The Wild Angels (1966) Script


No! No, no, no, no!

Hey, where's Joe Kerns?

He's up there on the rig.

Hey, Loser!

Hey, man.


We found your cycle.


In Mecca.

Out of sight, man.

Where's Mecca?

It's out in the desert.

What's the matter with you?

You're supposed to be working.

I'm just talking to my buddy.



What's with the Iron Cross?

You one of those dumb Angels?

Yeah. What's it to you?

Well, if you'd been at Anzio, - you'd know what that junk means.

You wouldn't wear - those Iron Crosses and have Swastikas hanging all over you.

You want me to pull your tooth out?

You don't like that, do you?

Hey, you guys.

What's going on up there?

Drop the wrench, Kerns.

All right, Kerns, you're through.

There's none of that stuff on my crew.

Now, you get your friend down from there - and don't come back.

We used to kill guys who wore that kind of garbage.


What you doing home so early?

I don't like nobody getting uptight with me, man.

And that includes you.



What's the matter with him?

Um, nothing, man, you know.

His foreman got uptight.

The mother doesn't like him getting messages at work.

So what did he do? Fire him?

Yeah, the fool fired me. Hassled my mind, man.

You don't never get a straight deal around here.

Are you kidding?

That's 4 jobs in 5 months!

We're never going to get this place fixed up.

Who cares?

I do.

Come here. No.

Come here.

You know what? What?

We're going to be riding out tomorrow.

How come?

How come? Because we're going to get my chopper back.


How's that grab you?



This is highway patrol e-7-3 at mile 90 berdue highway.

Advise, the Angels are running south.

Where do you think you're going?

Anywhere but here.

You can bet your sweet life on that.

Ha, ha, ha!

Hey, come on, heavenly, let me go with you to Mecca.

Hey, man. Dig monkey.

She wants to come and hassle the Mexicans with us.

I didn't say that.

The man back there wanted to know - which one was the high school dropout.

Hey, Blues. Hold it.

That was in color, too.


Let me go with you.


All right, everybody, - we race up to that end of the canyon, - turn around, come back.

The first one gets mama monahan.

I'm ready.


Look over there.

Over behind that wall.

Look here.

What do you say, hoot?

Go on. Go on, you're free.

Come on, man, go!

Come on.

You ever seen anything like that?

Please, run!

Come on!

Most pitiful thing I ever saw.

He's free and he won't even go.

Look at this.

You got a friend for life.

What do you guys want?

Which one of you taco benders stole an Angel's machine?

Nobody here stole nothing.

I'll remember you said that.

We're just going to take a look around, if you don't mind.

Look here.

This here is my old vl brake pedal.

One of you beaners told a lie, didn't you?

I thought nobody here stole nothing.

The man!

Hey, the man!

I'll follow them. You call in.

Where's the Loser going?

He'll be all right. He can outride any heat.

No, man...

Electrical starters are for sissies and cops.

So he said, "but, officer", -

"if I knowed it was injurious to my health,"

"i never would've left the first one."

Hey, they're back!


What happened?

They was spewing pretty high, you know, - like they was big men and they didn't have to pluck chickens no more.

So we bit their heads.

It was out of sight, man, when Blues says, -

"come across with that extra hard, mex."

And the mex says, -

"please, don't hit me in the face."

"We're simple people."

"We only take the best coffee beans"

"for the very best blend."

There's dudes like them all over the state - looking for trouble.


They're going to find it, too, if they try to hassle us.

'Cause we got the power.

Hear! Hear!

Never pays to hassle the man that has the power.

Blues. Blues, where's the Loser?

He'll be along.

You cats, you want to eat?


Blues. Blues, what happened to the Loser?

We had to split because of the heat.

Loser burned one of the cops' bikes.

A police motorcycle?


You got nothing to worry about.

He can outride the heat any day.

Maybe he went back to Pedro.

Yeah. I guess.

Want a drink, honey?

No, thanks.

You think he'll be okay?

How the hell would I know?

Hey, come here, honey.

Hey, what are you doing?

There's a rabbit!

Hey, let's get the rabbit.


We were only just dancing.

When... when you came back.

We were only just dancing, ugly and me.


In case you were wondering, that's all.

I wasn't.

Okay. Forget it.

What's eating you?

What's eating you, you mean.

The Loser.

The Loser?

I thought you were sore at me.

What for?

'Cause of ugly.

I thought you... you were thinking that I was...

And...'Cause of the way i used to be and all.

You know, I just figured that you thought I...

You talk too much.

Hey, toro, toro!


What do you say, baby?

Don't let it bug you.

We'll have a party.

No, thanks.

Look, Frankenstein, i want to be alone, okay.

We're gonna have a ball, a little party.


Baby, I said we're gonna have a party.

Frankenstein, get lost or the Loser will take care of you.

Man, I got more than the Loser ever had.



Frankenstein bothering you?

Hey, I just figured she was lonely, Mr. President.

But I guess she's not?


I warned you about horse - get your hands off my stuff. Give me that!

I told you!

Let's get out of here.

Party's over now.

Get on your bike.

What you been doing?

Robbin' lobster pots.

What's happening?

Summit meeting.

Summit meeting.

Don't get none of that on me.

Ha, ha, ha!

Say, "ah." Ah.

Hey, Loser made it big. Did you read?

Yeah, we read.

Probably beat the hell out of him.


I read he's in the emergency ward.

Give me a taste.

Go on, shoot, man.

I figure he's croaked.

They're trying to get his buddies?

They didn't snuff him yet.

What makes you think that?

It would be in the papers.

You think?

He ain't croaked yet, man.

Hey, your old man hit the big time.

So you finally washed your hair.

Gaysh, you gonna be a mama now?

Or my old lady?

A mama.


Hold it, Gaysh.

Let him shoot.

He's gonna clear the table.


Come on, honey, have a drink.

Mike, we got to do something.

Keep cool, will you?

Listen, Mike, don't you get uptight with me.

The Loser's in the hospital, - and they're gonna take him from there right into prison.


You got a straight cigarette on you?

Sure. Here.


I say we knock the place over.

Yeah, all right, you knock it over?

It can't be done.

Besides... he's croaked.

Who says?

Who says he's croaked?

I says.

He don't know any more than you do, baby.

I think it's righteous if we go down there tomorrow - and knock the place over.

Just like that?

It can't be done!

It can be done.

If you're smart.

What you gonna do, Blues?

Bust him out!


Hello. I wonder if...

Which room is Joe Kerns in, please?

Visiting hours are over.

I know...

And I'm afraid Mr. Kerns can't see anyone.

Well, you see, I...


I'm his sister and I work.

I work in Los Angeles, - and I... I drove all the way down here, because...

Is he very sick?

Um, would you wait here a moment, please?

Are you the boy's sister?

Yes, sir.

Is he very sick?

We'd like to ask you a few questions.

Yes, I know, but couldn't i see him, please?

I drove all the way down here from Los Angeles.

I work, you see, and i have to be back tomorrow.

And Joey...

He's gonna die, isn't he?

I told her that visiting hours were over.

Well, I think it will be all right for a minute.

This way.

Will you call the station - and have them send a couple of detectives down here?

We've got a relative of the suspect.

All right, but please don't disturb the patient.

Just for a minute.

And be very quiet, now.

And just for a minute.




He looks so pale!

Shh. He's lost a lot of blood.


You better come on out now, miss.

No, miss, he's going to be all right.

He's going to die, I know it!

She's an actress, your old lady.

Shut up!

Pigmy, give us a hand.

Joint, go cover the door, - in case some doc might come in.

She's a little upset.

You have something to help her?

I'll see.

Everything's going to be okay, miss.

I'd like a drink of water, please.

If you'll just calm down.

We want to ask you a few questions.

Take the bottle out.

No! Pigmy, you carry that as we move him.

Come on, joint, give a hand.

Joint, cover the door.

Are you feeling better?

Yes, much.

Dump that bottle. That's what's screwing things up.

No, no. He needs it.

Where's joint? Playing footsie with the nurse.

Move him!

Go on, hold him!

She just looked up and said, "go, baby."

Shut up!

Hey, man, get that thing out of his arm.

It's giving me the willies.

Maybe we ought to take him back.

What do you think, Blues?

Shut up!

Cars 613 and 8, - respond to 182, an assault, - at Washington hospital. Urgent.

Hey, that's us.

Speed it up!

How's the beer holding out?

It's gone, mama.

Hey, baby, I need that more than you do.

Did you have a good night, mama?

So-so. So what's it to you?

Come on, fellas, enough's enough.

I've had a very hard night. Do you mind?

Clam up, sloppy!

Put him on the table.

He looks wasted.

Where the hell is medic?

Pigmy, go get medic.

What's happening?

Hey, man, that's the Loser.

Hell, get them out of here.

Come on, move back. He can't even breathe.

Will you come on? Get back out of here, will you?

Put the rag on his face again.

Okay, fellas, pick them up and follow me.

You think you got to bust him out now?

Let me through there. Is he all right?


Joey, honey?


My god, he's out cold.


Why didn't you just leave him there?

Joey, honey? Joey?

All right, all of you.

Get back out of here, will you, please?

Okay, fellas, come on. Lift him up and follow me.

Mike, get him up.


All right, would you get out?

Come on!

Put him over here.

Hey, don't bring him in here.

What's the matter with you? Get out of here.

I just got my 3 kids asleep.

Come on, get out of here!

Get out of here.

Lousy, get that kid out of here.

You shut up!

I'm sorry I'm late.

I couldn't get my scooter started.

You sprung me.

You're beautiful.

Yeah, man, we sprung you. You're straight now.

How are things shaping up?

Everything's cool, man.

Hi, baby.

Hi, honey.

How's my Joey?

Look... I broke my medal.

Ain't this pitiful?

We'll get you a new one.

Get him something to eat.

He don't want nothing.

Get him a beer. Get him out of here.

Come on, cool it, will you?

Honey? Honey, you want anything?


I'd just... like to get high.

Would you turn off that damn radio?

Now, look. I want each and every one of you - to get out of my room. Do you hear me?

Look, get out of here!

You all... really busted me out.

That includes you, joint.

He's wasted.

Take your time.

We've got plenty of Angels.

That's the one.

That's him.

There were more, but...

But that's the one I saw.

Over there?

You got the death certificate?


Where did you get this beauty?

What do you care? It's good?

It's a gem.

Who signed it, a vet?

What's funny?

A vet.

Just shut up, man. Get him over there.

Something wrong with that?

Don't get excited.

I didn't say there was anything wrong with it.

It just depends on what goes with it.

What are your rates?

Well, now, what did you have in mind?

Fix him up real good.

Send him in a hearse up to a town called Sequoia Groves.

Lay him out in his colors.

Sequoia groves is 100 miles.

Cost you extra, you know.

Okay, okay, how much?

For the whole thing? Yeah.


$250... and up.

How up?


$350 up enough?

$450 would be fine, I think.

Try this. $400.

Plus tax.

Mustn't forget uncle Sam, you know.

Fine, fine.

It was mighty nice doing business with you.

Look, fellas, don't worry.

We'll take care of everything.


You got a warrant?

When was the last time you saw Henry Blues?


Yeah, when we was all in the Air Force.

We ain't seen Blues since the party.

We heard he lit out for Mexico.

Who did you hear that from?

Well, there were these 2 old ladies on the bus.

Maybe they were his mother.

Non of you have got mothers.

You're a mother.


Yeah, to hell with the cops. I can't think about that now.

I blew the whole thing for the Loser, baby.


Shut up.

Listen, tell dear John - to get everybody over to medic's boat in an hour.


All right, you guys. Hurry up, will you?

Come on!

I'm going to say it one time and that's it.

The funeral's tomorrow in the Loser's hometown.

We're going to roll at dawn.

Everybody flying his colors except Blues, -

'cause he's gonna hide out here.

That's a bad idea.

That's a real bad idea.

We're going tonight.

We're gonna go up by ones and twos on different roads.

You're not gonna wear your colors.

You're gonna smile at the man.

Otherwise, they'll bust the funeral.

Make it.

Okay... you heard the Prez. Let's blow.

I might as well go?

Babe, if they get you, you know, -

I won't let you take the rap.

Everything's fine, man.

Hey, I'm gonna split.

If the heat comes, don't panic.

You can take my dinghy and go to China.

Stay cool.


No reason why you couldn't have gone.

No reason.

It's all my fault, you know.

The whole thing.

That's crazy.


Do you still love me?

I don't know.

The United States offensive north of Da Nang - continues against heavy opposition.

The Vietcong has suffered...

"You left me lonely in the chapel"

Leave it on.


What's the matter?


You see much?

Not a lot.

You think I ought to go up there?

I don't think.


I only think you've changed, Blues.

Since the Loser died, I mean.

It's like you went with him or something.

What are you talking about?

I don't know. It's weird.

Look, I know he was your friend and all, - but what about me?

What if I died?

Would it...

I wish we could just sail off, - just take off.


Is it still you and me?

I don't know, Mike.

I'm going.

You gonna make it?

Why not?

Hello, preach, I got some business for you.

Dearly beloved...

Da da da-da da da!

"Here comes the Blues" have a seat, man. You're going to miss all the action here.

Come on, the show's beginning.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here - to pay our last respects to a fine young man, - cut down in the flower of his youth.

Joseph Karns was...

Kerns, dude.


Kerns, dude.

Kerns! Kerns! Kerns!

Yes. Yes, I'm...

Joseph Kerns was not...

Was no ordinary young man, but...

Like the rest of us, he was - one of god's children.

And his early passing - gives us cause for deep sorrow...

And concern.

No man is an island entire of itself.

Every man is a piece of the continent, - a part of the main.

"Naked came I out of my mother's womb,"

"and naked shall I return there."

Enjoy the trip.

"The Lord gave,"

"and the Lord hath taken away;"

"blessed be the name of the Lord."

The Lord never did nothing for the Loser!


What's this stuff about "the Lord gave"

"and the Lord taken away?"

He gave him that most precious gift...

Of life.

You're so full of Bull you don't even know it.

It's true. The Lord gives life - and man can make of that what he will.

This man could have made of his life any number of things.


Let me tell you something, mother.

Let me tell you what life made of him.

About how life never let him alone - to do what he wanted to do.

About how life made him always be good, - always pay the rent, - and to shovel it.

No, preach.

Not children of God - but Hell's Angels!

Yeah! Yeah!

"How art thou fallen from heaven, o Lucifer?"

"Woe be unto them who call evil good and good evil."

Thus said Isaiah.

"Thus said Isaiah."

Hey, man, do you ever say anything on your own?

Heavens, Lucifer, - don't tell us about evil being good and good being evil.

That's absurd, it's ridiculous.

We don't call anything, anything, man.

We just want to be left alone, dude.

We don't want nobody telling us what to do.

We don't want nobody pushing us around.

Yeah! Yeah!

I apologize.

But tell me...

Just what is it that you want to do?

Well, we want to be free!

We want to be free to do what we want to do.

We want to be free to ride...


We want to be free to ride our machines without being hassled.

Yeah! Yeah!

And we want to get loaded!

Yeah! Second the motion.

And we want to have a good time.

That's what we're gonna do.

Away, baby, let's go!

We're gonna have a good time.

We're gonna have a party.

My son... I'm not your son!

Don't want him to miss the party.

Make sure he doesn't.

Come on.

You heard the Blues, geek. You're invited to the party.

This guy weighs a ton.

Help a little bit.

"Preacher's gone beddy-bye" aha! It's party time!

Yeah! Yeah! Let's do it!

You were cool.

Think so?

What's the matter, Blues?



Let's go!

Gaysh, what do you say we go in the back?

Come on, what do you say? Let's go?

What do you say - we put her out of her misery, baby?

Why not?

Yeah, beautiful, beautiful.

Come on, lover, doctor's orders.

No. Just leave... leave me alone.

I said come on!

I said leave me alone! Did you hear me?

God, Frankenstein, i said leave me alone!

Did you hear what I said?

That's it, baby.

No! I said let me go!

Did you hear what I said?

I said for you to let me go!

Yeah, she's a fighter!

What a fighter!

That's it, baby, scream.

Nice deep breath now, baby.

That's it. That's it.

Yeah, baby.

"Why do I lie here dreaming every night?"

"Why does my poor heart break"

"when you're out of sight?"


Hey, Bull, look at the Loser.

Hey, man, it's your party, isn't it?

Yeah, Loser, it's your party.

Says he wants to come to the party.


What? What'd you say, Loser?

What'd he say?

Says that the preacher belongs here.


Hey, come here!

I think the Loser looks better than the preacher.

The Loser wants a smoke.

Here, Loser, take a little puff. Open up.

Yeah, good, yeah.

What about the preacher?

Yeah. Let's get him.

"Why does my poor heart break"

"when you're out of sight?"

The poor preacher.

Stone dead.

Here, this will wake him up.


Beat it. I don't want you.

"All I need is you"

Blues, honey.

Ain't ya got me mixed up with somebody else?

Not by the coffin, Blues!

"Why do I lie awake"

"each and every night?"

"Why does my poor heart break?"

Hey! Did you hear mama back there?

"Let it be"

"dear Lord, let it be"


Joey, I couldn't help it.


You aren't angry with me, are you?

I knew you wouldn't be.

Come on, man.

Give me a hand.

Let's get the preacher out.

Hey, man, the dude's alive.

Somebody get him a beer.

No, no, no... don't! No!


Where you taking him?

Hey, they're putting him back in the old lid.

They're putting him back in the old freezer.

If I didn't know better, I'd swear he was dead.

What do we do now, Blues?

Bury him.



Don't you think you should say something, Blues?

Nothing to say.

Let's get 'em! Wait. We got to bury him.

He can wait.


The heat, man!

Come on, baby.

It's the heat.

Come on, let's get out of here.

Blues, let's go.

Get her out of here!

We got to get out of here, Blues.


Get on!


Please, let's go.

There's nowhere to go.

Get on, Mike!