The Way We Were (1973) Script

Who is it?

It's Lieutenant Finley. He's coming up the path.

It might be worth listening to him, Edna.

So he can tell me about D-Day? I don't wanna hear about D-Day.

Look what happened to my son Hold it, Peggy. Cut from D-Day to...

..."Don't tell me about the black market."

You're making me a bitch... keep in your propaganda!

Peggy, I'll tell you...

Oh, Jesus!

Oh, Bill. Katie wants to keep in the black market. Bill!

Glad you're back. How did it go?

Goddamn Pentagon, all they see is red! Where's my coffee?

Get you some in a minute.

Don't cast that broad again.

Takes a reactionary to play one.

Where's my coffee? Can't the chintzy OWI afford a gofer?

And where's Roxanne?

She called and she said that she couldn't make it.

We'd like to get set up and go from the top again, Mr. Verso.

What's the matter? What is this?

Two lines I wrote. No good, huh?

Morosky, let me do the writing, will you?

Christ, I'm tired of being a patriot for no money.

She can't come? Nope.

Okay, Katie, you're in luck.

I'm taking you to El Morocco, courtesy of the Office of War Information.

All right, Americans, let's take it from the top.

One, two. One, two, three.

Clear the way.

Please clear the way.

Sir, we have a reservation.

There are no more tables. But we called...

...and you said... Sorry, no tables.

I told you... But we called...

I'd like to know your name and also why you're not in uniform.

These boys have been in combat, you fascist rope-holder.

Hi, Fred. Bill Verso. OWI. Don't tip him.

Get his name! We were with a whole bunch of people.

Hey, Verso! Merry old Bill Verso. Hey, Tiny!

Stop it! Don't do that!

They're with us.

Come on!

Thanks, Tiny. Good to see you.

Listen, Katie... Hey, Jimbo!

Can't you leave your soapbox at home just once?

Coming through.

What do you want to drink? I know. Dubonnet over ice.

Dubonnet over ice and a scotch, straight up.

Here's your Dubonnet, Morosky.

Oh, to be in uniform!

Hubbell Gardiner.


That's his name.

Swell. What's hers?

I suppose they learn that balance on board ship.

Absolutely. Let's dance.

What've you got to lose?

I'll probably go overseas soon. It's pretty hush-hush.

Save Loyalist Spain! Stop Franco for world peace now!

Write President Roosevelt!

Come on. Do something about it!

Save Spain! Stop Franco!

Stop the slaughter of innocent women and children. Do something!

Write your congressman today.

Katie, what are you selling?


You can have it cheap!


Row, Hubbell!

A true peace rally...

...should cover the entire spectrum from extreme right... extreme left. As our next speaker proves.

The President of the Young Communist League. She needs no introduction.

Miss Katie Morosky.

Guess I do need an introduction.

Back up, Katie.

Yeah, all the way to Moscow!

You can still take Communion and like the Soviet Union!

What's cooking in the Kremlin, Katie?

The Kremlin's worried about the civil war in Spain. Are you?

Thousands of Spanish citizens are being bombed and murdered.

Only one country is sending help. One country.

The Soviet Union.

K-K-K-Katie, be my C-C-C-Comrade.


What are you scared of?

The Russians don't want anybody in Spain but the Spanish.

Is that scary?

They're Communists, but they want total disarmament. Is that scary?

Hitler and Mussolini are using Spain as testing ground for what they want.

Another world war! Is that scary?

You're darn right it is!

There's only one thing to be scared of...

...and it's not me, it's not the Young Communist League...

...and it's not the Red bogeyman.

You be scared of anybody, anyplace...

...who will not stand up for world peace now!

You're really...'re really something.

Really... You're really beautiful.

No, I mean it.

You're really beautiful.

You're the best...

...the brightest...

...most committed generation this country's ever had.

That's why you're here today, striking for peace.

Why, they're striking on almost every single campus in this country.

They're taking that pledge. Show your solidarity by taking it with them.

"I refuse to support"...

Come on, come on.

"I refuse"...Come on. On your feet!

"I refuse to"...That's right. On your feet. Everybody.

"I refuse to support"...

No, everybody. Everybody!

"I refuse to support...

...the government of the United States... any war it might conduct."

The student council calls this a peace rally. I call it...

...a peace strike.

And I'm an English major.

It isn't that funny.

You fascists!

We have to talk about this stuff. Wait a second.

You've been on that for two months. Three.

It's a short story...

Frankie Mc Veigh, you're not funny.

I know it. Listen...

...would you do me a favour? Take the YCL meeting Monday night.

You can't miss a meeting. I have to.

The story is due on Tuesday and it's just gotta be good.

Look who's here, America the beautiful.

How much do you have in the treasury? $542.18.

Possible themes for the prom.

"Caribbean Holiday", "Jungle Fever"...

Hey, you should be listening to this.

"Niagara Falls."

"Thirteen Colonies", "48 States."

"Thirteen Colonies", "48 States"...


J.J., listen.

"The 48 States", "Starlight", "Star Bright" and " In My Merry Oldsmobile".

How about "Bread Lines Can Be Fun"?

How about "The Stalin Shuffle"?

What are we gonna have? Hamburgers?

How about "The College Grad Meets The Leningrad"?

She's a million laughs.

What do you want? Coke.

Coca-Cola? Coca-Cola.

Excuse me.

You're all decadent and disgusting.

Come on, we weren't making fun of you.

You make fun of everything. You think politics is a joke.

You make fun of politicians.

What else can you do? Think Franco's funny?

Franco? Is he here? Yeah, Franco. He's a politician.

He's funny? Hitler has a funny moustache. Why not have a Nazi prom?

Well, we thought of that, but the uniforms itch.

Comes the revolution, maybe we'll have a sense of humour.

Four cheeseburgers, four cokes.


Yeah, in the cokes.

If I read comparatively few of your stories aloud in class...'s because I think we learn best from what's good.

Or at least, talented.

Today I'm going to read, with a great deal of pleasure...

...a remarkably good story from a surprising new source.

The name of the story is "The All-American Smile."

And it's by Hubbell Gardiner.

"In a way, he was like the country he lived in.

Everything came too easily to him, but at least he knew it.

About once a month he worried that he was a fraud.

But then most everyone he knew was more fraudulent.

Sometimes he felt...

there's really no reason for us to change.

But of course by then, they were too lost or too lazy.

It had always been too easy."

The trouble with some people is they work too hard.

Are you speaking to me?

Want a beer?

I don't drink.

One sip. One sip of beer.


You carry your books all the time? That's what I crossed the street for?

I'm celebrating.

What are you celebrating?

I got you to cross the street.

Listen, I'm sorry I...

I haven't told you that I really liked your story.

You're a good writer.

Thank you.

Mrs. Simpson married the Duke of Windsor. It's in tomorrow's paper.

How do you know that? The papers aren't out yet.

I work in the Linotype room two nights a week.

You never quit, do you?


...thanks for getting me across the street.

I sold one.

I sold a story.

I've never known anybody who sold one.

Oh, boy, Hubbell.

Okay, so have a drink.


To your first novel.

Wait a minute, not so fast. Why not?

Yeah, why not?

You should've laughed.

"Any peace but Katie's piece."

You were good. You had them.

You could've kept them, if only you'd laughed.

It wasn't funny. That's not the only reason to laugh.

You're a puritan. I am not.

You've no sense of humour. My family thinks I'm humorous.

Why are you always angry? Not always! Because I don't know...

...about coed humour. I've never been in a fraternity or sorority...

...which is where I'm sure they make up all that dirty stuff anyway.

That's pretty dirty business.

Can I ask you a personal question? Sure.

Do you smile all the time?


No. No.

Here's to commencement.

A funny word for "the end."

Mrs. Simpson married the Duke of Windsor.

I told you that, didn't I?

Yeah, you did.

I'm really happy about your news.

I hope I get to read your story someday.

Put your foot here.

Go get 'em, Katie.

See you, Hubbell.

See you.

Don't spill it on your dress.

I'd like to have the sewing concession when they want to shorten those dresses.

You know, to get some wear out of them.

Grab your coat and get your hat Leave your worries on the doorstep I'm glad we're not working on commission.

I've never been to a dance before, except the one the YCL gave for Spain.

Here, have a drink.

Here. What's that, bourbon?

It's gin, Katie. Come on.

From the bottle? So bourgeois.

Let's dance. We aren't supposed to.

You weren't supposed to buy me a corsage either. Come on.

Can you, Frankie?

Frankie Mc Veigh, you've got a foot for dancing!



What do you know?

Small world, isn't it?

I fall asleep?

I think so.

What do you know?

Would you like to have a cup of coffee?

Oh, yeah.


Here you are, kiddo. Good night.

Good night.

Good night, Hubbell, old boy.

Whoever you are.

Who are you?

It's the top floor.

Only one more!

In there.



General quarters! Count down!

Stand safe...


Hubbell, it's Katie.

You didn't know it was Katie.

I'll be done in a minute.

You don't have to do that. Oh, it's okay. I like to iron.

Gee, you have a lot of ribbons here.

You have any aspirin?

Oh, I don't.

Push in on your temples.

How can you not have aspirin?

I always eat for a headache.

Do you have my watch? Do you know where it is?

I took it off and put it on the bedpost.

I thought you'd be more comfortable...

That's why I... Here.

Thank you.

It's your hair.

That's what's different.

I have it ironed.

You have your hair ironed?

Does it hurt?


Have some coffee at least.

I'm low on sugar, but it's real coffee.

No, thank you. I have to meet J.J. at the train.

Looks good, though.

You still have J.J.?

How long will you be around? Where are you stationed?

In Washington.

Oh, that's good. That could be exciting.


Roosevelt is there.

I thought the Party said he was an evil warmonger.

How do you know that?

You still think a varsity letter stands for "moron", huh?

Some people work out better than we think.

Thank you very much. Oh, listen...

This is my number, and this is the OWI office where I work.

This is the radio station. It's very difficult to find a hotel room.

If you're ever in town and you can't find one, well, just...

No obligation of course.

Thank you.

About last night...

I'm sorry. I've been falling asleep all over lately.

That's okay.

Hope my snoring didn't keep you awake.

Oh, that's okay.

I like snoring.

See you, Katie.

See you, Hubbell.

Good luck.

American-Soviet benefit, Friday night at town hall!

Come to the American-Soviet Friendship benefit Friday.

American-Soviet benefit at town hall, folks.

Come to the American-Soviet benefit Friday night.

Thank you. Big show. Big show at town hall, folks.

Come to the American-Soviet benefit Friday night.

Hey, soldier, why don't you bring a date?

Come to the American-Soviet benefit.

Bring a date.

Come to the American-Soviet benefit.

American-Soviet... Jesus, I'm late for the OWI.

See you later, Pony.


Vote for Thomas E. Dewey! We've gotta stop FDR.

I'll take them. I'll give them to your friends. I'll help you.

CDHQ, America Calling.

Applications are available at your local post office.

CDHQ, America Calling.

Can you identify them?

Over the Bronx? 25 Stuka Dive Bombers.

I've got it, madam. Yes, I remember Pearl Harbor. I'll connect you.

Even if he lost the paper, I'm still in the book.

It's only been a week.

One moment, please. I'll connect you.

He could phone at least. CDHQ, America Calling.

Phone where? You've only got eleven jobs.

You've censored all but nine minutes.

It implied that we spit on Negroes. Which you do.

The situation... Now the Negroes are a situation?

After the war, the Pentagon...

It'll be just like it was before, you racist fink!

What's with her this week? This week?

What do you mean? Shut up!

I have 21 minutes of dead airspace! It's his fault!

Okay, okay! I'll sign.


- Where are you? Grant's tomb.

I can't get a room. Can I use your couch?

Of course you can. Morosky, we have...

Will you, please!

Hubbell, there's beer in the icebox and clean towels...

...and if you wanna take a nap...

...take off the phone and put it in the drawer of the desk.

- How do I get the key? I'll call the super.


I wasn't sure when you'd be home. How are you?

I'll be back later. Could you leave a key...?

You can't. I got steaks and potatoes and sour cream and chives...

...and salad and fresh pie.

I would have made pot roast...

...but I didn't know if you liked it. Anyway, there wasn't time... I got steaks with my ration stamps.

And you must be hungry, you couldn't have had time to eat.

You can't go yet. You've got to stay for supper, that's all there is to it.

What kind of pie?

Oh, your hero, huh?


He wasn't in college when he did nothing for Spain.

Congress was isolationist in '37... You'd justify the Nazi-Soviet pact.

Easier than you can justify the Allies sitting on their behinds...

Why can't you say asses?

Because I can't. Why?

What happens?

I don't know. Nothing.

What a subject for two... It's interesting.

You'd rather talk politics.

All the contradictions. Should we get in the war, should we not?

Stalin's for Hitler. Stalin's against him.

All political doubletalk, but you hold on.

I don't know how you do it.

I don't know how you can't.

You're jealous.

What? You are.

Why are you jealous?

I'll live.

Maybe longer.

But you won't write another novel.

You must've gotten one of the two copies sold.

You get through it? Oh, I managed.


I liked it.

I liked it a lot.

What didn't you like?

The way you write is no problem.

Your style is absolutely gorgeous. But...


It is.

It is gorgeous.

But you...

...stand back.

Do you know what I mean?

Go ahead.

You see, the people... watch them...

...from a distance.


In the book.

I know, in the book.

Where in the book?

Be specific.

All through it, Hubbell.

But it's your first novel, and I'm sure the second one will be...

Why should I write another novel?

Because you must! You're too good a writer not to.

Are you really so sure of everything you're so sure of?


Aren't you?


No. Not as sure.

Do things still come too easily?

"In a way he was like the country he lived in.

Everything came too easily to him."

What made you remember that?

I always wondered if it would stay true.

Not altogether.

What doesn't come easy now?

Hotel rooms.

Be serious.

Do you know you're beautiful?

You are.

But you mustn't be too serious.

I won't be.

I won't be.

Happy Rosh Hashanah!

What is it? What do you mean, what is it?

You get to see your old pal J.J.

It'll be fun. We can all be decadent and eat eggs Benedict...

...and vote Republican.

I don't like eggs Benedict. Really?

I'll bet you were a cheerleader. Me?

Come on. No!

Maybe you'll have a good time.

Paper doll that I can call my own A doll that other fellows...

Boy, this is some Navy you're in, J.J.

Hi, Hub.

You mean all this? It belongs to my aunt.

Is that the one that plays the accordion?

Does she really play the accordion?

She got squeezed to death. She did not.

She's gone overseas. She's with the USO.

Best USO?

Come on. I got it.

Hollywood and Vine.

Best USO hostess?

Tallulah Bankhead.

I hope your aunt's under Patton.

You can bet she's under somebody.

Excuse me.

All right.

Okay. How about... Gardiner? Wait a second.

Best small hotel. Not fair. I haven't been abroad.

But it's in Switzerland.

We don't want to make any bad jokes. Saint Regis in Paris.

Pretty, isn't it?

You look different.

It's my hair. I have it ironed.

You what? In Harlem.

I actually have friends in Harlem.

I'm sure you do. Would you like me to disapprove?

But how long has this been going on?

I mean, Hubbell Gardiner and K-K-K-Katie Morosky.

No. No, she looks terrific. I like her, J.J.

You really haven't changed, have you? Neither have you.

As pretty as ever.

For a while.

I'm with J.J. now.

Are you?

Excuse me.

Remember how she looked in college compared to now?

Can I get you a drink? I don't think so.

What were you doing? She seemed upset.

You do it. You make yourself feel out of place.

I feel like I'm here for drinks and everyone else gets supper.

Try talking to them.

I have. No you don't.

You don't talk, you lecture.

What was that speech about Yalta?

No one here needs you to explain it.

Then why all those silly jokes?

J.J. called Roosevelt the "Yaltese Falcon."

I thought it was pretty funny.

And selling your novel to Hollywood? I hope that's meant to be funny.

Why? Why?

Because you're too good for Hollywood, that's why.

Maybe I'd be lucky to sell a book to Hollywood.

You've never even been there!

Besides, this isn't the point. Can't we just relax and enjoy the party?

You get onto politics, and your sense of humour goes right out the window.

I guess there are just some things that are...

...difficult for me to laugh about, Hubbell.

Than have a fickle-minded Real live girl

I'm sorry.

I got caught up at the studio and...

...then I met somebody from the party who wondered...

What? What?

The first eight chapters.

You want to read it, read it. But let's not discuss it.

All right.

If you don't like it, you have to say you don't like it and why.

What if I like it?



Come in.

How you doing?


Is that new?

It was in the other room.

Looks good there.

Plants are all growing.

How's your mother?

Much better, like the news.

I might be able sell my book to Hollywood.

I know, J.J. told me.

What do you think about that?

About living in sunshine all year long...

...and going to work in a sports car?


Sounds wonderful.

Would you like a drink?


No, I just stopped. I was out walking.

Hey, thanks.

I love the way you write.

Franklin Roosevelt is dead.

Most of you have already heard the news.

But it will take days, perhaps weeks, even months...

...for the final tragedy of what happened at 5:45 this morning... be fully comprehended.

What seems particularly touching is that he will not be here... share in a victory so close at hand.

Did you go see it?

I was talking to...

There was this older guy...

...on, you know, that steel platform between cars?

I helped him open a big door, he needed air.

Jesus, I can't even remember when he wasn't President.

A fourth term was too much for the old man.

A third was too much for my old man.

At least it'll end those Eleanor jokes. Some were funny.

How about Eleanor in the mine with the hillbillies?

Her face was covered with grime, right?

Grime? For chrissakes, Judianne, Eleanor went down into...

...a mine and got her face black with coal. The hillbillies saw her...

...big buckteeth shining...

Her husband is dead!


Yes, Mrs. Roosevelt went down into the mines.

And when they asked her why, she said, "I am my husband's legs."

Did you tell cripple jokes too? Is there anything that isn't a joke?


Who makes up jokes anyway?

J.J.'s old man.

Scads of swell material here for a good novel.

If you wanna write about this.

People who tell jokes instead of feeling something.

Let's meet every five years...

...or every time a President conks. Whichever's sooner!

What are you doing? What are we doing here?

J.J.'s gonna buy your book and we're all gonna go to Hollywood?

Take it easy.

Lots of writers went there. Fitzgerald...

He's dead! I know that.

It's none of your business anyway. He died of booze...

...and people like you! Damn it, stop it!

He's sorry for the joke.

Why did you bring me here? Couldn't we have gone for a walk...

...or sit on a bench? I didn't want to feel sadder.

What's wrong with feeling sadder? It won't help! The President died!

And everything in the world that happens doesn't just happen to you.

Behave yourself.

I don't care about behaving myself!

Then don't. Do what you want.

I wanna get out of here.

All right.

I meant us.

And then what?

See you later, Katie.

Oh, yeah, see you.

Good night, my beauty. You can finish in the morning.

Cheer up.

I'm about to have a big night and I wanna think of you as smiling.

Good night, Billy.



Gee, I thought you got sent overseas.

Could I talk to you?


Listen, I was a bad girl. I know that. But I'm better now.

It was like a tantrum. I get them from time to time.

It's like an eclipse.

I'm sorry. Don't apologize.

I wanted to have an apology dinner. I thought I'd fill my icebox...

I'm a pain in the ass, aren't I?

I go to swearing school now.

Soundproof school. I'm up to the F's.

I'm taking a laughing course and studying Protestant cookery.


Are you finished?

Look, Katie...

Please don't start with "Look." It's always bad news.

I don't think we're gonna make it, Katie.


I just don't think it's gonna work, that's all.

I was too easy for you.


I don't mean sexually.

I mean easy like everything is for you.

You really think you're easy?

Compared to what? The Hundred Years' War?

You're so ready to fight, you have no time to understand.

Counterattack, politics, revolution, cause!

That's all fine for you. So stay with it. I admire it.

Up to a point. That's right!

Okay, okay! Don't belabour it. I get it. I get it.

I don't fit on Beekman Place, that's what's really wrong.

You think that's what I'm talking... Yes!

No demands, just fun, laughs.

Good! Go! Go have a good time on Beekman Place.

You wanna end it like a gentleman, you have. So get out!

Oh, dear. Oh, dear. Oh, dear.

I'm calm now, Hubbell.

You can go.

It's me.


Wait a minute, hold on.

Don't go away.

Listen, Hubbell...

...this is kind of peculiar.

I know that I don't have to apologize for what I said because...

...I know that you know.


...I also know that you... know that I don't feel exactly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed... J.J. would say.

Anyway, the peculiar thing is...'s really a request, you know, a favour.

You see, I can't sleep, Hubbell... would help me so much if you could...

Well, if I had someone to talk to.

You know, if I had a best friend or something... talk about it with.

Only you're my best friend.

Isn't that dumb?

So dumb.

You're the best friend I ever had.

It would help me so much if you'd come over and see me through tonight.

Hubbell, I promise I won't touch you...

...or beg you...

...or embarrass you.

But I have to talk to my best friend about someone we both know.

So could... Hubbell, could you please come over right away, please?

There's some sleeping pills in the cabinet.


Isn't one enough?


I'm scared.

Take them.

Will you stay till I fall asleep?

I'm really sorry.

But that's what best friends are for.

Aren't they?

There's something I wanna ask you.

Hope this doesn't make me drunk instead of sleepy.

Don't drink it like water.

Is it because I'm not attractive enough?

I'm not fishing, really. I'm not.

I know I'm attractive.

Sort of.


...I'm not attractive in the...

I'm not attractive in the right way.

Am I?

I mean...

...I don't have the right style...

...for you.

Do I?

Be my friend.

You don't have the right style.

I'll change.

Don't. You're your own girl. You have your own style.

But then I won't have you.

Why can't I have you? Why?

Because you push too hard.

Every damn minute.

There's no time to relax and enjoy living.

Everything's too serious.

I push too hard because I want things to be better.

I want us to be better, you to be better.

Sure I make waves, you have to. I'll keep making them...

...till you're everything you should be.

You'll never find anyone to believe in you this much or love you as much.

I know that. Well then, why?

You think if I come back it'll be okay by magic?

What'll be different?

We'll be wrong. We'll both lose. Couldn't we both win?

I like Hollywood. I like Alice Faye.

Don't. Don't. No, please.

Somebody's getting up.

Aren't you sleepy?

You are.

I'm exhausted.

Katie, you expect so much.

Oh, but look what I've got.

Jesus! Your director lives here?

Actually, he lives off the garage. The servants live here.

How can he work here?

Bissinger doesn't work, he's the director.

As long as you're writing in France by next fall, I don't care.

Everybody's here. Everybody who's anybody.

No ice skating rink? It's in the cellar.

Hubbell! Hi, George.

George Bissinger. Glad you came.

My wife, Vicki.

How are you? It's Kate, isn't it?

It's Katie.

Can I get you a drink? No, thanks.


I want you to meet my agent.

Reportedly the greatest in town.

If I were a great agent, would I be an agent?

Nice to meet you. You think those are croquet balls...

...but it's her collection of shrunken heads.

Have you seen the Bissinger collection?

You think these Hollywood intellectuals plan to overthrow the government?

They couldn't overthrow Louella Parsons.

In '37, in Munich, Hitler was a joke too.

Paula Reisner, our resident pessimist.

Sorry. I'm sorry.

They're coming to investigate all us communist subversives.

They're out to get election yardage from the silver screen.

They're getting people to testify secretly.

Horses' asses.

Maybe. But we can't even write our congressman. He's on the committee.

Your shot, George.

- Alice in Wonderland. Come on. Thank you.

You're not home making the script brilliant?

Listen to the producer. You don't even understand it.

I'm glad you came. I was gonna call you.

I'm giving J.J. a birthday party.

45, huh? You gotta come as a Marx Brother.

K-K-Katie, you could come as Karl. Still stuttering?

I'm not coming as Groucho.

Come as Harpo, that way you won't be able to talk.

I think your director's an idiot.

Too high? Too low?

Trying to tell me something?

What? He's here? In the room? Good God!

Ten years in Leavenworth, 11 years in twelveworth, or 5 and 10 in Woolworth.

To control thought. Censorship.

Let's not dramatize this. It'll all blow over.

That line is necessary. It's the point of the whole scene.

The point's made by the dancers in red, white and blue.

There are no dancers in his book. You can't just have dancers.


Brooks, if we get this organized, you've got to talk.

I can't talk in front... Come on, Brooks.

It's gorgeous if you do. I'll write, all right?

He doesn't understand.

I never liked his movies anyway. "Honk-honk", said the duck.

You rang? Your wish is my command.

This morning I shot an elephant in my pyjamas...

What are you hungry for? I'm hungry for your absence.

Meeting at my house Sunday.

George, is Paula Reisner a Red? My heavens, I don't know. Why?

It's something I heard. You listen to the wrong people.

Come on. I have an early day.

He thinks Bissinger's right. How dare you...

Hey. Hey, what?

Could you stop? This is coming out in French.

Maybe Bissinger will like it better in French.

Taste this.

How is it?

It's great.

I'll study French cooking while you finish your novel.

Done much thinking about it?

No, not much.

Well, it's very hard here, you know.

But when we're ensconced in our villa...

How about you? Have you read any good books lately?

No, but I wrote two reports of books that haven't been written yet.

You'll get the sack. I'll go back to brain surgery.

They never read my synopses anyway. They just pay me for them.

Why don't you quit? After all, it's...

I'm laying a nice nest egg for France.

Italy. France.

Spain? Never.

China, maybe. My phony synopsis takes place there.


Public's fed up with Westerns, Myrna. High time we had an Eastern.

Got a title?

Shevuos! Exclamation point.

Sounds catchy.

There's a kibbutz of Chinese Jews living in a rice paddy.

And he...? No, she cooks communist rice patties.

He gets the idea...

Of calling them matzos.

You read the book!


Oh, I got one for you.

I can't take another one.

Loudmouthed Jewish girl...

...from New York City, comes to Malibu, California...

...tells her gorgeous goyisher guy... Good alliteration.

...that she's pregnant, you see. And...

...and he just looks at her and...

Are you kidding?

Don't be afraid to touch. I'm not.

Get it, Katie, sweetheart!

All right, one more time.

- Hungry? Answer the question!

You have no right to make me name the names...

Sergeant! Take the witness away.

You've just heard ex cerpts from today's...

...session of the House Un-American...

I'll make the salad. Thank you.

Watch out, the paint takes forever to dry.

You'll be in Beverly Hills by then. France, not Beverly Hills.

Not if Hubbell gets the deal I'm working on.

What deal?

Three more pictures. Provided this one works out of course.

Think he's interested? I certainly hope so.

It'll mean a lot more money, Kate. You and Hubbell could live in style.

I thought we did, Rhea.

Pop sent me a list of names.

"For my grandson, the following names are okay with me:

Thomas Jefferson Gardiner, Solomon David Gardiner...

...and Eugene V. Debs Gardiner."

What if it's a girl?

If it's a girl, there's only one name, my mother's.

Yeah, what's that?


So keep your fingers crossed.

What's this picture about?

Cowboys and Indians.

Not too loud. Brooks wrote it.

Tonight, the Indians are the good guys. Can you do that?

Well, it's un-American, but we can try.

I think I'm calm enough. Vicki, let's start.

Don't try the trick with the sunglasses. I know when you're sleeping.

The best Western I've ever read.

I mean it.

There they are. Hey, Velez and Yolanda.

I saved you guys a seat. Thank you.

We didn't miss anything, did we? All right, Floyd.

How's my godchild? Very happy.

My God.

What the hell is going on?

What did it, George? Your Picasso!

What's the trouble?

Testing. Do you get us?

What the hell is going on?

We're being recorded.

Would you knock it off up there? Floyd, stop it!

Can't hear me.

Floyd, hold it!

I'm going to sue the U.S. Government for that painting.

We've got to do something. Do you have a lawyer?

Shouldn't we let him know what happened?

How do we know this room isn't bugged too?

This country wouldn't believe this. They'll never know about this.

We can't let this happen. We have rights.

Can't the studios do something? We have got to do something. We.

Bissinger says this scene isn't necessary.

I told him he's wrong.

What do you think?

He's the director. You're the producer!

Easy, will you?

Yeah, easy.

Hey, Hub.

Do you know what's going on over at your house?


You know?

Overthrowing the government, I suppose.

Let's see, Sunday's volleyball...

Yeah, they like to overthrow the government on Monday.

They're going to D.C. To challenge the committee...

...on the basis of the First Amendment.


Well, well.

Think anybody knows what it says? Katie does.

That's for sure.

Some actor comes up to me...

...and says this line doesn't make any sense.

What do you think?

If they go, it'll make more trouble. They may not have jobs to come back to.

What do you want from me?

Tell Katie to stay out of it.

You tell her.

I will.

I'll buy tickets to that.

Would you just tell her to go easy?

Sure. You tell Bissinger to go easy. You're the producer.

What's eating you?

Nothing. The war's over, right?


Do you realize this is the first job we've ever had?

Athletic Scholarship. Doesn't that count?

Doesn't count, buddy.

Well, then, Officer, Landing Craft, South Pacific?


Why? We got paid $150 a month.

Doesn't count.

You want a drink? No.

There's a little trouble at home. I have to keep my wits about me.

Old Carol Ann.

Don't take any crap. To the both of us.

And all the absent friends, class of '37.

Is this the Gardiner house? And I'm the gardener.

How are you doing? Okay, so far...

Your lover chain smokes, no doubt to compensate for his extreme shortness.

He has an enormous heart and no sense of humour.

You found us out.

Calls himself Brooks Kropatkin, but it's not his real name.

What is it? Carpenter.

Carpenter! Who told you that?

J.J. with whom I was not drinking...

...since he no longer drinks due to trouble at home.

Well, Carol Ann's 33. Not many moves left.

Well, we're all 33, practically.

Not you. Not the quiz kid.

What were you, 16 in college?

What's gonna happen?

You're going to Washington.

I meant with J.J. and Carol Ann.

That's another house. In this house, the wife is going to D.C.

Gonna take the baby with you?

I thought I might.

Nothing like an early education.

I'd like her to learn not to be frightened.



Why don't you come with us?

We're kind of back where we started, aren't we?

That's not true, Hubbell.

Okay. Now why don't we all stay home?

I can't.

And named the names of 14 of his fellow actors.

He described their various associations...

...with subversive organizations.

Ten men of the original 19 who refused to testify...

And there he is...

...Jack Armstrong, the all-American boy.

Hey, you look good. I hate it!

I like it!

Isn't she lovely? America's sweetheart.

Look at her go. I'd forgotten. She really was getting to those people.

Take a look at some of those faces.

Oh, she was a spellbinder.

I'd forgotten about that.

She's beautiful.

I'm exhausted.

Do you have any comment regarding the Hollywood 10?

They're running toward martyrdom for nothing but their own destruction.

They're standing up for principle.

If you don't like this country, get out!

It's my country too!

They could've denied everything.

They didn't want to.

Can we do this someplace else?

Why are you here? You might get put on a list.

I refuse to be intimidated.

Well, those 10 men feel exactly the same way.

Free speech is all we're talking about.

They're fighting for your right to make any movie you want.

And all you can do is strut around here making simple remarks.

Could we get a statement from Mrs. Gardiner?

I'd like to ask these people why they think we just fought a war.

What are you people afraid of?

Shut your mouth, you commie bitch!

You two wait here till the crowd clears.

Are you okay?

You're bleeding.

I'm fine.

It's always fun meeting trains, you know?

I'm sorry, Hubbell. I really didn't expect this.

You didn't expect to get a chance to tell off the world either.

Is that what you think I'm doing? You bet I do.

I'm not telling off the world.

I'm just standing up for something I believe in.

You're not angry when Bissinger ridicules those men?

Calling them martyrs because they have guts... fight for their Bill of Rights, his Bill of Rights and yours!

We don't have any Bill of Rights.

We'll never have free speech.

We never will if people won't take a stand.

We never will have because people are scared.

This isn't college.

This is grown-up politics, Katie. And it's stupid and dangerous.

You're telling me to shut up because it's dangerous?

I'm telling you it's a waste.

And that those men are only gonna get hurt.

And that nothing is gonna change.

And after jail, after years of bad blood...

...when it's practical for a fascist producer to hire a communist writer...

...because his movie's in trouble, he'll do it.

They'll make movies, have dinner, they'll play tennis...

...make passes at each other's wives. What did anybody go to jail for?

For what? A political spat?

You're telling me to close my eyes and watch people being destroyed... you can work in a town that doesn't have spine enough... stand up for anything but a buck!

I'm telling you that people are more important than a goddamn witch hunt.

You and me. Not causes. Not principles.

Hubbell, people are their principles.

The heads of the studios have reversed their positions...

...and any employee who... an unfriendly witness before the committee is...


Oh, Jesus.

So now we have an official blacklist.

It's an open season for witch hunters...

...and stool pigeons.

And now the problem is, how to convince the public...

...that a stool pigeon is a hero.

You are like these damn palm trees.

They don't belong here either. They were brought in and they look it.

I'm sure that they don't like it either.

What if he does, Paula? What is more important to you?

He is.

That's your choice, Katie.

Give him my love too. I will.

Thanks, Paula.

It's no reflection on anything except that you're new to this... technique.

Especially for the novelist. He's too close to his own material.

I'm not a novelist.

I'd like to think of myself... a screenwriter.

I wanna be up front with you.

I know what changes have to be made.

But can you make them?

Nobody else understands that story. Nobody knows it. It's mine.


I know where it came from.

I know what the heart of it is.

You remember those few days before the war started.

Before we had to change... You don't lose what I know about it.

Work with me.

Work with me closely, fine.

And I know the dialogue from the book is slowing the film up.

But I can fix that.

I learn fast. I always have.

Things come...

Christ, I can do it.

I know what you want. I know what your concept is.

I'll make your changes.

Let me.

With no resistance?


No resistance.

Bad times?

Can't be all bad.

How's the picture?


I'm going back to New York.

New York.

When do you leave?

Not until tomorrow.

I'm getting rid of some things in my apartment.

There's some champagne.

For bon voyage.

Well, it's getting better.


It's most unusual.

When it's slow, it seems necessary to be slow.

Of course, with the audience...

Thank you, Paula, my dear.

I'll have my brandy in bed.

We'll conduct the postmortem tomorrow. Good night, Paula...

...Hubbell, J.J., silent Kate.

Thank you, Floyd. Thank you very much.

Good night, Mr. Bissinger.

J.J., shall we go and have some wine? You will tell me your problems...

...and I'll tell you how the un-American gentlemen...

...offered to give me some names to name in Washington.

Take care, darling.

True to life. So true to life.

I'll be up late, case you guys wanna stop by on your way to the beach.

Well, that was a gripping experience.

"So true to life, darling."

The only picture she hasn't knocked is Potemkin.

Probably a dyke anyway.

She is not. She has two grandchildren.

Katie, the day you die, you'll still be a nice Jewish girl.

Are you still a nice gentile boy?

I never was.

I only looked it to you.

That's not true. Oh, yes, it is.

When you love someone, from Roosevelt to me, you go deaf, dumb and blind.

Not blind, Hubbell.

And certainly not dumb.

Who told you?

A friend.

Some friend.

Well, it's a friendly town...

...if you don't mind having your friends inform on you.

I suppose you'll say it doesn't mean anything.

It doesn't.

Your picture will be a smash, Hubbell. Congratulations.

But you didn't like it.

Let's say I appreciated it.

What didn't you like?

Are you finished for the night, sir?


Thank you.

Why did you have to go with her?

Tell me I'm not good enough. Tell me I talk too much.

You don't like my perfume, my family, my pot roast.

But you didn't have to go back to Beekman Place, did you?

Katie, what's wrong with us...

...has nothing to do with another girl.

Oh, give up.


I can't. I hate what you did to your book.

I hate the picture.

I hate the palm trees. I wish it would rain.

Oh, I want...

I want...


I want us to love each other.

Give me a beer.

Coming up, skipper. There you go.

What the hell. It doesn't matter anyway. She wasn't much.

Don't get sloppy. You had some good days.

It's the rum.

No excuse, buddy.

It's not like, you know...

...losing somebody like Katie.

That would be a loss.

Best Saturday afternoon?

1933, when "Brute" Holland was out with a bad knee.

Best month?


Best year?

Best year...


No, '45...

It's amazing how decisions are forced on you willy-nilly.

You never did want to finish your book, did you?

I don't know.

I never thought there was much point.

And you never really wanted to go to France, did you?

No, I didn't. You wanted me to.

Oh, boy.

Oh, girl.

Are you all right?

Wouldn't it be lovely if we were old?

We'd have survived all this.

Everything would be easy and uncomplicated.

The way it was when we were young.

It was never uncomplicated.

But it was lovely.

Wasn't it?

Yeah. It was lovely.

Will you do me one favour, Hubbell?

Stay with me till the baby's born?

More flowers for you, Mrs. Gardiner.

I thought...

It's a nice room. Yeah, it is.

Did you get your father?

I'd like to call her Rachel.


Did you see her yet?

She's little.

I've got the crib together.

Oh, you don't have it ironed anymore!

What? Your hair.

No, I don't.

It's pretty.

Thank you.

Still married?

Sure. What are you doing in New York?

I've been writing a TV show.


There's an experience. It happens so fast.

Shoot it in one day, live, on the air.

Everybody in a constant state of panic.

You remember how radio was.

Same thing...

...only with cameras. And craziness! Make a great comic novel.

It sounds wonderful, really.

Your taxi's ready, sir.

I'm awfully late. Please call and come for a drink?

It's the only David X. Cohen in the book.

What's the "X" for?

The only David X. Cohen in the book.

I'm sorry I'm late. How are we doing, huh?

Oh, wonderful. We've got 122 on that one.

And Charlene called. She's doing great.

Marvellous. Wonderful.

That's a good one too, don't you think?

What about Eileen?

You never give up, do you?

Only when I'm absolutely forced to.

But I'm a very good loser.

Better than I am.

Well, I've had...

...more practise.

Your girl is lovely, Hubbell.

Bring her for a drink when you come.

I can't come, Katie.

I can't.

I know.

How is she?

She is just beautiful.

You would be so proud of her.

I'm glad.

Is he a good father?

Yes. Very.


See you, Katie.

See you, Hubbell.

Ban the bomb!

Join the thousands of Americans who are protesting the use...