say that he's bad — I think it will look bad.

We have to do a better job of saying our differences.

We always seem to be defending. We don't have to defend a damn thing.

We got the best — We know he's the best candidate, 'cause we've met him.

And if everybody in the state of New Hampshire met him... we wouldn't have a problem — we know that.

Thank you. I'm glad to be with you.

I wasn't in the leather jacket group, but, uh... you know, I had a good time.

But I was a pretty straight kid.

I worked hard enough to make good grades... but I basically liked my music and my friends... and I had a heck of a good time when I was in high school.

We had a band in high school called The Three Kings. I've still got a record.

You bet. Thank you.

♪♪ [Humming] [Laughing, Chattering]

[Man Chuckling] He likes me. He may not like Clinton, but he likes me.

I'll bet you I said something you could take out of context.

You weird guys gotta stick together. Mm-hmm. [Laughing]

"Clinton and Brown have little in common except off-the-wall campaign gurus."

[All Laughing]

"Clinton's is James Carville, a Cajun who wears jeans with bright shirts.

Brown's is a Frenchman named Jacques Barzhagi... who wears jeans with a black leather jacket and black beret, indoors and out.

Carville says of Brown, 'He's just not us.'

Barzhagi says cryptically, 'Let them spin. We will win."'

[All Laughing]

You know my mother and them hates that. They say, "Why do they portray you like that?

We were nice people. We sent our children to college.

You go up there and you act like some kind of weirdo." [Laughing]

I said, "Ma, they're not interested in the fact that you sent me to college."

[Man Sneezes] Shh.

[Reporters Chattering]

Is that all right? Thanks.

Is that all right?

Little wobbly.

[Man] Gennifer.

[Man #2] Sit down.

Good afternoon.

This whole experience is not easy for me.

Yes, I was Bill Clinton's lover for 12 years... and for the past two years I have lied to the press about our relationship to protect him.

The truth is, I loved him.

Now he tells me to deny it.

Well, I'm sick of all of the deceit... and I'm sick of all of the lies.

[Camera Shutters Clicking] [Reporters Chattering]

It's that way.

[Female Reporter] Mr. Clinton, what's your relationship with Gennifer Flowers?

There really isn't one, obviously. [Chuckles]

I mean, the charges are false.

The, uh — Today she took money to publish a story... that she hired a lawyer to say was absolutely defamatory over a year ago.

And, uh, it's sad.

It's sad that this sort of thing could be published... in a newspaper like the Star which says Martians walk on the earth.

You'd never ask me if Martians walk on the earth.

[Male Reporter] Will you comment on the tapes she has?

No. I can't. I haven't heard 'em.

[Flowers On Tape] The reason I was calling was to tell you... that this last Wednesday, someone got into my apartment.

[Man On Tape] Hold on a minute. [Flowers] Okay.

[Man] So somebody broke in your apartment? [Flowers] Well, yeah.

There wasn't any sign of a break-in, but the drawers and things — There wasn't anything missing that I could tell, but somebody had —

[Man] Somebody had gone through all your stuff.

[Flowers] Had gone through my stuff.

[Man] You think they were - But they didn't steal anything?

[Flowers] No. No. My jewelry - I mean, I had jewelry here. It was still here.

[Man] You think they were tryin' to look for somethin' on us?

[Flowers] I think so. I mean, why else? Uh —

[Man] You weren't missin' any — any kind of papers or anything?

[Flowers] Like what kind of papers?

[Man] Well, I mean, any kind of personal records... or checkbooks or anything like that — phone records?

[Flowers] Do I have any? [Man] Yeah.

[Flowers] Uh-uh. I mean, why would I? [Man] I don't know. I just —

[Flowers] You usually call me, for that matter. And besides, who would know?

[Man] Uh, but I just think that if everybody's on record denying it... you got no problem.

Hold on just a sec here, people.

Where'd he go? [Reporters Clamoring]

[Female Reporter] Do you have any comments... about the allegations from Gennifer Flowers and the tape recordings?

She was worried about being assumed to be guilty just because her name was brought in.

I said, "That's not true.

Even if your name gets used, in the absence of proof, nobody can prove you're guilty.

Don't worry about it. Tell the truth. Just tell 'em that you didn't do it." That's all I ever said.

[Male Reporter] How do you know her? See ya.

[Male Reporter] Thank you, Governor.

[Male Reporter] Did the governor at any time tell you on the telephone... to just tell the truth about what happened?

He told me to just deny it.

[Male Reporter] Did Governor Clinton use a condom?

[Reporters Snickering, Laughing] Jesus. Right here.

Right here.

Ladies and gentlemen — Ladies and gentlemen, we're gonna put this to a stop... if there are any further questions that are degrading, in my opinion, like that.

Now, right here, sir.

[Male Reporter] You were paid by the Star.

Did anyone ever approach you from the Republican Party — perhaps another Democratic candidate — to urge you to tell this story publicly?

Yes, they did. Who?

I can't say. Wait. You're saying — Wait, are you saying that somebody from another campaign — Democratic Party or Republican Party — approached you to tell this story?

Was it the Democratic Party or was it the Republican Party, Ms. Flowers?

It was the Republican Party.

We knew we'd get attacks, but, I mean, you know — We just couldn't believe the press would pick up a tabloid story that somebody — I mean, we're at a new low in a way. That's why it's so important.

But we are fighting back.

Somebody who's been through a lot of tough elections... is James Carville, who's known as the Ragin' Cajun in the business.

[Scattered Applause] We'd like him to say a couple of words to you.

[Carville] Uh, we have a tough fight comin' right down the stretch.

It's gonna come out that Roger Ailes is behind a lot of this stuff before the election... that you been seein' about Governor Clinton.

Okay? Ailes. [Man] Boo!

And of course Bush and Georgette Mosbacher and everything.

Let me tell you what's at stake in this election.

Every time that somebody comes along that's got some ideas — a Democrat comes along — the Republicans come up here and they ambush him.

Remember Muskie? Okay?

That is standard procedure. And here comes Clinton.

He comes to New Hampshire. People here are hurtin'.

They want hope. They want somebody with vision. He gives it to 'em.

So what do Republicans do?

They get together with their wedge issues and they knock it off.

If they succeed this time, it's gonna be every time.

You are never going to get a presidential candidate. Okay?

You're never gonna get somebody to come up here and run for president... that's served 11 years as governor who's got any kind of experience.

Okay? And every time somebody comes up, they're gonna do it.

If we win this, then you have knocked this shit back forever.

[Applause] Okay?

And every time that we get a Democrat that we can believe in...

Roger Ailes a-a-and Georgette Mosbacher — You know that she's the secretary of the person closest to Bush.

You know what she said?

She can't wait till this election's over so she can get her Maserati and her jewels back.

That's the mind-set you're fightin' against. And if they beat us back — Paul Tsongas — Look, he ain't gonna win anything, okay?

This is not about Paul Tsongas.

It's about George Bush and Roger Ailes and Georgette Mosbacher... and the whole sleazy little cabal of 'em that wanna keep hold of anything... and that wanna knock anybody off that we believe in... and anything that we care about.

And if we beat them and you're out there... and your knuckles get tired or your feet get cold or anything else... you think about that.

Because if they knock us off, then so what?

The next one that comes up, they gonna knock the next one off.

[Applause, Cheering] And the next one and everything else.

And you know what kind of shit you're gonna get?

You're gonna get the kind of Supreme Court that you got.

You're gonna get the kind of four different positions on civil rights that you get from 'em.

You gonna get tax breaks for the wealthy.

You gonna get a guy that doesn't know what a grocery store scanner is. Okay?

So let's go. We got — You know, we got six more days to go.

And don't forget who the real enemy is in here.

And don't forget what we're really campaigning against. Thank y'all very much.

[Applause, Cheering]

Thank you. Good to see you.

How are you? Nice to see you.

Hello. [Girl] This is Ally.

Is that Ally? Oh, I'm so — And what's your bear's name?

[Girl] Kelly. Okay, good.

[Man] Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!

[Bush] How are you? Good. Nice to see you. Good to see you. Thank you.

[Female Announcer] Some say his campaign appears to slip further every day.

Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton remains tight-lipped... about a controversial letter regarding the Vietnam draft.

Ask the president when he gets off the plane... to call the Pentagon and ask how the letter got out.

W-W-Wait a minute. What do we got here?

What is the Pentagon doing in the middle of a political campaign?

And what is the Pentagon doing leaking something... that we asked for November 6 that they didn't give us?

Now, Governor Clinton has a character problem, but I take it that your line of...

Governor Clinton has no character problem. He's passed his character test.

Well, I mean, he has not denied that he has engaged in marital infidelity.

He denied a specific one.

He has said that he had problems in his marriage. That's right.

And he has talked about the draft. And to some people, it's a character problem.

Bill Clinton's passed his character test throughout his life and throughout this campaign.

And he's shown it through his commitments to real fights.

What he's gonna do in this campaign is focus on what's important to the American people — on jobs and education.

That's what the American people care about. They wanna move into the future.

They don't want to be diverted by side issues... and they're not gonna let the Republican attack machine divert them.

[Applause] I'm getting sick and tired — I am — every single night... hearing one of these carping little liberal Democrats... jumping all over my you-know-what.

And I can't wait for this campaign. [Applause, Cheering]

The friction in this is gonna be too much for Clinton to survive.

I think it's only really a matter of days before he'll have to get out... if not hours.

Tell me your name. John Bickerstaff.

John, Hillary Clinton. I'm the night baker.

I think if we could just keep one-on-one and one-on-one, energy, energy, energy...

I think we can make it. You bet.

[Woman] I bet they miss Arkansas. They do.

Well, it's a lot like home. Don't you think it is?

[Woman] I mean, it's what he's gonna do. That's exactly right.

That's the bottom line right there.

I don't wanna hear any more of this "read my lips" business.

Not charisma. Ride the wave right to the White House.

Leadership. Proven ability to change.

We will have the most influential woman on the presidents... in the history of the United States if I get elected.

My Valentine's Day girl.


[Man Singing] ♪ Say ohh ♪

♪ Ohh ♪

♪ Domino ♪

♪ Ohh, ohh ♪

♪ Domino ♪ All right!

[Man] The next president of the U nited States, Bill Clinton!

[Cheering, Applause]

Thank you. Thank you.

Let me say that... [Crowd Chattering]

While the evening is young... and we don't know yet what the final tally will be...

I think we know enough to say with some certainty... that New Hampshire, tonight, has made Bill Clinton the Comeback Kid.

[Cheering, Applause]

[Woman Singing] ♪ Vote, baby, vote ♪

♪ Vote, baby, vote ♪

♪ Are you registered, baby ♪

♪ Vote, baby, vote Vote, baby, vote ♪

♪ Vote, baby, vote ♪

♪ Are you registered, baby ♪♪

He is funneling money to his wife's law firm for state business. That's number one.

I don't care what you say about me... but you oughta be ashamed of yourself for jumpin' on my wife.

You're not worth being on the same platform as my wife.

I'll tell you something, Mr. Clinton — Don't try to escape it.

Ralph Nader called me this afternoon. I did not!

He read me the article from the Washington Post.

Does that make it true? I was shocked by it.

I was shocked by it because I don't think someone in government — Hey, I get time. He used his time. [Moderator] Governor Brown — Governor, is that true or isn't it? The Washington Post this morning.

[Moderator] Is it true, or isn't it true, Governor Clinton?

You're always trying to attack. You never answer the question.

I found it very distasteful.

Because those two got into a dispute, you're all gonna use it on the news.

And I'm out of the picture. [Reporters Laughing]

So I was gonna run in between them and, uh —

[Stephanopoulos] Acknowledging the report and how it's different.

And he said, "Yeah, that's true."

He seemed fine.

I just took it as a good sign, 'cause I don't think he would call back... if they weren't considering — Endorsing. Doing something.

I don't know about endorsing. Doing something.

That's really good. [Camera Shutter Clicks]

♪♪ [Swing]

[Woman Singing] ♪ Everyone's a friend of his ♪

♪ His campaign slogan is ♪

♪ Change your woes ♪

♪ Into a whoa-de-ho, oh-oh-whoa ♪

♪ Vote for Mr. Rhythm ♪

♪ Let freedom ring ♪

♪ And soon we'll all be singing ♪

♪ Of thee I swing ♪♪

Maybe they have an ad that's already in the can about Clinton and his environmental record.

You're not worried about his big, hardball, negative tactics... that have worked for them for 15 years?

Um, it's all politics. Could start tomorrow.

It's all politics. And you're convinced it won't work again?

I'm convinced that if they try it, we'll hit 'em back and they'll buckle.

What are we gonna do when George Bush attacks us?

I mean, there's the story of AndrewJackson — was in a duel with a guy, and the guy shot and knocked him down.

The guy started walkin'. He says, "Hold to, sir. Sit still there for a second. It's my turn."

Why can't we attack George Bush?

Why can't we talk about the lowest economic growth in the last 50 years?

Why can't we talk about there being a political hack as drug czar in this country?

Why can't we talk about the fact that he has done nothin' about education... the environment — the deficit's outta control.

He said "no new taxes." You can just go — Why is it that I'm always asked...

"What are we gonna do when George Bush attacks us?"

Why don't you go ask George Bush what's he gonna do when we hold him accountable... for all the wrong that he's done to this country?

A-And you can segue, you know, right into Bush.

The idea is, he reeks of yesterday. He has the stench of yesterday.

He is so yesterday, if I think of yesterday — if I think of an old calendar — I think of George Bush's face on it.

Can you all have Marla come up to the war room on the 13th floor? Thanks.

[Chattering] [Man] Okay.

Come on. Let's listen. Start with some modestly — modest news this morning.

Stan Greenberg, where are you? Right here.

Um, there's gonna be a poll that's gonna come out... which we did jointly.

Uh, it's gonna show extraordinary changes on the favorabilities.

Uh, it shows us with, uh, um, favorable — with a net positive favorable — about 10 points more favorable — Bush more negative — net negative, by about 10... and Perot even fave/un-fave at around 37.

So that represents a good six-point change or more.

Obviously we're doing something right.

♪ Let's give 'em somethin' to talk about ♪

♪ Somethin' to talk about ♪ ♪ A little mystery to figure out ♪

♪ Somethin' to talk about ♪ ♪ Let's give 'em somethin' to talk about ♪♪ The reason why we're here in New York is... we're afraid that we might get another lawyer as president.

New York is pro-choice! New York is pro-choice!

New York is pro-choice! Aristide, the people's choice!

[Man Shouting In French] Aristide, the people's choice!

[Chanting Continues, Indistinct]

♪♪ [Band: March] [Delegates Clapping To Beat]

I'm lost. I don't know where I'm supposed to go next.

I got a lot of friends here, so I was talkin' to a lot of people.

Your ever-growing bald spot.

Keep up the good work. You should feel mighty good, what you've done the last — We gonna win this thing, my man. Damn right you're gonna win.

George Bush is the ultimate politician. His political skills are awesome.

He may be a joke as a president, but as a politician, I have a great deal of respect for him.

And, uh, you know, Ross Perot — I mean —

[Man] Okay? Nothing yet? Okay.

Yes? I don't hear anything.

Got it? Hello? Hi. How are you?

George Stephanopoulos.

I'm director of communications.


[Receiver Hook Clicks] Hello?

How are you? Yes.


I think it was terrific. Governor Clinton went out there and made an aggressive case — Why don't he run the economy and not run his mouth?

He knows how to handle a crisis? Good. You got one right now.

Handle it, partner.

The country's goin' el-busto. Fix it.

If you can't, get out the way.

[Woman] Please move out of the way.

[Male Reporter] Governor, why did you reject the offer by Ron Brown?

Look, we don't make deals. We don't need quid pro quo.

We have a right to speak, and we'll speak in a thoughtful way... in the manner in which all our Democratic conventions have been conducted.

[Male Reporter] Who will nominate you? [Male Reporter #2] Thank you very much.

Go ahead, Mark. Mark goes in.

[All Chanting] Let Jerry speak! Let Jerry speak!

Let Jerry speak! Let Jerry speak!

[Man] Is Stan Greenberg here yet? [Greenberg] I'm here, sir.

Okay. Let's get started. Shh, shh. Let's talk about the hall.

I think what we need is some hand-done signs... that show the kind of themes that we want Clinton, you know — Because hand-done signs are the signs the network will cut to.

If anyone wants to make their own signs, that's fine.

Scott, how many signs can we make between now and tonight?

Can you make 2,000 signs that are — I am not at all convinced that a bunch of hodgepodge, handheld, homemade signs... are gonna make the impact visually... from both a television point of view and from a podium point of view... that a sea of the same kind of sign across the hall.

May I just add that the problem is that we have two kinds of signs.

We have thin, red signs — white-on-red signs — and then we have rectangular white-on-blue signs.

We have a mixed message out on the floor.

We went through this twice before at two other conventions... and that's basically the problem.

And also, Brown put out new signs last night that were white on red... in which the letters — the white letters — were bigger than our letters.

And so they looked better.

How are we gonna foll — The other thing — Harold raised a very important issue about delegates.

Whoa. Let's get one thing — Do we want a bunch of handmade signs or not?

I mean, that's... I don't think that's — [Man] I'm not talking about 2,000 — No, wait a minute, Bob. I was in the middle of a sentence, okay?

I'm not talking — You know, it's not the greatest policy issue this group will ever decide... but let's get a decision on it so that at least the visibility people... and John Hart's people have some direction on it.

I don't particularly care. I just raise it as an issue.

[Man Over P.A.] California proudly casts...

211 votes for Governor Clinton...

[Cheering] 160 votes... for our former governor Jerry Brown...

[Cheering Continues] And 35 abstentions.

[Woman Over P.A.] Ohio.

Madam — Madam Sec —

[Delegates Chanting] We want Bill! We want Bill! We want Bill!

No speeches!

No speeches! [Woman] No demonstrations!

Who's on the line to Ohio? Tell him to speak!

[Delegates] We want Bill! We want Bill!

[Ohio Delegate] Madam Sec — Madam Secretary — We want Bill! We want Bill!

[Woman] Yes, Mr. Chairman?

Madam Secretary...

Ohio wants change.

America wants change.

And Ohio casts 144 votes for the next president -

[Man] Yes! Whoo!

Yeah! Yes!

[Delegates Chanting] We want Bill! We want Bill!

We want Bill! We want Bill!

We want Bill! We want Bill!

♪♪ ["Stars And Stripes Forever"]

Yes! Yes!

[Cheering] Whoo!

[Perot] Good mornin'. Good to see ya.

Now that the Democratic Party has revitalized itself...

I have concluded that we cannot win in November.

[Man] Perot just pulled out. Out.

[Man #2] Out. Perot's out.


The perception is that Clinton has succeeded... in pushing out one of his chief rivals in the presidential race.

But on the other hand, Clinton campaign advisers... were counting on Perot to help them, especially in the South.

Perot, with his harsh attacks on President Bush... worked to soften up the incumbent... and that was perceived to be a help to the Democratic candidate.

How's that?

Any kind of political earthquake like this increases the intensity of coverage.

That means people are gonna see Bill Clinton tonight step into the vacuum.

There's only two candidates left in this race.

People are gonna tune in tonight to hear what Bill Clinton has to say.

It's gonna be electric in there tonight.

It's gonna be unbelievable. [Woman] And he's gotta reassure 'em.

He's gotta say, "This is a two-way race and we're gonna kick the living shit out of 'em."

[All Chuckling]

[Carville] It's the people that are voting for Perot that we wanna focus on.

Well, would you do one specific Perot event... whether it is with volunteers or just those who signed petitions at different — See, I agree with you that they're a different group of people.

If we have four or five people who flipped — four or five Perot state directors that flipped — that would be huge news — huge news.

[Man] Just be careful. What about a "Ask Bill Clinton" thing... if we got a place and got a petition... and we called up all the people on the petition and asked 'em to do it.


[Audio Feedback] I have a statement by Governor Clinton.

"I was moved by Ross Perot's announcement today."

[Reporters Clamoring, Shouting Questions]

Governor Clinton! Governor Clinton, over here!

Over here! [Clamoring, Shouting Continue]

[Woman] Can you tell us what you said to Ross Perot?

I told him that I was deeply moved by his statement... very impressed by his campaign... and that I wanted to reach out to his supporters... because I thought they wanted the same sort of change I did.

And I appreciated his saying that Al Gore and I had revitalized the Democratic Party.

[Reporters Continue Clamoring]

[Female Reporter] Will you change your speech tonight?

Okay. His speech isn't done.

No. I just wanted to make sure that —

'Cause I keep tellin' the press it might be 3:30, it might be later.

Hi. This is George Stephanopoulos. Hey, Jody. How are you?

Good, thanks. The governor's right in the middle — He's literally halfway through his speech — reading it.

Is there any way we can call later or is there anything I can tell him?

How long do you want this embargo till? Till delivery.


[Man On TV] Bill Clinton does not believe in the —

[Chattering] [Woman] There he is.

Yeah? Is he ready? Let's go. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me.

Thanks. Your voice coach is — Okay. Let's go. [Man] Hey, Governor. Good luck to you.

Thanks. [Man] George.

It's his opening line. It's a great line.

Ross Perot did you a big favor today. What?

"Revitalizing the Democratic Party"? One, "Revitalizing the Democratic Party."

By doing this today, you have any idea how many gazillions of people are gonna watch this speech tonight?

[Man Talking, Indistinct]

[Cheering, Applause]

I end tonight... where it all began for me.

I still believe... in a place called Hope.

God bless you and God bless America.

♪♪ [Pop]

♪ If you wake up and don't want to smile ♪

♪ If it takes just a little while ♪

♪ Open your eyes and look at the day ♪

♪ You'll see things in a different way ♪

♪ Don't stop thinkin' about tomorrow ♪

♪ Don't stop lt'll soon be here ♪

♪ It'll be here better than before ♪

♪ Yesterday's gone Yesterday's gone ♪

♪♪ [Continues]

♪ Why not think about times to come? ♪♪

[Bush] My opponent won't remind you... that interest rates are the lowest they've been in 20 years... and millions of Americans have refinanced their homes.


[Delegates] George Bush! George Bush! My opponent says America is a nation in decline.

Of our economy, he says we are somewhere on the list beneath Germany... heading south towards Sri Lanka.

Well, don't let anyone tell you that America is second-rate... especially somebody running for president.

[Delegates Cheering]

He's like that on a lot of issues. First on one side, then the other.

He's been spotted in more places than Elvis Presley.

[Delegates Cheering]


I want to know if I can say this is the first time an incumbent president... has given an acceptance speech and not mentioned his economic record.


You can say that. Yeah. That's a good James line.

B-But can Clinton — Can he say that?

[Woman] Isn't it cute? What about if he just said...

"Look, if I thought for one minute he could do all that, I'd get out of the race."

Now, that — There's somethin' there.

Say I'm gonna promise you I'm gonna balance the budget.

Everybody in America's gonna get a tax cut.

Thirty-seven million people that don't have health insurance... We gonna cover all of you.

Anybody wants to go to any private school they wanna go to, we gonna pay for it.

Except there are 41 million kids now who go to school, and that's — Shit, man. Don't — Don't complicate the simple.

[Male Announcer] The convention poll bounce a seven-point increase... for the team of Bush and Quayle since a similar poll taken just a week ago.

Last week, he gave an interview — Governor Clinton did — where he sounded as if he was getting ready to measure the drapes in the Oval Office.

Well, I got news for ya: Not so fast.

I believe that come November 3, my opponent and his saxophone... will be playing that old Buck Owens classic, "It's Crying Time."

[Onlookers Cheering]

Hey. [Woman On Phone] Hey.

It's a good spot. Suggestion. Okay.

At the end, you go...

"Fact: Arkansas is the second-lowest tax-burdened state in the country."

You said, "This time we're not reading your lips. We're reading your record."

[Woman] "This time don't read his lips. Read the record." Yeah.

Whatever. But instead of that, go back one more time and have him say, "Read my lips."

"No, sir. This time we're reading the record."

[Woman] You can't. I'm just — We have a time problem.

But that's just it. There's no less time to go back to him and say, "Read my lips."

[Stephanopoulos] "Read my lips. No. Read the record."

[Woman] Um, he takes longer than anybody.

[Carville Groans] Then cut somewhere else.

Let's get three times of, "Read my lips."

[Stephanopoulos] Where else can we cut? "Now he wants you," not "asking you."

"Government spending in Arkansas, the lowest in the nation."

[Woman] Which three facts? We're going with spending.

But in terms of scripts tonight, we're gonna test alternatives — one with welfare and one with spending. [Woman] Okay.

[Man] I think for recording, we should record the spending one.

Spending has priority. If welfare's possible as a second shot — Mandy, here's the way to save maybe a half a second or a second.

[Mandy] Yeah? Under the second announcer... change the sentence to, "Now he wants you to believe what he says about Bill Clinton."

[Mandy] Actually, what I changed it to was...

"Now he's asking you to believe his attacks against Bill Clinton."

Fine. Either way. That's better. [Man] The other thing we could do, Mandy —

[Mandy] Yeah. Maybe we could say — Where we say, "No, Mr. President. This time we're gonna read the facts"... maybe could just say, "No. This time we're gonna read the facts."

[Stephanopoulos] Better. [Mandy] Yeah.

"No, sir."

Maybe that's a Southern thing, but, "No, sir." "No — No, sir."

"No, sir."

But I just think it's very important we get at the end, we get that "read my lips."

I know that that will drive them — the voters — It's the most famous broken promise in the history of American politics.

[Mandy] I'm just telling you that in the way it's set up to be factual... and, you know, big facts — What visual were you thinking of with the fact?

[Mandy] A big, you know, block of a fact sign.

Okay. Let's do that. But let's just get this spot produced.

[Mandy] Hey. I'm sitting in a studio. I'm doin' it.

Talk to ya later. Bye!

I'll bet you one thing. I just wanna say one thing. If this — You need to call Mandy back and tell her to be sure that she gets that "read —"

No. Not with me. To be sure she gets "read my lips" in three times.

One day, in my time, in my political career — Every time that you suggest something to a media person... their first reaction is, "We can't do that."

Every time. "Well, we can't do that."

It doesn't take you long to get to the second time though.

Yeah. I know. But just one time, I would just like to say, "Let's do that."

Say, "Fine. That's easy, man. What do you need? Here it is."

James, this idea was suggested a half hour ago. Your script has been made in 20 minutes.

She's in the studio producing it. The studio — producing it.

That's 45 minutes. We've gone from a half hour... to a concept to a spot.

What the fuck do you want? Okay. I'm a hog. I'm a hog.

I suppose we could've gotten on the satellite to get it out in 30 minutes!

You haven't even asked, but it'll probably be at the focus group tonight at 6:00.

And, you know, most campaigns, it takes 'em two days to get a spot out and run it. So okay.

You're right. You're right. Mandy's great. Mandy's great. She's great.

What was the last line? "Read my lips."

"No, sir. This time, we're gonna read the record."

Uh-uh. Uh-uh. Uh-uh? Uh-uh?

"This time we're gonna read the record." Uh-uh! U h-uh!

I like that. Who was the "uh-uh" man? You were the "uh-uh" man?

That little Greek is creative. You gonna call Mandy to give her the "uh-uh"?

I can't wait till you — Can we listen to that?

♪♪ [Band]

♪♪ [Ends]

[Woman] We're the people!

[Man] That's pretty cool, man.

[Crowd Cheering]

[Gore] Depending on the outcome of this election... just imagine how you personally would feel... if you woke up and you looked out the window November 4 morning... and it was cold and gray and raining.

And you walked to the front door with sleep still in your eyes... and having trouble waking up, you open the door and pick up a newspaper... and it said, "Four more years of the same old stuff."

[Crowd Booing]

Unemployment around the country has gone up. The number of jobs has gone down.

The trade deficit has gone up. Personal income has gone down.

The budget deficit has gone up. Consumer confidence has gone down.

Poverty has gone up. The number of jobs has gone down.

Bankruptcies have gone up. Jobs down. Fear up. Hope down.

Everything that oughta be down is up. Everything that should be up is down.

They've got it upside down, and we're gonna turn it right side up.


♪♪ [Radio: Jingle] [Phone Ringing]

♪ KDKA Pittsburgh ♪

[Male Host] Caroline, you're on KDKA with James Carville.

[Caroline] Hi. [Carville] Hi, Caroline.

[Caroline] I wanna know if James Baker III is doing Mary's dirt.

Mary Matalin? Yes.

No, indeed not. Mary Matalin — [Caroline] Well, where has she been?

She... [Host, Caroline Arguing]

[Caroline] What I'm saying is — Seriously, as a viewer...

I have — I have missed her, uh, on, uh, television and radio... and, uh — and in print.

Well, I don't wanna defend James Baker I I I, but he and Mary are good friends.

[Caroline Chuckling] How about giving her the opportunity to?

Okay. I don't wanna get into the internal workings of the Bush campaign... but I certainly think that Mary, she loves the president.

We just disagree on that.

[Host] Is that one of those you can agree to disagree?

I mean, what a strange matchup that is.

Well, I don't know. Just as long as it works is all that matters to me.

[Carville Laughs]

[Host] Is there a little — Do you date during the campaign?

No. It's kind of hard. She's in Washington. I'm in Little Rock.

But, you know, she really does care and feels very strongly about the president... and I really do care and feel strongly about Governor Clinton and, uh —

[Host] You care about her too. Yeah, I sure do.

But, you know, sometimes — Look, I know plenty of times — I bet you you've heard of a thousand people around this country... particularly in western Pennsylvania... used to get in a horse and buggy, a man and his wife... and they'd drive 20 miles in a horse and buggy and cancel each other's vote.

Everybody got an opinion. This is just the most American thing you can do.

[Host Laughs] All right. Okay.

[Male Reporter] Mary? Mary Matalin?

The demos in London — You were talking about — I am saying it is vintage Clinton... that it is a pathological pattern of deception.

He is an obsessive politician.

When he has been asked about his antiwar activities in the past... he has hedged, bobbed and weaved.

He has said to Frank White in his 1982 race, "I don't know what he's talking about."

He has said in other races, "Oh, I just attended a few marches to listen to the speeches."

He organized. He marched. He wrote. He spoke.

According to Father McSorley, he was a main antiwar organizer.

Why doesn't he just say that?

It's like the draft. Why didn't he just say he was trying to avoid the draft?

No one is questioning that. They're questioning why he always prevaricates on these issues.

If we cannot believe anything he has said about his past... how can we believe anything he's saying about the future?

[Female Reporter] Mary, I — I gotta get to my plane.

[Man] I have a question for Mr. Carville. Did Bill Clinton go to Moscow?

Are two pages missing from his passport? [Laughter]

Did he organize antiwar rallies while he was in Moscow?

Did he graduate from Oxford? [Guests Laughing]

Yes, he went to Moscow. He used to brag about it in speeches when he ran for office.

He went to Warsaw too and, I don't know, Oslo and wherever else.

And yet as a reporter from one of the big papers called me —

"Did he have a transmitter planted in his cavity while he was there?"

Wh-What diff— Why do you ask me a question like that: "Did he go to Moscow?"

What difference does it make?

In 1970, Bill Clinton went to Moscow.


An answer!

[Carville] But — What? It does. I mean, he's answered it a thousand times.

He's said that he went.

What — It's irrelevant to the question. And that's my point.

What did he do there? How the hell do I know what he did in Moscow?

I mean, I don't know what he did.

Maybe — I don't — You know — [Stammering, Chuckling]

At that time in our nation's history, though —


Some could have been heavily criticized for going to a country... that was supplying the enemies of the U nited States.

They were doing student exchanges. We were playin' 'em in basketball, man.

What are you talkin' about? I mean, come on.

I mean, we had track meets with these people.

The issue here isn't patriotism.

You can demonstrate all you want here at home.

But I can't understand... someone mobilizing demonstrations in a foreign country... when poor kids... drafted out of the ghettos... are dying in a faraway land.

[Announcer Speaking In Portuguese]

Liz, do you speak Portuguese? Let me see if José does.

[Carville] Oh, this is too good. This is too good.

[Woman] You don't even need to understand Portuguese.

[Man Speaking Portuguese Continues] [Laughs]

[Carville] I mean, if the president don't buy American for his campaign — Who do we give this to? Hey, Collier?

Get me Susan Zirinsky's number, please.

♪♪ [Whistling The Andy Griffith Show Theme]

With CBS.

Susan Zirinsky, please.

James Carville. [Whistles]

Huh? Who is she?

She's the — She's the woman that Broadcast News was -

Oh, really? Hey.

I got something you might be interested in.

How would you like a videotape of a newscast on Brazilian television... that has — We believe the script goes something like this... with appropriate visuals of printing presses.

"The Republican campaign..."

Is what?

What it is is that Bush is buyin' up to $10 million in printing in Brazil... and the Brazilian TV ran it.

It's these huge printing presses with Bush-Quayle material coming — I mean, it's perfect for the news — for television.

Lathered, man. They just can't wait to get the tape. This thing'll — Did we trans — We have a translation?

Oh, CBS, they got 100,000 people. They oughta speak Portuguese.

We have a rough trans — It's just everything you want.

You know where we got this? Yeah.

[Bush] When it comes to crime, I just wish that Candidate Clinton... out around the country, the Doberman pinscher... would meet Governor Clinton, the Chihuahua.

[Shrieking Laughter]

[TV Reporter] The president said he thinks there will be a debate, but he couldn't say when... with next week in Louisville, Kentucky now apparently out.

[Whispers, Indistinct]

[Carville] Where's the tape? Hey, Vicki, put the tape in the thing.

And this is wonderful in the South. If you listen to the tape... Watch this, y'all.

[Announcer Speaking In Portuguese] [Woman] This is it!

[Man] You thinkJames Lake had anything to do with this?

Yeah, why did he go to Brazil? I wonder who paid for it.

[Man] It's James Lake. [Stephanopoulos] Brazil Gate. Rio Gate. Oh, man!

[Staff Laughing]

[Laughing Continues] [Man] He got a very good deal.

Can I just throw a little cold water on this for a minute?

We don't know what the date on the tape is.

They show convention footage. If these are convention signs — This aired, and one of our people saw it two weeks ago and made the tape down there.

All right. All I'm saying is, it's possible. Possible.

[Greenberg] But they have pictures of the convention in them.

Right. They just used — They used it.

What is it, poss — What are you trying — It's possible that they were printed in primary money.

Well, that still — So what?

[All Talking At Once]

It's a big — You're talking taxpayer funds, and that's what you said — No. That ain't — You got matching money involved.

You have matching money. You got matching money. Sure do.

It's a valid technical point, but it's just — I don't think it's gonna —

[Man] I'd still find out exactly what we're dealing with.

It's matching money. [Chattering]

You're being way, way too — I will call and get the details.

Who did the contract? Right.

Do they have a contract? Mmm. That's tomorrow.

Yeah. You know the date — No. Hey. What did Barney Fife say? "We'll handle it."


That's tomorrow. [Laughs]

You see, 'cause tomorrow, who got the contract... and how they did that, what guys have lobbying things in Brazil — Yeah. There's no sense in this thing being a one-day story.

I don't believe. I think we gotta kinda ooze this thing out a bit.

I'll call and find out... call the source.

It's very sweet.

See about getting an uplink out of São Paulo.

See how hard it is, how many times you gotta hop it to get it up here.


And we'll want to downlink this here in Little Rock.


This thing, I'm tellin' you — I like the way this thing feels.

Campaign hard money. Can we send someone to look and see... if they've sent any checks to this Brazilian company?

Yeah. That — Okay, this was a — This was aired during the Republican convention — So that's pri — which means that it was primary money.

Still government money. It's still...

I have a feeling it's R.N.C., is what I've thought all along.

No, it can't be R.N.C. It says Bush/Quayle.

It can't be R.N.C. It says Bush/Quayle.

It's illegal.

Let's hope it's R.N.C. The issue's moot.

All we got to do is go out and get the latest filing and see if there's a check.

I think we looked on it earlier. We didn't find it.

We'll check now with updates.

It's possible it's a subcontract, you know, that — In fact, it is likely that they've done this through their — maybe it was a media firm... and it was subcontracted through the media firm.

It's unlikely there's a direct check.

No, but somebody said, if you look at the translation... that they went to Ohio and Texas and California.

Right, but it could be — And where they came was Rio.

All we can do is check — [Laughing]

They came to Rio. We gotta respond — What should be our response to the Brazil thing?

[Greenberg] We're stunned. We're speechless. We can't respond.


What's his 60-second spot? What does he say about American jobs in his spot?

What is it? What do people think about Bush?

He cares more about foreign things, and he cares more about rich people.

Foreign. Yeah.

There's something — We knew he spent a lot of time overseas.

Now he's spending a lot of taxpayer money over there, or something.

Foreign aid is something — something like that.

We knew he didn't care much about creating American jobs — No, here it is. He's finally got a jobs program.

Too bad it's for Rio.


[Carville] Hey, what's the song about Rio?

What rhymes with Rio?

It's better than we even thought.

The two highest business failures — Yeah?

Are New York and California in the piece.

Business failures in the country — leading in New York and California.

The two states they didn't go to for the printing is New York and California.

Goddamn. Has she said what their reaction is yet?

I just talked to her. Okay. All right.

[Stephanopoulos] It's leading the news, and she's sending me the script.

[Carville] Okay.

Hey, Governor, how you doing?

All right.

Printing — Print materials in Brazil.

Pictures of— Yeah.

Yeah. They're gonna lead with it.

All right? [Chewing Loudly]

Well, let's see what happens on the news.

Yeah, I can call to up there.

Just checked it out. Every single penny spent in the U.S.

Ours? Yes.

Is somebody asking? Get a quote on that.

Did they ever call you back and say what the Bush reaction was?

Yes. You're gonna — I called Mary, and she goes, "Is this bad?"


"Is this bad?"

I said, "Susan, you better tell her it's pretty bad."

They don't understand.

[Man] Oh, they will.

If the president of the United States don't know where $65 million... of his campaign money goes... how can you expect to know where $1.4 trillion of taxpayer monies go?

Huh? Does that work? [Groans]

I think it's better just to say, you know — Oh, my God, that is —

[Carville] What's wrong? What's wrong? The guy's story is completely incredible.

He says that he did it on his own. He dumped $40,000 on his own.

Give me a break. Where are the signs then?

That's what she's trying — The guy won't return her phone call.

[Phone Dialing] Well, when I was talking to her... she said he was on another line and she'd call me back, so let's see.

They're bullshitting you. They — But — But let me — Okay. But the link is this — They have printed materials that were printed in Brazil, okay?

What do they say happened to the materials?

Yeah, but if they can't produce the materials... then they either got 'em or they were given to 'em.

If they were given to 'em, that's a violation of F.E.C. Law.

Call me back. Bye.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's a tremendous honor and a privilege... to welcome back to the Ozarks... the president of the United States, George Bush!


[TV Continues, Indistinct]

[Carville] What is the matter today?

Every time somebody farts the word "draft," it's on the front page of the paper.

It's not! Okay.

I'm gonna see how many stories there are on the draft... and how many stories there are on George Bush's election year promises.


Oh... Oh, oh, oh, oh!

A lot more. A lot more.

Okay. I'm gonna go back and see.

You know, George Bush mentioned the draft one time.

He mentioned it one time... and let's see how many stories that was written on the draft.

Oh, okay. Well, you said if you wanna say something, then say something.

I'm giving you an example of there's a lot more fascination... with the quote, "draft issue," unquote, or Gennifer Flowers... than there is with George Bush promising $16 zillion more... than he could ever spend in an election year.

I believe that on any number of things... that we are held to a different standard.

I think it is absolutely ludicrous... that no one ever asked George Bush about Iran-Contra.

Two cabinet secretaries saying Bush was lying.

No one ever said a damn thing. You get this memo from Baker... about him knowing about — about Iraq having chemical weapons going.

And then there's no follow-up because, God, you can't askJim Baker a question.

This man is down deep — He's beyond being questioned.

He gives everybody tickets to the opera. We can't question him.

You know?

This is not directed any more at the Washington Post.

I've had this conversation with everybody today.

You know, I am so goddamn tired... of this goddamn double standard... where the press lets these sons of bitches get away with murder... and every little thing that we do —

"Clinton's numbers don't add up! Clinton's numbers don't add up!"

That is so fucking true. You know?

It's so unbelievable.

If we say 50 plus 50 is 104, and they say 50 plus 50 is 104,000... they'll say, "Well, both of them are stretching their numbers a little bit."

Hello? Yeah. [Laughs] Exactly.

Oh, the goddamn stories.

They're not going with the story.

The printing... The — Printing the, uh — Shit, you know.

[Carville] I think that they've given up on it now, Governor.

The Bush people said they got the guy wired, said, "Well, I just did it.

It was an offshore operation," you know?

So they're trying to nail him. So it's not dead, but it's just not going tonight.

[Woman On TV In Background, Indistinct]

That the guy just did it himself and he just spent the money himself... and they never authorized it.

Okay. Give me a call later, okay? All right.

This morning Perot was on CBS Morning News... claimed that he made a mistake by getting out of the race.

Perot volunteer army, despite the disconnection of the 800 number... was supplied with four million dollars in August.

He noted they're gaining some strength and confidence... thanks to his repeated hints about becoming an official candidate.

We lost some Perot people who went back over to the other side in a couple different states.

Um, on the creative chicken side... chicken tried to get into a Bush event today... [Laughing]

And he had a sign that said "Poultry workers for Bush."

Got inside, flipped it. It said, "Chicken George won't debate."


[Laughing Continues, Chattering]

[Woman On TV In Background, Indistinct]

[Yawns Loudly]

Be like a hockey player and get the puck out of here.

[TV Continues]

[Woman] Good-bye. Night.

He doesn't wear. He doesn't wear.

[Woman] Good night.

And, yes, I want a debate.

I want a debate over issues and an argument over ideas... and I will stand on my record... and I won't let that Arkansas governor run away from his record either.


[Carville] Can you believe this shit?

You know, I mean, I just think that they're into this...

"We're the president" motif.

Hello? Yeah.

Well, no. Bush rejected the thing, so there ain't no position to have.

There's no debate.

Yeah! [Chattering, Indistinct]

I'm wondering if there's gonna be a huge story... that they rejected to even meet with the commission.

It's another date certain. Another debate that goes by.

Let's just get it out right away. If you can get it out tonight, it would be the best.

'Cause it'll be in the papers in the morning.

Yeah. I mean, so — [Stammers]

Yeah, so tell them — Yeah, hold on. What? I want to talk to Clinton about it too... but Today show is willing to give us 10 minutes tomorrow just to... pop.

Here. Hold on. Just talk to Paul. Here's Georgie.

Just tell him what to — Hey. I just talked to the Today show.

We ought to be on this thing like stink on shit, man.

Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!

Step to the sidewalk.

Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!

Four more years!

Bush/Quayle '92!

♪ Vote, vote your choice on November 3 ♪

♪ Yours is a very important voice and it should be heard ♪ Come on, America! Vote, vote, vote!

[Laughs] Thanks. Thanks. [Man] Give 'em hell, Bill!

[Man #2] Governor.

Bill Clinton, number two on your ballot, number one in your heart. [Laughs]

I just — I just can't imagine why they agreed to positioning... that puts him at such a severe angle.

Nice tie. I can tell you're not a politician. [Exhaling]

Well, thank you. My mother bought it.

I don't know the right lines.

Part of my clothing allowance. How Midwest. That's great.

It's just a joke. It's just a joke.

No. I like it. I like that your mother bought it.

My mother didn't buy it. My mother — Family values.

My mother should get such deals.

Family... Should we get set up?

Well, we're stepping in as soon as they are done.

Good. Yeah.

[Chattering Continues]

What is this? Is this an interview with the Secret Service guys?

All right.

Oh, now, don't embarrass me on the air.


He's lookin' good, Mom. Lookin' good.

Well, you're going to hear an awful lot of spinning.

One of those who will be doing some serious spinning from the right... is Mary Matalin... the deputy campaign manager for the Bush/Quayle campaign.

Ms. Matalin, let's talk about first the polls.

They are behind in the polls. There's no way to deny that.

What is George Bush going to say tonight... that hopefully, in his case, will turn things around?


Well, I think Mary Matalin's got a good career in fiction writing when this is over.


[Man lmitating Al Gore] Everything that's up is down.


Paul, could you come to Atlanta and help me prepare for the debate?

[Man #2] Wow. What a crowd.

I have never even heard Stockdale open his mouth.

What a crowd.

The thought of preparing for someone who...

I don't even know what he speaks like is daunting, to say the least.

Paul, give 'em — Give 'em a Perot.

Give 'em a Perot. Come on, man. [Imitating Ross Perot] Well, okay.

It's very interesting, James. I find it's fascinating that y'all in national media — Okay, y'all — you never want to talk about the deficit.

It's a crazy aunt in the basement. We're gonna go down that basement... clean her out, sweep her out and whack her around a little bit... knock the bitch around.

The problem is, when you get under that hood... some son of a bitch in Washington slams that hood right down on you.

Hurts like hell.

♪ Whatcha got cookin'? ♪ [Laughing]

♪ How about cookin' somethin' up with me? ♪ These have turned into real shows, you know that?

Gettin' better.

The first thing is that since there are four debates... the first one is incredibly important.

And we want to establish ourselves as the folks that the press can trust... or they'll either go to their own research departments... which are pretty incompetent, or they'll come to the campaign.

So the less political sounding our responses are, the better.

George and James and Bruce will have to be in there spinning immediately afterwards.


So as we always say, you know, speed kills... and we will die in this debate if we're not there first with our answers.

Where's Clinton going? [Moderator] Governor Clinton, one minute, sir.

[Clinton] The mistake that was made was making the "read my lips" promise... in the first place just to get elected... knowing what the size of the deficit was. [Applause]

[Stephanopoulos] Yes!

[Carville] Perfect. Perfect.

You just can't promise something like that just to get elected... if you know there's a good chance that circumstances may overtake you.

[Moderator] All right. Mr. Perot, the question is for you.

Perfect. Oh, yes. I love this.

In terms of being influenced by women and being a minority... there they are right out there — my wife and my four beautiful daughters.

And I just have one son — [Carville] He lost — Uh-oh.

So he and I are surrounded by women — Oh, wow.

Giving us — telling us what to do all the time.

[Man] What? [All Groaning]

Shh, shh, shh, shh. I want to make a very brief comment here, uh... in terms of Saddam Hussein.

Look at what Ambassador Glaspie said all through the fall and what have you.

And look at what she and Kelly and all the others in State said... at the end when they were trying to clean it up.

We can't be this lucky. [Laughing]

This don't happen to me, man. This don't happen to me.

Bush was on the defensive. Bush was on the defensive.

Keep repeating "Bush was on the defensive" all night.

Okay. He was. Hell, he was on the ropes.

Which way we going? This way.

Whoo! Let's go!


Let's go. Roll.

Heads up! [Laughter, Chattering]

Little news!

Where's the — Where are we supposed to be goin', Vicki?

We gotta find out what Bush said.

Jeff, do you have a walkie-talkie?

[Man] Be careful.

I gotta find out what Bush said.

We're ready.

Talk to Jerry real quick? Do you mind?

What did Bush say in the last second after Clinton did Baker?

He said, "That's what worries me." Clinton said — the economic policy.

Quick, before we, um — [Chattering]

Another good night for Bill Clinton. Three debates, three wins.

Bush was on the defensive all night long.

I think he was put on the defensive by Bill Clinton over the economy... and by Ross Perot over Saddam Hussein... and Ross Perot over the mess in Washington, and he couldn't get out of it.

It's the record. It's the agenda. It's the qualifications.

Governor Clinton and the Democrats don't like when we talk about character... but 54 of them thought character was a very big issue... when they rejected President Bush's nominee for secretary of defense... citing character insufficiencies because he flirted with women in elevators.

There's no doubt that George Bush's attacks on us have an effect.

The effect they're having is on George Bush.



They're working against Bush.

[Man] They have no effect on your campaign?

Again now, don't take my word for it. Look at every poll that you see.

This is not a sports event.

People don't get out their peanuts and hot dogs and rate these things.

They want to know — Focus on the choice between these candidates and their philosophies.

And we have tried to do that in each debate.

We're not trying to create drama. We are not a made-for-TV candidate.

Yes, Governor Clinton won on Geraldo-like activities.

That's his shtick. He's a performer. He's a phony.

I mean, he walks into the audience. He puts Geraldo to shame.

That's not our gig. We are a leader. We are mature.

We have a breadth and depth of experience that's unrivaled on that stage... and that's all we've ever tried to do... and have been very successful in each of these debates doing... and you'll all be eating crow, because that's how the American voters look at this.

They don't need another Geraldo. They need a leader in the White House.

Here's ABC. Great.

Oh, Perot came in second, not Bush.

Hey, Trish, are you sure about this?

I heard Bush was second. I hope it was Perot.

I just got it from — I just got it from Ricki.


[Trish] CBS is something like 35, Clinton, 29, Perot, and then the balance is Bush.

I'm going to double-check that one.

Bush came in third in both. As far as I know.

One-third undecided, one-third weak. Right.

That constitutes about 18% of the electorate. What was the other one-third?

Two-thirds were weak Clinton, and one-third undecided.

Mm-hmm. Okay?

So in terms of our universe of folks, that was a strong showing for Perot.

[Applause, Cheering]

[Clinton] James, thank you.

Thank you, Governor. That was a pretty good little —

[Woman] He's counting speaking fees. Kodak memories.


Speaking fees.

[Clinton] I didn't humiliate him after his morning television performance? No, no, no.

No, no, we had the whole thing. Hi, Mama.


He should do a page and a half... that says every time we've had it your way — I mean, you had your chance. We've tried it your way for the last 12 years.

It's time for a change. But do it on every issue.

Right. That should be tomorrow's rally speech.


Repeat it for jobs, for health care, for taxes, for everything, for education.

That's the refrain for the last three weeks.

Okay? Bye.

[Carville Chattering] [Woman] Mary?

[Matalin] Oh, the trip.

[Carville] The trip. I'm not — I'm not gonna tell you, see, you know?

[Matalin] You're not gonna tell me till we leave?

No, I'm just gonna tell you the day that we're leavin'... and how long that we're going for.

You know? Do you like your newjacket?

I love it. Did you ever meet Leslie Goodman?

Hey, how you doin'? Good to see you. Hey, James. Nice to see you.

You bet. You bet. [Man] James?

Yeah? [Chattering]

Okay, I'm comin' back. I'm comin' right back. Hi, guy. Hi, guy. Bye, guy.

I'm coming right back.

[Matalin] You're in the Darth Vader camp now.

Bye. Bye. I'll see you. Okay.


[Woman] Bye, Mary. Have fun on the train.

[Man] Hey, if we're the Darth Vader camp, who are you?

♪♪ [Country]

[Male Announcer] With some of Perot's support eroding... polls show a virtual dead heat.

How can this — This guy is an idiot.

In tracking polls, we're going up in every one.

And these people — what are they, drunk?

[Man On TV]... predicting a Harry Truman-style come-from-behind surprise —

[Men Laughing]

Turn Perot off. I don't want to look at him. Just turn him off.

Who cares who knows what the polls are?

They have media polls out every day in this thing. I mean, why be — You know?


I mean, I want people to know what the message is.

How can you tell 250 million Americans why you're running for president... if you can't tell 250 staff members?

♪♪ [Folk Rock]

♪ Not a chill to the winter but a nip to the air ♪

[Crowd Cheering]

♪ From the other direction ♪

♪ She was calling my eye ♪

♪ It could be an illusion but I might as well try ♪

♪ Might as well try ♪♪

[Woman On TV] The journey Bill Clinton began 13 months ago... is now down to one endless final day.

He started a 4,000-mile trek to try to nail down key states.


[Carville] Um, we'll, uh — Tonight at 6:45 will be the final war room meeting.

[Man] No.


One more day.

[Man] All right.

[Man #2] Go get 'em. [Exhales]

Hey, Gary. Carville.

Give me — Give me — Man, we can't lose North Carolina.

Who's gonna carry Georgia? We gonna carry it?

Do you think so? Don't worry about Georgia?


Goddamn, if we don't carry Georgia, we're going to look terrible.

I say if we lose Georgia, we lose the race.

[Clinton On TV] I need your help.

[Crowd Cheering]

[Man On TV] The governor's voice is completely gone... and he will not be able to speak.

[Hoarsely] We fought for a year. We've got two days to go.

My voice will be better by this afternoon... and I'll be there Monday, I'll be there Tuesday.

Fight on. Don't give up. Go!

Stay focused. Talk about the things that'll matter to people.

You know?

"It's the economy, stupid." Okay?

Wow. James.

[Stephanopoulos] '64, James.

Get out of here. [Laughing]

Just give it a whiff.

No, I'm not gonna give it a whiff. I'm gonna give it a drink.

None of that whiff shit. I'm gonna whiff it right down.

[Laughing Continues]

[Perot On TV] And we want to close on our theme song.

Let's hit it, Ed.

[Man] ♪ We're crazy ♪ [Cheering]

♪ Crazy for feelin' so ♪

[Male Reporter] It was a very different kind of rally... ending a very different kind of campaign.

♪ We're crazy ♪ It's a campaign that cost at least $60 million.

[All Laughing]

[Reporter Continues, Indistinct]

[Carville] It is the most expensive single act of masturbation in the history of the world.

[All Laughing]

[Female Reporter] His voice almost gone, Hillary Clinton has been pitching in.

[Hillary Clinton] We'll have to be real quiet to be able to hear him.

If you will be my voice tomorrow, I'll be yours for four years.


I thought of that, didn't I? I'll take credit for it.

Steve Denari, who's the director of the I llinois Perot office... and he wants to talk to someone confidentially.


Read it to me.

Well, what does names, addresses — I can send you a fax with names, addresses, phone numbers of who you had an affair with.

It wouldn't make it true.

Yeah, I just — Believe me —

[Carville I n Background] No, he wasn't, but I'm just gonna tell the son of a bitch — Believe me that it's been looked at by every major national news organization.


And it is completely bullshit.

If you went on the radio... and said that Bill Clinton is the father of an illegitimate black child... you would be laughed at.

People would think you're crazy.

[Carville Chattering]

We're not gonna lose.

We are gonna win. He is gonna be president.

Well, no, but, I mean — Don't think of it like that. Let's take it at two levels.

Number one, of course it's not gonna matter.

But number two, think of yourself.

I guarantee you that if you do this... you'll never work in Democratic politics again.

Maybe you don't want to. I'm not saying it matters.

You will be embarrassed before the national press corps.

People will think — Nobody will believe you... and people will think you're scummy.

The alternative is you don't do it.

It causes you some temporary pain... with people who tomorrow aren't gonna matter... and you have a campaign that understands... that in a difficult time you did something right.

Um, and, you know, that's important.

I mean, it doesn't mean anything... and we can't do anything for you specifically or anything like that... but you know that you did the right thing... and that you didn't, um... dishonor yourself.

[Chattering, Shouting]

Oh, my God!

[Stephanopoulos] Um, and finally, before I give him the floor... for what I hope isn't the last time... uh, I think we all know that, um... besides Bill Clinton, one person really gave this campaign focus.

And one person wrote what I call a haiku —

[Scattered Laughter]

About five months ago:

Change versus more of the same.

The economy, stupid.

I think if you did a Nexis, it would come up in about a thousand places.

[All Laughing] And don't forget health care.

Um, you know, I was kidding James yesterday.

I said he was about to pass... from a role of regular human being into the role of a legend.

[Murmuring, Chuckling]

And I think he really deserves it... because probably for the first time in a generation tomorrow... we're gonna win.

And that means that more people are gonna have better jobs.

People are gonna pay a little less for health care, get better care... and more kids are gonna go to better schools.

Um, and so, thanks.


[Cheering Continues]

There's a simple doctrine. Outside of a person's love... the most sacred thing that they can give is their labor.

And somehow or another along the way, we tend to forget that.

And labor is a very precious thing that you have.

And any time that you can combine labor with love... you've made a merger.

And I think we're gonna win tomorrow... and I think that the governor is gonna fulfill his promise and change America... and I think many of you are gonna go on and help him.

I'm a political professional. That's what I do for a living.

I'm proud of it.

We changed the way campaigns are run.

[Camera Shutter Clicks]

Used to be there was a hierarchy.

If you were on one floor, you didn't go to another floor.

If you were somewhere on the organizational chart... there was no room for you there.

Everybody was compartmentalized.

And you people showed that you could be trusted.

Everybody in this room. Everybody.

And people are gonna tell you you're lucky. You're not.

Ben Hogan said, "Golf is a game of luck. The more I practice, the luckier I get."


The harder you work, the luckier you are.

I was 33 years old before I ever went to Washington or New York.

I was 42 before I won my first campaign.

And I'm happy for all of y'all.

You've been part of something special in my life.

[Camera Shutter Clicks]

And I'll never forget what y'all have done. Thank you.


[All] One more day! One more day!

One more day! One more day!

One more day! One more day! [Cheering]

♪♪ [Rock]

All aboard!

♪♪ [Continues]

♪♪ [Man Shouts]

♪♪ [Continues]

♪♪ [Man Shouts] [No Audible Dialogue]

[No Audible Dialogue]

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Well, I'm gonna pick you up in my '88 Come here, sugar, don't be late ♪

♪♪ [Continues]

Threw up a little bit. I knew it!

That's good luck! That's good luck! No problem.

♪♪ [Continues, Scatting]

♪ Back to Little Rock, Arkansas ♪♪

[No Audible Dialogue]

[Singer] Thank you! Good night! I love you all!

[Crowd Cheering]

♪♪ [Ends] Thank you very much.

[Cheering Fades]

[Man Chattering, Indistinct]

Well, come on. Let's put him on speaker. That's it, yeah.

Hey, your ugly friend wants to say hello.


[Man] Hey, Bob.

How are you, man? What's going on?

You pretty tired?

Pretty tired. Um — But just, you know, when you get up there, and he says this is the last rally... or the last chance or whatever it was that he says — Shakes you up, right? Huh?

Shakes you up.

It was pretty hard, yeah. I was pretty shaken up.

Paulie, I got up this morning. As I was driving to work, I started to cry.

I couldn't keep it — I just can't — I can't cope right now.


Man, I'm scared.

Because we're all gonna have to jump off a bridge.

Because, you know — Because of the last two days.

Because of the last two days.


You know, it's kind of a mass thing. We can all just drink some Kool-Aid.

Okay, man. Have a good flight. See you when you get in.


Hey, it's James. What do you think?

[Woman On TV] Dan Quayle came home to Indiana... where he has never lost a race.

You think it's gonna be tight in NewJersey?

Why was everybody else so optimistic earlier?

[Man] What was that mumbling about seven points?

Oh, CBS. We dropped overnight.

So now they're figuring out how we can lose.

[Stephanopoulos Laughing] [Laughing, Scoffs]

I'm on the floor. I'm literally on the floor.

I can't take it.


[Stephanopoulos] Oh, good. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

We tried hard. We came up a little short.

To those who embraced our crusade — [Stephanopoulos Laughs] Oh, God!

We say thank you.

To President Bush, who's won reelection, we offer our full support...

[Stephanopoulos] Oh, God.

Our prayers and our hopes for a better America. Shut up.

Throughout this campaign, I've endeavored... to bring my message of change to the American people.

[Bob] Where's Derek Humphry when you need him?

[Carville] And over 42% of you people embraced that message.

I am grateful to each and every one of you. Are we in favor of assisted suicide?

Hillary and I and Chelsea will never forget you... the way you welcomed us into your homes, your towns and your cities.

[Chattering, Laughing] It is not that we... have lost this battle, it is whether we endure in a larger war.


In a stunning come-from-behind upset that shocked pundits... political professionals, journalists, people around the world...

George Herbert Walker Bush — Was reelected today.

Proved his political resiliency beyond any doubt whatsoever... and was reelected today over Bill Clinton...

[Phone Ringing]

Garnering 274 electoral votes, only four over.

But as they say, it's not horseshoes and it's not hand grenades.

And George Bush will return — We repeat, George Bush will return to the White House for another four years.

[Man] And what's the other one? Florida is now 42, Bush, 41.5, Clinton.

That's what we're getting, so — It's started then.

[All Talking At Once] You know what that means.

Uh — Popkin talked to Warren, whatever, the head of V.R. S... and he's gonna talk to him in four minutes, but his initial impression is it's a landslide.

Could be up to 12, maybe 400 electoral votes.


What's this? We'll wait and see.

Holy shit. What's this? Is this the new one?


Connecticut's fine.

Delaware's fine. Georgia's good. Georg — Wait, wait, wait. Georgia, fine. Georgia's good.

Iowa's done.

Illinois is done. Illinois is a blowout.

[Both] Indiana, we're ahead. [Woman] Indiana?

Kentucky — Kentucky is five.

Michigan is 11. New York's done. Holy shit. We're pulling away in Ohio.

Oklahoma, we're up. Tied in Texas.

Tied in Texas.

It looks good.

Now let's just say that... I like the text here.

Can you beep Wendy, please?

Oh, you got it. [Whistles]

Looks pretty good.

Look at — Look at Indiana. Wait, wait.

Look at Indiana, 42-40. I know.

It doesn't matter if we win. Those people are gonna shit. Oh, excuse me.

[Stammers] In the White House, how would you like to be —

[Whispering, Indistinct]

[Whispering, Indistinct] Look at Texas. Go down to Texas.

Even. Yeah, 39-39.

[Whispering, Indistinct]

Perot's kind of holding, isn't he? [Stephanopoulos] He held.

Yeah, he held. His numbers held.

I'm sort of surprised, frankly. This could be a landslide.

Probably don't have anything yet.

Let me — I gotta call Zell. [Laughs]

[Stephanopoulos] Goddamn.

[Woman, Indistinct] We up?

Up seven. Oh.

[Stephanopoulos] This is very raw though.

[Man] You know what? Huh?

[Stephanopoulos] Hello? Nothing.

Is the governor there?

Um, well, if he wants to call, tell him things look, um, outstanding.

Really good.

[Carville] Are you kidding me?

It's gotta be 10. Okay.

[Chattering] [Phone Ringing]

[Chattering, I ndistinct]

[Ringing Continues]

[Carville] We don't have Louisiana anywhere?

[Man] Okay.

[Second Phone Ringing]

[Carville] Well, who's got — You don't have them all on your computer?

This all tracks. Yeah.

But if I call you at 3:00 my time... you can look in your computer and we can know everything.

Like, when I try to say it, it's gonna be hard.

I don't know. What do you say? Mr. President-Elect?

I think you gotta say Mr. — I assume you just gotta say Mr. President.

You say, "Congratulations, Mr. President."

That's weird.

This is the latest numbers at 2:00, okay?

California, we're up by 19. Boxer's gonna win.

Colorado, we're up by 10.


How long does he intend to talk? This sounds like an awful long speech.

[Man] Oh, yeah. It'll be an hour or two.


[Greenberg] Can we go to the party before he finishes?

Oh, yeah. Okay, let me just run through this.

I think this is a pretty good structure. [Stephanopoulos] Okay.

Third, which is the real take-home point... and I really sold on them, which is this won't happen overnight.

Yeah, we gotta do that. That's the most important point to make.

Yeah, I want a cold beer. What kind of special today?

Well, the special today is pepperoni and black olive.

And also we've got that 50-cent draft Busch beer, if you want that.

[Laughing] No, I don't want Busch beer.

Give me the — Shit, I ain't drinking no Busch beer.

Give me a Budweiser.

[Laughing] Bud. And what would you like to eat?

Huh? I need a beer quickly. Quickly, quickly.

No Busch beer.





The governor walks out — or president.

[Chuckles] God, I get shook up when I say it.

Walks out with Hillary and Chelsea.

They wave, they smile, they hug.

The Gores — He then introduces the Gores.

They wave, they smile, they hug.

The Gores go sit down. Hillary and Chelsea go sit down.

Governor gives his speech.

I can't imagine the headlines tomorrow.

I'm sorry?

The headlines tomorrow are gonna be —

We need — In that section, you've gotta add a sentence about the young people.

And it would be nice to have the 83-year-old — What section?

This section here.

It's gotta be something specifically about how young people voted... in record numbers and changed — In record numbers. With record enthusiasm.

Their generation's gonna come — It should come after the 83-year-old woman.

See if we can find a story in the catalog with a young person.


We gotta get him something real soon.

These changes have to be made quickly. We gotta get it right out to him.

How do I get it to him? We'll take care of it.

You like "everything" better than "the country"?

[Man] I'm sorry?

Do you like, "Together we can make the country and love everything it was meant to be"... better than "Together we can make the country and love the country it was meant to be"?

That implies an inadequacy with the country, doesn't it? The latter formulation?


That's nice. That's real nice.

So just make that one change and get it back.


[Man On TV]... in Massachusetts. [Cheering]

Thank you. Massachusetts. [Applause]

More, more, more, more, more, more, more, more, more... more, more, more, more, more! [Cheering]

More, more!

All right! Are we gonna party?

[Chattering, I ndistinct]


You're ahead with comfortable margins in the 10 largest states in the country... and it's just, uh — it's — Texas, the last time we checked, you were two up.

Thank you very much. And now we've really got to do something.

Great. Bye-bye.


[Man] Congratulations. Thank you.


[Stephanopoulos Exhales]

[Man] What, um — How do you feel?

It's still not — You know, it's getting — I mean, I was pretty shook up talking to him.

[Man] What did he say?

They were giddy. It's like it didn't — I mean, they're just like — Are you, like, happy or are you scared... or are you nothing or do you want to just, like, cry or what?

The crying was before. Maybe it'll be later too.

No, it's just like... floating.

James. What?

On your chest in front of you — This one?

Your white one is totally unnecessary because that beige one in your hand — Okay. This is the everywhere pass?

That is a very exclusive... There are only about five of those in existence.

Okay. And it gets you backstage with the governor.

Where am I supposed to meet them? What room? There are only about five.

I-I-I — You don't know?

In the director's office of the State House.

But it's almost impossible to get there because there are so many... tens of thousands of people out on the street.

I'll meet you out here. I'm just going to use the ladies' room.

[Carville] We don't know how we're gonna get there through the crowd.

♪♪ [Rock: Man Singing]

[Carville] Excuse me, please. Excuse me. [Mandy] That one girl got in.

Excuse me. Excuse me, please. Thank you. Thank you very much.

I'm very proud to have done this.

I'm as happy as I can be and I'm so proud.

We won Nevada big.

Governor, we're gonna — I mean, it's looking like close to 400.

It's a landslide.

Ohio's not called yet. North Carolina's not called yet.

But everything else — I mean, Michigan — Dead even in Florida. You know, it's just unbelievable.

You oughta be the — I mean, the happiest man in the world.

And I just gotta tell you, I just appreciate this so much.

This was the best thing I ever did.

We can try. He's up there talking now though, you know.

He's up there giving his speech. Yep.

You don't?

But the one thing you gotta be — We really want you to say whatever you want to say tonight... but you just gotta be careful about being too programmatic.

You should definitely be New Democrat, and we love Hillary's new patriotism thing... which he tried to put in there.

Also you gotta do at the end, he goes back to the announcement speech... which is very important.

But you know, just say what — Speak from your heart tonight. I mean, that's all that matters.

Say what you want to say. I mean, this is your night.

Okay. We'll see you in a little bit.


He's like — What, is he gone?

He's asking... "I think we got Nevada!"

[All Laughing]

Follow Richard. [Chattering]

Follow Richard. Okay, Richard knows where he's going here.

He's pretty pumped. I mean, it's unbelievable.

He should be. Yeah.

What did he say when you said "Mr. President"?

He said, "Thanks." He said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah."

"Yeah, yeah. How'd we do in Nevada?" [Both Laughing]

[Crowd Cheering, Applauding]

And finally I want to thank... the members of my brilliant, aggressive, unconventional... but always winning campaign staff.


[Clinton] And they have earned this.

♪♪ [Pop]

♪ If you wake up and don't want to smile ♪

♪ If it takes just a little while ♪

♪ Open your eyes and look at the day ♪

♪ You'll see things in a different way ♪

♪ Don't stop ♪♪ [Cheering]

♪♪ [Swing]

[Man] ♪ I swung the election, friends ♪

♪ That's no small order ♪

♪ You just blow notes and sweep all the votes ♪

♪ From Canada to the Mexican border ♪

♪ I started out with a bang ♪

♪ Below the Dixie line ♪

♪ My opening shot was burning hot ♪

♪ And every single vote was mine ♪

♪ From there I swung westward ♪

♪ Taking every state in my stride ♪

♪ My bandwagon swingin' ♪

♪ Everybody started in to ride ♪

♪ I won every town and state ♪

♪ Without exception ♪

♪ My friends ♪

♪ I swung the election ♪

♪ Now, to give you some idea ♪

♪ Of the reception I was accorded ♪

♪ I took a soundman along with me and had these scenes recorded ♪

♪♪ [Cheering]

[Chorus] ♪ Ladies and gentlemen ♪

♪ This is an honor for me ♪

♪ To introduce this famous man ♪

♪ I give you Jackson T. ♪

[Man] ♪ Now, my final rally swung the thing ♪

♪ 'Cause I saved my best for the last ♪

♪ I'll give you just the highlights ♪

♪ Of this, my farewell blast ♪♪

♪♪ [Ends]