The Whole Truth (1958) Script

Get out of the way.

Bonsoir, Monsieur. Hi, George.

Quiet everybody, in your places, please.

Come on, everyone in the crowd.

Camera .. shooting this time.

Lights .. turn over.

One five four .. take seven.





Why don't you change your mind, please?

I already have.

You do love me, then?

Let me show you how much.

Ham! Camera! Amateur!

Gina, please calm yourself down.

I am an actress! I am not a lady wrestler.

Max, thank God you've come. What can I do? This has been going on all day.

I can't do a thing with anyone. We're now five days behind schedule.

If we keep on like this, we'll never finish the blasted picture.

Keep calm. We knew there would be days like this when we engaged them.

This is one of those days.

And what do you want me to do? I can't work like this.

Don't get hysterical. One is enough. You've got other sets. Shoot on them.

But this one is already lit. Look at the waste of time.

What do you want me to do, kill myself? Gina is obviously through for the day.

Now look fellahs, will you please get cracking.

Don't waste any more time. Go on.

Mr Poulton. Yes?

Did you see? What?

She bit my lip.

I'm going to put you in for the Distinguished Service Cross.

Alright, I'll fasten it.

Now get out all of you and don't come back.

[ Italian language ]

May I come in?

Ah, so. The producer finally condescends.

Spare me the lecture. I know it by heart now.

I'm a naughty child, there's much money at stake. Other people are involved.

I'm sick of it!

So am I.

Then, why not say something different?

Maybe I will.

How would you like this square in the kisser?

This is much better.

At least, you're no longer indifferent.

You know exactly how I feel about you.

Do I?

You might close the door, Max.

No. I prefer it open. Oh.

There was a time you didn't.

Yes, there was a time, past tense. We agreed, remember?

And why this sudden merry-go-round?


Complaints, rows, temper tantrums.

You know you have the whole unit in an uproar?


But what can you expect when I am so unhappy?

When my poor heart is broken.

I'm not a machine.

No, that's fairly obvious.

If, forced to describe you Gina, I'd have to say that you were a conniving ..

Witch. Hmm.

Perhaps you're right.

But I must connive.

Only when there is trouble do I see you these days.

If you would just come of your own accord ..

Then the picture would go smoothly.

Hmm .. very, very smoothly.

Gina, you're the only person I know ..

Who can make blackmail sound attractive.


But darling, I'm merely trying to say that I love you.

Oh .. who are you kidding?

You love yourself.

You love flattery, you love attention. You love being a film star.

In getting at me through the picture, you're mostly hurting yourself.

As a leading lady, you can't afford another flop.

No! Don't fool yourself.

Another flop spells curtains for Gina Bertini.

And curtains spells the end to attention and flattery.

Mr Poulton. Yep?

You wife is here. Alright. I am coming right away.

Think it over.

How pathetic.

What? You.

The mistress snaps her fingers.

And the little dog .. runs.

For your information Gina, anytime this mistress wishes to snap her fingers.

I will be delighted to run.

And that's something you will never understand.

Hi, darling.

Hiya, Sweetie.

I am sorry to keep you waiting. That's alright.

I'd have come in, but I know how you hate me barging in when you're busy.

Now listen.

From now on, you have my full permission to barge in on me anywhere, anytime.

I wish you had just now.

Oh, more trouble from the gorgeous one? She must be psychic.

Mrs Poulton, I've worked with difficult ones in my time, but she takes the cake.

I think Max is the only one who can handle her.

I bet.

Excuse me, I'll go and see about that set.

Yeah, okay.

Max, how do you do it? Do what?

Handle her. Oh, stop.

What sort of a producer would I be if I couldn't soft-soap these prima-donnas?

It's just part of my job. You poor, overworked boy.

Will you stop.

What is more important. What have you been doing?

Spending money. That figures.

What I really came about are those lobsters for dinner tonight.

What did they do, run away?

No silly. The fishing boat didn't get in. It won't be in for another hour.

I've got so many things to do. Well, don't you worry anymore.

I'll pick them up on my way home and they'll be company for you.

What else?


Except I love you.

And I love you.

Never let anything come between us again.

No, never.

I promise.


Oh Max, a slight disaster.

I've got two important journalists waiting to interview Gina.

Now she flatly refuses to see any of them.

What do I tell them?

Leslie, you are public relations. That's your responsibility.

Think of something brilliant.

Oh, by the way. There's a large lump of manhood in there.

Who is crying because Gina bit his lip.

That should be worth at least three columns.

Is this seat taken?

Yes it is.

By four dozen lobsters.


That I'm to pick up for my wife.

Oh, so that's what it was all about.

But you wouldn't refuse me a lift to my hotel ..

Just on account of some lobsters?

It's curious that you take this road.


I said it is curious. Max!

They act as if they own the road.

They probably do, too.

Our road.



Our road.

And our town of St Paul.

And our lonely little chalet.

With its lonely memories.

I forgot to get my things out of there.

Darling, why not drive up now?

I'd love to help you pack.

When I go up there, I go alone.

No, darling.

You're not going anywhere alone.

You may as well understand that.

Once and for all.

I wouldn't have told you.

No, exactly. Does that sound like two people in love?

As a matter of fact, you knew perfectly well that I was in love with Carol.

Although we were to put it mildly, estranged.

Now let's face it, Gina.

When we came on location, you were on the prowl.

I, with a wife 5,000 miles away, maybe gone for good, was a sitting duck.

Now, however hard you try, it adds up to exactly .. zero.


I still think you should come up for that drink, darling.


Haven't you heard a word I've been saying?

I've listened very carefully, and I believe every word.

But I wonder if Carol will.


Your no-longer "estranged" wife.

Now look, Carol knows nothing about this.

There is always a possibility.

What do you mean?

I mean, suppose someone told her?

Oh, I see.

That someone, no doubt being you.

Why should complacent little Carol sit smugly at home?

While I'm being shoved away.

Mocked at and spat on by her doting husband.

No Max, that will never happen.

I will see to that.

The slums of Naples.

Think it over, darling.

Think about Carol.


It happened in the early hours. But that's impossible.

Her heart just stopped. But I played golf with her last week.

But she'd put on so much weight, you know.

One chip on the red and one chip on the black.

Yes, but how does one win at the game?

You don't but the chips last much longer.

Hey, Carol. Where the devil is that husband of yours?

That's what I'm wondering.

People in movies have no conception of time.

I ought to know.

My first three husbands were actors.

Actors are one thing, producers another.


Max! Huh?

Where in the world have you been? Where?

Oh .. darling. I had to drive down to Nice. To see about the customs.


I'll be down in a minute. Got to change my clothes.

Darling, the lobsters?

I forgot all about them.

Well it doesn't matter. The cook found something else.

It isn't like you to forget. Is everything alright?

Sure. Everything is fine.

Just fine. I won't be a minute.

Who's that?

It's alright. It's me, darling.

Come on in.

With my clothes on?

Oh, take them off.

We've guests, remember?

Oh, hang the guests.

Max, what's this on your shirt?


It looks like blood.

Blood .. where?

On your shirt cuff.

Looks like the stain is there for good, too.

Never mind. It's an old shirt. We can throw it away.

Come on darling. Give it to me.

Well, I can hardly stand this.


The suspense.

Aren't you going to tell me how the blood got there?

Oh, that?

Oh .. look.

I cut myself opening a packing case.

Poor battered wrist. My poor battered husband.

Yes? I'm not so battered. Careful, you'll mess my hair.

You sound like one of dad's Angus bulls.

Now I'm going to give you exactly five minutes to get dressed.

Yes, ma'am. Go on.

Carol. Hmm?

I've missed you.

How do you think I felt?

I have wandered over the ranch in a dream.

Mother and father were sure I had flu or something. Kept dosing me with pills.

All I could think of was you gallivanting round France ..

At the mercy of Gina Bertini.


Or any of those exotic hussies you use to decorate your pictures.

No more gallivanting.

But you have to. That's part of your business.

It's where I was so wrong.

I was wrong.

You were right to leave.

It took just that to make me realize that ..

That I wanted a home and roots as much as you did.

I've got good fellows in the Company.

Let them do the gallivanting.

Well, in any case.

Whither thou goest, I goest.

Do you really mean that?

Well, of course I do.

Would you mean it if things suddenly went bad?

If there was trouble?

Real trouble?

Max, something is wrong. I could tell.

Look, darling. There's nothing wrong. I'm just being foolish on account of ..


I sort-of like you, partner.

Well .. I sort of like you, partner.

But I'd like you even better downstairs.

One minute. Promise?

I shall announce the good news.

Just a moment, please.

Madame, a gentleman is here.

What does he want? He will not say.


Mrs Poulton? That's right.

My name is Carliss.

I would like to speak to your husband. It is quite important.

Well, perhaps if you tell me what .. It is quite personal.

Won't you come in? Thank you.

I'm afraid I've come at a rather an awkward moment.

André, show Mr Carliss to the study.

This way please.

Fifty-nine seconds and a new world record.

But you haven't broken the tape yet.

A man, business type, says he has to see you. His name is "Carliss".


Carliss. Never heard of him. What does he want?

A city person, and very important.

Oh, one of those. Hmm.

Alright, where is he? He's in the study.

Usual technique. Interrupt us in about three minutes.

Yes, sir.

Are you looking for me? Mr Poulton?

That's right.

I've been admiring your garden.

And this study. Excellent taste.

A very nice Monet. Yours?

No, it's a reproduction. It came with the villa.

Oh I see. You're leasing. That's right.

I'm sure this must be yours. African?

Belgian Congo. Made a picture there?

Right again. You must enjoy being a producer.

It so happens I do. And I'd be only too glad to tell you all about it.

And about my travels and about my films.

When I'm not giving a party.

I'm so sorry, I should have introduced myself.

Carliss, Scotland Yard.

Well .. the long arm of the British law.

I don't know whether to be frightened or flattered.

Would you care for a drink while I make up my mind?

Perhaps some Scotch, if you have it? Yes. I do.

What am I supposed to have been doing? Smuggling Chinamen?

No, As a matter of fact, I'm here unofficially. - Oh?

I didn't tell your wife who I was.

And if anyone comes in, I suggest that we're merely having a friendly chat.

A friendly chat it is then.

I must warn you that the chat includes a few questions.

Questions? What about?

About a young lady I think you know.

A Miss Bertini.

Soda? Just a splash.

This is the first picture you've made with her, isn't it?

Yes, it is.

How do you get on with her? In what way do you mean?

I mean, do you find her pleasant to work with?

Is she charming and cooperative or is she difficult?

Well, as a matter of fact she is a bit on the difficult side.

Don't tell me you came all the way from London to find out Gina's disposition.

No. I'm trying to find out something quite different, actually.

I'm trying to find Miss Bertini's murderer.


That's where you were hiding, Charles.

How about sharing some of that booze? Or is it only ..

Oh, company. A private conversation.

I tell you what. You pour your own.

Thanks, old man. Thanks.

Sorry to have startled you, but it's true.

Miss Bertini has been murdered.

But when?

Early this evening. At least, that's when her body was found.

I .. I can't believe it.

She was stabbed to death in her hotel apartment.

With a knife rather similar to this.

Well, I'm glad it wasn't that one.

Do you have any idea who did it?

No, not yet.

Of course, that's really up to the local man .. Inspector Simon.

Simon? Oh yes. I know him.

We've been working together on a smuggling case, oddly enough.

But not.

Chinamen or uncut diamonds.

Cigarette? No thank you.

Simon asked me to call around here.

To spare you the unwelcome notoriety, as he put it, of an official visit.

That's very decent of him.

Yes. He's a very decent chap.

Incurably romantic, like so many French policemen.

He thinks this is "un crime passionnel".

He's convinced that Miss Bertini was entangled with a man.

Oh, that's possible I suppose.

Mr Poulton, was your relationship with her entirely professional?

Well, of course we met at parties. Nothing more?

Surely, you must have realized ..

That a woman as attractive as Gina Bertini would be married?


I said, surely you must have realized that she would be married?

Oh .. oh hello darling.


Max, I need your help.

The wine for dinner. What wine?

You know, you said .. Oh that.

Look darling, this business is going take longer than I expected.

I'll get away as soon as I can, I promise you.

Alright, three more minutes and then I'm coming back in with a lasso.

I'll try to speed things up as much as possible.

Now, when was the last time you saw Miss Bertini?

Oh, I suppose about 5 o'clock.

I drove her to her hotel.

And then?

And then I dropped her off and went on to the ..

You dropped her off?


Would you care to reconsider that answer, Mr Poulton?

Well, perhaps I'm being unfair. You see, I already know the answer.

Your car was reported parked at the side entrance to the hotel for a long time.

Alright. I went up to her apartment for a drink.

And that's all?

Perhaps I should tell you that a woman in an adjoining room ..

Heard quarrelling voices around five.

I suppose we had a sort of a quarrel.

Would you care to tell me what it was about?

Well, I expect you already know.

It was about some scenes in the picture.

She wanted the dialog changed and I didn't.

No knives were used, though.

What time did you leave her apartment?

About five-thirty.

What time was she killed? That hasn't been established yet.

What did you do after five-thirty?

As I said, I went to the customs and then I drove straight home.

Well, that about covers it, then.

Very wise of you to be frank with me.

I shall report to Inspector Simon.

I'm wondering if he's going to be ..


I was just thinking about his flair for the romantic.

Are you certain that your relationship with Miss Bertini was only professional?

I've already told you.

Well, that's fortunate.

Because if you were entangled with her, so to speak ..

And Simon found evidence of it, I fear you would be in very serious trouble.

Well, thanks very much for the excellent Scotch.

And don't bother to show me out.

I think that your three minutes are up by now.

[ Door knocks ]

[ Door knocks ]

[ Door knocks ]

The silly man won't answer his door.

Well, come along Gretel.

We tried to tell him about his car lights, didn't we?


Let's see where we stand now.

It means leasing another camera, hiring a French cameraman and a French crew.

And I'll be running from set to set like a scolded cat.

How else can we get through by Saturday?

Come on, Willie. You know it will work.

Bonsoir, Monsieur.

Hang on a minute, Harry.

I'm going in here.

Well .. hello.

The missing husband.

No wonder Carol is upset.


Real cool.

Don't move a muscle.

Why not?

Because you're mine now.

Finders keepers.

Hello Carol. Hi.

Carol darling. Drowning your sorrows in drink?

I'd like to, except these are for the Leslies.

They were here just a moment ago.

Well, better late than never. I'm so sorry.

I couldn't begin to apologize. Don't bother to tell us, old boy.

Yes, I see what you mean.

Will you excuse us?

Let me take those. Why?

Then you have both your hands free to slug me.

I don't want to slug you.

I'm just glad you're here.

You know, I don't deserve you.

Well, actually I had to go out with that fellow Carliss. Attend to some business.

About Gina?

What gave you that idea?

Well, I heard Mr Carliss mention something about her husband. I ..

Well, it was about Gina. And her husband.

It seems when we got her work permit somebody goofed.

Put her down as a man, and the consulate wanted to throw it out.

Did you prevail?

Naturally. The celebrated silver tongue.


Now, do you suppose you and your silver tongue could relax for a little?

I sure do, and I'll start on me.

No you don't. Not until you have a bite to eat. These are for the Leslies.

Alright, you rustle up the grub. I'll take these over to the Leslies.

Glad to see you, Max.

Hiya Willie, glad you made it. See you in a minute.

Oh, the prodigal husband. How are you?

Hello Tom. How are you, darling? There you are Jack, your brandy at long last.

Where is your lovely wife?

Surprised to see me, darling?

It looks to me more like palsy.

Would you mind very much Max if I got my wife's brandy?

Yes .. no, no. Please ..

Thanks so much.

You'd better get Max one too. I think he needs it.

I've got something to say to you. Oh no, darling.

I have something to say to you.

You must all listen.

It is the most amusing something.

A secret something.

I've just been waiting for Max and Carol.

Wherever is Carol? Never mind about Carol.

Excuse us.

Max, you are hurting me.

Gina, tell me what happened at the hotel?

Hotel? Yes, I heard you'd been ..

You'd had an accident.

What are you talking about? A man came here about an hour ago.


Max, how wondrous that you managed that.

Well, it wasn't easy.

Carol, dear.

I'm so glad to see you.

Max and I have been waiting to make an announcement.

It's for you.

And all these nice friends of yours.

You're going home. Max.

Can't you see that she's drunk, darling?

Look, you've a first-call tomorrow. Or would you prefer to abandon the picture?

Darling, of course I am going on with the picture.

What an idea.

Max begs me to postpone my announcement. I'm going to drive you home. Come on.

Next time then. Bye, everybody. Bye, Carol.

What a performance, eh?

If she gets drunk tomorrow, I'm going to get drunk too.

Your face .. when I said I had an announcement.

If only there had been a camera there. Do you mind shutting up for a minute?

Darling, where is your sense of humour?


Especially where that character you sent round is concerned.


What did you expect me to do?

Kill myself out of remorse?

Or did you hope I'd announce it to the newspapers and make a fool of myself?

Or what?

What did you hope to get out of it?

I don't know what you are talking about. No much, you don't.

But why of all things did you have him tell me that you'd been murdered?


Max, you must be crazy.

Do you mean that ..

You didn't send him around?

I know nothing about him.

Well then, somebody has got a very odd sense of humour.

He said his name was "Carliss".

He gave me a big song and dance about the French police investigating.

Yes. And I fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Do you have any idea who it could have been?

I would guess a crank of some sort.

My mail is full of the strangest letters.

A crank, or confidence man, or whoever he was.

I think I will get the police to investigate. I might do some myself.

I'd like to have another chat with that gentleman.

Max. Hmm?

Could you take me to St Paul?

Gina, look. I've got to get back to the party.

It's only five minutes more.

And I feel terribly tired.

Please Max. Alright.

No funny business?

I promise.

Max .. make it go away.

And please .. turn on the lights.

I don't like dark houses.


Hello, young lady. You know, you're out pretty late.

Your mother will be pretty worried about you.

Go on, go home.

Go home.

Gina, I'm going to hand this key over to you. I won't be needing it anymore.

Come on then.



[ French language ]

Par ici, s'il vous plaît.


Oh, there you are.

You naughty dog.

Max .. what are they doing to you? Carol.

Nothing at the moment. You mean this?

Well, it's hot in here and this collar was too small anyway.

My poor darling.

And poor Gina. You know about it, then?

I know someone is supposed to have stabbed her.

That's what the detectives told us at the villa.

Did they also say they think I did it?


Mr Poulton, we don't think anything yet. Rouget ..

But how can they think that? You didn't even tell me he'd been arrested.

Madame, he's not under arrest.

I thought you were taking Gina back to the hotel.

That's what I'm trying to explain.

And what we have been trying to understand.

She was too afraid to go back.

Yes, afraid of the man who came to see me.

You saw him? Mr Carliss?

There you are. I told you. She saw him.

Did this man say he was a detective, Mrs Poulton?

Of course not. That was part of his scheme.

Scheme? What scheme? Yes, Mr Poulton. What was his scheme?

Why don't you ask Carliss, not me? I don't know what his scheme was.

He told me Gina had been murdered.

But she has been.

No, no, no, darling. That was after. When he told me, she was still alive.

Would he do that, if he didn't have a scheme? Obviously he is the murderer.

But you told me she was alive when he told you.

No, darling, look. Let me explain.

I'll start at the beginning.

Please no. Mr Poulton can tell you everything later.

If you will sit down.

Asseyez-vous Madame, s'il vous plaît.

This man is always on the phone.

Also, he's looking for Carliss under his own name instead of from my description.

Mr Poulton, let us maintain some semblance of order.

I'm all for order .. and the first thing in order is to ..

[ French language ]

What's he saying? Who is he anyway?

He's the head of the local police.

He thinks you should be locked up.

Locked up? You had better get a lawyer, darling.

That won't be necessary. I have only one or two things more.

What's the use? You won't get anywhere without Carliss.

I would like to discuss this "Mr Carliss".

He told you he was from the C.I.D?

We've been all over that.

He said he worked with you on a job. He mentioned your name: Inspector Simon.

Yes. I know.

He asked you not to mention Miss Bertini's so-called death?

I told you that at the beginning.

He asked me not to say that he was there.

That's why I didn't tell you or tell anybody.

It was part of his scheme.

Which I am trying to unravel. If you will forgive my thinking aloud.

It all seems so pointless.

Unless he hoped that by telling you this lie.

It would cause you to do something that might help him commit his crime later.

Yes. Then it might make sense.

Did you do anything Mr Poulton as a result of his visit?

No, I didn't do a thing.

Apart from ..

Dropping a couple of brandy inhalers when I saw Gina.

But this much I do know.

Whatever Carliss thought that he would accomplish by this cock-and-bull story.

It was all part of a plan to murder Gina, and leave me holding the bag.

Why don't you go and get him?

What is the good of looking for him under the name of Carliss?

He's a murderer and he is.

You don't think he'd register under the name he gave me? It's obviously phony.

Don't you realize, by now he's probably half way out of the country?

Inspector Simon.

My name is Carliss.

Please come in, Mr Carliss.

Then you did go after him! Carol, we've got him.

How did you manage it?

It was quite simple. He was registered at Miss Bertini's hotel.

Do you mind if I sit down? I feel a bit shaky.

But of course, Mr Carliss.

Do you mean to say he was registered under his own name?

Yes. Under his own name Mr Poulton.

It is always worse after the first shock.

Some water? Or perhaps brandy?

No thank you very much. I'll be alright. What are you fawning on him for?

Get his story. We already have Mr Carliss's story.

I might add it differs from yours in almost every particular.

Well, of course. Naturally he'd lie.

Mr Poulton.

Don't you think you've done enough to me already?

I have done? What have I done to you?

Well, don't you consider killing my wife, anything?

Gina is your wife? Come now, Mr Poulton. You knew that.

How would I? Anyway, I don't believe it. Oh yes, it is true. We have proof.

What's more, Mr Carliss says he told you Miss Bertini was his wife.

He told me she was murdered. Didn't he, Carol?

Of course, you wouldn't know about it. Sit down. He's lying.

Certainly, someone is lying.

Would you care to hear Mr Carliss's version?

This, I want to hear.

Well, really I ..

No you don't. You say it here, where I can nail you down.

If you don't feel up to it ..

It isn't that.



Since your husband insists, Mrs Poulton.

It began this morning in London with a painful letter I received from my wife.

In it, she said that she'd been having ..

I dislike saying this.

But perhaps you knew?

Knew what?

That your husband was involved with my wife.

Darling .. I told you he'd lie.

Please continue, Mr Carliss.

What was in this letter besides this confession?

Well, she .. wrote that she'd been trying to break off the affair.

But that Mr Poulton wouldn't allow this.

Using his position as a producer as a club, so to speak, to hold her.

This is incredible. It's fantastic.

If you don't mind, Mr Poulton.

What did you do as a result of this letter?

I did what any husband would do.

I took the first available plane to Nice.

Arriving there shortly after seven.

I believe I gave one of your men my ticket stub.

It has been checked at the airport.

Thank you.

Then, from Nice.

I went directly to Mr Poulton's villa where I presented myself.

As a detective.

Do I look like a French detective, Mr Poulton?

And I speak perhaps twenty words of French.

As a detective from Scotland Yard.

Well, now. Really.

"Really" is right.

How can I have fallen for a gag like that?

Smuggling. Uncut diamonds. I ought to be locked up.

Mr Poulton. I'm sorry.

So you presented yourself and drank some of my scotch. That I admit. Then what?

I told Mr Poulton about the letter.

I begged him to give Gina up.

Both for her sake and for mine.

And for the marriage that had brought us so much happiness.

And .. what was his response?

He refused.

And then, Mr Carliss? I pleaded with him.

But it was useless.

He said that he loved Gina and would never let her go.

You don't believe any of this, do you? No. Of course not.

I wouldn't blame you if you did.

Mr Carliss is the most convincing liar I've ever met.

Please let Mr Carliss finish.

Well, there isn't very much more.

After I left Mr Poulton's villa I drove to Gina's hotel ..

Where I tried to telephone her, but she was out so I ..

Registered and went up to my room to wait for her.

You mean, you came here to St Paul to wait for her?

We happen to know Mr Carliss had dinner served in his room.

Well, there was still time.

When the floor waiter came to clear up, Mr Carliss was in bed.

So he got up again. Perhaps.

Yes. It is true, I could have got up.

But how could I have guessed Gina would come here instead of going to her hotel?

That is a good question.

And one for which I do not seem to have an answer.

The answer I think, lies in determining ..

Which of you has told the truth about your conversation at the villa.

A pity no-one overheard it. He made sure no-one overheard it.


You came into the study. Right in the middle of things.

You heard him when he was saying ..

When he was ..

Saying what?

Do you remember, Mr Carliss?

Yes, I believe I do. I was saying ..

But perhaps it would be better if Mrs Poulton told you.

You did go into the study?


To hurry Max up.

When I opened the door, Mr Carliss was saying ..

It's alright darling. Go on.

Well, he was saying ..

Surely you must have realized a woman ..

As pretty ..


Yes, attractive.

A woman as attractive as Gina Bertini.

Would be married.

And then?

That's all I heard.

That was enough.

Yes. I think so.

I ask you, Inspector. Does that sound like a detective inquiring of a murder?

No. It doesn't.

Right out of the blue.

Just when he knew she was listening. He had it all planned.

You know, Mr Carliss. You're something of a genius.

I don't think so.

Just a man who was trying to save his marriage.

Look, we'd better get the lawyer. Then you admit that ..

I admit nothing, except I've got a lot of heavy thinking ahead.

Sweetheart, I think it's best ..

May I ask you a question?

Have you considered the possibility of a third person?

Frankly, I'm beginning to have grave doubts about Mr Poulton's guilt.

There is always the possibility of a third person.

Now wait a minute.

What are you up to, Carliss?

What's that twisted mind of yours cooking up now, huh?

I don't know what you mean. I was merely going to suggest to the Inspector.

That a person of your obvious intelligence ..

If he had committed murder ..

Would have provided himself with a far better story.

Be quiet, both of you.

I am conducting this investigation.

Mr Poulton.

Do you still maintain you are innocent?

Of course I'm innocent.


Would I, as a producer with nearly 400 million francs invested in a picture ..

Deliberately wreck it by murdering my own leading lady?

I can assure you that this point and many others have occurred to me.

One point especially.

If you loved Mr Carliss's wife as he says.

And desire to hold her at any cost, why then would you kill her?

I can see no motive for such an act. And this, the court will demand.

This whole matter will be fully investigated.

Thank you Mr Poulton.

You mean that I can go?

As far as your villa, but no further.

Further than I expected. Come on, Carol.

Will you be needing me, Inspector? No Mr Carliss. You may go too.

Let's get out of here, Carol.

Yes. I would, Mr Poulton. While you still can.

Come on darling. Let's go home.


Something more, Inspector?

I was going to offer you a lift to your hotel.

But I see that you have more than adequate transportation.

Oh this isn't mine. I rented it in Nice. It's the only thing they had.

You will be in touch with us?

Well, of course. Just call the hotel anytime.

Then goodnight, Mr Carliss. Goodnight.

Okay, Max. I'll follow you back to the villa.

You will be interested to know we are starting our search.


For a possible third person.

If you find the murderer, it won't be a third person.

Who will it be then?


Two hours.

Do you think they've locked him up?


What exactly did the police say?

All I know is, they told Carol that Gina had been murdered.

Max had been arrested and she was to come to the station right away.

That's all we needed.

A dead leading lady and the producer behind bars.

What happened Max? What's it all about? Do they know who did it?

No. I'm still under suspicion.

What will we do tomorrow?

Look fellows. As you can imagine ..

My evening hasn't been exactly restful.

I'll discuss the whole thing later.

Obviously, we've got to get a double. A double?

Willy, give us some over-the-shoulder shots, give us some interesting angles.

Please Max, we can't .. Now look fellows, I'm tired.

Jack. Take them home, will you. Goodnight.

I wonder if he really did kill her.


I thought I'd play St Bernard and come to your rescue you with a brandy.

Thank you. I could certainly use it.

It's been kind of a .. hectic evening.

Hasn't it, though.

I expect you are wondering. About what?

Well, about Gina.

Whether I was the one who bumped her off.

Did you?

Oh Carol, of course not.

You heard what I said in the Police Station.

You don't think I'd lie to you?

How long, Max?

How long what?


You don't believe I actually had an affair with Gina?

Darling, I swear to you on a stack of bibles, I never ..


I was going to tell you.

At least I think I was.

Carol, you ..

You had left me and gone off to Montana.

I thought for keeps.

And this was over even before I knew you were coming back.

It started one night .. in a bar.

A sort of lost weekend, that got stretched a bit.

Not too much.

I know you must be wondering why I lied to the police about going out.

I had to.

I had to cover.

You see.

What I actually did when Carliss left was ..

To go to her house and collect some things.

I didn't do it before because the whole affair had become so distasteful.

She kept hanging on.

I'm not flattering myself. I knew she thought I would be useful to her.

Other films. Other parts.

And it piqued her that I was the one to break it off.

Why don't you do something?

Why don't you belt me one?

Or at least .. say something.

I can't seem to think of anything.

Do husbands in Montana never stray?


It happens quite often.

What do Montana wives do?

Well mostly, they shoot their husbands.

I guess I shouldn't have brought Montana into it.

[ Telephone ]

Hello. Poulton speaking.


I'm sorry, I can't hear you. Do you mind speaking up?


Carol .. Carol!


Yes, I know the place.

Yes, I can think of nothing I'd like better.

Bonsoir, Monsieur. Excusez-moi.

Mr Poulton, please! No violence.

It would do no good. And the police won't like it at all.

I guess you're right about the police.

You seem to have been right about everything.

So far.

Yes, I do seem to, don't I.

Won't you sit down?


And soda.

I thought you would be amused.

Rather a novel situation, don't you think?

As a motion-picture producer, you must appreciate its piquancy.

A murderer entertaining the man who is about to die for his crime.

"Piquancy" is scarcely the word.

You do admit then that you killed Gina?

To you, yes.

Yes, that is very interesting.

Would you mind telling me how you managed it?

Well, that's why I telephoned you. I thought you would be curious.

Perhaps I'd better begin at the beginning, and go straight through.

And then, if there are any questions .. It's your story.

It's also Gina's story and yours. But we'll begin with Gina.

Whom I met and married five years ago on a continental holiday.

I've never drunk champagne since.

In any event, we decided to keep our relationship secret.

Gina was about to embark on her cinema career.

And for me, the notoriety of marriage to someone like Gina ..

Would have been ruinous, businesswise.

Oh? What is your business?

Didn't you know?

I'm engaged in the manufacture and sale of religious textbooks.

Yes, I do see where Gina would have not been a great help.

About two months ago I decided to kill her.

I laid my plans very carefully.

After I found out all I could about you and Gina ..

I flew over from London early this afternoon.

Early this afternoon?

Yes, Mr Poulton.

Early this afternoon.

I drove at once to the house in St Paul ..

To make sure that your personal articles were still there.

Then I checked in at the hotel.

Where I heard you quarrelling with Gina.

Then back to Nice, for a second arrival at the airport.

Where I leased a car and then drove to your villa.

I think you know the rest.

You say that you arrived a second time at Nice airport?

Oh yes, I meant to explain about that.

Another man.

Who doesn't know my name, but who oddly enough resembles me closely.

Was handsomely paid to deliver a briefcase.

Well it shouldn't be too difficult for me or the police to ..

Dig up this "other man".

Well, how would you go about it?

Well, for example, advertise.

In the English papers.

I'm afraid he wouldn't answer an advertisement Mr Poulton.

You see, he thinks that the briefcase contains narcotics.

Yes, I must remember that one.

When I commit my next murder.

Tell me, after all this trouble and psychology.

Why did you try to persuade Inspector Simon to turn me loose?

You can write that off to pleasure, Mr Poulton.

The pleasure of watching you squirm.

Well, why me, especially?

If you don't mind my saying so, I was not the first with Gina.

No, that's true. There were others.

Dozens of them, from the very start.

You are a good-looking man, Mr Poulton.

Attractive, well-dressed.

Still young.

You wouldn't understand how it feels to desire a woman.

To want to possess her, to love her, and to know that you mean nothing to her.

You wouldn't understand how it feels to watch her sordid affairs.

Actors, gigolos.

Playboys, pick-ups in bars.

You feel small and dirty and ashamed.

And something begins to fester inside you.


Hate for her! Hate for them!

It festers until it fills every part of your body.

And then you know you can only free yourself of it by killing.

I freed myself of Gina by killing her.

And now by killing you I free myself of all those others.

You're sick.

You had better take another drink.

Anyway, you haven't managed the second part yet.

The second part?

Oh, you mean you?

Well, that was managed when you took your things out of the house in St Paul.

Why do you think I masqueraded as a C.I.D. man?

If not to frighten you into doing just that.

Yes, but ..

Nobody knows about that .. except you.

And you can't go to the police ..

Without giving yourself away.

You remember the woman who knocked at the door?

Yes, I was watching from a safe distance.

Don't you suppose Inspector Simon will find her sooner or later?

During his search for my mythical third person.

You seem to have thought of everything.

Yes, I believe I have. Any further questions?


No. I'm fresh out of questions.

Thanks for the drink.

Oh waiter.


Do you happen to have any champagne?

Champagne? Oui, Monsieur.

That's him, Inspector.

That's the man I saw.

You admit these are yours, Mr Poulton? Of course they're mine.

Everything there is mine. I've already told you.

You have told us quite enough.

My case is complete.

I now know you have been lying.

I have evidence of a liaison with Miss Bertini.

And I have the motive.

You desire to keep this liaison from your wife at any costs.

I'm afraid we must take you back to the Police Station.

[ French language ]

Wait a minute. Where does he come in?

Merely a matter of protocol.

You will be held at St Paul until you can be arraigned and moved to Nice.

Oh I see.

Do you mind if I change my clothes?

[ French language ]

He doesn't understand English. By all means, you can wear anything you like.

A little gay for jail. Don't you think?

[ French language ]

[ French language ]

[ French language ]

"Christmas And Forever".

[ French language ]


I am most desolated for you.

Oh Carol, call Leslie. Tell him to get hold of a lawyer, will you.

I'll need someone to keep an eye on Carliss.

I've just had the most fantastic conversation with him.

He told me everything ..

What's the matter?


I don't get it.

Read it.

"Christmas And Forever".


So, what about that stretched out weekend with Gina?

Christmas was nearly ten months ago.

Why, sure it was.

Look, this isn't my lighter. Max.

I've never seen it before. Where did you find it?

In your things. I don't know how it got there.

Now listen, Carol. I promise you Gina did not give me that lighter.

She wouldn't give a thing got a blind beggar.

[ French language ]

Carol, I swear to you I never saw that lighter before in my life.


Carol .. walk downstairs with me.

Act as normally as possible.

You remember how Carliss had to borrow matches at the Police Station? - Yes.

Suppose it should turn out to be his lighter?

No, don't show it. Keep it in your hand.

The odds are, it isn't even his.

But if it is, it breaks his whole story. How?

Because if the lighter were found with my things ..

It proves he was at Gina's house before she was killed.

And at the Police Station he denied ..

Allons, allons.

I'd better hand it over to Simon. But that's no good.

Carliss will just say it isn't his.

There must be some way. Mr Poulton?

I've just talked to the Magistrate in Nice. He is preparing your warrant.

In the meantime, Gilbert will make you as comfortable as possible.

Yes, I'm sure he will.

Allons-y. Just a moment.

Darling, when you call Jack Leslie, tell him to bring the lawyer over.

And then you can give them the green light to go ahead.

They'll think of a way.

Darling, don't forget.

Charity begins at home.

No knives, no revolvers.

[ French language ]

[ French language ]

That's a nice view there. Could I have one of my cigarettes please?

Huh? Cigarette.

Ah, bon.

Thank you.


Mr Carliss's room number, please.

Carliss? Yes.

I'm afraid he is not in.

Oh .. do you know where he is?

I have instructions to give that information to no-one except the police.

[ Telephone ]

Excuse me.


Hello, Mr Johnson? Oui.

Good evening. I was told I might find a Mr Carliss here.

Carliss? D'Anglais?

Oui. Carliss, Mademoiselle. Suivez-moi.

Excusez moi, Mademoiselle. Il et parti.

Thank you anyway.

I understand you have been looking for me, Mrs Poulton.

[ French language ]

You are a fast worker, Inspector. I'm a man who likes to sleep at night.

Will you please check the things that were taken from you, Mr Poulton.

You are going to take me to Nice now? Yes.

Well, is it alright if I call my wife and tell her?

You may call as soon as you sign for these.

The more I think of it ..

The more certain I feel your husband has been the victim of ..

I think the word is: "circumstances".

But surely, you haven't been looking for me merely to hear me express an opinion?


Actually, I was looking for you because ..

Well, because I hoped you might be able to help my husband.

I'd be more than glad to, but I don't see ..

At the Police Station you mentioned a third person. I was wondering if ..

[ Telephone ]

Excuse me.


Oh good.

Yes, I'll be here. Hurry.

Thank you.

That was a friend of my husband's. He is coming over with a lawyer from Nice.


I hope I'm not abusing your hospitality but the maid offered me a drink earlier.

Can I get you something?

No. Thank you.

Do you have a cigarette?

Of course.

I hope you don't insist on filter-tips.

These are fine.


We are digressing. You were talking about a third person.

I thought possibly since you brought up the idea, that you ..

Is this what you are looking for?

They found it in the study after you left.


Thank you.

I've been wondering what happened to it.

Did you have anybody in mind, especially?

I mean, for the third person.

Did Gina ever mention anyone else in her life?

Well, knowing Gina, I'm sure there were several other persons.

But the only one she mentioned, Mrs Poulton, was your husband.

[ Telephone ]

First time engaged, then wrong number. Third time lucky.

Hello? Hello.

Villa Blanche? Yes, could I speak to ..

Who is that?


Yes Inspector, of course I can.

I'll come right over.

Yes, I'll bring her along with me.

Is that the police? Just a moment.

It won't take us more than about fifteen minutes.

We're leaving right now.

Good news, Mrs Poulton. Wonderful news. That was Inspector Simon.

He wants to go at once to the house in St Paul.

He's found new evidence that he feels certain will clear your husband.

She says it is still engaged.

He must have done something to the phone.

I wonder what Simon found. He seemed quite excited.

Excuse me just a moment. I want to tell the maid I'm leaving.

Mrs Poulton?

I'm coming.

I am sorry.

Thought I'd better leave a message for Jack Leslie.

Tell him where we're going.

He's the one bringing the lawyer.

Well, I don't think they'll be any need for lawyers now.

I certainly hope not.

Let me see. I'll leave this in the letter box.

Do you think they'll see it there? I'm sure they will.

I wonder if you would mind riding with me, Mrs Poulton?

Not at all.

I have a strong aversion for open cars.

Especially at night.

Don't you understand? This man is a maniac. He's a psychopath.

Somebody has to go there and find out.

Mr Poulton .. I have orders to take you directly to Nice.

Not to conduct a tour of the Riviera.

I can assure you the moment you ..

Get out the way!



I'm only borrowing it.

Alright, you can have it now.

Do you happen to know exactly where the house is?

I only know it is in St Paul.

Well, I think from Inspector Simon's description I can find it alright.

I'm sure you can.

I'm sorry. I frightened you.

I feel perfectly safe with you, Mr Carliss.

Where is everybody?

Well, the police are inside. They would not leave the lights on if they weren't.

I imagine Simon must have sent for your husband.

He assured me that he would wait.

Oh Inspector, I have Mrs Poulton here.

Come in, Mrs Poulton.

Now that's funny. I could have sworn I saw Inspector Simon standing over there.

Well, what's all this?

Police? Could they have been searching for something?

I don't know.

I think we'd better leave.

I'm sure the Inspector would have wanted us to wait.

May I?

After all, I see no reason why we shouldn't make ourselves comfortable.

I suppose you are right.

The police ought to be here any minute.

Any sign of them? There doesn't seem to be.

Cigarette? No, thank you.

A pity it isn't daytime.

The view from here is really quite enchanting.

By the way, where did you find this?

In Max's study after you left.

I didn't really. It was the maid who found it.

You mean the maid who let me in and so kindly offered me a drink?


I have a confession to make to you, Mrs Poulton.

I let myself in.

I offered myself the drink.

Actually, no-one knows that I was at your house except you.

And Simon. Oh no.

What about the telephone call?

That was your husband on the line.

It saved me the trouble of pretending to call Simon myself.

You see Mrs Poulton, I know very well I didn't leave my lighter in your study.

I was here less than an hour ago looking for it.

It was rather fun smashing up Gina's things.

Something I had wanted to do for a long time.

I'll never understand how I was so lax as to leave it here in the first place.

But why go to all that trouble? Why not just deny that the lighter is yours?

Yes, I thought of that.

But Simon could easily trace it to me if he tried hard enough.

You know, see if you don't think that my solution is very much better.

You've learned that your husband killed another woman to keep his affair secret.

So .. distraught, half-crazy with grief.

You visit the scene of the affair.

You vent your rage on the other woman's possessions.

And then realizing the futility of this and knowing your life is at an end ..

You hold in your hand this lighter.

That everyone believes was given to your husband by his mistress.

And you commit suicide.

You are the one who is half-crazy, Mr Carliss.

Yes? You overlooked something.


The note I left for Max's friend.

In it, I wrote ..

"Carliss is the killer".

"Have gone with him to Gina's house in St Paul. Come at once."

Now, what do you suppose Max's friend thought of ..

The blank sheet of paper that he found?

I wrote a second note, and left it in the study.

Oh no you didn't, Mrs Poulton.

You didn't have time.

And neither have I any more time now.

You couldn't have said a truer word, Carliss.

Hi, darling.


Look, come over here. You are standing too near the edge. You make me nervous.

You know, I drove almost two miles before it dawned on me.

It was lucky I remembered your car.

Amongst other things Carliss, you are a lousy driver.

You look surprised to see me.

The police let you go?

Yes. They didn't even take me to Nice.

Hey, you remember that woman who knocked on the door?


She saw me here?


In the afternoon when you were supposed to be in London.

Yes. The police want to talk to you. They should here any moment now.


Won't your car be recognized?

You told me that you got pleasure in watching me squirm.

Well, now it is my turn.

My car is parked outside.

It's a Citroen. You might just make it in that.

While you are trying ..

I'll have the pleasure of watching you squirm.

As the police close in.

Go ahead.

Be my guest.

[ French language ]


So it was Carliss after all.

Hey partner.

How about me?

A farewell drink, huh?


0h, my clothes?

I was just putting them away.

You mean ..?

You are not going to leave me?

Whither thou goest ..

I goest.

Mr Poulton.

In here.

Darling, I give you a pledge.

Never again, as long as I live ..

Will I ever look at a ..

I didn't mean to make you do that.

But your Mr Archer said it was a crisis, so to speak.

Aren't you Mr Poulton?

No, he isn't. Not this morning.

If this is your idea of a funny joke, Bud.

Let me tell you this.

Someone will pay through the nose. Now, wait a minute.

Messing up my hair, putting on this filthy wig.

Dragging me away from my job in Monte Carlo.

Making me lose a day's pay.

You wait until I tell my boyfriend. He'll give you what for.