The Whistleblower (2019) Script

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Latest news.

From the air your report on a major earthquake.

An earthquake measuring 8.1 magnitude devastated the western side of the outer Malawi Livingstonia.

Hundreds of wounded and killed.

Displaced after their homes were destroyed ...

Fortunately the unprecedented natural disasters this not occur in densely populated settlements because it will cause more casualties.

The impact of this disaster are still being felt throughout the region ...

... with a radius of more than 50 kilometers.

Grand Power Energy Corporation Australia, commonly known as GPEC ... also a large organization close to the location which has rescue workers.

Peter Wu of GPEC join us now.

Part of this world do not have some sort of infrastructure and resources to deal with such incidents.

We will be at the forefront of post-disaster recovery.

... representing GPEC assess this area ...

Funding thinning overseas when discussing the matter humanitarian aid in Africa.

How GPEC can help?

Early recovery fund 1 million AUD has been transferred.

Additional resources will be provided as necessary will come.

Similarly, Peter Wu of GPEC ...

All he says is right.

What do you think, Mark?

I really wish he could help the people there.

I know this is a challenge for Peter at the last minute.

But the best way to entertain delegates adaah rather than in Africa, right, right?

A delegation impress us tonight Luhan tomorrow we berangkatkan them to Sydney and then to China mission accomplished, man.

Anyway, this is a positive result.

Peter meyakinku everything kept moving forward he is a member of our Chinese people's business.

During the delegation pleased.

You and Peter are very different.

You care about the family, he was a workaholic, and no family care.

But I love you both. thanks.

Tn. Song, welcome to the Twelve Apostles.

Glad to see you again, Harrison.

Really I appreciate keprofesionalanmu Mr. Song.

An our honor to cooperate with your group.

We're almost there.

Hello Mr. Song, my name is Mark.

Ny. Zhou, how are you? Sorry to keep working hard when you're unwell.

But I'm sure your husband will appreciate it.

Yes, he wanted me to convey her very happy.

Very nice! Take care of yourself.

Mark, everything.

Mark is the successor of Peter.

He will take care of you all.

Because Peter was working in Africa.

I take her place. / Very nice.

Let's have fun.

. Zhou, TN. Song follow me.

This way.

. Zhou. thanks.


Peter invites a group of this size. I can not believe you actually know them all.

So who is it?

VCBA President, Mr. That is, from Fujian China just became a grandfather.

Tn. Song, I hope you enjoy the festival tonight.

Tn. Yang, congratulations on becoming a grandfather.

Thank you, thank you.

Zhong, I can not live like this anymore.

We are confused from the start.

Please, please let me go.

This is the last one.

I was not able to think.



Am I bothering you?

It's okay, I'm done anyway.

Mulled wine. Good for the flu.


What are all okay?

Yes, good.

What was Peter?

Did not you say he was going to Africa?

Not have thought you were back so soon.

Hi, Ny. Zhou. There is something to say.

Peter, did your doctor say diabetes alcohol can not be mixed together?

And Ny. Zhou, he had the flu. You also should not drink.

Actually, it was very important.

I'm just worried about Mark.

His thoughts were devoted to the work.

I should be working on this.

Mark, remember that? Rowing race.

We lost because you did not check the gate.

Why have you brought up again?


Check the gate.

What you do not know?

It was the most important before the race.

Peter, you're definitely tired. We discussed his African tomorrow.

Forgive me.

All you need is a night's sleep.


Mark, it was very important.

Do not be stupid, remember?

Check the gate. Make no mistake!

Sorry all.

He's a little tired, just go away.

Continue, enjoy the night, huh?

Why Peter rude to you?

Previously it was my fault.

We have a crew team.

I forgot to check the gate, ie check the lock paddles.

We lost the race.

I felt guilty, so I stopped.

That's no reason to continue merundungmu lifetime and do not care about this event.

Only two of us Chinese in this company.

He probably sees me as a competitor.

There is systemic discrimination Chinese people working in foreign companies no matter the level of the heart, but it's hard to be an executive.

It's a bit complicated.

I think after you become a citizen of Australia, you will not face a political office.

I'm not a citizen of Australia. Although I have not been home more than 10 years I still hold a Chinese passport.

Now I am again waiting Permanent residence permit here.

More than 10 years?

Time elapsed.

A lot has changed.


Much has changed.

You will-change your name.

I do not want to hear others calling my name as you called me.

Actually, first, right that you and I broke up.

Look at you now, your husband a successful person.


You used to say You can not live a normal life.

I do not really remember the first.

I think life is like in the movies.

But in fact...


You haircut, seemed cool.

I continue to shorten hair since we broke up.

This is because you used to say I looked like Chow Yun-Fat plays Xiao Ma Kak.

My mother calls you that.

It is not, your mother called Xiao Ma, not write.

Do it again.

Kak Xiao Ma? / Ya.

Come on, grow up little.

Come on.


Its OK.

I'll buy a new one.

Do not worry, I can fix it.

Forgive me. / No problem.

Actually, after all these years I still owe you an apology.


Drug flu.

It was nice to see you again.


I could miss the flight!

Why I turned off the cell phone? / I'll take you.

Do not worry, nobody can anyone know we slept together last night.


I asked the receptionist to call a car.

Do not bother, let me alone.

As a precaution so you do not miss the plane, I can prepare the car companies.

Our PR department has authority. / Please do not.

If I did not call you, then all of no problem.

Please do not prepare anything.

Lord, 20 missed calls! They'll panic.

Perhaps flight was delayed, because the weather is like this.

I really wish I could stay.

Happy birthday, Xiao Ma Ge.

Do you remember apparently.

Never forget.

Love you...

Tropical cyclone causes storm this morning has passed.

Communication coastal region have recovered but the emergency services will be kept on standby until the night ...




Happy Birthday!

I'll send you a request video. / She's still in shock.

No, this is overkill.

You're 48 years old, this animal zodiacmu this year.

Never mind, we 36.

What is this?

Stone of 12-Apostles, a present for you.

A stone costs $ 300?

Basic ridiculous.

I'll put out the door to ward off evil spirits, huh? / Ward demons?

I'm cooking.

Hey Mark, Judy call you all day but there was no answer.

We thought you were kidnapped.

That's right!

Yesterday evening my phone fell on a rock.

The screen is broken, I could hear, but could not answer.

Do you secretly read my credit card form? You know I bought a new phone, so you do not waste time.

Happy Birthday.

You still affectionate elderly couple alone.

That it will be repaired. Daniel could later use.

Where's Daniel? / Moody alone in the room, diputusin girlfriend.


Daniel, let's have dinner, birthday present father.

From 2000, the luxury right!

Mark did not drink, so for Grandpa Wang.

He just can contract renovation of City Hall.

Yes? / Just a small business.

I just plug-plug cable only.

All thanks to Angela.

He told me about the opportunity.

Otherwise I would not know. / Just to remind you, that's all.

Zhuzhu, he was working at City Hall for 20 years.

Maybe someday he was running for mayor.

No kidding.

Daniel, why is your hair?


What is so funny? Kayak never gave courtship alone.

You're right, do not be ashamed.

When the mother saw your father shaved his hair just like you.

What if food is served, cake Six?

Dish coming.

It has been confirmed this morning when the Gulfstream 650 milik Grand Power Energy Corporation, GPEC difficulties in a storm and fell in the sea with the Twelve-Apostles.

It is believed the plane took off this morning between the hours of 9-10 am ...

Is not that the plane company?

... towards the end goal to Sydney.

SAR aircraft to locate floating wreckage this afternoon.

After a search at sea dekat Twelve-Apostles.

So far, no survivors were found.



Leaders had asked you.

Sorry, I had to think of the victims.

Yes, of course.

We are all well. But do not forget, we are under intense scrutiny now.

I'm worried about the company we are often exposed.

Exposed what?

A visit to Twelve Apsotles not an official agenda.

The main FCPA prohibits which is wasteful spending

and the SEC has the power.

Semmens was fined 160 million and prosecuted for bribery.

Do not let the unseemly going on here.


You are responsible. How do you explain it?

I too entrust to Peter.

Expert "China Affairs" us.

He takes care of everything.

He said that when faced with the Chinese sometimes ... you know this is what might happen.

James, doing business in China

"Should you do have to learn Chinese or you'll always be an outsider. "

What did he say?

He said you have to learn Chinese.

Where is Peter?

Yeah, kutelpon him, but not lifted.

Last night he was there, really exhausted.



You're also Chinese. Doing Business in China What we hope to follow the same unwritten rules?

Of course not, maybe it was very unusual.

So it seems like the Peter the wrong number.

I know the reason why Peter did not come.

Alleged suicide overdose of insulin.


Perhaps this was an accident?

Long-term diabetes was wrong like this.

They know the dose.

What he does not usually experience stress?

Finance? Wedding?


You are a coward!

GPEC mourning for the whole Chinese coworkers who suffered a plane crash.

We extend sincere condolences to the relatives of loved and we were very sad over the sudden departure of our colleagues beloved.

And also, we lost two outstanding members of our own team.

How long were you gone?

I do not know.

Besides returning belongings and pay for funeral we must continue to execute the agreement signing.

CEO's wife was killed in the crash.

You still continue maksakan deal?

What it is not too sensitive?

We will draft MOU agreement first ensure when negotiations can be resumed.

I do not know if they can take it.

It was indeed difficult.

Otherwise Peter would not ... / They put you in a difficult position.

Peter did not even let you approach the transaction.

And they now charge you everything.

But who will take care of this, if not me?

I am the only remaining Chinese in the company.

Do not force yourself.

You're not Peter.

You have a family.

Dont worry.

Mind Daniel.


Luhan, CHINA

Satan has come.


Satan has come.

Neither his body nor the goods could not be found.

This only can we do to commemorate the Director Zhou.

We do not have kids.

Zhou Wen as I'm not a good husband.

I always make him angry.

Kuberharap he's still here.

So I had the opportunity to make it up to him.


on behalf of the company, once again apologize.

If you need to postpone the signing of the contract Our fully memahani. / No.

We must distinguish between personal and business affairs.

If we delay now will be wasted effort these people.

Luhan is rich in coal but the lack of natural gas.

Australia is a pioneer Technology UCG (Underground Coal Gasification).

Collaboration with GPEC pages can certainly help Luhan utilizing our resources more safely and efficiently.

Tn. Gao, what are you doing here?

I need to see Australian guests.

Why not talk about this at our own company?

Australia are our VIP guests.

The boss said they could not be bothered. / Do you have a dog ...?

Come on!

I got to meet Mr. Wu, I take it that he requested.

I bring what he asked for.

They were all strangers. Mr. Wu!

Do not scream.

Tn. Wu! Where the Australian people?

Tn. Wu!

Do not shout!

I want to see the Australian people.

Tn. Wu!


Mr. Ma, want to get out?

Where people find Mr. Wu?

You mean Mr. Gao?

Do not worry, he's harmless.

We send someone drove him home. It's cold out, then you could be the flu.

Please go back.

Tn. Gao our former Chief Engineer.

The only son of mining engineer also here, he was killed in contact with a gas explosion in a tunnel.

Even his body was not found.

So the old man screaming abysmally.

Now he states there is demons underground.

It does not make any sense at all. Gao's old man, why not stay home and take care of his wife?

Always bothering our boss.

Nobody knew what to do to him.

You want to do to him? / No, just curious.

Mr. Ma, let me know if you need anything.

We were told to serve you well. thanks. / Good night. thanks.

I have gained a wife.

Yes that's good. Please get rid of it him.

You have earned.

Is that your new creations?

Great right? What makes you happy?

Is everything well?

Good, better than expected.

When you go home? / After the memo was signed.

Immediately go home and carefully.

I miss you.


I hope our projects run smoothly.

Thank you, Mr. Zhong. We appreciate Hanmei Group for believing in GPEC especially in this critical period.

Do not let personal problems affect our business.

My wife will say the same thing if he were here.

thanks. thanks.

It can be said that rain from the sky was not water but coal dust.

Coal is money.

We are surrounded above and below the coal.

Luhan sleeping on top of the black gold.

I hear if you're already working with us. fog will disappear.

In that case, good.

On behalf of my children I have to thank you.


Until the house half an hour. Good, see you later.

♪ adoptive father call. ♪ Hello, Mark here.

You're handsome. / Sorry Sorry.


Is this really you?

What happened?

How could you still alive?

I missed my flight.

Why did not you call me immediately?

Why are you dressed like this?

This area is very dangerous.

Many mafia around here ...

Help me Mark! Mark!

Help me!

What is this? Who is he? / I do not know!

Quick, come on!

Basic moron!

Come with me, no other way!

♪ ♪ her phone adoptive father

Sorry Sorry. Please, go ahead!

Let's call the police.

Obviously not!

Why not?

I'm a fugitive, please do not ask again.

What do you want?

What are you doing? / Tight grip!


You do not have anything? Why did he chase-chase us?

I do not know, maybe he's a gangster?


These relief supplies to disaster.

I am responsible for the storage and distribution.

You must be safe here.

You... certainly save a lot of questions.

Yes, I do not know where to start.

Later that day I missed the plane.

The airport was closed because of the storm.

I tried to call you but no signal.

I know no crash later.

Related if I do not sleep with you

maybe I will ...

It was destiny.

I think, maybe this is my second chance.

I can disappeared.

Everyone makes mistakes.

We have done nothing wrong.

I met your husband.

He was very fond of you.

You do not know anything about my life.

You still have a mother.

My mother died three years ago.

He calls you in the end.

Sit down.

I need your help.

Whatever it'll help.

I need transfer money into the account.

If you have received it, write a check for me.

There's no way back now.

The accident two weeks ago.

According to the rules I should immediately inform embassies and companies.

But I had not done. I'm a fugitive and it will have an effect on my husband.

Pretended to be dead better for everyone.

Is that why you did not call the police?

Can not anyone know if I'm still alive.

The details of my account number.

Did you think about your future plans?

You love your wife and child?


The less you know the better.

however you're still alive.

That's good news.


No one touches my account.

You know what to do.

Where have you been? It took 6 hours yes from the airport to the house?

I was so worried.

I've been able to call the time of entry into the cab.

You turn off your cell phone.

Again there was a meeting.

Where goods are innate?

I told you a meeting, so missed in the office.

Dirty clothes all, what happened?

Maybe dust in a taxi.

What office affairs okay?


You're acting weird.

Just fatigue alone, and then a long flight meetings.

I want to check out Daniel. / Are you hungry? Will kuhangatkan food.

Do not worry, have eaten in the office.


Good job Mark. / Thank you.

Peter thinks it can take months, but you had to prove that she was mistaken.

I believe that Peter tried.

Unfortunately chaos that he created The Twelve Apostles almost hurt us.

But, because now you've joined us not worry anymore, right?

I hope not.

What else we need to discuss here?


Is there anything else we need to know You must tell us right now.

The MOU has been signed, went smoothly.

Everything is fine.


We're done, thank you. thanks.

Hello. / What do you tell people that I'm still alive?

Certainly not.

Then why they could track me to the barn?

I again boarded the train now. / You stop where?

I do not know.

I do not know. / Towards or leave the city?

Toward the city.

Get off at North Melbourne Station.

I'll meet you there.


The office of Peter's yours now.

Darling do not cry.

If there's nothing else you can contact me.


f fo fol foll followings follow follow follow i follow in follow ins follow inst follow insta follow instag follow instagr follow instagra follow instagram follow instagram

Yes, it was wrong.


Over there!

That person yesterday, who are they?

Did you take money from the mafia? / Of course not!


If you take them you must return the money.

I do not do that! / Then why did they follow you?

Give your cell phone, quick!

That's my new cell phone! / If you do not tell them I'm alive Sure they track my cell phone when I transfer the money last night.

Tracking you?


Come on!

Leave it!

I need this in my bag. / Leave it!

They carry weapons.

He said the best place to hide a leaf is in the middle of the forest.

This place is full of Chinese people, you'll be safe.

What is this?

Come back.

You finish cooking later.

This is my friend.



Ini Tn. Six.

Tn. Six.

Sara is a hard worker.

Pay any way you want.


Friends who like what is this? Is he legal?

If he legally I will not ask for your help.

Is your wife know?

The ... please do not tell him.

Do not mess fire, kid.

So so.

You can stay here.

The pay is $ 10 per hour.

Others can be $ 18.

But they do not get a free room.


Thank you Mr. Six.

I bought an illegal cell phone.

We wear this to communicate from now on.

If people dare to shoot at us meaning they are not the usual gangster.

If you do not want to talk I will not insist.

Related they were ...

Zhong messengers.

Your husband? besides you

he is the only person who knows I'm alive.

Once I decided to go ...

I never called him told her I wanted a peaceful separation.

I wanted to disappear if I can get most of our money.

He agreed and pray for me so that was fine.

Who would have thought he would ...

for him I'm not including the accomplice.

How much do you ask?

10 million American dollars.

You can guess this much money must have come from illegal places.

We're not a good person. a position he quite sensitive, then all the dirty deed and all the illicit money I'll take care of.

I felt like sitting on a volcano crater.

Every time there is a knock on the door, I fear, police and DA after me.

Living like that, you could avoid or stop them.

You could ask for a divorce. / You're so naive.

I know very well himself.

You think he wants to let go just like that?

As long as I'm alive he would not be quiet.

Honestly ...

I hope to be on that plane.

Smoking is not good for you.

Dont worry.

I will not leave you alone.

I was quietly watching them kill.

I'm still here.

After work I stopped to place Mr. Six.

Here I bring satay.

Again busy at another project?

I am calling for 4 hours.

My cell phone is missing.


Just keep on lying.


You may not believe me if I searched.

Will kuhangatkan food.

It's not what you think. / What do I think of what?

What do you want me to do, Mark?

I always thought you was a little weak, but at least you're honest people.

I did not expect...

Daniel, back to the room, this is adult business!

Yes, I bought a new mobile phone for work.

I did not tell you because I do not want you emotionally.


Emotional. Good, will read to you.

"Hey buddy, I see your little secret last night.

No thought of Twelve Apostles so so romantic.

You and Mrs. Zhou surely enjoy a wonderful evening and exhausting.

No wonder you can not get up this morning. I'm not going to report you know, I always support you.

Good luck."

Once your phone repaired This message made me surprised.

I really want to know ... who the Bu Zhou?

I never told you.

Zhou Siliang?

He was in Australia?


You two... that night... sleep together?

Forgive me.

Why do not you just lie?

You said hate lies.

I made a mistake, Judy.

I've membaut one error. You will tend to lie a problem.

Stay away from me.

Judy! / Stay away from me!


Father, ayok eat satay together.

OFFICE GPEC, MELBOURNE Peter Wu, Director of Public Relations

Good morning, Mark.

Oh, would I changed it.

What is this?

I accept packaged for Peter this morning.

The receptionist did not know what to do.

So should they send it to his old office.

Thank you, Rose.

Could you please you bought a new SIM-card for me?

My old mobile phone gone.

No problem.

I can bring your jacket? / Good.


Rose, could you please check whether the name of Tom Baker in our office?

Wait a minute.

Malawi, Africa.

There are no notes about Tom Baker. thanks.


Your friend is useless.

I told her to serve the guests in front, he did not want to.

I told him to help in the kitchen-aids. He put chicken wings wrapped in tinfoil.

Stir once. / Sorry, sorry.

Already I changed the damage. / I'd rather not talk about money.

"Gubrak" suddenly he gave $ 2,000.

He made me shocked!

In Australia who carry that much cash?

Are you not afraid of being robbed?

Sorry for this problem.

I know he did not need money.

I feel guilty keeping this from Judy.

Please take it away at him.


Do whatever you like, but please, do not in place.

Where's your conscience?

The more I talk to you.



Why GPEC want to see the notes Peter?

We provide suicide prevention courses for employees.

So can not have any photos and videos. thanks.


I've been secretly took a few photos.

Coronary DEATH INVESTIGATION PETER WU Peter called before he was killed.

I called the number and connected at a geology professor at Japan.

Why is he looking for the professor? / There are articles written professors about the difference between natural seismic events and unnatural.

She sent me a link to the article.

But why the sudden interest in the same earthquake before he died?


Be Careful!


Do not confuse!

I've sent him earlier, to the Twelve Apostles.

Check the gate. Do not confuse!

He and Harrison together takes away Peter.

Harrison was involved?

What they trace cell phone?

No way, I'm still waiting for new SIM cards!

I just bring our illegal cell phone.

Stop! / Can not!


Why did you stop? / I must not nerobos red light!

Stop there's only red light, they definitely crazy!

Hey wrong direction! Misguided fool!


They escaped.

Check out all that do not ask for ID.

How do I find them? Check out his house?

Why are you talking about? He shared the woman where she might go home?

Any fool that so?

How could he still alive?

I thought he was dead.

He understands English.

Oh, yes.

You two do not care, why do I feel awkward way?

What is this?

In fact, you can lie about life and death?

Bring him to our house

What do you intend to get rid of me? Or do you want us both to stay at home?

No, the problem is complicated.

We really do not know to where. / We?

Forgive me.

There are hundreds of hotels in Melbourne.

Why come to my house this simple?

Because he's dead, he's dead.


You do not tell anyone that he was still alive, Judy!

Dont worry, will not wash your dirty kukeringkan.




Cuisine tasty wife.

I'm sorry, Mark.

This is my fault so you're involved. / There's no point complaining about it now.

You said our company pays a bribe?

UCG project there are three bidders competing.

In the end, we chose your firm.

Peter took care of bribery?


In our company there are objections to cooperate with GPEC.

But we silenced them all.

Are there any engineer named Gao?


An honest man. he insisted if the geological structure is too complicated Luhan for the application of UCG without a thorough evaluation.

If Peter did menyuapmu, he could also bribe Africans.

International corruption spread in Africa and Asia.

A check of 800,000 dollars for Tom Baker in his jacket the possibility of bribes.

Peter reported in Harrison.

That perhaps your husband find the killers Australia.

Harrison sure that govern them.

What if...

Peter did not commit suicide?


I saw the photos TKPnya.

Peter is broadcasting his television sports channel which means that Peter was watching TV when she was killed.

Tonight it is a program of the World Rowing Championships in Amsterdam.

His favorite team, The Dwarves win.

Report writing time of death between 6:30 and 8 pm.

But the race is not finished until 8:05 evening Australian time.

Peter rabid fan rowing. He could not wait five minutes longer.

Though if he wanted to commit suicide he must wait until the race is finished.

So you think Peter did not commit suicide, but was murdered?

Maybe he was looking to profit but in the end his life taken away.

Harrison instructing him to bribe your firm.

You and Peter are both cause problems that need to be eliminated.

If not for you, I've disappeared.

Now we've bonded together.

We both GPEC is the enemy.

Hello? / No matter how you treat me but do not try to separate me and Daniel.

You've been told to pick Daniel Harrison without telling me, what is this? / You said Harrison?


School says Harrison picked Daniel to a party.

Do not tell me you do not know anything.

You think I'm going to believe?

I am sorry, dear, I forgot about the party.

You go to a place Zhuzhu wait there.

I would pick Daniel.

Mark, welcome! Come here.

Thank you, dear. / Dad!

You're the best.

How are you? / Okay, thank you.

I'm here to pick up Daniel, His mother worried.

Do not worry about them, see how happy they are.

Sorry but we have to go.

No problem.

Bruce told me they had a good friend.

He will be welcomed here anytime.

Bruce! Daniel wants to go.

Let us go home.

You do not have anything?

Bruce! Say hello to Daniel and Mark.

So Daniel and Mark!

Say goodbye. / Goodbye Mr. Harrison.

Goodbye all. / Mark.

Family is everything.

You and I work hard for my family.

See you next Monday.


Daniel, the father among you to Aunt Zhuzhu.

Take care of your mother.

Remember, you two are the most beloved father Whatever will be.


You two need to talk.

Thank you, Zhuzhu.

Daniel let's try to cook eel aunt.

Honey, I just wanted to say ...

Initially I wanted to forgive. because I thought he was dead.

I kept telling myself

"Judy, you can not be jealous."

Do not be jealous of a dead woman.

But do you know You've been lied to 2 times?

There's no way I go home with you to be lied to like this.

Now whatever you say there's no point.

There's no way I go home with you.

Honey, I want to say ...

You must remain here for a few days.


Basic yes you shameless!

I really do not know how to explain it.

Really, I want you to go home. But he could not, not now!

Trust me.

I would never want to go home!

Judy dear, I hope one day you'll ...




This is me.

Hold ya. / They know I'm here.

Security alarm makes them panic.

Daniel... what they okay?

They are fine.

When you go I tried to read an article on the internet that geology professor.

I found this.


His comments Tom Baker?

"I'm really interested in your point of view"

"I have no data for your analysis to see if this an earthquake unnatural "

"May I have your contact number?"

Both Peter and Tom interested at this article.

This can not be coincidence.

Harrison threatened me through my son.

There is definitely something wrong.

I have to go to Africa to meet with Tom Baker.

I'm in.

How? You did not have valid documents.

I'm going to sit here.

People will come back come to me.

Maybe there is a way.

Let's get started.

All had come.

Everything except Mark.

Tn office. Ma, Rose here.

Rose, this is Harrison.

Can you tell Mark that the meeting begins?

Oh, Mr. Harrison, Tn. Ma was out on leave.

Said the message, he took time off for the holidays.


Can you call him and tell him I'm looking for him?

Sorry, Mr. Harrison.

I take his cell phone, waiting for a new SIM-card installation.

So I could not reach him.

Okay Rose, you know where he is?

I know.

His name is on ... file delivery of relief supplies Africa.

And Rose assistant.

I just see it now.

BANDARA Malawi Malawi, Africa


What if all fees are paid for holidays to Africa?

Do what?


Quarter Malawi Malawi, Africa Do you know the way to Sand Cafe?


How much?

100 kwacha per person.

It's quite far, including murahlah.


When did you departure? / If there are more passengers.

Local telephone only.

We each one.

Already okay? How much?

3 dollar.

100 dollar.

1 vehicle, a full day, how?



Just leave!

Leave it alone! / All my money in there!

You can not go after him.

You do not have anything?

SAND CAFE Motorcycle gang is pretty scary.

Good thing you did not resist.

Tom unfortunate.

He was hit by a truck and killed last month.

Are you sure?

There are often white people hit by a car here every day.

And again he's a great company engineers GPEC.

I checked. Tom did not have in our company.

The cafe owner could not be fetched.

You Chinese?

Yes. / Before dying, Tom found a Chinese here.

It's a crime.

They argue.

I've had it.

My business is finished with you!


Could it Peter?

Tn. Gao?

I Peter Wu of the Australian company.

The other day when I was in the Luhan there seems to be the opposite opinion.

Can you send me a copy analisamu?

Yes, as detailed as possible.

Talk to you later.

Tell me what happened? / I do not know.

He crossed and I do not see it ...

He was dead. / ... then I hit him.

What is the speed of your vehicle? / Take it all, I was not speeding.

What Tom left the family or friends?


Thank you for the flower.

He is the best man, that will always be in my heart. thanks.


Take your toys and play out there.

I was fortunate to work as a cleaner.

That's how I can raise my children.

No need to worry about money.

It is no corporate checks to Tom.

I've seen this. Tom said this tainted money.

We can not accept it.

After the earthquake he was angry.

He said he could not work for you anymore.


He wrote all of the report.

What report?

I do not know.

He never brought work home.

He always said at home is a time for family.

Actually, what is done Tom?

He was the engineer in charge of "gate check".

"Check the gate"?

Check the gate. What you do not know?

Dimana dia "check the gate"?


He sends location so we can meet each other.

Can I photograph?

What is wrong? / Security checks.

What took so long? / Not long.

How are the kids? / Ah they drive me crazy.

All secure. / Please.




Do not hang around here.

How many times must I say?


Who are you?

Come on!


The security alert! The security alert!

Area-4. Koridor.

Come on!

Get him, get him now!

She's there, go after him, run!

Over there! Get him!

She's there!

Stop him! Catch him!



Mark, here! Fast!

The other way, quickly!

Very nice.

Do not shoot! It could explode! You want to make us a dead man?

Definitely a place here. / Here.

"Check the gate" / Gate apa?

Is this the Gate her?

They come! Fast!

We have to do?

What are you doing?

Quick! / It chimney vent!

We could die of the fan below. / Already I turned, fast!

I can not, I'm afraid of heights!

They are armed!

You do not have anything?


Check the gate.

Let's begin.

We did not find them.

They were on another floor.

Lots of cable, for what?

Maybe that pipeline gas flowing properly.

The earthquake caused the collapse sure.

So here stalled production.

Each gate is definitely headed in the production line.



There is light, it's definitely a way out.


Check the gate.

UCG is separation of the chemical.

Coal is burned in the basement and transformed into gas raised through these pipes to reach the surface.

The production line apart from each other by a layer of sun protection.

This is not caused by the earthquake.

This is because the explosion.

"Gas alam"

I think we can get out of the top.

They come!

Lofty! What do we get?



We must do?

Give me your hand! Quick!



What do you want? What are you doing?


You almost make us killed!

We survived anyway.

Thank you lent us his car Tom.

Know the difference?

This new map corners missing.

Area 9 is missing.

Gate is underground gasification station.

Gate 9 that we enter definitely lead to it.

The production line dozens of kilometers in length.

Thankfully we can quickly exit the channel.

Explosions in Area 9 mistaken as an earthquake.

Tom Baker surely knows this.

That's why he was attracted by Japanese professor who studied the earthquake.

The company wants to cover this issue.

So they remove Area 9 of the new map.

Livingstonia is Area-9.

Earlier here. / How long have they gone?

Approximately 4-5 hours ago.

We'd better get moving.

Come on.

EARTHQUAKE DANGER ZONE, prohibited from approaching No wonder that Tom wears a drone.

Just like us, he can not enter.

There was no anything here.

What is this?

Down, down.

Here, let me alone!

This kayak ... metal pipe after the explosion.

Knowing gas.

Ethanol. / Gel pressure.

It seems that Peter did not come here for disaster relief.

He was cleaning the area of the explosion.

$ 800,000 was likely to silence Tom.

But Tom refused to accept it.

Tom must have stories to Peter about his research.

So Peter went to the Japanese professor to prove?


They're coming! You're driving, I'll take care of its drones.

We ran out of gas.

Follow this road. I noticed POM Gasoline on this map.

Pom is what open? / Yes.


This car Tom. / Yes, my friends.

You can help me? / Ah, of course. / Thank you.

Tom always stay here when there are matters of work.

You want to try? There was no phone signal here there's only phone home. / Already completed?

But as my father said, the old way is the best way.

I miss Tom.

He came here last month to write reports and spent the last ink-cartidge my fax machine.

We were drinking and chatting the night away.

You say, Tom fax a report?


He said he would soon return.

Thank you very much!

Just stay the rest of my money! / Wait for me in the car!

What are you doing, man? / What do you want?


They come!


You took my what?

Tom report. / Ah?

Hopefully blessed!


You can drive not? / I've got a driver.

Turn right!

Turn right!



You do not have anything?

Very nice!

Fast! This way!

Wait, do not go!




Old fax machines also use thermal paper disposable paper ribbon.

We were lucky, fax machines old man wearing a ribbon of paper.

Leaving a copy of the text as a carbon typewriter.

Look at this.

Tom Baker reminded companies UCG technology proposed by GPEC under the current geological form may cause severe underground explosion.

For example in the region of Livingstonia.

When I was in China Engineers Gao had asked Peter to analyze.

Peter worried ...

Luhan has the same geological forms Livingstonia. that's why he rushed back to Melbourne to warn delegates.

He can not deliver directly because Harrison was there so he motioned for me.

"Check the gate". / So Harrison killed him not because of bribery, but afraid of Peter dismantle the guise of GPEC.

They may also have killed Tom Baker.

They are afraid Tom would leak report.

This is terrible.

What your husband know about this UCG technical problem?

Obviously not.

But he received a bribe.

It was just because of that you can win the project The third assumption is that secured the tender opponent.

If the technology is that there is a problem would be a disaster as well for him.

His career could come to an end.

Wants you do with this report?

We leave it to this evidence at the Chinese embassy in Lilongwe.

They will protect us.

What about you?

Sorry, can I ask for?

Sure can.


Could I have one more.

Certain. / I thought you did not drink.

For the sake of our salvation. thanks.

Come on.


Mark, you're always a hero.

If it was not for maybe now I'm dead.

Sorry Piliang.

I can not.

I understand.

I understand.


Good morning.




Did you see him?

The woman who was with me? / No.

1 cigarette.

Want fruit?

Good morning.

Want a cigarette?



Thanks at his watch.

Thank you. No worries.


Mark, ini Harrison.


I know you have a copy of the report.

Damage the reputation of the company that would be fatal.

Leave it to me now. / I do not have.

How do you know my number?

No need to lie. Ny. Zhou was sitting here.

He gave me your number. He said you had a copy.

He also said you've slept together.

Mark! / Leave it to the report and will give back this girl. Come to room 408 Lubinga Mzuzu hotels.

He returns?

You can hold him!

The woman was a liar, cunning.

I have done nothing wrong. He ruined my life.

Look, he's the fuck!

No, he shag, shag her!

He does not mean to me! / Mark!

I am the one who take care of you.

Leave it to the report.

I put this woman and her money. Equally fair.

Money fuck?

You do not know?

While you were sleeping, your little bird to contact her husband.

10 million he wants already in the account.

Money coming in my account?

Discuss the question of what is this?

You think I'm going to share the money with the bitch?


Do whatever you please.


Money is the root of all evil.

Hey friends, can talk for a second?

I found him.

Surely he will not come to this woman.

He was away from us.

Come on! I want to report it, get it!

You stay here.

Very good.

Looks like he's going to end.


Meet you!

Jump through the window! Fast, jump through the window!

Quick, jump through the window! Jump!

I thought you were dead.

It's your money.

Now you got what you wanted.

With all that money, very easy to buy a new identity in Africa.

It's not like you think, Mark.

So what?

You know very well what it means to report it to us.

Are not millions of lives are more valuable than money Luhan damn?

I told Zhong when UCG is problematic.

He must stop the imports.

Do not have to lie anymore! You just use the evidence to bargain with your husband.

You guys are a couple of passes.

But I can not be an escape for my life.

Please have mercy on him, to give me the money and disappeared, never suspected he tricked me again.

In fact, he told Harrison about my whereabouts.

Zhou Siliang, why do you care about money?

I am angry not only because the evidence is gone.

At least there is a means to report.

I can report GPEC return to Australia. Authorities will investigate.

I'm angry that you lied to me. If you do need money we can find the way together.

Why must you do this?

All you say is a lie last night, did not it?

10 years is able to change the person.

I do not know who you are right now.

You are no longer Zhou Siliang I've ever known.

Nickname: Yu Name origin: Xiaoran



Plane 10 minutes after the plane.

Destroy this passport when you get to South Africa.

My wife can apply for a new passport.


Do you hate me?

I do not hate.

But I will never forgive you.


Kuberharap if I could turn back time.

I do not want to live life like in the movies anymore.

I just want to ... be your wife and live normal, cook and clean every day.

She is coming.

That's it, grab the camera, the camera!

Halo, Tn. Ma. / Tn. Ma, Tn. Ma.

Could you please tell me if you are the true scandal?

How is the relationship with your wife?

Tn. Ma.

Tn. Ma, how do you think about people who menyelingkuhi his wife?

Tn. Ma, what you are experiencing financial difficulties?

You're talking about?

You have credibility as a witness?

If you are willing to give exclusive stories ...

I call a anytime.

. Ma!

What's going on here?

I do not know why you're afraid to come home.


I do not care if you're sleeping with whom, but what you do not know, this name is a scandal!

It should be kept behind closed doors.

I do not want Daniel to watch TV and read newspapers.

"Discloser ACCURACY OR EXTORTION?" / Even he was not kuijinkan school.

You do not need to care about me.

But Mark, you're a father.

How could you hurt your son like this?

Tn. Ma did not "discloser-truth".

He just racketeers behind financial incentives.

It's unethical.

Trying to profit from extortion.

You are in the show Hidden Truth.

Tell me, if it was common for people who lack a sense of responsibility for cheating? / Damn!

They want to shut me up. / Do you think you are?

What deserve to boast that?

Mark, you're crazy.

Since you met Zhou Siliang You've completely insane.

The way people view adult can not be ...

I do not know what can you position it?

I've told him and I had no resemblance.

Would you marry me as mere entertainment?

Not Judy.

I love you.

I do love you, Judy.


Go! Go!


Go you!





Go you!

You'd better go.

Tonight in the Story Line.

Grand Power Energy Corporation Australia mired in much controversy.

Allegations of corruption level to senior executives and the middle of this problem.

Sex scandal that hit the employees GPEC Ma Ke and Chinese citizens continue to rise.

Many Chinese citizens residing in Melbourne protest condemned his behavior.

Secretary General of the International Energy Chai Chuyuan soon will arrive in Australia and officially announced several high-level business cooperation.

According to our sources, Melbourne is one of the main objectives of this visit.

Mark unfortunate.

I know the reporters kept coming for you, but here we will take care of our own affairs.

What can I do for you?

I tell my friends, I was heading the company.

If anything happens to me, they will call the police. / Mark, you've misunderstood.

Mark, we all know that Zhou Wen, who tease you first.

Sex video recorded in her bedroom it is not possible to chance.

He's using you for money laundering.

He's getting all he wants, but what about yourself?


I know what it feels like to fall in love.

I've seen the site, we already catastrophic.

Tom had made the report. / Report?

This report mean?

According to Tom troubled UCG technology.

But he did not mention in this report that he was on duty when there was an explosion.

If you want you can take it home and study it.

In fact, a mistake Tom who caused this whole incident.

And Harrison, trying hard to get it back because he did not want anyone to capitalize on this against us.

No reliable news currently circulating would be very difficult for this company.

But you sent killer. Your men are in my house.

That's a fact! / What? No.

I swear it was not us.

During this time we chase Zhou Wen.

We never hurt Daniel and Judy.

I found evidence.

I'll prove that I'm not lying.

There are infiltrated into our homes. At night when you are at home Zhuzhu.

Your car is repaired.

The car is better.

You just save it.

I went to your house.

Your wife says you're here.

Can not you leave me alone?

Why do not you ask me why I'm here?

You're in Australia of course you've got a new document.

Money can buy everything.

What else should I ask?

Now I am a citizen Guinea-Bissau. (Africa)

Thanks to you.

You do not need to come all the way here just to thank.

I've seen the news and video.

You're wrong, I did not record the video.

I have no reason to ... / I know what's with all the excuse?

From the beginning I did not know anything.

You could have committed suicide, what else can not you do?

I did not do so. / It is enough!

Really, not me! / I do not want to hear it.

Please, do not talk anymore, Zhou Siliang!

Actually what purpose here?

Did you get your money, right?

I admit that I lied earlier.

That night... when you pick up Daniel, I read one page Luhan geological report in foldermu and with conclusions I started to question this technology.

I wanted to go to Africa with you to know everything so I can bargain with my husband.

But I never intended video blackmail you with it.

Think again during the night in the red light area.

Killer follow your steps, Harrison sure that the video recording so he followed.

Believe it or not.

The night we spent together was is a reality.

Kuberharap can trust

but you've got me confused.

I say The report sent Tom Baker.

Without the original, I do not know if this is a fake.

Death Tom and Peter

accident in the company, too many questions without any evidence.

I can not think of myself.

I'm just disappointed because the money that you transfer into my account and the sex videotape.

I have no credibility anymore.

It's not just about us, but about everyone in town Luhan.


I think when you uncover anything as truth-revealer I could have simply vanished without a sense of guilt.

But do not believe it even after I told them that the technology was flawed they still want to import the UCG.

I was selfish.

But I...

I'm not selfish at the expense of millions of lives in Luhan

and ignore all their deeds to you.

That's why I'm back.

I want to say everything honestly.

What do you mean?

I am proof of that.

As a representative of the Chinese people I took part in the bribery.

I watched the unnatural quality control procedures.

I helped to suppress the resistance of the engineers.

Although we have no physical evidence I was a witness.

But you could be sent back to China.

You're going to jail.

All my ancestors are buried in the mountain Luhan.

I do not want their bones were later destroyed.

I want them to rest in peace.


Please ...

Give me another chance.



Tn. Ma.

Your interview, of course.

2 hours? Yeah, we'll be ready in 2 hours.

Let's go!

They will meet us in the studio.

He will complain to reporters. What should we do?

You're sure to do this?

3 things I regret in my life.

One, married to Zhong.

Second Another regrets betraying 2 times.

Do I look okay to be on TV?

Very beautiful.

Remember when we were both on stage time on campus?

You keep forgetting your lines.

Siliang ...

Siliang ...

I'm fine dont worry.

Today the city of Melbourne to welcome Chai Chuyuan Secretary-General of the International Energy.

Because there are security enhancements will occur congestion especially in a City Hall will be held reception dinner, then show Melborne traditional rowing race.

Check the gates.

Sorry madam, you take what?


Do not let Angela can be a problem. He has been working at City Hall for 20 years.

Yes, please.

Secretary Chai esteemed guests.

I warmly welcome you on behalf of Australians.

Secretary Chai Distinguished guests.

I warmly welcome you on behalf of Australians.

Your visit will further boost our cooperation.

A work permit.

He just got a big contract to renovate City Hall.

We have a proud history of the development of energy projects.

I'm Superman.

Wait here!

Quick to Gate 1.

We have a promising future in many areas of cooperation.

During the visit the Secretary Chai we hope to sign a lot of mutually beneficial trade agreements.

VCBA President, Mr. That.

Fujian people.

Tn. Chai is the chairman of the International Energy even ...

Never mind, never mind.

In fact, she is a representative of the Asia-Pacific region were outstanding.

Under his guidance, the IEA continues to be a world leader in the development of clean energy.

Sorry, where the toilet?

Follow me.

I'll take care.

Please come this way.

In terms of energy resources Australia is a key player on the world stage and I believe with the support of the IEA we can work together developing new forms of energy to prepare for a brighter future ...

You can receive phone backstage.

Please wait a moment.

All secure.


You two wait for me here. / Yes, Sir.

Secretary! / What are you doing?

Secretary Chai! / Open the door!

I will not hurt you. / Open the door!

Straight ahead.

I will not hurt you. / Guards!

What are you doing?

Please take a look! I'm Chinese!

Let me go! / Please look at the screen pack.

Let me go! / Please take a look!

Release him!

Sir! / Get down you!

What is this?


Sir! Please take a look!


Sir! Sir! Do not go!

You're still alive?


The next time you look for a more reliable truck driver.

You're very aware of disability technology but you continue to cover it.

Do you want to disasters in Malawi occur also in Luhan?

Do not pretend innocence.

You've received millions of us. You think your husband and his accomplices do not know about the flaw?

Of course, they already know!

They insisted on importing even though they already know?

Nothing is 100% secure.

The new technology there is always a risk.

There is sacrifice in any profits.

After the incident in Africa, we are already addressing.

If only you had not interfered all will be fine.

What exactly do you want?

I want the truth. / To hell with your truth!

Basic silly woman! Did you get the money.

So why did you come back? Demi Mark?

Do you think it's called love? You're cheating!

You've ruined everything!

You are right.

We were having an affair.

It never honored.

But no matter how distinguished our relationship it will not change the fact that Mark is telling the truth.

You're talking about love.

Said it was too precious.

I do not know if Mark and I still have love?

But she sacrificed everything for the sake of truth mengetakan.

He is my hero.

Maybe you think he's a fool.

But to me ...

he deserves respect.

I do not know... how future progress.

But I know Everything we do now is for the sake of our conscience.

So we do not want to live with the guilt and shame.

We've been investigating this project.

Thank you for providing us this very important evidence.

What is your name? / Ma Ke.

You have acted correctly.


Thanks to you both.

Do I look okay to be on TV?

Very pretty.

Chaos last 2 weeks will be nearing the end.

GPEC is being investigated by Australian authorities, and SEC of America.

They face bribery claims, false statement, conspiracy in the act of murder, abuse supervision in each member delegasi Luhan Hanmei Group and other criminal charges.

If convicted, they could receive long prison sentences and heavy fines.

Since you regardless of GPEC they are already pulling their sponsorship.

Unfortunately we had to close a review process you and your family. Your current visa expires in three months.

At that moment you have to leave Australia.


I know has confused a lot of things.

Yes indeed.

Mother said we would go back to China, did not it?

Forgive father.

The father who suck.

Remember at the end of the story Batman what Gordon said to his son?

"Because he could bear it. Because he's not our hero.

He is the keeper of the which oversees the protection of a knight of the night. "

Father, What kind of city Luhan?

I want to see the city have you protect.

We are very proud father.

Daniel had never been to China.

Let's go home together.

Let him see his homeland.

thank you

have let me go home.

THE whistleblower People who report to authorities or the public that the company where she worked THE whistleblower act wrong or illegal. Whistlerblower plays an important role in protecting the public interest, THE whistleblower ensuring social justice, and provide oversight for negligence acts of fraud and corruption.

United issued a Whistleblower Protection Act and the Dodd Frank Act in 2010, This law provides protection and prize money for the Whistleblower. Australia first issued in 1994 Whistleblower Protection Act.

In 2019, the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act came into force that adds protection to journalists.

In the Republic of Korea, the General Whistleblower Protection Act enacted in 2011.

Whistleblower Protection EU guidelines approved by the Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI) of the European Parliament in 2018.

Japan's parliament plans to discuss the formation of the Whistleblower Protection Act 2019.

♪ ♪ her phone adoptive father Mark, have you read the SMS I sent just now? / Yes, Secretary Chai.

UCG imported technology to Luhan fully suspended Great news.

In China, the authorities establish and enhance ...

Whistleblower mechanism plays an important role in the protection of the public interest, ensure social justice and provide supervision and observation of fraud and corruption.