The Watchers: Revelation (2013) Script

Thank you for coming. I trust all is well?

Good. And how is your game? What is it called again?


Golf. Fascinating. We have nothing quite like it. Our games are more... colorful.

I would be delighted to teach it to you sometime, Mr. Ambassador.

It would be the least I could do for what you've done for our people.

Thank you. But unfortunately, I do not believe time will permit me that opportunity.

Your people have entered a nuclear age.

It was not enough that you have ended your world war with it.

You, and your counterparts continue your tests, endangering all of humanity.

Soon, you will be entering into our realm.

Your search for better, faster ways to annihilate one another will ultimately lead you into space exploration.

Mr. Ambassador, I can assure you we have no intention...

Of course not.

Your intentions were to preserve your people, better humanity, provide for national security.

And in the process destroy your enemy and possibly your world as well.

Your people have become too dangerous.

Therefore, I must inform you that we are discontinuing our direct involvement with you...

...For now.

The knowledge and technology that we have provided you should sustain you for a number of years to come.

And hopefully, keep you safe.

Do not stray from the schedule.

As that would be most inconvenient... for you.

I understand.

But with the Soviet threat our people are still in need of protec...

Your people will survive.

That is all that they need.

Diplomatically we are leaving for now.

We will return at a time of our choosing.

Until then the knowledge of our existence should not be disclosed.

We will make ourselves known when we think the time is right.

In the interim know that we will be watching.

Ambassador Addon, the free people of the United States thank you and bid you Godspeed.

You are most welcome...

Mr. President.

Thunder sound

Shovel hitting dirt.

Hey Robert, come look at this!

What is it?

What do you make of this? Wow.

Maybe you should get Dr. Jamison. Hurry.

Dr. Jamison! Dr. Jamison!

Yes, Robert?

We found something.

Well, I would hate to think we'd come on the expedition, at the university's expense, spend all this time digging, and not find something.

Dr., I think you need to see this for yourself.

Robert, what is it?

We found a tablet; it has some writing on it.


Robert, the Ancient Mississippian culture of Native Americans didn't have a written language.

I don't think this is Native American.

So, where have you been off to?


Why do you always respond to a where question with a what answer?

Why do you always ask where when you really mean what?

Next time you need to concentrate on how.

Hand me your handkerchief.

Stick out your tongue.

Cut myself?


Well, you try shaving in a creek while fighting off ferocious animals.

You saw a bear?

Worse. A squirrel.

A squirrel?

Yes, but he looked mean.

Maybe he was just gathering nuts and thought you would make a good lunch.

Speaking of rabid animals, did you call your folds to check on Kara?

No, I didn't. It's Sunday morning, they're in church by now.

Ah, you forgot about the time change.

They're on central time.

They won't be dragging poor Kara off to church for another hour.

I did forget.

Besides, Kara actually likes going with them.

It wasn't until I was a teenager that I stopped liking church.

At Kara's age Sunday School involves cutting things out, coloring them and pasting them back together.

If Kara had her way she would be teaching the class.

She's a smart kid.

She's smarter then I was when I was six.

I can't get anything out here.

Must be the mountains.

There was a clearing back near the creek. Iím going to try from there.

Okay, I'll start gather our things, unless you need me to with you.

I mean, that squirrel might have friends.

I think I can handle it. I'll be back in a few.

Uh, be sure to tell them we'll be there by five to pick up Kara.



Where is he?

Oh no!


Sweetie, are you alright?

What happened?

This is impossible.

I don't understand, your beard.

They were watching. All those days, watching.

What are you talking about? You've only been gone an hour.


Hey Peter.

What a nice surprise. I thought you were still on a dig.

I was. I just got in a few hours ago.

Well, come on in.

Have a seat Ted. Can I get you something to drink?

Uh, yes, thank you.

The usual?

That would be great.

I hope all went well. Did you find anything interesting?

Uh, yes. We had a remarkable time.

In fact, that's why Iím here.

I need your help with something Peter.

It's not like you Ted, to ask for my help.

You're the real expert on Native American culture.

Maybe I should have asked for something stronger.

Why? What happened?

I had an experience, Peter, and I'm not really sure what to make of it.

It's something more in your realm of expertise.

What do you know about the Cahokia Indians?

The Cahokia?

Roving Native Americans, part of the confederate Illinois tribes.

What else?

The Cahokia mounds.

Instead of just burying their dead, they buried their cities.

What if, instead of burying their cities, they were hiding them?

From whom?

The Anunnaki.

The ancient gods of the Sumerians?

Why would you think the Cahokia knew anything about the Anunnaki?

This is a rubbing of what we found.

This is cuneiform.

We discovered it among some early Native American artifacts near the Cahokia mounds.

How did that get there?

That's what we wanted to know.

Have you verified this?

I can't.

Why not?

Because the tablet and all the photos and records are missing.

Well, how did you even get this?

One of my students made it.

Everything else is gone, Peter.

I packed the find myself including the cameras, tapes, files, everything.

I sent them to the university and they never arrived.

The elders of the city have set up mourning for their daughters.

Their sons have become slaves.

Many tears have been shed because of those who from Heaven came.

Hide your lands and cities. Beware of the Anunnaki.

Beware of the Anunnaki.

What do you make of that, Peter?

Among the Sumerians there were good gods and evil gods.

They also wrote of the Igigi, the younger gods who, like the Anunnaki, came from heaven.



Who's to say?

I take it they weren't the friendly type.

No. The Anunnaki were gods whom the Sumerians feared.

Why would they be afraid of their gods?

The Anunnaki enslaved their people.

Kindness was not one of their virtues.

And the Igigi?

Some believe they were the offspring of the Anunnaki: The Younger Gods.

They had children?

Many ancient cultures had myths such as these.

Both the Greeks and the Egyptians had various gods and goddesses who mated with humans and had children who were half god and half mortal.

The sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose.

It's from the Bible.

Just another book of myths.

But it is a book that talks about heavenly beings interacting with humans.

Theologians see this interaction as something spiritual.

But others have seen it as something extraterrestrial.

How do you see it, Peter?

Other ancient Jewish texts, such as the book of Enoch, speak of these 'Sons Of God' as helping humanity: improving weapons for protection and increasing our knowledge of plants and herbs for medicine.

They were known as "The Watchers", guardians of humanity.

Some believe they are still among us extraterrestrials who visit us from time to time advancing our technology and defense capabilities in case...

The Anunnaki return.

Even mythologies can have some basis in reality.

If we can find your tablet and verify its date, it would be real tangible evidence linking early Native American culture to the ancient Sumerians.

And perhaps even to extraterrestrials!

The Anunnaki... extraterrestrials.

Peter, do you really think they might be coming?

I don't know. It may be that some of them are already here.

Oh, Lord, how you love fishermen.

You know, a trout would be nice.

Have you caught anything?

Don't be afraid, I didn't mean to startle you.

That's all right. I didn't hear you come up on me.

I heard you talking and didn't think you'd mind me saying something.

I wasn't talking, I was praying.

Ah, the two do seem to go together, don't they?

That they do.

I'm Josh Sanders.

I know. You're Peter's uncle. I'm Ethan Ward.

Pete? How do you know Pete?

I knew him back when he was at the University of California.

Ah, you're one of his Berkeley buddies.

You might say that.

Well, you're a long way from California.

What brings you out here?

Peter told me about this place.

About you; how you taught him to hunt and fish.

I thought I'd stop by and see for myself.

Well, you've come a long way just to see a fishin' hole.


That's right.

Ethan. That means "strong" or "optimistic".

Yes, yes it does.

You make a study of names?

More of a hobby.

Whoa! Would you mind getting me that net?


Whoa, would you look at those beauties!

I never caught two before, at the same time!

Are you hungry?

That sounds like an invitation.

Well, it is.

Thank you.

Great! I caught him, you clean him.

I just put the tea kettle on.

Nothin' like a nice cup of tea to finish off a good fish dinner.

Thank you. Peter said you were a good cook.

I'm glad to have found out for myself.

Well, you have to be.

When you live out here by yourself, you either learn how to cook or you starve.

So, Ethan, you didn't happen upon me by accident, now, did you?

No. It's about Peter. He needs you. Or, at least, he will.

What do you mean?

For a long time you and Peter were very close.

That's right.

But you haven't seen him or spoken with him for a number of years.

You are a man of science and faith.

I've never seen where the two differ.

I mean, to me, it's not either one or the other.

It's both.

But that's not true of Peter, is it?

Peter had a deep faith, just like his mother.

But then he went away to school and he abandoned his faith for science.

His mother died a few years ago, and they were very close. She was a single mother.

I tried to help where I could, but he wasn't interested at all.

So he began looking for answers; became bitter, he wouldn't admit it.

Then one thing led to another and now he has weak faith and a weak science.

Because of his belief in extraterrestrials?

The heavens weren't made in vain. I mean, space, it's pretty big.

And who all knows what God has made and why.

But this ancient astronaut theory he's bought into, has nothing to do with science or faith at least biblical faith. It's all just pseudoscience.

Now, I guess I represent everything he's against. Or, at least, once believed.

Don't give up on Pete or the walls he's built.

They are not as strong as they seem. They will fall.

You need to stay here and wait.

You also need to be ready, not to argue with him, but to convince him.

Convince him of what?

That God still loves him.

That his fears are misplaced.

We are in a very strange time, Josh.

It will not be long before He comes.

You mean Peter?

I'll get the tea.

You take your tea plain or with sugar?


I don't understand.

I know.

Please, don't.

I'm sorry!

Good evening, Mr. Ambassador.

Thank you for meeting with me on such a short notice and at such a late hour.

I appreciate your...

Madam President, I am aware of the time as you measure it.

Please be succinct. Why have you called for this meeting?

Using the equipment you provided, we detected an Einstein-Rosen Bridge.


The first one occurred about...

The first one?

There's been more than one?

Yes, Mr. Ambassador. May I continue?

My apologies The first one occurred about 90 minutes ago just outside Washington.

I received word a few moments ago, that another one was detected in eastern Montana The equipment that you gave us to detect wormholes has only activated when we've met with you.

Madam President, I assure you that the Igigi have nothing to do with this.

The device you speak of, is very specific.

Since we share a common heritage, it can detect when both the Igigi and Anunnaki travel through space-time portals.

So it is the Anunnaki?

Since it is not the Igigi, it can only be Anunnaki.

The first one occurred in Alexandria, Virginia about 6 miles from the White House.

President Connolly, if the Anunnaki were targeting you, you would not be here right now.

True. The Secret Service would have moved me to a secure location.

No, Madam President, if the Anunnaki were targeting you, you would already be dead.

The first incident took place outside the apartment of Dr. Ted Jamison.

Dr. Jamison was the discoverer of the Anunnaki Tablet.

In order to encourage his silence, we gave him a job with the government a few years ago.

The second one occurred outside a compound, the western headquarters of a paramilitary group known as "The Soldiers of Light".

Soldiers of Light? How quaint.

The group believes that the government is under the influence of extraterrestrials.

It is their goal is to remove all alien influences from the earth, at any cost.

Before Jamison cooperated with you, was there anyone he may have confided with?

A professor, Peter Kenner.

He is particularly interested in Sumerian culture, especially as it relates to extraterrestrials.

He saw a rubbing of the tablet and he was able to translate it.

Professor Kenner is in grave danger.

Your people need to remove him from his current location as quickly as possible.

Then we must also do the same for "The Soldiers of Light".

Madam President, if the Anunnaki have already arrived, then it is already too late.

Computer, activate name recognition. Jenny Dover.

Code Dover-Gamma-Zed, 158-1241.

Good evening, Ms. Dover.

Access files. Members. Update. Soldiers of Light.

Request complete. Do you wish to add or delete information?

Add member.

Computer, pause.

What is it now?

Computer, continue.

Computer, continue.

Continued. Activated. Member files. Soldiers of Light.

Access file. Sara Pennington. Read.

Sarah Ann Pennington.

Active member, level 7. Recruited 28 months with husband James Adam Pennington.

One daughter, Kara, age 9.

Additional information. James Pennington.

James Adam Pennington, deceased 11 months.

Cause of death, brain tumor.

Believed tumor caused by excessive radiation from alien abduction and teleportation 35 months ago.

Additional information. Kara Pennington.

daughter of Sarah and James Pennington. Current age.. 9.

Gifted child. Last tested IQ of over 180.

Currently living with mother.. Sarah.

Paternal grandparents.. Robert and Rebecca Pennington.. committed religious views with strong influence on Kara.

Display all known residences for Sarah and Kara Pennington. Current and past, with topical maps.

Hey, you're on private property.

Step back from the computer, put both hands on your head and get on your knees, now!

I said, both hands on your head.

You've got to be kidding me.

It's your move.

I'm going to tell you one more time, step back from the computer, drop your weapon, put both hands on your head and get on your knees.

Now, before we open fire.




This just came down for you.

I don't think "By-the-Book" Bast is going to be thrilled.

I assume you are referring to Agent Bast's professionalism... and proficiency.

Yes Ma'am. Sorry Ma'am.

We need to go.


Dr. Peter Kenner, Professor of Archeology.

He's also an Ufologist.

Busy man.

Anyway, they want him in protective custody.

Says here he's from upstate New York?

He's not there now.

Agents went by his house early this morning and he was gone.

A runner?

I doubt it. He has no reason to run, no warrants or criminal record.

Unless someone's chasing him.

Perhaps, his house was clean, though.

No sign of struggle or break in.

Most likely we just missed him.

The report contains some addresses of friends and family where he may have gone.

We need to check them out.

This is the only one in our area.


Well, it looks like it's out in the country.

Maybe the fresh air will do some good.

Kara! Breakfast is ready!


I'm right here mom.

Ooh, pancakes! I love pancakes!

I know.

Do you have any leftover batter?

I might, if you eat the cooked ones first.

What's got that dog all excited?

Kara, have you seen any strange men around our house or at school?

No. Why?

Just wondering.

Who are you?

I remember him.

Who are you and what do you want?

He was a screamer.

His name was... who cares what his name was?

He's my husband.

No, you mean he was your husband.

He taught me how to use this.

You're one of them.

One of those creatures that took Jim.

You... you killed him!

You killed my Jim!

Mom, who are you talking to?



Don't be afraid.

No one is going to hurt you.

It's ok, Mom.

He's a good one.



We have to go.

Are you alright?

Did they do anything? Did they take you anywhere?

Take me anywhere?

Yes! Did they take you anywhere?

No. But we need to go.


Ethan said we should be going.

Don't worry. I know how to get there.


He's one of them. He's an alien.

He's not an alien, Mom.

Then what is he?

He's a "B'nai Elohim".

If you're going for bass I'd use that old bug jig of yours.

Well it seems to me it caught you more times than the fish.

Yes it did.

My fingers still hurt every time I see one.

Well it's always brought me luck.


Well you're here aren't ya?

Glad to see you Pete.

You to Uncle Josh.

I've missed ya.

I know I've missed you too.

I'm sorry that I haven't been around more;

I should have come and seen you sooner.

That's not important you're here now.

Come on inside.

What about the Fish?

Aw they can wait; they've got all day to get caught.

It looks the same.

Well when you get it right there is no need to change it.

Go have a seat; you know how to make yourself at home.

So what has been going on?

How are things at the University?

Great I'm a full Professor now.

Yes I know; I might be in the middle of nowhere but, fortunately even nowhere can access the internet these days.

Uncle Josh I need to ask you about something.

Sure go ahead.

Well; last night I had a dream, really it was three dreams.

One right after the other, you were in all three.

Wow. I must be popular.

They weren't like dreams they were very vivid.

Well, if you were worried about me you could have called.

But I wasn't worried, it's just that when I woke up I knew I had to come and see you.

I can't explain it other than that.

Mom always said that when things needed an explanation she would talk to you.

Well, your Mother and I were always close ever since childhood.

I didn't have all the answers; nowhere near, usually I just listened.

I know we don't agree on some things, but I've always respected you and you've always listened to me too.

So tell me about your dreams.

We were here at the lake; you were pointing out constellations like when I was a kid.

Ah, sounds normal we did that several times.

But in my dream you were very specific.

You pointed to a tiny cluster of seven stars and called them the seven sisters.

Pleiades. lt looks like seven stars with the naked eye but really there are hundreds of stars in that cluster.

Yes I know.

That's exactly what you said in my dream.

You then pointed to the Big Dipper.

Ursa Major.

Yes, but then you pointed to a really bright star following the handle of the Big Dipper.


Yes that's the one. You also mentioned Orion.

Let's see, Arcturus, Orion, Pleiades, and the Big Dipper.

Anything else?

Well that's when the second dream started.

You and I were playing Scrabble.


Yeah, I can still see the board.

"Orion" was there as were the words "stars," "seven," "sang," "sisters," "mornings," "run," and "job."

Not "job" but, "Job."


All those words are grouped in the book of Job; well except for "run."

You're kidding me?

No, really look here in chapter 38 verses 31 and 32.

Can you bind sweet influences of the Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?

Can you bring forth Mazeroth in his season? Mazeroth?

Constellations. It's a Hebrew term for Zodiac.

Or can you guide Arcturus with his sons?

"Pleiades," "seven," and "sisters."

Pleiades is the seven sisters.

And Orion was mentioned as was Arcturus, which some translate Large Bear.

The Large Bear. The Big Dipper?

Exactly. Run probably means to...

Run to you. But what about the other words?

Look at verse seven.

When the morning stars sing together and all the Sons of God Shouted for Joy.

And all the Sons of God Shouted for Joy.

That's what he said.

What? What who said?

In my dream there was a man there, someone I had never seen before, but felt like I knew him and he said and all the Sons of God Shouted for Joy.

What happened then?

That's when the third dream started. You and I were disagreeing.

What about?

Science and Religion.

What did I say?

You said I had to choose.

Between Science and Religion?

No, between choosing to believe or choosing not to believe.

Then I woke up saying your name.

I felt like I had to see you. I felt like I had to...


I knew that I had to get out of the house.

I knew that I had to see you but, I don't know why.

Hold that thought.

I don't get many visitors out here.

Are you Josh Sanders?

Yes I am.

Mia Andrews National Security Agency.

This is Agent Jacob Bast.

We are looking for Peter Kenner. Have you seen him lately?

I am Peter Kenner.

Mr. Kenner we have orders to take you into protective custody.

Why? I haven't done anything.

I understand that; you're not under arrest.

We are simply taking you under our protection.

Mr. Kenner please come with us.

I will call you as soon as everything gets straightened out.

I am sure it's nothing serious.

I'll be praying for you.

Thank you.

I have a message for you.

I wondered when you'd show up again.

I know who you are.

You're friends with Dr. Ted Jamison. Is that correct?

Yes we've been friends for several years.

We both taught at the same University.

What this about?

I am sorry to inform you that Dr. Jamison is dead.


What Happened?

We 're not certain at this time.

Dr. Kenner did Jamison have any connections to any paramilitary or subversive groups?

Ted? No that's absurd.

He was an apolitical archeologist.

His only cause was to reveal the past, to study cultures.

And we are not suggesting otherwise Dr. Kenner.

I'm sorry about your friend.

I'm sure he was a good man.

Someone will be contacting you shortly.

Someone? Someone who?

A Government official.

An official. From our government?

If you need anything Dr. Kenner just ask the agent outside your room.

This is it.

I don't know about this Cara.

How do we know that we can trust him?

Trust me don't you Mom?

Yes but.. Kara, Kara.

Whoa. Where did you come from young lady?

From there sir. I'm Kara Pennington.

I'm sorry that I ran into you.

That's okay.

Kara, slow down. I don't have as much energy as you...

I found Mr. Josh.

Um, sorry about that.

I'm Sarah Pennington, and it looks like you've met my Daughter...

Kara, yes she just introduced herself.

So, how do you know my name?

Ethan told me.

Ah Ethan.

So your name really is Josh.

Yes, Joshua Sanders.

She thinks you might be one of the B'nai Elohim.

No, I'm as human as they come.

So you know about them; these Ben... Ben...

B'nai Elohim. Yes.

Why don't we go inside we can talk about them over a nice cool glass of lemonade I love lemonade.

I know.

How did you know?

Ethan told me.

Who are you?

My name is Addon.

How did you get in here?

What is this?

We call it an IST.

An I.S.T. An Inner Space Transporter.

It allows us to create small wormholes in order for us to travel from one location to another.


Yes. May I?

For some time now, Dr. Kenner, you have believed in the existence of extraterrestrials.


Your friend Dr. Jamison claimed to be a skeptic until he found the tablet and came to you to explain it.

About three years ago.

I never saw the tablet, just a rubbing of it.

And what did it say?

It was a warning.

About the Anunnaki?

You know about the Anunnaki?

Dr. Kenner, I am an Anunnaki.

I appreciate your kindness But, what can you tell me about these aliens.

That they're not aliens.

You don't understand.

I've seen them.

I know what they can do. I know how they can take..

take people you love from you.

I don't have all the answers as to what you've been through.

But these beings are not what you think they are.

What do you mean?

You and Kara both call them the B'nai Elohim.

B'nai Elohim are not aliens from another planet.

It's a Hebrew term, it means the Sons of God.


Dr. Kenner those you know as the Anunnaki have been known by many different names.

Eons ago before the rise of your people, we roamed the Heavens.

But unfortunately some of our kind were more interested in ruling than in exploring.

I thought angels were supposed to be good.

These creatures aren't good.

Ethan is good.

How do you know?

Because they look different.

They look the same to me.

That's because you don't see what I see.

Angels are good Sarah.

It's just that there are different types of angels.

What do you mean?

Long before human civilization angels existed.

Chief among them was the Anointed Cherub who was great in beauty and power, wisdom.

So much so that he thought he could exalt himself above God.

So he convinced some angels to rebel and to follow him; and they were defeated.

He's now known as the Opposer or Satan and the angels who followed him are known as fallen angels.

Over time we realized that you had become sentient.

You were no longer animals to be used.

You had in a sense become our children.

Then what?

Some of us believed you should be freed.

You were no longer tools for us to use for our own enjoyment.

Those who fought for your freedom were known as the Igigi; the liberators.

Since then we've been care takers watching over you, guiding you.

Ready to help you protect yourselves.

Against what?

Against the day when the Anunnaki would return to enslave you.

But why would these fallen angels pretend to be aliens?

Their all about deception.

Pretending to be aliens from another planet is as good a deception as any.

They don't look the same.


When I see them they look different to me, the one in our house he looked different than Ethan.

They were two different people.

I don't mean that.

When I saw Ethan he gave out sort of a light that made me happy, when I saw the other one he looked like flames.

Is that possible?

So why are you here?

Why are you telling me all of this?

Because of your association with Dr. Jamison.

Because of something you read a few years ago.

The Anunnaki tablet.

Yes. He knew it was a forgery.

A forgery?

That is why the tablet had to be destroyed. with only a rubbing there would be no way to verify the tablets age.

Kara you can tell the difference between the two of them?

Yes that is why Ethan said the bad ones were after me.

She's just a child. They can't take her.

I won't let them. I'll kill them first.

Mom you tried killing them. Did it work?

They are stronger than us, smarter than us, faster than us and they just can't die.

I'll find a way.

You used Dad's gun and shot one. He didn't die, he didn't even fall down.

I know something that we can use against them.

It's very strong very powerful.

I am afraid Dr. Jamison has fallen victim to his own device.

You think that Ted forged the tablet by himself.

I think that he was in desire of recognition.

He knew the history of the Cahokia Indians.

He knew of you and your expertise of Samarian culture.

He alone had access to dispose of the tablet and he benefited from it.


Yes he received a lucrative contract with your government because of it.

If it were a fake why would the government aid in such a scheme?

Dr. Jamison was unaware that what he forged was true.

The Anunnaki should be feared.

And then they killed him because he was warning others of their coming.

Yes and unfortunately you were connected to that discovery which is why I had to put you in protective custody.

Once the threat is over you'll be free to go home.

Have a good evening Dr. Kenner.

Truth. It's the most powerful weapon we have.

I don't see how truth can destroy them.

There has to be a way to fight them.

It's not about destroying them Sarah, that's not up to us.

It's about exposing them and defeating them.

How can you defeat them if you don't even believe in them?

He does believe in them Mom.

He believes in them like I do.

What's wrong?


You need to come with me.


To see Josh.

You won't get very far that way. There's a guard outside the door.

It will be okay.

I've done this before.

You cannot tell me that wasn't an alien ship.

Was it physical?

It was a ship. Of course it was physical.

Well if it was physical it would have to obey the laws of physics.

And it didn't do that?

Nothing physical can move like that.

Nothing we know about.

But maybe their science is beyond ours.

It wouldn't matter if there science was advanced.

A physical object has to conform to the laws of physics.

So how do you explain what we just saw?

What we saw wasn't physical.

But we saw it.

Just because we saw it doesn't make it physical.

It's OK Mom.

What we saw was certainly spectacular, but think about what you saw.

I saw what looked to me like an alien spacecraft.

But did it move like a craft?

No it was much faster.

Exactly right.

And what happens when a physical object moves at a tremendous amount of speed.

There's a sonic boom.

There was no boom.

But it did make a noise.

A hovering sound.

Like a helicopter.

Or wings.

President Connelly how very good to see you.

Thank you Mr. Ambassador.

I thought that I would contact you this time.

I believe I have some very exciting news.

That will be most welcome Mr. Ambassador.

I've contacted the Anunnaki home world and they have assured me that there people have been recalled and that there is no thought of conquest at this time.

At this time?

One never knows the future plans of others especially the Anunnaki.

How certain of this are you?

Our Government has a vested interest in your world.

It's betterment and security.

The Anunnaki would not want another war with us.

Our people are truly grateful Mr. Ambassador.

Because of you our world has something it has long desired; peace and safety.

One more thing Madame President.

Professor Kenner, he is no longer in any danger.

You may release him from your protection.

I will make sure that is taken care of immediately.

Anything to report?

Nothing yet ma'am.

Hey you should be going home soon we have all clear.

When was the last time you checked on him?

About forty-five minutes ago sir.

You're suppose to make visual every thirty minutes Diaz.

Give me the key.

By the book!

Yes sir.


Where is he?

Explain to me. How'd Kenner leave a room you were guarding?

I swear to you sir, no one went in or out of this room the whole time I was here.

None of the other agents saw anything either.

Where do you think he went?

Where we found him.

That's the most likely spot. But why would he go back there?

I don't know but it's a start.

We no longer have to authority to hold him.

I don't care.

I want to know exactly how he got out of this room and if anyone else is involved.

Next time you do it by the book, you understand?

Yes sir.

I feel bad about moving you out of your room.

No need too.

I'm certainly not going to make you two sleeping out here or send you to a motel.

Besides, it's almost like camping.

Well thank you, you're very kind.

Well I have new sheets on the bed, and fresh towels in the bathroom.

So please, make yourself at home.

Can I play Mom?

Sure, but don't turn on your GPS strip, just use your computer.

May I use your table?

Sure. What are you going to play?


It's a high tech treasure hunting game.

It lets you find hidden objects in GPS enabled boxes.

Wow, there are several caches nearby. There might be some Geo swag.

Geo swag are prizes found in the GPS boxes.


I'm sorry.

A holo-computer.

I didn't know they sold such things.

They don't I made it.

You made it?

Science project.

You know you're off duty, you didn't have to come with me.

Are you kidding. I want to know how he got out of there as much as you do.

We've never had someone escape before.

Usually there afraid, feel safer knowing were there.

Everyone's different, take Kenner for instance.

How do you go from being an archeologist to believing in aliens?

I have no clue.

What do you think Bast, is there intelligent life out there?

Not that I've noticed.

I was talking about the aliens not the humans.

Well anything's possible.

Well there you go.

Maybe his friends beamed him out.

Well it seems like we've had quite an eventful day.

To say the least.

So you have no idea how you got out of that room.

Oh I know how I got out; I was led out. But how we did it I have no idea.

And you have no idea who he was.

I'd seen him before in that dream I told you about.

It was Ethan.

He didn't tell me his name.

He's a B'nai Elohim.

That's one of the names Addon used for his people.

The good ones like to be called the B'nai Elohim.

Yes it's Hebrew; I'm sorry how old are you?

She's nine.

This Addon did he say he was an Angel?

No he didn't. He claimed that he was an extraterrestrial.

But he used his technology to enter and leave your room without being noticed.

He used what he called an I.S.T an Inner Space Transporter.

Addon claimed it created small wormholes that allowed him to travel from one place to another instantaneously.

Sounds like something beyond our technology.

It's beyond anyone's technology.

First of all you'd have to create two wormholes or funnels, one would be the entrance and the other would serve as the exit point.

Then somehow you would have to connect the ends in space and time.

Second general relativity would dictate that these wormhole would be highly unstable with a remote chance the connection lasting a fraction of a second assuming you could even connect the two.

Maybe they figured that out.

It still would be against the law of physics and the gravitational force alone would be so extreme it would stretch the physical matter of anything entering these wormholes to the extent it would simply disintegrate.

Well what about the light I saw when it happened?

It was a magic trick.

You know the magician pops out of puff of smoke, you think he has vanished but in reality he's simply slipped out the trap door.

Or steps one dimension to another; the spiritual to the physical.

Deception would be there calling card.

Expecting company?

Mr. Josh has had company all day.

Pete our friends would like to ask us all some questions.


How long?


Did you get anything from the mother?

Just that she's convinced there's a government cover up of alien activity.

How about you?

Nothing yet.

Kenner claims he followed someone out of his room but he has no idea how he got here from there.

He had to have help. How else could he have gotten here so quickly.

I agree.

Let's shake things up a little.

You take the uncle, I'll talk with the little girl.

Maybe they'll let something slip.

Dr. Sanders, Kara would you come with us.

You must be very proud of your daughter.

I am.

Since her father died she's all I have.

I understand.

My father died when I was very young.

My Mom had to raise me by herself.

It's not an easy thing to do.

Uncle Josh is the closest thing to a father Iíve had.

He understands the pain loss can bring.

Although my Aunt died years ago he hasn't been able to bring himself to take his wedding ring off.

He loved her very much.

Jim would have been so proud of her.

What do you think?

Do you believe these creatures are angels or aliens?

Well, a few months ago I would have been convinced they were extraterrestrials.

And now?

Well now, now Iím not so sure.

The things I've experienced are more than coincidence and the things my uncle told me years ago have proven themselves to be true.

What things?

I became convinced that ancient writings, including the Bible, spoke about extraterrestrial life.

That we had been visited by these aliens before.

Uncle Josh and I had many long talks about the arguments I presented.

But for every point I raised he seemed to have some scientific explanation.

So I've noticed.

In a way Kara is very much like your Uncle.

I guess that we're both blessed to have them in our lives.

People who love us even when they don't agree with us.

Well I have no idea how you got out of that room.

But it's not my problem either.

Where's Agent Bast?

He and Kara went outside.

Bast where are you?

Bast come in.


Where's Kara? What happened?

This is Agent Mia Andrews identification number 120156 Iím requesting a 1024 GP NSA 56 possible 207 in progress.

1158 have GPS tracking sent to this phone thank you.

Apparently Agent Bast has taken your daughter into custody.

Why? Why would he do that?

I don't know.

Where did he take her?

Again ma'am I don't know but we will shortly.

All NSA vehicles are painted with GPS tracking.

As long as they are in the vehicle we will know where they are.

I've got them.

Dr. Kenner I need your car.

Of course.

This has my cell number on it, if Bast returns call me.

I'll send someone here as soon as possible.

The three of you remain here until then.

My baby.

It will be alright.

Where is she? We have to find her.

Pete, has Agent Andrews left yet?

She's leaving now.


Would Kara have her GPS strip with her?

She always has it with her.


It's a games she plays on her holo-computer.

A holo-computer?

Good girl!

Pete you go with Sarah in her car.

I'll call you with directions and once I get a final destination Iíll follow in my car.

You've got to believe... Kara's going to be alright.

Uncle Josh we're no trained for something like this.

What should we do?

Don't be afraid, there are more on our side.

It's time for you to choose.

Kara has a good mind; but she's got even a greater faith.

I think it's time you two should see what Kara and I have seen all afternoon.




Got the girl!

They're using you.

Yeah, kid, people use people all the time; same is true with the government.

They're not either one.

Oh really? Then what are they?

Principalities. Powers. Rulers of the darkness.

Sounds like government to me.


You know you were followed.

That's impossible.

I switched vehicles a few miles back, it would take those fools from the NSA some time before they even find me here.

Not from your car.

I hate it when you do that.

I hate every minute I got to spend with you hairless monkeys.

A GPS strip?

Your pals at the NSA should've taught ya how to look out for one of those.

I don't have any pals.

I guess not.

What are you gonna do with the girl?

Don't tell me your growing a conscious?

People in my line of work don't have those.

But she is just a kid.

I don't see how she can be a threat to you or your people.

Aww, that's precious.

Little Bast does have a conscious.

Where was it when you were putting a bullet in Jamison's skull?

Jamison? Jamison was different.

He was a threat to national security, he needed to be removed.

Well, Kara here is a threat to our security.

I delivered the girl.

What you do with her is not my concern.

Are you waiting for something?

I know who you are.

Do you?

Your Bana, the slayer.

Oooh, I must be famous.

I know what you are.

Yea, what's that?

A fallen one.

And are you, afraid?


Why not?

Because I know whose I am!


You both want her?

You both can have a piece.


No, Look! Look! It's okay!

So Daddy sent you on a little errand, did He?

You are not allowed to touch what belongs to Elohim.

You're not going to stop me Ethan.

I'm gonna kill this little girl.

How could you choose this Bana.?

We were together when He spoke this all into existence.

I don't even remember the sound of His voice!

Get up.

Come on. Come on!

Watch this.

(Hebrew) Gaw'ar Ad'o'ni.

The Lord rebuke you!

Kara are you alright?

I'm fine.

Thank you.

You're a...

A B'nai Elohim.

And you a B'nai Adonai.

Why? Why now?

We are but heralds... and guardians.

The days are approaching when the fallen will make themselves known, and their deception will pave the way for the lawless one.

He will be coming soon.

This lawless one?

That's not who he means.


Drop your weapon!

No, I don't think I will.

Why Jacob?

We're in the middle of a war Mia.

It's my job to protect the people of this nation.

You think you're a patriot?

I am a patriot!

I'm making sure we don't become slaves to them!

By kidnapping a child?

Betraying your partner? Turning your back on the NSA?

The NSA? Do you really think I work just for them?

You're not going to shoot me. You know how this works.

Do your country a service.

Lower your weapon; walk away.

Tell them I was already gone.

Shouldn't have come alone Mia.

Who said I came alone?

Get on the ground! Let me see your hands! Drop your weapon!

Just like you taught me, Sir.

By the book.

Are you alright?

Yes, I'm fine.

Everyone else okay?

We'll have some questions for you, but they can wait a few moments.

Thank you Dr. Sanders for calling me, we never would have found him otherwise.

So, what happened?

What was that verse you use to cite to me when I was young?

"...the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from trials."

Your friend, the one you were telling me about.

The one that Addon said forged the tablet.

Ted Jamison? What about him?

I think Agent Bast was the one who hurt him.

So what about his tablet?

I don't know.

I do know that while Ted was an excellent archeologist, Sumerian texts werenít in his field of study.

He simply could not have forged the tablet as Addon claimed.

Was that what gave him away?

That, and something you taught me.

Something I taught you?

Yes, that names have meaning.

What are you two talking about?


His name, Addon.

It is very similar to one found in the Book of Revelation.

A fallen angel described as the king of the bottomless pit.

His name is Abaddon, the destroyer.

So Kara, what did Ethan tell you just before he left?

He was telling me about the Watchers.

The B'nai Elohim?

No, they're not the Watchers.

They are the heralds...

And the guardians.

Then who are the Watchers?

We are... We are the Watchers.

My Lord.

Bana is lost.

The girl, she still lives.

I take full responsibility.

Soon, my friend, Bana and his brethren shall be set free from the pit.

Victory, my Lord.

♪ He will cover me.

♪ He will cover me.

♪ All the day, all the night.

♪ He will cover me.

♪ He will cover me.

♪ All the day, all the night.

♪ Athousand may fall, ten thousand at your right side.