The Wind (2018) Script

He's gonna sell, move back to Illinois.

She had my gun.

I'll get supplies while I'm in town.

It would be good to get stocked up before winter sets in.

How did she get my gun?

You got to keep your wits about you.

Will you do that?

Won't be long.

Couple of days, maybe.


Lizzy, wake up!

Isaac? Lizzy!


We got to get the baby out!


We got new neighbors.

They bought the old Bergson Cabin.

A man and his wife.

Did you invite them over for dinner?

Of course. Said you wouldn't take no for an answer.

What are they like?

A little funny.

Funny? Nervous?


Better get dinner started.

This is the best food we've had in weeks.

Lizzy, you'll have to give my Emma a few lessons on making a decent meal.

I'd be happy to.


You two have a hell of a lot to do before the winter sets in.

Everyone said that this was the best time of year to get started.

Well, sure, but between getting that old cabin livable again and planting your garden..

We'll do what we can to help, of course.

Maybe I can bring my plow around tomorrow.

We could at least get your crops in the ground.

That would be a, a mighty big help.

You're German? Yes.

I was brought over as a child.

Thank you.

How were your travels? Long.

Meet anyone? Uh, a few people.

A family going to Oklahoma some men, a reverend.

Is there a church nearby?

Not enough people around here yet.

Now many? Now..


Oh, my.

Is the rain always like this? This intense?

It can be.

Oh, my.

Lizzy, these are beautiful pieces.

Did you bring them with you from Saint Louis?

No. Isaac made most of our furniture.

That's incredible.

Isaac, you are truly talented.

My father made most of our pieces as well.

He was quite the man.

How long have you been married?

Eight years.

Oh, my.

And no little ones?

We had a son. Wasn't the Lord's will.

It's none of my business, of course.

Ah, sometimes I don't know when to stop talking.

And the rain..

Well, I tend to get a bit restless.

Is that what we look like to them, just a little flickering light in the middle of nowhere?


What do you think of them?

It's nice to have people close.

Something I've always longed for.


But it feels odd.

In cities, strangers stay strangers.

Here we don't have that luxury, do we?

Come to bed. It's too cold to have the door open.

Are you sure they're expecting us?

Come on.

We were very comfortable in Illinois, you see?

Be sure to hold firmly and get the root.

Gideon couldn't stand working for my father as if it were something to be ashamed of.

He's not strong like Isaac.

Like you.


I'm going to get some water for the men.


Be sure to bring some for us as well.


I fear I'll never really get clean again.

Something wrong?

Just getting used to everything, I think.

That takes time.

This land is funny, you know?

It plays tricks on your mind.

It's Emma, she..

She's not well.

Better to wait outside.

No point in us all getting sick.

It is not that kind of sickness.

We'll wait outside.



Give us this day our daily bread.

Forgive us our trespasses.

It's coming for me.

It's coming for me.

It's coming for me.

It's coming for me.


It's coming for me.

No one's here but us.

Gideon and Isaac are outside but in here it's just you and me.


No. This place is wrong.

We're not supposed to be here.

And now it wants my baby.

You're with a child.

Come on.

Don't touch me! Don't..

Is she pregnant?

Uh, did she say she was?

She needs rest.

Lizzy, what are you doing?

Shh. It's okay.

You're exhausted. I'm not.

I can't rest because it's coming for me.

No, Lizzy.

Please don't do that.


Lizzy, don't.. Lizzy. Lizzy! Lizzy!


Don't do that. Don't do that!


Pull your wife out from under the bed and tie her to it.

You alright?


It was hard enough when it was just the two of us.

And now we're expected to look after them as well?

Gideon should take her home.

She's gonna hurt herself or one of us with her nonsense.

Is she really pregnant?

She thinks she is.

"At length, the worn out anxiety

"she determined to call loudly for assistance

"from her casement, and was advancing to it

"when whether the terror of her mind gave her ideal sounds

"or that the real ones did come she thought footsteps were ascending.."

Perhaps we should finish another time.

When you're feeling better.

It's just a person in the book.

It's not a spirit.

I see.

You can keep it.

Have you thought of names for the baby?

Not yet.

They're coming in for lunch.

I've seen something.

Just now? At night.

I hear it too, whispering.

I've told Gideon but he doesn't believe me tells me it's the wind.

There are many natural... It's not.

You remember how many graves you passed on the way here.

I told Gideon we should turn back.

I said everyone would be dead when we get there and there's...

Hush now.

Please don't be unpleasant in front of the men.



My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and Earth.

He will not suffer thy foot to be moved.

The Lord is my keeper the Lord is thy shade upon thy right hand.

The sun shall not strike me by day, nor the moon by night.

He will not suffer thy foot to be moved.

Behold, He who keeps Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.

The Lord is my keeper.

...which made heaven and Earth.

He will not suffer thy foot to be moved.

He that keepeth thee will not slumber..




Hey, hey, Lizzy.

English! English!


You're alright.

You're alright.

I shouldn't have left you alone like this.

What's this?

It's nothing.

Have you been reading it?

I glanced at it.

You don't need to be filling your head with stuff like this.

You need to rest.

What I saw was real.

This is yours now.

I don't... No.

Promise me you will keep it by you at all times.

It will protect you. It will protect our baby.

And the next time you think you see a demon..

...shoot it.


What do you want now?

Where are you?


What must I do to be rid of you?

No! Stop!

Lizzy, where's your gun?

Mara, damner of souls.

Abbadon, the destroyer.

That's enough, Emma.


...bringer of jealous thoughts.


Do you want to play a game?


Why not?

You are not well, Emma.

You should rest.

Think of your baby.

I am, Lizzy.


Little lady Macklin.

I want you to know what I'm going to name the baby.

And what's that?

I want you to guess.

I do not want to play a game, Emma.

Three guesses for if it's a girl.


No. Sarah?


Do you want a hint?

It's one of two names in this room.




Because you have been such a strong person.

I would not have survived without you.

Three guesses for if it's a boy.




Lizzy, I'm not a monster.

One more guess.

No hints this time?

I don't think you need one.

Isaac. Yes.


You know why.

Mesimer, prince of pestilence.

Succorbenoth, bringer of jealous thoughts.

Mara, damner of souls.


...keeper of graves.

For I have never, not in my entire life seen anything like this land.

The wind never stops.

Gideon has barely been able to do his part in making this place livable.

My only comfort is the time I get to spend with Isaac.

He puts in extra hours in the long days here away from Lizzy.

I am pregnant. I know it.

I can feel it inside of me.

Our baby.

Succorbenoth, bringer of jealous thoughts.

Babael, keeper of graves.

Abbadon, the destroyer.

Mesimer, prince of pestilence.

Mara, damner of souls..


...I'm scared.

You're doing fine.

I wanna die.

It's a boy.

It's a boy.

Why isn't the baby crying?

Why isn't the baby crying?


Isaac, why isn't.. You stay right there, Lizzy.

He should be crying.


It's a good name, Lizzy.

He'll use it more than I will.

I.. I am so sorry.


I do beg pardon.

I haven't had much in the way of real food for weeks.

You out here alone?

I came across an empty cabin about a mile east of here.



Well, I've been traveling a while..

...spreadin' the word of God.

I don't suspect God has much business out here.

No longer a God-fearing woman, hmm?

Mrs. Macklin, thank you so much.

You have been more than hospitable.

You shouldn't be out at night.

The Harper cabin is empty and you'll be comfortable there.

You can head out in the morning.

You and your family..

...will be in my prayers.

Reverend, don't answer the door for anyone..

...not after dark.

Not even for me.



Mrs. Macklin? There's something out here. Please!

Quick! Mrs. Macklin!

Mrs. Macklin, quick!

There's somethin' out here, please!

Move to the window so I can see you.


Inside, quickly!

Oh, thank you. Thank you.

What is that thing?

I don't know.

It's been here for as long as we have.

Why did you stay?

My husband doesn't believe me.

He... he hasn't seen it?

But sure he.. When Emma saw it..

Oh, no.

I've said too much.


I was havin' such a good time!

Oh, hey, Lizzy!



It's me.

It's me.


Look at me. It's alright.

It's alright.

Okay. It's alright.


What happened? You hurt?

I saw the reverend on the way home.

He said you were very hospitable.




You should have woke me.

That is probably the longest sleep you've had in a while.

All the men are gone, but, uh..

...I brought you something.

Good Lord, Lizzy, you've gone pale.

I just wasn't expecting to see anything of theirs again.

They're just books.


...they'll help us pass the winter.

Occupy our minds.

Occupy my mind?

Let's get it inside.

"I demand a creature of another sex

"but as hideous as myself.

"It is true we shall be monsters

"cut off from all the world.

"But on that account

"we shall be more attached to one another.

"Our lives will not be happy..

"...but they will be harmless

"and free from the misery I now feel.

"Oh, my creator, make me happy.

"Let me feel gratitude towards you for one benefit.

"Let me see that I excite the sympathy of some existing thing.."

Oh, it's getting cold.

Maybe you should pull out the extra blankets.

I burned this.

It was Emma's. She was reading this?

She was seeing something.


There is something out there. Enough.

Just enough. Enough.

I really thought we were past this.

Nothing, nothing good can come from reading this nonsense.

Look what happened to Emma, she took her own life, for Christ's sake!

I'm not so sure she did.

No, Lizzy.

You really shouldn't be out after dark.

Y... you don't know what's out there.

There is nothing out there!

Oh, God. Isaac, please!

Where's your gun, Lizzy?


How long have you had this?

It's not safe here.


Isaac, we have to leave.

We have to get out.

How did she get your gun, Lizzy?

It doesn't matter.

Emma? Lizzy!

Isaac, I don't care what happened.

We need to go home. I told Gideon.

I told Gideon that he should leave and that he shouldn't come back.

What did you do?

Isaac... please untie me.

You don't understand what's happening..

...but I do, I've seen it.

Isaac! Please untie me!

She was pregnant. Oh, God, no.

It's just gonna be me, you, Isaac..

You killed her. No. It wasn't me.

It was.


There's something here.


It's right there.

There is nothing!



Good morning.

Morning, reverend.

How was your journey?

Fine. Thank you.

I have something for you.

I came prepared.

You can never be too prepared.

The Lord's blessing be with you.

And with you.

There's something out there.

There is nothing out there.

This land, there's something wrong with it.

Your mind is looking for things to worry about.

First baby and all.

It's just you and me.